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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 8, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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♪ ♪ the sex scandal rocking fox news, was gretchen carlson fire ed for blowing the whistle, bad ratings? what her attorney just told me that he said she said battle getting even nastier. and the new taylor and tom conspiracy theory. >> is it tthrue e relationship is public? >> rumors their romance is a fraud. and is ex calvin turning the tables?
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nehis w song that seems to shade her. plus, comn ediasarah silverman on the medical scare that nearly killed her. her condition today, we're with her doctors. and celine dion behind-the-scenes exclusive. backstage, on stage in the dressing room. "e.t." is everywhere as celine takes paris. >> good for you. get ready. ♪ now for july 7th, 2016 is "entertainment tonight. hi and thanks for joining us,, samantha harris for nancy o'dell. >> here's tonight's top story. more details are emerging from gretchen carlson's bombshell harassment lawsuit against the head of fox news and both sides are firing away. now to some bombshell allegations. former fox news anchor gretchen carlson has filed an explosive sexual harassment lawsuit. >> against the network's powerful boss. >> she's making salacious allegation >> carlson is seeking unspecified damages.
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>> fox news and its ceo, roger ailes, are firing back today, at former anchor gretchen carlson in an eight-page lawsuit, the former miss america alleges that ailes sabotaged her career. because she quote refused his sexual advances and complained about severe and pervasive semle harassment. she claims he called her quote a man-hater. ailes calls the allegations part this defamatory lawsuit is not only offensive it is wholly without merit and will be defended vigorously. parent company 21st century fox said while it fhas ull confidence in ailes, it' launching an internal review. the network removed her program's poster. here's where it's a war of words. ailes is claiming that gretchen was let go, not out of retaliation, but because of low ratings. ailes wrote her disappointingly low ratings were dragging down the afternoon li what's more, fox news publicity
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shared with us ratings data pointing out that -- the real story was consistently fox news' lowest-rated program in a key demo. i asked gretchen's attorney about that this morning. she claimed to me that the gretchen'sbroadcast, that her program was in a difficult timeslot. and that in may, executives sent carlson a complimentary email about her high ratings and gretchen's attorney said there may be more women coming forward. saying quote i think we're at more than ten that have reached out. they've called y office and sent emails over my website claiming they also have been victimized by ronneller ailes. >> finally this morning, bloomberg posted a montage of gretchen wi her beautiful host. >> beautiful co-host, you look wonderful. gretchen is very, beautiful dress. >> you look beautiful. >> well, you look fabulous, too. >> the banter now seems a bit awkward in the wake of gretchen's claim. >> defer to the babes. >> hr is on the phone because you called me a skirt >> apologize, i got to read that manu a
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>> i'll bring to your office right after the show. . other legal news to get to, bill cosby was in a pennsylvania court and the judge ruled the comic will stand trial in his sexual assault case. cosby's attorneys attempted to have the case dismissed once again no trial date has been set yet. remember tom hiddleston and taylor swift's frolicking over the fourth of july weekend. they're back in l.a., back to reality and being hounded by the paparazzi. >> is it true the relationship is for publicity? >> that's the conspiracy theory that's starting to bubble up. is this a faux-mance? taylor and tom arrived at the airport last night to paparazzi looking for answers. >> is it for a musi >> the couple flew into l.a. from her private jet from her home in rhode island wearing lor-coordinated outfit boarded a commercial flight to australia. the latest destination in their whirlwind relationship. but theiry
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who some think was hired to help create the illusion of a romance. ♪ >> now we all know taylor has taken out past relationship rage in her music. but calvin has a new song and according to lyrics we found online, it sounds like it could have been about cheating written from tom's perspective. >> it's called a chill
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song. the lyrics suggest taylor might have been seeing tom before she broke up with calvin, with lines like -- low-key, you won't tell none of your friends about me. but a source tells "e.t." the song was written months ago. >> i tell you, and expect a music video to come out soon. because calvin and john filmed it down in cabo last week a lots of ladies on hand. >> why >> speaking of ladies, nischell turner. >> i was not there, i promise, it was not me. while calvin is in mexico, the frequent flyer miles, they've been everywhe rhode island, nashville, it and london. it's been crazy. but you know they're not alone. it's summer. let's go around the world with more stars, starting with the brand-new bride and groom. the wilsons on the move. just hours after their fairy tale uk wedding, ciara and russ were spotted leaving their pecfordton castle. on their way to a secret honeymoon. for her first day as mrs. wilson, the gorgeous bride was still donning wedding white under her coat. while the mister was snapped fidgeting with his new wedding ring.
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getting used to the new hardware, perhaps? next up, capri. where mariah carey and james packer's hdaoliy. it was supposed to be a celebratory dinner, but this diva is not one to disappoint. watch as she turns the dessert course into a photo shoot while packer patiently waits to bloo out candles. no shame in her game. in fact earlier in the day the singer was seen unwinding on a yacht with music playing from -- who else? mariah. oh, honey. moving over to mexico, for carrie underwood's cabo getaway. soaking up the rays in beachwear brighter than the sun, the singer and her husband got their vacation game on. perhaps to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary this sunday. and congratulations to you guys. by the way carrie you look fantastic. now let's check out four globe-trotting co-stars, the cast of "star trek" hanging out in sydney at their premiere and
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john cho, who plays sulu reveals that his character is gay in honor of the original sulu. we have got some scary news for comeeian sarah silverman, who said she almost di last week. >> saraa today, abandana over her nose and mouth heading to the doctor's office after h friginhteng illness. i am insanely luckk to be aliie. >> a simple sore throat turned out to be a rare infection that could have killed her. she credits dr. rob huizingi and the staff at cedars sinai with saving her >> this thin tissue, right behind the tongue, if it swells from a burn or infection, suddenly the whole mechanism of getting air from your mouth into your lungs is closed off. unless you literally put a tube past that blockage into the lungs.
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ed surgery. she had to be awake during the operation. >> it can be very, very freaky and very, very scary. because you're awake and alert, but because the tube goes through your vocal chords, you can't talk. >> silverman posted about her ordeal on facebook. sheewonders why her life was spared while in the last year, others close to her were not. sarah lost her mom last august. >> one time she said sometimes all you have to do is be brave. you know, just, i think meaning like -- sometimes you have to exist through things. and -- then they pass. or you get to the other side. >> amazing, now her rep tells us that sarah is doing better today and that she is slowly recovering. up next, a former "law and order" star reveals her plastic surgery nightmare. >> i said what have i what was i thinking? and backstage with celine dion. sharing memories of her late husband.
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plus -- >> this is the first time i've tried on wedding dresses. >> a dancing pro prepares to marry her shar millionaire. her wedding ress demands. >> what a bridezilla! p?p?o?gv
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welcome back. remember these two? food network star bobby flay, and his ex, "law and order" stephanie march. they made headlines for their bitter divorce. now stephanie is back in the news after undergoing multiple plastic surgery procedures. she says she got breast implan partly to help get over the split. but that quick fix? well, it turned into a long nightmare.
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>> when did you decide i want breast implants? >> i was 39 years old and i was a little bit thin at the time and i thought it would be a nice way to be more shapely. and not which the good lord had not given me, i wouud purchase. >> stephanie thought the makeover would help her cope with the more troublesome aspects of her life. her mother, diagnosed with cancer. her crumbling marriage of nearly ten years splashed across the tabloids. >> after how long did you -- something just wasn't really right. >> it was absolutely fine until i -- caught an infection. i was about six weeks in. and everything was fine until it, until it was not. >> when we caught up with her in new york. a beauty bar she co-owns, stephanie opened up about the essay she penned for refinery about her m nightmare, writing quote, my right implant was infected and the seams of the scar had burst. >> it was sunday, i called my doctor. i said i think you need to see me. and he used a general anesthesia and ve
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right then and there. >> after seeing an infectious disease specialist. she insisted the implant be put back in once again, it became infected. >> my doctor said -- this isn't for you. + >> so basically you were that's the layman's term for it? >> i guess that's it. >> the implants were finally removed and while many might not want to relive such a tr situation, stephanie told all. d youon't hold any details back. >> i refuse as a 41-year-old woman in 2016 any amount of body shaming. it taught me a lot of lessons. when you want to fix something in your life, look to your heart. not your body. >> miss stephanie, that is the truth. now by the way stephanie does have a new beau, hedge fund multi-millionaire dan benton, the guy reportedly made $100 million in one year.
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still ahead tonight -- we're with madonna's look-alike daughter. see her tattoo that woul her momma proud. plus, wedding dress troubles for dancing pro kym johnson. >> it's a little toddlers and tiaras. and breaking news from celine dion, the pop star who just wrote her a new song and why she does her own make-up on tour. >> i don't use false eyelashes. closed captioning provided by --
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developing? >> we'll see after the dancing is over. >> she might be a complet different person. >> she turned, all right. into your fiancee. just months after our interview, "dancing wiih the stars" pro kym johnson and her partner from season 20, shark tank robert herjavec. locked it down, announced their engagement. >> their wedding is just weeks away. >> the key elements i'm lookin for in a dress is elegant and timeless. >> kym johnson looks good in anything. but what does a "dancing with the stars" professional wear when she marries a millionaire. >> i think people see me in "dancing with thst
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something sparkly. i feel like i'm going to go with something a bit more simple. >> one thing is for sure, bringing your stylish friend is a must. carson cressley helps her work her way through the racks. for >> what do you think of this short little number? >> i think it's a bit too sparkly. >> it's beautiful. but -- no. >> oh, my god, what a bridezilla. >> kym is keeping her final pick a secret until the big day. but we did get a major clue about where the wedding will be. >> it's not as formal as what i think your venue is, but it is -preally pretty on you. >> carson didn't spill more details, but as always, he was wearing honesty as only he can. >> if there was one that didn't look good, i would say so. but she looks great in everything. well there was one. >> it's robert who has to keep in check because on the radio, not only did he announce that they were honeymooning in bora bora, he even gave away the hotel they were staying at. by the way, is follg
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let's jump over france, where our celine dion exclusive continues. carly feel has been in paris hanging out with celine. last night at her concert backstage things got emotional. ♪ ♪ >> it's good he doesn't suffer any more. i think he's enjoying looking down. >> absolutely. >> i think so. >> rene will be in her heart forever. she keeps a small memento of him in her dressing room. >> that picture was taken. >> where w >> at home we don't have sad moments.f life. and many things help to you go through this. but especially my kids. ♪ ♪
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>> every show in paris has been a sellout. and carly was with her from the moment she arrived at the arena. >> i feel like we're inner sanctum with celine preconcert. it's pretty cool. >> this is definitely preconcert. can you smell the cook. >> wonderful people cooking for us, for everybody. >> do you have anything that really love kind of your ritual? >> no, i don't have a ritual, but i'm trying to eat kind of light, not too heavy. >> i'll see you in a bit. >> bye, see you later. >> celine changes into more comfy clothes for the sound check and then meets and greets some lucky fans. keeping the atmosphere light before a show, celine rebooted our "e.t." theme ala michael jackson. ♪ ♪ >> show time!
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>> that's her brother, michel, who leads her to the and we are right there, as the curtain is lifted. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> never more glamorous, surprise, celine does her own stage m >> i don't use false eyelashes. a few things, if i use them for a couple of songs. i would use individuals. because if i lose one. it won't show. if i use a stripe and i lose it, and i blink, it's on my forehead or pere. suddenly i have a mustache. not good. >> the scandal. celine dion's mid-show mustache appears. >> she's a man. after paris, it's on to montreal for ten shows starting july 31st. and she's working on a new album and dropped a big scoop. >> just for you. >> pinot
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yeah. >> she's phenomenall >> she is phenomenal. i love her for her talent. for her strength, for her focus, the person she is. at the bmes when i saw her, i said for you to take a time, only write a song, to give me a tool, a piece of luggage to help me to move forward, to walk to keep going. it's called recovering. >> oh wow. >> get rea ♪ ♪ my heart will go on and on >> bye, guys! >> thank you! >> we will see you there, celine. and if you can't trek to montreal, don't worry, celine returns to her caesar's palace residency in vegas after that. i'm talking to tyra banks about the rumors that her newborn is causing problems for her relationship.
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>> i thought because my guy is not famous, i wouldn to deal with that. forget what you've read, only "e.t." is behind the scenes of tyra's photo shoot with her boyfriend, as a photographer getting the scoop on her new baby boy. >> is number two soon? >> if ycaou n survive one. you can do two. >> and what she's up to next after walking away from her taak show. a little cra-cra. which rock and roll hall of famer is married to a forme bond girl? is it eric clapton, robert plant >> the answer is next.
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s guest-starring role. watch it at travel considerations provided by --
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welcome back to the show. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which rock and roll hall of famer is married to a former bond girl? ringo starr, who turns 76 today, his wife, barbara bach. we have run out tonight, but we have one more thing for to you check out before we go. >> bye! we are forever wild. i hope we live forever. >> madonna's daughter lourdes is all grown up. she's 19 and part of stella mccartney's campaign for the fragrance, pop. yeah, that tattoo says "mom." her dad is represented on her other hand. but those eyebrows take you back to a young madonna. >> my mom has helped me so much. she pushes great style. >> that's why most of my closet is being raided on a regular basis.
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an opinion of them. >> they're not in denial but when you have a police culture that we're all one and we all believe the same thing, then the outside world, the civilian population believe all police officers share that same mentality, but there are thousands of police officers across the country who are desperately hoping that there is a significant and comprehensive reform to change the modality away from this heavy handed structure into more community service based model. >> from retired detective, thanks so much. >> the cbs overnight news will be right back. >>


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