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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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c1 tonight powerful images you will only see on 9. a baby girl was saved after an amber alert. the wusa 9 tip that made it all happen. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm adam longo. the police said the
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in extreme danger. andrea is live from where the whole thing played out. >> reporter: the safety of the baby was our only concern. a source told us he knew where the mother and baby were, but he was reluctant to contact police, and he asked if we would. >> reporter: fbi agents hustled out of this apartment, carrying a carseat with a baby inside. 6-week-old liz catoon appeared healthy and didn't cry. agents offered her a bottle. we knocked on the door of the mother, and she was inconsolable. police rushed back in, and they took her away in handcuffs. >> it was the
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alert was issued for the mother. she was last seen yesterday at this fairfax county services office in annedale. she fled after learning about a court order to remove the baby from her home. she was in an unknow location until it was shared with us. >> reporter: she is waiting extradition to fairfax county, andrea mccarren. >> great work, andrea, thank you. this is not the first time she has been under investigation by child protective services, and sources tell andrea the courts terminated her parental rights for four of her other five children. new tonight the community gathering to remember a young
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>> that's right. the 47-year-old was shot over the weekend, and wusa 9's garrett haake attended a memorial in bloomingdale tonight. friends and family said he was willing to reach to help no matter who was asking. >> reporter: he was shot multiple times here on flagler place. just one block from his bloomingdale home, and that's where his friends gathered to honor him. >> reporter: melissa ortiz and her service dog could be considered seth rich's most unlikely friend. >> we would be talking because we would see each other out and about. oh my god, you're a republican? you're a democrat? >> reporter: the 27-year-old voter outreach expert at the democratic national committee bonded with the republican operative over the most washington of shared passions, voter registration. >> i was telling him, i don't care who you vote for as long as you vote, and he
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that was the greatest thing ever, and then it snowed, and he helped to dig me out. >> hi! >> reporter: their bond was cemented when he freed the wheelchair-bound woman from her home in march. many of his friends and colleagues attended the vigil. one speech in hebrew to pay tribute to his heritage. >> his life was lived to the fullest of his 27 years. >> reporter: there was some political discussion tonight, mostly about how to make bloomingdale safer amid the crime, and also how one young man transcended the lines that divided the town. >> he was one of the men in town who understands that just because someone else wears
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you, doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated with respect and honor, and that's huge. >> reporter: mpd detectives attended the vigil, reminding people about a $25,000 reward about information for the case. they said it's early in the investigation, and so far there's no motive or suspect. reporting live in northwest dc, garrett haake, wusa 9. today a yellow weather alert day. >> yellow weather alert for tomorrow. dangerous temperatures are on the way. >> right to topper shutt with more. >> reporter: it's going to be hot enough tomorrow it will make you change your outdoor plans. heat indexes approaching 105. looking at the it everyonetures right now. 81 the current temperature. 75 in gaithersburg, and we will factor in the heat index right now. 87 downtown, and not going to get much better, and we are just under the criteria for
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heat advisory, and the heat advisory 105 to 109 for two or more hours, and there's heat advisories to the south of us, and let's talk about the heat index forecast. by 8:00, feeling like 85. by 10:00, going to feel like it's 94, and that's as far north as frederick, and by noon, feeling like triple digits throughout the metro area. feeling like 102 in fredericksburg. we will take you back through the evening and look ahead to the weekend, and we have less heat but more storms. >> thank you, topper. today dallas laid to rest three of its finest. >> funerals were three of the five officers killed in the sniper attack last week. the good-byes for heart felt and heart break. >> one thing i would always say to my dad when he walked out the door was bye bye daddy, i love you, be safe. tonight we say our final good- bye daddy. we love you. be safe. >> that's one of the officers
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the former marine who served in afghanistan and iraq, and he survived a bombing. today a sea of people in uniform paying their final respects. and a flag-draped casket of michael smith. he spent nearly 30 years on the dallas police force. president obama called him a hero, and he was to the wife and two girls he left behind. family and friends said good- bye during a private mass. tomorrow hundreds are expected during his public service. [bag pipes playing ] >> the mournful sounds of bag pipes filling the church for corporal lorne ahrens. he was called a supersized can of kickass. the son of alton sterling who was shot to death in to
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rouge will be here in dc tomorrow. >> cameron sterling captured the nation's attention, speaking out about his dad's killing, and tomorrow cameron will meet with president obama during the town hall meeting and say a final good-bye to his father at his funeral on friday. >> riding in your girlfriend's car with a child in the back. >> beyonce one of 23 celebrities to appear in a video that showed 23 ways you could be killed if you're black in america. the stars pose with the victims of black violence. this was on twitter. i love the fact that artists and celebrities are speaking out about a racial injustice. new information tonight, one of the three defendants involved in a police chase on tuy
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today. heath jones was allegedly a passenger in the getaway car as another occupant fired a machine gun at officers. after the vehicle crashed, jones fled on foot before he was arrested. the incident forced the capitol and surrounding buildings to be mutt on lockdown. he will be in court on friday. court records show a 20- year-old driver will be pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter. the driver of the m235 was going 115 miles an hour down river road in february, and it was just before he smashed into a chevy bolt, carrying a family of four. the only one to survive, the 15- year-old daughter. the court hearing for that plea agreement is set for next month. a warning for fans of pokemon go. don't stick your face in your phone. the police at the university of maryland say four people were targeted in e
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buildings in the heart of campus, and three victims were easy marks because they were distracted by playing pokemon go. no one was hurt, but in at least two cases, the robber did show a gun. donald trump says he will announce his choice for running mate at 11:00 a.m. on friday in manhattan. he posted the news on twitter short time ago adding details to follow. the names under consider include mike pence, newt gingrich, and chris christie. hillary clinton calling trump the most devicive presidential candidate in our lifetime. late tonight clinton tweeted that in america, we lift people up. we build bridges not walls, and it repeats the mets sag given today in springfield, illinois, the birthplace of abraham lincoln. see how we got one family's money back in just 24 hours. >> i can't do anything
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going to hurt me. >> and if a picture is worth 1,000 words, this local woman's work is priceless. the story you will see only on 9. and the movie is not even in the u.s. theaters yet, why do somemen
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a virginia family hired a local landscaper to perk up the curb appeal of their newly purchased home. >> after weeks of no work and no refund, they reached out to leslie foster and our call for action team for help. >> he said he had years of experience, and he said he did a plus work. >> reporter: that pitch convinced heather cumberland to hire pitch first landscaping company. she paid half of the $1,400 price tag to the owner, cameron kahn. >> he never came back to the house and never attempted to even start doing any of the work that was in the contract. >> reporter: you ready. >> reporter: this wife of a military officer and mom of two spent 2 ek
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landscaper to schedule the work. after getting the run around, she asked for a refund. >> i direct deposited the check the next day, and a week later i got an e-mail from the bank saying the check bounced. >> reporter: she tried to deposit it several times only to get the same result, and she texted again to ask for the money, and he sent this picture saying -- >> ha ha, i have my money, and i just bought a flat bed truck with it. >> reporter: she warned he would file a police report. finally she posted an online review and contacted call for action. >> reporter: you want this to stop? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so do others who read her review. they reached out to us with pictures and text messages and said he took their money and performed substandard or no work at all. >> he was trying to bribe us.
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you will take the review off for me. >> reporter: this is not a licensedsi buness. i called the owner to find out why he was taking money for services he did not deliver. >> at the tone, please deliver your message. >> reporter: he admitted to taking on too many jobs and should not have accepted the money knowing that, and said heather would receive her refund the next day, and she did. lesli foster, wusa. >> cameron has no plans to give any refunds to the other customers who contactedded our call for action team. to avoid a similar situation, thoroughly research the company, contact the local consumer affairs agency, and only give a small down payment, never the full amount. if you have a problem, go to wusa9 website and click on the call for action link. a local photographer is letting children know they are beautiful with her camera. >> reporter: stephanie sm
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manager, but on the side she takes photos, and lots of them. she charges $125 for an hour's worth of work, but there's another side to her photography, all of this. some sessions are free and only for children with special needs. >> are you okay? >> i can't do anything that like is going to hurt me. >> reporter: this is a big day. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: a photo shoot in the park, and shane lasley is the star. >> we almost got it. >> shane has brittle bone disease. >> reporter: in 12 years she has broken close to 60 bones. >> i was at my cousin's house, and i tripped and fell and busted my nose. >> recooperateed from that, and then 8 months later, his tibia broke. when we get him and he's healthy and happy, they are such good moments for him. >> you
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>> reporter: this moment is happening because of the woman behind the camera. >> i read a story about a photographer who turned down a mom and daughter because the mom had down syndrome, and when i read that, i was like this is crazy. >> reporter: so stephanie smith made a decision. >> drop and hold his hand with one arm. perfect. she would take photos of people just like that little girl. >> i put it out on facebook i was willing to donate the special needs photo shoots, and the amount of people who reached out to me was insane. they felt they may be looked at differently if they put their children's battles out there. >> reporter: she understands the fears. >> i have a disabled sister. she became paralyzed from the neck down with a rare disease. >> reporter: three times a month she shoots for children with special needs. the single mom never takes a penny for any of
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family photos done. >> reporter: she only asks for a picture of her own, one with each child she photographs. so far she has 16. >> every child i have met through the journey, it has just changed my life. [ laughter ] >> reporter: stephanie is a self-taught and fairly new photographer. she picked up a camera for the very first time 1 year ago. guys? >> fantastic story. we need more people like her in the world. ellison, thank you. you check out photos of all the kids stephanie has met through her work. >> there's a photo gallery of all the children you saw and others. she has it right, it's so hard to get family pictures period. labor of love for her. a snapshot of tomorrow, and we are all going to be sweating it up a bit. >> we are, and we don't normally issue the yellow alert piece, but it will mess with your outdoor plans. you don't want to do
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outdoors especially for a long period of time. in my wisdom i lowed it. it was 90 and i went to 89. it was 90. it would have been a bull's- eye. our last look outside, and it's 81 degrees, and the dew points miserable. humidity, 85%, and that's muggy and tropical. not uncommon for us, but tropical. the yellow weather alert. heat indexes, 100 to 105. just below the criteria. isolated afternoon storms and the weekend not as hot, and mainly storms and showers on saturday, and that's pretty numerous actually. we showed you the temperatures and the heat index temperatures at 5:00 in the morning. going to feel like 82 degrees, and by 2:00, feeling like 103 downtown, and 102 in silverspring, and then even by
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evening, by 6:00, that's why we say don't exercise after work. feeling like 100 in culpepper, and yep, 102 downtown, and even by 10:00, it is going to feel like the upper 80s to around 90, and in terms of relief, not much in the terms of showers or thunderstorm activity tomorrow. this is in the morning. 76 downtown, and 74 in bowie to start, and then by 9:00, upper 70s, and then, boom, by 1:00, into the upper 90s, and even haggers town is 90 at 1:00. not much in terms of showers, and by 6:00 p.m., we are at 94. they are not heat index temperatures, and they are actually temperatures. tomorrow night, some showers and storms will develop across the divide, and okay, so on the day planner, we are starting out muggy and just adding to it. 83 by 9:00, and almost 90 by 11:00, and 93 by 1:00 p.m. still hot on friday, and we will hold off the yellow weather alert. only isol
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on saturday, but good news, 89. the next 7 days, and the nats are coming back into town on friday. watch it here if you can't make it to the ballpark. the storm possible on monday. and then upper 80s on tuesday and wednesday. nats still in town, and the thunderstorms should not be a problem. >> typically a very quiet day in the sports world. >> no live sports, and it's usually pretty quiet. tonight, it was an evening full of fun and inspiration. the annual espy awards. from poking fun of the awar
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♪ ♪ tonight in sports, it's all about the annual espy awards. the night of fun, achievement and inspiration. tonight's show started out on a serious note. the stars took the stage begging for change. th
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stop. the shoot-to-kill mentality has to stop. not seeing the value of black and brown bodies has to stop. but also the retaliation has to stop. the endless gun violence in places like chicago, dallas, not to mention orlando it has to stop. enough! >> and now several members of the sports community were honored for courage and perseverance including greg stagger. stagger was awarded the jimmy vee perseverance award. and he reminded us time is simply how you live your life. >> i will continue to keep fighting, sucking the barrel out of life as life ducks the meril out of
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i will live my life full of love and full of fun. it's the only way i know how. >> that was a great speech, and alongside the serious moments, there were plenty of jokes, of course. the host took plenty of shots at roger goodell, tom brady, and the city of cleveland, and he took a moment to take a shot at washington's football team. >> what jersey is that? >> the redskins finally changed their name. now they are the washington jews. [ laughter ] oh, man. they just can't get that one right. >> they are a horribly run organization. >> there was more there, and they were having fun. now tonight, we know how kids emulate what we do. all of you who have kids know what they see, they copy us. >> this 2-year-old has memorized the training sequence from rocky 2. he's 2! there's the pushup, and he's got the pushups going on, and then he gets the ax
11:27 pm
he has the entire sequence from the movie, and the best part is the punches in the abs. he has the abs going and the high kicks going. >> it's for those outside of the diaper right there. >> hopefully he doesn't have a little sister to be his sparring partner. >> sylvester did tweet, ma sfx: turbines revving up, getting louder and louder you hear that? that's the sound of our summer sale firing up its engines with fares as low as $69 dollars one-way. so get ready to take off... because sale prices as low as these don't happen every day!
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so the new ghostbusters movie opens on friday. >> half of us are stoked about it. >> ladies, chances are you will like it, but guys, maybe you won't. the reboot with the all female team, it's already showing in the united kingdom and ireland. how come they got it first? early res
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like it, but the dudes think it's awful. 7.5 from the ladies, and only 3.5 from the guys on a scale of 1 to 10. >> if you are trying to impress your lady, take her for a date, solo with the bros? avoid that one. >> melissa mccarthy is really funny. >> the reviews i read said it's really funny. heat index tomorrow around 105. >> that's it (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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. >> stephen: hi, welcome to the late show, i'm stephen colbert, before we start the show tonight i just wanted to give a message, really from my heart. for all the years that i have lived in this cli, i have never seen it so divided. and at a time of great uncertainty, and grief,-- excuse me, excuse me, could you please get out of here. i'm trying to give a message from my heart. excuse me. i'm trying to break down the complex state of affairs in america right now. >> well then you shouldn't have made your theater a poke stop. >> stephen: look, there has to be some level of human dignity left that we treat each other with a level of respect that-- we would want to be treated with.


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