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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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breaking news, nice, france, cbs news says there are reports that a truck driver who attacked a crowd of people was shot and killed. this is a live look in france, just moments ago. the interior ministry spokesman report tld are several dozen daeks reported there are several dozen-- reported there are several dozen people dead. the attack happened while revelers were gathered on a famous water front promenade celebrating the french national day. we will bring you new developments during this news cast and all night long on the wusa 9 app. a story you first saw on wusa 9, a beautiful baby girl at the center of an amber alert is safe and in foster care, her mother in custody. one big question remains, several people on
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there was an amber alert to begin with? what justified taking a 6-week-old child from her own mother? good evening, i am bruce johnson, that emotional scene unfolded in hyattsville, maryland yesterday, dramatic video captured only on wusa 9. fbi agents whisked away liz and moments later let her mother, flora, away in handcuffs. she will face charges of parental abduction. why did child protective services get a court order to take the baby in the first place? getting an answer will be tough. >> i can't tell you specifically the history that cps has with this mother other than she had a number of kids that have been removed from her home in the past. >> sources tell wusa 9 a previous cps investigation led to the termination of flora khatun's parental rights involving 4
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children. she could be moved to fairfax within the next few days. a grand jury indicted a home owner on weapon charges in the shooting death of a paramedic who tried to break through the door to render air. state attorney angela says the grand jury considered murder charges but backed apay. >> it a-- away. >> it appeared the home owner was asleep, immediately following this event, he thought his home was being broken into. >> this happened in april in temple hills maryland. the brother of darrell lumpkin called 911 and feared he might be having a diabetic seizure because he didn't come to the door or answer the phone. he shot the paramedics, john ulmschneider was killed, kevin swain, wounded, so was darrell lumpkin's brother, as for charges, darrell lumpkin had 3 guns, all illegal. new information
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park, maryland. the police chief said mistakes were made last may when officers responded to what turned out to be a bogus call about a fight at a party. officers used pepper spray twice at the court yards apartment incident. the chief said things didn't need to go that far. >> we responded to a call that could have easily been handled using de-escalation techniques that were not used and it escalated. >> 1 police officer has been suspended without pay and 2 students arrested that night will not face charges. the people who made the initial 911 call have been issued a criminal summons for making up a story about a fight and a weapon. the chief said the callers were upset over not being allowed into that party. taking a live look outside right now, even at 7:00 at night it is still mid 90s, the extreme heat forced officials to call off today's music on the mall but another
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sweating it out while setting it up. >> sweating hard out here and so will a lot of people coming down here right under the washington monument for a big christian concert this weekend. say a little prayer for those setting up for it. 250,000 people coming in here. it is called together 2016, they are laying down 4 acres of floor. today we talked to some of the folks doing this set up, even in this sweltering heat. >> it is so hard and i have to sit out here because i work out here. so i am out here every day and, i mean, it gets better when it is windy but it is hot and humid. so i am just sweating. >> you ever try to get something out of the oven that is ready? put your face in? it is like that walking around all day. >> the national park service has no plans to cancel any big events on the national mall because of heat. some advice for folks at home, like finding some ac when you can, finding
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you can take refuge under the monument, and drink plenty of water. on the national mall, pete. >> heat and humidity sticking around longer, topper shutt tracking when it will be less hot. little improvement tomorrow, we are slicing hairs here, bruce, but over the weekend a little bigger improvement. we have the heat advisory until 8:00, heat indices no longer 105 but this is not the time to exercise. temperature wise, it is 94 downtown, even in the burbs, low 90s. 91 gaithersburg, still 91 in wal dofr, 938 hagerstown. feels like 100 downtown. if you want exercise, the best time for heat, humidity, and air quality is in the morning. lets talk forecast of the heat index, even tonight at 10:00, this is the heat index, not temperatures, it will feel like 93 downtown and
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the burbs 84 fairfax, by morning this is as good as it will get. not great but better than nothing. feels like 77 in gaithersburg, 78 in rockville, and about 78 also in buoy and upper marlboro, by noon, boom, we are back low to mid 90s with the heat index. we will come back and talk about the prospect of storms tomorrow, and we will look ahead to the weekend. one day will be better for planning your outdoor activities. >> got it. a maryland seminary student is presumed dead after he tried to save the life of a struggling kayaker. 24-year-old brian burgcamp studied in emmitsburg and went missing in a wichita, kansas after kayaking, one kayaker was having trouble and he believe burgcamp jumped in to help the woman and was swept away. faculty told us they were proud of burgcamp. >>
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greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friend and that is exactly what brian was doing. >> rescue crews say they are still working to find burgcamp's body tonight. no charges against the navy official who threatened 3 men with a gun outside his home, 33 days since he pointed that gun at 24-year-old merrill shoop and 2 others. the navy official accused them of being drunk and said it gave justification to shoot them. he said he was not drunk and some people think he is because of his speech impediment. >> it definitely plays a part in the fact, that he called me names and the fact that, you know, if i go to police for issues, they don't seem to take me seriously. i am not looking for revengei
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mind. >> that is why you are speaking out? >> yeah. yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. >> the men filed reports with fairfax county police, ohanesian was arrested and dearrested. they are investigating this case still. monday the officer in freddie gray's death will learn his fate against brian rice, the 4th of 6 officers to be tried in the case, 2 iefrs have been a-- officers have been acquitted, another ended in mistrial. more than 1500 mourners paid respect to philando castile today. a horse drawn carriage brought the casket, pallbearers raised their fists in the air, the 32-year-old was shot and killed by a police officer last week during a traffic stop near st. paul, minnesota. philand row castile was 1 of 2 black men shot and killed b
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prompting protests here in dc, and including dallas where a sniper killed 5 police officers. with racial tensions hitting another peak, we are asking you to join us tomorrow night, 6:00 p.m. for the next install nlt of "race: an honest conversation." examining the relationship between police and the community. tomorrow night at 6:00 on wusa 9. could he be the future vice president of the u.s.? coming up, mike pence already has at least one big backer besides donald trump. fleet week is coming to maryland, that is later on wusa 9, my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis... vaccine he had received.
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in a truck attack on revelers. the truck driver slammed into a crowd and got out and started shooting. there are several reports that the driver has been shot and killed. tomorrow we will know for sure who donald trump will pick as his vp, the cat might already be out of the bag, gop source confirms with cbs news that indiana governor, mike pence, will be trump's running mate. the decision comes 1 day after pence and trump spent a lot of time together at his indiana home. >> i support donald trump. i think he has the right vision for this country. >> pence is a virtual unknown among many voters and leaders, house speaker paul ryan called pence a good pick for trump, saying he is a big fan and holds him in high regards. trump will reveal the vp choice tomorrow at 11:00. if you don't already have it, make sure to download the free wusa 9 app, we w
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breaking news alerts the moment trump makes that announcement. hillary clinton is close to picking her own nominee and a lot of the smart money is on virginia senator tim kaine, he is not flashy but he is steady and clinton has known him for years and gets along well with him. they came out together for a rally today at northern virginia community college. >> the next president, of the united states, hillary clinton chlth >> i got the selfie with her, she is so amazing and down to earth, exactly the leader this country needs. >> clinton did not mention a new poll that suggests the race for president is absolutely dead even right now. year of the big game or hot concert but can't share pictures on facebook, at&t has a
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we want to update the breaking news, donald trump has tweeted out that he will delay his vice presidential pick announcement tomorrow because of the truck attack in france, as we have already reported, a truck driver has slammed into a crowd in the south of france in the nice region, at least 60 people have been killed, a shoot out with authorities with police there and cbs is reporting that the gunman may have been shot and killed. we will bring you the latest as soon as we get it. annapolis, the navy go hand in
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all be about baltimore, the city will host maryland's first fleet week and air show in october, a dozen navy ships will line the harbor and the blue angels will be back to delight the crowd. expected to draw a half million visitors to baltimore, the celebration kicks off october 10, best of all, all free. slamming on the breaks, traffic jacks for no apparent reason and a lot of 4-letter word s, not from anybody around here, driving around dc isn't easy but we reported wallet hub ranked it as the worst city for drivers. cbs's jamie takes a look at how often frustrations boil over. >> after an argument, a driver in florida ran over joe on his motorcycle, breaking his leg. >> i think people need to understand the depth of their actions. >> in colorado, police say a motorcyclist shot at a couple's car after being cut off. many drivers say they see road rage
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the wheel. >> creates a lot of hectic and hazardous situations for other drivers. >> in a new survey from aaa, nearly 8 in 10 u.s. drivers reported engaging in angry and aggressive behaviors over the past year. 51% say they purposely tailgated. 47% yelled at another driver, and 45% of drivers say they honked at someone. aaa estimates nearly 6 million drivers have either bumped or rammed another car on purpose, and 7 million have gotten out of their car to confront a driver. >> i think we are definitely surprised at how often it is occurring, and to tell you the truth, a lot of times we look at the numbers and people tend to under report. >> male drivers, and drivers between 19 and 39 were significantly more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors. but even mom, bridget, admits to losing her temper. >> do you get mad behind the wheel? >> sometimes. >>
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the survey found drivers in the northeast are angrier than other parts of the country. >> according to aaa, mid atlantic poll, drivers in dc say aggressive driving is the top threat to highway safety. aaa suggests never causing a driver to change speed or direction, be tolerant because the other driver might have a really bad day and don't respond with eye contact or gestures to escalate the situation. i wish my wife could hear all of that. pigs may not fly but at&t is working on a flying cow so customers can get a better signal. cow stands for cells on wings, they are drones, the company wants to fly them over concerts and big events to provide an additional signal for customers. today is a yellow weather alert day, here is wusa 9's first alert weather. >> lets start with the 3-degree
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knocked it down to 96, i think we will still be okay, we will add them up tonight at 11:00. was the hottest day of the year, we can tell you that. right now, live look outside, it is still 94, humidity still 46%, look at wind, southwest at 20, gusting to 26, moving the hot air around. radar over the last hour, little clump of thunderstorms now across 81, south, 66, headed toward warrenton and culpeper, little lightning, downpours, not severe but heavy. luray, your rain is letting up a bit. it will move farther to the east, hold together for another hour or so, get redding remington for 8:-- ready in remington at 8:11. muggy tonight, isolated storm until midnight and then hot tomorrow with a few storms, not quite as hot, heat index tomorrow around 100 as opposed to 105 today. the weekend, not as hot, and storms on saturday, i think that will be the wst
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days, won't be a wash out, that will be the wettest of the 2 days. golf match? do it sunday, but you will be watching the open sunday morning. 85, now, the forecast for tomorrow morning as the heat index, 85 in the morning. by noon, we are back in the low to mid 90s and then by 4:00, we are upper 90s to almost 100 down towards fredericksburg and 92 in hagueerstown and mart-- hagerstown, upper 80s to low 90s. in terms ofphorics for showers, regial-- of forecast for showers, regular, by 9:00 in the 80s, by 1:00, showers and storms percol,e to the west, i think those will hold together and move across the southern viewing area tomorrow evening and early tomorrow night. so, day planner, look at this, 87 by 11:00, 91 by 1:00 p.m. storms saturday, 88, not as hot. isolated storm sunday, near 90. next 7 days, near 95 on
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upper 80s tuesd
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more football is coming to dc area, now it has a name, wizards and capdle rrs owner, ted, turning progress of developing a new arena football team and today they took the next step, a name and a logo. >> 3, 2, 1. button. ladies and gentlemen, the washington valors. >> when we were talking about developing a logo for the team, we felt it was important that we represented the nation's capitol, the vibrancy of the city and its sports teams. >> it is not just afl sponsorship deal, this is all part of something much bigger and we need to build iconic organizations, iconic plat forms. >> the valors are expected to take the field next
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diamond drafted 40th overall in this draft, both decided on a 2-year deal despite a somewhat up and down summer league experience. last night was all about honoring the best in sports, but it wasn't just about the best player or athlete. the espy awards are a chance to recognize those who inspired us to be better people. the jimmy v award for perseverance to tnt sports reporter craig sager, he has been fighting on going battle with leukemia and he is known for his loud jackets on the sideline of the basketball court, he finally had to cover his first nba finals and you can see the mutual respectwe beten him and everyone in the room. >> the truth is, the turner family is just part of bigger family, all of you, the sports family. sports are who i am in my soul, they have guided my life, and i have had the good fortune
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witness all of your amazing fetes. >> he said something last night that if we don't have hope and faith, we have nothing. >> an incredible speech, all about living in the moment. >> he was enjoying every second. >> that is it for us at
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tonight, dr. phil fights back against the tabloid. > what the hweell oure y thinking? >> inside his shocking $250 million lawsuit. plus, hollywood's new mom-shaming controversy. online haters attacking celebs over every little move victoriakh becam kissing her daughter. >> kristen cammalleri's two skinny sons. we're with the stars taking a stand against the bully. >> if you go after mykids, i'm going to attack you. >> and our live exclusive with fred savage. can he be her next permanent co-host. we're celebrrting with today's emmy nominees. >>is your, it's first emmy nomination. >> who made history. let the champagne flow. >> only on "blackish" would we sell bray with leroy champagne! now for july 14th,


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