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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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following breaking news right now, horrific images coming out of france. at least 80 people are dead. hundreds more injured, and that's after a terrorist attack during bastille day celebrations. bodies strew everywhere, and crowds running for their lives, and the world left trying to make sense of yet another unexplainable act of horrible violence. >> i'm adam longo. >> and i'm jan jeffko. it was in the
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celebration. it was the french equivalent of the 4th of july, and it has left the country reeling. garrett haake has the latest details from france. garrett? >> jan, tonight french officials say at least 80 people are dead, and dozens, if not hundreds more are injured. no group has yet to claim responsibility for the attack, but both president obama and the french president are calling it terrorism. >> reporter: cell phone video showing the panic revelers fleeing from the deadly scene on the water front. a short time earlier, there had been fireworks this large truck went down the street, and the driver intentional steered it into people to cause the most casualties. the driver killed by police after a shootout. some of the video is so gruesome, we froze and edited it to show it for the broadcast. this is the video of the chaos. >> there were just people streaming down the
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mall, and they were part of us and right over us. knocking over the spectators all along here, knocking down the store displays over. >> reporter: shortly after the attack, president obama issued a statement saying it appears to be a horrific terrorist attack and vowing the u.s. will stand in solidarity and partnership with france, our oldest ally. the two candidates running to replay him calling into cable news. >> we are at war with the terrorist groups and what they represent, but it's a different kind of war. we need to be smart about how we wage it and win it. >> reporter: the attack having direct repercussions on the trump campaign. tomorrow's vice presidential rollout, canceled. >> i think it would be totally inappropriate to have a news conference on a vice presidential pick tomorrow in light of, you know, so many -- >> reporter: speaking in the early morning hours, the french president said he had no
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this was a terrorist attack he also told the french people that tonight france is strong and will always be stronger than the fanatic that struck today. >> another french embassy in northwest with flags flying at half staff. we saw a high profile police presence. >> we spoke to a mother and daughter who live in vienna, virginia now, but spent years there. kristie was inside of the embassy when word of the attack came. >> we had a moment of silence, and then we sang the french anthem and then the american anthem. >> it seems to be the new normal. immediately when we heard we communicated with our friends and other people we know still in france, to make sure everyone was safe. >> reporter: the family had been planning a visit over the next few weeks, and th
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they have every intention of making the trip. >> people right away rushing to social media to share their grief over the most recent terrorist attack. this hash tag is trending across the country, but one image that has gone viral is hard to see. the body of a little girl under a silver lincoln, and her baby doll is right beside her on the street. sends shivers down my spine and crushed my heart. >> alyssa tweeted, can't we go one week without a mass killing? is that too much to ask.  >> this image has gone viral tonight. more grief, more hate. >> a viral image we have seen tonight, people around the world are posting the same work of art here in solidarity with the victims there. >> we are monitoring the situation throughout the newscast, and stay with us, and to stay informed 24/7, download the wusa app for breaking alerts when yo
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in recent weeks protesters stormed the streets to call for an end to what they see as police brutality. wusa 9's ellison barber is live from the capitol with more. >> reporter: a few dozen protesters eventually meeting up with the democratic lawmakers here on capitol hill. they were speaking at an event to speak out against the gun violence, but this particular group of protesters we were with, they were not here for that, and the focus was on one thing. >> the black lives matter movement. >> reporter: this is the movement for philando castil, and alton sterling? >> it's important for me to be out here. >> this is as we move it will take more than one, two, three,
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know, we have to do everything we can possibly do. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: the organizers of the march hope to prove to lawmakers -- >> the power to do nothing without a demand. >> there needs to be a change amongst all police departments, and it's not the police departments, it's the system. the system in which america is built on, and it's not made for people who look like me. >> black lives matter! >> and so they march. >> reporter: from the white house to capitol hill. >> this is a movement. it won't stop. >> reporter: now the organizers of the event or the main organizer said part of the reason why they wanted to be down here was just to make sure lawmakers could see them. they wanted themto
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were out here, and like he said, not going away. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> every indication they are not going away. during the march, organizers handed out flyers to help people vote. they plan to hold the protest every week for the forseable future. a judge in baltimore will announce his verdict next monday in the trial of brian rice. rice is facing misconduct in office and other charges in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors and defense attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments this afternoon. today hundreds of people filled a church in dallas, texas, to honor sergeant michael smith. he was one of five police officers killed in last week's sniper attack, and today a public memorial service was held where smith works part- time as a security
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the family held a private service yesterday. in minnesota 1500 people attended the funeral for philando castile. he was shot and killed last week. a horse-drawn carriage brought his casket to saint paul cathedral. family and friends followed closely behind. they called on people of different backgrounds to come together. >> we invite you to join us tomorrow night at 6:00 for the next installment for a series of specials called race in honest conversation. we examine the current relationship with police and the african american community given the events of the last 2 weeks. that's tomorrow night at 6:00 here on wusa 9. information on a shooting in northeast dc that happened on july 4th. daniqua dye died yesterday. police are investigating the death has a homicide, but they are not saying if it had anything to do with the
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she was transgender. $2,500 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. a grand jury has indicted a homeowner on weapons charges in the shooting death of a paramedic who tried to break through a door to render aid it happened in april in temple hills. 612-year-old darrell lumpkin said he thought someone was trying to break in. his brother-in-law called 911 believing he suffered a diabetic seizure. one firefighter was killed and one was wounded. the grand jury considered murder charges, but they backed away from that. this little girl at the center of the fairfax county amber alert is safe tonight and in foster care tonight. her mother was arraigned today in prince george's county on parental abduction charges, and the fairfax county department of family services notified her yesterday the baby would be removed from her custody. police
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hours later, and that's because of a tip that came from an anonymous source to our reporter, and she passed the information on to police. the university of yann police -- maryland police chief says mistakes were made last may when officers responded to calls for a bogus fight for a party. two students arrested that night will not face charges, but the people who made the 911 call have been issued a criminal summons for making up the story about a fight and the weapons. in montgomery county, maryland, over the course of a few hours, we had three vehicles that ended up crashing into buildings. here's the most recent one that happened in gaithersburg on east diamond avenue around 7:00 tonight it careened into the music center, no injuries here,
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inspector was called out to examine the structural integrity of the job. here a car smashed into a condo building, and it happened on hickory treeway. a wusa 9 employee who lives nearby snapped these pictures, and a spokesperson in a tweet said no injury. now t o a woman who says it felt like an earthquake when the mercedes here smashed through the building. no one was hurt. a tasty way to show support. one restaurant's competitors opened their doors to help out after a fire. here's your wakeup weather, and it's expected to be hot as soon as you wake up. 70s to start. 80s by 9:00, and by lunchtime, temperatures 86 to 91. we will come back and talk about what that tranat
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for the heat index and maybe forecast changes for tomorrow and the weekend. and more coverage of tonight's
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continuing coverage on tonight's breaking news, the french interior minister says the death toll is now at 80 in the horrific attack in the seaside vacation town on bastille day. 18 people are in critical condition. it was not confirmed if an id was found on the truck driver. he said identification of the criminal is in progress. the minister said france is in a war with terrorists. donald trump is going to be
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his vice presidential pick, but what had been developing is the biggest news from the campaign trail today. >> he was scheduled to unveil the news at a hotel in midtown manhattan tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. trump said he will postpone the event. >> i think it would be totally inappropriate to hold a wsne conference on a vice presidential pick tomorrow in light of, you know, so many -- >> so you -- >> indiana governor mike pence emerged as a late favorite, but trump said he had not finalized the pick, and his advisers cautioned he could change his mind. hillary clinton was in the dmv today speaking out and finalizing who she will pick for her vice presidential candidate. mccain is in the short list. he met with senate democrats. >> we had a great conversa,
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and it was really focused on the very positive difference that democrats want to make in the lives of americans, particularly when it comes to economic opportunities to tackle the problems that unfortunately have been ignored by the republican majority. >> clinton is set to speak monday at the naacp convention in cincinnati, ohio. new tonight a community is helping to pick up a fallen neighbor. >> last week al's steak house that has been in alexandria for generations went up in flames for the grand reopening. unsure if they would be able to reopen, competitors came together as friends to make sure it does. >> reporter: they went from watching their dream go up in smoke, literally to watching the smoke clear and finding hope. >> i'm in awe. i never could have imagined. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: this line in alexandria is for al's steak house and
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and so is the hard work behind the grill and these words of encouragement. i'm completely ecstatic. completely different from last week. >> reporter: last week it was shock and despair when al's steak house went up in flames, and the long-time customers of the 64-year-old steak and cheese institution had bought the shop, and on the day of the grand reopening, you will never believe what happened, fire nearly burnt the place down. >> i was crushed. >> reporter: they wondered how they would pick up the pieces, and their community picked them up. holly town gourmet burgers lent their store to al's. steak and cheese was sizzling, and local restaurants working the kitchen, and every stub sold benefited al. >> i knew we were awe m -- awesome, but not this awesome. >> everyone said the coit
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know what that feels and what it means. >> reporter: john owned al's for 50 years. >> when he passed away, we wondered what would happen, and it didn't die. >> reporter: this community would never let al's die. >> al's is going to reopen one way or another. >> that was mola lenghi reporting for us. the family hopes to reopen within a few months. that long line means it's good. >> it has to be good, right? >> reporter: park rangers leading players on a hunt for pokemon go characters, and it's not only safe, but it was culturally enlightening. they talked about the gift of the cherry tree, and players searched for characters. two men fell off a bluff north of san diego while
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to catch pokemon go characters on their cell phones. one man tumbled 50 feet and the other 90 feet, all the way to the beach. and on that uplifting note, >> it will not be so hot tomorrow when we are out playing pokemon. >> not quite as bad. the wed,eken raised temperatured for a bit as well. in my infinite wisdom, i lowered it a bit. i thought it was a bull's-eye. we did. it was 98, and we forecasted 96. i will raids it to 95 for -- i will raise it to 95 for tomorrow. the humidity is not comfortable at all. still hot on friday, and heat indexes at
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a little bit of an improvement. we were at 104 or 105 today. it's not as hot, and i think we will touch new data on saturday and sunday. a couple of storms, but i pick saturday and sunday will not be a washout. here's the futurecast of the heat index. 5:00in the morning, and it's still in the 80s, 8:00 it feels like 86. by lunchtime, feeling like the 90s already. that means 94 downtown, and 92 in bowie, and then by 4:00, even a little bit warmer, and i think the numbers are quite frankly low. they will be 98 in fredericksburg, and maybe 99 or 98 downtown, and mid-90s in rockville and gaithersburg, and by tomorrow evening, almost 24 hours from now, 23 hours from now, look at this heat index of 91 downtown. that's craz
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plans tomorrow, the few storms, the few there will be will be gone, but like a tropical rain forest out there now back to regular future cast, clouds and showers, and real temperatures, upper 70s to start. and by 9:00 in the 80s, and showers in the mountains, and then into the 1:00 hour, 91 downtown, and then by 6:00, a couple of showers passing to the south, and the futurecast, it is fairly consistent keeping the showers south of route 50, and temperatures by 6:00, low 90s. day planner, we are barely, barely starting below 80s. >> tomorrow morning, 87 by 11:00, and 91 by 1:00 p.m. saturday, showers and stms, 88, and that could just as easily be 89 or 90. isolated storm on sunday which could easily be 90. the next 7-day. monday, we will pop up in the mid-90s briefly, and then back down into the upper 80s
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tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the nats in town tomorrow. a little bit of a reprieve for july. >> a little bit. >> apparently tropical rain forest night at the park. >> not that i would condone not going to the ballpark, but if it's too warm, you watch it right here with us. >> water! you have to get hydrated. we will take a look at this weekend's series coming up, and this local hi
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as washington nationals wrapped up the first half of the season, their goal was to gain momentum and not separation into the all star break. they did that in new york to take the commanding 16-game lead in the division, but they return to work, and it's all about building off of what made them so successful up to this point. it begins tomorrow night when the nationals return home. strasburg is back on the mound. the all mighty righty having the best game of his career at
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nationals will look to stop the surging pittsburgh team that won 9 of the last 11. remember, you can see friday night and sunday afternoon's game right here on wusa 9. you have probably heard the name mark telstrel. he will suit up for the university of washington next year, but first he's training a as member of the usa under 18 national team, and he's having fun. check out the trick shot from the opposite side of the court, and one take right in the bucket, and no cut shot there, and they are going to compete this summer in chile at the american championships, and he is expected to be a top three draft pick next year. this kid is set to be
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one last check of the a breaking news and the horrific terrorist attack, the french president said it was of a terrorist character. >> 80 people are confirmed dead and 1806 the injured are in critical condition. investigators tried to identify the driver who was shot dead by police. >> president obama is offering france any assistance they may need to investigate, and donald trump said if he is elected president, he would ask congress for a declaration of war on the islamic st ate. hillary clinton said the u.s. needs to stand strong with france strengthen alliances. we will be monitoring the latest throughout the night. watch wake up washington in
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morning. download our app for updates 24/7. let's check the 7-day forecast. tomorrow a little bit of a repeat. >> we are in the air here at 98. that's refreshing won't it? >> near 90 on saturday and sunday, and some storms over the weekend, and the stormy of the two weekend days will be saturday, and back to the mid- 90s next week, and mid-90s next week. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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