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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  July 15, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it's friday, july 15, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." mass casualty in france. the terror attack leaves dozens dead in nice when a truck files through a crowded street and the driver opens fire. good morning. this is cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm meg oliver in for anne-marie green. a scene of
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plow sbood a crowd in southern france. the large, white truck mowed down people bathered in a bastille gathering. the texas family was on vacation. the attack went a mile. the french interior minister said we are at war with terrorists. france extended the state of emergency. we are in london with the latest. tina, good morning. >> reporter: meg, good morning. the truck was loaded with guns and grenades. the driver plowed through the crowd for a mile as people ran to get out of the path. some held on to the doors of the truck trying to get it to stop. forensic teams in nice examined the bullet-ridden truck overnight. the driver mowed
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people celebratie ining bastill hours before. mike lives in nice and heard the screams as people ran for cover. >> we looked down the window and there were people screaming down the pedestrian mall and knocking down the tables of caffees. >> reporter: a family from texas was among those killed. he says the driver opened fire on spectators before police eventually shot him. >> we wanted to believe it was just fire crackers going off or fireworks, but it became something more sinister than that. hours after the attack, the french president, francois
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hollande spoke. french officials are looking into who else may have played a role. so far, no group claimed response nlt. it's possible to death toll will grow. authorities say at least 20 people are in critical condition this morning. meg? >> tina kraus in london, thank you. the truck driver was a 30-year-old born in tunisia. authorities were on high alert ahead of next week's republican convention. they will coordinate with french officials to learn more. >> who was this person? what was around him? what did the network look like? is there something we can learn from this other than the obvious, which is a truck that is u bin america and can do a l of damage against t
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population. the truck is the weapon. >> french president hollande is trying to figure out if the truck driver had any help. france suffered major terrorist attacks over the last two years. militants linked to isis opened fire in a concert hall and other sites in paris. earlier that year, a gun assault on the satirical magazine and a kosher grocery store killed seven people. al qaeda claimed responsibility. coming up, we speak with former cia director, michael morell into the investigation and the nice truck attack. donald trump spoke out about the massacre and postponed the rollout of his running meat, mike pence. when will we learn, it is only gets worse. we are covering
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campaign. >> i support donald trump. he has the right vision. >> he settled on the indiana governor to bring conservative and low-key personality to the ticket. he was born in indiana with a law degree from indiana university. he served six terms in congress and carved autoa record that tea party republicans fancied long before they became a force within the gop. pence endorsed texas senator ted cruz in the indiana primary that clinched trump's status as the nominee. >> a principled conservative who dedicated his career to advocating the reagan agenda. >> reporter: earlier, he opposed trump on two issues, temporarily banning muslim immigration and a trade teal. pence came around to team trump and has been singing his praises since he
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nomination. >> he's a builder, a fighter and patriot. >> reporter: a new poll shows 86% of voters are undecided or do not know enough about pence to form an opinion. he's not been touched by scandal as a member of congress. he denied services based on beliefs. after swift opposition, he had the law redrafted. >> it's been a tough week in the hoosier state. >> reporter: the koch brothers, wealthy conservative brothers who shied away from the trump campaign. pence does not guarantee he can change their minds, but creates a possibility where none existed before. cbs news, new york. john dickerson is in cleveland for the republican national convention. he looks
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the ticket. >> he is not of washington but has some washington experience. donald trump wanted to pick somebody who could help him get something done. he has strong ties to the republican party. he helps trump cinch that unity. it's part of what he is trying to do at the convention. unlike somebody like newt gingrich, mike pence is not somebody who is going to cause issues or probably not somebody who is going to cause issues for someone at the top of the ticket in terms of behavior. >> trump did not say when he plans to announce the running mate decision. the republican convention kicks off monday. attempts to derail trump's nomination had a blow. they voted to reject a proposal to let delegates vote for any candidate they like. the outcome all but ends the
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hillary clinton condemned the attacks in france saying we will not be intimidated. hillary clinton is with senator tim kaine, a potential vice president pick. elizabeth warren, brown and sanders. religious leaders in minnesota called for healing of racial profiling. 3,000 mourners filled the cathedral for castile's murder. his girlfriend live streamed the aftermath of the shooting. president obama says bridging the gap between blacks and whites will take time, much more time than he has left in office. he addressed the deaths of black men at the hands of police during a town hall yesterday at washington theater. >> i think in that sense, what
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of african-american men. there's -- there's a greater presumption of dangerousness that arises from, you know, the social and cultural perception that has been fed to folks for a long time. i think it is not as bad as it used to be, but is still there. there eesz there's a history to that. >> the president was with erica garner, the daughter of a man who died at the hands of police. a 9/11 report is expected to be released as early as today. the government withheld two dozen pages for nearly 15 years. it is belie
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it eliminates the yoga aroma. so i can breathe easy hummmmm. don't just mask odors. eliminate them with new tide odor defense. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. after the latest attack on french soil, the interior minister says the country is at war with terrorists. dozens of people were killed in nice by a man that mowed people down with a truck as they celebrated bastille day. a witness described the aftermath. >> there were people streaming down this pedestrian mall that we are right over, you know, knocking over the tables at the cafe that is were out all
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here. knocking store displays over. >> at least 18 people were hospitalized in critical condition. here at home, the zika epidemic may have peaked and a high court justice backtracked. those are some of the reports. ruth bader ginsburg regrets making remarks about donald trump. she acknowledged they should not comment on political candidates. the statement did not include an apology to trump who she called a faker. the zika epidemic may have peaks. cases are now declining after hitting a high in february. an expert says the virus will lay low and remain a threat in the u.s. for years. "the new york times" says average health spending this year will top $10,000 a person. that would be a first. the obama administration said the figure will rise because
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higher prices and the aging of baby boomers. the times of london reports thresa may purged allies of david cameron. boris johnson will be foreign secretary in a strg vote to quit the european union. coming up, delta airlines is dialling back. how more fallout may affect your next trip to europe. their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy, who sees all and forgets nothing. at least he's not constable bob. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. on the "cbs moneywatch," how the brexit vote might affect your plans. we are at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning. >> good morning, meg. nothing feeds investor confidence like earnings. that kept the stocks in record territory. the dow jones rose and the s&p 500 rose. the nasdaq finished short of an all-time high hit a year ago. the labor picture is brightening. the oil and gas industry will need to add up to 100,000 jobs by 2018 to keep up with the
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growing demand. a slump in oil supply led to layoffs. delta plans to cut flights between the u.s. and britain this winter. the pound dropped 12% since britain voted to leave the european union. that's hurting delta's bottom line. they will scale back 6%. airlines are giving travelers less headaches. flights on 12 biggest carriers arrived on time and consumer complaints dropped 20%. spirit was last landing late more than a fourth of the time. meg? >> thank you. coming up, more from nice, france. an attack on a deadly truck attack that left dozens of people dead during bastille day celebration. t they're daughterst was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo
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forecast in some cities around the country. the latest now on the bastille day attack in france. dozens of people were killed after a man drove a large truck into a crowd. at least two americans are among the dead. tina kraus is in london with more. good morning, again. >> good morning. at least 20 people are in critical condition. the death toll may climb according to authorities. so many people hurt after the terror hit the french riviera last night. the truck was loaded with guns and grenades as it plowed through the streets. people watched in horror, some taking pictures on their cell phone as it barrelled think the promenade barrelling down everyone in the path. they
4:21 am
try to get out of the way. some hanging on to the doors of the truck trying to get it to stop. the truck tore through the crowd for miles before police opened fire on the driver who would open fire on the crowd before that. they did kill the driver. thousands of people were in the streets last night celebrating france's bastille day, a french national holiday similar to our american fourth of july. they were watching fireworks, celebrating when the truck driver went on this deadly rampage. a father and son from texas are among more than 80 people killed. shawn and brody copeland died in the attack. brody was a little league baseball player in texas, just 11 years old. they were vacationing in nice, celebrating a family birthday on the streets, enjoying themselves, until, at random, this truck came out of nowhere. french officials are looking
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role in this. so far, no group claimed response nibili responsibility. interesting to note the spokesman for isis issued a statement relating to, quote, the filthy french, telling muslims to attack them in any way they can, including, quote, crushing them with your car. meg? >> as you mentioned, nobody claimed responsibility for the attack. have authorities learned anything more about the man who drove the truck into the crowd? >> there are reports he is tunisian. it's not confirmed at this point. they have been combing through the truck trying to pull forensic evidence from there. there were, of course, weapons inside the car along with grenades, possibly meaning this could have been worse. meg? >> thank you so much. we are learning a homemade chemical was used
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friday morning, terror attack in nice, france more than 80 people are dead after a driver plowed through crowds of people celebrating bastille day. fighting the terror attack donald trump is postponing todays announcement of his vice president shall running mate. plus they are setting this friday outside it
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to feel nearly as oppressive as yesterday so we have that going for us. >> [laughter] that's positive news and it's not a yellow weather alert day so what is happening today allyson? >> it's just hot. it's summer and it that's exactly what we are going to see today. you wouldn't expect anything else in the middle of july looking at mid 90s so nothing to sneeze at but we aren't as humid so maybe it feels a little bit better. yesterday that breeze felt kind of saved a couple of people. 78 degrees feels about 80 but notice the dew point into the upper 60s hanging in the low 70s today instead of the mid 70s so really it helps us out with our comfort level just a little bit. it's still hot. it's still going to be one of our hotter days of the summer so far. 73 for leesburg, 72 manassas and 74 waldorf. as far as rain showers are concerned a couple could pass by but much of the day will be dry, highs intohe
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one of those days. >> tgif, allyson, thanks. well our interstates are looking really great this morning no problems on the interstates it's our side roads that has actual trouble with downed power lines but let's start on eastern avenue where we actually have a closure between 63rd street and nanny helen avenue because of a down power line so crews trying to fix that and then also there are fallen power tables at university boulevard both directions east and westbound right at central avenue there, again crews out there trying to fix it and we have another place on massachusetts avenue i'm following, mike and andrea i'll get you that coming up. this morning top story a deadly terror attack in france, this happened during bastille day celebrations in nice. >> at least 84 people are dead including 10 children and two americans. close to 20 others have been critically injured a truck driver ran over people in the crowd as well as opening fire on them before police sh
4:28 am
the cities 1200 traffic cameras track the entire attack. developing this morning police are trying to figure out how a 17 year old man died yesterday evening by drowning. this happened 7:30 last night in falls church, virginia. police say witnesses called 911 when they noticed the teen disappear under the waters surface. unfortuntely rescue units were not able to revive him. the university of maryland police chief says mistakes were made last may when officers responded what turned out to be a bogus call about a fight at a party. officers used pepper spray on people at the courtyard apartments and the chief says things didn't need to go that far. one officer has been suspended without pay and two students arrested that night will not face charges. but the people who made the 911 that bogus call they do face charges. thanks for joining us so early this friday morning. >> the news
4:29 am
right now. you're looking at a truck riddled with bullet holes where french police killed a terrorists who drove through a crowd of people. good morning it's finally friday i'm andrea reason. >> i'm mike hydeck. the heat is still on. it's not going anywhere. there's already one problem on the roads ellen will have that but let's start with first alert forecast on the nines. good morning allyson. >> the heat is still on. we're getting a little bit of a break with the humidity and temperatures will be a few degrees lower. it's still hot though. we do have a little bit more heat relief over the weekend and so you have that to look forward to. right now we're looking pretty warm, pretty muggy of course 78 degrees and when i walked into this morning it was into the 80s, winds will stay south southwest today as far as any showers and thunderstorms popping up of course we could see some. today maybe a couple more because we do have a cold front arriving later on tonight and that can pump a few showers afead of the front later this
4:30 am
of 95. highs today around the region 93 for fredrick, 95 leesburg, yesterday we got to 98 today only 95 so it's still a hot one enjoy your friday. ellen over to you. >> sounds like a pool day allyson. >> yes. >> well we do have a couple problems as mike mentioned especially with down trees and down power lines that close down some of your road crews trying to open this back up one being massachusetts avenue, and that is shutdown right now there's a down power line there crews on the scene. from there we also talked about this closure here eastern avenue. this is between 63rd street and also nanny helen avenue closed down because of an accident and then a little further east this is where we have more fallen power cables at university boulevard both directions shutdown as we try to pick those all back up. mike and andrea? well back in the truck attack in nice. a state of emergency it's still in place 10,000 shoulders still on patrol in france this morning, both of


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