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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  July 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a lot of breaking news to bring you tonight. we'll start at tyson's corner center. part of that mall shut down after a fire. >> the mall did have to be evacuated although no one was hurt. wusa9's news crew was first at the scene. garrett joins us live. good evening. >> reporter: janeod
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firefighters battled some lingering hot spots here for much of the evening. but tonight this fire was started at the ground floor and spread all the way to the roof. they say it's under control. smoke could be seen pouring from the tyson's corner mall for blocks away. >> i saw black, billowing smoke in this general direction. i kind of thought it maybe was a tanker on fire on the beltway. i couldn't believe when i got here it was the mall. >> reporter: inside the movie theater, the smell of smoke was no special effects. >> we were watching a movie. and, like, it was a big noise. and it was pretty scary. we would not get in. >> reporter: firefighters believe the blaze started in a ground floor restaurant. it quickly grew to three alarms, reaching every
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including the roof. >> if it's on the roof, it's a good chance it started below the roof. so they located that the fire started in a restaurant which extended to the roof. >> reporter: battalion chief bailey says he never remembers an evacuation this large at this mall. on a busy summer friday, hundreds of diners, shoppers and moviegoers had to be moved outside and away from the building. >> were you frightened? were you scared? >> yes! of course, it was the smell of smoke. so, i don't know. >> reporter: some sections of the mall remained open tonight. his investigators had yet to get a good sense on the damage on this side of the mall. no word tonight on whether the entirel malwill be opened tomorrow or not. >> thank you. also breaking tonight, chaos in turkey after a coup attempt. it's unclear who has control of a key u.s. ally in a volatile region of the world. turkey is a key partner in the fight against isis.
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but tonight, it's not entirely clear what's going on there. >> it appears that the military's apparent takeover has been failed. but the condition is far from stable. details coming in really every minute. we're joined with the latest what we know. >> reporter: you nailed it. very fluid situation. a lot has happened over the course of several hours. a lot is still happening. at this point, it's unclear who is in control of turkey and it's also unclear as both sides are claiming power. >> reporter: tanks and troops fill the streets of instanbul, turkey's largest city. jets flew overhead in an attempt to overthrow the democratic elected government. and recep tayyip erdogan was out on vacation. as they declared marshal law, president erdogan used facetime urging people to flood the streets and resist the coup. many did protest,
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facing down tanks, pressuring them to back off the airport in instanbul, giving president erdogan a chance to fly back in the country. erdogan addressed the nation calling the coup an act of treason. he's seen as an authoritarian. it's unclear how much of the military revoted but members of the coup portrayed themselves as liberated writing, in, quote, they abouted to restore the constitutional order, human rights and freedom. they say president obama continues to support erdogan and his democratly supported government. u.s. troops currently rely on turkish air bases for attacks on isis and syria. >> you know,
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ago, just a few years ago, that turkey was hailed for a model of democracy, model of stability in the muslim world. obviously that idea being shaken to the core tonight. >> thank you. well, the death toll from that truck attack in nice, france, is now at at least 84. and tonight we're learning more about the killer who was behind the wheel. he was 31-year-old mohammad malil, finally dying. >> i saw people crying, dying. babies screaming. >> reporter: he has a criminal record and had a suspended license for road rage but wasn't on any watch list. he was getting a divorce and
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was a father of three. we'll be monitoring the developments in turkey and france throughout the weekend. you'll want to stay connected with us here on wusa9. and with our wusa9 news app with which will get you breaking news alerts when you need it. about to turn into a stormy saturday. that warm, muggy air, well, sorry, folks. not going anywhere soon. and now todd to explain the weekend weather. >> was a tuesday or wednesday night, probably not too much of a deal. but saturday soon. at noon tomorrow, pretty toasty. upper 80s. 88 in silver spring. 87 in fairfax. from 2:00, showers beginning to dot some of the valley. nothing crazy. temperatures now at 91 downtown and 90 in fairfax.
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by 4:00 p.m., more activity out in the south and west. toward cull pepper and winchester. probably not going to clear it completely. that's why we'll have more showers in the 6:00 hour, especially south of town. notice the reds. pretty heavy activity. some will be heavy. some will not see showers. the further north you are, less of a chance of showers. when we come back, we'll talk about what sunday may bring. we'll talk about serious heat coming back next week. >> thanks. see you then. a northwest d.c. man is recuperating after being attacked by a mob of kids! >> some of the people involved in that assault were as young as 10 years old. allison barber has new details from a normally quiet street in the mount pleasant neighborhood. >> reporter: police say this was a brutal attack. there's still blood on the sidewalk here.
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saw all this happen. he's so shaken up he asked us not to show his face on camera. >> i heard a man yell, help! >> reporter: yesterday this man came home from work and almost immediately started screaming. >> i could hear him yelling. i called police. >> reporter: surveillance video captured the moments before the attack. at 7:00 p.m., a group of juveniles followed a man as he walked along newton street northwest and attacked him from behind and robbed him. >> we received an additional call for major injuries at that location. >> a pool of blood. >> reporter: some of the suspects were teens up to 17 years old. some were kids. the youngest only 10 years old. >> you don't want to see a kid that young involved in something like this. >> reporter: as the attack continued, something good happened, too. >> there was a bicyclist that came by. there was five neighbors that helped. some neighbors ran across the street to help them. and the kids just took off. >> reporter: police say they found four people inn
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the victims' cellphones and credit cards in their possession. they arrested all four. but police and witnesses say a lot of credit goes to the regular people who stepped in. that was part of what made it feel like this is still the right neighborhood to live in. >> reporter: according to this incident report, the victim told police there were ten to twelve people involved in this attack. no word on whether or not police are still looking for additional suspects. but they say if you think you know anything about this, they'd like for you to give them a call. reporting in mount pleasant, i'm allison barber, wusa9. and in arlington county tonight, firefighters did not have to go far to respond to this emergency. a driver crashed right through the front of this devin along lee highway. and -- 7-eleven along lee highway. police are investigating exactly what the heck happened here ♪ [ music ] in baton rouge, louisiana, hundreds
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funeral service for alton sterling shot and killed by police last week. the reverend jesse jackson calls for unity. >> against the backdrop in the shootings in baton rouge, minnesota, and dallas, we did something different. we devoted the entire newscast to the issue of race. we spoke with a panel that included police and the group black lives matter. our bruce johnson asked a member of black lives matter what's the group seeking? >> it's accountability primarily. over the past ten years, roughly 10,000 people -- roughly ten. >> every life matters. >> reporter: black lives matter is leading a protest tomorrow in northwest d.c. >>
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conversation using the #9talksrace. take a look at this. brandon tweeted that black lives matter doesn't suggest that our lives matter more but that they matter just as much. >> yes, black lives matter but these shootings are happening to black men and happening too often. >> reporter: and aaron tweeting he hoped one day dr. king's dreams can be proved worldwide. it's not too late for you to share at #9talksrace. all planted and harvested by adults at this facility. >> two city folks move out to the country to save their son. how this virginia farm is opening up a whole new world for so many others. that's tonight's "open road." >> and that's on 9. it was a big night for baseball in d.c. and it hadn't happened without one of the big ones. if you're not into pokemon go or not into
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not quite as hot but still summerlike for your weekend. we'll have your forecast on "wake up washington" at 7:00. >> get ahead with more weather alerts. wusa "morning news" tomorrow morning. a washington couple left their lives in the city and moved to the middle of nowhere. they did it to save their son. >> many are moved with those coping with autism or other needs.
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scott takes us to a farm in clarks county, virginia, where one family is trying to make a difference. >> reporter: at first, everything seemed normal. but when max masucci turned three, his parents greg and maya knew something was wrong. >> it took me a while to absorb that and accept it. >> he was late to crawling, late to talking. >> reporter: max was diagnosed with autism. >> there is always some sadness when you're getting older and you're the parent of a special needs child and you have no idea what will happen to that child when you leave. >> reporter: until recently, greg and maya lived on a busy street in washington, d.c. they constantly worried about max's safety. and they also worried about his future. intellectually disabled people often have a hard time fitting in and finding jobs. >> the reality is a large percentage of this population remains unemployed. >> reporter: so the couple chose a different path for their son's life. these two city people bought
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virginia. >> if you had told me when i was my hip, urban self-20 years in chicago that i would be a farmer, i would have told you you were crazy. >> i never grew anything. not a thing. >> reporter: they started a nonprofit organization called a farm less ordinary with a help of volunteers and other nonprofit groups, greg and maya only employ people with special needs. >> good boy! >> reporter: together they thrive right next to the squash. >> we like to fill all this land with farming. >> can you get that? >> all planted and harvested by adults with disabilities. >> reporter: greg and maya are growing a community and future with their son. >> put it in the bucket. nice job! >> if you don't like the story, you need to change the script. we realized in order to
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change our story drastically. >> reporter: their hope is their special farm will be here long after they're gone. >> we're trying to create a community where he can walk out the door and see people like him and feel welcomed. >> this will probably be our son's forever home. he's likely not going to move from here ever. ♪ you'll never know, boy, how much we love you ♪ >> reporter: in virginia, wusa wusa9 news. >> they hand deliver their produce to customers in the d.c. area as part of their community supported agriculture program. next year they hope to expand to farmers markets. you can find more on our wusa9 app. >> if you know of a special person or place you think scott could profile for our "open road" report, e-mail us at news@w
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and i think you have a few tips for us for the weekend. >> i do! i had a teacher -- fourth grade, i think. ms. myers. she always had a great impression. three bullseye in a row. i did it again. >> again! a teacher! >> i know! [ laughter ] >> i went 94. and then i thought, well, i'll go 95. well, it was 94. it's okay! but we could have had three bullseyes this week. all right. 91 tomorrow! live look outside. it's still 82 degrees. that's not a haec. that's the -- heat index. that's the temperature. dew point is creeping up a little bit. winds southwest at about 10. so yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon. a moderate risk especially south of i-66 and 60. almost a high risk of thunderstorms and heavy rain. so
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tomorrow for thunderstorms in the afternoon. critical times, 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. a bit hot sunday with just isolated thunderstorms. so certainly that's the drier of the two days. so weekend's not a washout. it's summer, okay? and heating up again on monday. so forecast for the heat index. for tomorrow, early in the morning it's 7:00, feel like it's 80 downtown. it'll like 75 in rockville and silver springs. by 11:00, low 90s feels like. maybe upper 80s in gaithersburg. but fairly hot. not like wednesday. but still, by 5:00, heat index at low to mid-90s. 94 in fairfax. 95 in manassas. and by evening, maybe a muggy night tomorrow night. but i think the showers and storms will ends early in the night. this is the regular futurecast. showers, regular temps. by 8:00 a.m., upper 70s downtown. by noon, almost 90 downtown. upper 80s to the north and west. and
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hagerstown. by 5:30, probably the best chance of a sort of organized line of showers and storms forming. weak cold front will move through. it'll put on the brakes and not clear us out completely. by 5:30, 6:00, 7:00, pretty good chance of a shower between frederiksberg and manassas. could produce heavy downpours. by 8:00, pretty much gone. temperatures still lag and linger in the upper 70s to low 80s. even by 10:00 tomorrow night. on the day planner, 70s to start and dry in the morning. 83 by 9:00. 87 by 11:00 and 90 by 1:00 p.m. so sunday, just an isolated storm. low 90s. monday, a little hotter. mid-90s with an isolated storm. next seven days, a golf day on monday. tuesday they're back on. showers and storms
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with a cold front. maybe that could be our next yellow weather alert day. nice wednesday. thursday, warm but not humid. and then hot on friday but not humid. >> good mix we have going on there. >> yeah. it's july. >> it's july! >> hottest of the year! >> just a few hours ago, and the ace taking the hills tonight! >> dusty baker told his team before the brakes, don't turn off the pilot lights. keep the momentum going! they picked up where they left off. ♪ [ music ] >> plus, an
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of the msrp on select 2016 chevy vehicles in stock. that's over $10,000 cash back on this chevy silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. now, wusa9 "game on sports" with better better brought to you by -- with kristen brought to you by xfinity. >> did the rest break their momentum? time will tell, of course. but if tonight was any indication, they'll be just fine. the nationals held off a surging pirates team thanks to a stellar arm and timely hitting. stephen strasburg entered at 12- 0. i'll get to his pitching in a moment. but first, look
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sacrificing himself. espinosa brings himself home for the lead. still same inning with another run packed on. michael taylor comes to the dish. blasts one 397 feet bringing strasburg home. 7th of the year. nats with the commanding 5-1 lead. he already left at 8th inning but a stellar performance. 1 run, 3 hits with 6 strikeouts. stras becomes the first national league pitcher since 1912 to start the season 13-0. it's a big risk but one apparently worth taking. kirk cousins and the burgundy and gold failed to degree to a deal by the deadline which means he'll have to settle for the $19.9 million franchise tag. yes, that's so bad. but he's gambling on himself. they are risking him walking away next season if he has a great year. here's a good note on cousins. he set a few season records
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last season with a 68% completion percentage and led them to a division title. however, he has zero wins against a team with a winning record. kind of key. it will be fun to see how this season unfolds. second round of the open championships. the french flags flying at half mass on a rainy day in scotland. phil mickelson on still top of the leaderboard at 10 under. this one shows a little spin. look! so good! he just can't get the brakes during this tournament. almost a whole in one -- hole in one. finished with a solid 69. 10 under. rory mcilroy at 2 under and jordan spieth into the weekend at 4 over. >> i really enjoy the challenge that this weather and elements provide. and it was -- i thought it was a good round to back up the -- the low round yesterday. i played
11:27 pm
golf again. i made one or two bad swings that led to bogeys. but for the most part, you know, kept the ball in play. >> that's what everybody was thinking. after the 63 yesterday, what would he have done today? then it gets in your head you feel the pressure. but stress free like he said. interesting weekend. lots of movement on the leaderboard. >> the weather looks so
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more than 16 million people have watched a mom in new jersey hunt for glasses of wine in her yard. >> no, this isn't a housewives new show. she says her kids wanted her to join them in playing pokemon go. she said, all right. only if there's wine involved! this inspired her game called chardonnay go. >> there's a glass close to my e
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let's chardonnay go! let's find it! >> we called a couple neighbors. i said, can i beat you up in front of a tree? she said, yeah! [ girls screaming ] [ laughter ] >> how about, i shouldn't have eaten that last cheesestick go? and where's that smell coming from go? >> we can play that here. >> funny. >> just saying. >> so what do you have for us? >> we have to go.
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>> stephen: i'm telling you, the mallow mar is a seasonal cookie. >> hi, steve. >> stephen: what's up? i want to talk about the convention. >> stephen: i really want to talk about that. >> do you actually want to go? >> stephen: hello very important celebrity. now's a fine time to talk. >> c'mon, stephen, you're talking to your hand. >> stephen: hold on. am i? >> hello. who is this? i'm talking to stephen. bling-bling. hold on. getting another call. oh, mr. president! what's up? of course now's a good time. hold on. got to go! >> what up, man? click!


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