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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  July 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we expect any violence? >> i hope not. i hope not. baton rouge and dallas was enough. please -- no -- no more violence. >> calls for calm in baltimore after a fourth police officer charged in the death of freddie gray is found not guilty, good afternoon. i'm andrea roane. scott broom is live --
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live from baltimore with more from today's verdict and the public's reaction all charges not guilty. scott? >> reporter: that is true. and the reactions have been calm so far. not a lot of protestors out here, the prosecution in these freddie gray prosecutions is now zero for four after the verdict today for lieutenant brian rice. age 42. he is the most senior officer involved in the arrest of freddie gray. not guilty on all the charges including involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment and misconduct in office and all on and on. williams said a mistake or an error in judgment by lieutenant brian rice and the other officers in this case does not rise to a criminal offense. here are some of the reactions outside the courthouse this morning from both members of the public and attorneys who were observing. >> but these cops killing our children and you see it? you see it and you still say they innocent. really? what the hell is
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on? >> it's clearly here. the judge over and over and over again indicated that the state had not presented evidence in support of these charges. >> there's nobody that knows the law better than a judge and a judge has the ability to keep the emotion out of it and apply the law to the facts that received into evidence. >> reporter: miss mosley again had the courage to charge -- so the city said okay, let's give justice -- let's give the system. not justice, let's give the system a chance. and the system has failed them i don't know what to expect. >> reporter: that gentleman is just one of the few protestors who were out here this morning. the question now is whether or not the prosecution here marilyn mosby is going to continue on with the next two officers to be tried. officer garrett miller and sergeant alicia white. there have been calls from particularly legal experts here in baltimore that at this
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after going 0-4. marilyn mosby the prosecutor should seriously consider giving up on the roast of the cases -- rest of the cases but she's under a gag order right now. we have not been able to discuss with her about what the plans nay be going forward. again lieutenant brian rice the most senior officer here in baltimore, who was supervising the arrest of freddie gray before he died, not guilty on all charges. the streets of baltimore are calm right now. reporting live in baltimore, scott broom, wusa9. >> thank you scott. and response to the verdict spread like wildfire on social media. divine calamity tweeted once again, justice is served. once again, marilyn mosby looks like the fool she is, 0-4. laura tweeted i knew it. no one is going to be held responsible for freddie gray's death at all. investigators in baton rouge, louisiana are trying to determine what motivated a black former marine sergeant from missouri to open fire on police officers killing
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and wounding three others. chris martinez has the latest from baton rouge. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: a police chaplain put up crosses. >> in the house of the lord forever. >> reporter: and read striptures near the -- scrimtures near baton -- scriptures near the baton rouge gas station. >> just too much violence. community all torn up. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: the shooting began when officers responded to a call about an armed man dressed in black. >> shots fired officer down. >> reporter: police say former marine gavin long was targeting police. he died in a shootout with officers. three officers from two different departments were killed and 45-year-old father of four brad garafola and 41- year-old former marine matthew gerald and 32-year-old montrell jackson who had just become a father. three other officers went to the hospital. one this critical condition. this city has been on edge for nearly two weeks after police shot and killed a black man during a struggle. another police shooting
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five dallas police officers has added to tensions across the nation. >> we are going to have to do better in terms of our dialogue but we can't pretend that's going to be enough. we need new law enforcement strategies. >> reporter: cbs news has learned long was part of a group that believed government and law enforcement do not have any authority. he frequently posted videos online. >> i thought my own thoughts. i made my own decisions. i'm the one who got to listen to the judgment. >> reporter: long carried out the attack on his 29th birthday. chris martinez, cbs news, baton rouge. >> we can soon learn the identity of the pedestrian who was struck and killed in prince george's county overnight. a car struck the person in the westbound lanes off suitland parkway at nailer road. it was closed almost five hours during the investigation this morning. so far, investigators have not said anything about the hit and run driver. donald trump's coronation as the presidential nominee for the gop officially gets
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underway today in cleveland. kenneth craig is at the quicken loans arena in cleveland with what you can expect from the first day of the republican national convention. >> reporter: day one of the republican national convention kicks off today. >> this is a real opportunity to just control the dialogue and control the narrative. and -- and to spend your message. >> reporter: today's message is all about national security and immigration. but the overreaching goal throughout the campaign will be to soften trump's image and introduce vice presidential candidate mike pence. trump told "60 minutes" he selected pence to help bring republicans together. >> and now they're saying what a great pick. you see the kind of reaction. he has helped bring the party together. >> reporter: many political pundits describe the chemistry between trump and pence as awkward. but senator john boraso who worked with pence in congress said the differences will work well together. >> donald trump's peach are you know lofty and big picture but mike is guy that can dig into
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den. >> reporter: presidential nominees typically don't appear at the convention until the last day but donald trump isn't your typical candidate. he plans to take this stage tonight to introduce his wife when she speaks. >> she came into the country. she gained legal status as the expression goes. and she's the terrific person. and a terrific woman. and she is going to -- i bet she gives a great speech. >> reporter: the rest of the lineup includes politicians, the star of "duck dynasty" and former teen heartthrob scott baio. kenneth craig, cbs news, cleveland. >> stephanie ramirez and garrett haake are both in cleveland for the republican national convention and they will report all week long right here on wusa9 news. less than 300 miles away from cleveland, the presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton is in cincinnati. today she's speaking to the naacp. trump declined an invitation to speak ci
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scheduling conflicts. secretary clinton will announce hennr ruing mate at the end of this week. but the clinton e-mail story is not going away. today a judge will hear a request from the group judicial watch to compel clinton to be deposed in a freedom of information act lawsuit over the e-mails. all right, well it's a little hot out here that's for sure but that's a nice breeze that's making it feel somewhat nice. it's going on the scorcher today and we're headed to the mid- to upper 90s. so it's already 90 degrees and instead this morning haywire going to be at 90 before noon and here we are. winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour and it's the dew point though that's making it feel rather uncomfortable. it's going to feel about 100 this afternoon. we'll go through that coming up. now temperatures around the region upper 80s and low 90s. but look what we're going to top out this afternoon. into the mid- to upper 90s. but only the low 90s along the 81 corridor because showers and thunderstorms will m
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futurecast. so we are seeing this line of storms head our way but as its makes its way closer to our area, it starts the break apart a little bit. have the app with you and you can track the storms along with us and we'll update you if needed. but i'll be back to tell what you to expect for the ride home late tonight coming up in just a little bit. thanks allyson. coming up hear who some who visited a monument have to say about the string of fatal shootings. >> but first, find out why people hurled insults and boos following a moment of silence for the people killed in that terrorist attack in nice.
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french prime minister was booed on this morning following a moment of silence to remember the victims of last weekend's attack in nice. he was not welcomed by the thousands of people who amassed on the waterfront promenade with the bastille day attack happened thursday. tunisia born moe high school ed
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drove his truck through the street. in of the 84 dead and 308 injured were children. americans in tore key are being warned to stay away from the american consulate in istanbul after friday night. the state run news agency says the interior ministry has fired nearly 9,000 government employees implicated in the attempted coup and at least 6,000 people are already in custody and more arrests are expected. after tanks rode through istanbul friday night. the president erdogan surged the supporters to rise up and they did and the coup was turned back. nearly 300 people died in the clashes that followed. allyson is up next with the forecast and we're in for a hot week with one exception. >> and today, people
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today, people here in washington are reflecting on the lives of those three baton rouge police officers who were shot and killed in louisiana yesterday. the news comes just over a week after the shooting deaths of five police officers in dallas. mikea turner was at the national law enforcement officers' memorial today where people showed up to pay respects for all of the lives lost. >> reporter: the tragedy in baton rouge is being felt by those here at home. here at the memorial. flowers, candles and warm notes and even pictures of some of the officers who lost their lives. gently placed at the top of this growing makeshift memorial lies a picture of baton rouge police officer montrell jackson holding his 4-month-old son. a family photo of officer matthew gerald a former marine lies next to it.
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father of four was the third victim in the baton rouge shooting. hearts are heavy today at the memorial. >> we're here to pay our respects. >> reporter: kenneth and his son are in town from new jersey and they came to the memorial to find the name of the family friend who was an officer killed in the line of duty in california. but while here, they couldn't help but too reflect on the lives of officers killed in dallas and louisiana. >> definitely a lack of respect for people in general. doesn't matter if they're in law enforcement or not. >> reporter: others like grant took time to reflect on the loss. >> i feel sorry for the families. >> reporter: jackson and five others were ambushed by 29-year- old marine veteran gavin long and it happened just before account a.m. sunday -- 9:00 a.m. sunday. long shot six officers. >> i feel sorry for anyone that loved them and i feel sorry for them. any lives lost is a shame. >> reporter: reporting from the district, mikea turner, wusa9. >> theol
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baton rouge were a major discussion issue at meeting of the national organization of black law enforcement. they were in d.c. meeting over the weekend. leaders at the noble conference are shocked and saddened at the loss of life in baton rouge. lee nelson is president of d.c.'s noble chapter and 'she worried about the future. >> you have to wonder whether this is going to be a weekly occurrence. every time one of these events happens, are we going to witness this over and over again? when these types of events happen, it's very divisive. >> nelson and others say they're hoping and praying for a solution. and we're continuing to follow this story and you can too by downloading our wusa9 app. there will you can get breaking news alerts and live updates. it didn't need to go that far. according to the head of the university of maryland police. today, we expect to see police video of the party that was broken up with pepper spray. police got a call for a fight at
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turns out there was no fight. but university police still used pepper pray to clear -- spray to clear the party and that's when the complaints started against the officers. later, they realized the 911 call was bogus and it came from people who were turned away from the party and they may now face criminal charges. charges may be pending for the host of the underaged drinking party where an adult drowned. diego padilla was part of a house party in maryland. party guests performed cpr on the 25-year-old but he was dead at the hospital. police charged 11 party attendees with underaged drinking and two brothers who live in the house and hosted the party may also face charges. topping today's health alert. many elderly people may not be taking their prescribed medications correctly. researchers from belgium looked at about 500 adults over age 80 and found more than half were underusing or misusing maryland sins
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between underusing essential medication and an increased risk of dying or hospitalization. kids exposed to virtual vie slyness and tv moves or gaming could be more aggressive violent or fearful. that's according to the american academy of pediatrics. it suggests parents use games and movies with their children make a media plan for the family and protect children under age 6 from all violent media. and a new report suggests your child should learn about the birds and bees from their pediatrician. the american academy of pediatrics conducted the study. the aap says pediatricians and parents should work together to educate young patients about sex. experts believe sex education is effective in preventing and reducing the risk of teen pregnancy and stds. >> we want to make sure that whatever issues they're dealing with, they have an open forum to talk about those issues. >> experts say
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pregnancies and births have been decreasing since 1991 the u.s. continues the lead industrialized countries with the highest rate of adolescent pregnancies. food and supplies around the way -- are on the way@crew aboard the international space station. the falcon 9 rocket liftoff very early this morning from florida. it's ferrying supplies to the international space station. and this spacecraft is also carrying an international docking adapter. which is part of the setup nasa needs for its new crew capsules set to debut next year. and the reusable rocket booster returned to earth without any problems. how to get it perfectly aligned. >> exactly. >> adapting things to use other -- >> the transfers and all of that going on. millions of miles above the ground here. looking at your picture earlier, outside, beautiful hibiscus behind yo
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the heat as much as other folks do. but i mean it's summer out there. and it's really nothing shocking. it's uncomfortable. of course. but that's why we've got the ac cranked up and -- >> that's why we have this little break from mother nature coming up. >> yeah we do. we usually don't see big temperature swings like this in the late july. but that's exactly what we're going to see. it's a short -- swing. but we're going to take it. see a little relief here midweek and enjoy it because tie the time we head to the -- by the time we head to the weekend, it's going to be one of the hottest days we've seen not son-in-law this year but since 2012. thed 0 degrees rye -- 90 degrees right now and feels about 101. the temperatures earlier and we were in the 90s across the board. now factor in the humidity and this is the heat index. the temperature of your body actually feels when you step outside. it's pretty humid. 9 will for martinsburg and into the 80s for winchester but 101 for d.c. and waldorf at 105. take it easy and drink plenty of water and run or
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later on in the night is when to do it. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for areas to the north and severe weather today is possible through areas through northern maryland but the better chances are where the watch is in pennsylvania. what we're seeing is a line of storms starting to break apart and lose its intensity but through the maryland band handle some winds and gusty winds. it is shedded to hancock within the next couple of hours. we are having the slight risk category for the maryland panhandle but once it makes its way east of 81, starts to be just on the order of showers. this is nothing out of the ordinary for summertime activity. seeing these storms get some gusty winds with them. yeah we're always going to see that. so this is 3:30 and i really think this may even overdo it just a little bit. this is 3:30 some strong downpours for hagerstown and martinsburg then continue to weaken a little bit as they approach the 95 corridor, this is 5:30. the drive them but they're just going to be showers out e.
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computer models, then we'll have to issue the yellow weather alert. stay tuned if we do issue that, we'll alert you on our app so you know that on the drive home. it will be a little bit dicier, by 10:00 tonight, some showers kind of linger and that will be the trend overnight. tomorrow, big changes are headed our way for midweek. and it comes with a cold front first that will see some afternoon storms and maybe just pretty isolated in areas south of d.c. have a better chance tomorrow. temperatures at 91 for tomorrow. so still hot but that's an improvement from today. 96 now today it's the hottest day of the workweek. yeah. we still have the weekend to go through. 87 degrees on wednesday. and it will be so gorgeous and so delightful to have the humidity that low. that's the game to head out to nats park if you can. 91 by thursday and then by saturday 100 degrees is in the forecast right now. that could change but that will be your hottest day and first 100-degree day since 2
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, we are live in cleveland as the republican national convention kicks off. garrett haake will have the latest on security there in the wake of officers shot? baton rouge. plus, reaction out of baltimore affluent brian rice is found -- after lieutenant brian rice is found not guilty in the charges in the death of freddie gray. wednesday and thursday look pretty comfortable. now today the line of storms i think is going to break apart and just some showers this afternoon but if it holdings together we'll issue that yellow weather alert. your drive home might be delayed a little bit if you decide to kind of avoid some of the storms. >> all right. crank up the ac. drink a lot of water that's the best thing. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. of course we'll be
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and we're always on on the mobile app. have a great day and we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> adam: i think we should probably get up, huh? >> chelsea: no. no. [ sighs ] it we don't move and don't think, maybe we can just... stay like this forever. >> adam: i'd love that. of course, the little guy in the next room might have something to say about that, right? >> chelsea: this can't be happening. this can't be happening. this is not how it's supposed to be. we've come too far. we did everything right. you're innocent. we deserve our happy ending. and now... >> adam: this plea bargain, babe, it's our best hope. >> chelsea: our best hope was yesterday. before victor broke his promise. i mean, how could he do that to you? how could he do that to us? i mean, we have so many plans. we have...


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