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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the campaign is doubling down. garrett haake, this has spun a second life in the second day of the convention. >> reporter: yeah, it's a story that keeps going on, which is not something the trump campaign wanted. they have been caught flat footed. melania said in an interview she had written the speech late last night the campaign issued a statement talking about speech writers but they never mentioned the idea there might be plagiarism. the trump campaign talked about how to respond. donald trump's arrival in cleveland set the stage for the most anticipated speechm melania trump introducing her husband to the world in her own words. >> he is tough when he has to be, but he is also kind and father and caring. >> reporter: the news spread that not all the words
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two small passages wore rowing from michelle obama's 2008 convention speech. one section read by both women. >> because we want our children to know that the only limit to the height of your achievement is reach the dreams. >> i would lake to know who helped her with her speech. >> reporter: the chairman offering spin and counter attack. >> it's an example of when hilary clinton is threatened by a female she tries to destroy the person. >> i think that's media. they are going to parse a 1500 word speech and pull out 22 words that sounded like what obama gave. >> there are only so many ways to ex-pows yourself
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spouse. >> reporter: presidential campaign veterans like former rubio communications director see troubling signs in a mistake he says should have been caught. >> it's very easy to check to see if a speech resembles another speech, any convention that should be standard operating procedure before the speaker gets on the stage. that didn't happen here. that worries me as a communicator about the competency of the campaign. >> reporter: tonight, two of trump's children are scheduled to speak, his oldest son and youngest daughter. campaign staff are pouring over remarks with a fine tooth comb. garrett haake, wusa9. . a lot of people have opinions on the alleged plagiarism. >> on the wusa9 facebook page physician a freshman student turned in a paperer with this kind of plagiarism, she would be in trouble. natalie saying, i liked her
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wagging tongues. there is lots of discussion happening on facebook, it is growing and growing. join the conversation any time. did ptsd lead an iraq war vet to kill his adopted 3-year- old son. that's what a lawyer for division chief argued in montgomery circuit court. defense attorneys are trying to convince the judge to ease o'calihan's sentence but it didn't work. >> reporter: we don't know if it's going to work. i walked down from the courtroom here and brian was actually talking to the judge offering a final plea for mercy here. his tones are asking for a -- attorneys are asking for a significant departure, 12-20 years in prison. the prosecutors say there is not even any evidence that this had anything to do
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they are asking for the max, 40 years for child abuse resulting in death. brian o'calihan was there in the first days of the iraq invasion, helped in the rescue of private jessica lynch, served as a translateer in combat. he came back a damaged man. co-workers at the national security agency testified one after another telling the judge he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. one co-worker told the judge something must have snapped when o'calihan beat his 3-year- old adopted son to death. the medical examiner found he suffered multiple impacts to the head. o'calihan's wife went quietly throughout the hearing, defense expert testified, the marine court vet had to be heavily medicated and contemplated suicide. the neuro
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explosiveness and irritability would have made him frustration intolerant and would have never recommended he adopt a special needs child. >> low level degree of irritability, suddenly explodes. >> reporter: advocates say what is missing in this hear is a voice for h u.n. su. if he suffered from ptsd, catholic charities should never have let him adopt the boy. >> this isn't okay. this isn't okay what happened, someone needs to be held accountable and changes within the adoption system. >> reporter: his lawyers admitted he lied to catholic charities. he told catholic charities he didn't have a mental disorder and stopped taking these heavy duty
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pass the blood test. the judge is planning to wrap up sometime tonight, we expect a sentence and will let you know what it is as soon as we get it. a navy official pointed a gun at three men on a public street in front of the man's home. it happened a month ago. the the man was arrested in june, all of the charges and everything went away. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox is is there with the new charges. you are in fairfax county with reaction and another exclusive interview with the victim. >> reporter: i can tell you these young men threatened by the navy official are relieved he is facing charges. today two fairfax county detectives served -- with three misdemeanor charges of brandishing a firearm, one for three
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26 year old tiler steel and two other young men left a barbecue at a friend's house when he threatened them with a gun on june 11th. >> he put me and my friends lives in danger. it was insanely scary. >> reporter: you pulled your phone out and started videotaping. why? >> because i knew what he was doing was wrong. >> reporter: the deputy assistant secretary for the environment was put on paid administrative leave on july 7th, after wusa9 showed the video of the incident. after he was served the summons today we tried to speak to him, he did not answer the door. the other two men with tyler steel were eric hoil and meryl shopping all three say none of them threatened him o hand seian, the mother thinks it shouldn't have taken so long for the charges. >> this should be an easy job for the police
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routine work. it's a shame politics was getting in the police's way. >> reporter: you believe that's what happened. >> it seems that way, because it was such a delay until you got ahold of the video, nothing really happened. >> we are all human beings and make mistakes. i don't wish anything bad against the guy. hopefully he learns he can't pull out his gun on people. >> reporter: since he was given the summons at his house, his first court appearance will be for his trial on the brandishing charges, three misdemeanors, carrying a penalty of one year in jail. peggy fox, wusa9. because the charges are only misdemeanors, he can keep the weapons only felonies require you to turnover your gun. scary moments for a dollar tree worker as a gunman ties her up, ties up her hands before looting the safe on july 5th on east jefferson in rockville, montgomery county li
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video the crook tied the clerk's wrists at gunpoint before emptying the safe. if this man looks familiar, police want to hear from you. authorities in baton rouge believe the cop killer gavin long was in town for days leading up to the ambush and tracing steps to determine if he had help. the community is coming together in the wake of the attack that left 3 officers dead and three others wounded. see messages such as back the blue and cop lives matter on store signs and in yards. >> everybody needs to come together and learn that just because one person does one thing doesn't mean everybody is like that. >> more than a dozen community vigils and church services are planned, two of the wounded officers released from the hospital, deputy nicholas remains in critical condition. his fellow officers are asking for prayers. a small group of
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national cemetery set up a picket line to protest for better pay and sick leave. >> they are hoping their employer delaware based green leaf services and davey tree expert company will have a change of heart -- after months of negotiating. mario explains how the low pay is making it harder to provide for his family. >> everything goes up, the rent, groceries, my wage stays stagnant. >> in a statement green leaf says it can't comment on on going negotiations but will engage in good faith negotiations with the union. sky 9 captured the scene of a hit and run in fairfax county. this is prosperity and crest view drive near fairfax hospital. the cops brought out the unit to find the suspect. no word on how the victim is
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volkswagen for installing devices on vehicles designed to cheat emissions tests. maryland joins new york and massachusetts which filed suit. seeks $25,000 for each day of each violation of state law. at issue are certain 2011 to 2015 vox wag going aud diand porsche vehicles. they are in discussions with federal and state authorities. you can send a letter anywhere in the country for $0.47, but today a space theme staff is honored -- stamp is honored for traveling the furthest distance ever. a 1991 pluto not yet explored stamp hitched a ride on the new horizon ship on a 3 billion- mile trek to pluto. the rocket launched in 2006, made to it pluto a year agos stamp earned its place in the biness book of world re -- guinness book
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get ready, dangerous heat is rolling in, 97 friday, 98 saturday, 100 by monday. we will talk about the possibility of records falling and what that translates in to heat indices. prominent african american law enforcement officers are here in dc, how they are handling policing in the wake of dallas and baton rouge. the next step in the big maintenance plan as big changes are coming for tomorrow. metro tries to get the ac back on at 2 stations. even tougher heat conditio
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variety and other outlets are reporting roger ails is out of the fox news network. this month, former fox anchor, gretchen carlson filed a lawsuit alleging he sexually harassed her and new york magazine reported fox reporter, meagan kelly accused him of sexually harassing her 10 years ago. more people are riding virginia railway education press than ever. more than -- express than ever. more than 100,000 trips taken last week. vre attributing the ridership to metro's safe track program, thth surges 3 and 4 impacted e blue and yellow lines which parallel the lines. that brings us to surge number five for metro, starts tomorrow. there are not more scheduled line shutdowns until mid october. this one might feel like it. surge five impacts the orange and silver lines, basically a
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days, continuous single tracking between fallston and east falls church. orange and silver lines will be running once every 18 minutes. metro expects trains to be very crowded, pack your patience or just skip metro all together which is what they want. it will make it easier for everybody else, more cars on the road but lit get fixed. sticky, uncomfortable, some metro stations are hotter than normal. >> really hot. two stations don't have the necessary system that cools the air. a fix is coming. >> reporter: it's a hot one at did you pont circle, not much cooler down there, that's because there is no air- conditioning. relief can't come soon enough. 91 degrees, that's what our thermometer says inside du
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circle station. to berral, it feels like -- >> 110. >> reporter: did you pont circumstance and will fairgate north are without air- conditioning. it's only 2 degrees warmer aboveground. this thinks sem is supposed -- this system is supposed to keep the temperature five degrees cooler than outside. >> it's pretty sticky. i noticed it coming down, going up the escalator when i got off here. come on, have a train come through so there is a breeze. >> reporter: metro is working on a fix. metro says it has called in a contractor to resolve the issue as soon as possible. >> i hope they start to fix some of the problems, this would be a good one to start with. >> reporter: the biggest problem is a broken 40-year old pipe but back e
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up metro property, making the fix a lot tougher and a lot slower. >> in a statement metro has apologized for the inconvenience. it's going to feel really tough if they don't get a handle on this really quick. >> if it's uncomfortable now i can't imagine by monday how uncomfortable it's going to be. >> we are looking at a beautiful day tomorrow. nicest day of the week, low humidity, comfortably warm. thursday will be okay. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. i went from 90 to 89, i will be okay. i may have missed a bulls eye today. we are 53 the last 55 days. live look outside, nice out. thunderstorms off to the south and west of us, 89,
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that's comfortable, humidity 43%. that's barable, winds north at 7. big storm between 3, 4,, 5, culpepper, warnings out with those. culpepper, good storms, sperryville and culpepper. heavy rains, moving almost southeast, almost south, southeast, heading towards granite springs on the storm tracker. probably missing stafford or fredericksburg, going to the south. early thunderstorm south, that's it. beautiful tomorrow, almost hot thursday but barable, dangerous heat rolls in friday. heat index 103 to 111. let's get to the graphic. 97 friday. 98 saturday. 99 sunday. 100 on monday. in terms of records, the record high on
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102, probably safe on saturdays. 101 is going to be in jeopardy on sunday. 100 on monday. in terms of being out in the heat this, is what you have to worry about. the numbers in red. the heat index. 103 on friday, 108 saturday, 111 sunday. if we make it to 111, to 109, we will in in a heat warning as opposed to a heat advisory. average high is only 89. future cast tonight 10:00, temperatures in the 70s. 73 gaithersburg. 79 downtown. by morning, 60s, 65 in frederick. 71 or so in silver spring and buoy. not a bad start. by 8:30, temperatures low to mid-70s, pretty nice. in to the 1:00 hour, 82 hagerstown, comfortably warm for the mountains to the coast. by 6:00 m.
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manassas, 85 in dale city. let's talk about the day planner, 70 to start, low 70s this time, 81 by 11 and 83 by 1:00. not bad compared to what is coming our way. thursday isolated thunderstorm, 90. 97, isolated storm. next 7 days, 98 friday. 99 sunday. 100 on monday. still 93 on tuesday. the only form of relief, isolated afternoon thunderstorms. >> we got sad news to pass along for long time red skins fans, the team confirm the man who generations of fans knew as chief z, has died. williams dressed up in native american costumes in the 70s, he continued to wear the head dress for decades, cheering on the burgundy and gold. he entertained fans in th
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appearances across the region. when his health deter rated he started using a scooter that dan schneider purchased for him. in 2000, voted the biggest red skin fan by the pro football hall of fame. prayers for his family tonight. straight ahead, slip sliding away. what happened when this ride down a water slide did not go as planned. the feds look in to fiat chrysler sales records and uber drivers and riders get a benefit from a major milestone. stick with us for our consumer alert up next.
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trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor about... all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing behaviors. a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor about trumenba.
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this guy is recovering after slipping off the slide and falling on to a rocky cliff. this is austin texas and away he goes. davis salmon, he wasn't going upstream and posted the to facebook and broke his arm, fractured ribs and got cuts all over his body. he didn't need surgery so that's good news. i guess
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okay. moving on. in consumer alert , the feds are investigating fiat to see whether the company broke the law, the auto maker is accused of paying dealers to file fake sales reports. all of it to inflate the bottom line. it is cooperating with the securities and exchange commission and the justice department. the u.s. will not meet fuel economy targets for cars and trucks by 2025, according to a government report, it's not because auto makers are not working hard to reach the goal. blame it on lower gas prices and people buying cars that are not fuel efficient. fleets will average under 54.5 miles per gallon, consumer groups want the feds to force the company to meet those new standards. uber reached the 2 billionth ride with 147 trip os curing at the same time in 16 countries. uber is rewarding
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with $450 each rideler get $450 in free trips. a california couple is coming forward to claim their nearly $529 million share of a power ball jackpot from back in january. $1.6billion. >> they committed nearly all winnings to a trust and charities. they are not going to go out and blow it. distilleries try to keep up with a huge demand for bourbon. a prince georges county man drag as police officer for more than a football field after a traffic stop, the 911 tape and we will hear from the suspect's family when we come back. after the break, officers are here in dc, hear their thoughts about policing in the wake of
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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bruce johnson sat down with the leadership of noble, bruce is here to tell us how the group plans to make a difference. >> you are encouraged after sitting down with this group, really sharp, they have this like a laser, they know what is going on. national original says
5:31 pm
law enforcement executives. talking about 3000 chiefs assistant chiefs, commanders and more rs gathered at the marriott hotel in northwest, washington, the annual conference, comes on the heels of police officers ambushed and shot dead in baton rouge and dallas, two black men caught on video as they are shot dead by police officers, under circumstances, investigated by the u.s. justice department. the chief i talked with say they see events as a call to action for them. >> there are millions of police contacts, with people of different colors that don't result in injury, death or violence. >> people don't understand their own biases if they don't understand the culture of the population that they are policing. >> as leaders we want to make sure we get rid of individuals on the police department themselves, that are prone to
5:32 pm
cause problems. we don't want them around. >> what kind of conversations are you having? >> what to expect, what your rights are. at the same time, we have the discussion about respecting authority. i make sure that they are educated about the history of policing and why everyone is so upset. >> we will have a full report in the local news at 7:00 on wusa9. these police chiefs very candid in talking about black lives matter, a code of silence that exists among police officers and the different kinds of policeing that takes place on the streets and how their organization in a unique position to become a bridge between police and minority communities. >> they are straddling the line, really, they are both african americans and police. >> absolutely rights. they are committed to community policing, too. that's importance. if you are not doing it, you need to
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update to a story we brought you earlier. bruce was reporting on brian o'calihan that admitted to hurling his 3-year-old son across the room and ill canning him. he is sentenced to 12 years in prison. the man faced up to 40 years after pleading guilty in that child abuse death. a prince georges county police officer is recovering after a year, the theme dragged more than 100 yards by a suspect who was trying to question him. the suspect appeared in court. >> defendant's family was there for the hearing. the evidence says otherwise. here is what happened. police got an anonymous trip about a drug house in district heights. michael was monitoring the house and saw danny parked in a car nearby.
5:34 pm
car, smelled marijuana and asked harvel to step outside. instead he reached towards the backseat and the officer reached through the window, thinking he might have a weapon. >> the defendant put the car in gear and took off. >> reporter: with the officer caught in the seat belt, he drove 100 yards before crashing in to a tree. the car rolled over onto the officer and came to rest in somebody's front yard. the suspect took off. the officer broke his leg and had to have surgery. >> his leg is healed, he is back to full duty but dealing with nerve damage and back pain that's a result of the assault. >> the officer was there in court today, before this incident, the suspect had been charged with the intent to distribute marijuana and sentenced on all counts for the end of august. maryland state police dedicating a bridge honoring joseph mattingly, he died in a
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investigation revealed he was heading westbound on bradley near the 495 overpass when he lost control of his car and hit a tree. before his death, he served on montgomery county police force for 28 years, his mother was there for today's dedication. it's kind of sweet but kind of sad because it brings back so many memories. it is wonderful to have the recognition. >> aside from the bridge, there is a scholarship fund set up in his honor. police identified the bodies of two men that died in separate water incident. >> the body of alexis allen was found yesterday while he was fishing, knee where he was fishing at the water front pack, officers warned the 33 year old district height's man about going out there alone due to the wa
5:36 pm
saturday. a man died after jumping off of a boat to grab his fishing pole. maryland natural resources police tweeted they recovered his body. the international olympic committee is exploring legal options after the troubling report on russia's state directed doping scandal. options could include banning all russian athletes, another scenario could involve pursuing action against individuals in the scandal. a ghost busters actress quits twitter. lap
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leslie jones is leaving twitter after she
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by racist trolls. >> one of the stars of the ghost busters movie. on monday she started retweeting the racist tweets she has been getting since the movie opened. we won't share them here, they are ridiculous. so bad b jones tweeted she feels like she is this a personal hell saying she didn't do anything to deserve it. the ghost busters director started the hash tag, love for leslie j, people are using to show love and respect for the actress. sister of the duchess of came bridge will marry hedge fund manager james matthew sometime next year. kate and her husband, prince williams, say they are absolutely delighted by the news. making the rounds on facebook, michael jay fox. >> he is battling parkinson's disease, he joined cold play for two songs for back
5:41 pm
future. >> i guess it wasn't just an act in the movie. the segment started after a video request from lead singer chris martin's son. car pool karaoke, a must see tv for fans of james corden. >> tomorrow night is anotherren stallment. >> i hear you are -- do you want to go for a spin. >> all right. it's all tomorrow night at 12:30 on the late-late show. >> go around in the circle? i'm shower they didn't let her t.
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grounds. strait ahead, celebrating pokimon in fairfax, one virginia campus warned students after a robbery. a familiar face to baseball fans in the area this past weekend. he
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be aware of your surroundings. look up, people. the warning comes after a gamer was robbed by two men this morning. up with of the crooks grabbed the victim's phone and took off, shocking. the victim was in an on campus park where students had been playing the new pokimon game. speaking of pokimon, fairfax is embracing it and celebrating it. too many the county is hosting a pekethon for 12 hours. runs from 10 until 10 at night at the government center, which apparently is a pokey-gem and a stop, there will be trainer workshops and food trucks. someone will decode that for us tomorrow. if you are
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else. >> like cocktails, there is a bourbon boom. >> some distilleries are having trouble making a enough of it. >> kentucky is in the middle of a bourbon boom. >> 20 years ago we weren't that busy, we are busy today. >> this is where the process starts. >> reporter: chris morris is the master distiller, one of many companies experiencing skyrocketing sales. >> we are in over 40 different countries. resurgence of cocktails led to a 315% spike in kentucky bourbon pro desk since 99. the industry is struggling to keep up. whiskeys need a few years to age and distilleries did not anticipate the demand. the buffalo trace is suffering from a shortage. the high end brands need 20 years to
5:47 pm
>> bourbons that we are enjoying today were the bourbons made a generation before. >> reporter: because of that, there is not enough pappy to meet the demands. on line liquor stores are reselling bottles for 10 times the retail value. >> we believe that the demand for bourbon is not going away. >> many distilleries are expanding. buffalo trace expects to double capacity within the next 8 years and woodford reserve finished a large expansion project. that should help quench the global thirst for bourbon. don champ champion, frank fort kentucky. >> tourism is up as more people visit the trail and farmers have doubled the growth of corn and rye, used to make bourbon.
5:48 pm
. i'm not manly enough to drink bourbon. i don't drink it. ed i would concentrate on tomorrow, the sweet day , the best in show. let's start with a live look outside, our live weather cam. today was nice. couple of thunderstorms to the south, 89, dew points in the mid-60s. humidity 43%. that's not too bad, winds knot at 7. hear is our first alert doppler. very quiet in the metro. shan do dowa and south -- shenandoah and south moving in. moving to the south and east, going to move towards leon at 6:27. weakening as it moves towards you. not a huge deal. not severe. early storms, south
5:49 pm
that's it. too many, beautiful, almost hot on thursday, still comfortable. then, boom, dangerous heat, friday, saturday, sunday and monday, temperatures 97 to 100. those are the temperatures, heat index 103 to 111. we will see advisories if not excessive heat warnings over the weekend. thursday, cops concentrate on the numbers in red. 103 friday, 108 saturday. 111 on monday. those could change degree or two, depending on how hot it gets, if it gets to 100 subside and how dry the atmosphere is. heat indices 110 late in the weekend. average high is 89. 10:00, temperatures in the 70s. 78 downtown. 72 in rockville and gaithersburg, 73 silver springs. by morning, comfortable, 60s
5:50 pm
the burbs. 68 dale city and wood bridge. 67 sterling. 8:30 or 9:00, back in the 70s. hanging onto the 60s towards cumberland and romney. a beautiful day from the mountains to the coast until we get to 1:00, showers are possible along the coast for the delmarva bethany and ocean city, in town, great, low to mid-80s, sunshine, by 6:00, 24 hours from now, 82 gaithersburg and 83 in silver springs and 84 buoy and downtown. by 9:00 back in the 70s. for tonight, early thunderstorms south, clear and comfortable, low 66 to 74, winds becoming east, northeast, at 10. on the day planner, low 70s to start downtown, mid-70s by 9:00, only 81 by 11. 83 with sunshine by 1:00 p.m. thursday we are okay, almost hot, 90. upper
5:51 pm
isolated storm, yellow weather alert for friday to get ready for the heat. saturday 98. sunday 99. each day 100 on monday, 93 on tuesday. the only form of relief afternoon, isolated thunderstorms, nats in town through sunday and nats on 9 sunday as well. nationals play the first game after the 18 inning throes the pirates sunday. a pinch hit at bat to tie the game in the 9th. will he be healthy enough to play tonight? more on murphy on tonight's inside pitch. >> nationals fan and those inside the organization held collective breath when murphy didn't start at
5:52 pm
pittsburgh because of a nagging happened spring injury. on sunday murphy with a dramatic the out, 2 strike pitch to send the game in to extra innings. what murphy does, been the hero all season long. he leads the nats in several statistical categories and a legitimate mvp candidate not for the team but the national league. murphy expected to be back in the starting line up when the fist face nats get the second place dodgers at nats park. as for the orioles, a man provided big moments for them has long since lived from the headlines. he tested positive for steroids in 2005 ending his 19-year career. he said the result came from a tainted b vitamin sample. we caught up wi
5:53 pm
sports memorabilia show where he signed autograph for fans. he is one of four members of the 3000 hit 500 home run club, spent 7 years and two with the bis, appreciates still being a fan favorite. >> it always feels good. it really does. there is still people that remember my career for what it was and appreciate what i did on the field and the things i did off the field. there is good fans that, all the fans are good, the ones that remember and appreciate the things that i did come around and shake my hand and ask for my autograph. >> sad news to report, the man known as chief z has passed away, williams was basically the biggest burgundy and gold fan you will ever find. we will have more on his passing coming up in 30 minutes. i have interviewed that man mati
5:54 pm
the games in these later years, he gets around in a wheelchair. he has been in poor health lately, very sad news for the fans of the team. hard to imagine games without him. coming up, heading back to cleveland for a look at what to expect on night 2 of e th republican national convention. how baton rouge is coping with the pain 2 days after 3 police officers were killed. >> the evidence nasa says it has to show global
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5:57 pm
record warming global temperatures and melting arctic ice is getting worse. >> space agency researching the wide ranging impact of warming temperatures across the planet. mark albert with more. >> reporter: fountains provided needed relief in southern maryland on tuesday, with temperatures in the area predicted to soon hit triple digits for the first time in almost 4 years. >> my daughter doesn't want to put clothes on, just the swimsuit. nasa announced the first six months of this year, were the hottest january to june period since records began in 1880. >> reporter: dr. compton tucker, a scientist at nasa says it signals growing risk to the earth's population. >> this is
5:58 pm
problems like forest fires, droughts, this is what concerns us. >> reporter: this month nasa's operation ice bridge collected informs for r the first time on how large and deep melting pools in the arctic have become. this information will give researchers an early warning system for how fast the ice is melting. ice, dr. tucker says, is nature's best thermometer. >> sit a big deal, if terms of ice on the planet -- in terms of ice on the planet. >> reporter: the rest of 2016, could be hotter. mark albert, cbs news, green belt, maryland. also noah announced the month of june marked the 14th month of record temperatures. >> that would make -- longest streak on record. >> trump trump will be nominated as the presidential candidate. it's his wife who is getting the attention for her speech last night,
5:59 pm
life in cleveland. protests and scrimmages of the national convention tops the nos tonight, clash between two opposing groups, police had to step in to separate the demonstrators and are seeking to contain the situation. donald trump's camp is denying claims that the candidate's wife copied and pasted first lady michelle obama's 2008 convention speech? as republicans gather for a second night in cleveland, all eyes on two relatively unknown speakers. >> donald trump's children will each speak on their father's behalf. garrett haake is life at the convention. you got chris christie, ben carson ki
6:00 pm
important? >> reporter: somebody said today this is a great irony, never been a more famous person nominated for the office of president about how soon no lit sl is known when it comes to their personal life. the chip will try to shed light and especially after melania's speech, their voice will be extremely important. he is a bona fide celebrity with global name recognition and a chance of becoming the president of the united states. how was the donald as the dad? viewers hope to find out. >> i think you can tell a lot about a map based on what his kids say. i think his family is amazing. >> reporter: republican strategist says men voters expect to foe they president's personal side. foone can reveal that side better than the candidate's chin. >> interesting to see if they can layer the story, the


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