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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, mike pence takes center stage at the republican national convention tonight but it's melania trump's speech that continues to make headlines. and an afternoon of frustration, southwest airlines says their system is back up and running after grounding all flights nationwide for hours. plus, video that shows power in numbers is more than a phrase. bystanders work together to save the life of a trapped stranger. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. frustrating night for passengers taking southwest airlines. flights were disrupted this afternoon because of technical systems issues. >> it all started around 3:00 p.m., many customers were not even able to get to the airlines booking or check-in pages. at regular began national -- reagan national this afternoon, lines were long and passengers had their patience tested. >> no, it's not normal for southwest, unfortunately, i understand they had some technical problems today but we
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i mean, we met a guy here who works here and he's very accommodating in explaining the situation so it wasn't only impacting here at -- in d.c. but it was in all of their terminals, so i guess that made it a little bit more relaxing that it wasn't just us affected here. >> that's the kind of passenger you like right there, right? >> yeah. >> that's a nice one right there. last october an outage caused 800 flights to be delayed and forced employees to issue tickets and boarding passes by hand. the airline blamed a software application and recovered in a day. a car has hit and killed a pedestrian crossing central avenue near topper lane. police have been interviewing the driver who did stay on the scene. our pictures are from sky 9. they do not show any crosswalk in that immediate area. day 3 of the republican national convention in cleveland, ohio, indiana governor mike pence will formally accept the g.o.p.'s
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tonight he will be joined by republican presidential nominee donald trump who made a dramatic return to cleveland this afternoon. >> we are going to win in ohio and we are going to win it all. we are going to make america great again. >> while pence will be the man on stage, the real attention is still on melania trump's controversial speech. several lines mirrored michelle obama's 2008 democratic convention speech. the trump aide is taking responsibility for the controversy saying she offered to resign but donald trump rejected the idea. as the rnc tries to unite the republican party one of the issues being voiced is a lack of diverse tie but is that -- diversity but is that a major concern to delegates? >> let's go to stephanie ramirez. >> reporter: even those who say it is really important still say they are not as bothered by the complaint. >> i don't feel excluded and i've got to a -- gone to a lot of republican events. >> reporter: like this latino luncheon with chris christie speaking news. the crowd going in very
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accompanying event when it comes to the rnc 2016 program political reports of the 71 prime time speakers expected to take the stage more than 80% are right. representative stephen king defended a lack of diversity on msnbc, quote as saying -- quoted as saying subgroup of people contribute more to civilization alluding to those of european descent. delegate corey boone is proud to be the chairman of the maryland young republicans. he didn't like the comment but feels the rnc should get more credit. >> marco rubio as well as ben carson. >> the sheriff who is an african-american a couple days back. it's been there. >> reporter: d.c. delegate harry geusza whose parents are mexican. >> it's not the most important thing to me whether somebody looks like me or not. it's important they have my views. >> reporter: for this d.c. delegate who is openly gay, that means -- >> it's exciting and interesting but exciting and interesting like a horror movie. >> i don't assume that because you are of a
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constituency or ethnic group or racial background, that you're liberal. no, i'm going to compete for that vote. >> reporter: former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele there says rand paul and paul ryan are working on specific policies including criminal justice and poverty as a way to help expand the tent and include more people but says even if people don't agree there should be at least the conversation and he believes that's how donald trump can help unite the party. in cleveland, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> and delegations are trying, yesterday virginia had its first indian american delegate announce their votes. somebody normally reserved for committee official. an announcement is expected as soon as this friday on hillary clinton's running mate. democrats familiar with the surge say there are three main contenders, virginia senator tim kaine, agriculture secretary to many vilsack and labor secretary tom perez. the democratic national convention kicks off
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northeast d.c. a long day of demonstrations still not over for protesters from the black lives matter movement. the protesters have been out since 7:00 this morning in front of the headquarters of the national fraternal order of police. some are chained to step ladders and fences, others are blocking massachusetts avenue and they say they will be here as long as they can. >> want more social workers, we want people to deescalate harm and violence in our communities, we don't want police officers armed and escalating more harm in our community. >> and this evening we are still waiting to hear back from police on just how long they will allow the protesters to block that street. in the meantime traffic is being detoured around the scene at fourth and massachusetts avenue in northeast. a university of d.c. law student has launched a website to help victims of police brutality report the crime. it's called the police incident reporting platform. jonathan newton created it because he says he wanted a system of accountability without the conflict of interest. the website is not live yet but they are receiving calls
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as soon as folks will be able to report what they consider police misconduct use a dispatch center. the calls will then be directed to an attorney, therapist or social worker. >> i wanted to see something that was more victim oriented and empowering victims to be able to take charge of the situation by reporting it themselves. >> and newton says to prevent false reports, all information will have to be verified before it's put into the database. eventually the data will be open to you and me, to the public to view problem department and officers. it should be up and running by the end of this year. triple-digit temps are on the way. but much of the dmv has already experienced extreme weather this week, especially last night, right? >> what about last night? violent storms brought hail, high winds and heavy rain after dark last night. a house in silver spring was struck by lightning. the home still standing thanks to neighbors, melanie and andrew siegel. they grabbed extinguishers and put the fire out before firefighters arrived to take over. >> i mean, if not like th
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house wouldn't be here and i'm so glad that we were there in that moment to put it out. >> those storms are brutal. cleanup continues at that house today. meanwhile pepco is working to restore power around the washington area before the thermometer skyrockets again. ready for the triple-digit heat. we are looking at the hottest weather we have had in years. topper shutt is tracking the seat. that is scary, top, in years? >> only four years, 2012, but it's going to get pretty darn hot. talk about when it rolls in, temperaturewise we are going to go 97 on friday, 98 on saturday, back down to 97 on sunday but 100 on monday. now, where does that stand in terms of history and records? well, record 103 on friday, 102 on saturday, probably safe 101 on sunday, probably safe already but the record high on monday is 100 and that's what we are forecasting so that one is actually in jeopardy. what we want to focus on is
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the's indices -- is the heat indices. we will look back on thursday from about saturday and go that was pretty good. by saturday and sunday, though, heat indices approaching 110 and then by monday heat indices approaching 112 degrees. we will come back, and talk about when a cold front may break this heatwave. we will also come back and show you more video of that storm last night that affected the nats clubhouse. tracking metro, the transit system's big maintenance project begins the latest phase of work so surge 5 began today focusing on the orange and silver lines in northern virginia. the 12 day surge means the trains are running every 18 minutes on those lines. the metro says no track work was done today, blaming the power problem. metro says ridership is down 30% west of boston during the morning rush. of course you can always download our wusa9 app for the latest on metro's maintenance work. still ahead tonight, it could be a first for zika transmission in the united
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about a zika case in florida. plus a junk food lover's dream. how you can kill two birds with one stone, drinking a new soft drink.
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some new concerns over the zika virus today. officials are investigating a case of the virus in florida that may not be travel-related. they are saying it could have been locally transmitted which means a person returns to the u.s. with the virus and was bitten by a mosquito and that mosquito transmitted it to another person. >> we anticipated that and as soon as it's discovered local and state health departments and the cdc promptly will do interventions to make sure that the spread is very, very limited. zika will not establish itself wildly in the united stes
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1300 cases of the mosquito borne virus in the u.s. but almost all have been related to travel. 14 were sexually transmitted. cbs news says sexual transmission has not been ruled out yet in that florida case. maryland is one of three states accusing volkswagen in a new lawsuit involving its emissions scandal. the lawsuits claim top executives were involved in creating the so-called defeat devices that allowed vehicles to cheat u.s. emissions testing. in a statement volkswagen says these allegations are essentially not new. the suit stops short of claiming the company's ceo was aware of the deceit devices. the new suit comes weeks after volkswagen entered an estimated $15 million settlement here in the u.s. if you've recently bought your child a water bottle from l.l. bean you should check the manufacturer's date because they are recalling children's insulated water bottles over concerns of
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gsi outdoors and sold by l.l. bean from july 2015 through may 2016. they have five prints including sharks, dinosaur bones and butterflies. you can return them for a refund. so if you thought you had seen every flavor of soda, think again because you haven't seen this one yet. >> this is a story we disagree. crisp kareem rolled -- krispy kreme rolled out a doughnut flavored soft drink, supposed to taste like a combination of cherries and a glazed doughnut. the drink is only available at grocery stores. this is not going to come as a surprise, in north carolina, south dakota and parts -- south carolina and parts of georgia. >> don't be hating now. >> i'm from the south too. they should stop that, stop that. >> what if it was diet? would you drink it if it were diet? >> no. still ahead, scary moments caught on camera. >> brave bystanders risk
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a viral video that shows the true act of bravery by a group of total strangers, a crash in south carolina sends a vehicle off the road. witnesses say it flipped over on its top. you can see a dozen people flip the car back over, right side up and a man is sitting in the front seat. he appears to be okay. >> wow. the bystanders are trying to talk to him, as you can see, figure out how to cut him out of that car. that video was taken by burt sorin and he writes on his facebook page, fine american citizens were looking out for that fella. the eagle has landed. >> the eagle has landed. those famous words cemented in american history on this day 47 years ago. >> wow. apollo 11 became the first space flight to land humans on the moon, the next day, july 21st, neil armstrong climbed down the ladder and uttered the now iconic phrase, one
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for man kind. and these hot and éhumid days are not letting up anytime soon so one boy in newport news, virginia decided to make sure his mailman was hydrated. the note reads, here, mailman, water and gatorade. have a good day. his parents say henry had a special bond with the mailman. the mailman says he was grateful for the sweet gesture. always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> good news for all of us, do for our mail carriers, right? >> especially friday and monday. >> especially monday. >> gosh. >> remember that lightning show we had last night and we had hail and trees down and heavy rain? >> yes. >> check out what happened at nats park. adrian gonzalez of the dodgers shot this. i'm wondering if it's just in the
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but that's their visitors locker room flooding like crazy. the game was over but pretty high water. that's not good. >> oh, my gosh. >> big cleanup there. >> it actually -- the press box is incredible. that storm really hammered parts of montgomery county and prince george's county, the district and eventually into charles county. tonight we are in good shape. we will take a look at the 3- degree guarantee. we are in good shape for that too. although i did lower it again. i don't know what i did that but we went for a high of 87. kind of low, all things considered but the cold front still to our south. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. we are 54, 56 days, i believe. live look outside at our michael & son weather cam. it's very nice. 85 now, the dew points are in the upper 50s. that's really, really good. humidity 41%. you can sit outside and have dinner tonight or you can take a little jog. it's okay to exercise, not crazy hot. comfortable evening will lead to a cooler night. almost hot tomorrow,
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still a pretty good day. why? because dangerous heat is rolling in friday, saturday, sunday, monday, 96 to 100. heat index 103 to 112. okay? in terms of record highs, i mean, 98 on saturday, 97 on sunday and 100 on monday, that's what we are forecasting. records are prab saturday and sunday, not so much on monday. probably our best chance of breaking some records on monday. heat index, well, 103 on friday, 108 on saturday and sunday and 111 on monday. so at the very least over the weekend we will have a heat advisory. we might even have an excessive heat warning or an urban excessive heat warning downtown if it stays above 80 at night. okay. 10:00 tonight, no worries, low 70s in the burbs, upper 70s downtown, 73 in manassas, 75 in fairfax. by 6:00 a.m. we are in the 60s, 64 now in manassas, even 67 in fredericksburg to start and then by lunchtime we are back in the upper 80s headed for around 90. the day planner goes like this, low 70s, thes
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temps. the 60s will start in the burbs, 84 by 11:00, 88 with sunshine by 1:00. yellow weather alert on friday, 97, yellow weather alert saturday 98. sunday 97, 100 on monday, though. that's the hot day. and then temps go down a little bit which is a good trend but not crazy. 95 on tuesday, still 93 on wednesday. >> we are talking about that baseball team. >> the bowie baysox. one of the bowie baysox, david bowie and fashion have to do together? they are doing something to honor the
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis... vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were... no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can... lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if
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reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor about... all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing behaviors. a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor about trumenba. now wusa9 game on sports with diane roberts, brought to you by xfinity. >> you know how it is at minor league baseball parks, they always have the best out there promotions. well the bowie baysox are taking a negative turning it into a positive and honoring a rock legend at the same time. for one night only the orioles minor league team will wear these fashion forward or yb
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uniforms to honor david bowie. the star man died of cancer in january. the team has been around since the golden years, 1993 to be exact and have had their name confused with his ever since. >> around the country people misproceed pronounce it all the time -- mispronounce it because of how famous david bowie was. we are actually bowie but tonight only we will do bowie and we will, you know, make sure that we highlight, you know, not only, you know, him, but the fact that, hey, usually we are bowie, come out and see us. >> that will be friday night. tonight fans at nats park were treated to the story of kailin, a gaithersburg girl with a life threatening kidney disease. nats slicker bryce harper helped make a wish come true for the softball player as part of espn's my wish series. kailin a huge harper fan and got to spend the day with him earlier this month. she got to relive the adventure
7:27 pm
the nats park about an hour ago. every bit of it caught on tape. >> having a bunch of cameras and a mike attached to you all day, it's different. it's very weird. the day itself was so much fun. i enjoyed every moment of it. but once in a lifetime, it's never going to happen again. it was kind of cool, though. >> 16 years old and had that really special dream come true. >> good for her. >> so much fun. >> absolutely. >> i love that. finally tonight, poke date, get ready for it pokimon fans because we know many of you might be single. the wild and popular game will now offer an online dating service so you can now find your pokimon or poke woman while trying to catch your poke woman. poke date will try to match you up, first date free. >> what if you're single but you don't play pokimon go? that's the problem. >> i would
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>> wrong mate for you. that's all for our news at 7:00. >> remember you can get our news anytime on the free wusa9 app. have a good evening. bye.
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true hollywood legend.g of a pe.t." remembers the genius behind "happy days" "pretty woman" and so much more. >> enough cannot be said of my relationship with garry marshall >> no has spent more time on set with garry than "e.t." the latest on shannen doherty's cancer battle. >> barbra streisand's new tour secret. it's not what you think by the way. those mini-little beauty queens from "toddlers & tiaras" are back. >> you have to have a goodbody, even when you're five years old. >> collagen treatments, private jets, hypnosis. your first look of the new season unlike anything else on television. >> i don't settle for anything less than perfect >> now, for july 20th, 2016,


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