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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  July 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, the heat is on. topper tells us how hot it's going to feel like this weekend. >> who will it be? hillary clinton still hasn't named her vice presidential running mate. another apparent terror attack in europe. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. at least nine people are dead after gunmen opened fire at a mcdonald's near one of the busiest malls in munich, germany. >> police say they believe the shooter is among the dead. initially they said they were looking for three shooters. now that's less clear. witnesses reported three shooters but say it could have been the same person at three different locations. what we do know is right now munich is essentially shut down. there are no trains or buses moving through the city. at
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eastern standard time munich police say shots rang out at two different points in the city. a popular shopping center and a mcdonald's nearby. as police rushed to the scene, they warned residents to stay inside. this video showing a man walking on a roof is believed to be of the suspect. according to cbs news, the man can be heard insulting foreigners and then yelling, i am german. and local authorities are calling this a suspected terror attack but so far no group has claimed responsibility for it. today is the five-year anniversary of an attack that happened in norway that killed 77 people and was carried out by a right wing extremist just last week in germany ices took -- isis took credit for an attack that happened on a train in southern germany. reporting live in the newsroom, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. turning now to the campaign 2016. by
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hillary clinton to announce her raining mate by now but whether it was the attacks in munich or something else, her pick is still a secret to most of us. virginia governor tim kaine is wildly expected to get the nods. several other names are still floating around tonight. about an hour ago clinton held a long planned rally in tampa, florida. while she didn't name her pick, she went after donald trump. >> he offered a lot of fear and anger and resentment, but no solutions about anything that he even talked about. >> some believe that hillary clinton will text her pick to supporters sometime tonight. democratic ticket is expected to appear together for the first time tomorrow in miami. tim kaine was not born in virginia but lived most of his life here. he lives on a -- at a house on confederate avenue. his family worked at a -- wershiped at a nearby church.
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neighbors today. >> you will see him at the coffee shop. hi, how are you doing, tim? >> he's an authentic and as down to earth as you're going to find a politician. i don't even consider him a politician. he's a public servant. >> meantime the virginia supreme court just issued a ruling that could impact the general election. the court struck down governor governor terry mcauliffe's order. the justices found the order was unconstitutional. anchor adam longo and reporter pete muntean will be in philadelphia covering the democratic convention for us next week. you can watch their reports starting sunday night right here on wusa9 and of course the wusa9 app. one day after giving his acceptance speech donald trump lashed out at his primary rival, ted cruz. trump says cruz added the vote your conscience line to the speech after donald trump had read it. the g.o.p. presidential nominee already has
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decide to endorse him, trump says don't bother. >> you know he will come and endorse over the next little while because he has no choice but n'i dot want his endorsement. what difference does it make? i don't want his endorsement. ted, stay home, relax, enjoy yourself. [ laughter ] >> as for the convention, donald trump called it amazing, saying there was great love in the room. it is a yellow weather alert day due to the excessive heat that's moved into the region and get ready for it, folks, it's going to stick around for several days. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is here with all the details for us. hey, top. >> kind of rolled in town today and we were 90 yesterday but this is really the high heat so we issued a yellow weather alert today and through the weekend. so temperatures we are forecasting 98 tomorrow, 98 sunday and 99 on monday. dropped to 94 on tuesday, which is better but not a bargain. in terms of records, probably safe, maybe the record high monday 100, we talked about this earlier in the week. we might be close to that. other than that, i k
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but what we want you to think about and kind of gauge your outdoor activities by is the heat index. we got the heat index tomorrow at around 106, heat index on sunday, we will drop a little bit as drier air moves in, 103, but then 107 on monday and the heat index still in the triple digits tuesday and also wednesday. so what can you do? please exercise in the morning or exercise indoors, keep your shades and curtains closed, east side the morning, west side the afternoon. wear light colored clothing and check on the elderly. for more tips on how to beat the heat, here's delia. >> reporter: one of many city pools with extended hours, until 9:00 p.m. as the city tries to help residents young and old beat the heat. >> i have been here since 1983. >> neighbors call her the mayor of the block, 78-year-old beverly harwood purposed up on the -- perched up on the corner. she is soaking up the shade
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beating the heat. >> try and get a breeze and as the day goes on, it gets hotter, then i go around the corner in the shade. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and even though these folks went inside for some ac, they are still feeling the heat. d.c. senior centers are official cooling centers during the heatwave. it's not a party at all of them, though the washington senior center in southeast just happens to be celebrating its 31st anniversary. >> the best thing to do is stay hydrated. drinks lots of water and if you can, get into an air conditioned place. >> reporter: if you're a senior and can't make it out to the pool or any of the city's cooling centers, no worries, the office will send someone to check in on you. delia goncalves -- , wusa9. power went out at portions of the mall this afternoon. some muse
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pepco announced the power should be back on by tomorrow at noon. one person is dead in a virginia house fire. sky 9 was over the scene tonight on cat harpin valley drive in gainesville. when firefighters arrived flames were shooting through the roof. so far all we know about the victim is that he was the man, we do not know what started the fire or if anyone else was inside the home at the time. don't forget you can get weather updates anytime you want on the free wusa9 app. download it now from your favorite app store. still ahead tonight, runaway bulls turning parts of baltimore into the wild west. and we will take you underground for a unique view inside
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we got our first look at metro's major year long
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silver lines. both lines have been tracking for 12 days. workers are using the time to replace 1300 wood rail ties. underground workers are replacing hundreds of bolts. this part of metro's safety overhaul ends july 31st. an 18-year-old maryland man is charged with killing his father after staging the scene to make it look like a suicide. police say garrett barker claimed his father, kevin, shot himself after a night of drinking in frederick county, maryland. kevin barker suffered from lou gehrig's disease but they say the younger barker told his girlfriend earlier that he had killed his father after he became aggressive. police still looking for the gunman who killed a 68-year- old man at a gas station. just released new video hoping you can help them find the suspect. alonzo jackson died wednesday morning after he was shot at marlboro pike in maryland. the suspect took his car. police want to hear from anybody who knows anything about this case. west baltimore was more like the wild west this morning. two bull
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slaughter house in the city. didn't make it far, though. they stopped at an apartment complex right across the street. and that's where they did what most bulls do, bruce, they ate some grass. they were hungry. officials were eventually able to contain them to a gated area and get them back into custody. >> questionable arrest. caught on tape, why this officer threw this woman to the ground. what he told her on the ride to the police station. topper is back with a hot forecast. in fact, high temperatures tomorrow, bruce, upper 90s, no matter where you look. 98 downtown, 96 from hagerstown. how long we will have yellow weather alerts going.
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for less. only at my giant. it appears former ku klux klan leader david duke was impressed with donald trump's acceptance speech. so impressed he's running for u.s. senate in louisiana. g.o.p. leaders in the state say they are vehemently against him running. the white supremist served one term. he spent a year in federal prison after pleading guilty to ripping off supporters and cheating on his taxes in 2002. the police chief in austin, texas has apologized for an arrest after video emerged showing one of his
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slamming a female driver to the ground. the school teacher was pulled over for driving 15 miles over the speed limit last year. watch what happened after she gave the police officer her driver's license and what the officer said to her in the police car minutes later. >> put your feet back in the car so i can close the door. stand up for me, okay? >> no. >> stop resisting. >> stop resisting. >> stop resisting. stop resisting right now. get out of the car. >> i'm getting out. let me get out. do not touch me. >> get out of the car now. >> ow. oh, my god. >> keep your hands behind your back. >> later in the police car the officer told her the white community is wary of blacks because they have violent tendencies and an intimidating appearance. as for that police officer, he's off law enforcement duties in austin, texas right now. the police chief promised there would be a series of administrative investigaon and
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officer is under investigation for a facebook post. officer freddy vincent reportedly wrote that white officers are looking for a reason to kill a black man. the post was put out following the shootings in minnesota and louisiana. it since has been deleted, vincent sued the city last year alleging harassment and discrimination. that suit was settled in april. a warning tonight for apple users. major security gaps have been found in apple operating systems. according to a researcher at sysco, hackers would need to send you an infected i message. once the code was received the hacker could get into your memory and stored passwords. you can prevent this problem by updating your phone with the latest operating system. you can disabled mms messaging which means you won't receive messaging files. the hacker who leaked nude photos of many celebrities sentenced to six months in prison. he sent e-mails that asked people to verify their co
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ruse unknowingly sent him their i.d.s and passwords. u.s. botanic garden is preparing for the corpse flower to bloom. known for its large size and it's very bad odor, the flower is expected to bloom between july 28th and 31st. the flower was put on display today, although the video you see here is from 2013. it was the last time that it bloomed in d.c. the flower can reach heights of up to 12 feet. as for the smell, it's described as a combination of garlic, fish, diapers and rotting meat. it was both trick and treat at the national zoo as 11-month- old bay performed tricks in exchange for apples and sweet potatoes. followed commands such as lie down and stand, like topper. when he followed the command he was rewarded. beibei now weighs a whopping -- beibei has a personality like his father, very laid back and easy going and, oh, yeah, he loves to eat. zoo is planning to
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his first birthday next month. and a happy third birthday to britain's prince george. the family released these new photos today. they show him playinon a swing, sitting with the family dog. prince george is in line to the throarch, behind his grandfather, prince charles and, of course his father prince william. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather. >> it's a scorcher out there already. >> he's a cute kid, by the way. >> so cute. >> it's pretty hot. i mean, not record setting yet but by the time we get to you on monday after day four, that's when, you know, we have some problems with heatwaves around the metro area. so that's why we issued a yellow weather alert through the weekend and into next week. let's talk about the yellow weather alert. we don't often issue it for heat. in fact, i think this might be the first time. so here are the impacts. obviously in terms of the heat index, that's going to be high. we are talking heat
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so that's going to affect your outdoor exercise, you got to stay hydrated and also have to check on the kids and elderly. so that is really, really, really important. oh, hang on one second. i forget to -- forgot to do one thing. hang on one second. it's okay, it's okay. everybody relax. everybody just relax. i'm going to activate our little camera here. intern told me the last day to do it. intern's last day, told me to activate it. i'm going to get rid of him today. intern, today is your last day. that's right. here we are looking south from our tower and you can see just fair weather clouds, pretty quiet day in terms of cloud cover. kept temps down a little tiny bit. go ahead and close your key, if you would. live look outside at our michael & son weather cam. it is 90 right now, winds out of the south-southwest at 14. dew points in the low 70s and that's just hot and humid and uncomfortable so it's going to lead to a muggy night. lows in the 70s, that's it. and then dangerous heat through
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to 106 and then the heat index on monday near 110. that's going to be the toughest day to get through, especially after a succession of three days in the mid-90s. so 98 tomorrow, 98 sunday, 99 on monday. we could hit 1011 of these days -- 100 one of these days. probably the best chance for a record will be on monday. heat index 106 tomorrow, drops briefly to 103 on sunday. doesn't get any cooler on sunday. gets less humid. this is what the heat index is, it's temperature plus humidity so humidity comes back on us on monday, boom, 107, and even next week with mid-90s, that's just enough to get us back into the triple digits for the heat index. 10:00 tonight, we are still 85 downtown, 81 in manassas, and 82 in fairfax. now, by morning we are going to be in the 70s, but inside the beltway we are talking upper 70s and barely below 70 downtown. by 10:00 we are back in the 80s. 's
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already 87 in fredericksburg and also la plata. by 1:00 we are in the 90s, back to 95 downtown, 94 in manassas and these number are a little bit low. still looking at temperatures in the upper 90s, about 24 hours from now, couple of showers are possible, mainly out toward i-81. so day planner goes like this, we start barely below 80 and then 91 by 11:00 and 95 by 1:00 p.m. so upper 90s tomorrow, upper 90s sunday, near 100 on monday. temps go down a little bit, not much, mid-90s on tuesday, wednesday, low 90s on thursday and friday, slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. we are headed to the verizon center next for sports. >> this is frank hanrahan at verizon center. controversy brewing in the wnba. we
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. >> frank hanrahan at verizon center, we are just getting underway with the washington and the los angeles sparks in
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off the court, a lot of murmuring and discussion about what just took place a couple days ago at the wnba decided to fine teams that wore warmup jerseys supporting the black lives matter movement. in fact, indiana, phoenix and new york all fined $5000 as a franchise. individual players fined $500. they were none too pleased. in fact yesterday indiana and new york staging media blackouts following the game, only discussing the black lives matter movement. we talked to a couple mystics players here tonight and after the shootings in orlando they were gladly putting on orlando support t-shirts before games. and they are wondering why they cannot wear these black lives matter t-shirts before games. in fact, it wasn't even t- shirts. it was just the warmups being put on reverse. the league says it was because of a wardrobe malfunction saying you got to have the shooting shirt on before the games. players aren't buying it. this discussion is going
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the league actually takes a break now for the olympics for about a month, so the timing could help both sides, they will try to work this out moving forward. we will also see what the mystics do. i'm hearing they may do their own media blackout after tonight's game against the l.a. sparks. of course we shall keep you posted. that is what's going down here at verizon center. frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. it's the end of an era that you probably thought ended a long time ago. >> yeah. apparently one company in japan still makes vhs machines but not for much longer. all those millennials out there are wondering what the heck vhs is, right? vhs stands for video home system. it played tapes before dvds came around and before streaming came around. the company will stop making vhs machines at the end of the month because they have had a tough time getting the parts maybe to put them together. that and the fact that no one watches vhs tapes anymore except for my mom.
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got to move on. >> i had a buddy that didn't take vhs, he picked beta. that's all of our news at 7:00. >> you can get our news anytime with a free wusa9 app. have a great
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♪ the stars align at comic-con. hiddleswift after k thendim a kanye feud. ben affleck caught up in the crush. .."e." in the middle of >> right? and our big "suicide squad" exclusive on set with will smith. >> maybe i might have made a wrong turn or two. then, scott baio remembers a man who made him a star. >> garry was a second dad to me. >> we look back at his "happy days" with garry marshall. >> and "bachelorette" bad boy chad tells all to "e.t.." and "sharknado 4" madn before they hit comic-con, we're with the stars back for another bite. ♪ now for july 22nd, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight. the donald tooknt


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