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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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storms on the east side of i- 81, by 9:00, in the went suburbs, fairfax, lauden and boom, through the immediate metro area, between 9:00 and 10:00, some of them are going to produce flash flooding and downpours. silver lining should be not arriving until the evening commute. we are following breaking news from the ocean city area. this story is just awful. a 9 year old died today after falling out of a rented pontoon boat and got hit by the propeller. an 11 year old who also fell out was injured. natural resources police say that happened in the bay before 3:00 this afternoon. we want to let you know about a serious accident in montgomery county. you are looking at the scene in burtonsville, maryland. sky 9 bringing it to us. two vehicles ran in to each other on route 198, just west th route 129.
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way, you need to find another route tonight. fire and rescue says it is wrapping up the on site investigation in to the silver spring apartment explosion today. the atf's report should be out in a few days. ntsb is opening an investigation. today marks one full week since the blast at the flower branch apartments, 7 bodies recovered. we don't know who they are and if there could be more victims. the other big question lingering is what is going to happen to the kids that don't have a place to live when school starts back in less than two weeks. pta and volunteers are collecting supplies. stephanie ramirez joins us live. sounds like they could use a lot of help. >> reporter: a lot of educators and volunteers concerned about this, they want to make august 29th a welcome day as possible. kids lost belongings, a lot of students may have lost a friend and
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9 year old david was a rising second grader, one of the 7 missing people in the deadly apartment explosion and fire a week ago today. allyson is his pta president and says so far they identified about 19 montgomery county school families involved who have lost everything. >> it's hard. it's hard to lose everything you have. everything that these people come to the country and work hard for. that's affected me. i can't imagine losing my child. i can't fathom that. >> reporter: pta members and school principals and volunteers started a collection for those students displaced, buying and receiving school supplies. this business was put up with the red cross providing immediate support, their focus is on the coming school year. >> another group that i work with, what they want to do is look
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>> reporter: she is a 9 grade their lost everything, she is afraid if her family leaves the long branch community center, they won't get the help they need from the apartment's owners, talking about kids and their mental condition. they can't sleep at night. how can we leave, she said in spanish. a book bag for them is a joy, says maria, she says it's a smile and a hug. >> we are the community. that's our responsibility to take care of our own. >> reporter: i'm told montgomery county public schools are working with the counselors that have contact with the families and there is four different schools that have families impacted by the tragedy here, collection for the students and on friday. silver springs, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. the school supplies collon
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pta is continuing to collect money for the students who may have needs throughout the school year. they set up a link, we got it for youen oh our wusa9 app now. we head to prince georges for a difficult story. as parents are preparing to send kids back to school, a shocking federal investigation, accuses head start teachers of humiliating and abusing children as young as 3. it's so bad the federal agency in charge of head start announced funding will be held out in part because the county school officials did nothing to address the problems that agency uncovered and the details of what happened are simply unsettling. we go to scott broom at the wind ship wheeler early education center to tell us about what we have learned. >> reporter: the with holding the funding is one thing, what about the kids? this investigation found that at this school, for instance, a 3 year d
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humiliated after the boy wet himself during nap time last december and that's not the only incident sited in the shocking report that should come out. in all 3 schools were cited for everything from forcing a preschooler to mop up urine, to abusive punishment of 4 year olds to letting a 5 year old wonder home after leaving a school unnoticed. >> that's awful. >> reporter: parents and grand parents of preschoolers left shocked by this. >> it's shocking to know this is happening in the schools. young kids, 3 and 4 prekindergarten, they are just starting to go to school and learn different things about their behavior, they are still babies. >> reporter: according to the report here, a teacher humiliated a child and used a
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him basic needs. the 3 year old wet himself at nap time, and was forced while wearing wet clothes to mop the floor while a teacher took photos on he cell phone and texted a paint, l oh ol and he worked -- lol and he worked that mop, though. the review found a teacher and assistant teacher humiliated and used corporal punishment on two chin as a method of disciplineafter teachers forced 4 year olds to hold heavy boxes of books overhead for punishment and made them start over if they dropped the books. langley mccormick langley park, a 5 year old walked out the front door unnoticed and wondered home alone. >> i think the teachers should be reprimanded and fired without pay and that's just sad. >> reporter: really unhappy parents and even perhaps more shocking to some in this report, the federal government
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to resolve the situations and refused to release documents when the federal investigator asked. the only hammer, the federal government, the department of health and human services which funds head starts has is to with hold the funding. $6.4million, with held from the prince georges county head start program. school system officials say despite that, they are going to move forward with head start and get school started on monday as planned. my colleague, delia goncalves, is with officials this afternoon, who remained silent all day, they are breaking the silence this afternoon, she will be back at 6:30 with a report on that. reporting live in capital heights, scott broom, wusa9. with that, katie is back home, olympic swimming ka
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embrace in bethesda with 5 medals and 2 world records. the native is on her way to global athletic super stardom. wusa9's bruce la shan was in the middle of the crush doing facebook live and now live with us from the airport. quite an event, there, bruce. >> reporter: quite an event. what was most incredible, you have this exhausted, now worldwide rock star and she was just as gracious as modest and friendly as she has ever been. a massive celebrity now, but also just the same old katie. the screaming rapture of her former classmates at stone ridge catholic school in bethesda can be a sense of the inspiration , the youngest member of the u.s. swim team has become for
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all of us. >> how much do you love her? >> words cannot describe. you cannot put it on the spectrum. >> reporter: 4 golds, 200, 4 hundred, 800, 4 by 200, silver in the 4 by 100 unheard of margins. 4.77 and 11.38 seconds. >> it takes a lot of hard work and dedication and a great support system. i have really great friends as you can see and a great family. they have made all this possible. it's been fun to share that journey with them. >> reporter: cheers for the medals, michael phelps taught her to hang perfectly around her neck and louder cheers for ledecky and her parents have weeks to prep for college. >> two weeks until stanford. how do you get ready? >> we have a lot to
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popcorn and kit kats and snacks, waiting to watch. >> reporter: ledecky laughed when i said marketing experts are estimating she could make $8 million a year if she cashed in on product endorsements. instead she is planning to spend the next couple of years in the quiet confines of stanford university. she is already talking about competing even harder, whatever that means, in 2020, in tokyo. live at dull less, bruce la shanks wusa9. your freshman year in college, really not so quiet. it will be fun for sure. the teenager has been so focused oh on swimming shex doesn't have her driver's license yet -- swimming, she doesn't have her driver's license
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ryan lochte, authorities say they beca suspicious when the statements didn't match up. he says they were pulled from a cab and robbed. they couldn't remember the color or type of the taxi or where the hold up happened. a brazilian judge ordered him to surrender his passport but he was already out of the country. problems for the troubled elevator at the washington monument. it broke down again this morning. one worker was on board, no tourists, though. 84 visitors at the top, what did they have to do? walk down the stairs. crews closed down the elevator for the remainder of the days the 55th time the elevator -- this is the 5th time the elevator has been shut down. we are just getting started on wusa9 at 5:00, rg3 files for divorce and make as quick commitment to his new fling. in louisiana, residents try
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flooding. big storms tonight could produce flooding in our area as well. nova hospital faces questions after a deputy shoots and kills a man outside of the hospital.
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fatal shooting of a man by a fair fax county deputy has similarities to last year. >> the victims had been released by a i nova health system. peggy fox is live outside the i nova fairfax hospital. >> reporter: a hospital spokesperson says she cannot comment at all about the incident because of federal privacy laws ca
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nova health released a troubled individual back on the streets. >> reporter: he became violent. >> hospitals normally don't take patients with security guards and escort them to bus stops. if the person was that dangerous or that much of a threat, then why wasn't that person admitted for psychiatric care. >> reporter: pete is an author and me tall health advocate that blogs about the issue. the man killed has been identified as a 29 year old hispanic man. police say he was shot because he was charging the deputy with this four-foot metal sign
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what happened to natasha last year, she died after being tasered four times and released or turned away from inova health properties three times leading up to her arrest and incarceration in fairfax county. >> we have another death that needs explanation. the hospital shouldn't hide behind hippa in this case. >> reporter: he is questioning why the 29 year old man having a mental breakdown wasn't taken to the psychiatric facility or the merryfield center with a diversion first intake center to treat mentally ill people in crisis. >> people who have illnesses, no resources or family advocates are easily disposed of by our system. >> reporter: a spokesperson was able to answer one of my questions, she said, some people are
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escorted by security guards for a number of reasons, but she could not tell me why that man was escorted in this case. peggy fox, wusa9. pete early criticized police and the fairfax sheriff's department in the past and says law enforcement has been transparent in providing information in this case. the hospital, he says, that is not. evacuation orders ordered for more than 80,000 people as firefighters battle wild fires in california. the blue cut fire has charred 30,000 acres, east of los angeles and cut off the main highway. 700 firefighters are battling the flames fueled by strong winds, dry brush and 100-degree temperatures. louisiana, the danger from historic flooding is far from over. there is more rain in the forecast. 16 more parishes were added to the disaster declaration. th
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other parts of louisiana. streets that were once under water are now full of debris. >> it hasn't hit me in the since of how long it's going to take to get back together. >> you can always get them back, it crushes you, you feel like you are violated. >> years that never flooded before were inundated in louisiana. a few residents had flood insurance, only 1 in 8 residences and businesses are covered. >> that's really interesting, particularly in baton rouge where so much of it is below sea level. you would think they would have the policies. >> false sense of security where if it hasn't happened in so long. >> you don't think it's going to happen. your heart goes out to everybody, this is going to take a very long time. >> it's devastating. a little bit of shower activity tomorrow, that's insult to injury. the injuries are already ther
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guarantee. we went for a high today of 94, which seemed warm enough, 97 yesterday, little bit cooler in the atmosphere, we will let you know how we did at 11 when the final numbers are in. we have hit 95, that puts us in the category of 8 consecutive days now, 95 or higher for this year, the all time record is 12. we will probably break it tomorrow. 8 consecutive days, that's pretty unusual even for us. lave look outside, the live weather cam, 93 nows dew points 70. a little bit uncomfortable and the winds are calm for the time being. we mentioned flash flood watch for the metro area until 3:00 a.m. in the morning, we have a severe thunderstorm watch either side of, i 85, until 8:00 tonight. that's going to be expanded off to the east. atmosphere is unstable, the st
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through the eve and early nighttime hours. this is a storm we showed you earlier. pretty heavy storm in hagerstown. heavy between hagerstown and martinsburg and moving east, northeast, almost due east at 25-30 miles per hour, hagerstown shortly, almost now, thurmont, 5:50 or 6:00. the threat with that storm is heavy rain and also strong gusty winds. yellow weather alert for flooding and the possibility for severe weather. flash flood watch until 3:00 a.m., severe thunderstorm watch to the west, out until 10, until 8:00, and critical time for the immediate metro area, for the flooding, 8:00 p.m. to midnight tonight. see the reds and the dark reds, that's heavy rainfall. they are in the western suburbs by 9:00. lauden and fairfax and culpepper. we will stop it at
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prince georges and an run del county. heavy rainfall. the good news is they are going to move fast according to future cast. we are worried about the storms training and that means it is not going anywhere, now, this is pretty good, it will cut down on the flooding by 11:00, across 95 and moving across the bay out of the immediate metro, baltimore. some good news there, the bad news is we are looking at very heavy rainfall between 8:00 p.m. and midnight. on the day planner, 70s to start. looking at 79 by 9:00. 83 by 11:00. finally, temperature below 90 at 1:00. next three days, we will say 92 tomorrow and friday. isolated storms and 90 saturday, isolated storms. it's going the to be hot for the game. look what happens, 85 on monday. mid-80s on
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low humidity, a little breath of canadian air next week. that will be real relief. rg3 adjusts to a new life as quarterback of the cleveland browns, he has a big challenge. >> reports say the former red skin qb is in the process of divorcing his wife of three years. they are the parents to a baby girl. sources say the two have been separated for several months. tmz has pictures of rg3's new girl, as well as the quarterback's new tatoo with her name on his arm. we are going to check in on the trump campaign shake up.
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trump shows no signs of softening his approach. he is having steve bannon to be his campaign ceo and conway the new campaign manager. thul man fort will remain with
5:26 pm
diminished role. >> he is one of the toughest, most aggressive, most negative operatives in america today. that signals to me that trump rather than so muching is going to double down on being the tough in your face campaigner. >> hilary clinton mocked the campaign shuffle saying donald trump is going to be trump no matter who is running his campaign. republican lawmakers are dissecting notes from the fbi investigation in to her use of a private email server at state department. clinton wants to make the findings public, but the bureau says it can't because some of the messages contain classified information. ford plans to roll out self- driving cars for ride sharing by 2021, the goal is to become the first to have vehicles without a steering wheel accelerator or brake pedals, this topped twitter news. the cars will travel in cen
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areas mapd with high-definition 3d technology. victoria secret switches from sexy to sporty. the lingerie company wants to cash in on the trend with a new line of sports bras and new ad campaign showing models punching bags and jumping rope in gear that can be worn all day long. straight ahead, civilians and emergency workers honored today after saving a man who was having a heart attack. and a georgetown rabbi is being sued after videotaping women in a ritual bath. after the break, the response from officials in prince georges county after that blistering report on the head start program.
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a 3 year old is forced to mop up his urine. >> the allegations against preschoolteachers in prince georges county, the federal government is pulling funding from the head start program. delia goncalves is live with more on their reaction tonight. >> reporter: leaders wrapped up a news conference a short time ago, saying the actions of a handful of people are unacceptable and we are told those folks involved, teachers and teachers assistants are now
5:31 pm
investigation, the headline here, head start will resume here in prince georges county, as scheduled, monday august 29th, this times they will no longer have that $6.4 million in federal funds, the federal investigators allege that the teachers delivered unfair and sometimes corporal punishment and in some cases, forced young children, 3 and 4 year olds to hold boxes of books over their head as punishment, sometimes for up to 10 minutes. according to the report, it appears that the county school system tried to cover this up for sometime even discouraging a mom from filing a complaint, we spoke to the ceo of the school system a short time ago, here is what he had to say.
5:32 pm
>> you will treat children at least as well, if not better than you treat your own children and grand children. i expect our employees to behave appropriately, when they don't i'm going to deal with them appropriately. >> reporter: strong words by dr. ken maxwell, the head of the school system here,s saying he will deal with the teachers appropriately. many are under investigation and off the job tonight. 932 low income, 3 and 4 year olds attend the county's head start program, that will begin next monday. the school system has 30 days to appeal this decision and try to get the federal funding restored. now they have no plans to file an appeal, they tell us they are still weighing their options.
5:33 pm
a tip of the hat to some lifesavers in washington. they were honored at engine company 29 in northwest, saved the victim who had a heart attack at folgers theater. a college student and nurse practitioner used cpr and defibrillator to save a doctor that suffered cardiac arrest. fire and ems came to the rescue. >> i have been prepared for this moment, for that moment. i never have been in the situation where i needed to use my cpr training aabilities, i realize i need to do as much as i could. i'm happy michelle was there as we so we can work as a team. >> the rescuers received special cardiac arrest save coins from fire chief gregory dean; a new man at the top of fairfax city government, steven was sworn in as the interim mayor. the council member will have all the powers of mayor until a
5:34 pm
he places richard scott silverthorn caught in a sex for meth bust this month. rabbi convicted of recording women when they were in a ritual bath is being sued for 100 million-dollar. in addition to rabbi berry's, four institutions he worked for a named in the suit. he is serving a more than 6- year sentence. two men and a woman were shot overnight. it happened this morning at 3:00 on first street southwest. not too far from gnats park. a light colored buick sedan with two people inside maybe connected to the violence. fairfax county police are trying to close the books on a homicide at an apartment building in falls church. they released this video featuring two peoplethey want to talk to inside the towers on seminary road. that's where a man was found
5:35 pm
police have arrested one man on charges connected with the homicide. a new effort is underway to improve taxi service for some under served areas in dc. the pilot program from the former taxi cab commission will target wards 7, 4 and 8. riders can hop on and off an 8-seat shuttle that stops within the wards. sad news to pass along from annapolis today. >> the naval academy announced one of the mascots has died. a statement said the mascot, bill, number 35, has moved on to what they call greener pastures. he had been sick for a while. bill is survived by his brother, bill 36, and recently retired bill 33, and 34. >> bill doesn't look so happy. >> no. >> after the break, retiring dc police chief cathy lanier gets ready to
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violence in the nfl. most of you will get home before the showers and storms roll through. to the west, seeing thunderstorms, hagerstown, beaver creek, we will track that for you and talk about who is under the flood watch, who is under the severe thunderstorm watch. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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. in her new role, lanier will be replacing the executive that sat on the video. debra alfarone joins us live with more. >> reporter: i spoke to someone who is a domestic violence survivor and helped save others, she says she is absolutely thrilled that a woman is going to take on this role. >> my hope is that she won't conceal things. >> reporter: domestic violence survivor, dixson, says she hopes cathy lanier will influence a zero tolerance policy on domestic violence an
5:40 pm
league plagued by headlines, heartaches and how could this be? the chief takes the place of the executive who received this damming video of former ravens ray rice, strike his then fiance, janay palmer and did nothing and greg hardy for allegedly assaulting his ex- girlfriend, nicole holder and the latest domestic violence accusations against johnny manziel and the culture is hard to ignore. >> i think there is probably no one more qualified than i can think of. >> reporter: no advocacy organization that helps for victims than dc safe. more than 6000 people a year. abraham says without lanier on their side they couldn't do what they do. most impressively, train every police officer on domestic violence issues twice a year. and they launched a program where officers identify high risk victims on the spot and
5:41 pm
safe to get them help. >> that's made a huge difference in a lot of survives lives and i don't think it's too strong to say it saved a lot of lives. >> reporter: we reached oh tout chief lanier for comment, we didn't hear back -- reached out to chief lanier for comment but we didn't hear back. her last day on the job will be september 17th. a new chief has not been announced yet. sprint says its 911 problems are fixed. cell phone users across the region could not connect with the emergency services yesterday. sprint blamed that problem on an extensive commercial poweroutage and a fire. the repairs have been paid and things are back to normal. old tweets are turning in to new problems for blake shelton, how a special girl ended up with a dozens of shirts following her mom's viral facebook post. what the maryland firefighters did for a man
5:42 pm
that's up after the break.
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former four time dc mayor ll
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a candlelight vigil for marion christopher berry at wilson high school in north westing a graduate of the class of 1998, berry died over the weekend, because of a suspected drug overdoses he was 36 years old. the service is scheduled to get underway at 7:00. firefighters in maryland went above and beyond to help a man whose motorized wheelchair quit. we spotted with story on the arundel county fire department facebook page. he was heading home from a grocery store and the firefighters pushed the guy home and helped him in to bed, put away his grocerys, and charged up his wheelchair. a citizen saw this whole thing happening be snapped the pictures and shared them with the department. >> way beyond the call of duty. we expect nothing less from them. man look for his long lost brother is taking to facebook if his quest. >> the st. louis area man says, back in 2001, his 3
5:46 pm
brother was put up for adoption. campbell says his parents were having marital problems and thought adoption for his brother was for the best. >> hoping we find him. we can meet. i can only imagine how i would be that day. i would feel like a big man baby. >> catch bell shared a photo -- campbell shared a photo with the information he knows about his brother, joshuah. we will let you know if he make as connection. wouldn't that be amazing? topping the list of trending stories tonight, tweets from the past are coming back to haunt country music car, blake shelton. >> social media snoopers found racist and home phobic tweets from 2010-2011 before he became a star and part of the nbc show the voice. if you are seeing press on this or not, here is the
5:47 pm
according to the new york post, nbc threatened to cut off access to stars of the voice to media outlets covering the story. no comment so far from shelton. here is something getting cligs across the country on facebook tonight. how a young girl with autism ended up with with dozens of shirts given to her by strangers. >> her favorite shirt became too worn out to keep wearing, target has stopped making it. her mom bought it four years ago, last week mom posted on facebook, asking if her friends had this special flower shirt. after thousands of shares, 70 people have sent their shirts to that mom in utah. mcdonald's dishing outfitness trackers with its happy meals. >> it's
5:48 pm
a cheap knock out of a fit-bit. the idea is to get kids active. the trackers will count the kids steps and monitor how fast they are moving. >> that's the next big thing, if they can get you a watch that says eat the happy meal and walk until it beeps and you worked it off, perfect. >> sign me up, too. arlington county fair got underway 45 minutes ago on second street. >> the fun does run through the weekend. cooler temperatures are on the way, first we have this yellow weather alert. >> they are starting to fire to the west. i think any minute we will see a severe watch posted for the immediate metro area. we have a flash flood watch for the metro area. the threats are, kind of multi- threat here. flooding, hail and also gusty winds. let's start first with a live look
5:49 pm
it's toasty. 93, dew point just under 70. not comfortable. the winds are calm. last few days we had good winds blowing around. here is the radar, this area that is shaded in here in the yellow, the muted yellow or gold, that is the severe thunderstorm watch goes until 8:00. nothing has been posted east. it will be shortly, see it posted east. storm frederick and hagerstown and storms beginning to fire, out 66, when 66 meets 81, those are going to cross over 66, north of warrenton in the next 30 minutes. we will concentrate on the storm. a pretty intense storm, for an hour, heavy rain don't see hail or any wind. it's now out of hagerstown, headed towards middletown. in middletown about now. storm tracking it for you. walkersville 6:09. moving to the easts at 25 to 30 le
5:50 pm
tonight for flooding and the possibility of hail, and also strong winds. flash flood watch until 3:00 a.m., severe thunderstorm watch until 8:00, again, i got to believe we will see one posted for the metro area shortly. critical times with the 8:00 p.m. to midnight. for the storms rolling through which is good because nows we feel they will move through and not just sit on top of us and produce more flooding. intense and the good news is they are going to move through. 9:00, big time rain, leaseburg, manassas and culpepper. by 10:00, moving through the immediate area, beltway, pushing in to northern prince georges county. see the red and dark red. that indicates the rainfall. by 11:00, pretty much gone now up in to baltimore, towards the northern bay, that's good. we are concerned about is the storms, training, building back to the west, and just not going anywhere. so far, according to future cast, they wi
5:51 pm
they are going to move through. temperaturewise, by noon tomorrow, back in to the mid- 80s, with sunshine, a little bit better. look at the winds tomorrow. northwest wind, haven't had that in a long, long time. day planner, 70s to start. 83 by 11:00 and halleluiah, not 90 for a change, by 1:00. close, 89. low 90s friday. 90 saturday. it's going the be hot for the game at fed ex friday night. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. the next 7 days, sunday toasties storms possible, 92s better chance of storms sunday night. a cold front is coming through, back in the mid-80s, monday and tuesday and wednesday with lower humidity.
5:52 pm
controversy could be brewing in rio. the international boxing association has removed and sent home several officials after some questionable and controversial decisions yesterday. decisions that angered several current and former boxers, there were two bouts that got everyone roweled up, unincluded michael conlin who unleashed expletive tirade in an interview. gary antoine russel, boxer floyd may weather commented he had been robbed of a victory. the boxing association didn't release the names of the officials or fight as they judged. a handful of the decisions were not at the level expected. all results are final. it sure is good to be hole, the burgundy and gold returned for their first preseason practice in the qon fine of red skins -- confines of red
5:53 pm
last three weeks in richmond topping out 2 a day practices. though the heat followed them here, as you will be able to tell, the players are more than happy to be back on home turf. >> it feels so good. i'm not hearing josh this, josh that and peace and quiet, getting my work done. just be one of the guys. >> omni hotel in richmond was hot of fun but i wouldn't trade this for anything, being able to sleep in your own bed. i'm molded to my bed. it's custom. it's custom. >> must be nice. home with families. coming up, campaign shuffle, donald trump makes a big staff change ahead of his
5:54 pm
hilary clinton weighs in on his new addition. yellow weather alert, topper shutt tracking violent storms moving this way, finds out if your neighborhood might be in danger of flooding. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in.
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well known journalists are expected to have a local college kid join their ranks
5:57 pm
>> matt yurus explains what makes this photographer so special. >> reporter: meet ben, the college kid snapping photos of hilary clinton and donald trump in a matter of weeks, his professor hooked him with the press credentials necessary to cover the debates. ben is a 22 year old senior and tbraf fi major at -- photography major at longwood university. he has cerebral palsy. sometimes his mother serves as his interpreter. >> reporter: his journey remains long and winding, determined to live on his own with as little help, he uses short cuts for tasks. black and gray nikes don't tie but zip, same for his necktie. he rne
5:58 pm
began. a graduation, he, like these youngsters, graduated from infant toddler connection of fairfax falls church, an organization that helps develop young kids with disabilities. now he stands as an example of what these kids can one day become. matt yurus, wusa9. >> ben wants to be a photographer for a newspaper some day covering debates. now, trump shake up, republican presidential candidate, donald trump makes a major staff change and how the last minute shuffle could impact his campaign. topper tracking a wave of storms that could put us at risk for flash flooding. a scathing federal report on how so
5:59 pm
county teachers punish teacher, has officials taking action. there is big news to start with in the race for the white house. coming in the form of a shake up at the top of donald trump's campaign. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm adam longo. the nominee announced the hiring of a new campaign manager and a combative ceo. >> campaigns that think they are winning don't typically make big staff moves this late in the season. he know he is is battling behind and ready to take dramatic steps to try to catch up. at a rally in wisconsin last night, donald trump used prepared remarks and a teleprompter to reach to a new audience, minority voters frustrated with the democratic party. >> for every forgotten stretch of our society, i'm running to offer you a
6:00 pm
the kind of tightly on message candidate republican insiders have been waiting to see, coaxed out by campaign chairman, paul manafort. in an interview, trump telegraphed perceived election pivot would be short lived. >> it's me. i don't want to change. everyone talks about, you are going to pivot. i don't want to pivot, you have to be you. >> reporter: trump made clear he is returning to his pugilistic roots. he appointed bannon, a conservative on line outlet that backed his campaign to the role of campaign ceo. his reputation as political brawler as comfortable fighting republicans as democrats precedes him. >> that signals to me that trump rather than softening his approach is going to double down on being the tough, in your face, campaig


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