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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> instead of going over and g etting in trouble, getting h eld, not be able to come back. to me, it's just a disgrace. >> kind of been like a big brother to a lot of the kids. >> one of his former teammates says this will shake her faith in him. >> whatever happens happens and some people make mistakes. >> now, the police chief says that it was ryan lochte who was the most intoxicated, and apparently the most irritated and the most aggressive. the chief says one of the security guards did, indeed, wave a gun to try and force the swimmers to stick around until a police car got there. he says, the swimmers did leave money, 100 rials and $20 to pay for the vandalism. and finally, he alleges that either bentz or conger has confessed to the whole thing. but he couldn't remember which one.
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leshan, wusa9. >> it is a stunning development. the police chief says as far as he's concerned, the swimmers are free to leave brazil, after they finish talking to investigators but that may be up to a brazilian judge, not police. and the judge in charge of the special hearing says the case and the punishment for false police report is a small fine. nothing that would keep them in the long run from leaving. cassandra writes, not sure what to believe. i know the government of brazil does not want the shame of a robbery. this could be the truth or we might never know. and from lynn, unbelievable. they should not be allowed to compete in future olympic games if they are found to be lying about the whole incident. log onto our wusa 9 facebook page. and tell us what you think. following breaking news right now. from metro. where the derailment of the train of the east falls
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they announced that the metro transit police will open up its own probe. there were 75 people. one person was injured. our garrett haake spoke with councilman jack evans. evans says investigators will be looking into the possibility that criminal negligence by a metro employee contributed to the derailment. we'll have more from garrett on this story, coming up at 6:00. also breaking at this hour, the state department now says that $400 million in cash paid to iran was, in fact, contingent on the release of u.s. p risoners. now, the money belonged to iran. it was frozen in u.s. banks when american hostages were taken in 1979. early ther month, president obama insist the pavement was not a ransom. and the administration repeatedly denied the money was part of any deal to get the hostages released. was it
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prince george's county are c alling for an investigation into the handling of alleged abuses of preschoolers in head start. the federal government pulled its funding from the program, after the county failed to fix repeated problems of h umiliation, and corporal p unishment. wusa 9's delia goncalves is live to explain the fallout from this one. >> good evening. one alleged incident happened here at the bishop wheatley school. according to that report, the 3 -year-old who was a student here, allegedly wet his pants and was forced to mop up his urine off a floor. tonight, school board member, ed boroughs is calling for an external investigation. and he tells me, if that investigation proves that indeed there was a cover-up, resignations should follow. >> leadership starts from the top and should trickle down. >> parents say outrage is not enough. >> they want school ceo, kenneth maxwell out. >> that's not a sign of
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leadership. something must be done sooner, rather than later. >> dr. maxwell delivered strong words, following yesterday's bombshell news. he calls a few accused of abuse, unacceptable. and a betrayal of trust. >> those teachers do not deserve another job like that. they don't. they don't deserve to be around children. >> he said the teachers have been removed from head start and everyone has been retrained. >> there's nothing wrong with different teaching methods. it's just to the certain extent that you do it to. >> but according to the federal report, the funding was pulled because the school system failed to immediately fix the problems. ine discouraging a parent from filing a report. many say this is not just the case of a couple of bad apples. it's the whole system that is rotten. >> i think it's a huge problem, honestly. i'm scared to send my niece to day care or even head start. >> it's really sad. it's unfortunate that the
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of this much sooner. they should do something q uickly. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, hearing from ed boroughs who said the board was completely blind-sided by these head start allegations. in fact, he said he learned about them after watching the news. we're live in capital heights, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> they'll be looking to improve communication among other t hings. they had no comment today. they will resume head start classes as schooled, next -- scheduled next monday. august 29th. big questions about the apartment explosion in silver springs. they took over that investigation and seven bodies have been recovered from the rubble at flower branch apartments. wusa 9's pete monteen is there for us tonight. pete? >> reporter: investigators just left the scene here. they spent all day, huddled in this area. the southern edge of the blast site, near piney branch road. tomorrow, they'll hold
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shedding light into this. >> reporter: investigators from the national transportation safety board are now taking the lead. it's been more than a week since the flower branch apartments blew up. in a midnight fireball. >> it's very sad. >> hilda shaw heard the explosion from a mile away. ntsb pipeline explosions will see if gas was a factor. >> the people work so hard. and they need shelter in a home. then you come home and these happen. >> crowds watched investigators huddled around the crash site. >> for me, very hard. very emotional. you know? >> thirp were -- 30 were hurt. many more now homeless. >> you smell the char and you realized how much burned last week. and what that meant in people's lives. >> neighbor chris barclay hopes
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accountability. this is montgomery county. this is the united states. nobody should live in conditions where they have to fear something like this happening at their home. >> and tomorrow, very longs will also update us on the process of recovering victims. on tuesday, a 7th body was pulled from the rubble here. live in silver spring, pete monteen, wusa 9. >> all right, pete. and police have not released the names of the people who died. family members tell us they have been asked for dna samples. a potomac, maryland man is dead, after being hit by a car in the district. 45-year-old armin tumadgey was hit in the logan circle area. he was the co-owner of the restaurant chaplains. that's in the shaw neighborhood. he was rushed to the report, but doctors aren't able -- weren't able to hit him. drivers remained on the scene. police have not indicated yet whether chaany charges will be file -- whether any charges
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searchers recovered the body today of a swimmer who went m issing in the potomac river. the victim was last seen t uesday, jumping in the water, in great falls on the virginia side. friends say he came from the u.s. from afghanistan and didn't know how to swim. >> because of the current, it is illegal to swim or even wade. >> the washington monumented will begin tomorrow. you can see tourists here. perhaps disappointed that they won't be able to take a ride. causing it to stop below the 5 00-foot level yesterday m orning. only worker was on board at the time. but there were tourists on top who had to trek all the way d own. where police will be out in a neighborhood, where a man was killed last night. 37-year-old oscar garcia was shot in feet pleasant. offi
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outside his home on joplin street. he died several hours later at prince george's county hospital. it's still not clear why or who was targeting garcia. but police are offering $25,000 for information that leads to his killer. a mechanical issue is blamed for a car fire that caused a lot of damage today in rockville. those flames spread to two other vehicles, some trees and the siding of a home. this morning, fire happened. and there was some issue with gas tanks. the total damage estimate is just about $100,000. turning now to the p residential campaign trail, in a day after shaking up his campaign staff, donald trump was in the swing state of north carolina. during a fox news town hall, trump said american muslims who don't help root out terrorism, share the spoability for their acts. meanwhile, his new campaign manager told
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republican presidential today will remain on message. >> i'd rather lose a campaign, where we put it all in the field substantially, than win a campaign, based on style. >> hillary clinton, meanwhile, continued to hammer away at trump. her campaign released a new ad, highlighting the issues. clinton also met with law enforcement leaders in new york. an out-of-control wildfire in california now covers an area largary than the city of san francisco. the blue cut fire, east of los angeles, is one of nine major fires in the golden state. tens of thousands have been evacuated. they are worried and uncertain about whether when they'll be alouded to return home -- allowed to return home. >> i don't want to start over with nothing. >> this fire ran up canyon, established itself in all of these canyons which carried the fire in a bunch of different directions. fire offial
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lue-cut fire is just 4% c ontained. we are just getting started here on wusa at 5:00. topper? it's comfortable in terms of humidity. so day planner. 6:00 tonight. not quite 90. mid-80s by 6:00. and mid-70s. we'll come back and talk about how our streak of 90s will continue. and which day is safer to make plans over the weekend. also ahead, residents finally aloud to get back in their homes in flood-ravaged ellicott city to grab what they can. families are out of their hos tonight after storms tore the roof off part of a d.c. apartment building. and outrage over the s kyrocketing cost of the l ife- saifsing epipen. plus, new video from the national zoo tonight. of our beloved panda and p
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it's putting an economic strain on local families. >> the cost of epipen has jumped almost 500% over the past eight years. wusa 9's hillary lane is here to talk more about this. >> for many kids and adults with severe allergies, their lives depend on this in medication. and now local families are struggling to pay the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars each year to make sure their kids are safe. >> no more after that, okay? >> if you ask 9-year-old sophie, she'll give you a long list of food she loves. >> like pasta. a lot of types of dessert. >> and a list of foods she's deathly afraid of.
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>> that's because sophie has severe allergies to those foods. >> her throat started to close up. and she started drooling. and we had use the epipen and call 911. >> and mom -- >> no matter where i go, i carry an epipen. >> said it's likely the drug saved her life. but the cost of the drug has been soaring. experts say the auto injector's price has risen from $100 to $ 600 over the past few years. >> we would do anything for our children. and so it's almost as though we're being held hostage. >> according to medical experts, epipen has a near monopoly over the market. so when the prices go up, families like the atias have no choice but to pay up. >> a matter of life and death. and it's something we need to have with us. so regardless of price, we're going to have to pay for it. >> for some families, the epipen is covered by insurance. but for the atias and other families, ey
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pending $600 for one epipen. they have to buy two sets. one has to be kept at school. the company does say most forms of the medication expire after 12 months. >> that hurts. thank you. some local families tell wusa 9, they're traveling to canada to buy a generic forge of the epipen -- form of the e pipen. another 3 1/2 inches of rain fell in a place that did not need it. this is water-logged baton r ouge. the national guard is still checking on people, hunkered down in their homes. this flooding has led to at least 13 deaths. and the high water has damaged 40,000 homes. >> we actually lost everything to katrina. came here. and 10 years later, lost everything again. >> sandbags are being piled up from the air in preparation of more flooding from those o verflowing canals. closer to home, strong winds from last night's storms blew the
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building in southeast. about 50 people were evacuated from their homes and the building on k street. inspectors say the building owned by the d.c. housing authority is still structurally sound. some residents were allowed to return to their apartments but not those living near the damaged roof. fortunately, there were no injuries. >> pretty active night last night. >> it was busy. >> doppler indicated anywhere from 50 to 60-mile-per-hour w inds in those areas. the good news is, it's quiet tonight. it's less humid tonight. it's actually not a bad evening. >> is it going to stay that way? >> sort of. we'll be in this pattern for a few days. and really, you'll love next week. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. i think we're going to be okay. 92 today. and i think it's going to be pretty close. trying to get a bull's-eye t oday, quite frankly. we're looking at again, lower humidity. and a little more comfortable n terms of what your body s.
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days. the record set back in 20 tenement we're up to 42 now. we have 24 alone in july. and average is 36 for the year. average for meteorological summer, which is june, july, and august, only 31. so we're creeping up on last year's 52. probably see 43 tomorrow. probably see 44, 45 over the weekend. probably end with 45 over the weekend for a while. live look outside. courtesy of our michael and sons weather cam. duplicate at 60. a little better. and the winds out of the north at 8. a hot evening will lead to a warm night. but quiet on radar. high temperatures now around 90 through sunday. probably in the low 90s at that. best chance of storms, though, will be sunday afternoon and evening. so if you want to pick a day n terms of making outdoor plans. probably will be safer sunday. possibly yellow weather alert as a cold front pushes through, some of the storms could be hefty. but i do think most of the s torms will be late in the day. the first part of sunday will
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be fine. 9:30, 10:00 tonight. couple of sprinkles here and there. but generally just dry and t oasty. low 80s downtown. still 78 in silver springs. still 78 in fairfax. by morning, we're back in the 70s. now we're looking at 72 in fairfax. 71 in fredericksburg. and maybe 73, 72 in bowie. by 9:00, we're back around 80 downtown. with 70s elsewhere. then we get into the afternoon. couple of showers possible tomorrow. looks like a nice end of the week. pretty typical for august. i think hagerstown, martins b urg, you folks around cumberland, will not make it to 90. you will stay in the upper 8 0s. by this time tomorrow night, again a couple of showers in the mountain, couple of showers south. but we're okay. the game tomorrow is going to be toasty. this is 6:00. you're getting to fedex for 6:00 around the game. it is still in the upper 80s. will not fall much. maybe
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still in the 80s downtown. but 70s in the bushes. that's-- burbs. that's what i mean, it will stay kind of hot. winds in the west/southwest at 10. and looks like it's going to be dry. day planner goes like this. 70s to start. up to 85 by 11:00. and hal lieu hallelujah, not quite 90. 89 by 1:00 p.m. so saturday, same deal. no low90s. isolated storms. low 90s on sunday. scattered storms. better chance for storms on sunday with a cold front. and we'll monitor that for a yellow weather alert day. next seven days. behind this cold front. this will cool us off. mid80son monday. mid-80s tuesday. lows doubt will be in the 60s. that hasn't happened a lot in the last three or four weeks. which means low 60s in the b urbs. nats back in town. 90 on thursday. even though it gets warmer next week, it stays relatively comfortable in terms of h umidity. >> finally. thanks, top. well, he brought groceries for a woman having a d
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but what happened to a restaurant server, after that is worth more than money? plus, a cell phone company gets rid of a data overcharge fee. but there's a catch. and why mcdonald's is taking those fitness trackers out of the happy meal. i'll tell you in tonight's consumer alert.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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how about some painting lessons from bao bao,a the national zoo. you know those will go for millions. participating in voluntary exercises, in addition to p ainting, she also knows some other tricks, including how to lie down. by the way, there will be a birthday celebration for bao bao this weekend. the zoo will be marking the p anda's third birthday. in tonight's consumer alert, at&t is doing away with the o vercharge fees. but there's a catch. there's always a catch, right? you have to shell oat for for the data plan. the cheapest will cost you $30. but it comes with th
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as much data. there is a recall of nearly 6,000 football helmets used by school teams across the country. the shell inside the zenith helmet can crack and cause cause serious head injuries. they were sold between may of last year and march of this y ear, in stores and online. we've got a link to the recall notice on our wusa 9 app. and remember, we were talking about this adon those activity trackers in the happy meals. well, not anymore. mcdonald's is pulling them. >> after only two days? >> yeah. because some kids complained about skin irritation from the wristbands. you know, fitbit had problems with that initially, too. so mickey d's is looking into the issue and they plan to put something different in the happy meals. a man's random act of k indness ends with his own u nexpected surprise. >> to be honest with you, i don't remember what time it was. i just remember the reaction from the cashier. >> reporter: ca
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at a north texas grocery store, when he saw a woman crying. he walked up to the stranger and offered to help. to brighten her day, he paid for the woman's groceries and told her she was beautiful and made her smile. then he walked away. casey is a server at arple b ee's. later that night, a family member walked in, completely u nconnected to the whole thing. they ordered one flavored water, worth everybody 37 cents. cheapest thing on the menu. then left a $500 tip and a note. >> casey, i want to thank you for being the person you are. on one of the most depressing days of the year, the death of my father's three-year anniversary, you made my mother's day wonderful. >> casey didn't know it, but that $17 grocery bill he paid obviously was worth so much m ore. still ahead, a local wrestler picks up some olympic gold. >> and an errant elbow leads to a redo for u.s. runners in rio. thousands of
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wastewater. that sounds sanitary. >> spilling into a creek in prince george's county. and right after the break, residents try to salvage what is left after those massive floods in ellicott city. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like...
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a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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for the first time since a catastrophic flood killed two people and destroyed much of maryland, the town was partially reopened to the people who live and do buss
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allowed to do was move stuff o ut. wusa 9's scott broom takes us out there to show us how it's going. >> lot of people want to know when they can move back in. the city completely fenced in, protected by guards overnight, to keep looters out. a real measure of how extraordinary this situation is, as people were allowed behind these fences today for the first time with their vehicles to try to get the big stuff out. >> i.t. consultant, henry s tanton, finally allowed to salvage more than just what he can carry in a single trip. like before. for the first time today, authorities let the denizons of ellicott city in with their own cars and trucks and rentals to move the big stuff they have been forced to go without. since the lethal flash flood on that fateful saturday night, 18 days ago. here's video, provided pie howard county that shows what residents are seeing now. reconstruction of roads
5:31 pm
undermined buildings, still in need of shoring up. heavy equipment, moving mounds of earth. and ghostly, ground-floor apartments. >> this is somebody's place. they got their heart and soul and their livelihood in this the place. >> as he moved his stuff out. henry stanton today, reflected on all of it. >> tough to run a small business when you're faced with this. but i just am amazed at the help they're getting from the people that are working down here. >> this is a very vibrant town. very arts-oriented. really reaching a tipping point. they have thousands of people coming to him. now it is a ghost town. it's a remarkable t ransformation. and really not a very good one. i do think they need to look at the way development has explode around here and the impact that heads off this watershed. i think this is a bigger problem that we have to look at l ong-term. >>
5:32 pm
thinking into the future. he said he'll be when this town reopens. once this town gets itself back on its feet. reporting live in ellicott city, maryland, scott broom, wusa 9. >> all right, scott. thank you. now, the hours that residents salvaged their stuff 9:00 in the morning to night. through august 22 nld. there is a 15-foot restriction on trucks. no date has been set to allow people to begin reoccupation. three postal workers have been indicted on bribery c harges. the suspect allegedly took money in exchange for delivering usps packages filled with marijuana. people in and outside the district. two defendants were released on personal recognizance. shortly after they walked past po
5:33 pm
questions. a third defendant, yvonne rowe was not released. tonight, untreated w astewater is spilling into a creek. it started yesterday afternoon, between route 410 and 450 in riverdale. so far, about 10,000 gallons of wastewater has spilled into the creek. wssc is working with the national parks service to install an overpass to stop the flow. the utility says the drinking water is not affected by the spill. a health alert now, c oncerning the zika virus in virginia. the fairfax county health department will post a zika virus town hall meeting tonight. starting at 7:00 p.m. at the west springfield government center. as of last week. 29 cases of zika have been reported in northern virginia. and health officials say all of the victims contracted the disease through international travel. time now for a check on what is happening in rio so far t oday. and the day
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poorly for the american four-by 100 relay team. they dropped the baton after a brazilian runner elbowed alison phoenix. the u.s. filed an appeal and w on. that means the team will run by themselves on the track tonight. and if they get a top eight t ime, they will be in the f inals. and congratulations to m cgruder hischool graduates. high school graduate. the 24-year-old rockland native just won gold. defeating a woman from japan. investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire a board a cruise ship near puerto rico. >> video shows them evacuating passengers. many of them down emergency slides to rescue boats. more than 100 people were treated to minor injuries like heat stroke and shock and dehydration. those passengers were mostly dominican. and they included dozens of school children, headed to
5:35 pm
for an athletic competition. >> chicago's top cop is moving to fire seven police officers, for reportedly lying about the shooting of laquan mcdonald. mcdonald's death was captured in a disturbing video that contributed the officer's account of what happened. the move to punish the officers is a long-awaited response to the shooting. the officer who fired the b ullets that killed mcdonald is charged with murder. a viral video of a small b oy, rescued in syria is grabbing the world's attention on social media. >> the boy is injured. and obviously dazed. crews saved him from a building destroyed in aleppo, after an air strike. and opposition activist group released the video. and officials believe his p arents and his siblings did survive the attack. uber says it will debut a fleet of self-driving cars in pittsburgh soon. the ford fusions will still have human backup drivers. uber has
5:36 pm
where it's working on oughtonnous -- autonomous driving. they are also workag i deal with -- working a deal with volvo. we have an inspirational story. >> and it involves a random act of kindness at a san antonio wal-mart. >> seeing a teacher in line in front of him with a full cart of supplies, a good samaritan, named lester brown, paid for them. and the tv station was able to track down the great of t eacher -- grateful teacher. >> he inspider me to do whatever you can. >> i challenge you. whatever it is you can afford to volunteer the school. >> lester brown is a father of 5 and a pastor in texas. he said helived to make the world a better place and help his neighbors. and he sure
5:37 pm
>> well done. the world's longest aircraft takes flight. what is powering this 3 00-foot- long super blimp? that's next. taking care of kids left b ehind by parents deployed in the military. andrea mccarren introduce us to one group helping out. we got a break on some of the pollen, but not all the pollens. trees were low. weeds were low. and grasses were low. but i'll tell you what, mold spores are off the chart. we'll come back. we'll talk about -- we'll break down the number of 90-degree d ays by month. might be surprised by which month was the worst. and we'll talk about the weekend forecast as well.
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a local nonprofit is helping to ease the pain of a parent's deployment by providing a gramp. >> a group called our military kids helps pay for extracurricular activities for kids
5:41 pm
andrea mccarren brings us tonight's salute to service report. >> it's been amazing employing? when marine corps staff sergeant justin brown served our country in iraq, and returned to recover from wounds from war. he found comfort knowing his children wouldn't have to sacrifice losing the activities they love. when his father was deployed, sergeant ground brown's -- sergeant brown's son was able to play baseball and football. by the time he was in high school, the family had moved level times. sports provided a level ground for community. >> it was nice to know that certain things were taken care of. and especially when it came to my kids. >> i've done cheerleading, soccer, gymnastics. >> reporter: 7-year-old madi brown is clearly thriving. >> i love school because i have a good teacher.
5:42 pm
children of our deployed reserve and national guard. and also to children of all of our wounded warriors. >> our military kids help defray the costs associated with sports and arts programs. including music lessons. and that's not all. >> and then there are children whose grades start to fall. and we provide tutoring. >> the nonprofit initially thought it would be simply helping military children. but it's become clear, the entire family benefits. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> if you'd like to learn more about our military kids, we've posted a link to our nonprofit on our wusa 9news app. turning now to the mission to take down and some sordid new details about rd3's lady drama. that's not him. plus, will amazon prime now really deliver your package in two hours or less? find out next.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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anything on amazon these days. now you can add groceries. amazon prime is now available in certain parts of the area. >> the company promises to deliver in just one hour in some locations. and between two to four hours in others. so we sent our peggy fox to northern virginia to see if that promise holds true. >> these are my friends. alisa and rachel morrison. they had amazon prize for three years. but they just discovered their zip code falls within the amazon prime now jurisdiction. and are you interested in giving it a try? >> yes. >> they say they can deliver goods one two or one hour, r ight? >> two hours or one hour for a nominal fee. >> seven bucks? >> seven bucks. >> you going to try? >> yeah. >> there it is. prime now. grocery. >> the prices look pretty consistent with what you would see in a grocery store here. we see the subcategory of ice cream. i'm just wondering where it
5:47 pm
know. where fresh blueberries would come from, within one hour. >> unavailable. >> ah. 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. so it's looking like where we live, we will have to wait two hours. >> this is where i live on the map. and it looks like the circle right here might be where the order is coming from. so after we discovered that the amazon warehouse is at the shirley industrial complex on edsel road, we came here to springfield. and this is roberta crawl. she's going to get on her amazon prime now account. to see if she can order in an hour, right? >> it's been about 35 minutes. i'm really surprised. that's so fast. >> bye. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was fast. >> yeah. >> how did you guys do that so fast? >> i don't know.
5:48 pm
>> we drive safely. >> what my friends helped me see is that if you're within a proximity of that amazon warehouse in springfield, then you can get your groceries or whatever you want, delivered within an hour. even have frozen ice cream. huh? >> yep. >> really frozen. >> in springfield. peggy fox. wusa 9. >> peggy. she got the best excitement of the day. >> that's not a bad day for peggy at all. >> the first lady she i nterviewed got her groceries in three hours. so now you know. we're shutting it down in today's trending segment. website gawker. >> kind of run out of money h ere, haven't they? >> they made the announcement after a bankruptcy hearing. it comes four months after it was revealed that peter field was running a covert operation aimed at taking a website down. that includes helping to
5:49 pm
against gawker. beal was apparently angry that gawker outed him as a gay man. surrounding rg3 and his new lady friend. quarterback and his wife separated, only after rebecca lid coat found out about her husband's new lover. lidicoat was apparently trying to save the marriage, until she found on tuesday -- tuesday, friends, that rg3 was in the process of filing for divorce. >> so when exactly did he get that tattoo with his new girl's name on it the drama continues. mark the calendars. vice president candidate and tim kaine willob steven colbert. -- will be on steven colbert. we talked about this going out to
5:50 pm
degree days by month. i tweeted this out. we were cruising along in may. only 5 in june. 23 in july. we've already had 14 in august. average for the entire year is 36. the record is 67 days back in 1980. and also 2010. live look outside. courtesy of the michael and sons weather cam. it's toasty. 89. dew points dipping below 70. that's better. winds out of the north at 8. you can probably take a job this afternoon and evening. a hot evening. high temps through sunday. best chance of storms will be sunday afternoon. and sunday night with the cold front. and because of that, we will monitor that for a possible yellow weather alert. but i tell you what, a typical august weekend for us. you can do lots of stuff on saturday. and most of sunday. tonight, 10:00. 82 downtown. 75 in manassas. we're looking at 76 in sterling.
5:51 pm
71 in fairfax. by midmorning. we're back to 80 downtown. upper 70s elsewhere. notice pretty quiet, in terms of showers. couple of showers out to the west. for the most for part, you folks will have showers. i-81 westward. kind of elevation drink, as we go through -- elevation driven. then by 6:00 tomorrow. about 24 hours if from now. we're 90 downtown. 80s in the burbs. with showers south of us. mainly a dry day. which is good news for the game. it's going to be hot. game time temps, about 84, 85. by the time you leave, only about 78. not exactly cool. 70s to start tomorrow. 55 by -- 85 by 11:00. 89 by 1:00. saturday, low 90s. a few storms. low 90s. more storms as the front rolls through. but look what happens in the wake of the front. finally, real relief. low humidity, upper 80s near wednesday, near 90 wednesday. nats back in town. but still not humid through next thursday.
5:52 pm
check out xfinity. quieted most of the critics that said he was a washed up baseball player. at 37 years old, he's become mr. reliable. frank hanrahan has more on the veterans hitting his stride in tonight's inside pitch. well, how about jayson w erth. once thought of as washed up, overpaid. 37-year-old werth is having a very productive bounce-back season. especially getting on the base pads. 44 straight games. and he made it 45 against the rockies on wednesday to keep that streak alive. in case you're wondering, a ll- time record is held by the great ted williams string of 84 games back in 1949. first place nats stay on the road. starting a ser
5:53 pm
tonight. that's your inside pitch. i'm frank hanrahan. despite winning, the burgundy and gold will have to make major improvements if they hope to repeat as champs. obviously, eyes will be on curt cousins. washington's defense is d efinitely under the microscope. they were hampered by injuries. ranked 28th in total d efense. 31st in rushing yards allowed. 59 expected this year to be much better. but coordinator joe berry is first to admit, there's still room for improvement. >> we talk about and challenge our guys all the time. let's make any offense we're going against earn any blade of grass they gain. we gave up four explosion passes last week. can't do that. that's beating yourself. the other thing, we had seven defensive penalties. and penalties are going to happen. you're never going to go through a course of this. but it's the foolish pen
5:54 pm
bit more than we think. >> looking forward to that. coming up next at 6:00. find out why metro transited police are now part of the investigation in that train d erailment in east falls church. fallout from a scathing federal report. into prince george's head start program. the careers of key people in the organization may be on the line. but first, maiden voyage. the world's longest aircraft took off for its first flight today. coming up, how this could change the way we fly.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the world's longest aircraft has made it. >> the helium-filled airlander 10 is more than 300 feet long. 'sthat nearly 50 feet longer than the biggest passenger p lanes. >> on airfields just north of london, the world's longest aircraft spreads its tiny wings wings and takes to the skies. measuring in around the width and length of a football field, the air lander 10 is not what you would call conventional. up close, it looks even s tranger. >> this is the flight deck. bring you up here. >> but chief test pilot, david burns, who was at the controls, said you need to look beyond the shape of the hull, which has been, you could say, the butt of some jokes. to appreciate the very modern flying machine. >> a normal flight deck. any pilot can feel right
5:58 pm
home coming in here. >> reporter: the helium-filled airlander is in fact, a frankenstein of technologies. taking the lift of a plimp and combining with the maneuver a bility of a helicopter and the low capacity of a small cargo plane. >> they claim the aircraft is super efficient. >> and essentially, the engines of four suvs propel this t hing. >> spokesman chris dajs claim its could be used to drop h umanitarian aid into disaster areas. >> it's amphibious. around the water, around the lake. desert, ice, you name it. >> but the airlander can't compete with names when it comes to speeds. it tops off around 70 miles an hour. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> it can respond 10 days in the air without refueling and unlike pressurized blimps of the past,
5:59 pm
aircraft won't catch fire or pop like a b alloon. right now, at 6:00. police are now getting involved in last month's metro derailment at the east falls church s tation. plus, uncertain future. some careers hang in the balance after a federal investigation into prince george's county, head start program. and a community in mourning after a man is killed just a block from his restaurant. >> but first, new developments to report to you tonight. about that metro train d erailment in northern virginia last month. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm adam longo. >> this morning,tro announced it was calling for a police investigation. outside the east falls church station. garrett haake joins us live outside to tell us why metro took this step. it's significant, garrett snms it absolutely -- garrett. >> it absolutely is. there are two separate investigations. and the preliminary reports from all of them are saying
6:00 pm
track d egrading. there's a condition of the t rack. is what effectively led to the cause of this derailment. but now, metro transit place have been brought in to figure out essentially how all of that happened and will whether the condition of the tracks amounts to criminal negligence. this afternoon, i spoke to metro board chair jack evans. he said that conflicting i nformation, coming into to investigator, led g.m. paul w edefeld to get involved. they hope to send a message, both to metro employees and to the broader rider ship that they are serious about improving culture. the riders we spoke to say they are conflicted. >> it seems to me that a job wasn't done that should have been done. and seems like from what i read about, that has been separated for a while. and it just kind of got n eglected. if there is negligence there, i think somebody


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