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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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track d egrading. there's a condition of the t rack. is what effectively led to the cause of this derailment. but now, metro transit place have been brought in to figure out essentially how all of that happened and will whether the condition of the tracks amounts to criminal negligence. this afternoon, i spoke to metro board chair jack evans. he said that conflicting i nformation, coming into to investigator, led g.m. paul w edefeld to get involved. they hope to send a message, both to metro employees and to the broader rider ship that they are serious about improving culture. the riders we spoke to say they are conflicted. >> it seems to me that a job wasn't done that should have been done. and seems like from what i read about, that has been separated for a while. and it just kind of got n eglected. if there is negligence there, i think somebody
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be involved. >> criminal because someone didn't do the job properly or did it incorrectly. if that's the case, a lot of people have criminal charges. >> metro isn't really commenting beyond their initial statement here. so far, we don't really know how broad this investigation will be or when it might conclude. reporting live, garrett haake, wusa 9. >> and metro riders were quick to respond to this news. hillary tweets, why is washington's subway system f alling apart? and dr. joe santoro says, it is killing local small business and straining employees. you can stay on top of metro travel delays and all the safety surge details. we know there there are a lot of them. they're all on our wusa 9 app. people should lose their j obs. that's what one elected leader
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allegations of abuse by head start teachers in prince g eorge's county. >> they have pulled the $6.4 million in funding after the county immediately failed to fix the problems. delia goncalves live in capital heights with calls for external investigation. >> just spoke to school board member ed boroughs who wants to get to the bottom of this controversy. who knew about these alleged abuses and for how long? because he tells me, members was board just found out, after watching the news. the administration of child and families pulled head start's federal funding. after several cases of, quote, humill humiliation and corporal punishment by teachers. investigators say they failed to address the problem. and in one case, discouraged a mom from filing a complaint. boroughs says if an external investigation proves there was, indeed, a cover-up. school leaders ou
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over this length of time. repeated deefficiencies is u nacceptable. so we need people to be held accountable. if we don't, this will continue to other areas of the system. >> ceo, dr. kenneth maxwell j oined the school system in 2 013. he had a news conference yesterday and said the teachers in question, no longer with head start. everyone has been retrained. the school system had no comment on this story today. however, we can tell you, head start programs like the one happening here at winship wheatley, will resume next monday. we're live in capital heights, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> the county has 30 days to appeal the decision and try to get that federal funding restored. but they say they are still weighing their options. >> police in brazil tonight, say olympic gold medalist, ryan lochte made up a story about being robbed at gunpoint. the rio police chief says that story was a lie to cover up some bad
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station. after a night of drinking. the four swimmers allegedly broke down the door to a bathroom at this bas station. and u-- gas station. and urinated on the floor. police called two of them, including jack conger off the plane heading to the united states to question them. and one of them allegedly confessed. outside the house, a sign says, jack conger, you always make f .v. proud. and at the pool, a former teammate is standing by him. >> whatever happened happened, and some people make mistakes. >> the judge in charge of the case says the punishment for making a false police report is just a small fine. it's nothing that would keep those athletes from leaving s oon. and the police chief said if it were up to him, they could leave as soon as they're done talking with talking with investigator. >> federal investigators are looking into the
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explosion. they spent call a at -- spent call a at the flower branch apartments. the blast killed at least seven people. neighbors say they hope the investigation leads to a ccountability. >> it's very important. and i hope they find it faster. because they can get to the end. >> tomorrow, investigators will hold a press conference. police have not released the names of the seven people recovered. in the race for president, the campaign trail follows the thin, blue line of law enforcement. democrat hillary clinton held a round table talk with law enforcement leaders across the country. republican donald trump met with officers at a fraternal order of police lodge in north carolina. >> everyone is safer when there is respect for the law. and when everyone is respected by the law. >> trump holds a rally tonight
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in charlotte. he's first with the big campaign shakeup. and tomorrow, he airs his first of the general election. clinton slammed trump for not releasing his tax returns. coming up ytaxpayers -- why taxpayers may get stuck. why we're talking about high temperatures tomorrow, adam. looking at 92 tomorrow downtown. maybe 91 in gaithersburg. maybe 90 in frederick. probably upper 80s. and 88 us also in cumberland. we'll come back and talk about if any thunderstorms will affect your friday night plans or affect the games. and of course have your weekend outlook.
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today, mexican authorities released this security camera video of gunmen kidnapping the sun of el chapo guzman in puerto va vallarta. the son of another drug lord is among the six hostages. the governors of the states where these cartels are based have been warned that reprisal attacks are on the way soon. and in turkey at least a dozen people were killed in three bomb attacks that targeted police and soldiers. more than 200 others were hurt. this is footage of the effect. the source
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uprooted nearby barbs. -- bars. authorities believe kurdish rebels are behind the attacks. started with one police officer's act of kindness and has snowballed from there. >> officer hawkins was called to a human services building in durham, north carolina. and her orders were to remove a homeless mother with three young kids who refused to leave. hawkins said she had to do something. >> my heart. >> i'm a mother. i have kids. and i just wouldn't want to be in that situation. >> housewife. wow. god sent somebody to help us. >> with help from fellow officers, hawkins was able to put that family up and buy them basic necessities. and it gets better. the mother recently found a job and has adles on a more permanent home. wonderful gesture. >> absolutely. we're in for a string of really hot weather here. but relief is
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topper up next. with your forecast. >> but first, his friends say his heart was as big as his smile. next. hear about the d.c. restaurant owner, struck and killed th
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friends, family and people in the d.c. community are m ourning the loss of the man they call the teddy bear. >> he died after getting hit by a car. after leaving a restaurants he coowns with friends. debbie alfarone is steps away from where he died. deborah, what can you tell us about it? >> his close friends have a lot to say about it. they say he was a teddy bear. that he had a huge heart. he was so generous, in fact, that he would give away food regularly. in fact, he was so thoughtful, he knew the name of the men h anging around the homeless neighborhood. and also knew exactly what he liked to eat. >> he was a great father. and takes care of his sister and his mom and his family here. he just definitely pa
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lot of people. he'll be missed. >> ari wilder tries to wrap his head arn the fact that his close friend of almost two decades is gone. 44-year-old armin armin coowned the popular shaw restaurant, chaplain, along with wilders and others. >> he was always making sure everyone is safe and taken care of. and walking everybody to their cars. >> and that's exactly what friends say amin was doing. after 2:00 a.m., when police say he crossed ninth street with a female friend and a driver of a mercedes struck him. friends say he was close with his family. and he leaves behind a 1 0-year- old daughter. >> he was just a really sweet, loving, loyal human being. >> reporter: friends say this was one of armin's proudest d ays, being there to cut the ribbon to open the spot that would end up on best restaurant and best cock
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>> finally, getting to a place where he's opening his restaurant and succeeding and taking care of his family and his daughter and getting what he wanted out of life. >> police say the driver stayed at the scene of this accident. and that they are still investigating what caused the crash. family and friends are gathering here at this place, chaplain's, a very popular place in shaw to remember him tonight. we're live in the shaw neighborhood, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> debra, thanks. as part of their routine, they administered a b reathalyzer. deadly flooding 18 days ago. the residents of ellicott city were allowed back in. they came with cars and trucks to start moving out the big stuff they couldn't carry. and they found a town that still doesn't have fully functioning sidewalks, roads or utilities. some of this video is provided by ellicott city. many buildings are
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shored up with lumber, where foundations used to be. i.t. consultant, henry stanton was trying to salvage items from his office today. >> tough to run a small, when you're faced with this. but i just am amazed at the help we're getting from the people that are working down here. >> authorities will allow residents in to move out their possessions between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. through monday of next week. but they will not say when they will be able to reopen town for people to try and come move their things back in. well, the flooding in louisiana could lead to the state's biggest housing crisis since hurricane katrina. at least 13 people are dead. and as many as 40,000 homes were damaged. the destruction and cleanup could run into the billions of dollars. authorities estimate less than 21% of people affected have flood insurance. the fierce, blue cut w ildfire continues to rage out of control thursday, spreading across 40 square miles
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los angeles. authorities say they're not sure how many homes the fire has destroyed. the blaze started as a small brush fire on monday and spread to about 25,000 acres. more than 80,000 people were forced out of their homes. about 1500 firefighters have been battling the blaze, which is now only about 4% contained. well, we got heartbreak from coast to coast. and we think here about how the weather has been in the past couple of days. >> you know, not too bad. >> yeah. >> the weekend is going to be pretty enough to tell you. typical august weekend. and the payoff is next week. you want to take a sick day next week. i would recommend tuesday. >> i guess we know if you don't show up, where u'yoll be. >> i will be here tuesday. >> let's start with the 3- degree guarantee. mid92. feeling pretty good. almost had a bull's-eye yesterday. missed it by 1. had a bull's- eye on tuesday. we'll see what
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at 11:00. we'll talk about 90-degree days in d.c. the record is 67. we were at 42 right now. average is 36 for the year. so we're above that already. we'll probably add another three days at least, just friday, saturday and sunday, to this number. and again, the record is 67. back in 2010. and also in 1980. live look outside. it is our live michael and son weather cam. still 91. but dew points are in the 60s. that's almost bearable. humidity, 45%. it's actually reasonable enough to you want to take a little walk or jog tonight. heat index is pretty much negligible. highs around 90 through sunday. so friday, saturday, sunday, around 90, maybe the north side of 90, low 90s. best chance of storms will be sunday afternoon, with a cold front. and this is not a misnomer. it will be a cold front. it will drop temps and more importantly drop humidity next week. and because of the storm, we'll monitor throh
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afternoon and evening for a yellow weather alert. i'll make plans, saturday safer. sunday morning, looks safe as well. sunday afternoon, storms will be developing. 10:00. still 83 downtown. still 75 in silver spring and wheaton. and still 74 in fairfax. by morning, we're looking at low to mid-70s. maybe 77 in fredericksburg and daily city. now, by lunchtime, we're going to be close to 90 downtown. but i think you folks in h agerstown and martinsburg and winchester, you're not going to make 90 tomorrow. better chance of showers in petersburg and oakland. because you're in the mountains. but for the most part, get a temperature break. that's good. by this time tomorrow night, 90 downtown. future cast running a little l ow. looking at temperatures in the low 90s downtown. and by 9:30. we're still low 80s downtown. so a hot, hot night tomorrow. temperat
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the low to mid-80s to start. probably mid80s to start. and it might end up in the upper 70s by the time all things are said and done. for tonight, partly cloudy. we'll call it muggy. winds west/southwest at 10. mid-70s. 85 by 11:00. and look at this. we're under 90. that's good. by 1:00. so 91 on saturday. 91 on sunday. we'll monitor that for yellow weather alert. better chance for storms in the afternoon and evening. but there's our reward. mid-80s. low, low humidity. we could even see upper 50s for lows in the burbs. 90 on thursday. a little hotter, yes. >> thank you, topper. so if maryland was its own country, it would have the second most number of gold m edals. >> crazy. >> i think 12 of them. >> yeah. i think we're about 12. yes. 13 total da
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>> not bad. >> and got another one today. just racking up the medal count. not just maryland but montgomery county. not only won a gold medal but made history in the process. the story coming up
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and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. a rockville native made history today in rio. helen is from rockville,
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cgruder high. and now she's an olympic gold medalist. but not just any. she won on the wrestling match. becoming the first woman wrestler to win olympic gold. she had to get through the best out there. sorry is ya shidda, a three- time world champion and gold m edalist. the u.s. woman's 4-by-100 replay will get -- relay will get a doover tonight. team protested. had been bumped by a competitor. they won their appeal and will get to run by themselves tonight and try to qualify for the t imes. when a sport is judged and scored by points, it's always subjective. there's usually someone who isn't happy with the final score or decision. that was the case this week for prince george's county, boxer gary antoine russell. but the decision that he was not th
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crit siesm bien -- criticism by many. he was sent only. unfortunately, russell's decision is final. our garrett haake caught up with russell's brother to get his reaction to the controversy. it's tough. at the end of the day, we're going to keep pushing. >> do you think there's potentially corruption here? >> i think it's very possible. it's very, very possible. >> i do like the fact that the organization itself said, you know, that it's not going to be tolerated. you know, so that's something good as well. and finally, this may be hard to believe. but michael phelps, the most decorated olympian of all time, once hated the water. in an interview with espn, p helps said it's crazy to think how far we have come from my mom putting me in the water safety, i hated the water, i didn't want anything to do with it. now, he and his son boomer
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ater. and we're glad he overcame that fear. >> getting to spend more time with boomer now. >> first day of retirement with the family. >> retirement. >> right. hot again tomorrow. you know, a pretty good finish to the week really. should be okay for the game. going tock toasty for the game. and low 90s, saturday and sunday. storms possible sunday. and there's the light at the end of the tunnel. and it's not an ongoing train. monday tuesday, perfect. mid-80s. and even next week, wednesday, thursday, okay. >> too early to say, we're s tarting a downward trend. inside yeah. >> enjoy it while we got it. that's it for us at 6:00. cbs evening news with scott pelley next. >> we'll be back with your only local evening news at 7:00. see you then.
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>> pelley: meddling with the truth. ryan lochte and three other u.s. olympic swimmers are accused of making up the story about being robbed in rio. police say this video proves it. also tonight, the spread of flka. aoridor repwots t more cases, apparently spread by local mosquitoes. the chicago police superintendent wants seven officers fired, accusing them of a cover-up in the fatal shooting of a black teenager. and maybe this child can get the world's attention. he's the new face of syria's civil war. captioning sponsored by cbs


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