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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 19, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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is gold medalist ryan lochte a liar? why this new surveillance video has the swim anywhere hot water tonight. was he really robbed at gun-point? why the olympic scandal could cost him millions. then, hello, what's wrong with adele? the singer heartbroken. why is she apologizing? >> i'm really sorry. plus christi
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18-year-old daughter bullied for her looks? why she's sick of being compared to her supermodel mom. and charlize theron's take your kids to work day. >> momma's working. >> on the set of "the huntsman," with chris hemsworth, charlize and emily blunt. hilarious outtakes. now for august 18th, 2016, s is i"entertainment tonight." gold medal swimmer ryan lochte hopped on a flight out of rio before police detained his fellow athletes, but big-time trouble has followed him at home. >> so much at stake for ryan. how much will this scandal cost the olympic champion? >> i hope he really enjoyed that night. because in my opinion, ryan threw his career away. >> a new gas station video released today indicates ryan lochte made some inconsistent statements about his entire
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it does, however, support one of his claims. this afternoon, police confirmed a security guard pointed a gun at the taxi he and his team were in. and that appears to be one of his teammatates king money out of a wallet. officials say the swimmers were confronted after vandalizing the gas station. as all of this unravels, here's a question -- what's the impact on lochte's brand? the olympian's image took a hit on the front pages today in new york. the headline "hot water and watergate." "e.t." with two experts, christina milan from "ad week." and randy shiller. >> this guy has crushed his credibility. >> for ryan lochte, his brand is certainly damaged ats thi moment. it depends on what he does from this moment forward. he's probably got a team of people trying to help him craft what his response should be to
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>> lochte is worth an estimated $6.2 million. he's won 12 olympic medals, but his fortune comes from endorsements, that's him working an ivy league look for ralph lauren. shirtless, promoting a new razor and in the pool for speedo. >> i love the new bathing suit. looking hot. are you a fan? >> i'm a big fan. >> are you? >> yes. >> "e.t." sat down with lochte at a speedo event before rio. >> how are you getting ready? >> i'm getting ready to swim. after the swimming is done i'll have the fun. >> welcome to lochte nation flag football. >> lochte had his own reality show in 2013. it was canceled after one season. >> cheer cheer cheer! >> you know the best thing i could take enter that show was, it got me and my family closer
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together. >> this morning while his teammates were being grilled in brazil lochte back home posted this silly selfie with a teammate that's since been deleted. >> for him to be on instagram stories smiling and hanging out, not a good look for him right now. >> ryan, throw away your phone, stay away from the internet. he needs to be completely off. >> now i actually talked to lochte on the phone last week before the incident. he confirmed that he planned on returning to swim in the tokyo olympics. you wonder if this incident will sour his desire to be there or the ioc's to have him back. the biggest female comedian in the world, amy schumer is back in the news and cameron mathison is here with that you sat down with her. >> i did. one thing we love about amy is she always says exactly what's on her mind. she jumped into a middle of a controversy and got her fans worried that her show "inside amy schumer" is over. >> i don't feel apologetic about the things that come with being a human. >> she didn't mention any turmduoil ring our interview tuesday but 24 hours later came this tweet which reads, we aren't making the show any more. the shocker made pleofnty headlines since the emmy-winning series was renewed in january
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so what happened? >> how do feyou el about it? >> honestly, great. >> it all started yesterday when fans demanded she fire "inside amy schumer" staff writer and occasional co-star kurt metzger. after they pointed out he mocked rape victims on social media. >> amy schumer, why are you dragging her into it? >> amy, who details her own past sexual assault in her new book tweeted back, he's my friend and a great writer and i couldn't be more against his recent actions. the onslaught at schumer continued, she fired back quote he's not a writer on my show and quote i didn't fire kurt. he isn't a writer for my show because we aren't making the show any more, there are no writers for it. today she clarified hashtag #insideamyschumer is not canceled, i am just touring and focusing on stand-up and writin
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more for the next year at least. she's keeping busy. scripting a film with j. law. >> a yen certificate lawrence movie, update on that. >> looking for a director. >> she just wrapped a mother/daughter comedy with goldie hawn in hawaii. and yesterday her dad enjoyed a special reading from her new book, "girl with the lower back tattoo". yesterday her dad enjoyed a special readinging. >> for the women i hope they read it and laugh and feel better, a little less ashamed. we all walk around all day just like i'm the grossest, worst person ever. i'm like no, i am. >> good to know your show will be going on for one more season. fans of adele are wondering when she will be able to get back on stage. she had to cancel last night due to illness. and nobody felt worse about it than the grammy winner herself. >> i'm really, really sorry to let anyone down. >> adele bare-faced and bearing her heart. >> canceling shows is not something i want to do i've been trying to sing all morning and warming up and nothing is really
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>> appearing without any makeup, including her signature winged eyeliner, the 28-year-old singer posted this emotional message last night to her instagram followers shortly before she was set to take the stage in arizona. >> i've had a cold for a couple days and i've been pushing through it and i did my show last night and i loved it. but i pushed too hard and my cold has gotten the better of me, as you can hear, even if i did the show, it wouldn't be very good. ♪ ♪ >> fans undoubt lid crushed because her sold-out north american tour has been the hottest ticket of the summer. it was even the setting for a surprise proposal. >> but the beloved brit vowed to make a comeback. >> i will reschedule the show. especially for you. i'm really, really sorry. have a wonderful evening without me. >> early this morning, this post announced that the show be
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>> well get well soon, adele. more concert news. gwen stefani hit the stage in texas, but her three kids really stole the show. gwen's family celebration kicks off tonight's music edition of know and tell. >> gwen scores some major mom points with son zuma. getting the crowd in austin to celebrate his upcoming eighth birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> big brother ktoingsn held the cake and 2-year-old apollo was in momma's arms. up next, britney's belated birthday wish for madonna. brit struck a pose along with her niece, lexi, dancing to the classic "vogue" in las vegas. while britney's moves are impressive, especially her use of
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a shout-out to the tight, toned physique. the girl looks good in a short, white romper and souhe sgonds od on her new single out today. ♪ >> the song is called "do you twanto come over" and her fans say yes. and finally usher's transformation from grammy-winning music sensation to serious movie star. >> i don't reach. >> usher is unrecognizable playing boxer sugar ray leonard. >> the film is called "hands of stone" and co-stars joy, edgar ramirez. >> we were what, we were fighting for nine, ten hours. >> it was so hot there. every day. >> usher credits his wife of nearly a year for pushing him to do the movie. >> i'm just really happy to have found an incredible mate, a ptn
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who understands you know, my growth. this right here by the way was one of the first things we consulted on. >> his sons loved hanging out on the set. >> my oldest son, usher, his birthday happened while we were filming, so he had a bowling party for him. >> his 7-year-old is ready to follow in dad's footsteps. >> he is going to be an actor. he's super dramatic and loves it. >> plus usher junior dad says he's more of an athlete, he just spent a week at michael jordan's basketball camp. >> it doesn't hurt when your dad owns a basketball team. up next, beyonce fearless, check out her three-story yacht jump. and later, christie brinkley's 18-year-old daughter sounds off. why she's fed up with comparisons to her model mom. plus chris hemsworth showing spirit with emily blunt and charlize theron, their priceless behind-the-scenes moments caught on camera.
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this harmony save the music live event on august 27th, to
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has been more than three weeks since we last saw hiddleswift together. that's a big deal because they used to be spotted side by side like every day. so is it over? or are they just lying low? we've got the answer at the top of tonight's couples news. ♪ >> taylor and tom are still going strong. they're just keeping things private as in taking private jets. ♪ ♪ >> we've learned the pair reunited at swift's rhode island home earlier this week. you know, the scene of the rock pile kiss where their romance went public in june?
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and the fourth of july party which gave us this -- taylor actually flew tom to her via her private jet. generous girlfriend indeed. and from private jet to extravagant yacht. beyonce is still living the good life in italy while on break from her tour. it turns out the sings er i also fearless, check her out in a yellow one-piece taking a major plunge, jumping three sts orie off the boat's top deck into the water. no yacht diving for mila kunis, the soon-to-be mom of two can't hide the baby bump while in los angeles. hubby ashton kerutch was on hand and lending a hand, opening the car door for his lady. also expecting -- >> hey guys,or what's up. it's rob and chyna. >> the couple got candid with fans and a facebook live session on wednesday. >> who would you trust more to baby-sit the new baby? kylie or kendall? >> they revealed how much they're dropping on food delivery services. >> rob i want to know how much is this costing. >> one month it
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$13,000. >> what? >> they must be feeding all the kardashians. >> $13,000 in one month? two months to get all that takeout. >> there was a ton of joking around on the set of "the huntsman." still ahead, chris hemsworth cracking up his co-stars, we have the hilarious outtakes. >> my fake nipples came off. a tale of two supermodel daughters, cindy crawford's teen beauty just like her mom. but why is christie brinkley's girl sick of the comparison and sounding. off -- captions by vitac --
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she's the doppelganger daughter everybody is talking about, kaia gerber, the 14-year-old daughter of super model cindy crawford. the signature eyebrows, gracing three separate covers. kaia with mom in malibu yesterday seems to be following in her footsteps, cindy started modeling when she was just sweet 16. there's the mother/daughter duo twinning in april on french "vogue." sparking interest in the mommy mini me. and all of those high school sophomore has grown up with supermodels and hangs out with newcomers b
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she's sta ill catypil teen who admits to loving drake, rihanna and snapchat filters. >e > shdoesn't need a filter. it's amazing how much kaia looks like her mom and people like to compare christie brinkley and her beautiful daughter, sailor. but it's not always in a positive way. now the 18-year-old is fighting back against all the haters out there. >> leave me alone, those are just some of the angry words the teen model huratled her critics. striking back on instagram at her attackers. quote being constantly compared to her 50-plus years of success at only 18 years old? being told i could never amount to what she was and what she looks like? doesn't feel great. i visited christie and sailor at their hamptons home in 2014. the then-15-year-old ad a taste of the negative online trollers. >> never look at the comments.
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oh, my god. >> like my first thing in my teen "vogue" i would look down and see all of this nasty stuff like oh, whatever. you need to say whatever. >> in her own venting, sailor says i am my own person with my own beliefs and own thoughts and my own face. eyes, smile, teeth, forehead, all mine. we've watched sailor grow up in front of our cameras. she's christie's youngest child, the daughter with christie's ex-husband, peter cook. she's taken heat for her choice of schools of college. parson's in new york. >> one of the best ways to innoculate yourself against the haters is to understand that every single person in showbiz has the same thing going on. it's not just you. there's going to be somebody trying to lock you down.
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you know, bad about it. i mean obviously not everybody is going to like you. that's -- that's just the way it is. they're not all going to like you. so -- there's going to be people that come on and have to express that to you. >> sailor also wants to stop the comparison of her siblings, singer alexa ray joel and jack brinkley cook to christie. sailor told me when she started in the business, she wanted to be known for just being herself. >> i want to like at some point step off of my mom, like step out of my mom's shoes and sort of become my own identity. because that's really what i am in modeling for. i want to be something different. >> oh, christie brinkley's daughter doesn't want to look like christie brinkley. yeah of course i want to look like my mom. in the modeling sense i want to branch out and becomile saor and not christie brinkley's daughter.
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>> she is adorable, by the way, love meeting her. christie has been posting sweet messages about her little girl going off to college. then there's this one. popping champagne and writing empty nest, par-tay! >> last year i made the trek to visit the set of "the huntsman," winter's war and as expected, the sets were massive, the costumes were incredible but what surprised me was how much fun the cast was having. while filming such a dark tale. it was a party and we have the outtakes to prove it. >> my dominion. oh, my god. what was that? what was that? >> this cast could not stop cracking up. "the huntsman" already us with those costumes. charlize in the epic scale. who knew there was so much laughter behind the scenes? [ laughter ]
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>> it's heaven to be around charlize and the sisterly bond translated on to camera. >> we got to do most of my stuff with emily. they wreak of it. >> i've basically become a single white female. i'm completely obsessed with her. >> my fake nipples came off. >> emily, i've been friends with her for a few years, a great sense of humor. great attitude. >> the all-out fun never before seen clips are part of the film's release on dvd. >> jessica, i think we have a good amount of banter back and forth. >> i was not born yesterday. >> quite brother/sisterly at times. >> charlize plays the evil queen and also excelled as a working mom. her 4-year-old son jax was on set and can you hear him in one of the clips. >> jax, momma's working, are you going to go out if you can't be quiet.
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>> jax was full of surprises. when i visited on the set, charlize shared another priceless mommy moment. >> he was watching a rehearsal and he turned to my mom and he just went -- momma spicy! >> actually threw me off a little bit because they were having so much fun. they're dressed like that you saw how they were dressed. >> i thought the spicy threw you. >> momma's always spicy. >> emily is hitting the red carpet for the first time since the birth of her second daughter, violet, we'll have that for you tomorrow. in our birthday flick. "snl" star once worked as a production assistant on "sin city." is it andy samberg, jason sudeikis? we'll tell you when we come back.
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welcome back to the show. in tonight's "e.t." birthday, which "snl" star once worked as a production assistant on "sin city"? that's andy samberg. happy birthday. >> earlier in the show we showed you adele sending out a message to her fans, totally makeup-free. tomorrow we have more stars with only their natural beauty. >> bye everybody. stars without makeup, taylor, cameron, reese. no lipstick, no blush, no problem. why your favorite celebs are choosing to go au natural. >> i'm sweaty, but i'm not alone. >> that's tomorrow.
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and that they're going to be able to have a roof over their heads and have that kind of comfort. >> reporter: more than 4,000 are still in shelters because they can't get to their homes because of the water or don't have a home to go back to. 1900 fema workers are on the ground in louisiana and more are on the way. >> omar, thank you. the cbs overnight news will be right back.


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