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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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cool and refreshing smoothies that might have been packed with something more than just strawberries. >> and we're minutes away from football's return to d.c.. we're at fedex field with a preview of the redskins preview game at home. today investigators ruled out tampering or a bomb and instead said a gas leak in one of the buildings meter rooms is likely to blame for an apartment fire. investigators also announcing three of the seven people believed to have been killed in the blast have been identified. now the investigation shifts to who is to blame. one survivor and his lawyer told us today he had previously reported smelling gas and building owners kay apartment management ignored his compla
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>> we have information that is the management company was repeatedly told there was a smell of gas and that they should do something about it. the management company responded by saying well, that was nothing to be alarmed about. it was just chemicals, cleaning agents, and/or paint. >> kay apartment management has ignored our request for comment. the ntsb is taking over the investigation to find a definitive cause with the help of washington gas. d.c. police are looking for the driver that hit and killed a man early this morning. debra alfarone with more. >> reporter: it was before 3:00 a.m. when a driver heading southbound on new hampshire avenue struck and killed 29- year-old david narvaez. surveillance video captured the bright blue car but just barely. >> it's more of the same of total disres
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right? i mean we see it every day. >> reporter: d.c. police say this video is all they've got. the driver was driving southbound on new hampshire avenue as 29-year-old they've narvaez was crossing it. likely in the crosswalk when he was killed. the driver continued and made a left on l street. >> it's kind of sad because i have worked in this area off and on and you have to be a conscious as a pedestrian when you are walking. >> reporter: at this point we don't know if the driver ran the light or if narvaez was crossing against it. people passing through the intersection say this is senseless. >> although it's shocking and someone would be paying attention, they are not. >> reporter: this is the second fatal pedestrian crash in two days. a mean was struck and killed near his place chaplains in the neighborhood thursday morning. that driver stayed on scene unlike the one that struck narvaez. >> this intersection be
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you're not paying attention to the light, you've really got to pay attention to the crossing lights. because if you don't, the cars will run you over. >> reporter: d.c. police if you know anything at all that may help them identify that driver, you should give them a call. debra alfarone wusa 9. >> police say they are also still investigating the crash from yesterday morning that killed amene. a health alert for thousands of people that may have had a drink from tropical smoothie. they may have been exposed to hepatitis a. painted strawberry -- tainted strawberries are to blame. min with had a smoothie there in the past 50 days should keep an eye out for symptoms. you can find details about hep a and all the symptoms that come along with it on our wusa 9 app. premature babies exposed to
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a deadly bacteria doctors say the three babies have not developed any infections. they were moved out of the nicu last week. doctors believe the contaminated water likely came from pipes that lead to the nicu but staff members are still investigating. hospital officials say the water system is clean but the preme unit is still closed. we have the weekend forecast for those that might be heading to the beach. >> i'm jellos if you are heading to -- i'm jellos if jealous jealous if you are heading to the beach or shore. in the wake of the front, 82 gorgeous on monday. same deal north. 86 on saturday. 86 on sunday. yep, your timing is
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night on sunday. and the wake of the front fantastic on monday. sunshine, temperature goose back into the low 80s with low humidity. for us tonight at 10:00, i want to walk the dog after dinner, really pleasant. not that humid right now. it will still be 80 downtown. 73 in gaithersberg. by morning, we're back in the 70s downtown but look at this, we even have 60s to start at 7:00 in the morning. our timing is different with the storms, we'll come back and talk about that. you can always hack these storms with the app. >> thank you. to prince william county where a youth pastor has been charged with touching a teenager at his church. jordan baird sent a 16-year-old girl dirty texts and touched her more than once over a tent
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he is a youth pastor. u.s. olympic swimmers have returned to the u.s. after being detained in brazil. they were robbed after a late night of partying. the pair touched down in miami and offered no comment to the media. at his home, his father wasn't prepared to say much either. conger and bentz told police in rio they were so drunk on vodka and champagne they didn't know where they were or what time it was. swimmer ryan lochte has apologized for his behavior. he says he should have been more careful and candid about how he described what happened. lochte originally said he and his teammates were robbed at gunpoint but police say the swimmers vandalized a gas station and paid armed guards $50 to cover the damage. lochte's apology lit up
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media. eric tweeted back to the swimmer saying that is not an apology at all. it doesn't really take accountability for vandalizing the business. on our facebook page ann asks, how about manning up and telling the truth from the start. his persistent story telling only made it worse. and he lied, okay, it's embarrassing but not the worst thing that has ever happened. moving on now. you can leave your thoughts on facebook page. tracking metro now. new details about an unprecedented rail investigation. criminal wrong doing is suspected of last nights derailment. even metro board members acknowledge this is an interesting plot twist. metro's internal review of the july 29th derailment took a wrong turn. now general mag paul is asking for police to hold people accountable for potentially serious concerns. metro's track work disruptions on the red line
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county this weekend. it is closing the rails so crews can finish fixing switches out there on the tracks. metro also announced changes to the next two safety surges. you can found the details on our wusa 9 app. as a busy summer tourist season wraps up, the monuments will remain closed. the monument will not open for another ten days. so maintenance crews can figure out what is going on with the elevator. the popular attraction has been closed since wednesday when an elevator cable broke loose causing it to stop between levels near the top. the washington monument has shut down four other times in the past four months. mostly because of those elevator issues. hammers and a whole lot of drilling. construction is leaving some residents wide awake late at night but some complaints are not just enough. that is coming up in a
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trump released a statement callingman that fort a true man. president obama will travel to louisiana tuesday to survey damage caused by historic flooding that killed 13 people.
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firefighters in california are slowly gaining ground. the blaze is about a fourth contained and some residents had to leave their home. it's destroyed about 100 homes and 200 other structures. a sweet story here out of charles county maryland getting a lot of attention on facebook today. navida and her daughter lexi got stranded when their car broke down but it also happened to be lexi seventh birthday. enter private first class chris curtis who responded and did everything he could to make it a happy one. they played with her new toys. and even made a trip to get slurpies. as you can see there lexi was overjoyed afr curtis
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would never forget. well done. mosquitoes with zika are biting folks in a new american city. and this one is a big tourist spot. >> we've got a break on some of the pollen today. low for trees, low for grasses and now weeds are showing up moderate and mold spores have come down from very high to high. you can access that on our website. we'll come back and talk about which weekend day we're thinking about issuing a
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some people living in an apartment complex in d.c.'s neighborhood say they haven't had a good nights sleep this days. that is because a company has a permit to demolish the building right across the street throughout the night and into the morning hours. those living in the complex say they want the noise to stop. >> it's understanding that the city is trying to make d.c. a better place to live. a better place to be. but i think at some point it has to be at a minimal cost to the citizens currently living here. >> the department of consumer and regulatory affairs tells wusa 9 if residents complain they can revoke the permit. but at this point they have no monos to do so. there is a second zika zone in florida. local moto
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the disease in miami beach. including in the south beach area. don champion with the latest. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott says local mosquitoes are transmitting the zika virus in miami beach. >> five individuals have been confirmed as cases of local transmissions of zika are connected to the miami beach area. >> reporter: three men and two women contracted the virus in a 1.5 square mile area of miami beach which includes south beach, the popular tourist destination. two of the infect red residents, the other three visitors. cdc director says sea breezes and high-rises will make attacking zika in miami beach challenging. >> you also have high levels of winds that can blow the products that are applied and large numbers of people and getting people to wear long sleeve shirts and long pant there's would be somewhat challenging. >> reporter: the windwood neighborhood north of downtown miami was the first area
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transmitted. the cdc is advising pregnant women to avoid both zones. the zika virus can cause a devastating birth defect that leaves babies with small heads. >> please use repellant for skin and clothing when outdoors. this is important for all pregnant women in our state. >> reporter: florida's governor says he does not plan to advise people to stay away from beaches and nightclubs in miami. so far almost 4,000 people have been tested in the state. don champion cbs news. >> florida is asking the federal government for 5,000 new test kits and personnel to analyze the results. we got something that miami doesn't have. heat. >> heat. it's odd to compare us with miami. you think it's been hot in august? you were quick, sir. feeling confident. 92 today. and temps were in that range. we'll yo
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bulls eye tonight at 11:00. okay. let's compare. this is a recorded high temperature in d.c.. so national. miami and also atlanta. yeah we're the winners here. 92.9 as opposed to 90.3 in miami. and in terms of number of days. 90 degrees. everyone has had 16. we're tied for those. this is interesting. we've had three days 100 or higher. we're the only ones. of course miami is very unusual because they are near the water. that is rarefied air. we are down to 87 and dew point is 60. winds out of the north at 7. wait until next week dew points will be in the 50s. i want to point out what that means. 87 downtown. 88 in manassas. factor in the humidity and temps don't change. in fact it got
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86 in manassas. so tonight there will be warm and dry. for fedex. temperatures 78 to 84. probably upper 70s by the time it ends. highs tomorrow and sunday will be around 90. a little hotter tomorrow. and the best chance of storms will be sunday afternoon. sunday morning is fine. early afternoon is fine. you probably do stuff outdoors. whether monitor that for a possible yellow weather alert. cold probability comes in late sunday evening. 10:00 tonight 80 downtown. but we are in the 70s in the suburbs. 77 in fairfax. pretty nice. by morning 7:00, we have 60s. 69 in rockville. 72 in buoy. by 10:00 we are back to the low to mid 80s. by lunchtime we are right around 90. a couple sprinkles here and there. i think most will be off
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west. you will have showers and storms out to the ray. all the showers west of i-81 you have plans tomorrow night. grilling out, no worries. so 70s to start the day planner. and then 80s. 87 by 11:00. and 89 not quite 90 by 1:00 p.m.. 90 on sunday. scattered storms and beautiful on monday. mid 80s, low humidity. and that stays with us. gorgeous on tuesday. a little warmer on thursday. nats back in town on wednesday. not really becoming anything close to humid until next friday. couple storms possible. highs around 90. it is preseason week
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were
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. headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. we have reached the second week of the preseason. redskins, jets togh
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fedex field. last week we only saw the starters for a series or two. tonight a little more time. what would you like to see from the offense? >> i would like to see more offensively. hopefully more than one quarter but that is what we are hearing the first team offense and first team defense. just more reps. more experience here. especially for the home crowd. >> the run game was kind of slow last week getting started. it really got going in the third and fourth quarter. going to see matt jones hopefully get some more carries there and see if kirk cousins can keep that consistency. >> matt jones i think he is still not locked in. but this is a big night for him. big night for the offensive line to get him going. because right behind him there is a lot of no names but they are pushing him. >> they are playing well. i know there has been inconsistency problems with matt jones. we will see tonight what they can do on the defensive side. first team defense did pretty well getting to matt
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what do they need to clean up? >> they've absolutely got to do that. that is what we are always looking for the diamonds in the rough. when the lights come on, who will shine? >> and of course the mistakes and penalties. 14 penalties for 123 yards last week. not really what this team was looking for but hey, it gave the reps some good preseason reps. >> yeah it makes preseason funner than it is. got to get rid of the crazy penalties. >> we'll see what happens here tonight and if we see some improvement from the team. back to you guys. >> hopefully we will have good news to share when we come back tonight at 11:00 but a warm night for the folks out there. >> warm night but dry and not that humid. the weekend will be
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eight. storms on sunday and spectacular next week. wow. mid 80s. >> that is it for us tonight at 7:00. you can get news any time with the free wusa 9 app. have a great night. we'll see for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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tonight, lying lochte and the scandal that won't go away. account olympian's new apology keep his career from going down the drain? as we uncover vinew deo. new "bachelorette" drama, jojo beware. why jordan rodgers has some serious explaining to do the major bombshell his ex just dropped. and we break news about bad boy chad's return to tv. plus summer stars without makeup. >> i'm sweaty, but i'm not alone. >> j. lo, taylor, reese. ♪ and the "sex and the city" star turns 60. >> oh, my god! >> our flashback with kim cattrall, where is she now? >> there's something about this age that i'm atle embracing it and going through it. now for all 19th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks so much for joining us. >> we have more big headlines


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