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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> the threats on social media should stop. they need to stop. . >> reporter: swipey's older brother mourned him today, saying the death still doesn't feel real. >> he worked for something he deserved and people wanted to take it from him. >> reporter: the police say the investigation is intense, officers canvassing the area, swipey murdered while leaving an apartment complex, walking alone when attackers came from at least two directions, gunned him down and fled. the motive is still a mystery. brooks was only 18, a dean's list student in high school and had achieved a full ride scholarship
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college. he turned it down instead to pursue his rap career. his family said in order to lift all of them out of poverty. the headline tonight, police saying rumors an online threats regarding his girlfriend are not true. new information tonight after investigators say the guy who killed a 7-eleven clerk saturday morning shot the clerk in the back two times and ran away. he didn't get any money. police released additional surveillance video from the clarion hotel, in which the same crook allegedly robbed after shooting the clerk. the 31-year-old nigerian immigrant will have a $50,000 reward for information for information that brings th
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killer to justice. this young waitress in harrisburg, virginia, people are talking about her all over social media. she got stiffed on a tip but a customer left an angry message with the bill that says, we only tip citizens. >> reporter: thousands of people across the globe reacting to this story of an 18- year-old waitress here, shaken by a hateful message left by customers scrawled at the bottom of a bill. a shy hispanic 18-year-old stunned by words and receiving an outpouring of support. >> there are people all over the world sending you messages. >> yeah. >> this story has blown
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that big, to be honest. >> reporter: sadie was born here and she's waitressed at jess' downtown since she was 16. she's been telling reporters now how last week a couple came in for lunch and refused to even look at her. >> if you had like an issue with me or anything, you could have told my boss. >> reporter: instead, the couple wrote on the bottom of the check, we only tip citizens. when her grandfather heard about it, he was furious. >> kind of made a remark on facebook i would do the jail time if i could get an opportunity to punch the son of a gun in the face. >> reporter: some suggest the note is a fraud but the restaurant manager says it was all on tape. >> we watched the video start to finish. there's no way. >> reporter: the woman who signed the check came back to the restaurant to complain act sadie's grandfather's facebook post and all
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>> she asked me why i posted it. i said, because it was an insult to my granddaughter. of course i'm going to post it. i'm not apologizing for that. >> reporter: the manager says the woman who signed the bill and the man with her came back to the restaurant after the story broke and made such a scene that he called the cops. he said if they ever come back again, they will be charged with trespassing. >> and sadie's grandfather says she's learned a few things from the support. she should never be ashamed of who she is or what she looks like, and most of the people in her community and around the world understand that. >> more than 800 people have left comments on this story on our facebook page. hop on there any time and join the conversation. terrifying moments around 2:30 a.m. when a woman was grabbed by a man who dragged her
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grass and tried to put his hands down her pants before she broke away. the tacker ran off too. a public service for the son of the late mayor marion barry. chris barry is being buried at the same church where his father was eulogized in 2014. chris collapsed and died just over a week ago after smoking k2. some mourners fear his death will make it even more popular. more on that coming up at 6:00. thick smoke coming from a special building as crews reported seeing heavy flames when they got to the scene on kennel worth avenue this afternoon. investigators say there was a load of combustible material inside the supply house. most of the fire is out tonight, just a few hot
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remaining. ryan lochte lost two sponsorship deals today, speedo dropping him this morning, and ralph lauren following suit later. the moves are not surprising after lochte admitted to making up a story about being robbed at gunpoint in rio. speedo says it's donating $50,000 to a children's charity in brazil. things are heating up in the tropics. >> we are going to track all this. let's talk about the development of the storms. on average during the month, this is not surprising, june only 4%, july only 6%. a little more active in august, 29%.
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and hurricanes develop in september. even october is no slouch with 19%. so things are heating up here. we're going to track these. this storm is number three come off the cape verde islands. we have number two. this has just become a tropical depression. what's left of fiona is a tropical depression and could develop into a storm again as it moves north and east. the tropical depression could probably move in between bermuda and the east coast wednesday, 2:00, 3:00. it will be a low pressure system, not a tropical storm. we'll look at the humidity and how long it will stay with us, coming up in a few minutes. new details in the death of the young
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at disney world. the final report on lane gray's death indicates the boy's father reached into the gator's mouth while trying to free his son. the boy was just playing in ankle deep water when he bent down and the gator surprised and attacked him. several witnesses reported seeing the gator before the attack. a month after the virginia supreme court threw out the governor's blanket clemency order for 200,000 felons, today he's announced he's restored voting to about 13,000 felons. >> reporter: virginia is one of ten states that prohibits felons from voting again. felons who have done their time and paid for their crime have to put in a request to the
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discriminatory. joshua cagney runs a fitness center providing one on one training an counsels inmates about turning their lives around because he's been there. >> in 2003 i caused a car wreck while i was drunk and someone was killed in the process. so i was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and obviously a felony. >> reporter: he spent seven years behind bars. >> in retrospect it was the right place for me to be. that's where i needed to be given that point in my life. >> reporter: when he heard the governor's blanket clemency in in april, he registered to vote that day. then the supreme court threw out the governor's orders. today the governor announced a new order. >> these
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gainfully employed. they send their children and grandchildren to our schools, shop at our grocery stores and pay taxes. and i am not content to condemn them for eternity as inferior second-class citizens. >> reconciliation is the process of accepting responsibility for one's actions, going back to the community and making that right. that's what i've sought to do, and what i seek to do in voting again. >> critics say the governor pushed through the order in april and this new one in order to benefit democrats and his friend hillary clinton in the election in november. cagney says you could argue the same for the republicans. >> the 13,000 felons who have had rights restored are free
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register to vote and plans were laid out to restore the right to the rest of the felons. hillary clinton's e-mail controversy follows her on the campaign trail. today the state department announced it is reviewing nearly 15,000 e-mails recovered during the fbi's investigation of clinton's private e-mail server. >> we don't have a firm sense of how many of these are new that we haven't seen before. >> the state department expects to release the first batch of messages before the november election. donald trump is fending off accusations of flip-flopping on illegal immigration. he previously called for deporting millions of illegal immigrants but now says he'll seek a solution that is fair but firm. is maryland tired after carrying around all the olympic
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local high school that's produced two medal winners. and people in louisiana are not waiting for federal help to get their lives back together. >> after the break, d.c.'s first all boys school on this first day of class.
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. it's back to school for kids all across the region and a new high school opened for boys. >> the district hopes this model shapes boys into leaders without the additional distractions. >> reporter: it's and exciting day for the 110 boys who make up the first class at d.c.'s first all-male school. there were hand shakes and pats
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moms as the bell rang. the boys headed into the ron brown college preparatory high school for the first time. >> thought i was going to have a great time here. >> reporter: adam wanted to go to high school here as soon as the district announced they would open and all boys school, serving a mostly latino and african-american population. >> a lot of people who look like you and have ideas like you. >> reporter: he says he can be himself and discuss the hardships he faces as a young african-american male. >> you start to see that these young men are experiencing similar situations. >> reporter: and here the boys can learn and discuss openly, without one of the biggest distractions: girls. >> are you going to miss gi
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>> that's not something i'm really focused on. >> reporter: but he's focused on school, and the special community he'll be a part of here. >> they're empowering each other and it becomes more of a brotherhood. >> reporter: the school system has received criticism because there is currently not an all girls school, but the district plans to make that opportunity available in the upcoming years. >> and the school is open to ninth graders only each year but each year the district will add a grade. school starts tomorrow for students in prince georges county. with a lot of students walking to school, the mayor's office is trying to get us all to slow down. these tweets were to remind everyone kids are back to school and drivers should ease up. a federal judge in texas blocked an obama administration directive
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transgender students in public schools. texas and 12 other states went to court after the federal government told schools that transgender students must be allowed to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. the president will travel to louisiana tomorrow to look at the historic flooding damage. more than 106,000 people there are asking for help from fema, a number that hasn't been seen since superstorm sandy. the number of damaged homes jumped to over 60,000 over the weekend. some aren't waiting for help from washington. >> we're doing it ourselves. we don't have any fema, no government, no nothing. >> what have you lost here? >> virtually everything. virtually everything. >> at least 3,000 remain in shelters this evening and more than $36 million in federal spending has been approved already to help louisiana as they try and recover
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disaster. >> and it will take a very long time. 20, 30 inches of rain, that's annual for some folks. >> and here we're talking about things going down a bit. >> in terms of temperatures, yes, temperatures are going down. we are forecasting lower temperatures. >> i never question your accuracy. >> keep an eye on me. i do require supervision. ask my wife. 85 for the day, just a great day. it was gorgeous, low humidity, comfortable and warm. live look outside, it is just beautiful, 85 right now. that's a good number. dew points in the 50s, we talked about this last week, that the dew points would be in the 50s. that will lead to low temperatures tonight in the 50s. that's a very good indicator of how cool it can be at night. winds northwesterly at 14, gusting to 22 and they will
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cooler tonight, probably resting the ac. bus stop temperatures, 58 to 74, so a little cool. gorgeous tomorrow and still nice wednesday, then hot again on thursday and friday. we can keep the heat and humidity at bay for a few days. already 72 in fairfax, and by morning we have some 50s. by mid-morning, still comfortable, upper 60s to mid-70s. a few clouds are possible but for the most part a gorgeous day, 82 by 1:00. perfect day to eat lunch outside. by 6:00, we're still 83 downtown, 82 in sterling and fredericksburg. i think these are a little low. by 9:00 we're still
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but beautiful clear skies. tonight clear and cooler, 58 to 68, winds easterly at about 10. look at the lows, 67 downtown. just a little touch of fall. tomorrow we're up to 82 by 1:00. gorgeous tomorrow, nice on wednesday, 88, then hot again on thursday, just a slight chance of a shower on thursday and a little more humid but not crazy humid on thursday. next seven days, we've got 94 on friday, our hot day. a few storms are possible with a cold front, shouldn't ruin
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the good news is that will set the stage for another nice weekend. 89 on saturday, just a little below 90, upper 80s on sunday and a better chance of storms on monday. we are kind of stealing a few days from august here, paying for it thursday and friday of this week. straight ahead, turns out it may not have been a child who killed dozens of people at a wedding in turkey. >> and gas prices are inching up, and why tomorrow could be the best day to get a great deal on airfare. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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. authorities in turkey say
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year-old was responsible for the wedding bomb that killed 54 people. they are now saying it could have been an adult. the bride and groom survived the attack and were taken to the hospital. turkey's president claims isis is responsible. hours after the attack, security forces in iraq stopped a boy wearing a suicide vest before it was too late. tonight crude oil prices are higher and you may have noticed things are a little more expensive. the average price in washington is about 10- cent lower than a month ago at about $2.30. self-driving vehicles could soon be all over town. re
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year and ohio is one of a handful of states to test the cars. the self-driving cars could be a good thing since tweeted we are all driving more than ever. august 23rd may be the best day to book your labor day getaway and save some money. social media is all abuzz because tomorrow is cheap flight day, when the more expensive fares start to fall as demand goes down. experts say the ticket prices could drop by about 10 to 20%. straight ahead, a montgomery county man arrested for stalking and harassing miss maryland. >> and we head to a high school in montgomery county that two olympians call home.
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. we are going to talk about the olympics and how well maryland has done in the olympics. we are basking in the glow of extraordinary
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. >> talk about pride, guys. it's hard to imagine anyone prouder than the staff at our lady of good counsel high school . >> reporter: everyone before the record of 179-0, good counsel's athletic director knew he was special. >> i looked over and this little sixth to seventh grader working out with tough varsity wrestlers. they were all bigger than what he was. >> reporter: kyle tagged along with his big brother steven, also a champion wrestler. >> practicing with the varsity team? >> practicing with the tough varsity champings. and i think he was holding his own, everyone at that age. >> reporter: kyle not only won olympic gold but became the
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history. his routine in the weight room was legendary. >> kyle would do things that would just make you go, oh, my goodness. he could do jumps and throw weight around like nobody. >> reporter: jack's gold medal relay was met with equal excitement, remembered for athletic feats and academic discipline. >> typical student walking down the hallway, you wouldn't notice anything different. he just fit in extremely well, a great individual. >> reporter: these two young men may be olympic champions, but others say their winning ways are even more admirable because of their humidity. >> so exciting. it's been awesome, awesome. >> reporter: snyder is of course 20 years old and expectedre
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state university, where he's a student. his high school wrestling coach everyone traveled to rio to cheer him on. conger is already back at ut austin for his final year of college. only four countries at the rio olympics brought home as many medals as the state of maryland. the 2016 olympics now in the books, a ceremony marking the end of games in rio. katie ledecky and michael phelps helped the u.s. get a record 121 medals. >> l.a. is making a pitch for the 2024 games. supporters point out most of the venues are already in place and the 2.6 state-of-the-art
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rams would be a center piece of the games. >> i think a lot of people are asking, we know we could do games that would be profitable, just like in 1984. >> l.a. was the only city that wanted the olympic games in 1984 and it made money. but l.a. is up against paris, rome and budapest. the international olympic committee will make its selection in peru next year. a man is under arrest for harassing miss maryland. the 19-year-old told police that she's been receiving frightening and unwanted contact from 51-year-old valencia pyres, seen at two events intensely staring at brewer. he's also accused of extensively contacting the 19- year-old through e-mail and
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social media. a police chase this morning ended with a crash and three people taking off. cops tried to pull over a stolen jeep wrangler but the driver took off before crashing into another vehicle. officers chased down two of the suspects. the driver was able to run away. police are still looking for her. police in montgomery county are worried about 26-year-old keith bourbon, last seen leaving his home. family members say they are worried about his emotional and physical well being. you may know his name but you have probably heard at least one of his songs. of course this is the theme to sesame street. he passed away at the ag
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94, known as one of the world's best harmonica players. he also played the theme song for midnight cowboy. a star olympian becomes a judge. >> what's next for gold medal winner gabby douglas. >> and not all who wander are lost. tonight, the k-9 explorer named bruno. >> and in one of the weekend popular posts, one teacher explains her new home work policy. we'll talk about pollen. that's showing up more and more now, weeds. weeds and mold spores are still high. find more at or by downloading our app. we'll talk about how long the heat and humidity stay in
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. gabby douglas is going to be a judge for the 2017 miss america co
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>> the final round will be september 11th in atlantic city and she writes in a statement, the contestants are a great example of strong women across america and i especially look forward to hearing the platforms each of them will represent. this sounds a little unsettling. >> police in maine are warning residents to be careful after a giant snake skin was found near a popular boat launch. this is maryland, all right? that might belong to a 10-foot snake that goes by the name bessie, spotted earlier this summer eating a beaver. people in the area are concerned because children play out there. sounds like a nightmare. this sounds like a dream come true for students. brandy young wrote that the only
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consist of tasks not completed during the day. that means no formally assigned home work. she says there's no research to prove home work improvers grades and that time would be better spent eating dinner with the family or playing outside. lots of people talking about this. many of you are talking about this on social media: . >> i think we found a candidate for time's person of the year. mark zuckerberg is donating 99% of his wealth to
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he sold nearly 800,000 facebook shares last week, worth about $95 million. it goes to the nonprofit to advance human potential. this is a story of a wandering dog, named bruno. >> every day the four-legged explorer has been taking a 4- mile walk from his home into the town and everyone knows it. >> there's all kinds of people he goes to visit that i don't everyone know. >> how you doing, big boy? >> he's our buddy. we watch out for him the best we can. >> this is not a dog. he's a spirit. >> we're all family now. >> see you tomorrow. >> we have had him like in the truck going through town and people are like, bruno, it's bruno! >> there's something about a dog that brings people together. his owners say they gave up on trying to keep him close to home. last year the town
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carved wooden statue in his honor. you can see the rest of the story on our news app. getting ready in baltimore for a battle between the nats and the o's. >> and protecting kids from zika as they head back to school in a part of florida seeing a
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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twitter busy again, first from hillary clinton: . >> and from donald trump, back to insulting msnbc, tweeted: around 360,000 students returned to school today in a florida county struggling with concerns over zika. state officials have identified a second transmissions zone
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miami-dade county. five people have been affected in the area and one high school is right in the heart of the new zika virus zone. >> reporter: it is expected to be nearly 90 degrees at miami beach today, but many will be dressed cooler. >> long sleeves, pants, long shirt. >> reporter: on sunday, adam and his mom picked up free protective uniforms offered by the school district, which has been warning parents to take precautions. >> we have had lots of phone calls reminding us about insect repellant and water safety, and getting rid of standing water. >> reporter: miami-dade school's superintendent made it a point to dress the part, wearing long sleeves and pants. >> better safe than sorry. i know we're trading off comfort for protection. >> reporter: two
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are in the new zika zone, which covers nearly 4.5 miles of miami beach. precautions are also being taken at a school outside the zone. officials across the county have accused florida's governor of poor communication. >> there's a suspicion your office is trying to downplay the zika threat. i just wanted to give you an opportunity to respond. >> reporter: the head of the national institute for health says don't be surprised if zika persists in the u.s. for the next one to two years, especially along the coast. >> new cases bring the statewide total of cases to 36. congratulations to daryl green, the nfl hall of famer joining the athletics department at george ma
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athletdiics rector. he'll work with the department's senior leadership to build internal and external relationships and engage in fund raising initiatives. . we're tracking the tropics right now. >> we have tropical depression number seven. if it were to become a storm, it would become gaston. tropical depression here, this is forecast, category 1 there by thursday and friday, category 1 on saturday. still southeast of bermuda, trying to curl east. we'll watch this carefully. there's also what's left of fiona and one
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august and september. 85 today, what a great day. low humidity, comfortably warm. live look outside, still gorgeous, 85. that's good. upper 50s for the dew point, humidity only 38%. that's pretty sweet for us, winds still gusting to 32. winds will become easterly later tonight. bus stop temperatures, it's that time of year again. 58 to 74, just about perfect. gorgeous again tomorrow, then still nice on wednesday, humidity in check and heat returns thursday and friday. friday will be the hot day of the week. 10:00 tonight, 74 downtown, 57
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rockville, a very comfortable start. only 70 in fairfax, 70 in leesburg and sterling pretty good. by lunchtime we're back in the low 80s and we're in the mid- 80s before it's all said and done. tomorrow is a carbon copy of today. a few clouds are possible out toward i-81. by tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, temperatures still in the low to mid-70s under clear skies. won't be as cool tomorrow night as it will be tonight but still comfortable, much cooler. 58 to 68, and we have not said 50s for lows in quite some time. 67 downtown, even 63 in andrews and 61 down in fredericksburg. for tomorrow, sunshine and a little cool early, 58 to 82. then by the afternoon, mostly
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around 85, winds out of the southeast about 10. so really gorgeous in the mountains to the coast tomorrow. 77 in oakland. low to mid-80s, martinsburg, winchester, 86 downtown, and beautiful by the water. no small craft advisory required, only in the low 80s for annapolis. 60s to start downtown, some upper 50s in the burbs. 88 wednesday, 91 on thursday, best chance of storms on friday and nice weekend saturday and sunday, back in the 80s. really good chance of storms next monday.
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. stephen strasburg has lights out for most of the season, the nationals best starting pitcher with a $175 million contract. strasburg has been placed on the 15-day disabled list because of right elbow strain, not what you want to hear regarding someone who's had tommy john surgery. but the team says it's nothing serious and they are optimistic. this comes on the heels of his worst outing of his career, 9 earned runs in less than two innings. cole gets the start tonight against baltimore, lots of houses divided this week. this has grown stronger as both teams have become postseason
5:53 pm
get their thoughts on the upcoming series. >> i think it's great. it's fun to have a team that close that we can compete against, especially this year. they are both darn good teams. so we'll see. >> i'm an employee of the federal government in d.c. and i usually go to the games in d.c. to shut down those nats fans wearing all my beautiful orange and black, and representing my orioles well because we shut them down every year. every year. i don't understand what rivalry we have because we are always winning. there is no rivalry, we are the winners. >> she's very confident. i love the trash-talking. i love that this has become the rivalry it is. different divisions but kind of the pride of the area. >> and at least it's
5:54 pm
people going out and donnie brooking the parking lots and stuff. >> everybody wants their team to win. >> those orioles fans, they are hard core. thoney d't play. >> we'll see what happens this week. right now mourners paying respects to christopher barry. how his death from an overdose could prevent others from using drugs. >> and fans are angry after a local musician with a promising future is gunned down. >> and a new study suggests all the tech gadgets in today's cars are the reason so many of them are
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a new report shows a record number of drivers need help on the roads. many drivers in newer cars asked for help in the last year, and some new automotive technologies could be to blame. . every day l.a. tow truck driver edward comes to the rescue of dozens. >> 70 to 80 calls a day. >> reporter: his first call this shift, a hybrid toyota that wouldn't start because of problems with the batteries, both in the trunk and under the hood. >> very common. >> reporter: aaa rescued 20 million drivers in 2015, commonly with tire or battery issues,
5:58 pm
having problems. about 40% of new cars don't come with a spare tire. when michelle got a flat on her way to work, she only had an inflater kid in the trunk. >> i had to call for a tow truck. >> reporter: and newer technologies in cars are contributing to breakdowns. keyless ignition systems can put a strain on the battery. >> that with all the additional electronic devices available today will drain the battery more quickly. the life expectancy rate of a battery is only three years. if you have that battery more than three years, you're living on borrowed time. >> reporter: on this call, ed found his customer's battery was a goner. >> 100%. back to the dealer to get a new battery. >> reporter: testing the battery once it reaches three years old can help ensure yo
5:59 pm
face fewer problems on the road. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. many are paying respect to christopher barry tonight. many hope his death will serve as a wakeup call for drug users. >> and he was offered a full ride to a prestigious college, but tonight police want to know who gunned down the local artist known as swipey. >> and a new school just for boys in the nation's capital. right now mourners gather to more to mourn christopher barry. >> we have a look inside the church here where residents are mourning and struggling for answers tonight. christopher barry collapsed and a
6:00 pm
but popular synthetic drug known on the streets as k2. >> the message to young people, never give up on your dreams. >> reporter: throughout the day they trickled in. the death ends the legacy of marion barry, who died in 2014. like his father, christopher struggled, sometime publicly, with drug addiction, which led to more than one arrest. a police report says he collapsed and died just over a week ago after smoking k2 in his apartment. >> just kind of taken our community by storm. if anybody is dealing with any kind of struggle, we're here. you have people that care. >> despite whatever you're coming through, have a good heart. >> reporter: mourners prefer to remember how chris tried to become a positive influence, empowering


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