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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a finalist for police chief jobs around the country. sources blame old controversies in his personal life and makes him a long shot for the permanent job. the union has been pushing for another of lanier's assisttant chiefs. the union chair says he has a great relationship with newsham. >> i have heard stories on how outstanding of a patrol officer he used to be. he came up through the ranks as well like chief lanier. >> reporter: the mayor says she is looking inside and outside the department here for a permanent replacement. she says when she gets down to a short list, and only when there is a short list, a small group, quote, a small group of community stake holders will be involved in vetting the final candidates.
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>> i know you will be on top of it when it happens. newsham is slated to take over september 17th. >> to the mutiny, on the prince georges county school board. it was kicked up by revelations that children as young as 3 were being abused and bullied by teachers in the county's head start program. the government is cutting off the $6.4 million needed to keep the 900 toddlers in school. scott broom is back in prince georges with the details that have been breaking all day in this scandal, scott. >> reporter: they have, first day of school, it's marred by this huge controversy, five school board members here in prince georges county, calling for the heads of their chairman and vice chairperson on the board accusing them of covering up allegations of abuse against little kids which led to the u.s. department of health and human services to drop the hammer on the
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program. 4 year old aleah smith already knows her letters and numbers thanks to head start. with some teachers now caught doing everything from humiliating a 3-year-old boy that wet himself to forcing 4 year olds to hold boxes of books overhead for punishment, her mom lost confidence in head start and pulled her out. >> it's devastating all the way around. this sets in to motion a bad experience for them early on in life. >> reporter: five members of the school board turned against the powerful chair and vice chair. with this letter alleging a cover up. for 5.5 months while children continue to be harmed, the chair and vice chair concealed pert independent information, the letter read, accusing the abuse of authority, lack of transparency and collaboration and failing to hold the ceo anded administration accountable. the ceo
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woods elementary school, carolway is charged with coercing kids to make porn videos. >> i don't have a chronology of date. >> reporter: he knew about the head start abuse in april but couldn't explain why neither his boss , the county executive nor the public was informed until this month or why the administration did not correct deficiencies in time to keep the $6.4 million in federal funding for head start. >> we had a very small number of people who have made a very large number of people look fairly poorly. >> reporter: maxwell and executive baker, said what counts is what happens from here on out. >> we are not going to lose the funding. we are going to have a head start program in the county. we are going to make the changes that need to be made and move forward. >> this was one of those things that there should have been a special board meeting called if they needed to. it
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addressed in the beginning so this didn't happen. >> reporter: board of education chairman ubanks and boston have not commented. information about the investigation was put in noins at the board of education had access to on line in march. critics say that's like hiding a match in a haystack and forgetting to tell someone, it's on fire. >> county executive baker says he is angry about the findings of abuse in head start and how they were handled. he says he will standby the school's ceo, kevin maxwell, to fix the problems. silver springs two victims have been identified in the fatal flower branch explosion and fire. police tell us they were the youngest
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8 year old david s ame r morals. a family friend says it willel jose was identified by dna. david would have started second grade next monday. five of the seven victims have been identified. 41 year old abeer ham and 43 year old esagn is missing. a double stabbing in roanoke county, virginia as a possible terrorist attack inspired by isis. a 20 year old stabbed a woman and a woman as they entered a apartment building. both suffered severe wounds but survived. witnesses say he yelled alla ak bar. dc firefighters put out a small fire at
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broke out on a wall on the first floor. no one had to be evacuated and no one was injured. it's harded to believe it's been five years since dc was rocked by an earthquake. we are feeling the effects. delia goncalves is live with the after shock and the lessons learned. >> reporter: it's hard to believe it has been five years. we remember where we were when that happened and when the ground shook beneath us. the park service blames the earthquake back in 2011 for all the elevator problems they were dealing with and while an earthquake is rare here, dc is better prepared if it happens again. >> emergencies can happen at any time. >> reporter: dc homeland security and emergency management has videos and tips on the website on what the do in an earthquake. in 2011 -- >> something
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>> reporter: -- many of us broke all it will it shall all the rules. >> reporter: earthquakes are rare, ours was power and feel widespread, knocking off chimney bricks and shaking up the washington monument and visitors still inside. >> i went home and straight to my kids school and picked them up from school. they were outside lined up. >> we did not advise the kids to go outside. >> reporter: many schools and businesss have upgraded the emergency policies to make sure people take shelter to avoid falling debris outside. many parents have a plan. >> you want to be able to say if we can't get in touch with each other this, is where we will meet. >> reporter: wusa9 has instituted an emergency text messaging system. communication is key in an emergency, cell phone service took a big hit during the prrthquake.
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systems. >> if that happens again, i'm just not going to freak out. >> reporter: that is the key to stay calm and don't freak out if it does happen again. i should tell you at&t got back to us with specifics. while a spokesperson can't point the earthquake as a result of these upgrades they made over the years, we are told they have made $200 million in upgrades to the cell towers from georgetown all the way to southeast. live in the national mall, delia goncalves, wusa9. since the earthquake, dc agencies and cools conducted drills and they are reinforceed the drop cover and hold on practice. the number of people made sick by smoothies in virginia is growing. the health department says 17 people have contracted hepatitis a, after drinking
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from tropical smoothie cafe. four are in northern virginia, the others are spread out across the state. police in prince georges need your help catching the gunman who murdered a 7 eleven clerk. they are hoping surveillance video from a robbery a short time later will help the cops catch up with the killer. >> reporter: police say they are working this case around the clock, meantime, there will be a prayer vigil for the victim saturday at 5:00. take a good look at this masked man, saturday morning, delving say he murdered -- detectives say he murdered a 711 clerk during an attempted robbery. the 31 year old was popular with customers. minutes after his murder, the killer robed this comfort inn. >> reporter: police put
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this video, hoping someone recognizes this we'll be right back and tons the gunman in to police. it's sad that it happened. they have a lot of issues because a lot of people like to steal and a lot of complications. i'm surprised it got to this point. they had a lot of activities. >> reporter: there is a $50,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest and indictment if this murder case. anyone with information is understandinged to call the prince george -- is urged to call the prince georges county tipline. 866411-tips. race for president, hilary clinton has been on a star studded fundraising trip in california. she stopped at justin timberlake's home and appearance on jimmy
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live. she talked about debates with republican donald trump and that email controversy, the state department is reviewing nearly 15,000 emails the fbi uncovered during the investigation. >> my emails are so boring. i'm embarrassed about that. we have released, i don't know, 30,000 plus. what is a few more? >> donald trump wants a new investigation in to clinton's email server. he wants a review of the access that clinton foundation donors received while clinton was secretary of state. trump is fundraising in texas today, he attends a raleigh tonight in austin. hometown hero katie ledecky will throw out the first pitch between the nats and the o's. >> she picked up four gold medals in rio. tomorrow's game at nats park is scheduled for 7:05. we are just getting started on wusa9 at 5:00. >> absolutely, if you are headed up to camden
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a look at the i've eve planner, 82 at 6:00. upper 70s by 8:00. spectacular, low 70s by 10:00. we will tell you if it's going to be as cool as last night, we will look ahead to the 90s. they are lurking. plus the students don't mind it but what are local parents saying about a teacher's viral post to get rid of home work? president obama visits flood victims in louisiana after harsh criticism from donald trump. one man's rooftop stunt to impress a girl didn't go so well. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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transformers help to generate power. 10,000 people are without that right now, let's take you back a few minutes and show you at the height of it. see the flames there jumping in to the sky, that thick black smoke before firefighters could get a handle on this fire, investigators not sure if there are injuries at this point or how it started. roads in the area are shutdown, traffic is backed up for miles. dc police are investigating a shooting that sent a woman to the hospital. she was shot near bening and oklahoma avenue in northeast. she was breathing as medics rushed her to the hospital. the maryland medical examiner will try to determine what killed a man found in college park, discovery made in woods behind a burger king on route 1. foword on who he is -- no word on who he is. the man appeared to be
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20s. three children and man are dead tonight after a fire in chicago. it sound like someone set the fire. residents say the 3 children who died are sisters and the youngest was just 3 months old. the girl's father was seen jumping out of the window with the baby, doctors were not able to save her. police are questioning a person in hopes of getting more answers rvelts guys take notes, this doesn't work, it was a rooftop stunt, in pittsburgh that didn't work out as planned. that guy met a woman, took her to the top of a building and tried to jump from a rooftop to another to try to impress her and didn't make it. he got wedged between two buildings for more than 3 hours. crews freed the guy by breaking through the wall of a qdoba restaurant. he survived with an injured ankle. president obama pledging the victims of the historic and deadly flooding in
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will not be forgotten. >> the president surveyed the zone firsthand, manuel reports from baton rouge. >> the prayers of the entire nation are with everybody who lost loved ones. >> reporter: the president toured east baton rouge, parish, one of the hardest hit communities. food waters destroyed or damaged 60,000 homes. >> peoples lives have been up ended by this flood. local businesses suffered terrible damage, families have, in some cases, lost homes. >> reporter: the water came up to this homeowner's shoulders. >> your whole world is gone. all of the clothes, all the bed stuff and baby things, everything is gone. it's like, god has a reason for us, we got to follow him. he will provide for us. >> reporter: 106,000 people registered for federal
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insurance. the government is beginning to distribute $127 million, in federal disaster relief to those who had to flee their homes. need all americans to stay focused on this, if you are watching this today, make sure that you find out how you can help, you can go to volunteers louisiana .gov. >> reporter: the republican nominee, donald trump, criticized the president for not cutting short his vacation. trump tweeted the visit by the president was too little too late. hilary clinton says she will visit the region when her presence will not disrupt the emergency response effort. question for us is are we going to stay dry around here? >> a perfect ni
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baseball. heat returns and then thunderstorms return. 3-degree guarantee, may have gone too high today. 86, 85 yesterday. dry air heats up quickly. cools off quickly. i thought 86 was a good number. right now, we will talk about the tropics. this is the remnants of fiona, post tropical feeio na. it was suppose -- fiona, it was supposed to go between bermuda and the carolina coast, now the models are trying to make it to west and dip to it the sout and west, heading it towards florida. some models have it going in to south florida over the weekend, up mobile bay and back up around the appalachians for us a week for thursday. this is fantasy land, this is one model has the storm doing that in the next 10 days. we will keep a close eye on it. that always gets us, the heavy rain,
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tropical systems. live look outside, 83. dew point still in the 50s. perfect, winds light, southeast at 3. cool again tonight, we can rest the ac one more night. bus stop temperatures 5876. pretty sweet. warmer on wednesday, still nice. not humid yet. hot on thursday, hot on friday. temperature 90 thursday, 95 on friday. 10:00 tonight, temperatures sweet. what a nice night for a walk after dinner. 73 downtown. mainly in the 60s in the suburbs. 68 gaithersburg. 62349 rockville. 69 manassas. 71 fairfax. by morning, a few 50s. the numbers are high. 59, 58 frederick. 62, 63 sterling. down in to fredericksburg, low 60s. really nice start, crisp, 67 downtown. by
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buoy and 72 in fairfax. by lunchtime, a great day to take lunch outside. low 80s pretty much across the board, mid-80s. by tomorrow night back to the mid-80s to perhaps upper 80s and still great. a few clouds to the west. cumberland 84. few clouds west of 81. nurse and friday, the best chance of showers and storms will be then. for tonight, clear, comfortable again. 58 to 68. winds southeast at 10:00. by morning, sunnier and cooler. 58-84. by lunchtime, high temperatures in the upper 80s. downtown, we got temperatures in the 60s to start. 75 by 9:00. 81 by 11:00. mid-80s, 84 by 1:00 p.m. temperatures go up, 90 thursday. chance of a thunderstorm.
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storms on friday, 94, nats back in town tomorrow through the weekend. nats and burgundy and gold on friday. we made it hotter and dry. 90 saturday and sunday. hot on monday, couple of storms, still flirting with 90 on tuesday. it wasn't such a happy meal for dozens of kids, this recall involving activity bands. tesla makes it easier to drive cars, i will tell you in a moment. a news anchor calls her former newsroom a sex filled playboy mansion-like cult in a sexual harassment lawsuit.
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fox is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit. in addition to former network chief roger ails, she says she was sexually harassed by bill o'reilly, she says it operates as a sex fueled playboy mansion- like cult. 20 women including gretchen carlson accused ails of sexual harassment. he
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we told you about this last week, recall of the mcdonald's happy meal activity tracker, here is another reminder for you. the consumer products safety commission recalled 29 million of the wristbands. parents complained the trackers caused skin irritation and burns on their children's wrists. go to mcdonald' for more information on the recall. drive for tesla without making a long-term commitment. they are offering 2-year leases on the model-s vehicle. you will need to make a down payment of over $7000. your monthly payment will start at under 600 bucks. a premium smart phone without the premium price tag. samsung plans to start a program that offers their high end devices that are now refurbished. the phones will come from people who signed contracts to
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year. there is just a big ole birthday party at the national zoo. >> the panda cub turned 3 today at the zoo. she is the third surviving cub born to may shong, he turns 19 saturday. bow bow's birthday comes on the heels of little brother bay-bay who celebrated his birthday over the weekend. uber is raising prices to take you around in dc. a maryland man is dead after a grim discovery made hundreds of miles away. after the break, what local parents are saying about a teacher's plan to put
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usually its student that are not fans of home work. >> in a north texas town , the teacher, not so much of a fan either. the story is taking off. >> it's a story first reported in fort worth, texas and now it's gone viral. if you are a home work hater, you will give this teacher's policy an a-plus. this is a note passed out the parents, the policy, no home work. instead, the teacher wants kids to eat dinner as a family
5:31 pm
together, play outside and go to bed early. she says studies have not been able to prove home work improves performance at school. >> i thought it was something good. >> reporter: in the district, mom alexandra, wishes her son could spend time with the family each day. >> spend 30, 45 minutes reading and on the computer to finish assignments, there is little or no time to spend time as a family. i think home work keeps students prepared, organized and ready for college. >> reporter: local mom, beth casey, says family time is important. she says home work is important too, for her young son. >> they need to go over what they learned in school earlier and make sure they understand it. >> you can do both. >> reporter: lady cruise says it's about finding a balance. >> you can do home work first and share time with your kids. >> reporter: she says she spends time with her daughter as she helps her with
5:32 pm
work. >> it was nice to talk about how was the day at school. why we are doing the home work. >> there are studies that found that home work has almost no benefit for elementary and middle school students. you start to see the benefits when kids reach high school. there are hundreds of people commenting on this story on our wusa9 facebook page. hop on and see what they are saying. join the conversation any time. a grim discovery, body of a maryland man found inside a truck tool box. the victim 29 year old mackel of prince frederick. the truck was found in a creek in kentucky, not close to homes or businesses. >> any community would have to be shaken a little. >> this is type of stuff you hear about on tv, crime shows and movies and
5:33 pm
>> how did he get there? he is believed to be a navy veteran, reported missing july 24th and all investigators will say now is that he died of asphyxiation. a portion of main street nel cot city will re-open tomorrow. howard county authorities say an area near the western end received little or no damage in the historic flood. the rest is off limits to residents today after a brief window where folks would go in and get their stuff. the goal is to re-open the street to everyone by september 16th. . the ride sharing service uber is increasing the prices. >> the entire dc metro area was just hit with the hike, transportation reporter, pete muntean is here with the change, how did we miss the? >> it slipped in over the weekend. uber just making it public. one day after uber did not get what it wanted in a lawsuit by drivers. now, some rides ar
5:34 pm
one dollars, and drives are wondering if it's -- drivers are wondering if it's going to help them. uber driver, lydias admits her english is not great but pay from short trips is not either. >> not enough. >> reporter: hail and uber x , the low cost option and now pay a $6.35 minimum fair. a 20% increase, the goal, uber says, is to cut down on costs, drivers swallow on short trips. >> it's about fair wages. >> reporter: cj is taking the bus today, but says he takes uber all the time. >> to pay the drivers $1 more. it's well deserved. they do a good job. >> reporter: hasties are visiting from seattle and used uber twice. >> it made it easy and fast. it would be worth to it pay $1 more. >> reporter: uber is taking heat from drivers, a california judge sided with drivers nationwide, in a as
5:35 pm
lawsuit over their expenses. >> i have a cousin who drives for uber, that's good for her since that's the only income. >> reporter: uber is quick to point out this won't have much of an impact on those using the car pooling option, uber pool is already discounted during the major safety overhaul. pete muntean, wusa9. dc is not alone, the rate hike is happening in 23 other cities. thousands of people across the country getting ready to lather up with extra crispy sunscreen. you got to hear about this. it's not a fire or a shooting, next. not there. we will tell you why people are running down the street for no reason. the viral y storabout what a 9 year old boy wanted instead of a party for his birthday. . we will talk about the pollen reading. you can access on the website. trees not much in
5:36 pm
anymore. grasses in the moderate range and weeds in the high range and mold in the high range as well. we will come back and talk when the 90s return, a look ahead to the weekend forecast as well. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours.
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a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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what could cause thousands of people to stam speed thaw the streets of taiwan, pokimon go, again. all of these people, man, they are chasing after a rare fictional creature, called a snore lax. a facebook user posted the unverified video on facebook over the weekend. what would you have to do to verify it. the neighborhood has become a pokimon hot spot, really the epi center. time reports there is so much crowding that civil defense police reenforcements from other areas have had to be brought in. come on, man. chill out with the pokemon.
5:40 pm
there is a sunscreen that's finger licking goods. >> introducing kfc extra crispy sunscreen. a limited edition product, we are giving away for free, works like regular sunscreen. it smells like fried chicken. >> a lot more popular. >> wait until the kids on daytona beach get their hands on this one. >> kfc gave around 3000 tubes of the fried chicken tinted sunscreen as part of an on line promotion. maybe we could do that and see if it helps us avoid eating food. kfc spokesperson says it smells amazing. it seemed like a natural fit. >> it seems weird. >> it seems weird but one of those things you have to give it a try. >> they look orange. i don't know in the sunscreen
5:41 pm
a young man reads acceptance letter from the university of georgia. check it out. >> i got accepted. >> what? >> yes. >> go dogs. >> go get em dogs. >> that's so great. he will be in the program that helps people with certain disabilities become independent adults and starts the program in january of 2017. how about a feel-good story, shared around the country as well. a young man in lafayette, louisiana, chooses to help flood victims rather than have a birthday party. he is not a young man. he is 9. carson and his family came up with the idea to have pizzas delivered to people trying to rebuild. they posted the plan on facebook and of course it went viral. in the end,
5:42 pm
firefighters and police officers. >> we are going to give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they are doing so we are going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods that have flooded. >> just want to bottle him up. that's the sweetest thing. dominos helped out matching the first 100 pizzas ordered. this is what a baseball did to this windshield. this is the player that did it. wait until you find out who owns the car. . nick cannon says he is headed to howard university, we talk with students about their new mega star freshman up next. as we head in to the break, tim stromburg shares this picture of us from virginia. thanks, tim, back after this.
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with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. today is cheap flight day, that is when summer's more expensive trips start to fall. the prices could
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10- 20%. >> that's what they want us to believe. tweets from the campaign trail, donald trump first, hilary clinton strongly stated this was absolutely no conest between her private -- connection between her private work and that of the state department. on average it takes black women until today to catch up to white men's 2015 earnings. time to close the pay gap. the manmade famous for a role in the movie drum line on america's got tall sent is headed to college in dc. >> nick cannon enrolled at howard university for the fall semester. >> reporter: nick cannon , the actor, actor and tv host at howard u, reminded fans of his role in drum line. the 2002 moe, which he played a street drummer accepted to a historically black college. he had to come to terms with the fact he could not read music befoe
5:47 pm
mark on the marching band. it's taking students by storm. >> its going to be crazy. i'm interested to hear what he has to say. >> how are you going to react? >> how is it going. you can't be like oh my god. >> reporter: nick is planning the study communications. the host of americas got talent. for this host, worth millions, he says it's not about the money. >> he is already successful, i think it's exciting that somebody would come to this school and still seek a higher education. >> reporter: all this almost didn't happen. five years ago, cannon, alongside his wife, mariah carey fought for his life when an auto immune disease attacked his kidn
5:48 pm
expected to buy a home near howard university. always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather. >> i think it's funny he is buying a house near howard university. >> how much freshman's can buy homes? this track you showed us of the tropical system and the good news is they never usually work out like the track a week and half before. >> don't get too fixated on this track. this is the remnants of fiona, post tropical. originally, the national hurricane center had it going in between bermuda and the north carolina coast. they are making it turn a little bit from northwest, to west, actually more towards the southwest, as we get
5:49 pm
the north may force this thing in through southern florida. this is a long way out. this is friday morning, it's still hundreds of mails off the florida and southeast coast. -- miles off the florida and southeast coast. this is through florida, mobile bay and through the metro area, by a week from thursday. we shall see. let me put it in the back of your mind. i did tweet this out earlier in the week. if you have plans along the eastern sea board, insurance may not be a bad idea. 83 now, dew points in the 50s. this is fantastic, it's like september weather than late august weather. cool tonight. we can rest the ac i think. bus stoop temperatures, 58 to 76. another morning in the 50s in some of the northern and western suburbs. warmer tomorrow, still nice,
5:50 pm
temperatures go back in to the low to mid-90s, friday will be the hotter of the two days. 73 downtown, in the upper 60s in the bushes. 69 rockville. 71 fairfax. pretty nice. by morning, looking at temperatures in the 60s. a few 50s here and there. downtown, this is what you want to focus on, 67 downtown. not had many days with temperatures in the 60s in the morning. mid-morning, we go up slowly, low to mid-70s. 72 fredericksburg. this is 9:00 a.m. 73 la plata. by afternoon, a great day to take lunch outside. low 80s to mid-80s with sunshine. tomorrow night, temperatures in the mid-80s. maybe 84 downtown, 84 in fed ricksburg, 84 hagerstown. pure sunshine and still, humidity in check tomorrow. that's the good thing. tonight, clear and comfortable, 58 to
5:51 pm
by morning, sunny and beautiful. cool early, 58-84. low humidity. by afternoon, mostly sunny and warm, temperatures in the 80s. winds south, southeast at 10. let's break it down for you. on the day planner, these are downtown temperatures, upper 60s to start. 75 by 9:00. 81, low 80s by 11 and mid-80s, sunshine by 1:00. thursday hot again, 9. slight chance of isolated storm. the nats are back in town tomorrow through the weekend. 94 on friday, storms and burgundy and gold in town for the preseason game. front will try to go south of us. not going to do much for temperatures. maybe a storm and back to 9 on tuesday with -- 90 on tuesday with sunshine.
5:52 pm
it's been perfect weather for great baseball, fans piling in to camden yards for the battle of the beltway. within that orange and black, there is ready. considering dc area didn't have a major league baseball team for many years, there are locals that plj allegiance to the -- pledge allegiance to the birds. >> it is coined the battle of the beltways, washington nationals taking on the orioles game 2 in baltimore tonight. they switch to dc for two games. it's still an interesting topic of discussion. many that grew up in the area, find out hard to root for the home team because they came up driving i-95 to baltimore. adopted team, fine to do that, because the generation including myself, grew up without a team in dc with th
5:53 pm
picture. nats starred in 2005, still taking time to basically adopt a new team, even though it plays in your hometown. plus, you can root for both teams, but only when they don't play each other. i'm frank hanrahan, that's you inside pitch. a crucial come back victory for a team that is in the middle of a playoff hunt. it provedded ed to be a costly -- proved to be a costly moment. grand slam to left field that put his team ahead. look where it landed. smashed the wind windshield of a truck in the parking lot. that was brandon's truck where the ball landed. he smashed his own windshield. >> what are the chances. >> everything had to align perfectly for that to happen. thomas said it
5:54 pm
>> whenever you -- worth it. >> whenever you park near a softball or baseball field, that is always in your head. >> that's what the suinrance companies are for, hopefully. coming up, marred by mutiny as students start the school year in prince georges county, calls for accountability following allegations that some tried to cover up allegations of abuse. terrorist tie, why federal investigators are taking a closer look at a knife attack in virginia. growing pains, hear what the past year has been like for the 9 area old boy who received a double hand transplant.
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surgeons performed the first double hand transplant on a child over a year ago. he can wiggle his fingers and throw a football. harvey had his surgery last summer. >> reporter: a busy year for 9 year old zion harvey and his mom, patty ray, as they adjust to their knew life with his new -- new life with his new hands. >> it feels like i'm living my dream. it's his dream but it's mine, too. >> reporter: last summer, he became the first child to undergo a double hand transplant. >> could not have had a better first patient. >> reporter: a loying him to write -- allowing him to write in his journal and zip his clothes and threw
5:58 pm
pitch at a orioles game. >> she won't let me try out for football. >> no. starting with baseball. >> why not? >> too dangerous. >> reporter: he lost his hands and feet ty to infection when he was 2 years old. his new hands transplanted from another boy in a 10- hour procedure are desaned to grow as he does. he has trained his brain to communicate with his hands after not having any for six years. >> between five days a week for three hours of occupational therapy a day for 10 months. >> reporter: learned to bake, play with toys, passed oh tut cake at his -- out the cake at his 9th birthday party. >> what is next? >> convince mom to let me play football. >> thdo
5:59 pm
statement saying they are happy that a pat of their son could be a blessing to another little boy. inspired by isis, federal investigators are looking at a stabbing in virginia. >> members of a local school board demand action, claiming a cover up that could cost the district millions. how things might be different if another earthquake shook our region. fbi is investigating a stabbing in virginia in which the suspect shotted alla akbar while attacking a man and woman. thank you for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm lesli foster. federal investigators are considering whether the crisis was fired by isis. peggy fox is live with why authorities think this could be tides to the terror group. >> reporter: the attack happened in roanoke, the suspect is a local resident that traveled to syria apparently and on the fbi's
6:00 pm
radar for months. >> both victims were stabbed and cut repeatedly. >> reporter: faruke is accused of a vicious attack that could be isis inspired. >> torso, limbs, including on the male, one laceration to the side of the neck. >> reporter: happened at this apartment complex saturday night. the victims injuries were life threatening, police don't believe it was attempted beheading, but the attacker shouted out something that caused the police to alert the fbi. >> the male described as being to be middle eastern, was yelling alla akbar. >> reporter: arabic for god is great. >> it was scary for me. >> reporter: the attack severely injured the victims and rattled the residents. >> he did not look far to me at all. it's scary knowing something could happen so close to home. >> reporter: the victims told police they were attacked as they entered the pines apartments before 8:


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