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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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radar for months. >> both victims were stabbed and cut repeatedly. >> reporter: faruke is accused of a vicious attack that could be isis inspired. >> torso, limbs, including on the male, one laceration to the side of the neck. >> reporter: happened at this apartment complex saturday night. the victims injuries were life threatening, police don't believe it was attempted beheading, but the attacker shouted out something that caused the police to alert the fbi. >> the male described as being to be middle eastern, was yelling alla akbar. >> reporter: arabic for god is great. >> it was scary for me. >> reporter: the attack severely injured the victims and rattled the residents. >> he did not look far to me at all. it's scary knowing something could happen so close to home. >> reporter: the victims told police they were attacked as they entered the pines apartments before 8:
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randomly. >> the male was eventually able to fight off the attacker who fled. >> reporter: he lives with his parents a mile away. while officers were at the hospital collecting information from the victims, the suspect identified as faruke came in to the emergency with his own injuries. he was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated malicious wounding. he appears to be self radicalized. cbs news reports when he went to syria, tried to go to syria, he got as far as europe, this happened over the past year. when he returned home it was that trip that put him on the fbi's radar. back to you. >> he appeared in court monday where he was ordered to be held without bond. next appearance is set for september
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latest group hosted a billboard in phoenix to a message to isis. hey, isis, you suck. they wanted to condemn ice sis in a public -- isis in a public way. we know who will fill the dc position being vacated by cathy lanier. peter newsham will serve as interim. she is looking inside and outside the department for a permanent replacement. the chair has a great relationship with newsham. >> i think in the mayor is looking for that one person to pick up and move forward without hesitation, without skipping a beat, chief newsham is the guy to do that right now. >> he has fierce critics. the group, partnership for civil justice called him a mass violater and said he
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called extraordinary cover up when police rounded up world bank protesters in 2000 2, that cost the city more than $8 million in damages in federal money. the first day of school in prince georges county. >> a fallout from a child abuse scandal in the head start program. board members are accusing leadership of covering it up and costing the county $6.4 million when regulators put the hammer down. scott broom is in prescription georges to tell us more. >> reporter: the maintenance board members want to know why the leaders did not reveal the findings of a federal investigation in the head start program months ago that found abuse or act fast enough to fix it. 4 year old aleah smith knows
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her letters and numbers thanks to head start. with some teachers caught doing everything from humiliating a 3 year old that wet himself to forcing 4 year olds to hold boxes of books overhead for punishment, her mom lost confidence in head start. five members of the school board turned against the powerful chair and vice chair, with this letter alleging a cover up. for 5.5 months while children continue to be harmed the chair and vice chair concealed pert independent information the letter read. today that ceo, kevin maxwell, toured the sylvania woods elementary school. he couldn't explain why his boss or the executive or public was informed until this why nor why the administration did not correct the deficiencies in time to keep the $6.4 million in federal funding for head
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found out is the first time any of us knew we were about the receive a termination. myself or anyone else. we had a small number of people who have made a very large number of people look fairly poorly. >> this was one of those things that there should have been a special board meeting called the they needed to. it needed to have been addressed in the beginning so this didn't happen. >> reporter: that's little aleah smith's bewildered mom. the executive, baker, said today he is going continue to stand by school ceo kevin maxwell. the county will not shutdown the head start program while it appeals this federal finding and attempts to get the $6.4 million restored by fixing what is wrong with head start. reporting live in presumption of innocence georges county -- prince georges county, wusa9. neither
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responded to the call for their heads to roll. a murder mystery continues to baffle the lauden county sheriff's office 15 years later. haberland was shot in upperville, virginia on august 23rd of 2001, she was 81. detectives need new tips from the community and more information from an anonymous person who called a crime solver's tip line in 2004. the caller gave the names of two people alleged to be involved in the murder. on the anniversary of her death, loved ones want the killer brought to justice. >> as a family, we would like to get to closure on this case and the fact that, my 81 year old mother was murdered is something i think about everyday. >> if you know anything about the murder, call the lauden
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man in tulsa, oklahoma is accused of killing his neighbor because the man was lebanese. 611 year old stanley majors had been arguing with jabarra and his family since they moved in to the neighborhood. the years of bickering came to a head earlier this month, when majors shot jabar while the victim was sitting on his front porch. the suspect's husband says majors is bipolar. >> it's been five years since a earthquake shook buildings in the capitol. we are feeling the impact. >> the park service now blames the 2011 quake for the current elevator program. problems i should say, the 5.8 magnitude trimmer caused widespread damage to the monument, cathedral and many homes. residents say they are better prepared now for the next one if it happens. >> what you should do is get under a structure like
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>> if that happens again, i'm not going to freak out. >> dc schools have earthquake drills and enforced the drop, cover and hold on practice. cellular providers upgraded systems in the years since the earthquake. three little girls dead following an apartment fire. coming up, why investigators suspect arson, topper shutt will be here with the first alert forecast in 10 minutes. lows tonight, bruce, upper 50s in the bushes, 58 leaseburg, 59 manassas and downtown temperatures in the 60s. don't look now , the 90s are on our doorstep, we will talk about that and check the tropics.
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chicago police are questioning someone after three sisters and adults were killed in an apartment fire. investigators say the tragedy started with a domestic dispute and just went from there. the youngest victim was 3 months old, jennifer wainwright, who lived in the building tried to save the baby. >> we were trying to runaway from the scene and someone said, there is someone -- someone get the baby. there was a baby this big. i don't know how old. i'm certified in cpr. i did what i know i could do. >> fire crews recovered the bo
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and a neighbor once they put the fire out. investigators suspect lighter flawed from a charcoal grill in the back of the building might have been used to set that fire. a u.s. soldier was killed today in afghanistan. >> the first u.s. combat casualty in the country since january. pentagon has not released a name yet. the soldier was killed by a roadside bomb whale on patrol. topper shutt says enjoy the cooler weather while you can. we are expecting things to heat up going in to the weekend. that first alert forecast is next.
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an incident left a man badly injured and a police officer facing charges. richard garcia kicked and punched clinton alfred whale he is on the ground, held by two other officers. alfred matched the description of a robbery suspect. prosecutors later yawsed the same video as evidence -- used the same video as evidence to charge the police officer with
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felony assault. the prosecutors agreed to a plea deal that spared garcia jail time. >> i know we all have children. what if that was one of your children? >> garcia has been ordered to stay at home and relieved of duty without pay in march and awaiting a police department disciplinary hearing. hilary clinton is facing scrutiny on two fronts, an ap investigation uncovered more than half of the people from outside of the government she met with whale secretary of state, gave money to the clinton foundation. federal judge's ruling ensures clinton will be answering questions about her emails until election day. weijia jiang has more on that and trump's attempt to win over voters. >> reporter: hilary clinton went to justin timberlake's santa monica's home, part of a
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an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. feel sometimes like the campaign has entered in to an alternative universe. >> reporter: she talked about debating donald trump and her health and the email controversy. the state department is reviewing 15,000 undisclosed messages, the fbi uncovered during the investigation. >> my emails are so bowing. we release -- so boring. we released 30,000 plus, what is a few more. >> reporter: trump wants a new look in to the emailer server and the access donors got to her during secretary of state. >> investigation by a special prosecutor, immediatelies madely, immediately. -- immediately, immediately. >> reporter: spoke speaking to a mostly white audience, trump says democrats have
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minorities. >> to african americans, who i employ so many, hispanics, tremendous people, what the heck do you have to lose, give me a chance. >> reporter: he is not talking about not deporting immigrants, but plans to build a wall is not going anywhere. >> trump is raising money in texas today. he hold a rally in austin this evening. today president barack obama got to see the devastation in louisiana, up close. 13 people were killed, more than 60,000 homes were damaged. victims are beginning to get their share of the $120 million in federal aid, many of the flood victims are depending on the aid. 80% of people in louisiana didn't have flood insurance. the president tried to calm residents concerns about rebuilding their communities. >> what i want the people in louisiana to know, is you are not alone, even after
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cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. >> the president's visit follows a stop by donald trump on friday. the republican nominee criticized the president for not cutting short his 2-week vacation. louisiana's governor however defended the president's decision, saying security resources that would have been diverted from the president's vis rite needed elsewhere -- visit are needed elsewhere. you are tracking the tropics and the temperatures, where would you like to start. >> let's start with the 3- degree and move in to the tropics. we wentel 6 for the highm -- we went 86 for the high. dry air mass, cools off quickly, heats up ic
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higher. let you know at 11 tonight. this is fiona, a tropical storm, never became a hurricane, forecast originally, this could change again, i'm pointing this out, forecast originally to go in between bermuda and north carolina. some of the models are trying to hit the turn northwest to west, and southwest, as we get in to the weekend. one model, the european model takes it across south florida, mobile bay, back up the appalachians over the metro by a week from thursday. this is going to change 8 million times between now and thursday. be advised along the eastern sea board, the gulf coast, we will keep a eye on the remnants of fiona, it's not the winds รก that get us, it's always the rain. that's not a good track if that were to happen. live look outside, 83 now, okay, dew points in the 50s, it's just spectacular outside. i think cool again tonight. you can rest the ac
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night. bus stop temperatures 58-76. warmer tomorrow and nice, by that we mean not humid. okay, hot thursdays hot friday, 90 on thursday. 95 friday. tonight, 10:00, great night to take a walk after dinner. in the upper 60s in some spots, 73 downtown. 68 gaithersburg. by early morning, 64 hagerstown. 62 winchester and 64 buoy. a nice start, by 9:00, comfortable, low to mid-70s. 72 sterling, 70 manassas. 73 la plata. by lunchtime, temperatures in the low to mid-80s with sunshine, by tomorrow evening, about this time, temperatures in the mid-80s again. the numbers are low. my 88 maybe a little bit high. the truth may lie in the middle. maybe 86 or 87 tomorrow for a high. gorgeous day. day planner, upper 60s to 75art.
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up to 84 by 1:00 with full sun. it will get hot on thursday, 90s, slight chance of a thunderstorm. 94 on friday. better chance of a few storms. nats in town wednesday through the weekend. burgundy and gold on friday night. weekend looks hot and dry, thunderstorm on monday. temperatures still around 90 through next tuesday. people saying we don't need four preseason games. >> you got to see what the bubble guys can do. burgundy and gold gearing up for the third preseason game. starters expected to take the field. how does curt cousins feel?
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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gruden pulled about face, benching most of his startsers including -- starters including curt cousins. the thirdexhibition game we expect to see the starters for much of the first half. while they try to riddle down the roster to 75 it's important for the starters to get the reps considering they don't traditionally play the fourth game. cousins attempted five passes this preseason, says practice has gone so
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worried about the lack of reps. >> as a starting quarterback, i'm getting a lot of reps. much more than i would have as a back up quarterback. >> this is a 53-man roster. 46 on game day. all those guys are expected to play when called upon. we got good quality reps. i feel like he is in good shape now. >> theburg study and gold will close out in tampa bay. could we see josh on the field by then? the coach is optimistic. the first round pick has been recovering from akill akiellies -- akilllies injury, akilies injury. he expects him to be ready week one. ledecky preparing to do something she has done befos
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the star will throw out the first pitch at the nationals game before they take on baltimore. she has tossed out the pitch before in 2011 and 2014 before the nats post season game against san francisco. gethere early tomorrow, we will be live from nats park. speaking of local olympians, helen stopping by our studios tomorrow. the first u.s. woman to win gold medal, defeating heavy favorite from japan. we will have a conversation with her on facebook live. thank you very much. cbs is next. back with your only local news at 7:00.
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