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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> he yanked it open and stuck it in my face. that's the time i got a little scared. >> reporter: he finally left but told them to wait 10 minutes before they called police or he would kill them. >> it's traumatizing, not to mention it was broad daylight. >> it involves a 7-year-old girl and he took them at gun point and abducted them. >> reporter: police are hoping someone recognizes the gunman and calls crime stoppers. police won't tell us how much money was taken but do tell us the suspect is described a as black man between the ages of 25-35, they are hoping someone recognizes them and gives them a call. peggy fox, wusa9. >> if you recognize the gunman or have informatio
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incident, no matter how small, give fairfax county police a call. rescue workers are racing to pull people out of the rubble in central italy. the 6.2 quake struck a mountainous region popular with vacations. days residents woke to find communities leveled. >> this woman says a wall fell next to her, but luckily didn't hit her. >> large slabs of concrete fell from buildings and trapped people and crushed cars and survivors were just days as they huddled in a field. there are some glimmers of hope amid this destruction. rescuers pulled a man and a young girl from the rubble alive. italian community in the district is coming together in the wake of the natural disaster. we caught up with francesca at the embassy of italy, the
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director of the italian cultural society. italians always look out for each other during difficult times. italians are passionate people. in this moment, there is always a chance to get together and feel sorry and try to consulate each other. >> she along with many other italian americans in the area have been reaching out to family and friends overseas to make sure they are safe. she hopes to hear back from her loved ones soon. one student is reportedly dead and a dozen others hurt in afghanistan. they were on the campus in kabul. two staff workers were kidnapped and haven't been found. u.s. state department is asking americans to consider leaving
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than first expected. you may remember last friday, the park service closed the monument down for maintenance after several issues with the elevator. john henry joins us live from the national mall. the monument was supposed to re- open by monday, now they are saying it's going to stay closed a lot longer are p the national park service will continue the inspections. when washington monument re- opens, it could have a longer closure later in the future. go down to the national mall and you will find a countless number of people with heads pointed towards the sky. the washington monument demands your attention. >> it's drawn to the monument because of size. this is a terrific building. >> reporter: many tourists would like the chance to go up to the top
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elevator have made that harder than normal. congresswoman holmes nortop is frustrated with the monuments frequent closures. she called a meeting with the national park service. the park service believes it will have to construct a modernized system within the monument. that could take 8-9 months, the monument would likely have to close down. tourists weren't too thrilled. >> i would say, i would be disappointed. >> reporter: the park service says it's needed. >> elevators would have a life of 20-25 years, typically, it was last modernized in the late 90s. >> reporter: nordon would prefer it take place before next year's tourism season.
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the park service says the monument's problems go beyond the earthquake it experienced five years ago. computers and control panels that assist the elevator are probably outdated. john henry, wusa9. >> the park service says it's been setting aside money and could cost more than $2 million. delegate nordon is blaming congress for letting the elevator get to the state it's in. a teenage girl treated for injuries after she got hit by a van on her bicycle. the girl was air lifted to med star hospital in washington with life threatening injuries. the driver of the van that hit the 15 year old on middletown remained on the scene. alexandria man is facing serious charges after a frightening incident. 26 year old standsick exposed himself to the 10 year old
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week. he asked her for directions to sandburg middle school. officers in the mount vernon police district say there maybe other victims and asking them to come forward. the first week of school in prince georges county have touched off immunization crisis. so many kids showed up without the state required shots. scott broom is at a hard hit school this afternoon. are the kids getting the shots? >> reporter: they are getting their shots thanks to these basically emergency clinics that were set up by the school system for first time. they are sort of overwhelmed with this. they start warning people about this months if advance. this -- in advance. this year, 6400 kids showed up for school in prince georges without the updated immunizations. nurses from the county's health department taking immunization show on
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clinics set up at north western high school oxen hill high school, for families that procrastinated on immunizations to get their kids caught up. patients say the rush is on. >> they are going by appointment. >> reporter: here at thomas johnson middle school , the principal on the phone pretty much all day, dealing with a full blown crisis of 387 incoming 7th graders, 280 showed up for school without their updated immunizations. the number today is down to 80. mc bride will be forced to send kids home tomorrow if they can't prove they have their shots or have an appointment set up. >> the law is the law. it has to be done. without it done we are forced to exclude children that need to be in school. >> reporter: parents are stunned by the number who did not get the shots done in time. >> it's outrageous. it's unfortunate they had to interrupt their
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inconvenience to the children. >> it's really sad. it's really sad this year, especially when there was so much notice over the summertime to get the kids immunized. >> reporter: we are working on getting a numb for how many kids got immunized today. they started the day with 6400 without their shots. the situation at this hour is as follows, the emergency clinics that were set up at north western high school are finished with that. those are wrapped up and done, not planning new ones tomorrow. that means parents who wouldn't or simply couldn't get these immunizations done today are going to have to get it done at a minute clinic, doctors office or some place like that. officials will not allow unimmunized children in to regular classrooms starting tomorrow, instead parents will be called and they will be sent home until they can get the shots or prove they have an appoinen
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scott broom, wusa9. >> it's the law there. 7th graders are a particular problem because they are required to have a meningitis vaccination for the first time. tracking metro tonight. fta, blasting metro for doing a poor job, securing unattended metro trains. the feds say metro doesn't follow its own rules to make sure trains don't move. a issued another safety directive, ordering metro to take 6 steps to make sure the trains get secured. a portion of main street in flood damaged ellicot re-opened today. howard county authorities say an area near the western end received little or no damage in flood. the goal is to re-open the street to everyone by september 16th. we are just getting started on wusa9 at 5:00. what a great night for
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i treated this out a minute ago, clear skies, 83 at 6:00. 79 at 8:00. 75 by 10:00 when the game is wrapping up. we will tell you what is headed towards the southeast coast over the weekend and talk about our weekend forecast as well. drivers say a new parking device could be putting their safety at risk. hilary clinton's campaign fights back against accusations she gave donors special access. neighbors in a dc community file a lawsuit to keep a homeless shelter from opening in their neighborhood.
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the driver of a tractor trailer lost
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rig. sky 9 flew over the scene and captured this, this is the inner loop near the exit to river road. it was carrying trash that overturned on the shoulder. police waited to clear the scene. the driver was not hurt. to the campaign trail, hilary clinton's campaign is fighting back against accusations she provided access to clinton foundation donors. >> the clintons do not draw salary or profit from the work of the foundation. >> clinton when she was secretary of state gave money to the clinton foundation. trump called it a pay for play scam. clintons campaign says she did not reap profits. a stop in tampa, florida, trump made a pitch to minority voters saying he will do a better job keeping him safe from inner city violence. dc neighbors are taking to council and the mayor to caught over a homeless shelter. >> the lawsuit could delay
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closing of the district's closure. delia goncalves joins us and gets to the bottom of this debate. there is a lot of it. >> we talked to the neighbor whose had plenty to say. this shelter proposed shelter, i should say, is one of 7 smaller shelters to be placed throughout the district of columbia. part of the mayor's plan to shutdo dc general by 2020. not if some neighbors get their way. a dozen filed a lawsuit saying this is much more than just a case of not in my backyard, they allege the city cut corners. >> there was no notice at all. seems like people found out about it accidentally. >> reporter: neighbors say what the city did was no accident. leaving residents out of the conversation before green lighting a homeless shelter in their community. >> people are legitimately worried. they are imaging worse case scenarios. >> reporter: the location of the shel
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, the second district police station. >> it seems like it would be disruptive to the function of the police station. >> reporter: a tight squeeze , the parking lot overflowing , the family shelter would likely be placed opposite the filling station in this fenced in lot where police keep towed cars. >> we dwt to help each other. >> reporter: mary chai says it's not a perfect location but a good one. >> it solves two problems, city owned property, no added cost and big enough at 47,000 square feet. features tennis courts and community gardens in tact. >> you like to close your eyes and not see them. you don't want anything to do with them, because we live here, we knead to think about people and helping. >> when you put something dra tmatically different in the community you can't do that without turbulence and people wantto
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on and have a say. >> council member khay says they don't need the community members to weigh in. they had meetings and did have some input before making this decision, she says ultimately the city council does not need the community input when they are deciding on public buildings. delia goncalves, wusa9. the mayor's office had no comment, only to tell us that the attorney general is looking in to this case. while neighbors are heated over that, we are heating up slightly. we are. sort of in check today with the halt. we will notice a difference tomorrow. friday will be the hottest day. >> what did you do to yourself? >>
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we went in the upper 80s today, 87. yesterday's temperature was lower than i thought. live look outside, gar gas, 86 now, that's good. dew points come up, remember last night, upper 5s, now in the mid-60s. that's okay. it's passible. winds south at 13. the satellite picture, radar combined. this is actually what is left of fiona, which is producing clouds and showers across bermuda. further south, this is what could become tropical storm hermine, this is headed towards the bahamas and towards florida as we get in to next weekend. in the meantime, we are in pretty good shape. a few clouds pushing through. no real complaints, comfortable tonight. not as cool as it has been. let's talk about the computer models for
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invest 99l, could become hermine. moving to the north and west. through the bahamas, knot of cuba. each lo -- north of cuba. each line represents a computer model. we will keep going. we are going to stop, this is at sunday, 1:00, most of the models have it running through the bahamas off the southeast coast of florida. couple of outliers, one skirting up the atlantic coast, couple of miles ducking in between cue bah and the keys headed -- cuba and the keys headed for the gulf of mexico. the european model, it's possible. in to monday, the models take it across the peninsula up to the north by 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. we will watch this for sometime. for us, perfect for the nats game. bus stop temperatures comfortel. 64-68. hot tomorrow, hot friday, 90- 95. weekend looks nice but hot.
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10:00 tonight in the 70s. mid-70s downtown. morning 60s, no 50s this time. we have 60s. 67 manassas. 69 fairfax and 70 buoy. mid-morning, low to mid-70s. by lunchtime, temperatures in the upper 80s. sprinkles possible here and there. especially along i-81 corridor. we will advance 24 hours from nows temperatures 80s to 90s. a few clouds rolling through the metro area. a decent day tomorrow, a little bit on the hot side. day planner, 70s to start. low 70s downtown. 82 by 11:00. 87 by 1:00 p.m. hottest day this week will be friday. by far 95. 92 dry on saturday. next 7 days, 91 on sunday. good baseball weather
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weekend. 90 monday, storm possible, better chance for storms on tuesday. upper 80s, better chance for storms wednesday with highs in the 80s. five new cases of zika detected in florida and one of them is in the tampa bay area. this case is not related to travel. >> officials are not declaring a new zone of active local transmission, not yet. four cases connected to the miami's winwood district. zika has been linked to dangerous birth defects. pregnant women are urged to take precautions. >> get approved for tsa precheck without going to the airport. dmv opened a tsa precheck office today. get everything done from the dmv, fingerprints to background checks, the first dmv in northern virginia to open a precheck office but won't be the last. before the end of the year, there will be precheck offices in leaseburg and fredericksburg. >>
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american advisors are working closely with turkey to clear isis out of a border town in syria. u.s. air strikes are part of the operation. as many as 20 turkish tanks and troops crossed in to syria, the operation comes days after a suspected isis bombing at a wedding in turkey killed at least 54 people. saturday night live actress, leslie joans is the victim of an on line attack. >> according to, hackers were able to get personal information and private photos from her personal website. jones returned from a stint with the nbc network covering the olympics. last month she announced she was leaving twitter after hateful posts about the new ghost buster movie. after the break, firefighters are honored for
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prince georges county.
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some reck recognition for brave firefighters. >> four honored for rescuing a couple from a burning condominium building, last january the pair tried to escape their condo, the fire and smoke were too intense, their last hope was the balcony. >> it's not often that we get the chance to thank our men and women for what they really do everyday, in this case, some extraordinary things that were done on an incident that was literally seen worldwide because of news immediate and video that was able to capture it in the early stages. some of the folks did really heroic things that day. >> 100 people ended up burned out of their homes in the presidential court condos, 3 firefighters and one residents were treated for burns. map
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alert, mega mansions maybe a thing of the past. smaller homes are the new thing according to the national association of home builders. the square footage of a median home fell by 73 feet in the past quarter. modest scale homes are more affordable and appealing to baby boomers who want to downsize. make that some cheese, please. high production and low demand has caused cheese stockpiles to reach the highest level in 30 years. the government will spend $20 million to buy some of it and give to it food banks and pantries. there is a whole lot of cheese out there just waiting for crackers and all that good stuff. >> it's not cheap. they need to bring it down. a win for starbucks. a california judge dismissed a lawsuit against the company in this suit a customer complained that the
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much ice in its cold drinks and not enough coffee. the judge said lack, any reasonable person should know when they order an iced drink, a portion of it will be ice. >> or ask for less ice. >> yeah. dogs rescued from flooded out areas of louisiana, are here in maryland and ready for some new homes. . a montgomery county convenient store clerk fights back against a knife wielding bandit. after the break, designed to help you find your car in a parking garage, but on the way, we will tell you why drives say a kiosk is putting their safety at risk.
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debra alfarone joins us with a kiosk controversy. >> reporter: two things will be new when you come to the town center, starting september 12th, you are going to have to pay. number two, you can put in your license plate in to a kiosk here and it may show you a picture of your car and sew you a map of -- show you a map of where it's packed. some people are not happy with
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>> well, couple of times, yeah. >> you look left, you look right, you can't find your car. those days will be done at resten town center. >> always looking around like you are an idiot. >> reporter: starting september 12th, you you are can type your license plate in to the park assist kiosk and may show you a picture of your car and will show you a map of where it's parked. problem iss it will show this to anyone who types it in. >> personally, i have somebody that some how got my phone number, i don't know how, texting me like 10 times a day. now, he has my phone number, i don't know if he knows what car i drive. he used to know the stop at the metro and he works here. >> i never thought about that way. >> if it's not safe i wouldn't want to use that. >> reporter: it's a little like big brother, park assist offers this info on an app that you can access anywhere, we found out that won't be used
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>> any organizations use that functionality, resten has not activated that technology and has not elected to allow that to occur. >> reporter: a little consolation to maria that comes here often to workout. >> this is not a very good idea. >> reporter: ceo of park assist tells me the info you can get on the kiosk is the same info you can get if you came in to the garage and walked around. when you do come here september 12th, you can see a list of available parking spots, that will make it easier to find your spot. back to this kiosk, this is a big talker around here tonight. debra alfarone, wusa9. they have been around since 2005, they operate in 25 countries and the ceo doesn't know of safety issues that
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come up during that time. a man armed with a knife attacked a clerk at a sonoco in german town but the clerk fought back against the crook. see the men wrestling around , the clerk got stabbed in the torso and slashed in the face. the suspect finally forces the clerk to open the cash register, the bandit took off with the cash. this happened on august 15th, just after 9:00. call montgomery county police if you have information on who that might be. police are looking for answers following a murder in montgomery county. asad hassan was shot at his home on route 98 in burtonsville, rushed to a trauma center where he died. police are searching for the person behind the murder and the reason why. they believe the gunman and the victim knew each other. five members of the prince georges county school board accused of covering up incident of abuse in the county's head start program, wusa9 took a detailed look at
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and when. instead of a cover up, we found theafd the entire board -- evidence that the entire board discussed it on april 17th. several members didn't attend an executive session where the matter was discussed further. they are with holding $6 million for head start after finding two incident of teachers abusing and humiliating children as young as 3. labor pains at the institutes of health. more than 75 shuttle bus drivers demanded a new contract. drivers say they have been working without an agreement since 2012 and want $1.50 an hour raise. an employee was fire for union activity. >> i was terminated for union activity. putting a button on my shirt that says i support transit, i was interrogated, we filed a de
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they called us back and said we were suspended. >> the president of the busline denies the workers were let go because of union activities and says the drivers have turned down a new contract that was offered. it's not just people impacted by the devastating floods in louisiana. >> thousands of pets have been displaced, animal shelters nationwide are pitching in. some are getting new homes in our backyard. pete muntean reports, soon you might be able to adopt them. >> reporter: last chance animal rescue is giving 66 dogs one more chance. volunteers drove through the night to pull off this rescue, almost the last step on finding the dogs a forever home. for sister cynthia, it took one post to drive here from baltimore. >> weapon one of the first people to call in and say yeses we will be there, -- yes, we will be theres we got a new house
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>> reporter: dory and dillan are the beating hearts, rottweiler mixing only 6 weeks old, half of hair lives ravaged by louisiana floods. >> the puppies today in where else to go, wear can give them a nice warm place. they will be adopted right away. >> reporter: three shelters called cindy sharply, her small crew took enough animals to fill this trailer. now volunteers are scrambling to find fosters. >> people need to help peoples help their neighbors. this is what that boils down to. >> the more puppies we adopt out, the more we can save. >> reporter: the shelter and readying dogs for adoptions. >> you have them for 2-3 weeks, you have time to bond and you have to say good-bye, that can be difficult. >> reporter: there will be two adoption drives in alexandria, the second september 17th, at the
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pete muntean, wusa9. >> if you want to get more information , we have a link on and on our app. trending, a teacher's permission slip regarding the pledge of allegiance stirs up a patriotic debate. a seal seeking refuge on a boat from a pod of killer whales. that's a great example of darwinism as its best. evening planner, perfect. temperatures mid-80s at 6:00. 80 by 8:00. 75 by 10:00. we will come back, humidity on the increase and heat on the increase. we will tell you what that means for the weeken
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confidence over the pledge of allegiance has people seeing stars and stripes on social media tonight. >> started with a florida student brought home this permission slip, would allow parents to check a box excusing the student from the pledge. the students uncle posted the note on facebook. mike wrote on the slip, this is the dumbest thing i have ever read and so ashamed of this. that po
5:41 pm
thousands of likes and comments and shares and we want to hear from you, too, it's on our wusa9 facebook page. >> let's have a look, stephanie writes, if they don't want their children to say it and honor our country, stop living off the benefits our country provides and move elsewhere. donald writes, you need a permission slip to not engage in this stupid ritual? the cold war is over, people. no more need to brainwash little children, let it go. join the conversation 24 hours a day on our wusa9 facebook page. by now, i'm sure you have seen, your facebook wall, filling up, have you had wit the political posts, we got two months to go. there is a way to see more cute animal pictures and fewer posts about the candidates. a google chrome extension ll
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facebook. it was reported by c net, a toggle switch, when you activate it you can say good- bye to the trump and clinton posts. the developer says the extensions can't do anything about memes or those embedded political photos. a gambler picked up $11 million on a penny slot machine. a penny in las vegas >> wynn confirmed the payday in a tweet. a woman from hawaii hit the jackpot by first living in hawaii then by placing $3 bets. this is happening, sunday is pokimon go day at the maryland state fair. organizers at the fairgrounds are inviting players to capture pocket monsters, at five locations. i'm hoping you know what that is because i don't and do battle in to virtual gyms. the fair opens tomorrow and runs through september 5th.
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a seal escape as pot of orcas by jumping on this boat in british columbia. he noticed a dozen whales playing with one hunting seal or playing with or hunting one seal, i should say, when one popped up next to his boat. while they moved next to the boat, the seal scrambled in to the back and said, seia. -- see, ya. it's gold medal day in dc. coming up, hearing from one of the area's lo olympic champions. a local deli celebrates 70 years in business. inside the legendary eatery, and tell you what makes it so special.
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havertys furniture helps even when life isn't.t pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen? i do! thanks sweetie. the labor day sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
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20 years older than ben's chili bowl, also world renowned, for a more provocative reason. the owner tells stephanie ramirez, his et
5:47 pm
continued success. >> reporter: the deli on george after avenue in silver spring maryland. having turned 71 himself, the business is almost as old as he is. he didn't start it but for the past 28 years, training to keep it almost the same. >> i'm a fan of the omelets and triple decker sandwiches. >> reporter: two of the walls, which tell the story of the dmv and world history. >> pictures of a well known painter. >> reporter: the ladies made headlines, not the pin ups but lady's nite when women were offered a discounted price, a male complaining resulted in a 80s sex december crimination lawsuit against
5:48 pm
owner who then offered a skirt and gown night to any male and feel that showed up in a dress. one of the many stories here the staff some employed for 30 years, patrons, this guy has been coming for almost 40. >> this is always my montgomery county place to eat. >> i went to howard university and used to ride the bus that came straight up georgia avenue to wheaten and i stopped in one day and have been coming here ever since. >> reporter: all the hus hustle and bustle, time seems to stop here. >> bring back memories, different times, different periods of washington. the way we grew up. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa9. a member of the maryland comptroller's office says the local businesses lake these that are the backbone of the economy. a 3-year-old boy visited every fire house in dc. >> he has been on a mission and started
5:49 pm
lucas o connell stopped by dc's fire boat pier in southwest today, it was his last stop. isn't he the cutest? in addition to getting surprised with presents from the ems chief, he drove the fire boat. the young captain fired off the hose, honked the horn and navigated the waters, he says this was one of his best days ever. >> it's really cool. i get to be the -- driving a big boat. >> i hear you, lucas. this was not an easy thing to accomplishment he is just 3. dc fire has 33 land stations, and a fire boat pier. >> he is 3. he doesn't have school or a job. he has a lot of time on his hands. >> he has great parents to take him to 33 different land stations and the fire boat pier. >>
5:50 pm
>> that's pretty impressive. what a cute little kid. what a beautiful day. it was a little hotter today and humid but nice. 86, dew points mid-60s. we can handle that. winds south at 13. perfect for the nats game tonight. temperatures 82 to 78. bus stop temperature 64 to 78. hot tomorrow, hot friday, 90 tomorrow, 95 friday. weekend looks nice, it's going to be hot, low 90s. 10:00 tonight, mid-70s downtown, low 70s in the burbs. not as cool tonight. by morning, clear to partly cloudy, we have 60s, we are looking at 66 in gaithersburg and frederick and 68 cumberland. 68 in rockville, silver spring and buoy. by k-89, comfortable -- 9:00, form courtable,
5:51 pm
showers along i-81. isolated storm in tomorrow, primarily west of town, by 1:00, back to the mid to upper 80s. by 6:00, we are looking at temperatures around 90, upper 80s towards manassas and sterling and leaseburg and 8 hagerstown and sprinkles to the far west, for the most part, dry tomorrow. we have not issued a yellow weather alert. by 8:00, tomorrow night, toastier, temperatures in the low to mid-80s across the board. all in the day planner, 70s to start. 82 by 11:00, 87 by 1:00 p.m. on the hot side tomorrow. friday is the real hot day. 95, few isolated storms, should not be a problem for the games. low 90s on saturday. we will keep saturday dry. keeping sunday dry, low 90s. 90 monday. perhaps a shower, we get in to tuesday a wednesday, better chance for showers and storms, temperatures go down
5:52 pm
upper 80s. now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by ex-finty. >> thankfully the nats are back because they didn't too hot in baltimore, battle of the baltimores shift to dc. >> nats and o's are not the only stars out tonight, kristen berset is live. >> reporter: long road trip, they get to sleep in their bed. perhaps a gold medalist can bring them luck. katie ledecky throwing out the first pitch. not the only gold medalist moling about in dc. moremorels is the first female
5:53 pm
>> that is what you call a gold medal. congratulations. >> thank you. >> i read that you said that you will not truly know what winning means until you have won the gold medal. now that you are a gold medal winner, what does that now mean to you in terms of winning it all? >> this is my life, i'm living it out moment by moment. at the psalm time, i'm like -- same time, i'm like i made history, what? i actually won? i actually achieved my goal, it's like hard to process. emotionally i was letting everything out. i never, i knew i was always emotional, i was always a cryer. when i was on the podium and standing next to this legend, and i have lost her every time i wrestled her, i lost to her a bunch. i'm like i'm about to hear my national anthem and my wrestling is the reason why i get to hear the national anthem, it was overwhelming
5:54 pm
helped me. i was crying, this moment is short, it's going to be quick, this is going to be over soon. i want to enjoy it and tears are pouring down my face. i was overjoyed. >> we are back. craziness going on here. more on katie's first pitch at 6:00. kristen berset, wusa9. coming up, how are voters reacting to a suggestion hillary was running a pay for pay scheme at the justice department.
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reducing the need for glasses. bruce own as towing company, he relies on his eyes for fork, his vision changed a -- work, his vision changed a year and a half ago. >> i noticed shadowing, long distance vision was impaired and having trouble lead reeding close ups. >> reporter: the 6 -- readin
5:58 pm
with cataracts. his doctor recommended surgery to remove his old lens and replace wit the new fta approved one called the symphony. unlike previous options , the lens can improve vision at near, intermediate and far distances and points in between. >> a brand new category of lens, giving patients continuous vision and many times eliminates the dependence on glasses. >> reporter: bruce is the first person to get the lens since it was fda approved. dr. eric conducted the clinical trials. >> giving them a natural type of vision, less dependant on glasses, improves self confidence. >> reporter: bruce is excited for the future. >> i happen to be a very active 65 year old. i ride motorcycles, long distance. i also do jet skiing. >> reporter: it usually takes a week or two as
5:59 pm
for final results. kenneth craig, cbs news, carl place, new york. >> cataracts are common, most often related to aging. estimated 4 million cataract surgeries are performed every year. new polls suggest this year's presidential race will likely be won by the slimmest of margins. >> terrorists strike the american university in kabul with deadly results. >> i had a talk with mba legend, kareem jabar with his new book addressing race in america. first this, with 75 days until election days, polls show the race for the white house is still very close. i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm lesli foster. the new economist poll shows clin tube leading trump by 3 points and leads in north carolina, a key battle ground state. donald trump leads in florida, and all three polls are within that margin of error. >> today, donald trump slammed
6:00 pm
suggested there might be a pay to play scheme at the clinton state department. >> will that change the dynamics of this election. bruce la shan has been talking to voters. >> doesn't look like it's going to change the dynamics. donald trump and hilary clinton are clearly defined, this seems unlikely to change have many people's minds now matter how hard trump pushes and the clinton campaign pushes back. donald trump in tampa. >> she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. >> reporter: alone on the political stage with clinton out of the public eye at big money fundraisers. trump, again, slamming her over the ap report. >> hilary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third world country. >> reporter: associated press looked at hilary clinton's daily he


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