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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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suggested there might be a pay to play scheme at the clinton state department. >> will that change the dynamics of this election. bruce la shan has been talking to voters. >> doesn't look like it's going to change the dynamics. donald trump and hilary clinton are clearly defined, this seems unlikely to change have many people's minds now matter how hard trump pushes and the clinton campaign pushes back. donald trump in tampa. >> she sold favors and access in exchange for cash. >> reporter: alone on the political stage with clinton out of the public eye at big money fundraisers. trump, again, slamming her over the ap report. >> hilary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in a third world country. >> reporter: associated press looked at hilary clinton's daily he
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state and found 85 of the 154 private individuals who got meetings or phone calls with her, had donated to the clinton foundation, either personally or through their organization. the clinton campaign fired back saying the ap story relied on utterly flawed data, that gave a distorted portrayal of the secretary's schedule. some of the meetings were with humanitarians like melinda gates and noble peace prize winner, eunice, in the per view of america's top diplomat. the controversy did not seem to be switching votes among the lunch crowd in battle ground virginia. >> like a lot of what she stands for. him, not so much. >> i'm voting for trump. make america great again, absolutely. >> reporter: her biggest alli is donald trump. politic's editor of the national journal says
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been disarmed by his own baggage and ethical issues. >> if that was the republican nominee, they would be able to take advantage of this controversy more affectively. >> turns out donald trump once gave $100,000 to the clinton foundation himself. his campaign manager tells cnn that was not pay to play, he already had access, she said, she went to his wedding. >> the clinton foundation plans to spin off all of the foreign and corporate funded charity programs, if hilary clinton is elected president. today, several news paper editorial boards called for the foundation to spin off the programs now. 159 people confirmed dead from the earth quake that struck italy, that number expected to grow. 6.2 quake crumbled scores with people
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emergency responders with search dogs working around the clock, trying to pull survives and bodies from the rubble, the u.s. state department is repairing to ship tons of food, water and medicine to italy. president barack obama offered condolences italy's president on behalf of the american people. the quake is the number one attributing topic. thoughts and prayers coming in by the second. kim martin tweeted, italy is a gorgeous country. this breaks my heart. >> penny wrote, i'm so upsets my thoughts are a italy. get the latest on the earthquake in italy, breaking news alerts and life updates, down lode the wusa9 app. one student is reportedly dead and more than a do
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assault in afghanistan capitol city of kabul. delia goncalves joins us with the latest on this. >> we didn't know all the details of the attack. to clear up any confusion, the american university in kabul is not affiliated with a u here in dc. the wounded were rushed away by ambulance after a militant attack on the american university of afghanistan. witness says they heard a loud explosion and automatic gun fire on the campus. witnesses tell us, some of the students barricaded themselves in a classrooms using chairs and desks to block the door. >> there have been already -- they have been already deployed around the university. we don't know whether the problem is solved or not. >> reporter: the assault happened on the campus in the western outskirts of kabul, 7:30 p.m. local time. from inside, the
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press pull its surprise winning photographer, tweeted help, we are stuck inside the university of afghanistan. this maybe my last tweet. i'm wounded. girls cry, please help us. the u.s. state department is working to account for all americans in kabul. >> we condemn this attack in the strongest possible term. it's an take on future of afghanistan. >> reporter: two weeks after two university staff members including an american were abducted by gunmen, they have not been found. there is one bit of good news, the ap photographer you heard, he is alive and able to escape safely. >> the security situation in
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unstable, and the threat to americans is critical, they urged americans to leave the country. fairfax county police need your help in finding a gunman that committed a brazen robbery that involved a 7-year-old child in broad daylight at the beauty island store along richmond highway. 11:15 tuesday, a gunman in a mask walked in to the store and demanded. corralled 2 women employees and a 7-year-old child, ordered them to the safe and emptied the cash register. >> i was glad. i didn't realize he put the gun at my head. >> it goes without saying for example you know anything about the robbery, contact fairfax county police. prin
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homicide detectives are in a neighborhood where an aspiring rapper was killed. douglas brook whose went by the tastage name dirty swipepy was ambushed sunday morning during a party at park view on silver hill road. investigators believe more than 1 person was involved. no arrests so far. tourists and locals will have to wait longer to go to the top of the washington monument. the national park service announced the monument will remain closed at least to the middle of september. park service previously targeted next monday as the date the monument would re-open following repairs to the elevator. authorities say a longer closure is likely on the way, so it can modernize the elevator system. it may close down all together, anywhere from 8 to 9 months. >> typically elevators have a system like this would have a life of 20-25 years. it was last modernized in
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late 90s. >> they were blaming the earthquake five years ago for part of the problems. the park service planning stages for that possible closure, no timetable has been set for when construction might begin. it's been almost 2 years since marion barry died. a temporary marker at congressional cemetery is there. fans of the former dc mayor and residents of ward 8 are disappointed and outraged and shared this on social media. a long time spokesperson contacted wusa9, and tells us a permanent monument will be unveiled at the grave site on november 23rd. that would be the second anniversary of berry's death. a change in architects and a new design caused the delays. private funds will pay for the new permanent monument. coming up on wusa9, mba legend and best selling author, kareem jabar drops by e
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the back of the vehicle was on the train tracks when it stopped to let passengers on and off and that's when a freight train came through. two people were seriously injured, 8 have minor injuries including the drivers of the train and the bus. . a knife attack if australia leave as british woman dead. >> a man shouted god is great in arabic before stabbing the 21-year-old to death. another person is in critical condition. it happened in northern queens land. the suspect did not have no link to isis. he appeared to have acted alone in this case. we hope you enjoyed the mild temperatures. we are in for one heck of a warm up. topper will tell you all about it in his first alert forecast
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kareem abdul jabar had everyone looking up today. way up. he is a mba legend, best selling author and would have been a history teacher given another profession. he is proposing solutions he hopes will bring us together. i got
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jabar here at the wusa9 studios today. >> if we can talk to each other about these issues, we can find so lotions by being polite and listening and then, framing our own issues in ways that people can understand. that is a crucial aspect of any progress that is going to be made. >> a lot of people our age, my white friends thought we made incredible process, the election of barack obama and other things, what happened? what has turned this on its head? >> more recently is -- especially when we are talking about the rise of donald trump, i think there is a nostalgia for the way things were in the 40s and 5s, when the people controlled the rapes of power were -- reigns of power were all from europe. that's changed. the complex of our country has gotten a little bit more brown. that type of change has alarmed a lot of people. >> your take on
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>> reporter: a movement aimed at bad policing. >> a lot of police don't get trained well. they are able to bring their own biass and prejudices to the job where they don't belong. >> fop and others will says these are really dangerous neighborhoods. these cops are on the front lane and lives are at stake here. there is an us against them. they say with good reason. >> police work is dangerous work. if they don't understand that, and accept that, they are to accept that in order to take tajob. they risk their lives. that's why so many people admire them. >> see more of the interview with kareem abdul jabar at and during great day washington tomorrow morning and appearing politics and pros bookstore northwest at 7:00 tonight. i will be there to continue our interview about race in america. congratulations, you
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own 87,563 acres of woods in the state of maine. today, president obama signed in to law the creation of the kataden woods and waters national monument. the land was donated to uncle sam by millionaire rocks ann -- rocks ann. tailor henry is a little girl with a big heart and nimble fingers. the 8 year old lives in northern louisiana, seen stories about the flood victims south in baton rouge. >> i think they are feeling very hopeless and praying for god, what do i do? that's why i think i should help them. >> tailor loves to sow. she is putting her talents to work
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issue holders, one by one and selling them for $5 each. all the money goes to flood victims. she hopes to raise $1000 by sunday and she is already halfway there. >> is she precious or what? life beyond earth could be closer than we thought. a international team of astronomers announced the discovery of an earth-like planet circling the star nearest to our sun. that star is invisible to the naked eye but only 4.2 light years from earth. the question is whether the planet has an atmosphere that could support life. >> what do you think? >> i don't know. >> you are our residents scientist. we put all the questions to you. we talked about the three degree guarantee. we are looking at
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temperature, forecasted high temperature of 87. i went 88 and dropped it down to 87, yesterday was a little bit cooler than i thought. we are in pretty good shape. adding up the numbers at 11:00. live michael and sun weather cam. it's nice out. 83s dew points mid-60s. that's tolerable. not as sweet as yesterday. winds south at 9. here is the big picture, radar combined. storms in the plain states. we will talk about the tropics. this is what is left of fiona. it's hammering bermuda. this is what could become hermine. now, it is disaccordingnizzed and showers -- disorganized, showers headed in to the dr and haiti. could present problems for florida late in the weekend and next week. we have a few fair weather clouds pushing through. that's it. here are the spaghetti plots. anniversary of
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each line is representative of a computer model. the closer the lines are together, the more agreement there are. taking you in to sunday, 1:00 p.m., see the lines pretty in agreement, nassau, somewhere this the bahamas, outliers here and there. in to monday, begins to turn up the peninsula of florida. there are some models taking it in to the gulf of mexico and some up the atlantic sea board. we shall see. we will keep you posted, an article on our facebook page and website of what could become hermine. perfect for the nats game tonight. 82-78. hot tomorrow, hot friday. nothing crazy hot. no yellow weather alerts needed. weekends nice but hot. dry over the weekend. 10:30, walking the dog. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. about perfect. day planner looks like this. 70
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82 by 11:00. 87 with sunshine by 1:00. friday is the hot day, 95. isolated storm. i'm not concerned about the game, nats are playing, burgundy and gold in town. 92, dry on saturday. next 7 days, low 90s on sunday, keeping it dry, 90 monday, maybe a storm, better chance for storm tuesday and wednesday. temperatures in the upper 80s. by wednesday, some of the moisture from that tropical system could be working up the sea board. we have seen the nats have been able to do nothing with the birds in baltimore. they are back home. >> they got a golden girl on their side. maybe katie ledecky can help them tonight? >> reporter: it's a gold medal kind of day. a gold modalist from rockville coming by the station and katie ledecky warming up her arm fortant's first pitch, we will hear from her comi
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome back, live at nationals park, battle of the beltway switches hear to dc. -- here to dc. nats hoping maybe the gold medals will bring them luck. i got a nice up close and personal look at four gold medals, katie ledecky, bethesda native is here to throw out the first pitch. she spent time in the dugout and nats k(clubhouse. what is her plan for the next four years? >> i'm taking a few weeks off right now. probably the longest breakly take in the
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it's nice to be out of the water for a little bit and get recharged for the next four years. >> reporter: now i spoke with the players about ledecky, they were geeked to see her. this 19 year old doing so well, looking forward to meeting her and throwing out the first pitch. >> it's incredibly impressive, the hard work and dedication, at all athletes put in to what they do and to be the best in the entire world is impressive, to be 19 years old to boot, katie is the bryce harper of swimming. >> reporter: she said she was happy about that comparison. the first woman to win gold in wrestling, as she explains, it's a gold medal that almost never happened. >> my dad said if you win,
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it's the only one match i won. i got to continue. that was when i fell in love with it. >> reporter: a whirlwind for the two ladies. she is being interviewed. i'm kristen berset, back to you in the studio. winners fail and keep on traying. good for her. >> wusa9 at 6:00. cbs evening news is next.
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