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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, one of the best views of the district will have to wait. the washington monument will stay closed for weeks. that's nothing compared to a shutdown that could occur soon. from the mat to the pool, these olympians a bus great moments in rio. they are now celebrating back home. this kid just had one of the best days of his life. first tonight, two brazen robberies and 2 terrifying encounters for store employees. the holdups were caught on camera both of these are still on the run tonight. i am adam longo. we are glad you are with us. a gunman wearing a mask walked into the beauty island store
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and demanded money. this happened just before lunch yesterday morning. the cameras in the store captured the terrifying ordeal, the robber pointing a gun at two employees and a child and ordering them to take into the safe and cash register. >> he said i'm not going to hurt you. if you lie, i will kill you. so i said to him, we have a little girl. she said, i have my daughter back there. >> it is traumatizing and it was broad daylight. >> if you recognize the suspect or have any information, you are urged to call fairfax county police. we have also posted this video on our wusa 9 app. there is still no arrest in this robbery of a sunoco gas station on monday. the suspect pulled out a knife
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and stabbed the clerk in the torso and slashed his face before taking off. fortunately, the clerk is okay. if you recognize this suspect, call police. in alexandria man is accused of inappropriately touching himself while talking to 2 little girls. police worry there are more victims. here is a look at the suspect. police say a 10-year-old girl was walking with a friend to riverside gardens community swimming pool when a man pulled up in his car and asked for directions to a nearby middle school. as the girls looked over -- >> as the girls looked over, apparently his private parts were exposing he was touching himself inappropriately. >> he did not try to lure them into the car. the girls got away. police want folks to take a quick -- a close look at the 26- year-old and mccarthy is known to drive. police tell us they strongly believe
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other people. breaking tonight, powerful tornadoes ripping across indiana , at least two twisters, one which was described as extremely dangerous and large. they touched down in indianapolis in kokomo. a trail of destruction which is significant, is in the wake of the storm. there are so far no reports of deaths and only minor injuries. in italy tonight it's a race against time, rescue teams working to find survivors trapped in the rubble of an earthquake. is hit in the middle of the night last night. at least 159 people are confirmed dead. that number is expected to rise. the 6.2 magnitude earthquake was centered among several small towns in central italy about 100 miles northeast of rome. the u.s. is among several nations preparing to ship food, water and medicines to that region. we are following a steady stream of new
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of kabul, afghanistan were militants have attacked the american university in afghanistan . we should point out that the school is not affiliated with a.u. in the district. at least one person is dead and another 18 are wounded. right now afghan forces and u.s. military advisers are working to box in the attacker and get everyone to a safe place. turning to the race for president now, democrat hillary clinton is dealing with a new controversy. the associated press reports that more than half of the people from outside u.s. government who spoke with clinton when she was secretary of state also gave money to the clinton foundation. republican donald trump calls it a pay to play scam. the clinton campaign says it's nothing of the kind. >> the clintons do not personally draw salaries or profit from the work of the foundation. >> the clinton campaign calls the
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meetings clinton held with world leaders. former president bill clinton is foundation -- is defending the foundation saying it saves lives around the world. the presidential fight for virginia will continue this saturday. mike pence will hold a rally at patrick kendall college. the doors will open at noon in the event starts at 3:00. tickets are required to but they are free. tracking metro tonight, this time it has to do with what is happening to the trains when they are not in use. the federal transit administration accuses metro of not following its own rules in making sure that unattended trains are secured. we have -- metro was given six steps to fix the problem. here's a live look at the washington monument. it looks like a great view from the top of that. it is
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for a while. you will have to wait till the middle of september at least, to take a trip to the topic it was supposed to reopen on monday after the elevator was closed for repairs. the national park service says now many more time to finish up the inspections. when it reopens, it will only be temporary. officials believe they will have to eventually close the monument for 8 to 9 months so they can modernize the entire elevator system. tonight we have a story about a three-year-old who loves to hang out with bc firefighters, so much so that he set a goal to visit every single one of their stations. today was the last leg of his tour two a fire alarm ignited the boy's curiosity. >> reporter: meet this boy who is on the verge of finishing his mission, this is the last stop on his tour. he has already visited 33 other
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this started six months ago. he happened to be at a northwest fire house when crews went to help engine five. he wondered -- engine 5. he wondered if he could go visit other stations. his dad to pictures of him along the way. now he has one last thing to do. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> reporter: that's right. he is driving an operating fire both john glenn. he tugged on the horn a couple of times. he navigated the waters. this would appear to be the helicopter fleet flying overhead of the president. this trip is bittersweet for his dad. he's going to miss making his memories with us on. >> it as an great. we have got really close -- it has been great. we have gotten really close traveling to all of the fire stations. >> reporter: the boat safely on tour, lucas is left with the memory of what he calls one of his d
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matt yurus, wusa 9. >> he has been playing with fire truck since he was a baby. a search for loving families for dogs that are flood victims of louisiana flooding. i actually won what? >> roxhill neighbored -- rock hill native, helen maroulis tells us how she's doing now. 68 in bouy, 67 fairfax, 66 in fredericksburg. we will check out the tropics when we come back. we're still two months away from the election. if you are sick of seeing poca
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police in alexandria need your help identifying a peeping tom. this is surveillance video taken monday night at a home near the intersection of s. george m dasonr. and s. hamilton dr. this is creepy. we are told this man was caught looking through a window of an occupied home. police say it appears he was touching himself inappropriately while doing that. there's a cash reward for information leading to an arrest. prince george's county, the first week of school has touched off an immunization crisis. so many kids showed up without their state required shots at the school system actually set up emergency clinics at northwestern and austin hill high schools. those clinics have now shut down. li
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take their children somewhere else for shots. they will not allow on unionized -- and immunized children in the classroom tomorrow. dozens of dogs rescued from flood ravaged louisiana have new homes in our backyard. 66 displaced dogs are on their way to foster families after last chance animal shelter in maryland pick them up. in a couple of weeks they will be put up for adoption. there is some time to bond and then you have to say goodbye. that could be difficult. >> to see all of the happy faces going home with her new dogs, that's the best thing in the world. >> adoption drives are in the works. the first day will be set ever tend and the second one will be september ever tend and the second one will be september 17 at petsmart in columbia. just ahead, an app that
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.. it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba. have you ever lost your car in a parking garage? a new app can help you find it. but some say it could be putting your safety at risk. we have more on that story. >> reporter: the way that you park is going to change. one thing that has people talking today is a new kiosk where you can put your license plane into an do may show u
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may show you a picture of your car and a map of exactly where your car is. you look left and right and can't find your car. soon those days will be over at reston town center. >> you walk around like you're an idiot. instead now we can find our car. >> reporter: you can put your license plate into this kiosk in it may show you a picture of your car and a map of where it is parked. the problem is it will show this to anyone who types it in. >> personally, i have someone who somehow got my phone number. he was testing me -- texting me 10 times a day. now he has my phone number. i don't know if he has my car. he used to know where i worked in my stop at the metro. he could find out where my car is. >> i never thought about it that way. >> reporter: there's also info on this app that you can access anywhere. that will be used here. >> in the functionality, reston has not activate
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technology -- and has not elected to allow that to occur. >> reporter: this is of little consolation to maria who comes here often to work out. >> it's not a good idea. >> reporter: they point out that the information that you can get on the kiosk is the same information you can get if you walk around the garage. at reston town center, wusa 9. >> the ceo says that company has been around since 2005 and he doesn't know of any safety issues that have popped up during that time. these you can lose, these are clickers to advance the computer. i wouldn't mind an app for that. but if you can't find your car, really? >> there are some big parking lots. you've been a little bit on a roll lately. we were hoping for
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eye today. i think it will be pretty good but we had to lower the temperature last night and we're going to go with 88 today. yesterday wasn't quite as warm as i thought, within 3 degrees. we should be okay with 88 or 87 . it's down to 83 and the dewpoint is not as low, mid 60s, they were in the 50s yesterday. we were really spoiled yesterday. this is on our facebook page as well as our website. this is what could become tropical storm her main -- hermine. this is 10:00 a.m. on friday. this is going to head toward the bahamas and move northwestward. some of the models take it in between cuba and an outlier has it going up the coast. generally speaking, the
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most models have it inland of the florida coast coming up. it's not a tropical storm yet but it could become tropical storm hermine if that was the case. perfect date for the next game. bus stop temperatures -- nats game. bus temperatures will be great as well. it would be hot but drive for the summer weekend. that looks really nice. we are looking at temperatures around 75 downtown tonight and a comfortable 72 in fredericksburg. that's pretty good. by morning we are in the 60s, 68 in silver spring, 69 in bo li -- bowie . some showers will pass over the divide and then not do much. a couple of sprinkles are
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the temperatures will be around 90 but not enough for a yellow weather alert. low 70s to start downtown tomorrow, 82 x 11:00 and 87 x 1:00 for the next -- 82 by 11:00 and 87 by 11:00 and 87 x 1:00. we're going to go with upper 80s for tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> -- the battle of about way is back in bc. are these gold medals enough to bring the nats luck? we don't know. katie ledecky threw out the first pitch. she spoke with us before the game about what she has been up to since rio. >> i took a couple of days to get some rest after i got back. i'm trying to charge back up. it has been great to
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my friends and spend time with family. it's good to be back in the dc area. >> we would hear more from katie ledecky tonight at 11:00. she's not the only gold medalist out about. rock fills helen maroulis also stop by -- rockville's helen maroulis also stopped by the station today. she spoke about her gold medal and she spoke about how her brother is the one that inspired her. >> reporter: i read that you would not truly know what winning means until had to won a gold medal. now that you are gold-medal winner, what does it mean to you, winning it all? >> this is my life. i am living it out moment by moment at the same time, i just made history. what! i just won. what
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emotionally i was letting everything out. i knew i was always emotional. i was always a crier. i tried not to envision what i was going to do after i -- won. when i was on the podium and i am standing next to this legend and i lost to her many times as well as the sweetest girl. and i'm about to hear my national anthem. i the gold medal and that's the reason i am able to hear my national anthem. it was overwhelming. i was crying. this is going to be quick. of this song will be over soon. i was like, i just want to enjoy it and the tears were flowing down my face. i was overjoyed. >> this is a male-dominated sport, wrestling. how did you get into becoming a wrestler? how about such a young age
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>> my younger brother was written in wrestling -- was in wrestling and there weren't enough kids so i was helping out. i did spend some push-ups and all of these workouts. then i saw the boys compete and i couldn't compete. and i said to my parents, this isn't fair. they are doing all of the hard work and they can compete. why kansai? with my previous history, my parents were like -- why can't i? with my previous history, by parents were like, she will never get on the mat. and i went out and i won my match. it was the first one and only one for that year. >> you can
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what do we have for the next few days crack >> we have some 90s. 95 tomorrow, 95 on friday, a few storms are possible.
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jon versus kate gosselin. the new war over their kids. >> she doesn't like me at all. >> jon spilled the family secrets to "e.t." and now kate not holding back. why she sent one of her sons away and why their two oldest daughters want nothing to do with dad. >> we're kind of not talking right now. then -- secrets behind britney's carpool karaoke with james corden. and why "america's got talent" host nick cannon is now a college student. and how you can get gorgeous locks like j. lo, charlize and chrissy teigen. how this woman went from being a nanny to giving hollywood stars show-stopping hairstyles. now for august 24th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody thanks for joining us here in hollywood. kevin fraser is still taking care of business in new


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