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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 26, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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♪ ♪ >> the britney spears movie she doesn't want you to see. >> oh, god. >> why the pop star wants nothing to do with her new biopic. then we're blo twinghe lid off of beyonce's next big surprise. and who's theeb celt tha caused this paparazzi pile-up? >> whoa! plus, "cheers" is back.
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♪ ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ >> only we're behind the scenes with the newcomers bringing back the tv classic. >> it's a show for everybody. "e.t." is first on the set of "sully" with tom hanks, recreating the dramatic crash landing. >> "miracle on the hudson" man -- sully! now for august 25th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, thanks so much for joining us. i've got things covered here in hollywood. while kevin fraser is bringing it from new york city. hi there, kev. >> hey, nancy. britney spears' life is pretty good right now, her new album drops tomorrow. she's returning to the vmas this weekend, but then this bombshell dropped. lifetime is making an unauthorized movie about her life and it's clear -bbritisrit not haabppy out it. lifetime announced the new britney movie and praised the pop princess calling her a timeless source in entertainment.
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her rep tells us quote, britney spears will not be contributing in any way to the lifetime biopic, nor does it have her blessing. production gets under way next month in vancouver and the movie will air next year on lifetime. ♪ so, who's playing britney? well the part is going to a relatively unknown australian actress, her name is natasha bassett and she had a small part in george clooney's recent film "hail caesar." >> take a few pictures, have a few laughs. >> britney's lifetime biopic isn't the first to spark controversy. ♪ >> whitney houston's family objected to lifetime's movie about her. and so did relatives of the singer, aliya in 2014. as for britney -- well, let's just say lifetime has plenty of material.
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through a lot. >> i'm really overwhelmed right now. >> "e.t." has been there for all of it. she dated justin timberlake. has been married twice to dancer kevin federline and for 55 hours to childhood friend jason alexander. >> i wanted to do something wild and crazy. and i wanted to get married. so that's why i did it. >> britney was the tabloid target. she's now moved on to her successful vegas deresincy and her happiest role -- proud, loving mom. >> my main thing is to enjoy life. and take one day at a time and i try to live by that and it's kind of cool. >> as mentioned, britney will have a big day sunday on the vmas and it's a big deal because every time she has hit that stage -- she's made headlines. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the yellow python to the kiss with madonna, britney is vma history. this sunday she'll take the
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garden where preps are under way. we bet she'll open the show. ♪ ♪ >> but could brit be upstaged by this b? multiple sources have told thaus queen b is not only attending, she's performing. ♪ >> beyonce is up for a record 11 awards, including video of the year for "formation" but it's possible we could see her do an epic tribute to one of her idol s -- prince. as for what else to look for, we've done the work work work, in this vma cheat sheet. first up, vanguard award winner, rihanna. >> we did change up the vanguard moment this year to make it more of a narrative throughout the show. >> translation -- rihanna's going to perform, a lot. we're hearing four times and you know what that means? lots of different fashions.
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♪ ♪ >> this dangerous woman will also hit the stage, in a duet with nicki minaj. who else will be there? olympic sweethearts the final five and kanye west, along with kim, she's a presenter. you can see the couple is sitting in the front row, a few seats away from britney and rihanna. >> we do expect kanye in the house. taylor, i don't know. we got to see. >> i'm going to guess we won't see taylor swift. she's not nominated. but her ex, calvinri har, s is someone else who is going to be a no-show. nominee adele. >> adele, she's doing the biggest world tour of the moment in arenas. vocal restcr is itical for somebody like adele. >> and here's something you may not know about best new artist nominee, lucas graham -- ladies, the singer's got a sweet danish accent. >> it's just very, very strange and hard to understand that we're even here. ♪ >> well another music superstar that we're going to be missing this weekend, jennifer l,
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because she didn't get nominated. >> i don't think she's too worried about that. she's got two vmas at home already. does she still have her man, casper smart at home? here's j. lo beaming in new york, just a day after it's rumored that she and her man of five years have split. we showed you j. lo on saturday, dancing at the hamptons, but where was bo casper? in vegas at a usc match. smart posted an instagram criticizing social media. saying quote i'm going to focus on personal connections. over a type-and-text existence. when asked about the reported split. a source close to the couple told "e.t." the rumor is so stupid. >> now johnny depp versus his ex, round two.
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million divorce settlement, the one she wanted donated to two different charities, isn't settled. today reps told us johnny made the first of multiple installments to each charity that didn't sit well with amber's team, who fired back insisting he donate quote, $14 million to charity. which accounting for his tax deduction, is equal to his $7 million payment obligation to amber we reached out to johnny's reps, but didn't hear back by our deadline. now are tom and taylor on the rocks? it's reported trouble in their two-month relationship. swift went out for drinks and pizza in new york with another man, hold on, that's her friend, youtube star and dancer, he cedric hall. >> she saw me on youtube. has completely taken me under her wings. >> where is the other half of hiddleswift? still in australia filming with chris hemsworth. tom reportedly visited taylor two weeks ago, but they haven't been snapped together in 27 days. meanwhile, bieber just reunited with h
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>> justin, would you consider getting back on instagram? >> back from his london trip with a british model and deleting his instagram over ties to liorinel 'schie daughter, sofia, biebs was oot last night celebrating sofia's belated 18th birthday. earlier she was out solo. upon leaving at 1:00 a.m.ia sof prompted this camera crush to crumble. >> whoa! >> well played sofia, i guess we know she does know the lyrics to justin's song, right. we have an important update on johnny depp's divorce from oh my goodness. he knows how to bring sexy to the ballroom, doesn't he? maks rkchmeovskiy is returning to "dancing with the stars" four seasons after he left. for that, well, so many are grateful. >> so excited to be back. >> the ukrainian-born bad boy has been adamant he would not
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after taking home the season 18 mirror ball trophy with partner merrill davis in 2014. listen to what he told us this past spring. >> are you kidding? no way. come on. i don't think that i have any more to give to the show as a pro. >> but hey, things change and now the 36-year-old is expecting a baby boy with fiancee and most recent mirror ball champ, peta murgatroyd. she will be sitting out the season, but you can expect to see her cheering on her man. so who will be matched up with maks? >> i have an amazing partner. >> that partner could be amber rose. sources tell "e.t." the outspoken talk show host is part of the season 23 cast. k chec othisa ut, o photakof ms and amber posing for a selfie has surfaced online. >> can't wait to see her. nothing like brotherly love. listen to this, the new cast will be making dancing history.
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feature its first little person, reality star cara jolie and the entire cast will be annou nced next tuesday. coming up, our first look at sully from the set, the three reasons you've got to see tom hanks' new movie about the miracle on the hudson. >> no one has ever trained for an incident like that. no one. then, a day in the life of emmy nominee, niecy nash. doing double duty on the sets of "scream queens" and how she finds time for mom duty. a "cheers" remake. how the new cast compares to the original. looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day.
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can you smell what the rock is cooking? money. het pro wrestler turned actor has become the world's highest-paid actor of the year raking in $64.5 million. he reacted on twitter saying i started with $7. if i can overcome, so can you. rounding out the top five. jackie chan, matt damon, tom cruise and johnny depp. last year's top earner, robert downey junior fell to the number eight spot with $33 million. tom hanks didn't make that list but he's doing okay. with his two oscar wins, think it gives him major bragging rights. he is back now playing the heroic airline pilot chesley sullenberger and we're first on the set with three reasons "sully" is a must watch. number one, tom hanks. >> i had to rely on my experience of managing the
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of flights over four decades. >> i eyeballed it. >> everyone's favorite leading man is the captain once again and he's an absolute dead ringer for the real sully. which made him a big hit with new yorkers. >> because i had the white hair i was walking around town. i got an awful lot of sully screamed at me. way to go, miracle man. miracle on the hudson man, sully! i got that everywhere i went. >> number two -- it's got big-time award season potential. >> today we begin with our investigation on the crash of u.s. airways flight 1549. >> hanks is joined by aaron eckhart. and laura linney. not to mention director clint eastwood. ? it was a good omen in a bad period. >> it's heaven being on his set. >> and number three, it's captain sully approved. >> i was very gratified, it was in such good hands and so many people were working so hard to get it right.
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and he worked closely with the writers, cass and eastwood to make sure every detail of the stoasry w authentic. >> this is the captain -- brace for impact. >> i cannot wait to see "sully." tom has a big finish to 2016. "sully" is out september 9th and then he's back with "inferno". still to come, at home with the tatums. channing's wife, jenna dewan, talking about life with her man and 3-year-old daughter. a "cheers" comeback where you can see an all-new remake and which characters were left .ou >> this one's for you. a day in the life of an emmy nominee. >> dishing on her special moments with oprah. >'r> wee all watching! -- captions by vitac --
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the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store. jenna dewan tatum is getting her flash dance on with her new gig as brand ambassador for danskins. >> i don't think anyone can wear them after sweating in them. i hope i can keep them. >> my very first leotard was danskin.
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when i was four years old. >> and she's been dancing ever since. but it's her moves with husband channing tatum and her at-home time with the couple's 3-year-old everly that we love. >> my normal day for me, i get up with my daughter. we watch "sesame street," we do some breakfast, we do bedtime, 20 million books, 20 million songs. >> danskin wants you to know you can get all of jenna's fab looks at and she's developing a new dance competition show for nbc and a youtube series based on their 2006 movie "step up" but still finds time to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. >> i enjoy a green smoothie in the morning. >> i wonder if channing shares in the love of green smoothies. >> jenna was only one year old when a tv classic was born, "cheers," that was nearly 35 years ago. now "cheers" is coming back. but not in primetime and kevin,
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>> nancy, it's definitely a unique idea. get ready for "cheers" live on stage. we were first to check out the cast which is all new faces, buu in this show, everybody knows your name. ♪ sometimes you wanna go ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ >> your favorite barflies will be drinking up and serving up the laughs in this reboot. >> youuwere magnificent pagan beast. >> thanks, what's the message. >> you were a magnificent pagan beast. >> thanks, what's the message? >> i hadn't seen the show and episode in its entirety until the audition process. >> the new diane may not have been a fan, but the rest of the stage stars taking over the iconic parts are hoping they'll bring back memories of your favorite characters. >> i would say the biggest thing is working with people that just want to have a great time and want to do honor to the show and continue the legacy. >> afternoon, everybody. >> norm! >> i've been with george wentz when he's been out and they go norm, norm!
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>> where is your bathroom. >> next to my bedroom. >> where is your bathroom. >> right next to my bedroom. >> i want it to be my own and at the same time, those fans i believe will react in two different ways. they'll say oh, no, that's not the way -- or they'll say, yeah, that's exactly how i remember it. >> the show is based on the original first season so sorry, you won't see kirstie alley, woody harrelson or kelsey grammer's character. >> for all you do, this one's for you. >> the fully authorized production is rehearsing on a temporary set. expect a replica of the bar you know and love when the show opens in boston where the series was set, before heading out on tour around the country. >> i'm quitting, i don't work with a man who has no compassion for my children. >> it's a classic comedy. it speaks to people, it speaks to them today.
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be nonalcoholic beer in those mugs, the new cliff claven begs to differ. >> my contract it said the alcoholic beer would be there. but otherwise i'm quitting. well i'll tell you this. if you go to see the show, you might end up in it. will be brought up on stage to play bar patrons, nancy, i'm no sure whether their drinks will be real or not. >> i would imagine not. kevin. it might be a little dangerous, if they were real. well "cheers" won an incredible 28 emmys. meanwhile, niecy nash could win one next month. she's nominated for the second year in a row for the hbo series "getting on" and our cameras followed niecy as she bounced between the sets of her other two hit shows. >> welcome to the "scream queens" wardrobe tailer. my character was a security guard last season. >> i got nothing. >> excuse me? >> i work for the fbi now. boom. >> it's an insurance.
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the set now. between john stamos and taylor lautner. a little eye candy. never hurt nobody. sorry. >> between her two jobs, niecy finds tight for family and thank goodness for face-time. >> good morning. >> hi, mom. >> how are you? >> i'm fine, how are you? >> behave, learn something today. and don't come home with a poyfriend. >> just like her "scream queens" role, mom niecy lays down the law at home, her new gig on showtime's "masters of sex" allows her to cut loose. >> they have a lot of sex on this show. when i first got this job i was like wait a minute, am i going to have to have sex? what is happening? and they were like oh, no, you're going to be fine. i've been here for ten minutes, pt's like hey, we want a scene where you have sex. what? what's going down today? >> i drive you here every day lfmyse. >> you will absolutely not. >> niecy is just 24 days away from finding out if she'll take home any gold for her role in "getting on" she schmoozed with
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>> what can i tease to you about the dress? hmmm. >> you got to make this right. >> but win or lose, nothing could steal this golden moment she shared washing dishes at a party with oprah. >> we're cleaning up and oprah says, no no, you don't have to do that. i said, ma'am, yes, i do. my mother would not have it. and so she was like -- well, we're all washing dishes. and then next think i know, everybody is in the kitchen cleaning up and it's a party and i was just looking at her like my god, i love you. >> you get a fork, you get a plate! i can hear oprah right now. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which "true blood" star appeared in lady gaga's paparazzi music video? was it steven moyer, joe manganiello or alexander skarsgard? 25
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>> get a little closer and your eyes water. >> watch it on
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>> announcer: travel consideration provided by -- 2k0 welcome back to the show, everybody, and in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which "true blood" star appeared in lady gaga's "paparazzi" video? that would be alexander skarsgard who turns 40 today. >> we're out of time, but we're going to see you right here again tomorrow. bye, everybody. tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> this is a show that i would die to watch. >> behind the scenes of lance bass' new dating show. taking on the "bachelorette" with a new twist. >> when it happened i was like, yes. >> that is tomorrow.
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keeps shaking. this mountainess area is prone to seismic activity but there was almost no earthquake proofing in these ancient cities. only about 1/3 of the beds have been occupied. many are staying with friends and relatives. and the cbs overnight news will be right back.


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