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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 26, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, scales of justice turn against a diaper wearing lawyer who pulled off a bizarre terrifying crime. bullied and punched at summer school, only on 9, the victim tells us staff members may have helped provoke the attack. >> with roster cuts, burgundy and gold are looking to impress. kick off at fed ex field is just minutes away. a new twist in the story of serious sickness at tropical smoothie cafes in virginia. good evening. thanks for joining us. some smoothies were tainted with hepatitis a. we have a new warning to anybody who went to a specific shop. here is the update from gainesville. >> reporter: i got the warning from health officials about this tropical smoothie cafe
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over a three week window may have been exposed to hepatitis a because a worker here just tested positive. the owners dennis and nicole went to health officials when they found out. the health district says now the clock is ticking for anyone who ate here between july 28 and august 18. some can be vaccinated. >> we want to get the message out to the public so those who can receive preventive vaccine will know to come and get it. >> it's disturbing that this can happen within our cafe. >> the drakes still done know how many customers here were exposed. yellowing of the skin or eyes is the tell tale. after that, nausea, fever, vomiting can set in. so far 35 cases of hepatitis a linked to the outbreak have been reported in virginia. the store remains open. many children
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2006 have been vaccinated. the same with some who travel abroad. only on 9, a 15 year old boy attacked after being bullied at a fairfax county high school is speaking only to us tonight. the alleged bully who is also 15 years old, a boy, apparently told administrators he punched the other student because he wouldn't stop staring at him. the attack left the victim with a broken chin and jaw. his mouth had to be wired for three weeks. the incident happened last month. the victim says after the boy threatened him he told school staff that the staff member called out the boy in front of his peers which may have provoked that attack. he said -- i was like so what? i did the right thing. i said get up. i got up and he said show me something. what are you going to do? he just
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i was going away and he punched me. i fell down. >> the boy who allegedly threw the two punches has been charged with malicious wounding. that's a felony. the victim's family is thinking of filing a law suit against the school system saying the school should have done more to prevent the attack. a representative calling for new victims of prince georges head start to come forward and an independent investigation of the school system. she made the announcement after board of education decided not to appeal the federal decision to take away some 6.5 million in funding. the money was cut off after a scathing report revealed two cases of child abuse at head start centers in the county and failure of officials to address the problem. a board of education member says his board's chairman and vice president need to step down. >> it is clear to me that our board leadership knew about thes
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didn't disclose everything they knew which limited our ability to provide proper over sight. >> the denver contractor is being brought in to run the head start program which starts monday in prince georges count oh,. lots of humidity already here. we won't get much relief soon. howard bernstein is here tracking the heat. >> topper is the short one. that's what i like to say. we have the humidity, we just don't have much in the way of storms. we are tracking isolated cells, culpeper near orange. that's about it. we are hard pressed for rain. we need it. we will not see much in the way of rain chances. 92 in town, 95 today. that tied the record. the next several days we will stay hot with maybe a touch less humidity over the weekend. 93 tomorrow, sunday 92. even
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maybe mid 90s. if we can hang on until the end of the work week, thursday and friday look a lot better. we'll have that in a few minutes. >> thanks. the man suspected of killing three people is now facing charges. a grand jury indicted 24 year old lawrence rogers junior. prosecutors say he barged into the house in june and shot five alleged by, three dead. investigators haven't disclosed a reason behind the shooting. the lawyer who was hauled off in handcuffs while wearing a diaper will spend the rest of his life behind bars. a judge sentenced him to two life terms plus 98 years for beating, shooting, stabbing, and tasering another lawyer and his wife in their mclane virginia home. the judge said the crime was so cruel there was no reason to reduce the sentence. the havic times -- victims survived. they were targeted because one of em
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from his high powered arlington law firm. she goes on trial in two weeks. the federal government stepping up evidence to keep blood supply safe from zika. food and drug administration wants all blood donations tested for the mosquito borne virus. earlier this year the agency advised blood banks to turn away donors who traveled to areas where zika is spreading. that came as a donation in florida tested positive for the virus. >> that donation was identified while it was still quarantined which means it is prior to being released by the blood bank. >> fda confirms other blood donations are under investigation for possible contamination. at this point, there are no reports of zika being spread through blood transfusions anywhere in the united states. for the first time, zika spread through sex by a man who wasn't showing symptoms of the disease. the man
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dominican republic but didn't get sick. his sex partner did and recovered. doctors believe this will continue to be rare. they don't plan on changing health advice to couples. the national museum of african-american history and culture opens to the public four weeks from tomorrow. excitement is really building. it won't cost you a penny to get in but you will need a ticket. we have all the links and details you will need on our free wusa9 app. a mexican father goes the distance crossing borders so his kids can get the best education possible. >> the next metro safety surge starts tomorrow with big shut downs and slow downs for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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the death toll from the earthquake in italy. it now stands at 281. strong after shacks hampered the search for more survivors. the rescue teams vowed to keep looking with so many homes destroyed. thousands are living in make shift camps. families have begun to bury their dead. to the presidential race, republican donald trump met with hispanic business owners in las vegas, part of the week long outreach to minority voters. he says hillary clinton and democratic party are doing nothing to improve lives of hispanics and african americans. for the first time hillary clinton is talking about meetings with clinton foundation donors while secretary of state. she says she was not influenced by outside forces and maintains she made policy decisions based only on what she thought was right to keep americans safe. trump's running mate mike pence will be in virginia tomorrow holding a
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patrick henry college. doors open at noon. the event starts at 3:00. tickets are required but they're free if you can get one. trump's campaign can now be with supporters wherever they go because the republican's campaign unveiled a phone app called america first. users can earn points and unlock badges for going to rallies, donating, sharing messages and videos. it has the latest news about trump's campaign. a father crossing borders to give his kids the best education possible is getting a lot of attention online today. everyday jose dominguez walks a mile from mexico to his children's school in texas. he works across the street from school. he says schools in america are safer and he hopes sacrifices will get his children on a better path. many parents living in mexico are able to enroll their kids in america either through charter schools or tuition programs and in most cases all they have
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address in the u.s. whether they live here or not. the story sparked a passionate debate on the wusa9 facebook page. jerry wrote as long as it is legal, good for him to do what's best for his family and your child's. again, i am glad he is doing it legally. a lot of people can learn from this wonderful man. deborah says great, kudos to the dad. education is everything. a great school system that allows enrollment for the kids. we invite you to leave your thoughts on the wusa9 facebook page. it's a steamy night. temperatures in some cases are still in the 90s. it will be another hot one saturday, quickly through the 80s and topping out in the low 90s. it looks like the heat is here for a while. we'll have your seven-day forecast. >> it's national dog day. how much does care for one of these little guys cost? i have money
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up. >> as we head to break, a few pictures viewers have shared with us of th
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part of metro's big safety plan gets underway tomorrow in northern virginia. weekdays blue line trains will single track continuously for th
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yellow line service. also, for the next three weekends trains will stop running on the same section of track and on labor day weekend. that will expand from franconaa springfield to the old town stations. free shuttle buses will be available. there is a lot to keep track of right here with the next safety phase. we have all the information you need free on the wusa9 app. grab your pooch and give them a smooch. it's national dog day. no matter how much we love them, our canines can be costly, as much as $1000 in the first year. some dog owners spend even more on their best friends. >> reporter: haven roland doesn't mind spoiling her dog. >> his chicken. >> reporter: there is a box full of toys. >> nail clippers. >> reporter: a cabinet filled with items for her pet. >> i would be
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what we actually spend on him. >> reporter: aspca says it can cost up to $875 a year to take care of a dog including food, toys, treats, health insurance. the first year is costlier with vaccinations and spaeing or neutering. some spend more. >> i would say 90% of our amazon packages are for the dog. >> reporter: the best way to cut cost is preventive care, good quality food, doggy toothbrushing. trim the bill by only getting the vaccines your specific dog needs. this veterinarian says adopting a dog from a shelter also saves. >> any cat or dog adopted from a shelter will will be spayed and neutered. they will have most if not all of their vaccines given to them. >> reporter: even if caring for her dog is expensive, what she gets in return is priceless. >> so many
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that is worth it. >> it's worth it. that's my dog. >> that's mine. >> she's cute. >> she's got something tasty. >> your wife brushes her teeth every night. >> vets recommend you brush four or five times a week. every night, it's part of the ritual. >> my dog gives my dog a massage every morning but she takes him outside. she treats the dog better than me. i am speculating. >> you don't know that. >> i don't know that. i do believe my dog is the favorite person. i say person because the dog is personified. >> dog probably likes her better than you. >> no doubt. >> i hope you like humidity and heat because it will be a touch better but it's still a weekend where the beach, mountains, and maybe a walk in refrigerator sounds good. highs will be well ab
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average. we are going to be in the low 90s. i don't see relief until perhaps thursday or friday. tonight it is toasty with temperatures dropping through the upper 80s by 8:00, lower 80s by midnight, mid to upper 70s downtown. the far outer suburbs will be in the upper 60s. i don't think many of us will be there. today the records we were shooting for were from the mid 90s at dulles to low 100s. consequently the low hanging fruit, dulles only went online in the early 1960s, we tried the record last set in 1998. dew points, a measure of how much moisture is in the air. you see the lower numbers in the 50s in pittsburgh and cleveland. this are air is feel -- their air is feeling good. pittsburgh is at a comfortable 85 and we
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cases in the lower 90s, upper 80s in frederick, cumberland 88, southern maryland eastern shore upper 80s to 90. a lot of sunshine tonight on our michael and son weather camera. it is 92 and feels like 97. the dew point is way up at 69. that's not comfortable but it's better than last night when we had dew points in the mid and upper 70s. there is a cold front we are watching. you saw the drier air to the north and west. we had a wind shift, a trough move through. that dried us out a little bit. it made it tough for showers and storms. we had a couple towards charlotte ville but all the action is west and it looks like it will stay west of us. futurecast is quiet. saturday will be quiet, sunny, hot, and a few storms. about the same sunday. we have tropical storm gaston and then this disturbance we have been watching for days. it has no
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circulation well away from the thunderstorms but this is a mess. if it develops it looks like it will drift toward maybe the florida straits, gulf of mexico early to mid next week. i want to say a big if. this is nowhere in stone. if it develops it could be trouble in the gulf next week but right now it is looking pathetic. 68 to 78 on the lows, partly, cloudy, clear, warm, muggy. i hope the a/c is working well at your house. tomorrow we'll top out in the lower 90s with a touch less humidity, still a hot day. sunday and monday, low 90s. we can see a storm monday afternoon, a stray storm at that through wednesday. lo atthursday and friday. it will feel much better with highs in the low to mid 80s. the all important preseason game number three, we get a sense of where the team stands heading into regular season. i will have what to look for, coming up. >> as we
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pictures of your pooches on this national dog day.
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preseason game number three is here. not only do we get a sense of where the team is in preparation physically but mentally as well. remember what the atmosphere is like. remember what it mentally takes. >> september 12 will be here before you know it. my one criticism last week was the fact they did not start kirk cousins and a slew of other starters it he last minute. this really is a dress rehearsal to see where the offense is, see where the defense is. like i said, opening night will be here before we know it. >> starters it apically done play in the fourth game. >> no. >> this is the only look we will get from them, cousins going up against a defense like the bills. what would you like to see? >> that's what they hang their hats on. i
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play a whole half, show some efficiency throwing the football. i would like to see him go deep with some. we will see lee, williams, jackson hopefully. we'll see what they're capable of doing tonight. >> tuesday is the first round of team cuts. guys are trying to make one final good impression for the biggest competitions at running back, jones and thompson are out but a slew of young guys is trying to get the spot. >> is the running back position really that important for red skins? you have to google the guys trying to be the starter at running back because we don't know how long jones is out. this is another showcase for the three guys brown, marshal, and kelly. >> he is the front runner right now. we'll see what happens. red skins, bills tonight at 7:30. we'll have highlights for you at 11:00. >> good job, guys. we're out
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♪ ryan lochte and the mad scramble to save his image. >> i'm not perfect. i do mess up. >> will the new threat of jail time sink his comeback? and the real deal behind rumors he'll join "dancing with the stars." then -- britney's bombshell from her epic carpool karaoke. and inside her big vma comeback as we flash back to her past show-stopping moments. >> i cannot believe this is just like freaking happened. plus behind the scenes of lance bass' new dating show, taking on "bachelorette" with new twist. >> this is a show that i would die to watch. and reese witherspoon breaks news about sequels to two of her most popular movies. and the one role she would rather forget. >> it was not a very good movie. now for august 26th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hi, thanks so much for joining us. well kevin fraser is in new york.


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