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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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no showers, no water to drink for 24 hours. that was the reality for dozens of families in one neighborhood. and her life changed after police say that the teen she was fostering beat her and her elderly aunt with a baseball bat. hello i'm debra alfarone. thanks for joining us. a water main break leaves dozens of homes without
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for nearly 24 happening on minnesota avenue. that is where we bring you the story live. matt? >> reporter: good evening. dc water says a that the main broke last night, leaving nine apartments and 30 homes without water. taking showers, drinking tap water. this is the broken water main. water gushed out of it and up the street. minnesota street buckled and it was closed. crews initially had trouble identifying the leak. when they did they would face another hurtle. it was buried under a tree trunk. they had to remove it before they could make repairs. this contributed to the delay. >> and unnecessary water. my sister almost had to go over
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to somebody else's house to take a shower. >> what are some of the challenges running around? >> they get sweaty and dirty. it is not very clean. >> and i'm preparing for another water outage. >> reporter: one member pointed out that it had to be repaired before. you can see it wrapped around it. the previous repair happened some time ago according to the crew member who pointed it out. now, had the repairs taken longer than 24 hours or so, that they will be ready to bring them some h2o. this stretch has been cleaned and reopened. live in southeast wusa9. >> thank you so much, matt. two women beaten badly
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tonight a 15eafoster son on the attack. that this is 41-year-old ann marie france before the attack and this is her after. that both she and her 80-plus- year-old aunt was beaten on carriage hill drive. the teen is being charged with aggravated malicious wounding. dc's 911 system, up and running today after being down for nearly two hours overnight. wusa9 stephanie gailhard has what went wrong. >> reporter: as many as 350 calls may have gone unanswered when the 911 system crashed. >> i just pray to god that nothing fatal took place, you know, for any loved one out there. we just don't know who lost connection, who was not able to be serviced. >> reporter: dc's 911 service went down shortly after 11:30 on saturday night. officials would try to transfer the calls to a
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but they soon learned that it e >> you want to have the knowledge that you can be safe to call 911 that you can be safe and not having that is pretty sad, it is pretty scary. and nearly two hours later after 1:00 a.m. today. officials blame an equipment failure. some residence say that it will be unacceptable. >> hire some new communications technology people so it does not happen again. and tell the ones that they are currently working that they need to do something different. >> reporter: in montgomery county there is a similar outage on july 11. today in dc the director of the unified communications, assured residence that they will be keeping a close eye on their system. >> it is something that should not happen again and so i guess that they will need to maybe get their double back up system or to have something in it, in addition to the backup system as they would try to have better preventive measures. >> reporter: system
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dc stephanie ure out gailhard wusa9. during the outage officials set up an alternate emergency phone number. 35 people used that number to call for help. unfortunately summer vacation done in montgomery and prince george's county. so what is that back-to-school forecast for monday morning? i know who knows. first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> it's going to be a pretty good first day of school weather wise. a little bit of hotness going on. we'll top the 90-degree mark. tonight it's quiet here, but we've got a lot of shower and storm activity in pittsburgh with some flood warnings tonight. things are diminishing as we get into later tonight. less heating. slipping towards garrett county, towards cumberland. but the rest of us will need rain. i don't see much in the forecast here. temperatures at 81 in cumberland. we are 79 with a few spots like charlottesville, pittsburgh, richland into the lower 70s. we'll fall into the
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areas in town by the bay, staying inwi start out with the and the 70s. lunchtime mid to upper 80s. recess will still happen outside. and it will be like 95 plus for them to move it inside with that high tomorrow around 92. if you want the cool down, it is coming. meteorological autumn begins on september 1, which is thursday and that is when we'll see the transition. but tomorrow tuesday and wednesday, upper 90s, isolated storm here and there. 86 on thursday. by friday, only 81. it looks like the nice stuff will be with us for saturday and sunday as well as we will head towards the labor day holiday. we'll be back in a few minutes as i've got a lot to talk about when it comes to the tropics. two tropical depressions that could become threats on the u.s. later in the week. see you in a few. >> thank you, howard. well it may be more than 1,000 mimes away -- miles away, but the devastation of the iv
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two men organized to take them down to denim springs, louisiana. this weekend they handed out clothing, toys for kids, pet food, cleaning supplies, anything to help so many people who lost it all. they were actors, first responders, and metro employees. more than 100 people took part in an emergency drill today. to help the transit authority prepare for a potential derailment over water. the drill took place near the yellow line bridge right over the potomac this morning. >> it is important that, you know, our emergency preparedness is really at its highest. >> i felt sorry for the fire people who were dressed in 16 layers of gear. if everything goes smoothly, it's great. if something doesn't then that means that we have learned something. >> reporter: metro closed the yellow line for today's drill, but reopened it again this afternoon at 2:00. check out our free wusa9 app for any potential metro
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some scary moments for passengers on board the southwest airlines flight this weekend. and the plane was headed from new orleans to orlando, florida on saturday morning. and when a part of the engine fell off. the pilot made an emergency landing in pensacola all 99 passengers and five crew members escaped injury. >> the person across of us were crying, saying that he was going to die. everybody is trying to calm them down. >> i just knew that god was in control and that he was going to take care of us. whatever happened is his will and playing for their life that he was amazing. and southwest, they saved our lives. >> and federal safety investigators will try to determine what caused this to happen. and two united airline pilots are arrested in scotland just moments before take off. they are accused of fueling up on alcohol. the 35 and 45-year-old pilots were taken off e
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airport tonight. they're expected to be arraigned tonight. in the meantime passengers on board the plane had to wait ten hours while united scrambled to find replacement pilots for the flight. in the meantime in louisiana a charter bus carrying volunteers to help flood victims there crash into a fire truck. two people were killed in that crash. dozens of others were injured. five other people hurt had to be air lifted to the nearby hospitals. the fire truck had stopped on the highway to help at the scene of the other car crash and when that bus crashed into it. coming up tonight though, the leading candidates forpresidents trading bars on the campaign trail. we'll have the latest for the road to the white house. and the search for victims with the devastating italy earthquake that will continue this weekend. we're going to have
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know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds. know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪ donald trump's team tried to clarify their position on illegal immigration on the sunday morning talk shows. on the democratic side, the chair of the party hillary clinton called them a
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wendy gillette reports on the race to the white house. donald trump's campaign manager told john dickerson that the republican nominee has not changed their stance on undocumented immigrants. >> first, they still have no amnesty. secondly he is building that wall, that has been the center piece of his candidacy and his immigration vision, which has not changed one inch. >> what has changed is his position on what will happen to an estimated 11million undocumented immigrants that are currently living in the u.s. the original plan laid out in november would call for a deportation force to help send them out of the country. but in recent days, they have talked about a humane approach, as his views have not shifted. >> what you heard him describe there, in his usual plain spoken american way was a mechanism, not a policy. i mean that you're going to hear in more detail the next
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>> on the democratic side the chair of the defended hillary clinton last week. >> donald trump has not held an event in their community and he has not gone to the black church as hillary clinton has done. >> and they spent the day fundraising in the hamptons, trump held no public event. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> and clinton will continue to fundraise on monday in new york as they would have a campaign event scheduled for new york city. and the state of the date, 24/7 on the presidential race as well as all your local races for the wusa9 app. in chicago family and friends held a vigil to remember aldridge, the 32-year- old mother of four was fatally shot in the head on friday as she walked home from enrolling her children in school. the cousin of nba star dwayne wade was pushing her youngest child in a stroller when she was hit by a stray bullet. >> this is my baby girl.
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>> it is just hard right now. because we are suppose to grow old together. >> sunday's vigil came as chicago police announced the arrest of two brothers in connection with aldridge's death. police say that the 26-year-old and 22-year-old men were both convicted felons on parole. and they now face first-degree murder charges in aldridge's death. in italy workers continue to clear debris and search for more casualties today. in towns hard hit by last week's earthquake. so far, there have been 290 confirmed deaths. as search crews are not hopeful about finding anymore survivors. and also this weekend, firefighters are cautiously entering the damaged homes to retrieve a few cherished items for the homeowners. many have lost both homes and loved ones. cee quake devastated three
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miles outside of rome. "as soon as possible." and to embrace those earthquake survivors and comfort those who lost their loved ones. the pontiff made the announcement this morning. the pope mentioned the town hardest hit by the earthquake saying that they would share their sufferings and worries. theme parks across florida are giving away insect spray to help combat the zika virus. park officials are hoping that the aggressive new plan will prevent millions of tourists from canceling their plans. to visit those parks amid fears of contracting the zika virus, but some visitors say that they did not see any information about that free insect repellant. >> i'm not as concerned because my wife is not pregnant, but at the same time i understand the development that needs to be addressed. >> that free insect spray is available at seaworld, buh
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there's been 43 of zika across florida. >> a lot of people are at home right now getting ready for school and getting the excitement, their butterflies. >> if you are excited, that they are like i'm not going to sleep. >> yeah. >> if you are watching at home, good luck tomorrow. >> trying to extend their summer vacation. >> hey, it felt like it today, although that it was good and a comfortable 90-plus degrees on out there today. the humidity levels will be dropping on the easterly wind with a nice stabilized atmosphere on out there today. 91. >> okay, we would hit 90. >> nice. >> 67 the last 72. just off by one tomorrow and forecasting a high of 92, the 3- degree guarantee. we'll start with the tropics, which they are cooking right now. gaston became the first major hurrice
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is. and this thing is just barely moving, it'll take -- to take a turn off to the northeast. now, this is the one we've been watching for days where it was finally classed fewed late this afternoon. it is 50 miles southwest of key west as we will watch that closer to home on the tropical depression that will be very weak. the center is over here. we will watch this as they have that storm watches on up for the outer banks of carolina. the winds are currently at 45. this will be hermine or ian, depending on whether or not that tropical depression 9 will develop first and short of a race that will be very short to tuesday evening with the winds 40 miles an hour. so this will be a minimal tropical storm still throwing up with those swells over to our beaches in maryland and delaware. tropical depression 9 is going to the gulf of mexico, forecasted to make the turn and strengthen to
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hour storm. a moderate tropical storm makg tuesday evening, north of tampa, not losing too much speed as we will get in towards thursday. and that will be the time frame down there. around here, we've had storms off in pennsylvania and just slipping in towards garrett county. other than high clouds it will be quiet out. temperatures in the 70s. so 80 in indianapolis, 79 at international with a couple of 60s. culpeper at 69. and a nice looking night on the michael and son weather cam with 79 that will be feeling like 81. we will be watching on the radar actually that it will be a broad circulation with that number nine. and around here though, it will be quiet and it will stay quiet, only slight rain chances here for you tomorrow and wednesday. but by the end of the week, that's the payoff that it will be feeling likefall for you. clear to partly mild again. with a nice little
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bay and light wi some sunshine, 60s, 70s. mid to upper 80s on our way to about 92 for that high with the northeast wind. just a stray storm threat. let's look at their three-day forecast. tuesday, 85 to 90. warm to hot with a little break there. 92 on wednesday. that'll be the last hot day for us and for several because on thursday, we'll cool off with an early shower and a front. debra, no one is going to complain about friday, saturday, or sunday. they've got a big football game going on. >> as they would plan the terrapins. >> at college park. >> it should be gorgeous weather for that. >> looking forward to that, awesome. a new school year will start in prince george's cown they will come with a new head start program. that move will come after federal officials would revoke their counties. $6.4 million in head start funds amid allegations that the county didn't appropriately es
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child abuse. >> more than 900 ilen between the ages of three and five would participate in their head starts and their early childhood education program. coming up tonight, why these brides want to put their wedding dresses on just one more time. and also an icon that will be calling it quits after two decades on z2392z zi0z y2392y yi0y
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z23cwz zi0z
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y23cwy yi0y latin american music icon has died in santa monica, california. he was 56. the coroner's office said that gabriel died of natural causes. he gave a concert performance on friday night in los angeles. he had to be scheduled to perform in el paso, texas tonight. he was known for his ballads of love and heartbreak as well as his bouncy tunes. a small russian town held its first ever battle of the brides this weekend. the competition was tough as each contestant put on a wedding dress. the brides answered tough questions, as you can see there, that theywo
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their ta, ev participating in the bouquet tossing contest. they were judged on originality and four of the brides went home with gift cards worth $150. cbs sunday morning host says that the rumors are true. and after 22 years on the job, he is finally stepping down. >> it has been a great run, but after nearly 50 years at cbs including the last 22 years here on sunday morning, that the time has come. and the date is set for me to do my farewell sunday morning. september 25th. after which you can still see me on the radio. >> the 83-year-old is only the second person to host cbs sunday morning. he took over from the original host charles coral. trending tonight, a story that northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox brought to you first. a 15-year-old fairfax county
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hard that it broke his jaw and it happened just one th the other teen was bullying him. he says it is not bullying him, but a criminal offense. carroll says that authorities need to take a long hard look at this boy's home environment and his mental stability and at a minimum should not allow them back in public schools for a while. and praying for the young man will have to go through so much. also trending tonight unbelievable sock -- also tonight an unbelievable soccer goal. between columbine and thunder ridge in the denver area. the goalies were in a race as you can see there, still one up, doing the flip over the goalie. and before hitting that ball in the back of the net. all right, and so the celeiobratn now, it was short lived though. the goal was called off side. but we will always have that video. tonight the 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick deciding hi
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national anthem before friday night's san he was protesting wrongdoings against african americans and minorities in the u.s. >> weaver focused -- we're focused on football on the field. that's what our focus is. but in our free time, we have conversations about this. and that is not something that should be, something that we should be shamed about or shy away from. we talk about football and we handle our business there, but there is also, you know, a social responsibility that we would have to be educated on these things and to talk about these things. >> and the decision to sit during the anthem blew up on social media this weekend. now looking for wins this ♪ social media this weekend. now looking for wins this
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nationals ha l seas long, but the rockr whatever reason will have their number, the rubber match of the series at nats park this afternoon. the top prospect lucas giolito called up to pitch for the nats. later he was off for the long balls. and the nats lose 5-3 to the the rockies who take this series. the nationals are up eight games in the national league east. >> kind of need to put it behind us as fast as we can. we cannot try to let these losses in each game affect us. and to find a new team and, you know, try to get off to a good start, win that series and go from there. >> all right, birds avoid the sweep taking down the yankees. mark trumbo going deep here. his 40th of the season. orioles win 5-0. coming up on game on overtime, we will recap the redskins pre-season win over buffalo with their regular season two weeks away. yo
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get the much rv asthlocal olympians are back ga overtime. >> nice. >> there you go. >> i'm liking it. >> four minutes. we'll be on. >> we're counting it away. hey, tell us a little bit about tomorrow morning. >> it looks good with the stray storm here and there and most of us will be staying dry on wednesday. but that's the key for the second half of the week and a nice cool down will be coming. those temps are nationals. we'll have the 70s. any time for the game on overtime and this
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2-1 and there it goes for turner. >> are the nationals going to limp or race back home? dog days appear to be here as nats wrap up their series with the rockies. >> it all goes back to being baseball. i mean there will be some ups and downs. >> redskins shook off some runs for the pre-season win over buffalo. so are they ready for some real football? >> there are a lot of good things out there. >> we still have olympic fever, especially those from the dmv. local athletes already thinking about the next games in tokyo. we've got a gold medal game starting right now. >> hey there, welcome to game on overtime i'm frank hanrahan. that is when things get intest


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