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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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welcome to 9 news at noon. from prince william to loud into montgomery county, 300,000 youngsters climbed onto their buses and headed back to school.
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we will have a look at what is new this year in our region in a few minutes. we begin with a first date school under county headstart program are back in class after a report detailed emotional and physical abuse at three different schools. the report led the federal government to suspend the $6.4 million it sent to the program. stephanie ramirez is there live with more.>> reporter: county executive called this report embarrassing before the end the school ceo toward the headstart program. their priority today was letting parents know that for now, the headstart program will continue as normal for the more students who participate in this program. behind-the-scenes, there will be a transitional period from serious evaluations to be done. a group called the community development
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has stepped in. they will be the ones now providing the millions lost in the federal grant. this is only on an interim basis . the money is not completely lost. it is not clear the future if staff will need to be cut due to funding. there will be some type of involvement with staff training also. it is not clear how direct of a role they will play. >> it is embarrassing. it angers me. the next thing is, i have to make sure the children are safe and the parents have a place to send their children. we make the corrections so this never happens again. >> after last year's harrowing case where teachers aide was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting multiple students and the county, staff were in trained -- were retrained in supporting incidents. officials acknowledged that there will have to be monitoring and more of it on a year out for your in basis. here in austin hills,
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ramirez, wusa9. students at maryland's largest school district were greeted by teachers and some changes when they went back to school this morning. here is a look at what is new as students went back to school in montgomery county. >> reporter: 159,000 students attend school in montgomery county. it is the biggest school system in all of maryland. an average of 3000 kids annually. that means change every year. >> i am nervous. >> reporter: first-day jitters. >> i am a little nervous but i mostly excited to certain classes. >> we will have fun.>> reporter: how was it to wake up? >> very easy. we made cinnamon rolls. >> reporter: many students getting rides to school from mom and dad on this first day. schoolbu
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this year, those buses without cameras. >> sometimes drivers become inpatient and they drive around the school bus with the arm out. they should not do that. >> reporter: 100 buses will have exterior cameras to catch violators. it is all about keeping kids safe when they are traveling to and from school. they haven't up on their plates once they get into the classroom. >> she is very determined to have good grades. >> reporter: the superintendent hopes to have the cameras mounted to all 1200 school buses in the county in the next three years. in clarksburg, wusa9 drivers caught on camera passing stopped school buses will be fined $125. if a police officer stops you, the fine increases to $570 and loss of points on your license. summer may be over for those students but summer weather is not. allyson rae has a look
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forecast. >> it is a hot one. the weekend was hot but it was not too humid. it felt pretty nice. today has typical august weather. 87 degrees but it feels like 91. the dew point is on its way up compared to how it was over the weekend. we are heating up with the humidity and temperature. 86 right now for leesburg. 84 for manassas. as far as our comfort level is, we are here in the upper 60s, the uncomfortable range. the silver lining is we are not in of the miserable category that we were more comfortable over the weekend. is ready for humid weather this weekend. we will be into the upper 90s in the feels like temperature. changes are coming in a big way for the start of september. lot of our labor day weekend plans will have to do with the path of tropical depression nine. we will get you up to date of what to expect over the weekend
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monday as well. a heads up if you are heading to or from northern virginia. phase 8 of metro st. roch work is underway on the blue line. trains are single tracking all of the time between franconia, springfield and ben dorr street. that means fewer blue line trains and bigger crowds on yellow line trains. be prepared. this phase of work will wrap up in about two weeks. trash collection was cut in half in one local county a few months ago. residents are upset but the county says it is saving millions of dollars. we have more on this story. >> i have a freezer full of chicken parts because we don't want them to stay outside for a week.>> reporter: kevin has tried everything to prevent a weeks worth of garbage from smelling up his home and attracting animals in the woods that surrounded. >> we have freezers full of plastic bags full of wateon
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don't want that rotting in the sun. >> reporter: most of the trash was gone when we stop by. family uses these trash cans and the blue recycling bin to keep the mounds of trash low. >> there are people who have trash cans that are overflowing. it is not their fault.>> reporter: the counties department of environment to kuwait one of two trash days. adam ortiz, the director, says more people are going green. >> what we found is people are recycling more and trashing less and not producing enough tonnage to justify two pickups a week dick>> reporter: a fund that is used to pay for these services to hit over the years. the policy saves the county $6 million. it is not one stanfield is willing to accept. he started a petition online asking the county to bring back the second trash day. almost 6000 people have signed. monica is not on the list. she moved to the area from manassas, virginia where she is used to ce
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has a problem with a. >> for us, we were used to it. it is not a big deal. we never had enough trash to put it out twice a week. >> reporter: something that is county, wusa9 the county is rolling out its new trash cans. if you have not received yours, you should have it by the end of the year. news in the district, it is a sellout. the national museum of african american history and culture opens next month. if you were hoping to snag advance tickets to check it out, you are out of luck. the museum started offering time admission passes over the weekend and in just two days, gave away all of the passes they had for the month of september. as students head back to school, there is a medical exam doctors recommend for young athletes that parents may not thing to ask about. dragged into safety. the story behind a last-second rescue caught on tape work --
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here are some updates on stories you have been talking about on social media. new jersey transit officer victor ortiz is being hailed as a hero. he spotted a man on the tracks at the secaucus junction train station and jumped into action to save him. the person on the tracks seems to be fighting officer ortiz off but with seconds to spare, the officer pulls the man to safety before a train passes through the station. ortiz has been an officer for new jersey transit for 16 years. a massive -- a nasa crew return from mars over the weekend, sort of. six people have been living in an isolated habitat in hawaii for the last year, mimicking life on the red planet. that simulation ended sunday as they hug family and friends. a flight from scotland to the united states was
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were in handcuffs. scottish authorities arrested them and accused them of being drunk at flight time. they will go before the judge in flask of today. we are learning more about another scary sky moment. one of america's top authorities on flightsafety ways in about the southwest flight that had massive engine damage at 30,000 feet. over the weekend, we had two tropical depression's form. number 8 and number 9. 8 is right off the coast of the carolinas and 9 is south of florida. what does that mean for labor day? i will detail it out right after this. the drug company behind the epipen. why customers say their new plan is not enough. that is ahead when 9 news at noon continues here on wusa9.
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republican nominee donald trump plans to speak at an african-american church in detroit this weekend as part of his outreach to minority voters. >> reporter: donald trump continues to push his message that america's inner cities are dangerous because of democrats. monday morning, he tweeted look how bad it is getting. how much more crime? how much more shootings will it take or africans americans and latinos to vote trump? trumps tweet about the murder of basketball superstar dwayne wade's cousin in chicago this weekend sparked a backlash from some. trump wrote dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby
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just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote for trump many on twitter called the response disrespectful. vice presidential nominee tim kaine agreed. >> we need to be extending our sympathy. >> some tweeted his condolences to the family four hours after his original tweet. >> reporter: trying to stay on message, the campaign released a new ad focusing on the economy. they are spending $10 million to air it in nine battleground states. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. >> reporter: trump campaign says they have seen movement in the polls favoring trump and feel now is the right time to air this ad. some say it could be too little, too late. >> this is an advocate have been put out months ago. it could have been running all summer to have maximum effect on an election. early voting starts in a couple of weeks.>> reporter: early voting starts september 23 in minnesota and south dakota. >>
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anything says she is done, separating from anthony weiner. he has been in trouble from the past are exchanging inappropriate messages with women. he claims he stopped just a few days ago, reports surfaced that he was doing it again. the two remain committed to doing what is best for their young son. the national transportation safety board is looking into some scary moments in the sky. passengers on a southwest flight to orlando heard a loud boom, smelled smoke and saw that part of an engine on the boeing 737 was missing. all of this happened 30,000 feet in the air. that is a good thing according to air safety experts. captain sully sullenberger. >> reporter: being at cruise altitude gives them altitude at the time and get some options. they would have had the time to work through this problem so it was successfully completed and they would have had a lot of altitude that they could use to reach an airport.>> reporter:
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he is the pilot who may be emergency landing in the hudson river the damaged southwest plane made an emergency landing in pensacola. none of the passengers or crew were injured. it started on the football field but now the controversy is taking over social media. we are talking about san francisco 49ers quarterback colin cabernet. he refused to stand for the national anthem friday before a preseason game. he says by staying seated, he was taking a stand of his own. >> people are dying in vain because this country isn't holding their end of the bargain up. >> reporter: we ask for your thoughts this morning on twitter and one says he lost all his respect the other day. what a horrible way to expose it. craig tweeted i served in the army so he has the right to do what he is doing but i also have the right to not like it.
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>> the conversation continues online this afternoon and we would love to know what you think. your tweets, thoughts, tag us at wusa9. doctors at the university of arkansas track teenage athletes recovering from concussions. they found teenage athletes down twice as long continued playing. concussion protocols have changed over the past decade. she encourages a baseline screening for concussions as part of the student athletes back to school health check. >> it is happening more and more. there is resistance to doing baseline testing. it takes a lot of effort. there has been a lot of initiative to get that done. we are trying to do that in the community. it is very helpful after an athlete is injured.>> some children are more susceptible to concussions and they
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after days of criticism for the $600 price tag for the epipen, mylan says it is releasing a generic version of the life-saving drug. the price for the generic is pretty high at $300 for a two pack. it is an improvement but advocates for patients with no insurance or coverage with a high deductible say the price is still too high. >> business owners in south florida are keeping an eye on the open water. some people are squeezing in just a little more sun time before tropical weather system moves in. there are warnings that the sure about stronger currents and crews are stepping up their efforts to fight mosquitoes that could be carrying the zika virus. those storms are likely to increase the amount of standing water where mosquitoes breed. regardless of how strong these storms get, rain will be a huge right that they deal with
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and the amount of flooding that they could see. >> you have a lot going on out there. >> a lot. this is the time of year. late august, early september. get into the peak of hurricane season. we said it would be an active year and it is proving to be just that. we haven't had too many impacts directly here but we are talking about big labor day weekend. all eyes are on the tropics. this was our first major hurricane of the season. we are not worried about it. tropical depression 8 and 9 both formed over the weekend. tropical depression 8 is closer to the carolinas and 9 is of more concern. we will be watching that. let's go through the computer model to get a better idea what to expect. let's talk about tropical depression 8. this one is close to us, right off the coast of north carolina. i don't our futurecast had to wednesday. we will see a cold front come through wednesday night and into thursd
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reasons. one, it will bring a lot of rain to the area wednesday and thursday. that might not sound like good news but this front is pushing out tropical depression number eight -- tropical depression 8 out of our area. time the cold front is some nice-looking air for the rest of the weekend. the rest of the holiday weekend is going to be determined on tropical depression 9. it might increase to a tropical storm before it skirts by north carolina. north carolina is not expecting too much from this system. maybe a little beach erosion and maybe some rain. they are not expecting too many impacts. tropical depression 9, a little bit of a different story. we have a long time for it to stay. it has a while to increase its intensity. not forecasting it to become a hurricane but a tropical storm, as it makes its way closer to the tampa area. this is going
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in tampa by early thursday morning. then, it is forecasted to make a hard right turn right off the coast lines of the eastern seaboard. that hard right turn is everything for our labor day forecast. this could bring some showers are south carolina on friday. then, as it makes the hard right turn, it leaves the eastern seaboard and most of it is really nice for the holiday weekend. if this decides to take a more northerly approach, it might not be so nice. the forecast holds. we are going to be benefiting from that hard return. we will keep you up to date as we see this storm continue to form. this is what we are concerned with, look at the amount of rain from tropical depression 9. at least 6 inches of rain on some computer models. it really starts to go down as you head up the eastern seaboard. we are in the 1 to 2 inch of rain
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that has nothing to do with the tropical depression. we will have a little rain wednesday and thursday. as it stands now, and this could change, we will be dealing with a nice weekend. 87 degrees right now with the dew point of 68. it will be muggy tonight. you won't need your jackets as you walk the dog this evening. 92 degrees today. 89 tomorrow. we will see some showers wednesday and thursday. we start september on a very nice-looking note. low 80s and low humidity. we will keep you up-to-date and see you back after this.
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take a look at this 7-day forecast. it
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ending august hot and humid. we bring in september with some nice dry air and below average temperatures. >> we like the sound of that. that is it for wusa9. we will be back at 5 pm.
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♪ [ door opens ] >> nick: dad. >> victor: yes. my goodness. welcome home, son. >> morrow: getting this job was life changing. it's really been a dream come true. >> victoria: what on earth are you doing here? >> jack: well, invite me in and i'll tell you. >> heinle: i knew the newman family was, like, the biggest family in the soap world. >> victoria: what are you doing here? >> nick: do you really think i was gonna let you go through this alone? you look beautiful. >> morrow: the thing i love most about playing nick newman is that he's a character that i would be friends with. >> nick: just make sure this company is run exactly the way it should be and you continue to be the amazing mother you always have been. >> victoria: i think that is the nicest possible way of rejecting my offer. >> nick: [ chuckles ] >> heinle: i like the relationship that she has with her family. i love the show's family


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