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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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blowing off steam in a way that endangered a lot of people. residents are furious and hoping the cops catch the culprits. >> anybody that does stupid stuff with a gun doesn't deserve to have a gun and i hope they get them on felony charges because you are too stupid to use a gun. >> neighbor say police were covered shell casings from two different caliber guns so it may have been more than one person shooting. a portal attack with a baseball bat left the mother fighting for her life. the suspect is the woman's 15- year-old foster child. we are in stafford county where the boy is behind bars. >> reporter: the boy is locked up at the juvenile detention center charged with the vicious attack on the very person who tried to help him. >> this kid to wooden baseball bat
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>> reporter: alfredo thompson junior's wife 41-year-old annemarie francis is in critical condition after being attacked in her home friday night. >> all of this was full of blood against this wall. >> reporter: his 86-year-old on to was also attacked but his wife took the brunt. >> two arms are broken in two breasts are broken interface is completely shattered. when she came running out screaming -- >> reporter: somehow she made it out the front door and her cries alerted the next-door neighbor. >> she had blood everywhere coming in this direction to me so i grabbed her like this and i laid her down. i put my finger and proud -- swabbed her broken pieces so she would not choke on blood. >> reporter: did she tell you who did this? >> no. she could not talk. there was blood everywhere and her eyes were popping out. you can see her hands were broken. this wmy
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put her in it.>> reporter: the suspect is a 15-year-old foster child that the thompson's took in six months ago. they say they have taken in five other foster children over the years all because of his wife. >> i have told her myself you can't save everybody. sometimes you can't save everybody. you can't open your doors to everybody and it doesn't work that way all the time. she is that person and at the end of this she is still the person that will turn around and say this person needs help. >> reporter: they say he dropped the ball because no one told them the boy had violent tendencies and he's grateful his children including the 5- year-old were not home at the time and grateful his wife has no brain injuries but not sure whether she will be able to see.
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peggy fox wusa nine. >> the 15-year-old suspect charger two counts of malicious wounding and scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning. the victim's family wants them to be charged as an adult. it was human error that shut down 911 service and dc over the weekend. and alarm was going off at the office of unified command and a contractor flipped a switch to try to turn it off but instead that switch crippled 911 service. at least 300 calls were missed before service was restored sunday morning and no reports at this point of anything critical happening due to the outage. a radical change to becoming to all maryland public schools. larry hogan expected to unveil a mandate this week requiring state schools to open after labor day. hogan will be joined by comptroller peter franchot for the announce -- for the announcement
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been outspoken in their stance to start school later and it's worth $74 million to the economy. a lot of kids in maryland go back to school today including those in the largest school district in montgomery county. we caught up to students heading to class in clarksburg. montgomery county absorbs an average of 3000 new students a year and kids headed to class today admitted to having first- day jitters. >> i am a little nervous but i mostly excited to start new classes. >> new school so yes we're going to have fun. phil collins wake up this morning? >> very easy. we made cinnamon rolls and it always makes it easier.>> reporter: a word of warning for drivers who speed by buses. in the next two wakes 100 buses will have exterior cameras and they will catch you. the school superintendent hopes to have cameras on all the 1200 county buses within the next three years. tracking the tropics and tonight keeping an eye on disturbances out there. speaking
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shutt in the weather center with details. >> disturbed in a good way. a busy satellite. this is hurricane gaston which is still a category 2 check and moving off to the east and north. tropical depression eight off the carolina coast and just now put out tropical storm warning's for the outer banks a tropical depression nine which could become, whichever one develops first, they will be hermine or ian. we are most concerned about tropical depression nine because of it goes into the gulf of mexico interns northeastward it will get close. tropical depression eight will get close to hatteras before it turns back out and that's why they put up the warnings. as far as we are concerned the main effect is rough surf and some rip currents across our shores. keep that in mind because it's the last weekend of summer. please be careful
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rip currents and swim parallel to the shore. these are the computer models and concentrating on number 9 in the gulf of mexico wednesday morning. most models take the storm to the north and east and move it across north florida and at 3:30 on friday its forecast to become a tropical storm. saturday and into sunday most models keep it offshore and a couple models took it back toward the coast in new england. if it takes these tracks it will miss us but a nice weekend and rip currents and rough surf so be advised. we will come back to the holiday weekend in a minute. fairfax county police asking for your help to find a hit and run driver in an accident sunday night in reston. a 76-year-old was crossing the shore drive when he was hit by a car. he was not in the crosswalk at the time of the accident. investigators first on the lookout for a newer model black nissan altima but now believe the driver of that cas
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who got burned out of their homes in fairfax. investigators say the flames started in the attic of a garden apartment on arlington drive and at least two units were destroyed. everyone escaped safely and unclear how many people are homeless tonight. reports of gunfire spark chaos at the los angeles international airport. people abandon their bags and traffic through the terminal was stopped last night and flights were not allowed to land or take off. after a thorough search and determined there was no active shooter. in the midst of the panic police briefly detained a man dressed as oral. >> they had me laying on the ground and i did that and then they told me to move away from the area where i was sitting at a put my phone down. they turned me over and put handcuffs
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>> the man you see here in the zorro suit was let go and that was similar to the panic that broke out at jfk a few weeks ago in new york and turned out the gunfire reported there was not a real thing either. a total of 10 people still missing after last week's earthquake in italy and heavy machinery used to demolish an unstable house in the center of a town and nearly 300 people killed in the earthquake. italy's prime minister is concentrating on efforts to house the 3000 people displaced because of the disaster. gene wilder the start of comedic gems like "blazing saddles" and "young frankenstein" has died. he was the original willy wonka as well. his nephew said he died of complications from alzheimer's disease at his home in stamford, connecticut today. he was devastated by the death of his wife gilda radner in 1989 and only worked intermittently
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gene wilder was 83 years old. were just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. makers of the epipen of come up with a cheap alternative after outrage at a skyhigh price tag. anthony weiner wrapped up in another sexting scandal and his high-powered wife has had enough. free wi-fi coming to a
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a few months ago some parts of prince george's county lost their second trash pickup day. the county got rid of it and sa
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reason but some people like kevin aren't pleased with the changes. he started an online petition that has close to 6000 signatures. they are trying to get the county to bring back the second trash day to keep the cans from overflowing. >> right now i have a freezer full of chicken parts because i don't want them to stay outside for a week. >> for us it's what we are used to so not a big deal. we never had enough trash to put out twice a week anyway. >> monocot used to live in manassas virginia in an area that used to once a week pickup and county officials say the changes are working. 122 more tons of recycling have been reported in prince george's county. or so in the county today is the first day back to school for the head start program following the scathing federal report alleging child abuse. at county executive calls it embarrassing and promising full accountability. stephanie ramirez discovered some parents still don't know what's
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>> reporter: a few of the parents i talked to at one of the schools involved said they didn't know about the report and if they did they didn't hear about it through the school. on what's usually a happy day some parents described fear. >> it's my son's first day here. i was kind of excited but a little leery. >> reporter: he said once he took a tour he felt better and other hearing about the report from us are not as thrilled. >> wow! my son is three but i never heard nothing about it. >> reporter: this took place outside of hw wheatley one of the three schools named in a federal report that accused staff members engaging in child abuse and corporal punishment. this is where a teacher allegedly embarrass the 3-year- old why forcing him to mop up his own your and map it naptime. >> it's embarrassing and the next thing is i have to make sure the children are saved.>> reporter: promising necessary
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school ceo toward the head start program assuring parents for now their children won't be disrupted after the federal government pulled the $6.4 million grant from the county program and appointed a federal contractor to provide funds which means they may have a say in how employees get trained. >> keep the parents well informed because we put a lot of trust in them. >> reporter: aker answered the representative edwards call for a review of the entire school system. >> our job is to make sure the program is continuous and there is no disruption. >> reporter: this councilmember joined the call for an independent review. in capitol heights stephanie ramirez wusa nine. >> at least one county councilmember made claims of us possibles dash of a possible school board incident.
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a new sexting scandal surrounds anthony weiner. >> his wife is a top aide to hillary clinton and announced that she's leaving him. stephanie gailhard live in dc with reaction.>> reporter: as you can imagine people here in dc are shocked. this is the third taxing schedule for the former congressman. comments flooding the wusa nine facebook page as news of the new sexting scandal blew up social media universe. richard johnson said more scandals in the dmz, why am i not surprised? the new york post reports anthony weiner texted racy photos to a woman last year. in one photo his toddler is sleeping next to him. the democrat quit congress five years ago following revelations he was sending women sexually explicit messages. his wife huma abedin is hillary clinton's closest advisor. the
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straw for her. today she released a statement saying after a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what's best for our son. what you think of the whole scandal in general? >> party out ranger is.>> he really needs to get his act together. it's disgusting. i would recommend him for anything. >> economic issues, jobs, climate change, a quality, equality in the workplace and news like this is a distraction. >> anthony weiner has not commented but donald trump did. he said it's an issue of national security because anthony weiner had access to classified information and who knows who he told and what he learned. he said hillary clinton is
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abedin made the right decision to leave her husband. >> several news organizations that brought anthony weiner on for political commentary have said cut ties with him. a somber anniversary for people along the gulf coast. august 29, 2005, 11 years ago today hurricane katrina roared onshore in louisiana. the storm kills more than 1800 people and caused $150 billion in damages. people are still trying to rebuild from katrina and then you have folks who fled katrina and went to baton rouge and other places and some of them have lost everything. it's been relentless. >> and now they have a tropical system in the gulf of mexico that could become a tropical storm.
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we did a facebook post and tweet on the anniversary of katrina. i think both of the depressions are forecast to become storms. which will be first? it could be hermine or ian. other than that looking at everything passing to the south and east but i want to emphasize rip currents at the shore this weekend. will start with a 3 degree guarantee. pretty good shape and a pretty good number. low 90s. i picked 92 and let you know how we did tonight at 11:00 and you can download our app and chop up on us. you can also track the tropics with us. 90 degree days by month. this kills me. none in may. five in june. 23 in july. we have had 21 in august. we will probably have 22, maybe 23. 21 is a milestone. 21 days ties for second place last and in 1943. we don't need 90 tomorrow.
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wednesday and end up at least tying with 22 days in the month of august 90 degrees or higher. a dubious record. a live look outside and 93 right now. dew points in the upper 60s and winds turn north, northeast at seven. muggy tonight and mainly dry and isolated storm with radar quiet. bus stop 56 to 80 and it warms up by 9:00 or 9:30. wednesday around 90 and then like someone flips a switch and cooler thursday through labor day. futurecast 10:00 tonight still toasty downtown at 80. few clouds around and a sprinkle underneath the clouds with temperatures mid 70s. 78 in bowie. 65 gaithersburg. 69 fairfax. by 9:00 back in the low to mid 70s. lots of sunshine and by 1:00 very good day tomorrow. not super hot and more humid. numbers a wee bit low and more like 88
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manasses and 87 sterling. 6:00, showers west of i-81 and isolated shower in the forecast but plan around it. late tomorrow night temperatures pretty warm with the upper 70s to low 80s by 8:30 tomorrow night. not as comfortable tomorrow night. for tonight we will say partly cloudy and a little bit muggy. 66 to 74 and an isolated storm and winds northeasterly at 10. on the day planner 70s downtown. 82 by 11:00. 86 or 87 with sunshine by 1:00. two more hot days tuesday and wednesday and then showers on thursday but we will trade 83 for 90 at this point in time. next seven days this is really nice and almost also cool. low 80s friday, saturday, sunday, and back to the
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on monday. nationals back in town monday. saturday could be showers with the tropical depression nine at the shore and rough surf and rep plus and rip currents. free wi-fi coming to a handful of metro stations.>> part of a 45 day pilot program and the stations will have three wi-fi day for 45 days and then it's suspended. we have a vegetable the call to tell you about and how you can get a great deal and kitchen gadgets. it's all in my consumer alert. a community on edge after warnings about a creepy clown.
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r technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios.
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a south carolina community onguard after receiving reports about a clown trying to get children to go into the woods. >> they sent a letter to residents of a greenville apartment complex warning about the apparent
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>> my child was seeing things and the next day i had about 30 kids come up and say did you see the clowns in the woods?>> property management say police have stepped up patrols after the reported clown sightings. in tonight's consumer alert country fresh recalling 30,000 cases of fresh-cut vegetables that could be contaminated with listeria. according to the fda 45 varieties were shipped to stores including walmart and mostly in the southeast region. the vegetables were packaged in plastic or styrofoam in a clear plastic wrap that is stamped with best use by dates between august 7 through august 19, 2016. the good news is no reports of illness. drivers who plan to hit the road for the labor day weekend have to pay more to fuel up their tanks. chevrolet said you'll see the highest gas prices and more than a month at the
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it was this time last year. the national average of a gallon of gas is currently $2.22. amazon is serving up deals on kitchen electronics and appliances. here is the catch. it's only open to people who have a prime membership with the on-time retailer. you can snatch up savings by signing up for a free 30 day trial. >> that you will soon forget about and start to use any way. two united airlines pilots arrested for showing up to work trump.
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the company that manufactures the life-saving drug epipen taking action after a wave of criticism. many people furious that the price of the drug increased almost 500% over the past few years. >> the company announced it will offer a cheaper generic version of the drug and we bring you the latest on that.>> mylan pharmaceutical the company that manufactures the epipen says the generic version will sell for half the price. the two pack will cost around $300. some people we spoke to are believed and others say it's still too
5:30 pm
>> it's a life-saving medication that we have to have with us at all times. >> reporter: we first met this virginia mom two weeks ago and she was outraged because the price of a life-saving drug epipen has been soaring. at $600 for a two pack she has to pay out of pocket for multiple sets. she has severe food allergies and so do her daughter and son. we visited again after the news that the manufacturer will be creating a jarrett moore -- a generic form of the drug at half the price. >> we're only being offered a generic by the same company that is holding us hostage to the epipen. it doesn't make sense.>> reporter: she says the price cut is a step in the right direction. the new generic drug is still too expensive. >> a lot of people can't afford $300.
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>> reporter: reportedly the epipen only costs a few dollars to produce so why does it cost a few hundred dollars? experts say it's because of supply and demand. the manufacturer has a monopoly on the market and many of you are talking about the cheaper generic form of the drug on social media. on says about damn time while another says it's still $300 for a two pack, far more than it needs to be. i want to hear from you. join the conversation on twitter or facebook and just search for me on wusa nine. >> they say the new generic drug will have the same formula as the epipen and will be available in the next few weeks. police on the lookout for a pervert after an incident at montgomery college. the victim said she was sitting on the couch next to this person last thursday and tells police the guy started talking to her and then pulled his pants down and exposed himself.
5:32 pm
police are only working with a vague description of the man. a sad ending tonight for prince george's county family. they were looking for their mother who vanished august 5 and pennsylvania state troopers found the body of 79-year-old mary butler and that was an hour west of harrisburg. it was found yesterday and investigators say there doesn't appear to be foul play. tracking metro tonight and today was the first commute for rush hour rail riders trying to deal with phase 8 of the maintenance plan a blue line trains are single tracking between van dorn and franconia springfield and no yellow brush boss in virginia. though stations will be closed next weekend as phase 8 runs through september 11. two united airlines pilots believed of duties after being pulled from a flight for allegedly being drunk.
5:33 pm
the flight from the glasgow airport was delayed 10 hours while the airline scramble to find replacements. unclear how authorities became aware of the pilots intoxication but concerns before the flight took off.>> we have heard on occasion and it's again very rare where maybe one of the pilots might have been potentially over the limit but to have both of the cockpit crew, this is extraordinary.>> police won't comment on what the pilots were doing before their morning flight. their arrests, a month after two canadian pilots were arrested with trying to fly under the influence. >> a long awaited new rules about commercial use of drones took affected in the open the sky to those who want to use unmanned aircraft for business. i can actually make 100% living just with this. >> he is a filmmaker who uses dr
5:34 pm
this new role will help a lot with business. >> the commercial worlds are similar to the faa rules for hobbyists to pilot drones. it's limited to aircraft less than 55 pounds, must be registered, may not fly higher than 400 feet, and the pilot must always see it. they are prohibited from flying at night or faster than 100 miles per hour. drone operators don't have to graduate school and get a pilots license. they have to pass a written test to run a certification. >> over the next 10 years commercial unmanned aircraft systems can generate more than $82 billion for the u.s. economy . by 2025 it could be supporting as many as 100,000 new jobs. >> drones are being used from everything to
5:35 pm
farmland and surveying damage from last week's earthquake in italy. >> the aircraft have the potential to transform the way we fly. >> many businesses ignore the faa previous wills particularly the requirement for a pilots license. >> this is the first pilot license at the wright brothers got.>> the bulls limit the drones ability to fly over people. meaning amazon won't be delivering packages to your doorstep anytime soon. craig boswell cbs2's washington.>> pilots can ask for a waiver from the faa on some of the rules and over 600,000 commercial drones will be flying in the u.s. within the year. two brothers with gang ties charged with murder tonight in the shooting death of chicago bulls star dwayne wade's cousin. nykea aldridge was pushing a stroller on friday when she was shot on chicago's south side. police say the mother of four was not the intended target. the brothers are accused of firing at a driver for higher after exchanging mean looks in the neighborhood.
5:36 pm
and her death took an unexpected political turn on donald trump tweeted dwayne wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. actor don cheadle head choice words for trump on twitter which we won't repeat. trump pulled down the tweet, corrected the spelling of dwayne wade's name and then reposted it and did later tweak condolences to his family. a deadly stabbing at a prestigious ivy league school. >> it happened after a fight saturday night at cornell university and 19-year-old anthony mizer of brooklyn was killed and a second student was treated for stab wounds and released. no arrests have been made. police say a man who was in the country illegally and did not have a drivers license was behind the wheel of the charter bus involved in a deadly accident in louisiana. it was full of people going to baton rouge to help with flooding c
5:37 pm
into a fire truck. it happened on i-10 west of new orleans and two people died including the fire chief of st. john the baptist parish. more than 40 people were taken to the hospital and the driver is charged with two counts of negligent homicide. incredible pictures out of philadelphia and a church in flames. part of the building collapsed but no one injured. firefighters were able to get into the inferno and get it under control at 11:00 this morning. juan gabriel, a superstar mexican singer and songwriter is being remembered tonight. he died yesterday and was set to perform a sold-out concert last night in el paso texas and crowd still gathered to sing and play outside the arena. juan gabriel was 63. trending tonight issues
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>> anglers might miss out on a hefty payday after they fail a lie detector test. and we're closer to finding out details about the newest iphone. a transit cop being called a hero after this scary rescue. we will talk about the pollen. trees are history and we have to focus on grasses and weeds and they are both moderate but mold spores are in the high range. you can access that on our
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba.
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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let's get to what's trending tonight. rescued from train tracks with moments to spare and caught on video. and new jersey transit police officer jumped from a platform to save a man on the tracks. the man said he just wanted to die but the officer told the man you are not going to die a with the train coming close he pulled the man to safety.>> he said not on my watch. >> you see how close it was from the time he got him off the tracks to the time the train came by. now to some controversy in the fishing world. coming oof
5:42 pm
captain and crew of a boat lied about their test at the white marlin open. >> it turns out it was a white lie. the 76 1/2 pound fish was the sole kuala fleet -- qualifying white marlin fine for the grand prize of $2.8 million. you know they will check on that. the tournament director requested the money be set aside for now and who ever heard of a lie detector in an angling contest? other anglers won money and they stand to split the top prize if the judge ends up agreeing. we will keep you posted. iphone fans don't have to wait much longer to catch a legitimate look at the newest offering. they are expected to show off the latest phone at a september product launch event in san francisco but the videos and photos of it have been leaked for months now and apple did not announce any specifics about
5:43 pm
doing her thing. the big winner at last night's video music award. she won the award for best music video for the song formation and last night show was held in madison square garden for the first time. coming up colin kaepernick controversy. the san francisco quarterback makes a statement by not let's start over here compwith this aluminum bed.eds. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado.
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social media has a lot of buzz now about colin kaepernick and the san francisco 49ers quarterback did not stand during the national anthem on friday. >> we ask are you okay with colin kaepernick sitting down during the national anthem as a black lives matter protest and on twitter 49% yes while the rest said no. on our facebook page 27% said yes and 73% said no. we are getting reaction online and be
5:47 pm
about that. >> reporter: pollen count permit just held a 20 minute long locker room interview and said he didn't want to stand for a country that oppresses people of color. tonight more than football fans are upset. social media lit up literally about colin kaepernick, former fans burning his jersey after he stayed seated for the national anthem. >> people are dying in vain because this country is in holding their end of the bargain up as far as giving freedom and justice and liberty to everybody.>> reporter: there is kaepernick memorabilia at sports card heroes in laurel and the owner randy doesn't expected to fly off the shelves anytime soon. >> he has a right to do it but it doesn't make it right to do. >> reporter: there have been more than our -- on our usa nine facebook page and some say kaepernick disrespects all men and women who fought for freedom and the right
5:48 pm
to speak his mind.>> there are other ways that you can do this than just sitting down on the national anthem. >> the national anthem mean something you just have to respect. >> he has the right to his opinion. freedom of speech and if that is the way he feels than that is the way he feels. >> reporter: kaepernick says he's comfortable with the strategy and stands by it even if it costs him and endorsements . >> more on that in a little bit especially since he says he will continue to do this. >> it's put a lot of other people in the league on the spot because they are getting asked questions about it. the teams returned to practice today and follow nfl players and coaches are divided on the feelings for his actions. many say he just needs to find another way to express his feelings while other agree with what he did. on rookie in philadelphia plans to
5:49 pm
at his next game. today out of redskins park players and coaches couldn't avoid the topic and players are always in the spotlight and people look to them as role models or ambassadors so we wanted to get their take on the action of one of their own including a former teammate of kaepernick's.>> we take our helmet off and stand up and give respect. that's how we do it with the redskins. >> i don't know colin kaepernick. we live in a free country. there are a lot of men and women who have lost their lives for us to have that right. >> personally myself i tried to do the right thing. whatever the right thing is, the right thing for me could be different. compared to someone else, i don't know what the right thing is for this guide or tgu
5:50 pm
i don't know. i try to stay in my own lane and control what i can control. keep god first and be the best i can be on a daily basis. >> he's a grown man and if he decides that's how he wants to bring awareness to the black community that's his decision. >> he's a good guy and a good kid and has his head with the right shoulders but in that situation i can tell you. the guy i was with once upon a time.>> reporter: so they say we stand with our helmets off to show respect that's what we do. the ravens head coach was asked about it but said none of us wants to do anything that will detractor disrespect the other players on the team. the focus is all on this now instead of the team itself. >> and because it's playing out at such a high level you wonder if it will trickle down into other sports and will we see it in high school sports?>> there are reports a kaepernick could be cut from the 49ers but more than likely has nothing to do with what he did in the game but just because he's not the caliber of player that he was when he went to the super
5:51 pm
he has injuries and would most likely be riding the bench.>> he will continue to do this and we will see what happens. it has raised interesting conversation. always watching, always tracking. wusa nine first alert weather. let's talk about a 90 degreday again. 90 degree day in dc so far we have had 49. catching up to last year at 52 on the record 67 in 2010 and also 1980. we will probably do 50 before the weekend month is out and maybe 51. live look outside and the weather cam 93 degrees and dew point just below 70 and winds north, northeast at seven. muggy tonight and mainly dry. isolated storms and quiet. bus stop temperatures comfortable eaon
5:52 pm
80 by 9:00. hot tuesday and wednesday and even a shot at 90 and then cooler thursday through labor day. futurecast 10:00 tonight low 80s downtown. a few clouds around and that's why i have the isolated showers and by morning pretty much clear. 60s, 65 gaithersburg. 68 silver springs. by 9:00 back in the low to mid 70s a pretty comfortable. heats up and by 1:00 88 downtown. 83 in cumberland. pretty consistent temperatures from the mountains to the coast. 5:30 at 88 downtown. 87 fredericksburg. couple showers popping but most showers west of i-81. stray shower in the forecast. by 9:00 tomorrow back in low to mid 70s and maybe 79 downtown. 76 dale city and woodbridge. tonight partly cloudy and a little
5:53 pm
isolated thunderstorms possible and temperature 66 to 74. by morning partly cloudy and very warm and now 66 to 86 and wins northeasterly 5 to 10 miles per hour. stray shower possible and highs near 90 which means folks in the suburbs say south side of 90. hot in the mountains. 82 oakland. 89 cumberland. 87 hagerstown. winchester 86. 90 culpeper. near 90 in manassas. 88 leesburg. 90 downtown. north, west, and near the bay temperatures hold in the 80s tuesday. breaking it down. 70s to start. 83 by 11:00. up to 87 by 1:00. next three days 90 tomorrow, 90 wednesday, 83 thursday. showers on thursday but pretty good stretch
5:54 pm
saturday, sunday and fantastic weekend. low 80s across the board and we will come back and talk about saturday and of the tropical depression could affect the sure. new at 6:00 we look at why people are concerned about body cameras with the police department in northern virginia. hillary clinton takes a break from campaigning and donald trump plans to lay out his
5:55 pm
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to prepare for potential
5:57 pm
the 23rd it features studied a dome on the top of a volcano in hawaii to study the effects of a potential mission on the human mind. we will show you how life on earth helps nasa learn more about space.>> reporter: an excited crowd gathered sunday in hawaii to welcome the screw back to earth. it's been a year that they have been on mars. more accurately after they simulated living a year on mars. they've actually been spending all their time in a solo powered dome on the side of a volcano in hawaii.>> it's really exciting to welcome the crew back to earth.>> reporter: last august the group including an aerospace engineer came from across the globe to
5:58 pm
nearly 1500 square foot dome. over the next 12 months they had limited food and water and used a computer with a 20 minute delay to communicate with the outside world.>> i'm super excited. it's the first time we get to be outside of the space station.>> reporter: it's the fourth and longest time they have fun this type of mission. >> a mission to mars is a complex system. >> reporter: she is the principal investigator of the project. >> some systems will be technological and some will be human and it's just as bad at the human part of the system fails as if a rocket blows up.>> reporter: based on the experiment the crew is optimistic about travel to mars. they would make the trip themselves if they could. >> i can give you my personal impression which is the mission is realistic.>>
5:59 pm
you were interested the university of hawaii program is accepting applications for next year's eight month-long mission. right now at 6:00 we look at some of the privacy issues on local police department is facing as a test of body cameras. on the campaign front donald trump about to unveil his immigration policy while the f bie suspect voter information was hacked. and find out why fema is under fire by the way they handle the flood emergency in louisiana. waddy cameras will become standard for officers in arlington virginia. i'm lesli foster. >> and i am bruce johnson the details need to be worked up at nikki burdine is live at arlington police headquarters to tell us what citizens want from police and the cameras.>> reporter: a lot of questions  about how this will work out but that's what a pilot pam
6:00 pm
testing out the program and got a firsthand look at the camera. the camera records both audio and video.>> it's simple use. >> reporter: on day one of the program this officer has already used the camera four times. >> anytime you interact with anybody.>> reporter: officers will be required to turn the camera on during a call for service. >> they cannot turn it off at any portion of the contact. >> reporter: once on the camera automatically records 30 seconds prior. in the state of virginia officers are not required to tell you you are being recorded. most people say it's a nonissue for them. what concerns them is how the cameras will be regulated. >> i can't see any bad side to it. as long as you don't turn them off.>> reporter: this man is a


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