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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello. welcome to the news at noon. first in fairfax county, investigators are looking into a deadly accident that sh
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down route 1 for hours. sky 9 was over the scene just south of alexandria. >> reporter: investigators spent several hours on the scene, fairfax county police say a man was trying to cross this busy highway and he was no in a cross walk. >> it's sad. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: around 6:15 tuesday morning police say a man who has not been identified tried to get across richmond highway near mohawk lane. >> a lot of people have been hit. >> reporter: this man didn't tell us his name but was disturbed that another person was hit. >> people don't cross in the cross walks. >> reporter: police say the driver of this damaged black suv was traveling south on the highway while a man tried to cross the street. that man died on the scene. a hat, pair of shoes, and backpack were left on the road way. emotions ran high for people who saw this. the crash
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investigation here in fairfax county. >> fairfax police have not released the name of the person hit. we have new information about a story you first saw on wake up washington. dc police are looking for information on a suspect in a deadly shooting overnight. police say 24 year old tony germaine gates was shot at killed at 10th and rhode island avenue east just before midnight. that's two blocks from the metro station and road island road development. at this hour they don't have a motive or the description of the suspect. students in virginia are hanging on to the last days before school starts thanks to something called the king's dominion law. it passed in 1986. it blocks city and county schools from starting classes before labor day so tourist attractions in the commonwealth like amusement parks can get another week's worth of business. what's good for virginia may be good for maryland. the governor heads to
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eastern shore tomorrow and wusa9 learned he is expected to announce a similar plan. >> reporter: the move means students in prince georges county would start two weeks after they do right now. supporters say this plan means big money for the state of maryland. >> wake up and be in favor of starting school after labor day. >> reporter: the governor and state comp troller sing the praises of school after labor day could generate $74 million with more families vacationing and spending money. kids like it too. >> we go to school early. a lot of my friends go after labor day. >> i want my summer to be longer. >> top educators have long opposed the idea first considered in 2014 under then governor martin oh, mallee. in a letter blasting the decision for focusing on economics and not education. >> it doesn't er
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>> reporter: maryland requires 180 days of instruction. some say making the switch to later start means ten extra days to make up which could mean later dismissal or shorter spring break. the governor is expected to make his mandate tomorrow but some students today are hoping to negotiate some terms. >> be sure we get all our spring break days. >> make sure that can work out some kind of way so we can get our spring break and school after labor day. >> best of both worlds. >> wooser is the only county in maryland where students attend school after labor day. >> the governor had no comment this afternoon but again he is slated to make that announcement tomorrow in ocean city. for the students in school this tuesday it's a warm recess hour. allyson rae is here. he
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short sleeves and sleeveless shirts. it is hot out there. it is humid for some. you can't find a cloud in the sky. it's gorgeous out there. the feels like temperature isn't far from the actual temperature. look at the temperatures. we are at 82 for hagers town. some areas are more uncomfortable because of dew points around 70. it is drier as you head to maryland than mugginess you are feeling in fredericksburg. temperatures will head to 90 give or take a few degrees. it's still another hot day regardless how humid it is. we are going to stay relatively dry today. if we were to see a stray showt
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shanendoah valley. you see the 80s in chicago, kansas city, minneapolis. that's headed our way with a front. that's going to steer tropical depression 8 away from our region. we are tracking many things in the tropics. i will have all those details in a bit. >> thanks. from prince georges county bureau, word that the trial is underway for a man accused of killing a toddler. he was babysitting his girlfriend's 23 month old son. prosecutors say the child died in his car. the boy had internal injuries and was hit in his hide and torso -- head and his torr show. a homeless man linked to the murder of a second woman. he is already facing charges in the death of jessica lee. her body was found four years ago. now he is charged with killing 24 year old holly smith in maryland. investigators say both women were stabbed to death. in the afterm
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historic flooding in ellicott city, maryland plans are in place to preserve historic main street area damaged by flood waters. a county executive is scheduled to hold a news conference later today laying out details on how they will help home and business owners rebuild. floods damaged 90 businesses and more than 100 homes. a virginia school board wants u.s. supreme court to weigh in on a bathroom battle. it was ruled that a transgender male cannot use the boy's bathroom at his high school. they've asked justices to turn in and -- step in and overturn that ruling. riders passing through some stations downtown may notice something new on their smart phones. free wifi. in addition to internet access, users will have one click access to trip planner, schedule information, customer service, metro transit police.
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stations downtown. it's a 45 day pilot as metro decides whether to offer it system wide. hackers stealing voter data. now the fbi is stepping in. we'll tell you what happened and what's being done about it will ever this isn't your average jetblue flight. we'll tell you what's different about this one and why you will see more of them. there is a lot more to come on the news at noon
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we are following breaking news out of prince georges. a 12 year old boy is rushed to the hospital after being hit by a fallen tree branch. we are told he has critical injuries. this happened a short time ago in the 3900 block of 74th avenue if land over hills. we have a crew headed there and we'll update you on the wusa9 app when we have more information. also, si
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destination on the map starting tomorrow. they're clear for landing at santa clara airport just outside havana cuba. this has been in the works since president obama moved to improve u.s. cuba relations a year and a half ago. tomorrow's first touchdown will be a jetblue flight from fort lauderdale. when you buy your ticket you will have to choose which category of travel you fall into. there are rules prohibiting general tourist travel. then you have to buy cuban health insurance for your stay and a visa. airlines are able to sell you both when you purchase your ticket. in consumer alert, big bust for apple, ireland ordered the company to pay up to $14.5 billion in back taxes plus interest. the european union found apple has been receiving illegal tax benefits abroad for more than a decade. the ruling is part of the eu's crack down making
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still to come at noon, we are going in depth on what's happening at sea. we'll explain why hawaii is bracing for two different kinds of storms all in the next 48 hours. allyson. >> here through the u.s., i am tracking two tropical depressions that could threaten our coastline. also another one. i will give you the time frame of that, coming up. >> one of those tropical systems is good news for surfers. they were on miami's famous beaches this morning. we'll enjoy the view here for just a second, take a break, and then we'll be back with more of the news
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results.
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n't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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welcome back to the news at noon. here is what's making headlines across the nation and around the world. an update from the trail in campaign 2016. with 69 days to go donald trump is out west rallying in washington state. he is scheduled to deliver what his campaign calls a major address on immigration tomorrow. trump's team is hoping to move past racist controversy. a former ku klux klan grand wizard david duke released a robo call linking himself to trump. democratic nominee hillary clinton scheduled to continue raising money in the hamptons. she's been avoiding questions from reporters about her top aid's split from anthony weiner after caught sending another explicit photo to a woman who is not his wife. clinton
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slipping. the poll shows her leading by six percentage points. one week ago she was ahead by eight. the fbi could turn its attention to the campaign. senator harry reed requested the bureauy whether russia is manipulating the presidential race. this is after reports that foreign hackers accessed voter data. more from hena daniels. >> thank you. >> reporter: in a letter to the fbi director james comey the senate minority leader says there is a direct connection between russian government and trump's presidential campaign. this is after reports that foreign hackers breached voting registration websites in arizona and illinois. while cyber security experts say the recent hacks show vulnerabilities in the election process, the president of the national association of secretaries of state says all machines have to meet specific government standards. >> the idea of a national ha
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ridiculous because there is no national system. >> reporter: for weeks donald trump has told supporters the outcome of the 2016 election could be out of his control. >> i am afraid the election is going to be rigged. i have to be honest. >> reporter: after this latest hack reid says the public deserves a full accounting before the election. >> in news from overseas, sailors saved more than 6000 migrants off the coast of libya. they're refugees trying to get away from war torn countries in northern africa. most were trying to reach italy but boats that were over crowded put their lives in danger long before they were close to solid ground. reporters have been working with experts in iraq and tear i can to discover and document mass graves holding bodies of people killed by isis. so far they found 72 mass grave sites. the number of pemex cute by the terror nek
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over 10,000. at home, we are tracking the tropics this tuesday. out west in hawaii, trouble in paradise. tropical storm madilyn is slated to bring rain and wind to the island today. that stormy weather could spell trouble for president obama's visit to oahu scheduled for tomorrow. leaders are putting out traffic warnings already. the president will be there with other world and environmental leaders for the world conservation congress. closer to home, vacationers and residents are getting ready for a different tropical weather system. this one is taking aim at a popular vacation spot, north carolina's outer banks. >> reporter: the calm before the storm. >> beautiful. >> reporter: people by this fishing pier greeted the sun as it came up. >> a lot of people are taking photos of the ocean. it's very angry today. >> reporter: beach goers
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currents are expected. this 8 year old doesn't mind not taking a dip. >> i was fishing yesterday and two waves went right over the top of me. >> reporter: he and his dad are sticking to the pier. >> i like playing outdoors and stuff. >> reporter: what kind of fish have you caught? >> trigger fish and kroger. >> reporter: people say they aren't letting the bad weather get them down, but they are preparing. >> it's that time of year. the people who call
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stranger to stormy weather. they're shoring up to road prone to flooding especially on the south end. they're ordering extra food but not for reasons you may think. >> if it rains, people are usually in the mall shopping or in the restaurant eating. it's good for us either way. >> the restaurant may already be seeing a bump in business. red flag warnings means swimming is off limits. >> you are going to get those swimming off limits signs because rip currents are going to be a huge issue. this is a live look from the avenue lone fishing pier. with labor day weekend and the storm kind of pulling away, it might seem sunny and nice. those rip currents can be a big problem even if the storm is many miles away, especially in the north carolina area. >> the woman said this is that time of year where we are used to hurricanes. it is
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hurricane katrina. we know along the gulf coast they're used to hurricanes but you never know when it will turn out to be something as devastating as katrina. >> you always have to be prepared. >> take it seriously. she's not just talking. she's telling you something important. >> we don't just say this to make up words. we are tracking a lot of systems. the tropics are really heating up. this is late august, early september, the peak of hurricane system. you see tropical depression 8 that we just showed you bringing waves through north carolina area, through the outer banks. with this system with the location and how it is skirting by rip currents will make a huge impact even more so than the rain. they are going to see some but the rip currents, 80% of rescues on the beach are from the rip currents. keep that in mind. we are going to see that system pull away from a front. tropical storm warnings are in place. there will be strong winds. there will be rain. rip currents and that beach
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this is going to take a sharp turn to the north and east later today and into later on this week. you will see that on futurecast. we are jumping to wednesday. today we will be dry. today we will be sunny. wednesday things start to change. that system is making the closest approach to north carolina during the wednesday time frame. then it starts to pull away. that's because it's getting pushed out here. you see the front lining through west virginia. that's going to come through and keep tropical depression 8 out to sea but it will also bring some showers. that's okay. we are not expecting a severe threat, just some showers. behind it, cool dry air. that's going to set us up for an absolutely picture perfect friday, saturday, sunday. temperatures are going to take a dive. not only are temperatures going to be below average but the humidity will jump down as well. talking about the rain through the outer banks, we are looking at one to three inches. you can see that blue scale. we are in the green area but that's from the front coming
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we are not going to see direct impacts from tropical systems in our region. we are keeping our eyes on topical depression nine. that's one hanging out in the gulf of mexico. this is what it can do in coming days. we are talking ten inches of rain for some areas. that might be over doing it. each model run we look at seems to be consistent. that's concerning when you see near ten inches of rain potentially for the florida area. let's look at the latest forecast model. this is 11:00 this morning. it is still in the warm gulf of mexico. within the next 48 hours it has a long time to intensify. it will not be sudden intensification, just a gradual slow one. we are not expecting a hurricane but a tropical storm with a lot of rain will do enough damage here. making land full around big bend sometimes thursday evening. then it takes off to the east. headed to south carolina or north carolina come friday you will see showers that will pull away leaving most of us with
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gorgeous weekend if this forecast holds. however we will see rip currents be a huge issue. we have our three systems we have been watching. now we are keeping our eye on another one off the west coast of africa. this will not develop within the next 48 hours. you can kind of keep it in the back of your mind as something we will be watching. as it crosses atlantic basin that's when we will be starting to watch it as it develops. time frame, we are talking 11 11th, 12th, middle of september. 90 today, 91 tomorrow. then we start september on a cooler note with some showers though. over the weekend, low 80s.
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