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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: he makes it seem simple, another day. thanks to heroic efforts it was anything but ordinary. >> less than 20 seconds. once it went up, they said we are going to drop it and dropped it. >> reporter: sacrificing a few seconds of their lives saved valuable time and that man's life. rescue crews arrived and took the man to the hospital where at last check he was listed in stable condition. >> i think anybody would have done exactly the same thing. there was no sacrifice. >> reporter: the victim's name hasn't been released. he has been upgraded to stable condition and park police are still looking in to what made the tree fall in the first place. a 12-year-old boy is in critical condition after part of a shed came crashing down on him in prince georges county. firefighteay
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built, the work was behind a home on 74th avenue in landover hills. firefighters say the boy's mother called 911 and neighbors watched as he was rushed by ambulance to a nearby trauma center. >> it's pretty high. sad for the family, too. i hope the little boy is okay. . >> firefighters are not exactly sure what the boy was doing there but they do believe he will survive. a developing story, the state department says 30 emails, possibly related to the benghazi attack are among the thousands recovered during the investigation in to hilary clinton's private email server. some of the emails were not among the 55,000 pages that were previously provided by clinton. the democratic nominee said she with held emails not related to her job
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of state. a spokesperson says a department received several anonymous messages that raised concerns about the safety of usda personnel and facilities. thing the agriculture office in burtsville and others were under risk. did you cut your summer vacation short to get your kids in school? plenty of people did. tomorrow maryland's governor is expected to take executive actions expected to mandate that no school open before labor day. bruce la shan is live in college park. a lot of people on both sides reacting including parents at the playground. >> reporter: absolutely. imagine two more spectacular weeks of summer vacation, a lot of people love the idea. imagine this guy would love it, too two more spectacular
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of summer vacation. not everybody feels that way. >> reporter: maryland controller among those pushing for the after labor day mandate to start the new school year. could mean millions for tourist businesses in ocean city and give thousands of young seasonal workers a chance to stick and and keep working. >> i think that's a good idea. >> reporter: at suit land high in prince georges, students thought it was a great idea until they thought about the implications. >> we need all our spring break days. make sure we get all our spring break days. >> reporter: lots of school board members are blasting the move as a power grab. they think it should be up to local school boards to decide when to start the year. prince georges board suggests a longer summer break would give students more time to forget what they learned the year before. >> i want to learn. >> reporter: at bethesda chevy chase high
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were plenty of students who longed for a return to summer. >> we need to catch up with the rest oh of the country and the rest of the civilized world and have school after labor day. >> reporter: others worried about the 180 days of instruction mandated by the state. >> reporter: virginia has a similar law, the kings dominion law after the theme parking. you can get a waiver from it and fairfax county next year plans to start before labor day. i have been running a poll on twitter. see the results so far about 70% think that a ban on prelay pore day opening is a gray idea. 30% thinksey a bad idea. bruce ra shan, wusa9 the governor's office and
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comptroller will only con if confirm a major announcement for tomorrow was won't say what it is. the story getting reaction as you might imagine on our facebook page. >> paul writes, should start after labor day and end memorial day weekend. cut out spring break. african-american richard, the dumbing down of america continues. these kids knead more school, not less and whale you are at it, -- while you are at it, add basic finance and common sense classes. join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page, 24 hours a day pt let us know what you think -- let us know what you think. a violent night in the district. two people shot and three others stabbed. the one of those shootings, it turned deadly on rhode island in northeast. it happened before midnight. so far police have not released the name
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name of a suspect. rhode island after was shut town before re-opening at 7:30. dc police announced additional airses in connection with the -- arrests in connection with a shooting at a verizon center mcdonald's. one is a 17 year old male from capital heights a second person, lafayette booker of northeast dc. a 15 yield was in custody after -- a 15-year-old was in custody after being charged with assault with intent to kill. a exboyfriend is on trial for killing her 23-month-old son. he was baby sitting when paramedics found him on the bedroom floor. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the cause of death was ruled to be multiple blunt force injuries and a lacerated liver. the defendant went next door to call 911.
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>> you wouldn't have thought anything like this would happen. we still don't know. we have to wait to find out what really happened. >> the defendant's attorney said the prosecution can only prove that his client was alone with the toddler. he is charged with murder and other offenses. new information on a pedestrian crash this morning in fairfax county. police tell us, 56 year old aaron mccullough was killed as he tried to cross route 1 at 6:15 as he tried to cross richmond highway, south of alexandria. muck mccullough was not in a cross walk and a lot of people have been hit on this highway. >> people don't cross in the crosswalks. crosswalk is way up there. >> fairfax county police say the driver remained on the scene. this one is probably going to leave you shaking your
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a man and his wife sell merchandise on a busy street in northwest washington, they were victims of a possible hate crime. >> the couple is muslim, the wife wear as traditional head covering. on friday they were egged and robbed and say they feel unsafe in their own neighborhood. 7 days a week, for 12 hours a day, you are find sola may here, on georgia avenue in northwest dc. he moved here from south africa 25 years ago. this is how they support their big family. >> i have 7 children. >> reporter: on friday, their work was interrupted. he says around a dozen kids robbed him, getting away with several shirts. when he tried to catch them, they threw
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he says he doesn't know if this was a hate crime. his wife, who didn't want her face on camera, wears a hi hijab. those who live in the neighborhood are shocked, too. >> i feel that it's sad how people take advantage of someone that's trying to better themselves. >> he is trying to make a living and provide for his family. for people to egg and rob him, that's terrible. >> reporter: police are investigating, they say they do not have any suspects at this time. if you have any information on this case that could help bring the suspects to justice, contact the metro police department. >> we are just getting started. >> reporter: there is nothing like having records. dubious records, we hit 90 today. we have a record
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degrees or higher if the month of august -- in the month of august. we will be 90 tomorrow. . a live report from north carolina as residents and tourists prepare for tropical trouble. too long, too dangerous, frustrated parents say their kids walk to school isn't safe. new questions about donald trump's plans to deport undocumented immigrants.
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donald trump has used this fbi investigation to hammer away at hilary clinton's trust worthiness. the republican candidate is preparing for a major policy speech on immigration tomorrow in arizona. this are questions surrounding his recent statements and that vow to deport every undocumented worker. >> is he in favor? >> he has not talked about that in a very long time. we have to wait until wednesday. >> hilary clinton has been appearing at fundraisers and doing debate prep. they are scheduled to face off on monday september 26th. senators john mccain and marco rubio are facing primary challenges today. both politicians are expected to one their races against conservative opponents. a few months ago, rubio promised not to
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reversed course under national republicans when were afraid the seat could be the jeopardy. hairy read is calling for an -- harry reid is calling for an investigation. comes after reports that hackers broke this to the illinois voter registration website and stole the addresses and partial social security numbers of about 200,000 people. the arizona elections site was also hacked. in a letter to fpi director, james comey, reed says there is a connection between the russian government and donald trump's campaign. tracking the tropics tonight. the disturbances off of the coast of florida and north carolina, it could be trouble trying to get in a late summer weekend on the shore. >> eric cane is live with us from north carolina with more on the storms and their impact. [no o]
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swimmers were warned to stay out of the ocean. the strong rip currents and threat of a tropical storm did not stop surfers in nags head from getting ready for wednesday's suring competition. >> its a -- surfing competition. >> it's kind of a good thing because there are waves. >> reporter: the tropical depression is expected to skirt the north carolina coast before heading out to sea. >> to the locals for people that live hear, it's a normal event for us because it happens during the summertime. >> reporter: the county emergency officials expect a couple of inches of rain, minor flooding and sustained winds of up to 35 miles per hour. >> i
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hatches. i bring it down my hammock swing and might move the plants. >> reporter: with the tropical system heading out to sea, the emergency officials are turning attention towards another tropical depression in the gulf which could head up here and spoil the labor day weekend. for here, it's the rip tides and maybe a little bit of rain here. >> rip tides are concerning me. they are dangerous. 80% of rescues are from rip tides, we have stories on the web and on the app about that and that's something we got to take care of. let's talk about the big picture. none of the depressions developed in to a storm yet. we have tropical depression 8 off the carolina coast, 60 miles off hatteras. this is going to likely
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a storm overnight or early on wednesday. it is moving off to the northwest. we have tropical storm warnings in effect along the coast of hat rouse and the out -- hatteras and outer banks. hurricane watch from tampa to pensacola because of tropical depression 9 in the gulf of mexico. this is the spaghetti plot. each line represents a computer model. noon on wednesday, stop it at noon on thursday. notice they are north and west than they were at this time yesterday. by noon on friday, some of nodels taking the storm in to southern georgia. none of them did that. mainly none of them did that yesterday. we are taking it again saturday at noon. we see some of the -- some of the lines closer to the shore. even if it takes these tracks, it's going to be rip tides and rough surf and showers i
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on sunday, the models linger it a little bit off the north carolina coast. labor day, the models linger off nantucket. this is one we are going to watch. it's taearl will toy tell the -- it's too early to tell. the more agreement among the models. see a good spread of models. going out farther day wise, they will be in disagreement. don't swim on unguarded beaches. stay out of the water when the risk is high, swim parallel to the shore if caught in a rip tide and until outgoing currents subsides and swim back to shore. float with the tide and swim parallel to the shore. 62 is the dew point. relative humidity 39%. muggy tonight downtown, mainly dry. bus stop temperatures, 66
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82. hot tomorrow, just warm on thursday. cooler over the weekend. i do have to say, the weekend looks good. i put showers in here on saturday, even as far to the west as i-95 because of the change the track. 10:00 tonight in the 70s. clear skies, by morning, 60s. 68 in gaithersburg. 68 silver spring. 69 in fairfax. few clouds to the west. notice they are shades of green, light activity. by lunchtime back in the mid to upper 80s. by this time tomorrow, around 90 most of the showers and storms south and west of us. best chance for showers and storms will be tomorrow night. 70s to start. 78 by 9:00. 88 by 1:00 p.m. thursday, though, just warm, showers, 86 and gorgeous on friday, low 80s. that has not changed. this has showers east, shouldn't affect th
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low 80s, great on sunday. warmer on labor day and hot again by tuesday, remember, rip currents don't just stop one day, we will have rip currents throughout the holiday weekend. straight ahead, why drivers are having trouble paying tickets to the dmv today. an old scam is back, thousands of workers file a class action lawsuit against chipotle.
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free hair cuts for fairfax county. gum springs community center in alexandria. police and sheriff's office showed off their equipment as well. there was face painting and clowns out there performing. the district is blaming the power outage in new york for a problem at the department of motor vehicles here. the office is currently unable to accept ticket payments. people with previously scheduled hearings can still come the to contest fines, officials say there
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timetable for when the system will be back up and running. let's talk consumer nos, apple may -- news, apple may have to pay a tax bill. a 3-year investigation found ireland gave apple illegal tax benefits and the tech giant owes $14.5 billion in taxes. the media reaction to apple tax has been mixed. apple's ceo says the company has never asked for or receive special deals on taxs and will appeal this decision. chipotle is being sued by 10,000 current and former workers for unpaid wages. the class action lawsuit claims the mexican fast food restaurant made them punch out after their shift but then they had to continue to work. chipotle says, we didn't do this, and the lawsuit has no merit. old scam making a come back, in the past two years,
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175,000 customers who come complain that hackers are putting a freeze on the computer screen and directing them to call a number in a pop up box for tech support help. cyber security experts say con artists ask you to pay to fix your computer. >> they got your credit card, your expiration date and home address. >> it's not just microsoft, scam artists pose as tech support for apple never call that phone number on a pop up or give a stranger access to your computer and make sure you update your anti virus programs and your operating system software. police investigate an incident at singer chris brown's house. plus why a father tried to kill his own 2 year old son in a car crash. a mom reaches out to wusa9 complaining her child's walk to school is too long and isn't safe. we will hear he
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this break.
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parents in fairfax say their children have to walk to school on a long and dangerous path because the district won't supply a school bus. stephanie ramirez is live. >> reporter: the students live too close to the school, they don't qualify for a bus, they have
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their walk starts way back there. a mile and a half away. as you can imagine, parents have safety concerns. will bryant walks to school, more than a mile and a half along this path. >> is the path dangerous? >> yes. when you walk this the morning, the paths are really dark, you can't see in the woods. >> reporter: the 13 year old and 110 students take this path to south county middle and high schools. >> it's ed easy for a predator to hide in the pushes, pull a child off, bepulled in to the fields -- be pulled in to the fields and attacked. who going to hear them? there is no road or nothing visible for a half a mile. >> reporter: two months ago that happened. a 16-year-old girl reported being grabbed by a stranger as she walked on an adjoining section of this path. parents don't want another student to
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>> the school needs to get us a bus. the demographics changed since the school was built. >> reporter: public school officials looked at the walking path and demed it's acceptable. >> there has been one known sexual assault and one known robbery in the past 6 months to. send 12 and 13 year olds down the path is safe? >> they won't stop demanding change until a change is added. >> please give us a bus. . >> reporter: the students told me, those parents, rather, told me, fairfax officials told them there is not enough money in the budget for buses and a shortage of bus drivers. there is mixed news for students at dc public schools. students taking the park
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forms in math and language arts. there is a significant achievement gap between white and minority students. 17% of african american students met or exceeded expectations in math. among white students it was 71% who did. chris brown is being investigated after threatening a? with a gun. officers are searching the home for a weapon he apparently used following a hour's long standoff. it happened outside of los angeles this morning. officers were sent to his home after a woman called 911 requesting help. so far, there have been no arrests. a petition to make sure pools in fairfax county keep lifeguards on duty. they are allowing hotels and gyms to do away with lifeguards. peggy fox reported on the story a couple of
5:32 pm
the exceptions will put people's lives in danger. fed rick county council will determine where medical marijuana can be grown. it's combined to industrial areas. lawmakers will consider a bill allowing cultivation on agriculture land. it will create an 8-year pilot program who applied for a state license. hepatitis a in virginia. that's up from 28 cases less than a week ago. hepatitis a affects the liver, and more than half of the infected people have been hospitalized. now to the aftermath of that earthquake in italy. mourners gathered ahead of the state funeral for some of the victims, nearly 300 people were killed in last week's quake, which leveled 3 towns, people wiped away tears and held
5:33 pm
as they try and cope with the disaster. today is the second day of national mourning. newborn twins are among 6500 migrants rescued from the sea off of libya. like many refugees before, the africans were packed on a flimsy boat in a desperate attempt to flee war and poverty. those who survived the journey are put in to camps like this one in france. they joined tens of thousands of others in search for a better life. abdul left his family beniend afghanistan and lives in fear in the camp. -- behind in afghanistan and lives in fear in the camp. >> i'm scared from police and people, from anyone. >> hygiene is hard to maintain, it's very cramped living condition, rats everywhere. waste is a big problem. >> the name of the camp is the jungle. more than 1 million migrants entered europe last year. for the first anytime 5 years, commercial flights are set
5:34 pm
united states and cuba. jet blue airways will provide the flight from fort lauderdale tomorrow. washington and havana agreed to restore the flights to improve relations between the coal war, enemies. efforts are underway to find the people involved in a dramatic rescue, they helped a stranger trapped in a burning car in binghamton new york. this video shows how they braved flames and broke glass to pull a woman out of the car. she walked away from the whole ordeal with minor cuts and bruises. this next story is being shared all over the country tonight. >> a 2 year old child is badly injured after his father admits trying to kill him in a car crash. nathan tells police in colorado that he put the child in a car unbuckled and intentionally ran
5:35 pm
driving 75 miles an hour. he admits he tried to kill his son because he says he wasn't man enough to raise him. he is in jail facing attempted murder and other charges. >> he is in the place where he should be. he needs to be in jail for a long time. >>es invtigators say the father usedcocaine that day. the little 2 year old is out of hospital and recovering with his mother. a russian man is volunteering to be the first recipient of a head transplant. the 31 year old sufficients from a diseas that keeps him confined to the wheelchair. he see as head transplant as his only hope. an italian neuroio surgeon who compares himself to dr. frankenstein has been wanting to perform one since 2013, he said he performed one
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social media talking about kaepernick and his redition to remain seated. >> abdul jabar pinned an article. the quarterback, one for the san francisco 49ers says he won't show pride in a country that oppresses people of color. many are calling kaepernick >>patriotic.
5:40 pm
ironies is to brag about our freedom of speech but brand those who express dissatisfaction. it's not just jabar, if you do a google search, you will see athletes voicing their opinions on the matter. . a new study finds this dogs really do know what you are saying. scientists in hungary found dogs processed languages in the same regions of the brain that people do. they talked to 13 family dogs. the scientists sat there and talked to dogs and measured the dog's brain activity while in an mri scanner. note it wasn't a cat scan. the researchers found man's best friend possessed the words regardless of the entee nation -- intonn.
5:41 pm
there is one word for this next dog, that's lucky. the pooch wondered in to the path of a speeding car during a race in bolivia. in a perfectly timed coincidence, the mitsubishi hit the bump on the road and goes airborne as it was about to hit the dog. wow , the pooch was unhurt. that is one lucky puppy. >> everybody was watching that going, no, no, please don't let it happen, no. how did that happen? can he catch on in baseball? tim tebow takes to the field for the major league scouts. we will see how he looked. >> after the break, preserving the businesses in ellicott city
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tweet, from the campaign trail. donald trump, day one, i said i was going to build a great wall on the southern border, and much more, stop illegal immigration, watch wednesday. from hilary clinton, give the trump family a huge tax cu
5:45 pm
not a hard choice. she gives a link to the website and an article about trump's tax plan. the howard county executive confirmed they will rebuild ellicott city and announced the new city that will help. stephanie ramirez reports. >> reporter: a month since the devastating flood, on may street, crews are still working but the county executive made shower we head this over everything else. >> we are not going to listen to the folks that think we shouldn't rebuild ellicott city. we are going to make it to be stronger for the future. >> reporter: showing how serious he is, the executive teaming up with the non profit preservation maryland, tuesday, announced the opening of the ellicott city preservation resource center. something they hope will connect building owners making repairs to engineers, architects and the funds available to them. a plan is
5:46 pm
months. >> the history behind it needs to be rebuilt back to the specs of years, years past. >> reporter: listening in on the news conference, craig isn't one of those, neither is mary ann. >> they should preserve the historic part as much as they can. >> reporter: the concern she and several other business owners have is time. she hasn't been able to see the damage inside her salon since the historic flood hit and renting two chairs from another salon, 20 minutes away. >> we are at 40% capacity. we are doing as much as we can to keep it going. i'm trying to keep the girls working. i don't want this to keep going on much longer. >> reporter: when it comes to business owners, maryland preservation has half of the $100,000 to run the city. the executive says he is not sure whether the sate or county will be contributing any funds to this resource center, one th
5:47 pm
the community continues to donate. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. the county executive also announced a website to nominate any local heros in the county. they want to acknowledge all of the people who helped others on july 30th. we will have a link to the website on our wusa9 9. the good thing is there hat been too much rain in that area for a lot of us to hamper the reconstruction efforts there. >> that's a good thing. this and hurricane warning for the island of hawaii. tropical stuff in the pacific and we will concentrate in the atlantic and gulf of mexico. 3-degree guarantee, we are in good shape. will we have a bulls eye tonight? we will let you know tonight at 11:00. it's been 90, we are up to the 22nd day of 90-degree in
5:48 pm
number of 90-degree days in 1980. tropical depression 9 located here, forecasted to become a tropical storm as it pulls to the north and east. this is wednesday, tomorrow afternoon, winds 45 miles per hour, good enough for a tropical storm and advance it again, it's a little further to the north and west. through georgia, this is now, we have hurricane watch in effect for much of the florida coast, the west side, the gulf side. after that it goes south of hatteras. they are under a warning from tropical depression 8. additional warnings in to saturday from this tropical depression 9 which will become a storm and then this is now in to sunday, 2:00, winds are 70 miles per hour. ist far off of the east coast. we showed you the models eler, there is discrepancy, some take it east,
5:49 pm
lingering it, south of nantucket sunday in to labor day. for us, looking at rough surf and rip continues. live look outside, live michael and son weather cam, it's 90. winds north, northeast at 5. dew points low 60s. it's pretty comfortel. humidity 39%. let's talk about 90-degree days in dc. record is 67. we had 50 in 2011. 52 last year. we are now at 50. we made up big time ground in july and august. average for the entire year is 36, average for meteorological summer which is comprised of june, july and august is 31. we are above average on both counts. muggy tonight and dry. pretty nice. bus stop temperatures, 66 to 82. that's by 9:00. hot tomorrow. just warm on thursday. weekend looks good. showers are possible on saturday,
5:50 pm
west and north as i-95ment not a washout -- i-95, not a washout. 10:00 tonight, low 70s, gaithersburg, upper 70s downtown. a few clouds off to the west. by 6:00 in the 60s, 66, 67 sterling, 65 manassas. 67 fairfax. comfortable in the bushes to start on wednesday. clouds west, leaseburg and manassas. sprinkles possible in the morning. by afternoon, looking at temperatures in the mid-80s. 85 in cumberland, romney and winchester by 12:30 or 1:00. 6:00, 90 downtown, 90 fredericksburg and 80s elsewhere. 87 leaseburg. 87 manassas. let's track it for you on the day planner. 70s to start. low 70s downtown, downtown won't make to it the 60s.
5:51 pm
85 by 11:00. 88 by 1:00. pretty nice. thursday, 86 showers and storms. gorgeous on friday, low 80s. next 7 days, some showers east of town on saturday. shouldn't affect the turps game hosting howard. beautiful on sunday, warmer labor day. hot on tuesday. nats back in town on labor day. now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> washington nationals blinked the phillies thanks to a gem of a game. tonight mat scherzer's time. we almost guaranteed a great showing. >> reporter: strikeouts, no hitters, near no hitters with the nationals, scherzer makes it easy to like him
5:52 pm
mentality. traits that are easily identified and admired. he wears his emotion on the sleeve and known to stalk the mound when he is in that zone. he is a joy to watch when its his turn to pitch. he is capable of doing something special every timeout. two no-hitters. scherzer pitches tonight in philadelphia. last time he faced the phils, he was scherzer like, striking out 11 in 8 innings of work. scherzer is the nats clear cut ace. that's a pretty good thing. >> california, tim tebow putting on a show for major league scouts. 28 teams sent representatives to check out tebow and left with mixed reviews. scouts were impressed by his speed and power
5:53 pm
struggled during the live pitching segment. one scout said tebow did okay, better than he expected him to do. local team, southern maryland blue crabs and waldorfs made tebow an offer. >> we have not heard from the agents, the second we do, we will definitely sign him, hopefully he likes our contract stipulations. it is a pretty neat thing for baseball in general. i know he wants to go and tryout for the 32 major league teams. we are hear and waiting whenever he wants to be a blue crab. >> that may have to be the route he goes, independent route. >> doesn't he seem like an all or nothing kind of guy. he had nfl offers to play quarterback. >> major league or nothing for him. >> he has to be realistic. you are not just going to go up to the big leag
5:54 pm
today. >> he is going to be tim tebow. he is going to be just fine. >> just have some fun. >> they are going to get the best player possible with the blue crabs. >> come to this part of town. coming up at 6:00, ho you are the release of oh emails from hilary clinton's private server could impact her run for president. a new bridge to maryland's eastern shore could soon be in the works. a young man nearly killed in an accident two years ago, meets the people he says saved his life.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
peggy fox reports, a boy credits the first responders for saving his life. >> reporter: first responders don't always get thanked for what they do, a man who nearly died two years ago, not only brought lunch to thank the men and women, but also poured his heart out. >> very nice to see you. >> reporter: tucker fell head first on to a concrete floor at work, this team was the first to respond. >> i started to feel myself he wasn't going to make it through the night. >> his brain is functioning better and better and a koch koch leer
5:58 pm
hearing loss. >> i honestly am here today to look every single one of you in the eye and tell you how thankful i am. >> reporter: tucker says every time he sees flashing lights, he feel as sense of gratitude to the first responders.
5:59 pm
the bay bridge is one of the areas most traveled, thank you for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. >> a lots of people making the pilgrimage. maryland governor made the announcement. it is music to the ears of millions of drivers that get stuck in summer traffic. transportation reporter, pete muntean, is live by the bay bridge to tell us more. >> reporter: we have all been stuck on it. the state wants to find out three things, either expand this existing bridge, build a completely new one some place else, and how to pay for it, probably in the billions. >> we are anxious to get on with announcing a couple of things. >> reporter: surprise announcement by governor larry hogan, a new 4-year state study in to new ways to cross the chesapeake bay. >> people have been yi
6:00 pm
for it for years, maybe decades. >> reporter: brim crosses the bridge almost everyday. >> it's a nightmare. especially for the people that live locally, not traveling to the other side for a glorious vacation destination. >> reporter: drivers equal to the population of texas cross every year, ho gap's office expects a surge over 15 years. the state forecasts back ups to i-97. >> there is more and more people, especially in this area of annapolis. it's heavy. >> i feel like everybody would be open to something being better or different. >> reporter: costing the state $5 million, looking in to how to pay for a new bridge, hogan won't guess how much that will cost. >> i won't be governor when this bridge is completed but the one that got it started. it will relieve the traffic and pressure, that would be amazing. >> reporter: the governor's office says this is a start of a public outreach effort. forums and surveys and fo


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