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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 31, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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z23cwz zi0z y23cwy yi0y ♪ your imagination remembering gene wilder. what you never knew about the hollywood icon. >> if this is it, i have no regrets. new details on the final hour of willy wonka. >> i know
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>> and the new cast of "dancing with the stars." >> vip pass. can ryan lochte last? >> the taylor swift just pull the i'm a celeb card to get out of jury duty? we are on location? london talking to bridget about the what reunited them. the tom hanks goes off on channing tatum. >> that dude. channing tatum, what a goof. this is "entertainment tonight." >> it's official. disgrace olympian, ryan lochte is looking for dancing redemption. the new "dancing with the stars" cast has been announced. if you watch et, you know a lot of the names. >> this cast is unique. rick perry? here's why we can't turn away. >> what was the lie? what was the thing you told that wasn't true? >> the thing i told that wasn't true was having the gun pointed to my forehead
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and cocked. >> just moments before his first live interview, gma confirmed that ryan lochte is joining "dancing with the stars" and cheryl burke is also making news. she is back this season, along with fan favorite, matt huff, and chmerkovskiy. she shot a dance secret at the observatory. also breaking down the just announced cast. the wild card. >> this is live tv. >> that's amber rose. she is paired with maks. >> do you want to win? >> i want to win. >> next, the politician. rick perry is the former governor of texas and the one-time presidential candidate. he is partnered with emma slater. >> on a 1 to 10, i'm about a 11.5 on the competitive scale. >> and then it's marsha, marsha marsha. maureen mccormick played
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brady. she is now up for a challenge. >> i generally don't like to dance in public. >> this inspirational story -- terra jole. >> i love dancing. l love it. make it go around. >> the star of "little women l.a." is bringing her big personality to the ballroom. >> i felt like this is opening up the door for so many people, not just with drar warfism, buth people who have a disability, and they can accomplish something ased grandiose as this. >> and the actress can dance. she showed off her skills and even taught lessons as a teen. she teamed up with garret. >> it's, like, the best party ever and you hope to be invited to it. >> you're right. and the nfl star. calvin johnson is one of the best nfl receivers of all time. he is known as megatron. his pro partner, lindsay
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i'm going to soak it up. >> and the champ has a new dig. nyle di marco will be the next celebrity guest host for chippendales at the hotel. he starts the new job in september. >> it's huge. it's like a broadway production, but in vegas. >> back to this year's cast. nancy, who is your front-runner? >> i'm going with marilu henner, because she has the dance training and it's time for a matu mature oman to win. >> i don't know what will win, but ryan lochte needs to be the first to go. >> that was mean. >> that was real. yesterday, we showed you taylor swift on jury duty in nashville, and she was released, and here's the question. was there trouble, trouble, trouble? >> don't text and drive when you are oloud engh. >> taylor making the mom's day with a shoutout to her kid's carpool. they were among the jury pool in
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we hear swift had two bodyguards in tow, but an eyewitness telling "et," she was gracious and those serving jury duty for very respectful. but at 1:00 a.m., she was excused from an aggravated rape and kidnapping case. no celeb treatment here. swift received a standard dismissile allowed by law. taylor told the prosecutor while she could remain impartial quote, she asked to be left off because of a concern for an upcoming trial in september. she claims, she was assaulted before this 2013 dencover ncert by david mueller. according to court papers, he did not merely brush his hand against miss swift while posing for the photograph. he lifted her skirt and groped her, and she had to play a show for 13,000 people. ♪ >> the d.j. had filed suit against swift saying, he was firer
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he calls false allegations. attorneys for both sides are set to meet in december. with and with her civic duty complete, she loved this meet and greet. >> have a great carpool, you guys. >> it could be a while before she is back on another jury. she can't be called to davidson county for 24 months. >> last night, oprah was calling the shots on the red carpet. i joined her at a premier of "queen sugar," her new show on own, and it starts out ste y steamy, and we'll see how hot and bothered it makes the lady o. >> oh, my gosh. the dressing is good as good as the undressing. >> did you have the same conversation you're having with me with them? >> have not had that yet. been near a movie set, and have not. believe me, we're going to have that. we're going to watch that first episode together and have a chat. >> good for you. >> who needs it? we do it with our own heads. >> the serfo
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of three siblings in the aftermath of their father's death. and all the episodes are directed by women. including her close pal, ava duvernay. she is one of the very few in to p oprah circle. >> we just get along. it's so easy, and it's like a big sister, girlfriend for years and years that you just laugh and have fun with. >> i hear you don't have a lot of friends. i find that hard to believe. >> you're one. >> thank you. >> gayle has been my best friend forever, but there are not many -- i don't have a lot of real close relationships with other female friends. >> ava created the series and co-executive produces with oprah who walked the red carpet in her dress, and we have to say, she looks amazing. >> you look fabulous. >> really hard to do on a movie set, you know. it's so hard, you know, you're working long days and by the end of the day, my god. th
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>> i know the feeling. >> but to leave the craft fable a -- table and ask for a plum. >> nice discipline. and "queen sugar" premiers september 6th. we haven't seen drake and rihanna walk together. but come on, how much more evidence do we need? tonight, no a tell. drake and rihanna's date night in the big apple following the public declaration at the v, mav vmas. >> she is somebody i have been in love with since 22 years old. >> they hit up nobu, and they are definitely a couple. >> you look beautiful. >> after their date, an eyewitness said the couple headed back to rihanna's apartment, picking up her bag, to go to miami, where drake had to back concerts. ♪ the pair has been hooking up for
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it become a thing instead of hiding it from people. ♪ >> we saw their chemistry in 2010 in rihanna's video for "what's my name?" and since then, they have gotten cozy collatiboraonng other songs. if you are wondering where her ex, chris brown, is, he is in the middle of a police investigation. police got a call from a woman who claimed he pointed a gun with her. chris responded to the report, saying, he didn't do anything. and finally, a fair at coney island for chrissy teigen, john legend and baby luna. chrissy was one of the swim suit models signing autographs, summer of swim fan festival, and also there, ashley graham, wear ing strapping heels. >> she got the memo to wear the beach and i got the let's go out and be sexy. i wish i was wearing hers.
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there's derek jeter's wife, model, hanna jeter, and she told us a hardest part a being a swim suit model is -- >> being alone and not being able to seat pasta every day. >> ashley said, it's a rumor that might come with the territory. >> i lost, like, half of my waist, and these are a size 14 and they are not going anywhere. up next, tom hanks on his l"suly" set struggle. and also the story behind the predicts with his wife. >> do you get photo approval? >> duje i get approval of anything? ♪ come with me >> then we look at gene wilder's love affair with gilda wilder. >> she makes me happy. >> the "willy wonka" star in his own words.
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tomorrow, et is first on the red carpet in ♪
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sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. mayday. mayday. we're going to end up in the hudson. >> tom hanks in a new movie, "sully," and it looks fantastic. we riveted at this, because we travel so much. and you sat down with tom. >> we talked about it for sure. kevin, you know you remember this one. tom diving into the water 30 years ago in the movie "splash." it's a classic, right? how does he feel about the movie being remade with a twist? >> "splash" remake, jillian bell, and channing tatum. why not? give it a shot. the twist is that jillian is the human. channing is the mean
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if she can work up a romance with channing tatum, first of all, she is a better actor than i am. because that dude, channing tatum, what a doof. >> exactly. >> if she can find some reason to be apracticttracted to him, rooting for her. >> tom was only 27 when "splash" was released in 1984 and he just turned 60 and his wife, rita posted this shot from their vacation. >> did you get to check it out? >> do you think i get photo approval of anything? >> occasionally. >> what my wife does is pose the photo for a very long time. let's get the picture. put your hand on my shoulder. let's move because i want this back. >> they doesn't like family photos, but on the set of "sully," it was clint eastwood. at the helm. >> we had complicated scenes with a lot of dialogue and a lot of people. i said, let's get together at the hotel and we'll recite the
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dialogue, so we'll know the dialogue, and i got a call from the producer, and he said, the boss doesn't like you getting together rehearsing without him. he doesn't like that. i said, tell the boss we're not rehearsing. we're reciting. it's a big difference. >> i love the impression, and another person you might call meticulous is the real captain sully himself, and he said he walked him through the scenes and even the ones he wasn't in. >> how was the movie? >> it was awesome. so much better than the story you think you know. and next, "bridget jones' baby" star, is rene zellweger ready for a baby in real life? >> and the kardashians. what you never knew about blac chyna. >> and gene wilder remembered. a side of the star you have .ever seen >> are you ready for this one, folks? ♪ cl cosedaptioning provided by --
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family by leaving little to the imagination. like her short hair in the spread while flaunting her baby bump in very sexy lingerie, and she reveals her first job was at mcdonald's, saying, quote, you usually start on fries or burgers, but i never started back there..o cf1 o i guess it was because of my personality. and also with the reality tv show, along withhher fiance, rob kardashian, there's one thing they have said no to. their baby will not have a "k" name like their many aunties. >> and that is going to be airing on "e." rene zellweger is having a baby on the big screen at least, and patrick collins could be the dad. let's join carly who joined the gang overseas. >> we're on location in london outside bridget jones' actual flat. ♪ run run run run run >> we spoke to the cast of the
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"bridget jones' baby," and of course, many times. ♪ >> on behalf of women everywhere, thank you for making granny pants accessiblee >> now the men are having -- >> the men. do you have a couple of periods of -- >> a whole wardrobe. it's going in my drawer. >> are you a fan? [ laughter ] >> as much as anyone can. >> has anyone asked you to wear a pair? >> no. can you imagine? like a boyfriend? >> would you please? >> after basically a six-year break from hollywood, she has returned and this time, she was told, don't gain weight, but do strap on a baby bump. >> i'm pregnant. >> so we're actually at one of the locations you filmed at. right? >> yeah. just down there. >> i love being in london. my favorite scene in the movie is when we're carrying her
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about to give birth. >> you're immense! >> this is a two-man job. don't drop her! >> she was close. >> what did do you with the which of you is the father? >> i am. >> did it get her thinking about being a mom in real life? >> it made me know i have to start getting back to the gym because those dumbbells are heavy. those guys are heavy. kudos to the mom. >> she is pulling off a british accent, but what about all the funny words they use? tomorrow, we'll see who can pass carly's british slang quiz. >> hat tri -- >> butchers. >> oh. >> that's tomorrow. >> yesterday, weelost a comedic genius. gene wilder, he made television shows and movies, but he made
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people laugh. "willy wonka" g lazing saddles," "youn frankenstein." pure imagination. ♪ come with me, and you will be in a world of your imagination ♪ ♪ take a look and you will see into your imagination ♪ >> i had a wonderful career. i had no complaints. i said, if this is it, i have no regrets. >> gene passed away while holding hands with his family. while listening to this song from one of his favorite singers, ella fitzgerald. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow by his side was his fourth wife, karen. who he introduced us to in 1995. >> we have been married three wonderful years. i'm happier than i have ever been. >> the star was lucky to have found love again after he lost his third wife to ovarian cancer in 1989.
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when she was alive, you saw how passionate they were. they also argued a lot. >> i would pick up a plate and throw it, and i know you love me. now i know you love me. >> the year after her death, he returned to the comedy "funny about love." >> after gill da died, a lot of emotion was not coming on to me. i would come home at night, and instead of being exhausted, i was relieved. i could cry, and i said, i'm finally hearing. ♪ there is no life i know to compare with your imagination ♪ >> too many "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" was a classic, and he was surprised. when they learned they were re-making the classic. >> i didn't expect it, and the only person i would have cast
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in that part of willy wonka would be johnny depp. ♪ if you are blue and you don't know where to go to, why don't you go to where fashion sits ♪ >> putting on the ritz! >> he made us laugh, making a career out of often being a straight man in absurd situations, but gene himself was a quiet soul. >> i loved those films, but they are crazy and bizarre, but i wanted to be a real human being. ♪ living there you will be free if you truly wish to be ♪ >> that will get you every time. so many great tributes. and in social media. this is one of my favorites. jim carey wrote, quote, if there's a heaven, he has a golden ti.
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"interview" how their parents influence their fashion decisions.
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it's almost that time. thursday night football is back. >> i'm excited about getting the answer to this question. >> it's an important one. >> we hung out with some sports analysts, including tony gonzalez and we needed to know the answer about this. if you have a girlfriend, is there a girlfriend curse? can you blame a player's gal if he plays bad in the game? >> when i had a girlfriend, and now she is my wife, i played my best football. you're in love, and you are thinking about her maybe more than football, but i think that's up to the individual athlete. you have to put that out of your mind. >> i would never blame olivia
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>> the reports of al-anani's death surfaced after an american air strike attempt to kill him near aleppo. u.s. intelligence is still trying to determine if the man who had become the public face and voice of isis is in fact dead. as chief spokesman for isis, he publicly called for lone wolf attacks against westerners, singling out what he called the filthy french. but including any citizen of any country fighting isis. he urged followers to smash his head with a rock, slaughter him with a knife or run him over with your car. the u.s. was offering a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture or death. if he was killed, isis has lost one of its most important leaders. but the real measure of success is whether it brings an end to isis-inspired attacks against the west. norah.


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