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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 31, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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crossing busy riverside parkway and they were in this well marked crosswalk and had already made it halfway across and were continuing to the other side when a jeep grand cherokee coming from the same direction turned left and mowed them down.>> eyes all the mom screaming. >> i knew she was hurt. she could not move. the baby was thrown. >> reporter: it was a horrific scene. a mother walking with her five- month-old baby in a stroller hit while crossing the street and the stroller left in pieces. the mother on the ground motion's list. >> the baby did not move. he was motionless and so still. >> reporter: mother and child were rushed to the hospital and the five-month-old baby boy has died. an email alerting children at the elementary school where the mother's oldest child goes to school. >> i am in shock. i can't believe with the crosswalks and everything else that something like this would happen.
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it's devastating. my heart goes out to the family. >> reporter: the driver who remained on the scene was in a jeep grand cherokee going in the same direction as the mother and baby. >> getting ready to make a left- hand turn while there was a mother walking her baby in a stroller in the crosswalk also going in the same direction. >> reporter: the sheriff's department seized the grand cherokee to investigate and serve the driver with the search warrant late in the afternoon he turned over two cell phones. >> i don't see how someone can do that. it is well marked. was at this morning? >> reporter: at 8:15. >> it's at school time at a major school intersection. i don't know where that driver was. >> reporter: the driver of the jeep grand cherokee has not been charged that the
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and remains in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. i can tell you that we have seen people coming and bringing flowers. a warning to please be very careful. we just saw a little girl run across the street by herself to put flowers down and it scared us. my photographer went and took her by the hand and escorted her back. this is not the place you want your children out unescorted. live in lansdowne peggy fox wusa9.>> thank you peggy. a warning from a big maryland school district. holidays will be custom break shortened in an executive order on school calendar signed by governor larry hogan today. starting in 2017 the governor said schools cannot start until the day after labor day. students must be out of school no later than june 15. that setting up a big fight over his authority to dictate policy to locally controlled board of education. we are in ocean city where governor hogan signed the order to let summer
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>> reporter: in a resort city today with empty restaurant tables, lonely arcade ride -- >> it's very quiet compared to other beaches we have been to. >> reporter: business down 30% now the kids are back at school. >> it's disappointing when we have rides not running.>> reporter: there was cheering on the boardwalk as signatures went on an executive order affecting every public school in maryland. >> school after labor day is the law of the land in maryland. >> reporter: ocean city mayor rick meehan. >> this will bring back the maryland license plate to ocean city prior to labor day. >> starting school after labor day would result in more than $74 million in additional economic activity in maryland. >> reporter: hogan and peter franchot claims 75% support for the order. >> it lets the kids stay out longer.
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>> reporter: they expect lower cost for school districts you don't have to run air- conditioning in the hottest months but in prince george's county immediate reactions from school leaders say raises more questions than it answers particularly in regard to the mandatory june 15 end data many districts like ours would have to severely shorten our calendars to reduce spring and winter breaks, scott -- cut staff development days and eliminate non-step mandated holidays. >> that was scott broom reporting. it sets in motion uncertainty and conflicts. the school's promise to fight in the legislator saying school calendars are a local matter. state law requires maryland students to be in class 180 days a year. a teacher sent a seven year or old child home on the wrong bus for the second time in two years. she is the second grader
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she accidentally told the teacher she was assigned to the green bus. it's the same bus she took last year. her parents and her teacher sent her on her way even though she had a master list of bus assignments. she was dropped off on castle boulevard which is a tough neighborhood and her parents say they don't longer trust the school. >> extremely worried. i know the area which she was and it's a very dangerous area so i was very scared.>> they believe their daughter is safe inside the school. >> as far as the dismissal is concerned that is our major issue. making sure she is placed on the right bus and coming to the right address which is her home. >> her parents met with the school's principal and the teacher involved with both apologize for the mixup tropical storm earl been charting in the gulf of mexico. it won't be there for long. we will talk with topper shutt in the weather center and where is the storm expected to make landfall and could impact labor day
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>> more more likely it will impact the weekend in a big way. saturday and all of sunday as well. we start with the satellite and big bands of rain. infrared picture and the brighter the red and the higher the cloud tops are means they are getting hammered with rain around tampa. it's ironic they moved the game a day up because it's raining just as hard as it would have tomorrow. we will talk about computer models. each line represents one computer model. yesterday we were cheating the storm further north but today they are cheating the storm further north and now most is t southern georgia. and atlanta's between raleigh and hatteras and that's pretty good confluence. this is saturday at noon and pretty far out to have a line that close together. we get into sunday at noon at some computer models have it out in the ocean but most have an inland and close tohe
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by labor day hanging around nantucket into the northern atlantic and eventually moving out into the ocean. they have changed the track. hurricane center just updated the track. this is very close to making landfall thursday night. this will be a tropical storm. it's about 335 sw. and maximum winds are 45 miles per hour. not tremendous least strong tropical storm. lookup are in land it goes. friday at 12:30 it's into georgia and south of atlanta. by saturday morning close to raleigh and up the mouth of the bay. sunday morning and way different than it was on monday and a little different then yesterday. it will impact the entire metro area. it may cut down on rip currents at the shore. into labor day it begins to move off. good news is we salvage a good friday and labor day but saturday and sunday will be a little bit tough. let's talk about the
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currents. rip currents move out from shore. you have to swim parallel to shore and then in. don't try to fight them or panic. don't swim into the current, swim parallel and don't swim at all if there is not a lifeguard. we will break down more of the timetable for this and what it means to the metro area over the weekend. a bunch of families in manassas are struggling to save their homes. the company that owns the land under their mobile homes is selling out to the city for $2 million. many of the families are likely to lose the money they spent buying and fixing their trailers. bruce leshan and live at the mobile home park. a sad situation. >> reporter: a pretty sad situation in manassas has been fighting with the owners of this mobile home park for years over broken sewer and water pipes inside the development. the city finally agreed to buy the property but only if all the people who live here are moved out.
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these trailers are almost impossible to move so a lot of the owners are likely to be left high and dry. you thought you were buying a piece of america. >> that's what i was thinking. now i think i was wrong. >> reporter: this construction worker has saved nearly every penny over the last four years to build a beautiful home in manassas for his wife and four kids. he bought the trailer for $17,000 and spent another $15,000 fixing it up and now he is likely to lose it all. >> that's all we have and now we are going to lose it so basically we have nothing and we have to start from the bottom. >> reporter: he is not alone.>> our lease will be terminated at 5 pm on february 28 in 2018. >> reporter: about 300 people got addiction notices this week. >> our house is sitting on what they
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we have nowhere to put this. >> reporter: the owners of the mobile home park say they do not have the money to fix a water and sewer system that routinely sends raw sewage spewing into the drains. manassas has agreed to buy the property for more than $1.8 million to solve the problem but the mayor says the city does not want to operate a trailer park. >> they are getting their billions and we get nothing. >> reporter: to move a double wide trailer you have to cut it in half, slice off the water, sewer and electrical hookups and haul it down the road. it can run into tens of thousands of dollars if the trailer is structurally sound and you can find a place to put it.>> this was a piece of our dream. to at least have a roof over our heads. i am ripped from it. >> reporter: ci
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six months to figure out what to do than to shut off the sewer system here and force people out immediately. social service workers are planning to meet with the folks who live here next week to try to figure out what to do. the mayor says as far as individual losses the city just cannot cover that. live in manassas bruce leshan, wusa9. >> a lawyer for limited liability corporation that owns the park did not return our phone calls. 22 campaign 2016 donald trump wrapped up a trip to mexico. >> the republican candidate accepted a last-minute invitation from mexican president enrique pena nieto. the president has been critical of trump's past characterization as mexicans as drug runners and rapists. after the meeting trla
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strong. >> having a secure border is a sovereign rights and mutually beneficial. we recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs, and weapons. >> trump says the two leaders did not discuss who would pay for his proposed wall at the mexican border. the candidate is scheduled to deliver a major integration speech tonight in arizona. hillary clinton dismissing trump's visit to mexico and says it takes more than a quick trip south of the border to make up for a years worth of insults and insinuations.
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clinton made that, today in an address before the american legion in cincinnati. just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. the sins of slavery. georgetown university working on reconciling deeds from the past. tropical storm henri and soaking florida and topper is back with how we can l
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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tracking metro and what the agency safety overhaul means. unprecedented changes from the country's biggest marathon. >> the organizers of the marine corps marathon announced the new plan of attack. we alive tonight with the impact on thousands of
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runners.>> reporter: organizers just announced two big changes. metro refusing to open early at 5 am. instead opening at the normal 7 am and runners are racing to make new plans. the howitzer blasts will still start the marine corps marathon sunday, october 30 but now it will be less important. organizers will keep the starting line open for an hour anticipating late arrivals. virginia house democrat mark s simon will be in his third marine corps marathon. in years past is taken the earliest metro possible. now he's looking for a hotel room instead. >> having a change in routine will be a challenge for those of us that have done it for a few years. >> reporter: organizers are changing the race route and shorten the time on rock creek park way to keep the afternoon reopening of the 14th street bridge amo
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arlington. >> the real challenges finishing the course but getting there and having it all goes smoothly, not sure how it will work. >> reporter: there will be three runners only shuttle buses starting at 4:30 in the morning. the metro officials were reminded that 24,000 riders have taken advantage of the early open but they would not budge. >> what it says is the safety and maintenance plan really trumps the profitability of what we had on that day.>> reporter: matt roew is implementing new weekend shutdowns. it is not release the schedule of those four race weekend october 30. metro says that is coming in a couple of weeks in the runners are keeping their fingers crossed it won't impact them. wusa9. organizers announced changes to the marine corps 10k run. the new courses now entirely in arlington. before it was on the national mall. parts of florida getting soaked right now as tropical
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storm hermine gain strength in the gulf of mexico. just outside of tampa low-lying coastal areas flooded quickly. a woman fighting ankle-deep water as she put sandbags outside of her mother's house.>> the water has been really bad. we have a pump inside ready to go to fight off the water.>> governor rick scott said florida is prepared with utility crews positioned around the state. the storm surges one of the main things to worry about because most of florida is low-lying. >> there is already flooding going on with the rains ahead of the system.>> it will move at a pretty good clip but this is a huge deal. the track is much further west and north now from the hurricane center so they are barring -- they are buying the model. the storm is 335 miles southwest of winds at 45. we talk about winds they are sustained. gusts up to 60. we put into motion. this is the official track has a going pretty close
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tropical storm force winds will affect apalachicola a little after lunchtime. it tracks into southern georgia. this is crazy. much further north and west than yesterday and way further north and west and monday. just south of columbia, south carolina and very close to raleigh-durham. this is saturday morning at 7:30 and by the time it gets here we will get rain and showers. saturday doesn't look particularly good. essentially through the mouth of the lord bay on sunday morning sitting over ocean city. begins to move off to the east and over near atlantic city and then offshore. that is labor day evening. it finally becomes a low pressure system and won't be a tropical storm when it hits us but the main threat for us as heavy rain and that is always the problem
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89 right now and dew point 70. a little uncomfortable with winds out of the south at 13. the radar has a pretty good chance of showers and storms tonight and tracking those to the south and west of us toward culpeper. nothing now in hagerstown or martinsburg. there will be some later tonight and this will track off to the east and headed towards cooks down on the storm tracker at 6:50 this evening. for tonight some showers and storms on and off all night. bus stop temperatures 68 to 80 and take an umbrella to the bus stop tomorrow morning. more showers at stores tomorrow. showers from hermine on saturday and on sunday. two possible yellow weather alert days but the good news silver lining is okay friday and labor day. 10:00 tonight futurecast storms in northeastern maryland and scattered showers in the immediate metro. 80 downtown. 76 silver spring. by morning a lot of clouds
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clouds linger until 9:00 and everyone has mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 70s. i lunchtime a couple of showers possible here and there. only 77 in cumberland at lunchtime? that is pretty nice. 77 a gaithersburg at lunchtime. a band of showers and storms possible tomorrow afternoon as temperatures go back into the low 80s. on the day planner 70s to start and increasing clouds and showers possible by 11:00. good chance of showers after 1:00. to pitchers by then in the low 80s. friday will be pleasant and 83. showers on saturday and only 79. next seven days showers on sunday and only 79. the maybe too warm. the nationals back in town on labor day and 86 and looking fine. hot side tuesday and wednesday back in the low 90s and the national still in town. we take steps to make
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r&b singer chris brown due in court next month to fake's charges of assault with a deadly weapon after all they stand off at his home in la. a beauty pageant contestant said she was partying with him and admiring a diamond necklace when he allegedly stuck a gun in her face. he is free on $250,000 bond and he has had numerous run-ins with the law. in tonight's consumer alert tesla planning for software upgrades to its semi-autonomous auto climate -- autopilot after a crash this summer. >> they are getting advanced processing of radar signals. they can keep the car within it's late and break automatically. google taking on andover with its own ridesharing service. google will use its navigation app to connect to meters. google, walmart and adobe
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been testing the program for the last three months. check your cabinets to see if you have macadamia nuts. they say the pieces they have may be contaminated with salmonella. the two outs and four ounce bags have best before date from november 16, 2017 through december 7, 2017. people will purchase the product can contact diamond foods for a full refund. to boldly struggling to win customers back after the norovirus outbreaks they had an trying a new tactic. the chain will offer free males to kids on sundays. the meal comes with a children's book, dragons love tacos. and adult has to place the order for kids to qualify for the free food. destination cuba and the first flights take off today. a live report from cuba coming up.
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let's start over here compwith this aluminum bed.eds. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole. that is unbelievable. now let's check out the roll formed steel bed of the silverado. same spot, same empty toolbox. took it watty beer. the steel held up.
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cash back on select remaining 2016 silverado pick-ups in stock. that's over $7,500 cash back on this chevy silverado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. a new york times article in april shed light on the racially unjust history one of the most prestigious universities in our area, georgetown university. a former president of the school sold more than 200 slaves to pay down the scho
5:30 pm
debt in 1838. the university said it's been working to come up with a plan to acknowledge, reconcile and honor the descendents of the men and women sold 178 years ago. tomorrow they take a step forward to make things right with the past.>> obviously as part of our history and we can't change it at the moment. georgetown is trying to reconcile the issue is important. >> reporter: the first day of school at georgetown university offer students a fresh start. the second they may offer the university one. a much awaited meeting to talk about ways to make amends with the past that includes selling the men, women and children who worked on jesuit owned plantations to pay down the school debt. >> the catholic church owned slaves. priests who were jesuits owned and whipped slaves and then sold them to educate white people? that's just not right. >> reporter: maxine is the great
5:31 pm
granddaughter of cornelius hawkins was one of the men sold. some of the slaves descendents what the university to offer their relative scholarships. the school has taken some steps since the past came to light. >> there was a working group developed to change the name of calls that were named after jesuit slaveowners. >> the most important changes to focus on the new courses and new classes and programs about african-american history and african-american culture in general.>> reporter: kenny's daughter is an orientation today and said his daughter told in the schools racially charged path was addressed head- on. >> sometimes a lot of things are let go but i guess they are living up to their name. sometimes they try to change what you are able to change. 4: reporter: that will be a
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stream to. we have a link to where you can watch it on our wusa9 app. a start of a new era. a jetblue flight from fort daughter -- from fort lauderdale landed in cuba and the first commercial flight to travel to the island nation in half a century. chris van cleeve was on the historic plate and joins us live from cuba to talk about it.>> reporter: it was a party atmosphere but for some it was emotional. it was a big deal and life- changing for some of the families on board this flight. everyone aware of the history about to be made. water cannon saluted jetblue flight 387 on its historic arrival in cuba. passengers carried flags and took photos as they set foot on cuban soil some for the first time. regular flights were cut off during the cold war and only expensive charters were available until now.>> something you tell your kids and grandkids about that you arrived on the first flight to cuba.
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>> reporter: this is a big trip for this woman and her family and she is celebrating her birthday, getting married thursday and bring her two daughters to bring her sick grandmother. >> i really want to make this happen. >> reporter: for a place that has been so hard for americans to go to for decades it doesn't take long to get there. it's a 45 minute flight. jetblue is the first u.s. airline to resume regularly scheduled service at soon as many as 110 flights from 10 airlines will depart the u.s. for the island nation. some have concerns a cuban security is an adequate but the tsa is confident at the eight cuban airports it has checked out. secretary of transportation anthony foxx was on this flight and he traveled from here to havana to announce the final approval from the u.s.
5:34 pm
capital and delta announced up again service to havana december 1.>> a lot of unique stories for everyone on the flight. we will see you tomorrow on cbs news this morning. terrifying moments were people aboard united airlines flight that encountered severe turbulence. it was going from houston to london when rough weather forced an emergency landing in ireland. at least 12 people hurt and passengers said things were flying all over the cabin. one airline attendant cracked her head open. everyone has been released from the hospital except the flight attendant. republicans in the virginia house of delegates are going to court to stop terry mcauliffe's plan to restore voting rights for convicted felons. the supreme court rejected the earlier clemency order for 200,000 felons but after appeal he won the right to restore voting rights for 13,000 felons on a case-by-case basis. it violates the virginia constitution and mcauliffe called the newest laws
5:35 pm
politically motivated. a new report says child protective services has launched an investigation into anthony weiner. the new york post said the move came after he sent a lewd selfie that showed his young son in bed with him. hours after the story broke his wife, abedin announced the couple's separation. 19 years ago today the world was shocked by the death of princess diana. >> she and her companion dodi fayed died in a car crash in paris. investigators say the driver a rich hotel employee was legally drunk at the time of the accident. they were fleeing from paparazzi at the time. princess diana was 36 years old. tonight a retired
5:36 pm
of a locked hot car is being shared all over the country tonight. wide veterans are standing up to support colin kaepernick and his decision to stay seated for the national anthem. tracking a couple of thunderstorms now especially toward culpeper around orange. tracking to the east at 16 miles per hour. we will talk about the increased chance for showers and thunderstorms with the cold front and the change in the
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why do we all stand up for tonight's trending segment. veterans coming to the defense of san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick. >> he has been in the middle of a controversy ever since he refused to stand for the national anthem citing the treatment of minorities in the u.s. and now the #veterans for caprica's trending and social media. blake writes my father mote marine served his country in vietnam and far for justice for all. and kristen tweeted i'm a disabled veteran and having stood for the anthem since i separated. and free speech is free speech all the time. also trending today a
5:40 pm
steve echols said he saw an infant locked inside a sweltering car in a cool store parking lot monday. he thinks it was over 120 degrees inside the vehicle. he remembered he had a sledgehammer in his trunk and smashed the window with the hammer and pulled the baby from the car. the infant will be okay. the mom came out of the store 40 minutes later. what was she thinking? >> not much maybe. >> she was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. chicago cubs 1st basemen anthony rizzo. >> he is paying it forward reaching out to a 2-year-old boy battling leukemia. he wrote the boy and his family agletter describing his fight ainst hodgkin's lymphoma at the scariest time of his life. he encouraged them to stay positive and included $2500 with the letter.
5:41 pm
>> that is awesome but can he just win the world series just once? >> we don't know if he can do that. one of the largest food fights in the world. more than 22,000 take part in this festival. it's a very violent activity in spain. they are hurling more than 350,000s of tomatoes at each other in the narrow streets of the town. it's the 71st year of that festival. you know people get hurt. >> i would not like it. don't do that. the redskins welcoming home luncheon took place today. see what fashion statement the team made.>> and i'm live in alexandria and coming up after
5:42 pm
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to the campaign trail tonight and from the tweets flowing out on the information superhighway. from donald trump former president vicente fox who is railing against my visit to mexico today also invited me
5:45 pm
when he apologized for using the f bomb. and from hillary clinton 50 national security expert said they won't vote for trump because he would be the most reckless president in american history. a new poll points to both how unpopular hillary clinton the donald trump are among voters. clinton now has an on favorability rating of 56%. trump is that 63%. these are the two most unpopular presidential candidates in more than 30 years of that poll. concerns tonight over a missing local teenager. 14-year-old kayla beverly last seen on august 17 in fredericksburg. she is five foot three inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. anyone with information call the gnashing -- the national center for missing & exploited children. we are teaming up with the national center for
5:46 pm
missing & exploited children to help bring home missing kids like kayla. >> they are using the pokemon go apt to make it happen. delia gonclaves is an old town alexandria tonight and how are we doing this? >> reporter: everyone is doing it and that's the point. the game is so popular that we figured why not let these players be agents of change? while you stare at your phone and walk around the city you can keep your eyes out for missing children and help us bring them home. we are live here in old town alexandria and this is the headquarters of the national center for missing & exploited children. you come here and we will give you these collector cards and more importantly you will take a look at this sweet face. the billboards at this location and this is an 8-year-old who is missing since 2014.
5:47 pm
this is what it's all about. we are raising awareness. here is how you can help. you log on to the augmented reality game and as you search public places to capture the creatures on your phone, you come down to headquarters and help us raise awareness of missing kids in the area. we caught up with some of the players earlier today.>> i think it's very useful because more people play this game and missing children can be found more quickly. >> there are still a lot of people playing it and it's important we get people aware of the sort of things going on around them.>> reporter: as we were here we got breaking news that a child who was on our campaign literature was found. these kids can be found with your help. take a look and check out the side of the billboard. we literally just removed her picture of 13-year-old destiny. police confirmed to us she was just found on sunday.
5:48 pm
mike murphy from the national center for missing & exploited children, that is a great story. a lot of these kids unfortunately don't get found but this is an example of why we should help. >> that's correct and we have one opportunity to do it right. we want to do that and it's a great partnership between media, the social media aspect, the public, and us and we want to bring the kids home. >> reporter: it's taking advantage of what is already highly popular. pokemon go has you out walking and spending time in the community. >> taking advantage of the situation to the absolute maximum. we want to bring the kids home and just one person needs to see something. call us and we can't thank you enough for the process. >> reporter: thank you for coming here and for your partnership. this is a wonderful partnership we are in. a lot of people very excited that we talked to today. not only is the national center for missing & expld
5:49 pm
pokemon go stopped but there are others around town. you could go to the verizon center, college park, and on wisconsin avenue at wusa9. live in old town, delia gonclaves. always watching, always tracking, wusa9 first alert weather.>> you will see this graphic a lot. it's posted on our web and facebook page and our app. the new track of tropical storm hermine 335 sw. of apalachicola. landfall possible their apalachicola thursday evening may be 8:00, 9:00 or 10:00 in the evening. it goes to the east of columbia south carolina and almost over raleigh-durham. saturday morning and by the time it gets here looking at showers in the metro area and bive
5:50 pm
tropical's -- tropical storm strength. not concerned about wind but concerned about storm surge and coastal flooding on the bay. also flooding here with heavy downpours but not worried about wind. into sunday it begins to take a right turn back out to the ocean from cape may and back out. this is now monday on labor day at 5:30. still offshore and producing rip currents. it will be closely watched and may end up we have to issue a yellow weather alert for saturday and sunday. the silver lining is that it's nice friday and labor day. live look outside and 89. dew point around 70 and sticky with winds out of the south at 13. we were at 90 or higher today so we now have 23 days in the month of august that are 90 degrees or higher and 23 days in the month of july or higher and that's a new record for
5:51 pm
36 and we are at 51 right now. here is the radar in showers and storms can find south and west of town down toward culpeper. they are pretty heavy and toward harrisonburg they are severe. the storm is south of culpeper moving to the south and east toward fredericksburg at about 7:16 on the storm tracker. some showers and storms continue overnight and bus stop temperature 68 to 80. more showers and storms tomorrow because of the cold front. and showers from hermine saturday and sunday. 70s to start tomorrow and showers by 1:00 and back in the low 80s by 1:00. tried a pleasant and have a change that from 83. showers on saturday 79 and may have to be a yellow weather alert day. showers sunday and 79. the national's back in town on monday and heating up tuesday and wednesday and the national still
5:52 pm
game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> not a particularly ideal playing situation in tampa tonight for those looking to make a final impression ahead of saturday's final cut. final preseason game and starters will sit and second and third string will get all the action in rainy soggy tampa. with me tonight will be the third string rookie quarterback who will start and play all of tonight's game and a great opportunity for him to raise his stock and force the team to keep three quarterbacks. he hasn't had much opportunity to develop from the college to the pros in the preseason because of lack of playing time but coach gruden says he's pleased with what he's seen so far. >> a long way to go. this kid is out of college and no matter what position you plhe
5:53 pm
to do in the national football league and especially the quarterback position. you talk about for nation's and snap count and concepts and runs. you have to do with footwork and takes a long time. he picks it up very well in matt cavanaugh has done a great job with him and first to tell you he's miles away but making great strides and great as far as wanting to learn and do the right things. it's hard to get in the reps he needs but takes advantage what he gets and a great opportunity tomorrow. >> everything burgundy and gold at the welcome home luncheon and they look all dapper at the luncheon but today more relaxed and sporting tommy bahama shirts. there was a reason for it and kirk cousins but the whole team the shirts to honor their director of football operations paul kelly who only wears tommy bahama shirts around the facility. they thought what a better way to give attribute and to relax and chill
5:54 pm
tropical weather they were hoping to have in tampa. noe t thstormy weather they will have. >> it will be raining.>> it will be comfortable. coming up bruce johnson joins me at 6:00 and will donald trump's mexico visit and immigration speech win over has been expect we will hear from boaters. breaking the cycle of bullying. a northern virginia girl forced to ride the bus with the same classmate that has been bullying her for
5:55 pm
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i'm maryland law secretary with no medical training at another job title to her list. she delivered a baby yesterday and then save the baby's life. many people the community call her a hero. hilary lane is here with her story.>> good afternoon this is the law firm and this is probably how can i help you? during the day holly takes care of daily tasks at this charles county law firm. >> make copies of that and get those out to the clients. >> reporter: yesterday she was faced with the task she never saw coming. >> i never expected anything like this to happen
5:58 pm
>> reporter: she was at her desk in the only one at the law firm at the time. >> outside the door i noticed a commotion in the parking lot. >> reporter: a woman outside was yelling and pain. >> she said she was in labor and having a baby. >> reporter: here's the crazy part of the story. the mom was less than half a mile away from the hospital when she gave birth at the law firm. >> she said i need to use your restroom and i can't make it to the hospital. i got the emergency kit out of the office and put on latex gloves. >> reporter: among the law books and journals they got ready to deliver a baby. >> i did what needed to be done.>> reporter: mom pushed and the
5:59 pm
the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. >> i unwrapped it. choker action save the baby's life. >> thank you. >> reporter: today a sweet gesture from very appreciative parents. >> a big thank you for helping deliver isabella, and holly.>> reporter: what many call her an angel or heroe she says she's the lucky one to help welcome baby isabella into the world. >> i feel blessed and it was amazing. >> reporter: and amazing miracle indeed. wusa9. >> the parents didn't want to talk on camera and are overwhelmed right now but happy to report mom and baby are doing well and resting at the hospital. now at 6:00 maryland school districts already warming up to fight back against the governor's executive order requiring classes to start after labor day. a mother seeks help to protect her daughter from a classmate she says has been bullying the girl for 2 years. donald trump meets with mexico's president ahead of his policy speech tonight on immigration. i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm bruce johnson and the republican presidential nominee called his visit to mexico city a great honor. he and the mexican and president enrique pena nieto had a
6:00 pm
interest in keeping the hemisphere safe and prosperous. >> the bond between our two countries is deep and sincere. both of our nations benefit from a close and honest relationship between our two governments. >> donald trump will deliver a major immigration policy speech tonight in phoenix. he said he and the mexican president to discuss his call for building the wall on the u.s. mexican border but not about who would pay for it. will trumps mexico visit help sway voters? is there anything he can say in tonight's speech to change minds? >> that's what stephanie ramirez has been asking all day and tells us what people have to say. >> reporter: the speech hasn't happened yet but latino leaders are working with clinton's campaign a released a statement slamming trump and says he threatens to divide the country with his proposal to tear


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