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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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interest in keeping the hemisphere safe and prosperous. >> the bond between our two countries is deep and sincere. both of our nations benefit from a close and honest relationship between our two governments. >> donald trump will deliver a major immigration policy speech tonight in phoenix. he said he and the mexican president to discuss his call for building the wall on the u.s. mexican border but not about who would pay for it. will trumps mexico visit help sway voters? is there anything he can say in tonight's speech to change minds? >> that's what stephanie ramirez has been asking all day and tells us what people have to say. >> reporter: the speech hasn't happened yet but latino leaders are working with clinton's campaign a released a statement slamming trump and says he threatens to divide the country with his proposal to tear
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families apart. that's the decision before even waiting to hear tonight's speech is what i ran into today. valerie told me tonight she won't be tuning in. >> his character and his past speeches have spoken loud enough. >> reporter: she says she's not a member of any party but this year she has decided. >> i don't love hillary but i cannot stand trump. >> i'm not excited about any of the people running. i definitely don't trust hillary.>> reporter: melissa says she's a republican voter and other tells me pay are decided for trump but would not speak on camera. at least six women from arlington mclean didn't want to be identified and one woman said she is a closet trump supporter. parker may not be watching but george mason's university jeremy mayer said tonight speech where he will outline his immigration policy is significant for
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he called his visit to mexico a hail mary pass. >> it's a dramatic unexpected move that could moved up poll numbers. >> reporter: not only did he kick off the 2016 campaign calling mexicans racist and drug dealers but the man who invited him likened him to mussolini. >> the only way this might work out for him if there is such an angry response and he's treated so disrespected lead the people have sympathy for them. >> reporter: this man studies election and says whether trump affirms or softens the stance on the border wall and deporting undocumented immigrants -- >> he will still hurt himself. >> reporter: the university professor thinks trump will affirm his plans to build the wall but when it comes to deportation if trump softens his plan he risks angering his most loyal supporters. if he keeps a firm stance he risks further alienating hispanic voters and moderate republicans. back to you.
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trump campaign ceo told the new york times is mexico trip is meant to show he can be a statesman. hillary clinton says trump has a lot to learn about diplomacy. >> it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. >> meanwhile clinton struggles of public perception about her state department email. her favorability rating is at the lowest point it's ever been. the fbi's expected to release notes from her private email server. for the latest on the campaign trail and election alerts throughout the november election download our free wusa9 app. tonight waiting on confirmation from the pentagon from the alleged death of a top isis leader. they say abu muhammad al-adnani was killed in syria. we know that
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confusion today over how he may have died. russia claims that he was killed in one of their airstrikes but the pentagon says a u.s. airstrike was carried out targeting him near aleppo this week. a five- month-old baby has died and his mother in serious condition after being hit by an suv. it happened in lansdowne at the intersection at cotton manor drive and the baby boy was in a stroller as his mother pushed him across a four-lane parkway. after crossing the median, a man driving a jeep grand cherokee in the same direction turned left and hit them. the baby was thrown several feet and died later at a hospital. the mother in serious condition. >> it's heartbreaking to see a stroller in the street. you wonder of the heartbreak that is happening.>> i am in utter shock. i cannot believe that with the crosswalks and ev
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that something like this would happen. >> reporter: was it this morning? >> 8:15. at a school intersection. i don't know where the driver was. >> the driver remained on the scene and was served a search warrant for his cell phone and turnover two to the authorities. no files yet. there's a lone tonight from school officials that breaks may be shortened and hope pays a limited thanks to an executive order from larry hogan today. he was in ocean city to sign an order forcing all public schools to extend summer vacation until after labor day. they will dismiss for the year before june 15. >> starting school after labor day results in more than $74 million in additional economic activity in maryland.>> resort owners say revenue drops 30% when kids go back to school
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school officials in montgomery and prince george's county are asking legislators to challenge his authority to force local districts to change. maryland law requires kids to attend school a minimum of 180 days each year. back-to- school time means back to bullying for some local students. >> a big issue and schools try to help protect the children. we report from manassas on one family's story.>> reporter: this girl is a student her and her parents say she has been victimized by classmates for 2 years but the alleged bully continues to ride the bus with her.>> i felt helpless. i can't imagine how my child felt. >> reporter: a mother's anguish after watching cell phone video of her then 9-year-old daughter being slapped to the ground by a classmate
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know about the video which was shot inside their own home until a year after the attack. it was witnessed by her little brother. her parents say the now 11-year- old girl had a brief friendship. >> my daughter was trying to befriend her. >> reporter: after it ended her parents allege the bullying escalated. >> they called her ugly. >> they threw things at her and punched her. they called her a prostitute. >> it's a hopeless feeling but we did everything we knew to do. >> reporter: they filed a police report and sent multiple emails to the school and contacted the state department of education. >> i was livid. i was very angry. very very angry.>> reporter: they are upset the alleged bully was never removed from the school bus. they say the girl has recruited others to gang up on their daughter.
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incident reported from a bus we have cameras and all the buses.>> reporter: the principal could not discuss the case specifically but said all incidents are investigated right away.>> we investigate immediately while we gather information to keep the kids safe >> reporter: the school acknowledges the two girls were inadvertently placed in the same classroom this year but were separated the next day. the alleged bully has been told to keep her distance on the school bus. in manassas, andrea mccarren wusa9. >> our effort to contact the police family have been unsuccessful. a gesture of kindness by florida state university wide receiver makes a splash on social media tonight. this picture of him having lunch with a young boy is melting hearts. the sixth-grader as autism and often eats lunch alone which makes his mother's heart. would off and his
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tallahassee yesterday and he saw the boy eating alone and asked if he could join him. his mother works at the school and took this picture. that's a good story. coming up by water and land it has traveled 20 miles to find its family after falling overboard and lake michigan. a warning about combining two types of popular prescription drugs. tropical storm hermine getting better organize in the gulf of mexico. big change in the track and we will tell you what that means for your holiday weekend
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federal health officials warned that mixing prescription painkillers and sedatives like valium and xanax can be deadly. the fda is adding boxed warnings to more than 400 opioids and benzodiazepines that mixing the two drugs can lead to bleeding problems, coma or death. the fda says the number of patients taking opioids and sedatives increased by 41% between 2002 in 2014. talk about dogged determination. 10-month-old wiley swam six miles and walked another 12 to be reunited with his family. she fell overboard
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michigan. someone saw her wandering around the campground and contacted her family. they rushed back to the woods and brought some of riley's toys and she came running. coming up major maintenance on metro forces big changes for this year's marine corps marathon. how students at a local university helped persuade barack obama to free a
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know what 6:00 local students being credited to help persuade barack obama to free an inmate sentenced to life in prison. >> we have more from catholic university. >> reporter: a federal inmate should be out of jail earlier than expected things to students and staff from catholic university. across the country members of the innocence project work to exonerate inmates who are wrongly convicted. the innocence project at catholic university is committed to writing wrongs and that's why for the last three years they sought clemency for this man. this is timothy tyler moore
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>> tim was a dead ahead. >> reporter: according to a professor he followed the rock band across the country and also ran into problems. authorities locked them up twice for selling lsd. each time he was in jail for a few days but then he decided to sell the drug to his friend one more time. >> the friend happen to be working for the authorities. >> reporter: that was it and it was his third strike. he was hit with a mandatory life sentence at the age of 24 and has been in jail since 1992. >> it boggles my mind that people in a similar position who are nonviolent drug offenders face life. >> reporter: a recent grad worked with the professor and another student to apply for chemist -- for clemency on tyler's behalf. >> i was passionate about his case. >> reporter: y
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the sentences of 111 federal inmates and timothy tyler was one of them.>> i got an email from him this morning that said i didn't sleep at all last night but i want to thank you and your students again.>> reporter: it isn't the first time that catholic university has gotten a sentence commuted for someone. they've done a two others in the past as well. >> his sentence was commuted to 2 years and has to enroll in a drug rehab program after that. after 21 years in prison darrell howard is a free man. in 1995 he was convicted of killing a woman and his 13-year- old daughter in north carolina but this week a judge heard new evidence and throughout the conviction. the case have been prosecuted by not -- by mike knife on the was the district attorney disbarred for his handling of the duke university lacrosse case. tracking metro now in the agency
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unprecedented changes for one of the biggest marathons regarding the marine corps marathon starting here and starting line open for an hour. the racecourse moves into arlington. organizers say it's the best way because metro is refusing to open early.>> what it says is the safety and the maintenance plan really trumps the profitability of what we had on that day.>> runners tell us they are scrambling for hotel rooms which are hard to come by. we haven't had scheduled flights to cuba since before man walked on the moon and that's a jetblue says about the first commercial flights between u.s. and cuba since 1961. the flight left fort lauderdale -- fort lauderdale this morning and landed around 11:00. initial airfare one way it was $99. official american tourists are not allowed to visit cuba but there's al a
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authorized travel categories including visiting family members or relatives. >> i heard you are upset about what topper had to say about the weekend. >> a lot of people may be. we had showers at the shore saturday and monday but now showers in the metro area. >> we start with the track and different than it has been. it will make landfall around apalachicola as a tropical storm. this is a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch all the way to pensacola. this is 1:00 tomorrow afternoon with 50 mile-an-hour winds and by 8:00 tomorrow night close to making landfall. goes into southern georgia near the southeast of macon and south of columbia and almost over raleigh determine. 8:00 saturday morning and showers coming our way. of winter ocean city at 8 am sunday and then out into the ocean. looks out to the east over
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may. that will give us at least one if not two yellow weather alert days. nice outside. still 89. dew point in the 70s. talking about 90 degree days, we did it. 23 days of 90 degrees or higher in august. that is good enough for a record. we erupt to 51 days for the year. we average 36. the radar is quiet in the metro area but good storm south and west. last 15 minutes more intense toward culpeper and headed toward stafford if it holds together. it will be there at 7:45 with frequent lightning and rain in the mix. showers and storms tonight. bus stop temperatures 68 to 80. more showers and storms thursday. shower and rain and thunderstorms from hermine on saturday
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70s to start and shower possible by 11:00. better chance for storms by 1:00 and low 80s. let's focus on the good. nice on friday with low 80s. rain shower saturday upper 70s. rain showers on sunday with the upper 70s. nice on labor day in the mid- 80s. back to 90 on tuesday and wednesday. there are a handful of spots left and tonight we will finally get a chance to see the players trying to secure a job with one final game before the start of
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose.
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most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it's going to be a rainy soggy mess tonight in tampa. the field at the stadium has been covered all day and burgundy and gold just arrived at the stadium to more rain. not a joy to play in and presenting a challenge for those looking to make a good final impression. here's what it looks like now and you hear the rain which is expected to continue most of the evening. tonight the final preseason game with a handful of spots up for grabs and backups looking forward to the final competition.>> i think it's a great opportunity for all of us to compete and have fun playing a game we love. make a good
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everybody is focused to will play in the game and we're excited about the challenge. >> it's deep and especially for me and guys in my position. it will tell a lot how we come out there and overcome having to play a day sooner. >> the changing gametime didn't affect the morning festivities. they held their welcome home luncheon celebrating their success in 2015 before flying to tampa. they went all casual donning tommy bahama shirts to honor the director of operations. let's check out the notables that were there as well. hall of famer and "great day washington" colrich darryl green caught up with the fan favorite terry clark to get his take on this year's team. >> harry,
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word. what you think about the season coming up? >> 10-6 in the playoffs worst- case scenario for sure. we have a great gm and coach. things are coming together.>> you heard it right here at the welcome home luncheon 2016. back to you guys. >> i love seeing them on there. there is chatter about tonight's game that i might not go all four quarters because of all the rain. >> why put guys out there when it doesn't mean anything? >> maybe we can get a half and. let's get out of this clean. >> i'm thinking of rain. tomorrow showers and not a washout day. mid-80s and the great on friday and worried about saturday and sunday with the new trek up tropical storm hermine. we are worried about it. wusa9 news at 6:00 and cbs news is next.
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>> o'donnell: trump crosses the border. mending fences-- >> and i happen to have a tremendous feeling for mexican-americans. >> o'donnell: and building walls. >> as for who pays for the wall, we didn't discuss it. >> o'donnell: also tonight, the governorla decanres emergency in florida as tropical storm hermine batters the state. a u.s. navy landing goes terribly wrong. we'll show you what happened next. and the college football play of the week, making a young boy's day. >> reporter: yooou lupked and there he was? >> yeah. >> reporter: and what did he say? >> he said, "what's up, dude in? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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