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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 31, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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here comes the response, democrat hillary clinton addressed the liege in cincinnati, leadership takes more than a photo op. the station's overhaul means unprecedented changes for one of the biggest marathons. the organizers say the race starting line will be open for an entire hour. the race course is changing, it's moving into arlington, virginia. organizers say this is the best option since metro is refusing to open early at 5. runners tell us, they're scrambling for hotel rooms. you can find the details of these changes and more on the free wusa9 app. here's your chance to help us find missing hire and bring them home hopefully. wusa9 is
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national center for missing children and pokemon go. we're asking you to keep an eye out for missing children. >> it's at poke stops around the dmv to raise awareness to help keep them home. >> the prisoners punishment did not at this particular time this crime. they convinced none other than the president himself, find out what happens now
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clara. ten different airlines will take us passengers to the island nation. tourism is still illegal, but there are loosening rules there. there are now 55 cases of hepatitis a in virginia. a majority of those are in this area linked to contaminated strawberries served at cafes. more may be reported. some patients may not know they have the highly contagious virus. after exposure, symptoms can take up to 6 weeks to pop up. >> it's nonspecific symptoms. feeling tired and fatigue and fever and abdominal pain and nausea, but when it becomes more severe and when it happens, then the patients will turn yellow which is
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jaundice. >> and doctors tell us most patients recover from hepatitis a with mild discomfort, rare cases include liver failure which may require a liver transplant. >> a convicted felon will no longer have to spend the rest of his life in prison thanks in part to catholic university. authorities accused him of selling lsd on three separate occasions as he followed the grateful dead across the country. in the end it was enough to land him mandatory time behind bars. president obama decided to commute his sentence but only after they filed a clemency petition on his behalf. they said the punishment didn't fit the crime. >> there are thousands of others like him, i feel, and my words to them is not to give >>, to keep trying and pushing.
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commuted to two years. he'll have to enroll in a drug rehab program after that. a social media opposed, they say one group is lying to fans. we're tracking a couple of thunderstorms, most of them are southwest of town and this is headed to fredericksberg. we'll be tracking tropical storm hermine in the next five days. we'll tell you how much
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they're trying to crackdown on celebrities and the deceptive practices online. this is a selena gomez sipping from a coke bottle. she never mentioned she was paid to pose. >> if they're getting things for free or if they're being paid to post what they're photographing then there are rules and regulations. >> truth in advertisements say the cardiovascular were some of
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the biggest offenders, they changed that -- the kardashians were some of the biggest paid. it should be obvious to consumers, it should say ad or sponsored. this is the first alert weather, dc's most accurate. let's say tropical storm hermine, the worst case scenario would become a low category one. the main problem we'll have from this storm will be rainfall. this is possible rainfall for the next several days. we'll have this 24 hours from now. we'll see 4 to 8 inches of rain in the panhandle of florida and then it moves into florida where we can see 10 to 12 inches of rain, we're into friday at 7:00, 48 hours from now, and we move that up the coast, that's what we're concerned about in the metro area, not only just ruining plans saturday and sunday, but flooding is possible, especially saturday late into saturday night. the rip current, we've been harping
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we'll continue to do so. here's the deal, had the rip current, they moved the water from round. you don't want to swim into the current. swim parallel to the shoreline, swim back in. don't panic don't swim at the beach unless there's a lifeguard there. it's 87, relative humidity 57%, it's a little uncomfortable, quiet for the time being. big storms to had the north and decent storms to the south. we watched this to move south in culpepperer, this is south of gold main. it doesn't appear to be severe, and we're headed to fredericksberg at 8:02, some showers and thunderstorms are possible all night. we're keeping in the forecast all night. bus stop temperatures not bad, 6 to 9:00 a.m., more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, not a washout, not worthy
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yellow weather alert. we're worried about showers and thunderstorms on saturday and sunday. here are the big storms hanging around northeastern maryland. possible temperatures upper 70s and 80. by morning, more clouds to start your thursday, temperatures in the 70s, by 9:00, we're 77 downtown and 75 in buoy and 74 in fairfax, and best chance of showers in the afternoon. on the day planner, a sprinkle at 11:00, a better chance of a shower or storm, low 80s by 1pm, friday pleasant, there's our silver lining, even if tropical storm hermine were to come our way. bad saturday upper 70s, not a great sunday upper 70s, but and great labor day. we'll be back to the low 90s next tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. an
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when you win on the highest level losing proof of that feat can be hard news to take. diane roberts has the story of what one gold medalist lost and what a little girl found and a lesson that followed. >> one man's trash is another man's treasure. that shows us on an olympic level. the canoe olympic, lost his gold medal, but chloe smith found it. you can find role models anywhere. >> athletes win when they win the olympic games. >> she visited atlanta this week to thank chloe smith for a good deed. while out for a walk with her father back in june, the 7-year- old found jacolby's olympic medal on the side of the road. >> when she picked it
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to look at it for 20 minutes. >> he and his teammate won the canoe slolom in rio. they helped get out the word about the theft and led to this reunion of the medal and founder and the honest role model who don't found it. >> sometimes we don't give a seven-year-old child the choices they can make and the power of one choice that can have on a community. >> and someone wanted to thank chloe and sharing the importance of doing the right thing. >> we have incredible role models right inside of an elementary school. >> when the medal was first stolen, joe and his family were offering a $500 recovery. joe said
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♪ think you know everything about the chris brown arrest? >> hold on. stop the press. >> think again. only e.t. has both sides of the story. >> it becomes a war zone. >> our exclusive interview with the star inside chris's house. and new details from the beauty queen accuser. >> he's threatening me with a gun. >> is this woman telling the truth? >> then the new bachelor revealed but did nick dump his girlfriend to do the show? we are with bad boy chad reacting to the controversy today. >> and behind the scenes of melissa mccarthy's musical moment. star struck over barbra streisand. >> show off. >> and "dancing with the stars" the early years. we uncover the pros' lost audition tapes. >> you don't want to look at it? fine. don't look at me. i'm the man. ♪ >> f nowor august 31, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> we have the information you won't find anywhere else about chris brown's arrest.


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