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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. thank you for joining us for the news at noon. tropical storm hermine is on its way. it become a hurricane by the time it makes landfall as early
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to hit florida in 11 years. residents are told to expect more than a foot of rain and possible tornados with the system. people have homes near the water and they're not taking any chances. >> and sandbags, you know, trying to get everything ready. tied down and things moved. vehicles out. and i mean it's no joke. no joke and it can be pretty serious down here. >> and now, the question is how will the storm affect our area as we head into a long holiday weekend? meteorologisted to bernstei -- howard bernstein has more. >> reporter: we're up in the air as to what is going to happen here. i think the areas toward the beach east of the bay, much more likely to have the rain and the wind saturday and sunday. >> monday may still be salvageable. here's the latest on hermine. there is the center of circulation that is stronger. 65 miles per hour winds now but the strong outer bands offshore, this is appalachia cola and this is tampa. it's this ar
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and this is tampa. they're going to get the storm surge, a secondary problem with the heavy rain and that tornadic threat mike was talking about. from the hurricane center, the winds 65; and destine, 75 now and should be a category 1 storm with more than 75 miles per hour making landfall some time late this evening. probably by mid-night and hurricane warnings in affect for that upper part of the florida coast. and then they will stay inland, transitioning from a tropical to post tropical storm and still, a strong area of low pressure, the winds of 45 miles per hour saturday morning and west of cape hatteras. there is some rain and wind saturday into sunday, specially in the beach areas here. for us, it's going to be a close call. we may see the rural showers and we may get heavy rains, depending on the exact track of this and this meanders and you are going to go to the beach. don't go in the water. rip current safety going to be too high. you will enjoy it and stay out of the water. stay safe and we're going to keep you updated with this throughout the weekend. of course, not just here but the wusa 9 app. the weather and tropic section, ws
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upstream the newscast. and back in a few moments to talk about the shower threat the rest of the afternoon and how much cooler or how long, i should say, this cool stuff is going to be around. >> great, howard. and those very poorly -- at cape canaveral air force station. nasa said the space-x rocket was conducting a test fire of an unmanned rocket when it exploded on the launchingpad. and no one was hurt. jamie said glad that nobody was hurt in this. picture from my building. it was so loud, we thought the building had been hit. this person said wow, a space-x rocket blew up on the pad and shook our whole building. the rocket was supposed to be hoisting an israeli satellite into space this weekend. and new 20s on a story we're following -- new developments on a story we're following on a pregnant woman yesterday. the police have charged 18-year- old dakota brothers with attempted first-degree murder. they were in some sort of a relationship. it's unclear if
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father. the woman was stabbed yesterday in a wooded area near crossway community montessori school in kensington. brothers will be in court for a bond hearing this afternoon. >> we learned the man who shot president ronald reagan will be released from the d.c. psychiatric hospital on september 10th. 61-year-old john hinkley jr. will live full time with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. the federal judge ruled in july he could leave saint elizabeth hospital and is not giving the release date until right now. and in silver spring this afternoon, a financial recovery workshop for people who lost their homes in that apartment explosion recently. it runs from -- started at 11:30 until 3 this afternoon. and it's at the long branch community recreation center. seven people were killed, nearly 100 have no homes after the flower branch apartments exploded last mot. >> and montgomery county residents concerned about a recent rash of burglaries get to meet with police tonight and they will discuss the burglaries in ways they
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safe. the meeting, 7:00 p.m. montgomery knolls elementary school, again, in silver spring. and d.c. police need your help. they're trying to find a person of interest connected to a robbery in northeast. take a look at the surveillance video here from early yesterday morning. you see a bandana covering the man's face as he robs the store in brentwood road near saratoga avenue. if you have any information, call police. and d.c. police say the cause of an overnight fire at a restaurant in northwest d.c. was an accident. crews were called around 1:30 in the morning to a chinese carry out at north capital and beat streets for this. one resident was evaluated for a smoke inhalation and they believe the fire started in the kitchen. here at noon, we're now hearing from metro's general manager on what caused debris to fall from the ceiling at the rhode island metro station last night. larry miller has the story. >> reporter: rhode island avenue metro station is open. trains are now running
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ceiling fell on to the mesani in, e last night. metro's general manager along with other metro staff were up early surveying the location where a debris and a section of ceiling fell on to the messy 19 level and describes the -- in esinine level and he describes the debris. >> the infrastructure related to the escalator. there is a small piece of metal there where the wood is. >> right. >> and in affect. and it's some -- has some function, clearly. >> reporter: the incident caused trains to bypass the station temporarily and metro staff worked overnight to clear the de brie. problems like this and continuing maintenance delays are leading metro riders with mixed feelings about six and safety. >> and by metro? >> no. i only use it because i don't have a car. perhaps a reliable transportation. >> everything is good. >> really? no problem. >> reporter: metro said they are confident they will be able to address the underlying issue. at the end of the day, we're an
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larry miller, wusa 9. >> and he admits that other stations have dealt with falling debris from the ceilings. and george county university is going to give preferential treatment in admissions to the descendants of slaves that were owned by the maryland jesuits. that announcement came this morning at e thschool as it tried to make amends with the controversial past. in april, "the new york times" reported in 1838, slaves owned by the school's jesuit priest were sold off to pay the school's debt. this afternoon at 4, the university is going to hold a conversation on racial injustice and that will be at gaston hall. and still ahead on the news at noon, san francisco 49ers play the chargers tonight. the big moment will happen before kickoff, though. and we'll explain after this. >> and plus, have you packed lunches the first week of school for tomorrow? there is one snack you might want to avoid. i'll tell you why after this.
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. another united states airline touches down in cuba today. silver airways begins service to santa clara, one day after the historic jet blue light landed there, the first to land on the island since 1961. passengers took flags and photos as they set foot on cuban soil, some the first time. >> and telling your kids about it, your grandkids on the first flight to cuba. >> and for now, the airlines are only landing in smaller cities like santa clara. yesterday, the department of transportation gave approval for 8 airlines to fly to havana. as many as 20 daily flights could be landing in the cuban capital very soon. and the ratings are in. how well does your car seat secure a child safety seat? the best and worst vehicles when it comes to protecting your baby. >> and then here comes the rain. how much and when? howard has the answers. >> and not totally done yet. and look at the temperatures, though. 78 now in up to
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. welcome back. new to campaign 2016. republican presidential candidate donald trump was back on the trail this morning after his big speech on immigration last night and his whirlwind trip to mexico. it's a journey the clinton campaign is calling a failure. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump spoke to the same veteran's group this morning that hillary clinton addressed yesterday. he promised to create's new american future. >> in this future, we will have an honest
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includes an honest state department, not pay for play! she probably didn't mention that to you yesterday. >> reporter: trump's american legion event follows his meeting on wednesday with mexico's president and a major speech last night on immigration. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> reporter: president pena nieto said he told trump that mexico won't pay for the wall, but the republican presidential nominee has a different version. >> we did discussion the wall, we didn't discussion the payment of the wall. >> reporter: despite the discrepancy, the trump campaign set a new record in small online donations following the mexico visit. the clinton campaign said trump choked. later, the campaign amended the statement saying it turned out that trump didn't choke but he got beat in the room and lied about it. >> he didn't have the guts to look the mexican president in the eye and bring up the central position in his campaign. it was a diplomatic embarrassment and it shows the
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>> reporter: the latest national polls show that two rivals in a statistical tie. clinton leads trump by two points when the libertarian and green party candidates are included. craig bosswell, cbs news, the white house. will he stand or not? the san francisco 49ers play the san diego chargers all eyes will be on the quarterback, collin kaepernick before kickoff. you see, you know he's refused to stand for the national anthem in the 49ers preseason games. he believes the united states oppresses african-americans and that is his protest. he has been supported and criticized for that stance since. and check the kids' lunchbox if you buy snacks from entemann's. the little bites are recalled. the fudge brownies and chocolate chip muffins may have pieces of plastic in them. the affective products were distributed to stores the last two weeks. the fudge brownie five-packs and chocolate chip muffin five- and 10-pack have a best buy date october 8th. one injury
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and well, if you have ever installed a car seat, some days it feels really nearly impossible, and more than tricky. there is a new report that finds the process has gotten easier. the cars released during the past year specifically. that means it could be better chances for keeping your kids safe in an accident. >> reporter: jim and peggy just had their first child, john, on sunday. the new parents were dreading the idea of installing a car seat but found out that it was a snap. >> i couldn't believe how easy it was. >> reporter: he opens a new lexus rx, the suv earned the top rating in a new study from the insurance institute for highway safety, along with the 2016 toyota prius and 2017 audi q-7. the researchers looked at latch hardware, standing for lower anchors and tethers for children. >> when the latch hardware is difficult to use, parents can make a lot of mistakes, which can leave their children less well-protected in the event of a crash. >> reporter
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that the most important factor is where the latch hardware is placed. >> and so, the common problem with a lower anchor is that they're buried too deep in the seat. >> why does easy access matter? when it's this easy to find? >> reporter: parents can find it and attach the connector. >> all the vehicles that got a perfect score allow users to place the car seat in the middle position. research shows that it's the safest spot for a child to sit. the cars also had to have tether anchors and easy-to-find locations that are clearly labeled. >> and right now, i am extremely happy. >> reporter: happy because his car is one of the best for buckling in his precious cargo. >> now, excuse me, this year most of the 170 cars that were evaluated got a good or acceptable rating, compare that to last year when most of them got poor or marginal ratings. this is a huge improvement. >> and well, they get to go for a walk like no one else in the world. you can't beat the view for
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and kate rubins. they're on the second spacewalk the last two weeks and they're taking down a thermal radiator that is no longer being used and they're installing the first hd video cameras on the outside of the international space station. and that is going to be neat. the walk started at 7:00 a.m. and is expected to take about 6 1/2 hours. and president obama will address the threat of climate change and the importance of protecting public land during his visit to mid-way today. he's visiting two protected sites. he created the world's largest protective marine area off of the coast of hawaii last week to pro-serve coral reefs and underwater has been at that times well. and the gulf coast is -- habitats there. >> and the gulf coast is preparing for hermine. the tropical storm forecast will strengthen into a hurricane today before making landfall and the residents are already feeling the affects as the system is starting to bring rain and flooding. >> i'm a little nervous. more than a little nervous. >> the water has been really bad. go have a pump inside, ready to
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here. >> reporter: national hurricane center said that hermine could still become a hurricane before it makes landfall with everyone making labor day weekend plans. the question is what is the deal in the district and northern virginia and maryland. howard's here with a forecast and that is not easy to track. >> no, for d.c., it could be a descent amount of rain or little rain. it depends on how far west the back side of the precip shield, so to speak, gets it. if you're going to the beach this weekend, saturday and sunday don't look good. monday, salvageable and i would stay out of the water. >> and we'll get to that and start with the quick look at what is going on here. we'll go to hermine in a moment. we still have light showers that are coming through. and that morning made for a slow commute and clearing out this afternoon from northwest to southeast and you do notice when you get even past all of clarksburg here into frederick and most of western louden county, the rain and central montgomery and into howard, eastern louden, fairfax and that is here with some
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showers. and light showers. more showers across southern maryland into fredericksburg and moving through the northern neck and lingering around down there and going through the mid- afternoon. and with the clouds and, it's going to be cooler and into the 70s and low 80s. back above 90 degrees for that 23rd time the month of august and that was a record for awhile. the temperatures this evening in the 70s and with clear to partly cloudy skies and looks much nicer around here tomorrow thanks to much drier air moving in and dew points in the 50s in pittsburgh and williamsport and ohio. the dew points, the storm of 60s to 70s and the drier air is coming in and that will feel great around here tomorrow. right now, 78 in town. and lots of low to mid-70s across the board here and 80 in -- [ indiscernible ] the low 60s and in the mountains. cloudy on the camera. 78 officially and with a couple of sprinkles out there. the humidity high of 74% and this is the infrared satellite imagery of hermine and we colorize the cloud tops
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tallest and these are the giant thunderstorms that are trying to rotate around the center of circulation. we're starting to see more on the west side now. so, the winds, the upper level winds, the sheer that will rip the systems apart and weaken them doesn't seem to be strong now and this has a chance to strengthen and has been strengthening. the hurricane center with the 11:00 advisory, the winds up to 65 and gusting to 75. 74 miles an hour and makes a hurricane. we think we're going to be there this evening as it strengthens. and the pressure is down to 991- millibars and try to watch that number as we get an intermediate advisory at 2 and another at 5. the lower the number, the stronger the storm. this comes onshore making a landfall east of apalachicola. and this whole upper florida coast here is shaped perfectly against the water and has a big storm surge. this is not a good track and it's only a hurricane category 1 and not a two or stronger and this will continue to move up the i-95 corridor and
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hatterias by saturday morning and 45 miles per hour. you notice, no tropical and it's transitioning from a tropical storm to a post- tropical storm. the larger wind field and rain shield is going to be along the bay here, east of the bay and into the coast. and look what happens. this is sunday at noon and you know, we still have a storm out here with 50 miles per hour winds. watch where it goes and doesn't go, i should say. monday, into tuesday and it barely moves. the surf here is going to be awfully rough. not just through the weekend, but through the middle of next week. river currents are a real threat. i would stay out of the water and go to the beach. stay out of the water and stay safe. this will be a problem. we'll have to see how close this gets to us and looks like a shower threat is moving in by saturday afternoon. and lammingsish -- lingering into parts of sunday and this is up in the air. and isolated showers and storms. tomorrow, 82 and sunshine, a
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aiely weather alert day, depending on the exact temperature and the temperatures hold in the 70s. monday, 85. and we have the nats on 9 for labor day. should be drier and tuesday and wednesday, the heat returns with highs back toward 90. we'll see you in a few moments. stick around.
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luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs, bringing people together to solve problems. i'm luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. . welcome back. this is a photo that captured a moment of kindness that is now getting praise around the world. the sixth grader and when travis rudolph said, hey, canny sit with you? travis is on the florida state football team and he was there for a community service program. bo has
12:27 pm
-- . >> could have sat with anybody. >> and he picked bo? >> yeah. >> who was sitting by himself? >> yes. >> and i was moved with e motion of his generosity and kindness. again, i haven't spoken to him and i don't know what made him pick bo. i am gratefulhe did. >> and his mom said and thanked him on facebook. the post has been shared thousands of times ever since and now bo's pretty popular at the lunch table. >> and should be. >> and tonight, bruce johnson is going one-on-one with the outgoing d.c. police chief cathy lanier, frightening violent new video from inside a robbery at a 7-11 and more reaction from governor larry hogan mand eating that schools start after labor day. and we have a couple of showers that we're going to deal with here mid-day and with some sun building in later on. much cooler, upper 70s to low 80s, nice tomorrow and the weekend depends on hermine. the heat will be
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and summer waning but not yet. >> yeah. >> and that is it for the news at noon. join us here at 5:00. and have a great day, everybody. i'm mike hydeck, he's howard bernstein. my son has meningitis b.
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>> dylan: we believe adam newman, the prisoner, is being aided and abetted by his wife, chelsea. [ camera shutter clicks ] we now have a lead on the car she and her son used to flee genoa city. it's a gray sedan, wisconsin plate tah 7m2, last seen headed west on market street presumably headed out of the city limits. now, if you have seen this car, if you have any information on its whereabouts, please contact the gcpd tip line -- the number's on the screen -- or our website. though the passengers aren't considered dangerous, it is urgent that they are found safely. >> chelsea: no. you are not turning yourself in. our new life, our new plans -- >> adam: compared to connor's health, none of that matters, babe. he needs to see a doctor. >> chelsea: okay, adam, you just need to just take a second and think about this. >> adam: his fever's not going away. you said it yourself. we'll t


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