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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  WUSA  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we may see more from the storm sunday than we will saturday. as a category 1, hurricane warnings are in effect for big bend area of florida. it moves inland a little bit east of columbia, west of charleston. that's friday. by saturday morning it is just to the west of hatteras. again, there are the tropical storm watches posted for the lower bay all the way up the delmarva, up the new jersey coast. by sunday at 9:00 it's still offshore. it's not a tropical storm but it's going to be a big intense extra tropical storm by that time. look what happens. monday, labor day and then tuesday it bends around, starts to bend toward nantucket. by monday, we will be left with sunshine and showers mainly around the coast. we should be okay in the metro area. this just in, we have tropical storm watches for smith point southward in lower bay
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the delmarva as the storm gets near us. we don't have to worry for a while. tomorrow is great. we'll come back and talk about what the prospects are of a dry saturday and sunday in parts of the metro area. >> we are watching closely. download the wusa9 app to stay on top of hurricane hurricane statements mean and what it -- hurricane hermine and what it means for us. a man and a teen have been shot near anacost high school. this happened around 2:20. >> reporter: as you said, this is very close to a high school. as police were arriving on scene, the high school was letting out. but they say they do not believe what happened has any connection to the high school. two people were shot, a juvenile and an adult man. we have two different scenes. the first street behind me is where police say a juvenile
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injuries as grave. he was taken to the hospital and last we heard he was in critical condition there. the homicide detectives are here on the scene. about a block over you see there is another scene. that's where police say the adult man was shot. he had one gun shot wound to the leg. he is expected to survive. right now the look out police have given for a suspect is vague. really all they're saying is he is wearing dark clothing. if you think you know anything of course police would like to hear from you. we spoke to one neighbor a few minutes ago. she said she heard about four shots. when her husband came home he told her he saw a young man they know very well in the neighborhood lying face down on the ground. last we heard he is in critical condition and there are homicide detectives on the scene. >> thank you. we are learning more about the suspect accused of stabbing a pregnant
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kensingtoning ton maryland yesterday. brothers is being held on $5 million bond after charged today with attempted first degree murder. the 19 year old victim says the the two had con sensual sex in the woods before the attack. charging documents say brothers didn't want to be a dad. the baby was delivered by emergency c section and is in the nic-u. the mom is in critical condition. george town university began to atone for an almost 200 year old sin. the jesuit school sold almost 300 of its slaves down the river to the brutal plantations of louisiana. at george town, the university president announced what the school will do as penance. >> one thing is a formal apology. that and a public memorial here at the university of the slaves who essentiallie
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university with their lives as it was near bankruptcy. they also are going to agree to an admissions preference for the descendents of those slaves. some of the 272 slaves must have cried. some prayed the rosary. men, women, children loaded on a slave ship in george town harbor in the fall of 1838 headed into even deeper misery on the sugar cane plantations of louisiana, some of their descendents still tell their stories. >> i am told that very young she waved good-bye to her mother on the shore and watched her mother get on a ship or a boat. so she never saw her again. >> reporter: this george town graduate helped find some of the descendents. there are as many as 10 to 15,000 of them now. >> if somebody had written a check in 1838 that wiped out the university's debts, there is no doubt in my mind at
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buildings would be named after that person. that person would be celebrated. and his descendents would have no problem whatsoever being admitted to george town even then and to this day. >> reporter: now there will be a building named after them. george town has removed names of the reverend belady and william mcsheary former presidents involved in slave trade and renamed the buildings after isaac, one of the slaves shipped away and black educator anne marie becraft. >> it made me look at george town differently. >> reporter: this student appreciates what the university is doing. >> it made me proud to say that george town is trying to make it better. they realize the wrong done. they realize that that was something that shouldn't have been done and they're trying to rectify it. >> reporter: there have already been hiccups with the healing process here. the university failed
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the descendents to president dejoie's speech which is going on now in heely hall. one of the descendents turned up anyway. we will hear from her coming up at 6:00. here is a preview. she does not think that this is enough. >> bruce, we look forward to hearing that part of the story as well. george town plans to create an institute for study of slavery and legacies. it has yet to offer any special scholarships for descendents of slaves who helped build the university other than the need commitments it's already made to low income students. new video tonight of a space x rocket bursting into flames on its launch pad at cape canaveral. nasa says crews were test firing ahead of the weekend's launch and no one was hurt but people could feel the blast from miles away as smoke po
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into the sky. space x blames the explosion on an unusual problem on a launch pad. the rocket was supposed to carry an israeli communication satellite into orbit. the falcon 9 carried a price tag of $62 million. breaking news out of prince georges county. a man accused of beating and killing his ex girlfriend's 23 month old son was just found guilty of first degree child abuse and other related offenses. he was babysitting alone at the couple's apartment when the boy was hurt. the toddler was badly beaten and suffered a liver laceration. he faces up to 65 years in prison. more fall out from the scandal plagued program in prince georges. >> the ceo announced that six people including teachers and classroom aids have been removed. this comes after investigators found head start instructors improperly disciplined students as young
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$6.3 million from the program as a result of the report. check out the wild security video from a d.c.7-eleven. these bandits were most brazen until the clerks started fighting back. tonight they're getting a big pat on the back. >> reporter: boy did things happen fast. even cops tell me this was the right move. the 7-eleven keeps getting robbed. cigarettes are the target. workers are fed up. you are about to see just how much. d.c. police just released the
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right thing to do. >> he needed to find something to protect himself. these kids are pretty big in size, almost double the size of this guy. he wasn't going to hit him. he was just trying to scare him. >> reporter: i showed the video to store regulars. the woman suspect grabs the hammer and hits workers. this is the third time the store has been robbed since july. >> this is my family. this is a store i frequent ach ten. they had the right to defend themselves. >> reporter: even still robbers got away with $200 of new ports and rolling papers but sing is out of even more. he bought this expensive 12 camera high deaf in us video system. it is key for police who are still investigating. >> the police are doing a great job which is awesome, how rapidly they're trying to find these people. >> police officers from the 4 4th district visit all the time and tell me they're really upset. they're asking anyone to
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forward with tips. >> thanks, pete. anyone with a tip can call (202)707-9099 or text 50411. those numbers will be on our news app as well. an update on the police shooting death near the fairfax medical campus. the sheriffs deputy who fired has been identified as patrick mcpartland, an 18 year veteran of the force. police said martinez had been released from the hospital, became violent and charged at the deputy with a sign post. we have learned he is mentioned in a report on the desk of natasha mcken. a reaction to donald trump's fiery immigration address. there is already a backlash to the speech in phoenix. up to half of trump's hispanic advisory county has quit or say they will after listening to
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>> reporter: there are several individuals immediately after donald trump's speech last night that were just to use their term disgusted. it was the tone, the dehumanizing, unrealistic idea of self deportation. >> joe biden hit the road today and campaigned for hillary clinton in ohio. a new milestone in the battle against zika. authorities say for the first time they discovered the virus in three trapped mosquitoes from miami beach. this confirms that the insects are transmitting the disease. authorities have linked a couple hundred cases to small areas in the wynwood district and a popular tourist area of miami beach. an artifact from the 9/11 attack is on display. >> the 31-inch piece of limestone salvaged from the pentagon was unveiled today. officials say it will serve as a reminder to everyone on why transportation security is so important. we
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on wusa9 news at 5:00, she leaves d.c. for the nfl in a couple weeks. cupping up, a talk with the police chief. >> will anyone's beach plans change this holiday weekend. >> topper is back to tell you more about how that storm will impact us. >> crumbling conditions at a metro station with parts of the ceiling falling to the ground.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics.
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fer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online, cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. we are tracking metro for you. the general manager is addressing concerns about the problematic conditions at a red line station. >> a section of the ceiling at the rhode island avenue station came loose last night. the general manager was joined by other
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the debris fell down. >> a spacer related to the infrastructure related to this escalator. there is a small piece of metal. you can see where that wood is. in effect it's not holding up anything. it has some function clearly. >> the rhode island brentwood metro station reopened just in time for this morning's rush hour. there were no injuries. bruce springstein fans may be concerned about an m street freeze out tonight. the boss is appearing at nats park coming off a nearly four hour show in new jersey. there are concerns about how late metro trains will be running. metro is only promising there will be trains for riders to get to the navy yard platform by 11:17 p.m. nats park says the springstein concert will start promptly at 7:30 tonight. it's not looking like a great holiday weekend weather wise. there is the potential for it to be down right st
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beach resorts this weekend. that is thanks to hurricane hermine. we are tracking it. >> already people are beginning to react by adjusting weekend plans. scott broom will tell us what he is finding. >> reporter: an example, behind me here in rock creek park, a big blues festival is scheduled for saturday. that is unfortunately the same time it's predicted to rain in d.c. the festival organizers so far say they're going to go rain or shine. that's an example of the kind of decisions being made all around the region, decisions with particular gravity down at the coast. hurricane hermine, about to hit the florida gulf coast and forecast to put the remnants of the storm in our region for much of the holiday weekend period. >> i was going to go to north carolina but because of the weather it's no need to go. >> no need to go into an area that you are not really
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they are changing the track. >> this weather is crazy. one minute it's hot. the next minute it's cold. it's just nuts. >> i am a little bit concerned. i had plans to go to a pool party this weekend, but now i am not sure how that's going to turn out. >> reporter: from the blues fest in d.c. to skip jack races and festivities on the chesapeake bay to the derby festival in maryland to plans for fireworks and car and aviation shows in ocean city, maryland, a lot is riding on this storm and the forecast. already early birds are making traffic on the i-95 corridor busy this afternoon while some are saying they're glad now they didn't make any plans at all. >> i can stay home and i can enjoy, read, cook. >> it's not going to stop what i have to do. my plan is to have a quiet weekend at home. we'll be in and we'll be
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that's just fine by me. >> things are going to work out just fine for her. of the events i mentioned there, none of them have an outstanding cancellation. all are on a rain or shine schedule so far. bouclesser to the beaches there are -- but closer to the beaches there are tropical storm advisories from new jersey to the carolinas. the decisions on go or no go for the bigger events down there will take on more importance as we get closer to this weather event. >> scott, thank you. in just 24 hours, hermine is making a mess of our weekend. >> she's getting meaner. >> yeah. >> the first hurricane in the gulf of mexico in over 1000 days. let's start with the tropics. this is one of my favorite graphics. this is a wind field graphic. this is hurricane force, tropical storm force. the yellow
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tropical storm force. this is 5:00 today. let's put this into motion. you see the hurricane force winds move ashore by midnight tonight. winds can gust really to 50 miles per hour, 60 miles per hour as far inland as jacksonville. friday at 3:00, we still have winds of 50, 60 miles per hour around charleston, not quite to columbia. the good news is it weakens because it is over land. we are at 7:30 saturday morning. here is the wind field. we do have winds, tropical storm force and maybe a little higher north of norfolk. i guess the good news with this is most winds, those expand as they move out, all over shore. we will still see some good gusts along our coast. this is brand new. i guarantee you have not seen this. howard made this. this is going to be a storm surge. remember the hurricane has been sitting in the gulf for days. it's been building up water as it moves ashore, it takes the te
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storm surge if you will. what they call the big bend of florida, we are looking at a 10 to 12-foot storm surge. the good news is not many folks live here because apalachicola to the west and bigger cities are to the south. still that is a huge storm surge with hermine. rainfall is the ordaininger. look at the rainfall, 6, 8, 10 inches of rain. this is by friday at 5:00, heavy rain almost to raleigh durham. then we get into saturday. it does appear that the threat of heavy rain is not much for the metro area anymore given the track but it will be for the coast. also the lower bay and northern neck, talking two or three inches of rain. we'll break it down for you, difference between the metro and the shore. we will have showers. the shore will have heavy rain. our wind will be 15 to 25, winds at the shore 40 to 50. waves at the bay, one to three. waves at the shore, three to eight. i n'
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flooding in the metro area. i am not as concerned as i was at this time yesterday. we will see beach erosion at the shore. a live look outside, it's 83, winds out of the north northeast at five. we have showers and storms on radar marching down to 70 and along the river and back into louden pushing into fairfax. these are heavy storms, pretty good rainfall, not much lightning now. this storm will track for you. this will move towards chantilly at 5:30 and maybe all the way to bourque at 5:49. we will keep showers and storms in until midnight. these are not hermine related. this is the cold front. showers and storms ending tonight, bus stop temps are a refreshing 62 to 75. that's fantastic. a nice finish to the week. saturday and sunday are not great but not flooding problems anymore. showers are here saturday and sunday from hermine. i think we'll salvage labor
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with sunshine by 1:00. the next three days, saturday upper 70s. a yellow weather alert saturday. we may have the same on saturday with upper 70s again on sunday. next seven days, still nice on labor day, nats in town. it heats up a little bit with mid 90s by thursday and nats still in town. a new place for moms and kids to find those american girl dolls. >> an important decision in a lawsuit over a bad yelp review. we'll have it all in tonight's consumer alert.
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sky 9 over the scene. it looks like a tree came crashing down onto a car at route 450 in race track road. prince georges fire and ems tell us the tree was already down and the driver in the car disregarded the barricades and drove into the tree. luckily the driver wasn't hurt. let's talk consumer news. american girl dolls are available at toys r us. it's a first. right now they're only sold in 20 american girl stores and on
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to sell a new line of dolls for the younger kids starting at $60. in late october the toy retailer will open american girl shops inside 100 of its stores. it's okay to leave an unfavorable review on yelp. a texas judge threw out a $1 million lawsuit filed by a pet sitting business. the dallas based company says the client violated the contract by writing a one star review on the site. a contract clause prohibits customers from publicly criticizing the business. that company is considering an appeal. straight ahead, parents and teachers weigh in on controversy over post labor day school start in maryland. >> how about this, survivors of the colorado theater massacre are on the hook for $700,000 after they sued the cinema. >> right after break,
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dc's popular police chief cathy lanier leaves her post in two weeks, ending a 26 year career with the police department. >> she's been chief for ten years, longer than anyone else. she sat down with a final interview with bruce johnson who asked her just
5:30 pm
everything. >> you are right. she tells me the mayor did ask and lanier did make a recommendation as to who should replace her. she stopped just short of giving me the name. i have no doubt though she's recommending somebody from inside the police department. lanier is leaving to take over security for the entire national football league. are you going to live here or in new york? >> new york. >> in manhattan in the city? >> initially yes. i will be in temporary housing. then i will find something. >> you say temporary housing. >> i will probably live out of my suitcase. >> chief, i have never seen you out of uniform. >> you haven't? >> no. is there a uniform that comes with the job? are you going to be dressing professionally or civilian clothes? >> i will be in civilian clothes. let me tell you something, the the most stressful part is i am 27 years behind in shopping. shoes, clothes, all of it. >> how mu
5:31 pm
to make? [ laughter ] >> can you help us understand what you are doing? are you looking for terrorism? concerned about drunken fans? >> my job is the safety and security of the nfl and everything represented by the nfl. >> fans, players. >> it's not just the stadium, the team, the superbowl. there are a lot of other things. >> tell me how you have left the department. what shape is it in? >> i feel strongly honestly that we have a very good police department. we have more technology than any police department i can think of. we are more progressive than any police department. >> black lives matter. what do you think of the group, the movement? >> the movement itself i think is very timely and very well respected movement. i think that there are factions of and some maybe are
5:32 pm
want to use the black lives matter banner that are not as focused. >> rud, what do you suppose professionally and personally has happened. >> it's heart breaking that we haven't found her. >> you were looking for a body. >> we were looking for a body. but it's encouraging that we haven't found her. there have been little girls as you know that have gone missing and recovered years later. >> i am fascinated by your story. junior high school drop out, teen mother. >> people always say you have a great story. it wasn't always a great story. bad decisions i made, not something you would think you want as a role model. there are a lot of young women, single parents that through no fault of their own find themselves in the position i was in. you can get out. you can work your way out. i think that
5:33 pm
lot of people. >> lanier's last day is september 16. she starts work at the nfl in new york on the 19th. she's not even taking a break. more of her interview including how the police department has changed since she was on board nearly 30 years ago. that's at 7:00 tonight. she tells me that when she was coming to work as a young officer she had to physically fight or decide to quit the department and she chose to stay. sexual harassment was that bad. >> what she's saying is she's been there and she's seen this police department come through to the other side. >> a lot of times at the scene of homicides, cathy lanier would have the media wait while she finished hugging the people there. mothers, children. if you have ever seen her in a d.c. public school, the kids are hugging her. she likes to hug and they gravitate to her. she's a great example, role model. >> you can tell this is a big tug on her heart in that she's ready to go to the next chapter but part
5:34 pm
always be here. >> she tells people d.c. gave her her shot. this is home. >> we'll miss her too. thanks. >> all right. an update on a fatal accident in louden county that took the life of a five month old baby. the child's mother is in stable condition this evening. the crash happened yesterday morning in lands down. the infant and his mother were in a well marked cross walk when they were hit. the driver of the jeep cherokee that hit them remained on the scene. commonwealth's attorney will determine if charges will be filed. maryland parents and teachers reacting to the governor's plans to start the school year after labor day. john henry talked to some of them. a lot of people still have questions about how it's going to work. >> that's right, specifically how districts will be able to fit in the 180 days of class required before the governor's mandated end date in 2017 of june 15th. >> reporter: inside abcs
5:35 pm
store the governor's plan for maryland schools is getting a lot of discussion. isabella graduated a few months ago and hates that she didn't get to take advantage of the calendar switch in high school. >> i like it because i feel like it gives me more time to prepare prepare. >> reporter: this teacher and parent likes the idea of starting later than labor day. she has one question, how will schools pull it off? >> that part i cannot answer. i don't know. that's tricky. >> reporter: schools are scheduled to start in the 21st of august, 2017 but if they were to start september 5 the district would likely have to hold classes during days students were originally supposed to have off like those for parent teacher conferences or part of spring break. one maryland mother told us she would be fine with that. >> a spring break day or winter holiday, probably like a day or two. >> reporter: on her facebook page tammy wrote students shouldn't have
5:36 pm
she said perhaps the emphasis on standardized testing needs to change. that didn't sit well with all parents, some of whom worry the change will ultimately hurt their children as they prepare for college. >> with the a.p. exam, it means she will have one to two weeks less preparation time. >> reporter: a lot of people have questions about the plan. the leaders pointed out there will likely be legal and legislative efforts in the future to alter it. guys. >> thanks. the governor's executive order does allow for schools to apply for exemptions and waivers. survivors of the aurora movie theater massacre owe the cinema chain $700,000. you heard that right. >> holmes was sentenced to life in prison for killing 12 and injuring 70 others in colorado back in 2012. the survivors of the attack sued the theater claiming it didn't do enough to protect them. according to
5:37 pm
times the company offered the plaintiffs $150,000 split 41 ways. in addition to that small dollar amount, the deal included a promise that the theater would do more to keep people safe. but the deal was rejected. all but four plaintiffs backed out fearing what would come next. the judge ruled in favor of the theater leaving the four remaining suitors on the hook for $700,000 in legal costs. the man who tried to kill president ronald reagan 35 years ago will get his freedom soon. john hinckley will be released to live full time in virginia. the 61 year old will live with his mother in williamsburg beginning september 10. he was found not guilty by reason of insanitiy in the shooting of reagan, his press secretary and two law enforcement officers outside of the hilton hotel in washington in 1981. our service dog in training meets up with his name
5:38 pm
bunts and his wounded warrior friend corporal bunts. that's after the break. >> she'll be declared a saint this weekend. a little later, a special painting of mother theresa here in d.c. before she's canonized. >> sunshine in the northwest at least for now. pretty good thunderstorms, one german town and one moving through lees burg toward sterling and one towards chantilly. we will track these and we will also of course track hurricane hermine and what that [ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all...
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[ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ]
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by now you recognize a key member of our wusa9 news team. our 16 month old service dog in training for wounded warrior. >> such a great guy. tonight we visit with his name sake and show you how their relationship has grown. here is the week's salute to service report. >> reporter: from the
5:42 pm
a special bond with his name sake. >> love each other. that's my boy. >> reporter: justin was severely injured while serving our country in iraq. bunts was named in his honor. >> i just glow from the inside. >> reporter: over the months something extraordinary happened. >> it's changed his life dramatically in many ways. >> reporter: justin became stronger, more active, increasingly confident. >> by the time we part ways my face hurts. i have been smiling and laughing too much. >> miss you buddy. >> reporter: he sees an animal that brings laughter, joy, happiness, comfort. i think it is a reminder to justin that he also has those qualities. >> he is the whole package. smart, sweet, handsome, beautiful inside and out. >> reporter: justin has been able to learn a lot from bunts and as well as bunts learning from justin. they both have the heart to serve
5:43 pm
honor for justin. >> he loves you so much. >> reporter: two bunts, two lives each made better by the other. >> he's my boy. >> >> it's still to be determined where and whom bunts the dog will serve. but we are sure that marine corporal justin bunts will always be part of his life. if you would like to learn more about nominating a veteran to have a service dog named after them, check out warrior for more information. the rockville's golden girl is continuing her olympic victory tour. kristin will have her next appearance. it won't get you high
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marijuana product that my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received.
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good news for foodies and food truck vendors. mobile eateries will be allowed to operate legally on certain streets in tyson's corner. the trucks with vend near the intersection of lees burg pike and chain bridge road. >> good stuff. it's your chance to make your home feel like a hotel. who wouldn't want a bunch of stuff that hundreds of people have pawed all over? holiday inn of george town is having a liquidation sale from flat tvs -- people should stop by the old hotel on wisconsin avenue beginning tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. >> there are a lot of great organizations that can use all those beds. maybe they should donate the beds. that's just my two cents. >> we will get to what's trending. a product that promises to
5:48 pm
during their periods. i can't believe we're going to say this out loud. go. >> we're talking about marijuana tampons. they're made of three things. reviewers on the company website claim it has relaxing properties that helps them with lower back problems. you can only get them in colorado and california. and oh, you have to have one of those medical marijuana cards too. >> no words. >> just keep on reading. sometimes text isn't enough. facebook is adding an instant video feature to the messaging app. it's different than video calls. you can share live video with the person on the other end. in order for it to work, both parties have to have the app open. you are going to like this, a georgia con man on the late show with steamen colbert last night. it wasn't just him sitting down having an interview. >>e
5:49 pm
lewis, crowd surfer. really. he was promoting his new graphic novel theory. take a look. >> it started out slow but he got there. >> his graphic novel theory is called march but you might be able to call it fly after this. it documents his dirtiest fighting. a big shout out to our colleague and reporter larry miller. he spent the day talking to the next generation of juneists at garfield elementary in southeast d.c. we always enjoy the opportunity to talk to the kiddies in the community and larry is terrific. hey topp. >> he is, very entertaining. if i were
5:50 pm
i would pay attention. this is the winnfield graphic. we will stop it around midnight. you see the red, that's hurricane force winds or higher around the apalachicola area. the storm holds together pretty well. in fact we are looking at winds still up to hurricane force around charleston. this is 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon. it will lose steam as it hugs the coastline. this is 7:30 in the morning saturday. we've got winds up to 50 miles per hour around norfolk and almost into the southern bay. it gets offshore and expands the wind field. this is 5:30 sunday afternoon, even increases the wind field again. you can see winds up to 60 or 70 miles per hour but offshore. that's a good thing. storm surge. this is a cool graphic. this is an experimental graphic. right now they're projecting a storm surge of 10 to 12 feet across the big bend of a florida. that's just to the east of apalachicola and well
5:51 pm
what are the effects for us verses the beach? pretty dramatic differences. showers for the metro but heavy rain for the shore. winds 15 to 25, at the shore 40 to 50. waves in the bay one to three. at the shore, three to eight feet. i don't see flooding for the metro. i see flooding at the beach and some beach erosion as well. a live look outside, it looks nice now at least in the northwest. sunny and 83. we have some showers, pretty good showers rolling down 270 and also out from louden county into fairfax county. we will track a couple of these. this will slow you down a little bit north of the spur and head toward german town. don't see lightning, just heavy rain. do not see much in the way of winds either. this will head to the south and east, toward montgomery mallet 6:01, gay park at 6:04. headed to oak ton at 6:03. heavy rain is the main threat. they're going to end
5:52 pm
we will clear after midnight, bus stop temps 60s and 70s, fantasticment concentrate on tomorrow. beautiful friday. tomorrow night's plans are great. then we have showers from hermine on saturday. yellow weather alert saturday. downtown temps are up to 79 by 1:00. saturday hermine and showers, probably have to issue another yellow alert on sunday. it will not be a complete wash out in the metro. sunshine, nats on 9, nats at home. tuesday, wednesday, thursday it heats up, we are back into the 90s. it sure has been a whirlwind for local olympic athletes since returning from rio. ledecky threw out the first pitch and gold winning wrestler will get her
5:53 pm
this is from last week when presented with the spirit award by the nationals. tonight an honor many will be jealous of, throwing out the first pitch in aberdeen but her catcher is none other than cal rip ken junior himself. the gold medalist and a hall of famer. pretty sweet pairing. washington nationals have a much deserved day off. they played 20 straight games. it wrapped up with a series sweep of the phillies. perhaps the long stretches are one aspect of the game the teams really would like to change. baseball is an ever evolving sport. tonight frank looks at a sign of the times. >> it's amazing to think where the game of baseball has gone when you see a job posting like this with washington nationals. help wanted,
5:54 pm
research and development analysts. analytics is really changing baseball in the way stats are used with players, etc. we thought baseball was a simple game. far from it. the game has gone from giving signs and filling out the score book to having jobs like these. the role will focus on using data science to support baseball operations and player evaluation, roster construction, and tactics. get that resume' ready. you might be working for the nationals. that's your inside pitch. >> all of that just goes right over my head. >> nothing like pairing athletes with mathematicians. good pairing. >> good job opportunity for somebody. >> thanks. donald trump's immigration speech causing division among supporters. in the meantime, hillary clinton getting high profile help in ohio. >> our region is under a tropical storm watch. topper is tracking hermine's every move. >> mother theresa becomes a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the dmv got closer to saint wood today. history unveiled in northeast d.c. >> every artist dreams of some day creating a piece of art that the viewers react to with emotion. >> reporter: in a quiet holy corner of northeast d.c., everyone in this room got a little closer to saint hood. >> very happy to see her picture. >> reporter: before you become a saint, you need an official portrait. >> having never met her, i have that disadvantage. in the end, i was hoping to communicate some of that power she had. >> reporter: this artist has painted every u.s. president. he's sculpted pope john paul ii. unveiling this painting of mother theresa to the media is one thing,
5:58 pm
who actually knew her. >> he captured her so well. it's so life like. >> i just felt her presence. >> reporter: it took eight weeks to perfect. >> we found the face in one photograph, hands in another, clothes in another, and pieced it together. in the end, it came together as a unique piece. >> amazing. >> reporter: my wife says it's like postpartum for me every time. it's true. it is very hard to say good- bye. >> reporter: in a way he's given these pictures -- sisters a way to say hello. >> i feel like she's telling me be holy as jesus and mary is holy. she's my mother. >> reporter: sunday mother theresa will be declared a saint by pope francis at a mass at st. peter's basilica in rome. the image will be displayed on the facade. >> that portrait was commissioned by the knights of columbus. right now at 6:00, florida br
5:59 pm
and we are tropical storm watches up in our area. >> campaign cash flow. both donald trump and hillary clinton are taking donations in in record numbers. >> the number of people made sick by those tainted strawberries from a smoothie shop is growing. >> hurricane hermine is a category 1 storm soaking florida florida's gulf coast and tropical storm watches are in effect for the area. >> where is hermine now? how can it affect your holiday weekend? topper shutt is tracking where the storm is now and where it is headed. >> it's about 70 miles offshore of apalachicola and heading to apalachicola. a category 1, first hurricane in the gulf of mexico in over 1000 days. that's the center of it right there. you can see pretty good with the loop of the infrared satellite. we have pretty good circulation, a pretty good
6:00 pm
much of the day and even last night. a lot of the precipitation was ahead of the center of the storm. we do have hurricane warnings in effect for the big bend area of florida, tropical storm watches go up the entire eastern seaboard. we are going to stop it. by midnight, should have made landfall by then, probably to the east of apalachicola, hammers into southern georgia and goes to the north of charleston. it's inland a little bit. it turns to the east. this is further south than yesterday. that's a good thing for us. by 9:30 on saturday it's at hatteras and still a tropical storm and it moves out to sea. there is some question as to what happens as it rolls out sunday into monday and tuesday. some models have it doing a loop. the good news for us is it will be far enough monday we don't have to worry about it. here are watches, smith point south down into the bay and entire dell may have a, tropical storm watch in effect. we are kind


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