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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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much of the day and even last night. a lot of the precipitation was ahead of the center of the storm. we do have hurricane warnings in effect for the big bend area of florida, tropical storm watches go up the entire eastern seaboard. we are going to stop it. by midnight, should have made landfall by then, probably to the east of apalachicola, hammers into southern georgia and goes to the north of charleston. it's inland a little bit. it turns to the east. this is further south than yesterday. that's a good thing for us. by 9:30 on saturday it's at hatteras and still a tropical storm and it moves out to sea. there is some question as to what happens as it rolls out sunday into monday and tuesday. some models have it doing a loop. the good news for us is it will be far enough monday we don't have to worry about it. here are watches, smith point south down into the bay and entire dell may have a, tropical storm watch in effect. we are kind
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the riptides with this. never swim against the riptide. swim parallel to shore. then head back to shore. they're not that wide. quite frankly i wouldn't get in the water even if there were a life guard. we'll come back and talk about the storm surge. a reminder, download our app. you can track the storm with us as it approaches the delmarva over the weekend. >> thanks a lot. hermine is expected to make landfall late tonight on florida's panhandle. right now 51 counties are under state of emergency. the storm's outer bands are already lashing the coastline with heavy rain. storm surges could swell 10 to 12 feet and before this is over isolated areas could be soaked with 20 inches of rain. philip bryan is stacking sand bags outside his real estate office. >> it's mother nature. you take it as it comes and do what you can do. hope for the best. >> this will
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to some. florida has not taken a direct hit from a hurricane in 11 years. the governor says hermine is sure to cause flooding, knock out power, bring down trees. he is urging all residents to heed safety warnings. donald trump follows whirlwind trip and fiery immigration speech with campaign stops today in ohio. his immigration proposals are still the talk on this thursday and not just from the clinton campaign. some members of trump ace hispanic advisory council are walking away. >> reporter: vice president joe biden stepped in for hillary clinton on the campaign trail thursday and said donald trump doesn't understand the working man. >> this is a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth and now he is choking on it because his foot is in the mouth with the spoon. >> reporter: donald trump stuck to the trademark issue, immigration. >> we're going to build wall
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wall. >> after a closed door meeting with the mexican president, trump delivered a speech. >> anyone entered the united states illegally is subject to deportation. >> reporter: up to half of his advisory council have quit or say they'll quit after listening to the speech. >> there are several individuals meadely after donald trump's speech last night that were just to use their term disgusted. it was the tone, dehumanizing, unrealistic idea of self debtor pages. >> reporter: there is controversy about details of wednesday's meeting. president pena nieto said they had no intention of paying for a wall. trump said it wasn't discussed. >> he didn't have the guts to bring it up. >> reporter: it is going up in arizona as well. >> when mexico sends people, they're bringing drugs
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crime. >> reporter: the campaign announced it is spending $6 million to air this ad in the state. >> donald trump's trip to mexico is paying off in one area. the campaign announced it raised more than $5 million in online donations wednesday with a big chunk coming while trump was meeting with mexico's president. the clinton campaign says it raised $143 million for the month of august. here is a look at some of the responses on social media about the presidential race. gene splicing dump trump and crooked hillary to create president clump. #make2016worse. then i am done with campaign 2016. can't it just be over? michelle obama held an impromptu town hall with seth meyers and actor nick cannon. the first lady's better make room event
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specifically for university freshmen embarking on their first college experience. she encouraged them to tune out the haters and go after their dreams. >> there are a lot of people who will try to step on your confidence based on their assumptions about who they think you are, you know. what you have to remember is that you are competent and capable and able to do it. i learned that after graduating from college. i really didn't feel like there was anything i couldn't do. >> actor nick cannon enrolled at howard university as a freshmen a couple weeks ago. he will study communications and plans to graduate by 2020. a man and a teenager have been shot. it happened just before 2:30 at 16th street near t and southeast today. medics rushed the teen to the hospital. he is in critical condition tonight. the man suffered a gun shot wound to the leg. homicide detectives are on the scene and tell us the shooting is
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a rash of robberies at a convenience store pushed one clerk to fight back. d.c. police just released this security video. late sunday a pair of robbers hit the 7-eleven. a man in a cast and a woman come behind the counter until a clerk comes out with a hammer. the store owner says this is the third time the store has been robbed since july. >> he needed to find something to protect himself. these kids are pretty big in size. they were almost double the size of this guy. he wasn't going to hit them. he was just trying to scare them. >> fed up but not taking it anymore. still, the robbers got away with $200 of new ports and rolling papers. police are asking anyone to come forward with tips. hepatitis a outbreak linked to strawberries from the tropical smoothie cafe has made 70 people sick. cdc announced they found cases of hepatitis
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in seven states and all of them had those smoothies with the egyptian strawberries in them before august 8 at cafes in virginia, maryland, north carolina, or west virginia. how do you atone for a nearly 200 year old sin? >> george town university in washington tried to make a start trying to make amends for selling 272 slaves that were owned by the catholic school into greater misery in louisiana. at least one of the descendents of the slaves says the university needs to do much more. >> families were torn apart. >> reporter: karen harper royal's great great great grandparents among those sold down the river by george town university in 1838. >> today's announcement is kind of bitter sweet because we weren't invited. >> reporter: harper rail came anyway determined don vince the university to do
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it sold to save itself from bankruptcy. >> our ancestors were denied access to education. certainly at the very least scholarships and financial support toward the educational aspirations of the descendents. that's the ground floor. that's the bare minimum. >> reporter: the university does plan to offer descendents the same kind of admissions it gives to the children of george town alumni. it plans to strip the names of two former presidents involved in the slave trade from buildings at the school and rename one of the buildings after isaac, one of the slaves shipped south. and it plans to create an institute for the study of slavery and its legacyies. >> they said okay we need to do something about it and we hold our institution accountable to care for the students like we say we do. >> repo:
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there is no specific scholarship that the university is offering to the descendents of these slaves who built this school. but the university does say that it has a need blind all needs met policy for all low income students. bruce leshan, wusa9. even for 1838, george town slave sale was controversial, broke apart families in violation of vatican docket rip. while the university promises slaves could continue to practice catholic faith that promise was also broken. american banks have struggled to let people know we're here. >> thanks to social media, black owned banks have seen a boom in business. coming up, a look at how doing business with one of the 23 black-owned banks around the country could help some of the nation's poorest communities. >> first, dramatic video of a rocket explosion days
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scary moments for a rocket that was supposed to launch into space this weekend. space x rocket burst into flames during a test run. nobody was injured though. an anomaly on the launch pad is being blamed for that explosion. the rocket was supposed to carry a communications satellite into orbit that would widen internet access in africa. maintenance on
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international space station is like maintenance on your house but it takes more effort to get it done. >> two astronauts went on a space walk today and they needed to take care of a few small repairs. they took down a thermo radiator they no longer use and also installed the first of many hd video cameras outside the iss. it took about six and a half hours to complete the work and this is their second space walk in less than two weeks. chief meteorologist topper shutt keeping an eye luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia and grew the family business. a single working mom who helped create over 1,000 local jobs,
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a campaign born from the black lives matter movement is changing the way african- americans save and invest their money. >> thanks to the social media movement bank black, well over $1 million has been transferred into black owned banks. we are live at the oldest african-american owned bank in d.c. >> reporter: industrial bank typically opens 300 new accounts in six months. they
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accounts with $6 million in deposits in less thantwo months thanks to social media. >> i hope they keep coming. >> reporter: customers are celebrating the success of bank black. >> i think it is important to put our dollars in black businesses. >> reporter: so are bankers. >> it's an excellent start. >> reporter: a record number of young people have opened accounts at industrial bank, a victory that's bitter sweet for the third generation owner. >> we wish it had happened sooner and not under the circumstances it did. >> reporter: bank blacken courages african-americans to invest in black businesses, something that's been a struggle. >> i was hitting my head against the wall wondering why did not african americans particularly in washington, dc support our bank. >> reporter: he said that's part of the problem. >> why you have young mens on the streets of ferguson, young men on the streets
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and through growing african- american businesses we can quite naturally employ more african americans. >> reporter: industrial banked opened in 1993 offering loans to african americans who were refused by other banks. now 82 years later they service 115 families of all races. banking black is a movement all americans should support mitchell says because if we don't we all pay the price in the prison system, social services, struggling communities. >> it's an american problem that african americans only have $5000 in wealth per capita in this country. and that's why we have so many social problems within urban cities. >> reporter: get this, a study by the kelogg school of management at north western university finds that if every high income black family spends just $1 out of every $10 on a black owned buss
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live on georgia avenue, delia goncalves. >> thanks. there are 23 black owned banks in the united states. topper is here and he is tracking the tropics. if there were say a soccer tournament this weekend going on -- >> i think it might be played. we are not looking at anything heavy in the metro area. the beaches are going to be a mess. beach erosion will continue through tuesday. that's going to be a huge problem. let's start with the wind field. we'll stop this and you can see around midnight hurricane force winds around the big bend area of florida as hermine makes landfall as a category 1. after that, 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, still some good winds with 50 or 60 miles per hour for charleston. as the storm moves inland it loses its punch a little bit. we get into the 7:30 am saturday. winds are now generally 58 miles per hour
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bay. as it moves offshore it kind of regenerates a little bit, pretty good wind fields as we get into sunday afternoon and evening. but they're offshore. it's not to say you can't have gusts. at least high wind fields are offshore. the highest winds are always to the northeast quadrant of the storm which is further offshore. storm surge. this is incredible. this is an experimental graphic from the weather service. we are looking at the possibility of a 10 to 12-foot storm surge as hermine makes landfall later tonight in the early hours of the morning. let's break it down. there is a big difference between the metro area and the shore. we have issued yellow weather alert for the metro area for nuisance showers. i think that's all we will have. that will translate to heavy rain at the shore. winds are 15 to 25 miles per hour but 40 to 50 at the shore with waves one to three feet on the bay and three to eight on the shore. no flooding here. i think really major beach other ocean at
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because the storm sits and spins monday, tuesday, and finally moves away wednesday. a live look outside, it is getting darker now. you can see in the north some thunderstorms gathering, 82 degrees, dew point in the upper 60s. here is a look at the radar. you can see big storms toward cumberland and romney. we are tracking little storms to the south of frederick. it will kind of move on the west side of 270, maybe toward buckies town at 6:20 and maybe towards burdette at 6:29. this storm is moving south and east toward the american legion bridge and the airport. this will cross 95 headed toward dale city at about 6:25. i don't see lightning or hail or wind but i do see a lot of heavy rainfall. showers and storms ending tonight, bus stop temps are great with 62 to 75. a nice finish
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it is not really a wash out event, more nuisance. 60s to start the day planner, 79 by 1:00. that's pretty good. yellow weather alert saturday with 78. we may have to do the same on sunday with the showers. very nice on labor day with upper 80s. then we are in the low 90s tuesday, wednesday, thursday. nats in town labor day through next week. nats on 9 on mop. did you like what you saw last night? >> yes, given the elements. all the starters stayed home but those fighting for a roster spot braved the elements. we'll look at one player who
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last night was a wet soggy mess in tampa. washington's game against the bucs moved because of bad weather and it rained pretty much the whole game. there was talk of why not just cancel the game? it doesn't matter anyway. tell that to one player who may have solidified a spot. brown, a practice squad member last season and on the bubble this year took full advantage of the spotlight. weather didn't phase him. he carried the ball 19 times for 149 yards and a touchdown nearly doubling his preseason total. his teammates were praising him all night on social media as
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was his coach after the game. >> matt made big runs, big plays. is this thing on? i don't think i need it. i was happy to see him. i think he did show up and made the decision even tougher. hopefully we can figure out a way to keep all of them. we'll get together with the scouting staff and coaching staff and figure it out. >> another guy is a former navy quarterback. he has one final chance to impress in new orleans with hopes of making ravens final 53 man roster. >> out shined by another local product. reynolds has zero receptions all preseason but perhaps the ravens will take into account what kind of athlete he was at navy. >> two major considerations. you have to factor in what you think a guy is going to be and what a guy has done. that's not a perfect science. then certainly how much we're going to play guys. we need to get
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that can play. we want to keep guys as healthy as we can. >> kirk cousins got a surprise gift raising a few eyebrows. san antonio spurs jersey customized with his name. why? bruce is asking why? cousins told his teammates he wants to be the spurs of the nfl, be super boring and at the end of the season people say wow, they had a really good year. kind of flying under the radar, no drama. >> he can get rid of the jersey now. we saw it. >> the wizards were like we don't like >> do you need to revise the beach forecast? >> i really don't. just nuisance showers, yellow weather alert saturday. >>
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