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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. what was once hurricane hermine is now a tropical storm. but that downgrade doesn't make the storm any less deadly. a homeless man was crushed and kill when a tree fell on
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to thoughts in the carolinas. and people are warning people living in the storm's path to hunker down and stay put but ready to leave if the flooding gets dangerous. and allison ray tracking it now and how is it going to affect our holiday week plans? it depends on where you're going to be in the holiday weekend. some areas may not see a drop of rain and some areas will see almost six inches of rain. this is what is left of tropical storm hermine. it is impressive. the winds have died down making it a tropical storm that is still pretty strong and now we're watching the rain that is just moving up through south carolina and north carolina and one i think that is concerning to me is that forward the speed a little bit and it has been pouring in north carolina and south carolina and georgia for a while now. so that will be a flooding concern we're as dry
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let's not forget, right now today and tonight, it is gorgeous outside. so soak it in and enjoy it. so latest information this is an upgrade. we had tropical storm watches in place for the maryland coastline down through the outer banks. that has been upgraded to a warning. and what is the difference? watch out. this could happen. a warning is saying, yes, this is going to happen. and tropical storm conditions are likely if not eminent for the areas from smith point to ocean city and the maryland beach and virginia beach as well. so the beach-goers beware. we know we'll see some impacts here from hermine. and melissa has been in ocean city all weekend long tracking what could happen in the shore region. >> reporter: the holiday weekend in ocean city, so far off to a quiet start. but things are expected to get
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thuds of people being that -- thousands of people that usually come to the beaches but because of tropical storm hermine t is the first hurricane to make land in florida since 2005. and the beach forecast is not looking good. the conditions will deteriorate by tomorrow morning and periods of tropical downpours and the dangers are worse in the water. large waves and a high risk of rip currents, this is not weekend to be in the water. >> the water could be crazy here. >> reporter: but he doesn't recommend going into the water i am heavily. most residents and tourists know this storm means business. and it is not worth the risk. is. >> tomorrow we plan to stay home. >> tourists don't know that and it is a
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but to me it is better to be safe. you can come back the following weekend and have a great time. >> reporter: ocean city not a stranger to flooding and storm surge and big waves. in 2012 sandy tore apart the pier and they just rebuilt in january after a winter storm. so coming up, we'll go through the futurecast hour by hour. you can see where the heaviest rain will be at what time. and how much rain are we talking about and where the drier areas that i mentioned. that is coming up a little later. tropical tropical storm hermine making its way across and up to the northeast and it brought heavy rain and winds to the carolinas and now they prepare for flooding and
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tornadoes. kenneth greg is in charleston, north carolina. >> reporter: the waves hit the beach and sandbaggers put bags in front of their store hurricane hermine hit the panhandle of florida. the first for florida in more than a decade and it knocked out power to more than 100,000 residents. >> we'll spending the coming days assessing the damage and responding to the needs of our community and florida families. >> reporter: hermine is bringing heavy rain and 60-mile- an-hour winds to georgia and south carolina. >> we're taking this storm seriously. >> reporter: charleston mayor reminds people that because it is no longer a hurricane it is still a threat. >> we're expecting serious winds and serious rainfall that can lead to flash flooding. >> reporter: along the waterfront, in
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a spectacle than a threat, at least for now. >> we're enjoying getting out right now. we're not prepping or anything i guess. >> i love it. >> reporter: you love it? >> i love it railroad benjamin more has lived here all his life and he takes this storm in stride. from here, hermine is expected to move off the northeast and stall off the coast of new jersey for labor day weekend. kenneth craig cbs news charleston, south carolina. georgia power reports more than 76,000 of its customers are without power right now. and the storm, it could really get in the way of your holiday weekend so don't forget to download the app. go to your phone for all of your alerts. convicted rapist brock turner home from jail after serving half of hi
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sentence. and he was convicted of raping an unconscious woman outside a frat house in january last year t triggered a recall effort against the judge. turner said that he's returning to ohio to live with his parents. subway former pitch man is in child for child pornography and sex abuse and the parents of one of the female victims is to blame that is jared fogle and he makes that argument in a filing in u.s. district court. fogle said that the parents of the child fought and drank alcohol in excess in front her and that is one of the causes of her depression and the parents may be liable for some or all of her claims against fogle. we have more about the double murder that we've been following overnigh
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old craig wise with killing his parents. the body of glenda and -- white were found in their home. the police are not release is that many or details other than that. >> reporter: the neighbor tell us the same thing. this is a quiet, safe block so i can't believe what happened here. >> this is a wonderful neighborhood. it is full of families, children, working parents. >> reporter: that is why those living here saying the news of a double murder on this block is especially shocking. >> it is sad it happened and it is a safe neighborhood and it makes me feel really sad that our neighborhood was rocked like this. >> reporter: the police were called to this home on the 9500 block of keeps court in laurel. and inside they found two people dead and they believe that the two were murdered by a family member. and they are calling this a domestic incident and they ve
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>> i would never imagine this happening. >> reporter: so why would someone kill their own family members? that is what the police are trying to figure out. and the police do believe this is an isolated incident. so if you live in the area, there's no reason to be concerned. in howard county, hillary lane, wusa 9 news. >> 30-year-old craig white being charged with murdering his parents. he is being held at howard county detention center. coming up, colin kaepernick controversy. and what many are saying after the 49ers quarterback continued his silent protest against racism in america. first tracking metro. taking a look at how the shutdown at one of metro's busiest stations affecting thousands that
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in china a decade ago have renewed hope that he is still alive. former byu student david sunsetton is in north korea and married with children. the family plans to appreciation pressure the u.s. government to get him back once and for all. >> it was a miracle. >> david was 24 years old when he disappeared in china in 2004. they believe he was abducted by north korea. and this japanese news article seems to confirm that. and allison is tracking her forecast coming up. that's right this is saturday, 3:00 in the morning, showers are approaching ocean city. so what did the rest of the
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this the get them the opportunity to see what is causing part of the controlling to come down. >> reporter: that is what the commuters heard as they approached the gates of the rhode island metro station this morning. and many of them did not know the station was closed or
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what reason. >> >> labor day weekend and trying to get to work early. >> reporter: she did not make it to the office early and this woman had an extra half hour tacked on to her commute. >> it put more 30 minutes on. >> reporter: did you know beforehand it was down? >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: frustrating? >> not frustrating, just a little inconvenient. >> reporter: a piece of metal and chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling and thursday night more concrete falls down. no one hurt. but falling the debris creates a safety risk for passengers. >> best bet if you take a shuttle to leave the house a little extra early to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. commuters telling me they've been adding an additional 30 minutes to the commute. the rhode
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station began service in 1976 and it is one of metro's first stations. san francisco 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick is putting his money where his mouth is. he will donate $1 million to community organizations. he refused to stand during the star-spangled banner during the last preseason game against the chargers. and he was joined in protest by his teammate eric reed. the crowd booed colin kaepernick to start the game and immediately leading the 49ers to the first touch down. here some are responses from social media. that is a pr move because he is losing out to the public. criminal behavior is way less threatening then players going all crazy
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and cav is not only in -- colin kaepernick is not only right to but i support him. a study in the journal of pediatrics tracked newborns with a birth weight less than 2.2 pounds. if found by the time they are in the0s, the group is -- in their 30s, that group is more likely to grow glue glucose. a study said that a new device works like a pacemaker and significantly improves apnea symptoms. and now back to tropical storm hermine. it hit part
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with heavy rain and 07-mile-an- hour winds -- 70-mile-an-hour winds. >> reporter: we're in the san marco neighborhood in jacksonville, florida and we're next to the st. john's river. you can see some of the aftermath of hurricane hermine. we're getting strong winds here on the coast. you can see the water slamming into this wall. a lot of people coming out this morning to assess the damage. we'll take a look at the river. a lot of people have downed power lines and trees. a lot of people are without power this morning this area that we're standing in is prone to flooding. but they're not having too much of an issue there. and the water is collecting on the side of the road td it -- it is not too bad. we're urging people to not go in the
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far this morning in the san marco area, no injuries reported. stay safe out there. and no choke joke when you do that kind of reporting and no joke for anyone that lives around there. that storm caused a lot of damage to florida and a lot of wind damage. a lot of wind damage out in florida along with the rain so now you see the brunt of the rain moving through georgia and south carolina and it's been there for a while now. and the rainfall totals are adding up. and we're talking about eight, ten inches of rain for the areas seeing the darker oranges and yellows t is pouring there. -- yellows. it is pouring there this is fort myers up to the tampa region and
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here. so not a lot of land to soak all of this up and it has some flooding concerns before the storm made landfall yesterday. and closer to home, it is as dry as can be out there and it will change for our friends on the beaches. but it is good today if you're looking to bbq, enjoy tonight t is gorgeous out there and the humidity has dropped off. and the temperatures are cool. and then we'll talk about the weekend. latest advisories. this is 11:00 in the morning and moving northeast at 18. we want to limit any flooding concerns. but the gusts are 65 miles an hour so it is a healthy tropical storm. as it takes off it will move through the carolinas. and we'll be in carolinas by early saturday morning and it fizzles out and it could hang around here for a little bit. and the models start to diverge once it gets into sunday and monday this is subject to change. if this tracks a little further to
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different forecast from sunday into monday for areas that i say are not looking too bad at all. so this is just one of the systems. this always happens. tropical storm systems will change a little bit. if they start to speed up, and we'll keep with this forecast that we're going with right now. so rainfall potential. i looked at a bunch of computer models and this is the one that i like the best this is cumulative rainfall through monday. but most of this will be on saturday. i'm expecting about a half inch up to an inch of rain in southern maryland. lien -- look at where the totals skyrocketing. ocean city and rehobeth and hagerstown. and it is a nuisance day on saturday. if you're staying local, showers, winds and gusty day. it
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potomac. if it starts to dry out a little bit on monday and the sunshine, we have all the details. you can pick your area and get your forecast. the rip currents will be bad. this is saturday morning and rain moving in and these are the passing showers along 95 on saturday and saturday afternoon. we'll have the heavy rain just pour through delmarva. and saturday drying out a little bit. but the showers will continue on and off for sunday along the coastal spots and the outer banks as well. monday is looking a little more promising especially in the metro spots and off to the west. 38 today and it is gorgeous -- 83 today and it is gorgeous out there. 78 tomorrow and 79 on sunday. next week, here comes summer back at us and we'll be in the 90s. we'll be right back.
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we're learning more about the teenager shot and killed asd we're learning more about pi trocal storm hermine learns north and a 12-year-old freshman making the grade at and i've i didn't league university. -- ivy league university. you know how fast the forecast can change. so join us tonight and facebook and we'll give you updates on how your holiday weekend will be impacted by hermine. >> we have new friend behind us. and we're lucky to have them. how did we do
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>> good. >> you heard it. you got to come back for wusa 9 news at 5:00. thank you for joining us and have a great day.
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♪ >> ashley: dad? >> john: [ chuckling ] ashley! >> ashley: hi. >> john: oh. >> ashley: oh, my. >> davidson: that was my first scene was with jerry douglas, who played my father, and my first scenes were in cowboy boots and jeans. it was the '80s. >> jack: well, believe it, honey. smilin' jack is back in the flesh. >> bergman: favorite moments -- i always bring up a day that jack had a very important decision to make. >> victor: i want you to get your thing, and i want you to get out! >> bergman: jack had two choices -- call for help or walk out the door and leave him for dead. on my way out the door, his hand was in the way. and i kicked it. it was wonderful. >> davidson: a really pertinent story line that i played a part in was the one with traci abbott, my little sister, who was bulimic. >> ashley: shh, it's okay. shh, it's all right. >> davidson: bill bell was always trying ri


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