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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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tropical storm forced winds. we got the warnings in to jersey, the entire delmarva, mid atlantic and southern maryland, st. marys, the lower part of the bay. this will hang around until tuesday or wednesday of next week. look at the pewter models, -- computer models, they start doing loopdy loops. it will stall until tuesday or wednesday. watchout for storm surge or coastal floodings. we get a glancing blow with showers on saturday. heavy rains along the coast. by tuesday, wednesday of next week, we could have beach erosion and issue there is along with trees down and power outages by the higher wind gusts. for us , the weekend will be cool, temperatures 70s to near 80. next week, believe it or not, guys, summer will return. the full seven-day forecast in
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a few minutes. first though more on the destruction in her hermine's wake. >> reporter: here in charlston the wind has been picking up all day and now heavy rain, this area could see up to 9 inches. gordan and bonnie spent their time securing the house that has been in the family for 150 years. new york city's mayor closed city beaches possibly through tuesday because of rip currents. >> the you go in the water you are putting your life in danger. >> we are keeping a close eye on how hermine will impact ocean city maryland. visitors are trying to enjoy the beach as long as possible before that storm strikes the area. our john henry is live there on the board walk,
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looking behind you, i can see the wind moving a little bit, you have company on the beach. >> reporter: there is people on the beach. you won't find anyone on the water because of the strong currents we were talking about a minute agoment people are trying to enjoy themselves here in ocean city, as the winds become stronger and the clouds a little more gray. this afternoon, people in ocean city are making due with what they have, this is not how they thought the labor day weekend would turn out, many figure a few more hours of fun they can have in the sand. >> we love the beach, the beach is fantastic. >> reporter: from new jersey, planed the trip a month ago. they planned to stick it out indoors until the storm passesment not everyone has been as brave, some say the crowds are smaller than normal. >> just come and walk the board walk and enjoy the crowds, i like it when there are more people here. >> reporter: emergency officials want everyone to use
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caution, the worster county sheriff's office warn the winds could damage roofs, porches and trees. anyone close to the beach trying to secure their property should wrap that up soon. on top of that, the peach itself could be -- beach itself could be impacted, erosion is possible. >> the beach is in such good shapes you hate to see the erosion in any kind of storm. >> reporter: this messy forecast is part of the reason why some visitors have decided to cut their vacation short all together. >> we decided to come for the day. there is no point in staying in the hurricane. >> reporter: i talked to the police department here not more than 30 minutes ago, this decision as to whether to chose the beach has yet to be made. that could be a few hours until they decide whether or not to keep it open. that said, we will be having updates throughout the weekend from ocean city. get updates on our free wusa9 app as
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john henry, wusa9. we learning awithout a teenager killed in southeast dc at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. kevin anthony jackson was 17 years old, gunned down blocks from anacostia high school. delia goncalves is live to tell us about it. >> reporter: there seems to be confusion as to whether or not kevin jackson was enrolled, a student at an costia high school. i talked to students who said he was student and started his junior year. >> he was there everyday. >> reporter: very few people want to talk on camera todays not even the police department. several staff the members and students from anacostia high,
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classes there. a dc spokesperson wouldn't go on record to deny or confirm his enrollment. >> want to create a different reality for inner city kids. burying someone that's 18 or 21 or a tommer or young person that's not their reality but being successful is they new reality. >> reporter: we don't know if kevin it was intended target. as we said he was 17 years old, a lot of his friends who attended anacostia high school broken up about this. not many wanted to go on camera today. police are still looking for the gunman who was wearing all black and ran from the scene at 16th and good hope yesterday afternoon. delia goncalves, wusa9. an adult man was shot, he is expected to recover from his injuries. if anyone has information on what happened, police do want to
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breaking news, falling chunks coming down form the ceiling of one of metro's oldest stations. it's forcing it to shutdown longer. metro officials made the announcement. the rhode island avenue station is closed until 7:00 a.m. on monday morning. transportation reporter pete muntean is live at metro headquarters, you can't have people ducking and diving in a metro station. >> reporter: that's right, a big deal, guys. metro is trying to cover bases on the holiday weekend. lots of folks trying to go to churches. chunks of concrete, half the size of this pen, keep falling from the ceiling in the mezzanine level. officials made the announce. rhode island avenue was shutdown wednesday, then again last night, independent contractor came in, workers have been tapping on the wall, more loose concrete came out. metro thinks moisture is to blame, they want more time to
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>> i know this is a holiday weekend. i know we are inconveniencing a lot of folks that live and use this station. however, we are doing it for your safety. >> reporter: metro will keep providing the free shuttle buses, running between rhode island avenue and the brentwood station, also this weekend, metro will install a big piece of netting in order to catch the falling debris, 1500 feet by 1600 feet. the size of four football fields, metro says it will stay there for as long as it needs to as long as the problem persists. pete muntean, wusa9. for now, trains are passing through that station but they are going slowly under 15 miles per hour. the justice department could be taking former virginia governor mcdonald back to court. the court recomm
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justice department leaders they try him again. he was found guilty in 2014 but the conviction was vacated by the supreme court. prosecutors have until the middle of the month if they want to try him again the suspect in a shooting spree that left 3 dead and 3 wounded in prince georges and montgomery county, asked a judge to give lawyers time to prepare a defense. he appeared in court for the first time. he has grown a mustache and a long goatee. briewsh la shan reports his -- bruce la shan reports. his public defenders declined to talk on camera. his public defenders say a delay makes sense. >> there are thousands of pages of discovery, video materials, expert reports from the autopsy and ballistics and dna. if you want someone to do an
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why any deft might say my lawyer -- defendant might say i want more time. >> he is charged with killing a man in a parking lot. turning to the race for president and republican donald trump is in philadelphia for a round table discussion with black leaders, the meeting comes a day before trump is to visit a predominantly black church in detroit. >> this is another show event as part of the new strategy to show he is a different candidate than the one fightenning the group of republican voters. >> fbi released notes from the interview with democrat hilary clinton about her use of a private email server while secretary of state. they show clinton never asked permission to use a private server or email address. fbi recommended clinton
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prosecuted but said she was careless in handling classified materials. firefighters battled flames in the basement of a house in springfield, virginia. >> the family made it out safely. fairfax county firefighters made sure the family bulldog did, too. the union representing the firefighters and paramedics, posted the picture to facebook earlier today. we are just getting started, a son is behind bars accused of killing his own parents in maryland. protests over a former stanford swimmer's release from jail after a 3 month sentence in a sexual assault case. howard is back with the latest on hermine and your weekend forecast. massage therapist arrested in fairfax for what he allegedly did to a female
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it's 5:15. what is wrong with this picture, this is the bay bridge, traffic towards the east. there is not much because of hermine. churning up the east coast right now, making a beat for ocean city and the coast off expecting rain there this weekend. folks headed out there probably going to get some wind and rain but still, why not head to the beach if you can. so called massage therapist running a business in mcclain is behind bars. he faces 12 criminal warrants including inappropriately touching one of his clients. there could be more victims. peggy fox is live at the business park where it allegedly happened. >> reporter: the business is called city massage and body work. it's right there be
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place but it's not. the owner is now in jail. the young woman who scheduled a massage at this business wound up in the hospital and her alleged massage therapy cyst is behind bars. -- therapist is behind bars. he ran the city massage body work at chain bridge road, a small office in a popular large brick complex in mcclain. a police place where children and teenagers attend tutors courses. >> it's scary where it's happening in an area where there are kids. i'm glad they caught him. >> reporter: he was arrested on thursday, charged with inappropriately touching a 25 year old woman who came for a massage session a week ago and transported to the hospital for examination and treatment. >> the detectives believe there could be other victims. we want this to
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>> reporter: he is not a licensed massage therapist, nor does he have a license to operate a massage business. on the other side of the same business park, fit pro fa massage has licensed therapist. . >> from my experience, my suggestion to people is to do your research. >> reporter: in addition to that charge of inappropriately touching a young woman, he is also charged with five counts of practicing without a license, also five counts of operating an un licensed massage business. fairfax county police are asking if there are other victims they want to hear from you. peggy fox, wusa9. there have been similar cases in the area in june a man who was a licensed massage therapist in alexandria was charged after a client accused hum
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her. he was convicted of sexually assaulting unconscious woman outside of a fra stepty party -- fraternity party. after serving three months behind bars he is out of jail. brock turner walked out of the santa clara county jail for good behavior. he served 3 months of the 6 month service. efforts to recall the judge who sentenced him remain main underway. a viral picture this wake of hermine is shared across the country tonight. a deer in florida ended up struggling to get out of the atlantic ocean's high waves and continues brought on by the topical storm. a lifeguard saw you are happening and used a paddle boat to steer the deer back to shore. once it hit dry land, the deer ran off in to the dunes. >> risky. you get near an animal who is struggling in the water, they
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>> life forward took his duty seriously. >> he was taking care of business. we are going to have rough surf like that. >> don't go this the water this weekend. the rip tide or the rip current danger is so hey, stay out of the -- so high, stay out of the water. stay out of the atlantic. this is a dangerous storm, it's a tropical storm, not a hurricane, it's not going away any time soon. heavy rain, south and north carolina, tornado watch boxes here. flood warnings, several inches of rain. some cases more than half a foot with tropical storm morning extended the entire coast north to sandy hook, gets in towards st. maries county, the lower part of the potomac, southeast virginia by saturday. the winds now are 50, sustained at 50, gusts hayer than that. this -- higher than that. this is going to strengthen more once i gets over water
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tomorrow afternoon. 60 miles per hour sustained winds is the forecast. when it's over the atlantic, this could get back to near hurricane strength, whether or not it's a true tropical system or post tropical system, ir rell lant, the irrelevant. here is monday afternoon, then we get in to tuesday, it maybe here, the steering currents just fall apart on it. storm surge is doing the be a problem -- going to be a problem. western long island side, 5, 6, 7-foot elevation. for us, we are looking at the light green, puts it four or five or six foot possible storm surge with a battering of the waves continuing for days and days as the system will sit out there until next tuesday or wednesday. headed out this evening, temperatures in the 70s. we are at 80, i believe that's as warm as we have been all day. mi for front royal, waldorf,
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places around the region. these are the high clouds ahead of hermine, dew points 5. the air dried out after yesterday at a northeast wind at 12. that's going to pick up. future cast through tonight. there is hermine, by saturday, midnight, rain approaching, norfolk, some heavy overnight moving towards ocean city by day break. southern maryland, south and east of dc. we may see showers especially south and east of town in the morning. in the afternoon, looks like the bulk of the rain will be east of the bay, perhaps isolated shower or two even in to saturday night. southern maryland, the northern neck, the system sits and spins offshore for several days. might thrie to throw moisture back towards the coast, sunday and monday, depending on where this end up, depends how bad things will be at the coast. several days
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means beach erosion and potential dune breaches coastal low lying flooding. 6s tonight, cloudy and comfortel. 70 in town. 60s and 70s in the morning with a few showers east and southeast, northeast at 15-20, the winds, gusts higher than that. 70s in the afternoon. showers east and southeast. not too bad around here. sunday, breezy, a yellow weather alert tomorrow. i'm not too concerned in the metro. breezy and warmer monday, 86, okay for labor day, next week, once we get rid of hermine, summer comes back. mid-90s by thursday and friday. samsung recalling lane of smart phones over an explosive problem. sony revive as music player from yesteryear, stick and for tonight's consumer alert. a warning to creeps dressing up like clowns and scaring people in
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wall street's financial markets closed higher than this was a slowdown in hiring, 151,000 jobs in august, investors hope the federal reserve will wait longer to raise interest
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catholic church honored one of its most visible followers. >> mother teresa will become a saint on sunday. the nun dedicated her life to helping the poor in india and join the con vent at the age of 16. two years later moved to india opening the first school in the slums, devotion to the young, old and needy, earned her the noble prize. sunday 19 years after she died, she will be canonized in a mass at the vatican. consumer alert, samsung issues a global recall of its
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here is why. reports of the battery exploding while you charge the device. somebody posted the picture on social media of oh what was left -- media of what was left of theirs. customers can exchange it for a new phone and samsung sold 1 million galaxy note 7s since it launched two weeks ago. pack patience if you are going to hit the roads this labor day weekend. travel be up 10% this holiday, compared to last year and while the majority of us will drive, air travel is also up 6%. the top destinations will be beaches, city get aways and escapes to lakes and national parks. it's a music player flashback with an even pricier price tag. sony's new
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walkman, saying that again, is for techies that have a thing for super clean sound, 25 gigs of storage and stereo plated in real gold. there is a lot of gold and copper wiring inside the device. this high end sony walkman will be available if you just have to have it. >> $3200? who is going to do that? maybe like two people on earth. straight ahead a maryland mall is taking a tough stance on teenagers in a story that's got you out e therchiming in on social media tonight. a 12 year old in dc, just 2, gets a ticket for littering. find out more about that. neighbors in shock after a couple is killed allegedly at the hands of their own son.
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new information in the murder investigation of a maryland couple, their bodies were found in their laurel home. >> their 30-year-old son is charged with murder. matt yurus has been talking to neighbors that can't believe what's happened. >> it's not right. it's not right. >> reporter: one reaction to murders of glenn and linda white. their son, 30 year old
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them inside their home. police found glenn white's body upstairs, he appeared to be stabbed to death. his wife, linda, was found downstairs, she died from blunt force trauma. >> i know the whole family for 20 years. >> reporter: sandra broke down, she has known the family for decades. news of the arrest is hard to believe because her son grew up with the suspect. >> the mother you are used to seeing go by, the father you are used to seeing come in, the child, the son, coming over to the porch to say hi and hello. >> reporter: the close knit community, a place where people walk dogs and take short cuts to get home, her old college advisor comforted her as she paced the neighborhood. the question for neighbors is why. police said the suspect lived with his parents in the home, but it's not clear if there were signs of trouble leading
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>> did you ever think craig was capable of what he is accused of? >> not in a million years. i'm still not settled with it. >> reporter: sonnia will miss seeing sonnia whip around the neighborhood in her car but will remember her subtle sense of humor and beauty. her husband was a quiet man, every time he saw you, he would give you a big wave. matt yurus, wusa9. >> police discovered the bodies yesterday evening, they were called to check on glenn and linda white when they failed to show up for a meeting. dc police are looking for leads from an early morning shooting at 14th street not far from the rhode island metro station. police found 28 year old lamar perish dying from several gunshot wounds. they have not shared a description of the suspect or any information about why he was shot. a dc family got quite the shock when they ed
5:32 pm
mailbox and found a citation for littering made out to their 2 year old daughter. debra alfarone is live to help us understand this call. -- understand this all. >> reporter: absolutely, leslie, i want to show you the scene of the crime. this is the alley where the littering incident took place, if you will come with me, i will show you the perpetrator, possibly the cutest alleged litter bug ever. >> this is where you left trash. >> reporter: the dad shows us the alley where his toddler, allegedly littered according to this citation. >> that's insane they would do that to a 2 year old. we are the ones always asking for the city to come out and clean up the alley. >> reporter: seems harper's name and address were on a envelope, a dpw inspector
5:33 pm
in the alley behind their northeast home. >> isliering okay? >> no. >> reporter: harper's mom says she called the inspector right away. >> i explained that she is not legally responsible for actions at the age of 2. i asked that she would rescind the ticket. >> reporter: she wouldn't. >> reporter: the 75-dollar ticket made out to a 2 year old. >> do we put trash on the sidewalk? no. >> reporter: they surmise the envelope fell out of their trash and made its way in to the alley, a alley that can be a mess. they called 311 several times to alert the city. >> i asked to speak to the supervisor and left a message but have not heard back from anybody. >> reporter: as live tv would have it, dr
5:34 pm
and 6 inspector shows up at the live shot. you want to see the situation for yourself. >> i got a call that there was a 2 year old illegal dumper. >> reporter: what do you think? >> she couldn't have done it. >> reporter: what is going to happen to the $75 citation? >> we are going to dismiss it. there was nothing long with the ticket other than it was a 2 year old. we had to go through the id and found the id with the 2 year old's name on it and the ticket was written. by then, a 2 year old now, it's dismissed. we are going to clean this mess up. >> reporter: excellent, cleaning this mess up. i love it when a plan comes together. thank you, harper. can i get a high five? debra alfarone, wusa9. >> good for you for getting
5:35 pm
citation moved out of the way. >> a story with a happy ending. here is another story getting attention on the facebook page, the towson town center has a new policy regarding teenagers. >> september 16th, nobody under the age of 18 is going to be allowed at the mall on friday and saturday nights unless they are accompanied by an adult. on our facebook page, shawnta writes unfair to the teens that don't cause problems. paul writes, malls and amusement parks, parents drop kids off at 6 flags america for the day and they run around the park with no supervision. you can join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. fairfax county, repairs are wrapping up after a water main break, sky 9 over the scene. the pavement looks white. it's wet. this is lee
5:36 pm
road, west of the mosaic district. the break happened at the height of the morning rush. it affected more drivers than customers. the main was a relatively small one. police say there is nothing funny about the clowns frightening people in a greenville south carolina community. they have been spotted at apartment complexes across the county. police responded to four incidents this week including claims that a clown was trying to lure kids in to the woods. police say they will arrest and charge anyone who is dressed up like a clown. he is not old enough to drive but he is miles ahead when it comes to higher ed. >> jeremy schuller started his first semester at cornell. look at his picture, he is 12 years old. the youngest ever to attend the ivy league school. his parents followed him to up state new york. he will live with them while he
5:37 pm
degree. he was reading books in korean and english by age 2 and studying call cue calculous at age 6 -- calculous at age 6. >> i hate me is missing his middle school and high school. why pamela anderson is urging guys to say no to porn. what fans are saying after collin kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem once again. tropical storm hermine pounding south carolina and north carolina, heavy rains i- 95, raleigh along the coast, this is headed towards was a glancing blow, a direct hit on the atlantic beaches. that puts a look at the holiday weekend
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let's go trending. she has been on the cover of playboy, 15 times. >> pamela anderson is calling porn a public hazard. in an op ed piece, the negative effects of wildly available pornography. the
5:41 pm
has a corrosive affect on a man's soul and his ability to function as a husband and father. it's called take the pledge, no more indulging porn. one week since 49ers quarterback, kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem. >> last night, he continues that protest and this time kaepernick was joined by his teammate eric reed following the is a lawsuit to the military in -- salute to the military. after the game, kaepernick addressed protest against racism in this country. >> we wanted to make sure the message we are trying to send isn't lost with the action that is coming along with it. >> kaepernick, don't ever disrespect my flag or country or anybody in the service. >> he is doing a huge thing by speaking up, taking a stand and saying something is acknowledging something that is repressed in this countr
5:42 pm
has been for a long time. >> kaepernick has vowed to indefinitely continue his protest. that is if he doesn't get cut because of his performance on the field. olympic champ champion, helen, showing out the first pitch at the game yesterday and sharing a special moment with cal rap kin. a high school football field is in su hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already -
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m luann bennett. in business, you bring everyone to the table and work to get results. congress just doesn't get that-- there's too much partisanship. i approve this message because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers.
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it's a big letdown at laurel high school. the football team was looking forward to kick off its season with an exciting home opener. >> they are playing away because laurel's football field is completely unusable. angry parents, students and players laying blame right on the feets of the prince georges county school system. >> reporter: it is kind of sad to look at this place tonight, sit a ghost town, the sign says it's closed, there should be cheerleaders and players and ex
5:46 pm
parents pointing the fipg er a at the school system, -- finger at the school system asking why they let the field get this bad. closed for the summer, the sign says , the fall session is open now, the laurel playing field is off limits, mess of unsafe, uneven ankle twisting turf and receded spots that didn't take. junk piled behind the press box shabby bleachers. students angry the home opener will be played away instead. >> people come here to play. >> this started because other schools, newer schools were going to get turf. >> reporter: this parent was among a vocal group that began complaining about the field last spring. >> where is our tax dollars going? they need to do something to rectify it. they tried to fix it the
5:47 pm
they came back and tried to fix it again. where are we at with this? is somebody going the maintain the field? what is going to happen? >> reporter: an email from the ceo, kevin maxwell, explained the issue has not been ignored. the school system spent money to hire a contractor, reseeding with bermuda grass, happened in early julys it was a total failure. more seed went down 8 days ago, we expect the sprigs and seeds will provide coverage in a few weeks, maxwell wrote. the mighty spartans of laurel high school have loaded on buses about an hour ago, they are off to largo high school where they will play the home opener away at 7:00 tonight. all of the spartans home games, football and soccer r canceled on the field for the next three weeks in the seed takes, mae
5:48 pm
maybe the spartan can play at home in time for the homecoming game october 9th. what a messes keep us posted. the same contractor receded fields at roosevelt and douglas, those efforts were a success. world war ii ended on this day in 1945. september 2nd is vj day, marking the victory over japan. honor flight full of vets attended the ceremony at the world war 2002 memorial today. our mike hydeck was the master of ceremonies and talked with world war ii vet aj pursell saw the ceasefire signed. >> he moved his hand. >> this is the 71st anniversary wi the end of world war ii and
5:49 pm
and fewer of or beloved world war ii vets are here to share in ceremonies like this. watching hermine, strong tropical storm, it came ashore last night as a hurricane, category 1, first hurricane in the gulf of mexico in a thousand days. the first time florida has been hit by a hurricane, 11 years. that streak is over, we continue to watch the activity with the heavy rains in south carolina. the center is north of 95, crosses 26, the road between columbia and charlston, heavy rains and eastern north carolina , the whole coastline is under a warning, all the way up to sandy hook. by tomorrow afternoon, 2:00, back over water, i think it's going to be stronger, maybe 60 miles per hour sustained winds. right now 50, gusting to 65, northeast at 20. we are far from done. you think this would go out
5:50 pm
the currents will collapse. sunday afternoon, stronger, maybe near hurricane force, 150, 200 miles east of our beaches, ocean city, they will get a pounding from wind and wave action, potentially rains as well along the coast, could be 4-6, 8 inches. monday afternoon, here we are tuesday afternoon, this may, though it's a low, considered a non tropical, post tropical storm, the affects will be there as far as the winds and wave and the beach erosion. along the coast, storm surge, for or five or six feet, causing coastal flooding, heavy rains along the coast. 8 inches or more. 10- 15 offshore. if the storm drifts west, that's a big problem. beach erosion, with the winds along the coast, trees down, power outages are fairly likely there. for us, tranquil, high clouds in advance of hermine, that's the case with temperatures
5:51 pm
80 in town now. everybody in the 70s, a come fortable evening, the best chance of showers tomorrow going to be south and east of us, may get a few in dc. south and east tomorrow morning through midday and not too bad from this. we go with the yellow weather alert to be on the safe side. 60s tonight. tomorrow showers, east and southeast of town. 60s and 70s with the winds northeast, up to 30 miles an hour. 70s, freezesey and mild. up to 80 sunday, mostly cloudy and breezy. warmer monday, 86. next week, summer comes back. we got the nats on 9. heat in to the mid-90s by thursday and friday. now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> it is that time of year, nfl
5:52 pm
college football saturday tomorrow, first, we kick things off on the high school level, tonight's game on varsity, a local coach on the verge of reaching incredible milestone. bob malloy is one win away from his 400th career victory. entering the 14th season, he coached sherwood, spring brook and walt whitman and holds the record of 8 maryland state titles. the coach was inducted in to the gc sports hall of fame this summer. >> i have been coaching a long time, 46 years. ifu yohang in there long enough, you are going to get winds, i guess. >> he can remember what they did on some play, i don't know how he can remember that. its pretty funny. >> reporter: i don't remember the first win. i remember the first game, it was in 1970. i was
5:53 pm
blare. it was like 100-degree day, everything was all over and done with, a 0-0 tie. they didn't have overtime in those days. that's one tie in 46 years, and darn if we just kicked the field goal, we couldn't be worried about this 400 win foolishness and it could be over with now. >> gold medalist got a pitching lesson from cal ripken jr. an expert in baseball, what about another maryland pastime? after the pitch, the two shared a pile of steamed crabs with ripken showing her what he says is the proper technique, using your hands, cracking it open. maroulis said her dad taught her to use the mallet. i'm still nervous about getting
5:54 pm
>> that seems like a lot of work for a little bit of crab. i need a little bit more if you are doing all that work. >> that's not very maryland of you. >> i have appreciation for it. i wish i could eat it. >> she is going to throw out the first pitch tonight at the orioles game tonight, too. coming up, when bruce johnson joins me at 6:00, tropical storm hermine threatens to ruin labor day weekend at mid atlantic beaches. the latest track of the storm. the fbi releasing documents and notes from the investigation in to hilary clinton's private email server. up next, a mother shows up to meet her unaccompanied son at the airport, he doesn't get
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a mother is asking for a federal investigation after her 5 year old son got put on the wrong flight by jet blue. the boy was traveling as an un accompanied minor after visiting family in the dominican republic, instead of in new york, he wound up in boston. >> reporter: 5 year old andy smiles and waves as he prepares for his departure from the dominican republic august 17th. he was booked on a jet blue flight from santiago to john f kennedy international airport. his mother, martinez, paid a $100 fee to have her son accompanied by a flight attendant. speaking through a translator, martinez after an hour of nervous waiting, jet blue told her they had located her child. >> i was given another boy. >> reporter: martinez was frantic,
5:58 pm
more agonizing hours until they could tell her that her son was almost 200 miles away in boston. her son and the boy presented to her, each boarded flights from santiago and both had arrived at incorrect destinations. jet blue told cbs news our teams and jfk in boston immediately took steps to assist the children in reaching their correct destinations. the children were under the care and super vision of jet blue crew members, we realize it was distressing for the families. this attorney is representing the family. >> we have written to the federal aviation administration, we requesting an independent investigation. >> reporter: martinez says she will never send her son on a solo flight and recounted the happy moment they were reunited. >> and cried because i then had him in my
5:59 pm
>> reporter: jet blue is promising a review of the incident. the airline refundsed the family's flights and while it gave them a $2100 credit towards future jet blue flights, martinez doubts she will cash in on that offer. >> martinez said her son was a wearing a wristband with his name on it , the other child was carrying andy's passport. right now at 6:00, the virginia coast could bear the brunt of tropical storm hermine with storm surges predicted as high as 8 feet. >> fbi releases documents and notes from its investigation in to hilary clinton's use of the private email server. the u.s. supreme court threw out his corruption conviction, why would prosecutors want to put former virginia governor bob mc donald back on trial? i'm lesli foster. >> thank you for joining us, i'm bruce johnson. virginia's governor declared a state of emergency in preparation for ic
6:00 pm
hermine. governor terry mcauliffe said the storms could bring life threatening conditions to virginia beach, norfolk and hampton areas and gave a warning to people traveling this labor day weekend. >> protecting the life and safety of our citizens is most important. we will have a much better idea later this evening and first thing tomorrow morning, about what is going to happen. now, i would be cautious about getting on the roads knowing there is a strong possibility of life threatening storm surges coming. >> translation for example you don't have to travel, don't travel. the governor is activating 270 members of the virginia national guard to prepare for mass flooding and power outages. how much wind and rain will hermine bring this way? howard bernstein tracking the storm and the weather center. >> big difference from the metro, they get gusts, 30, 35 to the atlantic, gusts over 50, maybe 55, closer to the storm. the storm at this hour is over south carolina,


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