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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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c1 right now at 11, a state of emergency issued for maryland and virginia. a tropical storm does serious damage in florida, and now it's threatening the holiday weekend up and down the east coast. just how mean will hermine be? glad you with us here on friday night at 11. i'm adam longo. >> and i'm lesli foster. we have live team coverage tonight in alexandria, people say they are ready for the rain, but we begin with howard
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update? >> we did. this just came in seconds ago. still a tropical storm with winds at 50 miles an hour, and where ellison is and here, there may not be much rain to speak of, but if you're east of the bay, over to the beaches, it's a mess over there. this is a compact storm here. tight, and a lot of heavy rain going down here in eastern north carolina. you can see it back to east of i-95, really getting hammered the and storm raining over south eastern virginia, and they will see bigger problems this is the latest advisory from the hurricane center. winds are moving northeast at 22, and it's booking now, but that's not going to be the case as it slows down. saturday night, looks like it's going offshore this way. 60-mile an hour sustained winds. sunday, 65, and there's a low here, not a tropical tomorrow because of the hurricane center believing it will be a
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worry about that. 75miles an hour sunday night, and notice the jog back here. it can loop here for awhile before it will kick out tuesday or wednesday the way it's going. the computer model will show you the mess we are looking at here. the cost will be battered for days. no problems in the short-term, but headed into sunday, notice some of them headed back to land, and some of them out here, and several of these guys doing the loops here, and we get into monday and tuesday, and so, the current has collapsed, and this will sit offshore for awhile, and it could cause big problems for that we will be okay tomorrow, and maybe a shower or two with the highs in the mid-to the upper 70s, and i will come back and talk more about hermine and what that means for us for the long range where i will just tell you right now, summer is not over yet. >> spa get tee mod -- spaghetti model is look all crazy, i will
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just tell you, howard. now ellis on barber is standing by live. >> reporter: there's no rain here, but there's a chance that will not be the situation all  weekend long. whatever happens here, people tell me they are ready for it. from florida to south carolina, hermine is bringing heavy rain, and soon enough it will be here. >> i live in an old house, and i will hang around here. sunday i will watch the yankees and orioles at camden yards. >> i spend a lot of money for the tickets, and i'm kind of worried now. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency across the commonwealth and warned earn to prepare for -- warned everyone to prepare for winds, severe flooding, and trees falling. people here are not overly concerned. >> i don't think will be that bad. >> what will be will be. we are here
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texas. what will be, will be. >> i'm retired it doesn't bother me. >> we are concerned if there's 22 inches of snow. >> we need rain after all. we have not had any rain for a long time. >> reporter: some said they will embrace the time off regardless of what the weather tries to throw their way. >> i will play anyway. >> reporter: and now obviously we are going to listen to whatever howard says, but people here are not letting the possibility of rain get their spirits down and most people we spoke to tonight said they live in this area, and they were not planning on big trips any way. if the rain comes, they will just hunker inside. i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> we will see what happens. now to ocean city where they are getting ready for tropical storm hermine. >> they will see the winds, rain, beach erosion, and you name it. >> reporter: i'm here
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the most part, people are calm tonight. the winds to continue two grow stronger that i are trying -- stronger. they are trying to enjoy the holiday weekend before things get messier. ocean city city leaders are warning residents some downtown streets could close down this weekend due to flooding, and the worcester sheriff's office says the winds could be strong enough to tear up roofs and trees, and then the state of emergency governor hogan declared for maryland today. i spoke to people and they said there's cause for concern. >> i'm not sure if we should leave or stay. >> what would they think if we were here tomorrow and decided to stay inside and then had no power. >> this is obviously caused a damper far lot of people's holiday plans this weekend on the delmarva peninsula. it appears there's less people here this year than there were at
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john henry, wusa 9. now would be a great time to download the wusa 9 app. we will help you plan out your holiday weekend. we have radar storm tracking, and the latest watches and, was, and things are constantly updated 24/7. in the district we know the names of both people shot yesterday, blocks for anacosia high school southeast. 17-year-old kevin anthony jackson was killed. there's some confusion if he was enrolled at anacosia high, but several staff members and students said he just started his junior year. carlos amadara is expected to recover, and police are looking for the shooter. police are in southeast on the scene of another shooting tonight, and this one is in the 5100 block of h street, a man there rushed to an area hospital, and we don't know his condition at this hour, and we don't know who
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attack. to montgomery county now, a trial has been set for alalia adel. the 62-year-old federal protective service officer is accused of killing his estranged wife and two other people and wounding three more, and all of this during a 2-day rampage last may in montgomery and prince george's counties. tonight the laurel high school football team opened up its season in largo with a loss. >> but that 49-27 score just wasn't the most disappointing part. that was the fact that it was supposed to be a home game and problems with the laurel field kept the team away and had the parents furious. wusa 9's garrett haake has the story from largo. >> reporter: tonight the laurel spartans played what should have been their home opener in someone else's house. the field conditions back in laurel are to
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football, making for furious parents and students here in largo tonight. [ cheers ] >> reporter: you couldn't ask for a better evening to play football under the friday night lights. [ cheers ] >> reporter: but the spartans were never supposed to be here in largo's lions' den. >> to not have the home opener at their home field, that's a disgrace. >> reporter: it's an unplayable mess a dust bowl of dirt and grass seed, hoping to grow into a passable soccer and football field, locked up for at least the next 3 weeks. >> we just have to try to make the best of it to support our players everywhere they go. >> reporter: parents like nicole odom says the school district neglected the field. >> they promised it would be ready by the beginning of the season and now we are being told it's now homecoming, which is october 8th. we are trying to change the culture of the football program at laurel, but this does not help
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>> reporter: the district said they tried to repair the field this summer, seeding it with new grass that didn't take, and now they are trying again with the hopes that the field will be playable for home coming if a month -- homecoming in a month. >> we have to make that homecoming spectacular. >> reporter: and until then, the spartans will play only road games. and instead of football or soccer, the laurel high school community will watch the grass grow. the prince george's county school chief said the same contractor that was supposed to get laurel's fields ready for the season had other success refielding two other fields suggesting the field's problems may have been the result of bad luck. the parents we spoke here tonight said that's not good enough. reporting in largo, garrett haake, wusa 9. we are tracking metro tonight, and the rhode island avenue station will remain closed until 7:00 in the morning on monday. it's been shut down of
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this week because chunks of concrete are falling from the ceiling, and now metro is putting up safety netting and brings in independent structural engineers, and in the meantime, free shuttle buss will run from rhode island avenue and brookland stations. the national museum of african american history and culture will open in 3 weeks. >> the smithsonian is extending the weekend hours and offering more times passes, they are free it will be 1-8:00 p.m. on 249th -- on the 24th. and you can find all the details on our wusa 9 app. a disturbing discovery at a local park. a woman believes someone is trying to poison people's pets. that's on the way. >> and then she is just 2 years old, but this toddler got a huge ticket from dc in the mail. find out why. we will continue to
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new tonight a warning to dog owners after an arlington family says their dog was randomly poisoned at a park. >> this happened at bluemont park inarmington county, and as mola lenghi tells us, their dog is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: dogs will get into just about anything, they will sniff, rummage, and whatever they find, they might just eat. >> this dog eats really everything, like chicken bones on picnic tables or whatever. >> rt
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something that nearly killed her. webber and her two daughters were walking their dogs at bluemont park. they walked the trail and then down to the creek. >> we always go down here. both dogs went into the water, and then they came out. yoko ate something. >> reporter: she got a look at what yoko was eating, and it horrified her. >> it was a raw meat ball with bills and pellets and everything in there, and i just started trying to pull it away, but it was obviously too late. >> reporter: these are the pictures weber took. she counts ten of the concoctions planted on various stones on the bank. >> it was really suspicious, and i was thinking this is a crime. i was kind of panicking actually. >> reporter: rememberer rushed yoko to the animal hospital where the vet induced vomiting. she was told it was just in time. a few moments later, and yoko may not have made it home that afternoon. >> for me
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>> reporter: angry about what happened to her dog and concerned about what could happen to other dogs, she went back to the park to collect the remaining meat balls and turn over to animal control for testing. >> there were four missing, and i just hope no other dogs will be a victim. >> reporter: weber's was the only report filed, and while there have not been any other suspicious items in the park, they are concerned. >> please, please, please take care of your dogs. >> can you believe people like that live among us? the animal welfare league are testing the samples, and results are expected back soon. >> leave our dogs alone. in fairfax county, police charge and unlicensed massage therapist with inappropriately touching a woman who came in last week, and they are investigating whether there are
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more victims. under arrest, 55-year-old juan carlos villanoava. it's been a busy day on the campaign trail. the fbi released documents into hillary clinton's private e- mail server, and donald trump is on the road, trying to reach out to the black voters. >> reporter: the fbi releasing notes about its july interview with hillary clinton about her use of a private e-mail server. clintons said she didn't recall receiving e-mails she thought should not be on an unclassified system. she said she never deleted or told any others to delete e- mails to comply with federal laws. after a yearlong investigation it was recommended clinton not be prosecuted but it was said she was careless in handling the material, and she didn't ask for permission from anyone to use the private server. the e-mails have been a major line of attack from her opponent, donald
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trump's campaign issuing a statement saying in part. ''clinton's wreckless conduct and dishonest attempts to avoid accountability show she cannot be trusted." trump is in philadelphia with a round table discussion with black leaders it it's a day before he is scheduled to visit a predominantly black church in detroit. >> it's to show he's a different candidate than the one that is a frightening that group of republican voters. >> reporter: minority voters and e-mails will be major topics when trump and clinton debate later this month. >> that's going to be fun. the first debate and monday, september 26th at hofstra university in hempstead, new york. speaking of fun -- >> oh, yeah, you just had a bundle of it back there. >> it's been a busy night. >> map you showed that had all the sptt
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>> those are different computer models. i will show you again it just shows the different options because the currents are so weak in about 24 hours, the model says we think it will win or this will win, and that's why you have all the different answers, and that's why we think it will sit off the mid- atlantic coast or close to it for the next 3 days. 3-degree guarantee time. business to take care of, and then back to hermine for the weekend forecast. forecast was 83. we hit 81. that was 2 off. 72 of the last 77. 78 is my 3-degree guarantee temperature for saturday. we will be cool thanks to hermine, even though hermine looks to me like the center is over here, the hurricane center has it farther west than that. the rains now, they are south eastern virginia. big concern for virginia beach with the onshore flow and the the flood potential there. it's petersburg, and the virginia part of dell ma have a. the tropical stm
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for the lower chesapeake, and of course the entire atlantic coast, going into st. mary's county, and the storm is moving northeast at 22 now, and it's going to continue on a good clip here, and that's until saturday night, and as it gets back over water on saturday night it will strengthen some, and will it be a posttropical system? who cares. still a strong, dangerous storm it drives back to the west, and it could get near hurricane strength here. we have to watch because as we were just talking about the spaghetti models are back to the coast, and this is sunday. that's tuesday, and that's wednesday, and i mean it barely moves, and it's going to be days of battering along the coast, and here's that spaghetti plot we are talking about. things look okay here, as far as an agreement, and they go all over the place with the loops all over the models a sign of the weak steering currents that will keep hermine a problem, especially for the beaches throh
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several days, and we are talking about a storm surge here, 4, 5, or maybe 6 feet. you take that and throw the 10- 15-foot waves or more on it, and we are talking about big problems. storm surge leading to coastal flooding. heavy rains could be 6 inches or double that depending on the track, but that's towards the atlantic coast. almost nothing here in town. battering waves for days. there's power outages, and for us, temperatures 60s and 70s, and falling into the 60s for most parts for tonight. the forecast, that temperature down in the 60s, cloudy, comfortable, becoming breezy. could see a shower southeast. we will see a shower south and east of town. nothing more than a couple spotty showers, and we have a yellow weather alert out just to be precautionary, and monday, back to 86, and then once we get rid of hermine, summertime is roaring back in, and we will be
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90s by thursday and friday. >> looking for us. >> my gosh! >> this is the time we get to start to kick off the high school season as well. >> kicking off the high school season, great night for high school football. and they saw the great sunsets, and our viewers are sending in pictures, and it's time for friday night lights, and we begin it with a good
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it's a friday in september, meaning time for high school football. tonight the showdown with two top 10 teams, the cougars at home for perhaps their biggest regular season opponent. the hornets, the defending 3a state champs. the friday night lights in full effect. the team focused, ready to go. after the scoreless 1st quarter, the cougar's quarterback hooking up for the 17-yard score, and orchard with the 17-0 lead, and later, after at 70-yard run, the hornets' running back, marcus vien
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at 7. bonner and crew back at it, and this time, his target is brendan mcgonigal. he's the man. the cougars retake the lead 13- 7, and that's their last point of the season. big time vincent, again here with the 55-yard scamper, and demascus back on top. another 65-yarder before orchard got another chance to score, and now the cougars' qb trying to get it going, scrambling to make it happen, and drops the ball, and the hornets with the big stop near the visiting defending state champs, led by the unstoppable, marcus vincent finishing 278 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns,. >> halftime a lot of guys hooping and hollering andening
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each other. >> i knew i had a lot of mental mistakes i had to fix. >> obviously they are good this year. the nationals back to work tonight after a much-deserved night off. you saw the game right here on wusa 9. the nats visiting the meths in the big apple. only in new york do you have the mets' fans with the blond hair. syndergaard, that's a heck of a wig. that was enough for the 9, and they add a couple insurance runs in the 9th, and they beat new york, 4-1 for the fourth straight. and helen maroon threw out the first pitch. maybe she inpyred the birds tonight. baltimore with four home runs, and manny got his 33rd on isn't. the birds beat the yanks, and they are 3 games behind the bluejays in the division. they have the most home runs in all of major league baseball.
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well, today a happy ending to the story that unfolded right in front of our reporter, debora alfaron. >> she was about to go on the air with the tale of a 2-year- old given a citation for littering. >> the trash inspector mailed harper the $75 ticket after finding an envelope with harper's name on. the family complained, and the city could not rescind it. andre lee showed up at the family's home just before the live shot, and of course we put him on the air to deliver the good news. >> i seen the cutest little 2- year-old, not an illegal dumper, and we
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and make everything right. >> reporter: and you're going to rescind the ticket? >> reporter: absolutely. absolutely! >> so no ticket, the alley will get cleaned up, and tonight everybody is happy! >> and tomorrow, everybody is going to be happy as well. >> oh did you bring that in? >> the terps are going to take it to the bison. >> i'm clearing rooting for the bison, and you are rooting for the other team. >> you should clearly fear the turtle. >> you should clearly be quiet. cool, breezy,
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but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received.
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