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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  September 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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slum. >> this is the cbs this is the "cbs weekend news."
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hit seaside heights new jersey. >> how bads with the damage in sandy. >> devastating, devastating. this has all been rebuilt over the last four years. approximately fouries. the icon of-- it was devastating. >> reporter: sandy damaged thousands of homes in social county. residents are aren't taking any chances with hermine which could bring record floods. emergency coordinator bill hibell. >> just out here making sure what is on the other side of the boardwalk but when the wind shifts i'm concerned with the bay kary. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris chris ye put hermine in context. >> i want to make this clear, this is certainly not sandy. nowhere near that. >> reporter: but he warned against complacency. >> the biggest >hing today is for people not to be lulled by the nice weather that nothing is going to what, something is going to happen. >> reporter: the storm was already washing out holiday week be plans. >> we didn't think it would be this bad with the waves being this, you know, tall.
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would take you right out, so yeah, i can understand their concern. >> reporter: instead of one last weekend of summer fun, beaches for hundreds of mile as long the atlantic coast are closed and swimming is forbidden. >> farther south storm cleanup continued as officials tried to restore power to thousands of homes from florida to virginia. so far the midatlantic impact is economic. >> i see empty tables here. >> reporter: at one sea side eatery in the boardwalk in new jersey. >> today we were expecting a lot more people but because of the storm, a lot of people-- he had had a lot of cancelations from the hotel people. >> reporter: as it continues to churn up the atlantic coast officials warning res dnts to secure loose items so they don't become project aisles, elaine, in seaside heights many homes were elevated after sandy. for those that weren't, the fire department here has handed out about 500 sand bags. >> quijano: tony dokoupil thanks. meteorologist pamela gardner is trapping the storm at wbz.
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up rough seas and some strong winds. max winds 70 miles per hour moves east northeast at six miles per hour but it is soon to take a turn towards the midatlantic states and that is where we have westerns and watches in place also across south eastern new england. the storm will continue to push slowly north, northwest and then linger to our south and west here. tuesday morning, 75 mile per hour winds. that is equal to hurricane strength, tuesday into thursday, the storm exits out to sea and then we're done with itment but prior to this, we could pick up some beneficial rain in south eastern massachusetts. one to two inches of rainfall, with the heaviest rain staying offshore and those max wind gusts, 50 miles per hour from time to time, right during labor day. and we're also dealing with some intense wind gusts of 35 to 60 miles per hour all along the coast, primarily lieu tuesday morning with major erosion likely across the beaches. >> quijano: pamela gardner, thanks. the u.s. is not rushing into a deal with ruia
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sir why's long and brutal civil war. officials from both sides spent the weekend trying to reach an agreement. margaret brennan is traveling with president obama at the g-20 summit in china. >> reporter: u.s. officials thought they would be announcing a ground-breaking deal with russia to coordinate air strikes against isis and al-qaeda-linked terrorists in syria. but there was a hitch. >> there still remains, i say, a couple tough issues. >> reporter: russia pulled back from their initial agreement with the u.s it would have ended the syrian-- sir yn regime air a-- attacks on civilians and enabled aid to flow into areas like aleppo. any agreement with russia would be extraordinary given their propping up bashar al-assad by bombing u.s. rebels trying to overthrow him. but mr. obama admitted that america now needs russia if it has any chance of ending the wafer that has killed 400,000 people and created five million refugees. >> if we do n
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from the russians on reducing the violence and easing the humanitarian crisis, then it's difficult to see how we get to the next phase. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin and mr. obama may try to revive the deal when they meet tomorrow. the trip itself got off to an awkward start yesterday when just after landing, a chinese official yelled at national security advisor susan rice and tried to block her from joining the president's motorcade, prompting the secret service to intervene. president obama downplayed that disibt incident saying he understands how much strain countries are under when they have to host the u.s. president given his sizeable security entourage. elaine? >> quijano: margaret brennan, thank you. >> labor day marks the beginning of the homestretch for the presidential campaigns with nine weeks until the election, a new cbs battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by eight points in pennsylvania. in north carolina our poll sho
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clinton four points ahead. for more on this let's bring in errol barnett and cbs news election director anthony salvanto in washington. >> anthony, new your new numbers show clinton still in a winning position but weaknesses remain. >> she's got the lead nationally, she's got the lead in enough states, in the battleground states that if the election were held today she would be in a commanding position. but for a frontrunner she has remarkably high unfavourable numbers and she also has issues with the trust question. what's part of that is exempt fied by people's skepticism over answers to the email server question. where many more people say that her answers are becoming less believable. >> and this is why her vice presidential candidate tim kaine is doing some damage control on that front. let's listen to him on abc. >> she did make a mistake. and she made it by deciding she wanted to use one device rather than multiple devices. she has apologized for that. she said it was a
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and she's learned from it. >> now for the republicans, what are people saying about donald trump's perceived immigration policy shifts. >> more people think he has been steady than think that he has switched, to become easy krer on people who are in the country illegally. but this underlines the balancing act that he has. he is trying to appeal to a broader base of voters who don't necessarily like his current policies but he's also trying to keep his base happy. >> his number two governor mike pence is defending the policy. let's listen to what he said sunday. >> we're going to build a wall. we're going to enforce the laws of this i c, we're going to end catch and release. we're going to do all of the things that politicians in both political parties have been talking about for more than a generation. >> we should explain that all of this is part of donald trump's overall minority outreach. any proof that's working yet? >> he's still not polling well among minority voters, but then again we might not expect polls like that to move overnight or even over the course of a week.
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donald trump speaking at a black church in detroit. >> i'm here today to listen to your message. and i hope my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences in our country. >> i notice he said new audiences there. my thought being moderate republicans? >> yeah, it could be. because you've got some of those moderate republicans who heretofore have said that they don't necessarily like the rhetoric that's come out of his campaign. and so watching him try to reach out to a broader base could bring some of them back into the fold. >> reporter: all fascinating stuff. cbs elections director anthony salvanto, thanks for your time, elaine. >> errol barnett, thank you. >> there was a break this weekend in a cold case that had shocked the nation. 11 year old jacob wetterling ling disappeared nearly 30 years ago ena rural home near his home in central minnesota. jamie yuccas is here. >> my name is jacob wetterling ling. my fif rate. >> jacob wetterling ling's facial has been etched in th
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minds of parpts since october 22nd, 1989 when he, his brother and a friend biked to a convenience store to rent a movie. 11 year old jacob would never come home. for more than 26 years jacob's mother patty wetterling ling has pleaded for his abductor to come forward. >> we will hope and pray that one day we will have the answer to the one question that we've asked forever. where is jacob. >> on saturday sterns county sheriff's deputies confirmed jacob's remains were located. after long time suspect danny heinrich lead the nbi to a farm in central minnesota not far from the abduction site. sources say he gave the location as part of an ongoing plea deal. according to court documents, heinrich was questioned in connection to the case in 1990 but never charged. neighbors say they always knew he was a suspect. >> everyone just got to talking and everyone heard about it. that he was a suspect back in '89. they booked him and took his mug
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>> reporter: the case changed the lives of parents an children in minnesota. >> we went everywhere. we just knew you had to be home for dinner and you had to be home at bed time. and could you roam anywhere. >> it changed after that. very much. >> reporter: jacob's family has not spoken publicly but his mother patty wetterling ling did tweet out our family is drawing strength from all your love and support. we're struggling with words at this time. thank you for your hope. hashtag jacob's hope. the case had national implications. in 1994 congress passed a law named after jacob wetterling ling that requires states to set up sex offender reg sphree-- edge strees, elaine. >> quijano: thank you. mother teresa was proclaimed a saint today by pope francis in a ceremony that drew an estimated 120,000 people to the vatican. our seth doane was there. >> the faithful packed st. peter's square beneath the giant portrait of the now saint
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francis acknowledged i think maybe we will have some difficulty calling her saint teresa, because of her tenderness, he added, we will continue to call her mother teresa. >> i think people recognized her as a living saint. >> yeah. >> when she was alive. they knew. >> rick farrell and mary basilone came from anchorage, alaska. >> she gave of herself. she gave her life to help the poor. >> reporter: pope francis praised that dedication as nu ns from her order listened on. the pope noted mother teresa had defended human life, the unborn and the abandoned. mother teresa was called the saint of the gutters. and before becoming pope, francis was referred to as the bishop of the slums. both put the poor at the center of their ministry. today pope francis called povertiy a crime. in rome, indian flags were flown with pride while in kolkata formerly kno
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mother teresa focused her missionary work for nearly half a century, others catched the canonization on a large tv screen. erin mckel vee and paul hunter traveled from dallas. this he are not catholic but said mother teresa's appeal is universal. >> great humanitarian, great compassion for the less fortunate. so she means something to many people regard its of faith. >> the albanian born nobel peace prize winner who dedicated her life to those in the shadows was honored today in the bright sun light, less than two decades after her death. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> quijano: we want to note the passing of dab nee mobt gom ree, he was a tuskegee airman serving in southern italy during world war ii and a civil rights activist in selma, alabama. he served as a body guard to dr. martin luther king, jr. on his 1965 march for voting rights. in 2007
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congressional medal of honor. he remained active until his final weeks talking to school kids about his experiences. dab nee montgomery was 93 years old. coming up next, this weekend's powerful earthquake in oklahoma
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> quijano: a powerful earthquake rattled central oklahoma saturday. the magnitude 5.6 quake centered near the city of pawnee tie a state record and was felt in seven states. it also renewed concerns about the disposal of waste water from oil & gas production which has been linked to the recent outbreak of quakes in oklahoma. here's mireya villarreal. >> the fa sad came down off this old building here on 6th street. >> reporter: bricks and debris from historical buildings in pawnee, oklahoma, cover the sidewalks. this small city is the latest epicenter of concern over
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>> it was bad, the whole thing was just going like this. it was bad. >> reporter: in 2015 oklahoma averaged 2.5 earthquakes a day with a pag teud of 3.0 or higher, a total of 907 at that rating hook the state last year compared to just two in 2008. oklahoma gee logical experts have kcted the increase of quakes from waste water from an oil & gas production known as fracks. saturday's quake prompted the state to initiate the fastest shutdown of waste water wells in state's history, 37 are scheduled to be closed. >> if we stopped it tomorrow t is not like it would stop tomorrow. >> sighs poll guest susan hough said induced earthquake mainly caused by waste water injection weldings aren't as severe as naturally caused one but that could change if oklahoma and other states where fracking is booming don't take note. >> is there a chance things could get worse?
6:19 pm
steps are going to help overall, the rates are going go down and the hazard will go down. but we don't have an exact crystal ball so there is the potential certainlily for more earthquakes. there is the potential for bigger earthquakes than what we have seen. >> the 37 waste water wells set to be shuts down are just a smalt fraction of the 4200 currently permitted by the state. elaine, the oklahoma governor has declared a state of emergency for the affected area. >> quijano: mireya, thank you. still ahead, the story of a sick child and the healing power of horses. ♪ baby, from the makers of lantus®, ♪ slice it right. toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, ♪ we're gonna groove tonight. proven blood sugar control all day and all night,
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vaccine that can help prevent shingles. >> quijano: in new jersey a little girl who has been battling cancer is starting third grade this week. she couldn't go to school last year. marlie hall tells us how she recently discovered the healing power of horses. >> reporter: caia carrollroll says she hasn't had this much fun in months. >> awesome, so much fun. >> the eight year old has a rare form of leukemia, but last year of her life has been a blur of doctors, hospitals and chemotherapy. >> this week i felt good. >>. i wasn't really new shus and-- gnaw shus and i wasn't in any pain, really. >> kaia and 19 other young patients took part in pony power therapy in the ram a po mountains. patients and their families leshed to
6:23 pm
hackensack university medical center sponsored the intensive four day program. >> lots of joy on the farm. there is some exercise. we're getting dirty so there is just endless opportunity for physical, emotional, recreational, social. >> reporter: despite their size and strength, horses tend to be very calm. studies have shown children who spend time with them experience lower levels of stress. pediatrician steven percenty says riding also helps build muscle and coordination. >> particularly with kids that have developmental disabilities and have issues with you can whatting, get them on the animals and to be moving limbs in a different way is really helped them. >> reporter: qkaia has also he gained something her parents longed to get back. >> this has brought so much happiness to her. she has looked forward to this for so long. it's really nice to know that opportunities are there for them, to make them feel special. >> reporter: marlie hall, cbs news, mahwah, new jersey. >> quijano: great to seevment up next, the heart warming story of a college football
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6:27 pm
one of them travis rudolph, the team's star wide receiver noticed one sixth grader in particular. >> i saw him by himself and i was just like, yo, can i have a seat, eat with youness. he was like sure, why not. we started off having a good conversation. >> i was sitting on this side. >> reporter: that kid was 11 year old bo paske. >> you looked up and there he was. >> yeah. >> and what did he say? >> he said what's dude? >> someone near by took this photo of bo and travis having lunch. notice everyone else in the picture is sitting far away. you see, bo has autism and often eats lunch by himself. >> on the days that he isity ising a enlo, i think those are the days that it bothers me more than it bothers him. >> reporter: leah is bo's mother. she posted the photo to facebook saying this is one day i didn't have to worry if my sweet boy ate lunch alone because he sat across from someone who is the a hero in many eyes. her post went viral
6:28 pm
>> i'm just moved with emotion at his generosity and his kindness. i don't know what made him pick bo, but i'm so grateful he did. >> reporter: travis rudolph could score a million touchdown this season, and never come close to making one family so happy. >> i haven't gone through bullying but i have seen it and i don't like it i don't approve of bullying. i feel like it's wrong. honestly, that say cool person, i will hang out with him any day. >> bo. >> right here. >> reporter: when bo walked into lunch on wednesday, every kid wanted to sit with him. >> i'm a superstar. everybody recognizes me. >> mark strassman, cbs news, tallahassee. >> quijano: we'll be cheering for them both. that is the cbs weekend news for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." the new continues now on our 24 hour digital network cbsn as cbs i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us
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a big wave but not a washout as hermine lingers off the atlantic coast. hello. i'm debra alfarone. for days we've been watching hermine as a storm formed in the gulf and headed up the coast, but now that it's here it's thankfully staying offshore. meteorologist howard bernstein has been tracking hermine as the storm lingers at sea. what's the latest? [ audio difficulties ] >> it went a little farther east is what i was trying to say here. it's a little weaker along the coast, the impact, but there it is spinning off the atlantic coast now with wind believe it or not 70 miles an ur


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