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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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beach lovers brave hurricane hermine. hello i'm deb deb. -- deborah hormine.
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>> reporter: it is out here actually, but it is sort of moving a little bit back to the northwest. now the threat looks like it will be more towards central jersey and new england. we still have tropical storm warnings up from ocean city to nantucket. 70 miles an hour sustained winds still, so it is a strong tropical storm. i know it's not a tropical storm, but let's consider that near hurricane-forced winds, expecting it to move off to the northwest and the north here. by tuesday, look, it is south of nantucket. it'll take a couple of days before it starts pulling away from us and our conditions will be improving. the tropical storm-forced winds that might be on shore tonight and on monday. but with that jog to the east, it looks like it will be aiming towards long island and even cape cod. this is less of what we
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once we get rid of hermine, it will warm up in a big way. in fact tomorrow, it looks pretty good for labor day, breezy and warmer with a decent amount of sunshine. highs into the upper 80s. another heat wave on the way. we'll be into the potential mid- 90s for wednesday, thursday, and friday. see you in a few with the rest of the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, howard. everyone is keeping an eye on the ocean tonight as high tide sets in it could cause some flooding. john henry is live in ocean city tonight. how big of a concern is this flooding? >> reporter: right now crews are looking and now they are on standby to make sure that nothing happens overnight. they could put anyone into danger. but as you're saying that the high tide is going on right now and the ocean is up and a lot of eyes are staring back at them. beach goers were let down on saturday when hermine stopped them from swimming in the water. but on sunday, new possibilities. the
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gave the go ahead to families like this one to enter the water. >> i like the ocean. >> and i really do enjoy the beaches, like it is my favorite place to be. >> reporter: they have vacationed in ocean city with their extended family for more than two decades. if they stuck out the storm they might just have an opportunity to enjoy the beach. >> i said to my husband robbie and my grandkids. i said we're not leaving, we're going to man bishop. >> reporter: the beach patrol let people into the water from their knees. the currents are bad right now and bad moving along the shore. we're not as concerned about rip currents right now, but the biggest concern is the next few days. >> reporter: there are few reasons for that as they may not look treacherous, but they could have a different story altogether underneath their waves. the beach patrol doesn't want
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and then there is high tide. that cycles tonight and tomorrow morning that could cause flooding in ocean city. beach patrol life guards will help the state emergency crews monitor the coast for people in distress after hours. >> it is just a skeleton crew to be there so they do call 911 that someone is in the ocean and ready to respond. >> reporter: either way they certainly won't let disturbances like hermine stop them from coming back to ocean city in the future. >> oh, i love it. we come down here every year, we are the griswolds. >> reporter: and now right now we're in high tide once again. we are expected to be it that way later on tomorrow morning around 10:00 to 11:00. we will be keeping an eye out on that. once again we could see some flooding here in ocean city beach as well. the emergency crews will be all around the area making sure that no one is in danger. with the very latest from ocean city john henry wusa9. >> we know that you will stay on tof
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so much. >> and of course make sure that you will download the free wusa9 app before the next storm. we always keep you up to date and we will send alerts to your phone with what you need to know at this time. well my mother is holding her infant a little closer tonight. three-month-old lebron favors was missing for three days. late this afternoon police found him and reunited him with his mother. stephanie gailhard has the story. >> reporter: police came to this townhouse here today and arrested the mother's boyfriend russell walker and reunited her with her son. as you can imagine it was an emotional reunion. >> the baby looked good. >> the baby was good and healthy and everything. you know, good strong baby. >> reporter: baby zion is in his mother's hearts tonight, a happy ending to a scary story. it began on thursday in virginia. prince william county police said that russell walker assaulted the baby's
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and then abducted 3-month-old zion. for three days investigators searched for russell and the baby boy. this afternoon police found zion safe and sound in his town home several miles from the motel. russell was arrested. a neighbor and witness who did not want to be identified said that walker confided in him. >> why did he do it? >> he said he did it because the mom was an unfit mother and that's why he did it. he said he knew it was wrong and he would take the baby back. i said yeah, that would be the best thing to do. >> reporter: the baby's abduction stunned people who live in this neighborhood. >> for something like that to happen this close. i mean my kids are at the park right now. so that is something that you don't want any parent to have to go through. >> you hear about all sorts of things where the child is never heard from again. i'm very glad that this didn't end up like that. >> reporter: walker has been charged with abduction and domestic assault and
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county i'm stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> prince william county police say that this case is still very much under investigation. one week ago tonight 76- year-old hung sio was arrested. the driver didn't stop. tonight, fairfax county police were back in the neighborhood looking for clues. they stopped cars as they passed by that crash site, hoping to find someone who might have information to lead them to the driver. they believe that a yellow ford escape struck the victim as it likely has front-end damage. we were waiting for word on the names of those killed in the two-car crash early this morning. it happened on pennsylvania avenue as a man and a woman in one car died. the driver of the other car is hospitalized in critical condition. byron b.j. jackson was a popular musician on the local go go scene. tonight his fans are mourng
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he was most recently with the band team familiar, confirming that he died after battling cancer for a few years. several clubs hosted tributes for him tonight. on facebook the go go band rare essence called jackson, "an extraordinary musician as well as one of the nicest most supportive and genuine individuals." normally it is her opera singing that is turning heads, but tonight it's an arrest. an -- an alexandria singer now feels violated after being busted for her noise. she sang as she went down, an opera singer arrested on the noise violation in oldstown, virginia. it happened near king and lee streets. where some of the responses we caught up with the street performer outside the white house on sunday. >> and i still feel very violated.
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they were arresting me for singing opera in public when blocks away there were drug dealers, recently they have had rapes and murders. i was the one arrested for singing opera in public. >> reporter: she has been singing in oldtown alexandria for six years now doing it professionally. apparently it is the speaker that she performs with that got her in trouble. the spokesperson said that the city ordinance that would require the street performers to have permits for sound amplification equipment. the officer asked for a permit saying he would issue a summons if she didn't turn the speaker off. clouse refused, saying that it is her first amendment right to perform. without it she says. >> people look by and they look at you like you're crazy. >> reporter: police arrested her for disobeying the officer's order. >> a weekend night? no. that seems very strange. >> i hear a flute playing in the background right
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it's totally fine. that's what we come down here. >> i do think that you should be considerate with laws. >> reporter: there were critics and supporters. clouse says she is from alexandria. >> we have gotten comments from so many people saying what we do makes them happy. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez wusa9. >> she is due in court on september 28. still ahead the hunt for a rapist in northern virginia. also how investigators solved one of the most notorious cold cases in the nation. and next the labor day holiday means a presidential campaign is about
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now to the race for the white house. a new cbs news poll shows donald trump continuing to trail hillary clinton. but first the presidential debate is just three weeks from tomorrow. the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump just 45% to 37% in pennsylvania. but his campaign says that he could still win without the state in november. >> we are taking
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very seriously. >> reporter: in north carolina the poll has clinton ahead of trump by four points. >> and the democratic presidential nominee leads trump by two points in the 13 most competitive states including arizona. trump gave a major immigration speech there last week after visiting mexico. >> they don't know it yet, but they will pay for it. >> the arizona senator jeff flake has refused to endorse trump and refute his hardline policy on illegal immigrants. >> that's not clear at all. that some people, they said it was disheartening and softening, i say it is confusing. >> reporter: others are still concerned with his explanation. 46% say that the answer she is getting are getting less believable. >> she said look, by using one device that i made a mistake. i apoll -- i apologize for it. >> they will head to the polls in 65 days. >> the
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than 60% feel that both candidates outreach the minority groups that will be based on the need for votes and not genuine concern. a ground breaking deal between the united states and russia to broker a cease fire in syria is now very much in jeopardy. secretary of state john kerry says a couple of issues are holding up the deal. a proposed agreement would allow for military sharing and the two super powers. we would partner to fight between al qaeda and isis in syria. president obama and russian president vladimir putin are scheduled to meet on monday. more details are expected to be released tomorrow in the jacob weatherling case. he was 11 years old while biking in 1989 in minnesota. and the case stayed cold all that time until this weekend. when authorities confirmed that the boy's remains were found. they say that
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danny himrick led the suspects to the farm. that changed the lives of parents and children in minnesota. >> we went everywhere. we knew that he had to be home for dinner and at bedtime and that you could roam anywhere. >> life changed after that very much. >> reporter: his family has not spoken since that discovery. mother patty tweeted that the family is drawing strength from everyone's love and support. still no arrests in the abduction and rape of an alexandria life guard. she was working at a condo complex on south picket street on south afternoon when a man attacked her. she also says that she had a gun and no one else was in that pool area at the time of the attack as the suspect is described as a white man in his 30s, tall and thin. and with short hair and dark eyes. friends and family of the university of maryland student are awaiting autopsy results to see how he died. a gofundme page for 22-year-old
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university senior died unexpectedly in his home on friday. the posting says that the silver springs resident had no known medical issues. he was looking to enter the public relations field. metro riders could once again use the rhode island avenue metro stop. it was closed on friday, following two incidents of falling concrete from their ceiling. it was originally scheduled to be closed through the holiday weekend, but that crews, they would shore it up, determining that there was no structural damage. and tonight against certain students at a high school in south carolina. the online post would threaten to kill the jewish and muslim students at the high school in spartanburg on tuesday. it include pictures of the person in a gas mask, a knife with a swastika. the security patrolling the school over the weekend and that there would be extra officers on duty on tuesday. for now call her saint terrie is a. today he
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mother teresa a saint. before tens of thousands in st. peters square that he called teresa a model for christians, describing her as a nun that cared for the poorest of the poor. >> reporter: she is an example. she has wanted to see it. her mercy goes beyond the borders. >> reporter: she is credited with curing the tumor-stricken woman and the recovery of the man with a brain infection. those are the two miracles attredibut to mother teresa in order for her to reach saint hood. hermine turns off the coast, but for passengers on board the royal caribbean anthem of the seas, yeah, it wasn't all smooth sailing. social media lit up this afternoon with posts about rough seas, being confined to the cabins. they were not excited about that stormy voyage in the atlantic. the crews departed from new jersey yesterday, heading to bermuda and it encountered large waves that
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compliments of hermine. i haven't been on many cruises, but there are times that they would see the bags on the stairwell. >> oh howard. >> you just think of the folks. >> yes, the boats are moving in and things happen. >> yes. >> what happened with the three- degree guarantee? >> they did well with that. yesterday was a nice day. in fact so nice that i missed it. it was warmer than i thought. the three-degree guarantee of the temperatures, that they were forecasted to be in the lower 80s. we would hit 83. and 19 of the last 20. we will take that. i'm forecasting the high of 88. yes, 88 on monday. that's my three-degree guarantee temperature. here is hermine tonight, the area of low pressure, it is not a tropical storm. a post-tropical storm. we are seeing a little bit of the flair up with the clouds to the northwest of the center. there is still some rain and some wind with
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you'll notice if you are watching this with me they would come a lot closer to the coast. now, except for this straggler out here, the bulk of them will stay offshore. by wednesday, look, they are starting to move away from the u.s., passing south of nova scotia and another couple of days we will be able to say good-bye to it. also good news from 11:00, you can see the wind field. this is coming an shore towards us from yesterday's stuff and then earlier today it looked like it was going to come on shore for central jersey and now for the most part, except for martha's vineyard in nantucket that the tropical- forced winds will stay away from the mainland. we'll still get those waves and winds, but at least that will be some better news from this interesting storm. after that i showed you that earlier if you missed it. well the heat waves are on the way. 88 tomorrow, then the lower 90s on tuesday and the mid-90s wednesday through friday with the storm chances staying on the lower side. those temperatures are dipping with the low 60s already.
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you've got the ac on here, turn it off and open up the window and take advantage of this nice weather while we have it. as you just saw it will heat up quickly. a nice evening here in washington. our michael and son weather camera. no winds at that moment and the humidity at 59%. we will watch hermine and sort of meander over the next couple of days. at times it will be breezy, throwing those clouds with a shower towards their coast, but it looks like the bulk of the rain and the heaviest winds are going to stay offshore and that this is monday afternoon. we are in stored for a real fine labor day around here. upper 50s to the upper 60s. but there will be a few spots in the mid-50s. the array of the upper 50s by morning and north winds are at 5 to 10 or less and tomorrow morning the 50s and the 70s, partly to mostly sunny. a pleasant start and breezy at times tomorrow, but a good looking labor day weekend. between 85 to 88 degrees. northwest winds between 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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the humidity will kick up a bit with the heat. yes, the big time heat. mid-90s by saturday and perhaps a few showers and storms with the front. still the upper 80s on sunday when that opens up. they are opening next monday. >> excellent. hey, you know, summer is still here. i'm just going to say that. >> yes, it is. >> what actress leslie jones is saying now that she's back on social media. a flight attendant that just might make
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some buildings are still paveed off because of structural damage. officials are worried that some parts could come crashing down. actress and comedian leslie jones is back on twitter tonight for the first time since her website was hacked. jones thanked her fans and friends saying she is so okay. she says she will always be funny and will always get back up. the hackers who attacked her leaked personal information and nude photos. prior to the hack
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received a barrage of racist and sexist tweets. now a viral video that is sure to put a smile on your face. southwest airlines flight attendant zach helmeser is pretty funny impersonating a dozen looney toon characters. we only had time for a few voices. you can hear all the rest by >>ading over to our wusa9 app.
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on the game on overtime crew is
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nationals are going to go to the playoffs some time soon. tonight's opponents still have hopes of the playoffs. rubber match from the big apple. nats and the mets. that's right, they are still very much in the hunt for a playoff wild card burst. this will not help their cause. and granderson going deep with those bats again, failing to show up in prime time as the mets win this one tonight 5-1. all right, birds are looking to sweep their bombers of new york. it is not to be the yankees here getting the win 5-2. the o's will be three back for the jays and the first in the al east. the redskins roster will be all set as we are counting down just eight day ace
11:30 pm
days away. also the practice squad, they have more skins chatter coming up for game on overtime. and maryland football, they got off to a good start. but the big question is if they have a chance to be competitive in the big ten. weso al discuss that straight ahead. plus, we'll take a look at some big high school match ups from this past week. that is all coming up next for game on overtime. touchdown. a lot of action. >> action packed. game on overtime. >> yes, college football this week. a lot of upsets. >> there are some still going. >> i wonder how that will end up, texas, notre dame. we'll see, we'll see. >> feeling like football weather. are you okay? are you feeling okay? >> yes, thank god that pre- season football is over. >> if you have not figured it out, it will be feeling more like baseball weather coming up for the end of the week. temperatures are going to soar. hermine will leave, and the summertime heat will return. nice on labor day with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s tomorrow. a little bit of
11:31 pm
low humidity on tuesday, 92. and then the humidity creeps back with the temperatures getting into the mid-90s on wednesday, thursday, friday. rain chances will be staying low for the most part. it could be an afternoon storm on friday. a couple showers of storms on saturday with a front and then sunday will not be as hot. ravens for their homeowner will be up in baltimore with highs in the upper 80s. that's not really good football weather. >> no. no, you heard it here, no. you can get updates any time. this guy on game on overtime will be
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still about a month away from the playoffs, but the hunt for october are on as they will wrap up their series with the mets as they would try to get ready for the playoff push. getting ready for some football for them on monday night as they will be all set. now it will be time to get the much anticipated season going. now that football kicked off in grand fashion, a win for the new head coach. perhaps it is time to start feeling the turtle again. get ready, no fear here. game on overtime will start right now. high fly ball, deep right field. harper is back, and we will watch it go. >> awe, a tough night for the nationals as they would drop the last two at the me


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