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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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make the connection. captioning funded by cbs it's monday, september 5th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." hermine moves further out to sea but still poses a flood threat to the northeast coast. >> we didn't think it would be this way. the final push toward the election and e-mail issues continue to haunt hillary clinton as donald trump reaches out to african-american voters. and negotiations in china. the g20 summit wraps up as the u.s. pushes for an end to violence in syria. good morning from the studio
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57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, hermine is me andersonanderso anederring off the east coast. this morning, tropical storm warnings stretch from new york's long island to massachusetts. hena daniels is in point pleasant, new jersey. hena, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. many beaches across the northeast will remain closed today, including here at point pleasant, new jersey, while a dangerous storm surge isn't as bad as predicted earlier, beach corrosion, dangerous rip tides and flooding could still be a problem. hermine continued to whip up dangerous waves along the atlantic coast overnight, while lurking dangerously off the east coast. this video shows the storm's forceful winds tossing a cruise ship from
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confining passengers to their cabins. as the storm churned offshore, many beach goers from virginia to the jersey shore were forced to stay out of the water. residents living along the water began pulling their boats in. others prepared for the worst. >> i left everything in the garage and packed up and i'm ready. >> reporter: many beaches across the northeast remain closed today. the concerns hermine could gain strength and threatening rip tides and flooding. with superstorm sandy still fresh on their minds, they are prepared to open shelters if necessary. >> we have plenty of bottled water on hand and supplies on hand. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency. >> it would be much too late if
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the storm starts to track west. >> reporter: hermine could linger around the east coast for days before exiting out to sea by mid week. hermine, which hit florida as a hurricane last week, is blamed for two deaths down south. >> hena daniels in point pleasant, new jersey, thank you so much. hermine is expected to stall offshore for a feud. meteorologist pamela gardner of our boston station wbz is tracking its path. >> the storm will continue to push slowly north, northwest, and then linger to our south and west here. tuesday morning, 75 miles per hour wind and that is equal to hurricane strength. tuesday to thursday, the storm exits out to sea and then we are done with it, but prior to this, we could pick up some beneficial rain in southeastern massachusetts. 1 to 2 inches of rainfall with the heaviest rain staying offshore and the max wind gusts, 50 miles per hour fti
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we are also dealing with some intense wind gusts of 35 to 60 miles per hour all along the coast, primary through tuesday morning with major erosion likely across the beaches. >> that was meteorologist pamela gardner from our boston station wbz. turning to campaign 2016 now. both hillary clinton and donald trump campaigned on ohio on this labor day. polls show clinton's e-mail scandal continues to weigh heavily on voters' minds and donald trump is making a final push before the election. >> reporter: the latest cbs news ballots ground tracker poll shows hillary clinton leads donald trump 45% to 37% in pennsylvanbuia, t trump's campaign says he can still win without the state in november. >> we are taking pennsylvania very seriously. we have several different paths to victory. >> reporter: in north carolina, our poll has clinton ahead of trump by four points. and the democratic presidential nominee also leads trump by two points in the 13 most compiv
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arizona. trump gave a major immigration speech there last week after visiting mexico. >> they don't know it yet, but they are going to pay for it. >> reporter: arizona senator jeff flake rhas refused to endorse trump and rebuked trump's hard line positioning on immigration. >> i say it was just confusing. >> reporter: voters are still concerned with clinton's explanation about why she used a private server while she was secretary of state. 46% say the answers are getting less believable. >> she said, look. by using one device, i made a mistake. i apologized for it and i wouldn't do it again. >> reporter: voters head to the polls in 65 days. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. over the weekend, trump saw support from african-american voters. trump attended a service at grate faith ministries in detroit. he called for a civil rights agenda, including the right to a quality education, safe hb
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coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk with mark leibovich, the chief national correspondent for "the new york times" magazine. north korea reportedly test-fired three ballistic missiles today. they say they launched from a region south of pyongyang and they flew 600 miles east before plunging moo the sea. one landed about 260 miles from japan's main island. the launch came as the g20 economic summit was wrapping up in china. at the summit, president obama met privately with russian president vladimir putin today. the creme len says the two discussed the crises in syria and ukraine. the white house is expectedly to release details later. the meeting came before the president leaves for laos on a trade mission. margaret brennan is traveling with the president at the g20 sum su
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hitch. >> there still remains a couple of tough issues. >> reporter: russia had pulled back from their initial agreement with the u.s. and it would have endeded vienna regime on civilians and to flow into the starving cities like aleppo. any alliance with russia would be. mr. obama admitted that america now needs russia if it has any chance of ending the war that was killed 40000,000 people and created 5 million refuges. >> if we don't get some of the buy-in from the russians of reducing the violence and easing the humanitarian crisis, it's difficult to see where we get to the next page. >> reporter: the two may revive the deal when they meet. the trip got off to an awkward start after
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chinese officials yelled at national security adviser susan rice and tried to block her from joining the president's motorcade, prompting the secret service to intervene. president obama knows how much strain the countries are under given his sizeable security entourage. over the weekend, investigators found the remains of a boy who vanished nearly 30 years ago. 11-year-old jacob wetterling was captured from his home in minnesota in 1989. sources telling cbs news long time suspect danny heinrich led the fbi team to the remains not far from where the boy vanished as part of an ongoing plea deal. neighbors say they are surprised. >> really shocking that something like this could happen so close to you and you don't even realize what is
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>> following the discovery, jacob's mother tweeted, our family is drawing strength from all of your love and support. we're struggling with words at this time. thank you for your hope. security will be tight tomorrow when classes resume at a school in duncan, south carolina. a student reported an online threat saying muslim and jewish students at burns high would be attacked. the threat reportedly included pictures of a person in a gas mask and a knife with a swastika on a handle. a crowd packed st. petersburg to hear pope francis claim moth teresa as a saint. teresa was enshrined by the catholic church less than two decade after her death. coming up on the "morning news." earthquake emergency. dozens of wells in oklahoma are shut down following the latest in a growing number of quakes in the region. this is the "cbs morning news."
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37 waste water disposal wells will be shut down after an earthquake that rattled shells and nerves in oklahoma. the 5.6 magnitude quake struck saturday in the state's north central section. no injuries reported. recent quakes have been linked to wells in oil and gas production. dale earnhardt jr. provided an update on his health and the libertarian presidential candidate received an endorsement. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the richard times dispatch endorsed gary johnson. they praised his record in business and the governor and called the major parties candidates unacceptable. they have only endorsed third-party presidential candidates since 1980.
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north dakota. protests confronted work he's saturday. two guard dogs were hurt. tribal official say the construction destroyed an indian burial ground and a construction site. the news from dale earnhardt's brain injury. he has suffered concussion symptoms since a crash two months ago in a nascar race. >> i definitely don't belong in a race car today by any stretch of the imagination and i -- you know, you don't -- you don't know how long this process is going to take. >> the 41-year-old earnhardt will skip the rest of the nascar season but plans to return in 2017. the "los angeles times" speaks with cornell university's youngest student ever. jeremy schuller of texas is starting his freshman year at the ivy league school at the age of 12! he is the home-schooled son of two aerospace ener
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i'm sure they are proud. and on this labor day, "usa today" explains just how the holiday got started. it's rooted in the nation's long and often violent fight for workplace rights. congress declared the holiday in 1984 after the settlement of a deadly railroad strike. still ahead, rising shipping costs. we will tell you which major delivery service plans to raise rates and when. i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. traders have the day off to celebrate labor day. meanwhile, we are getting the full picture of the financial impact of last month's computer outage at delta. carina mitchell reports. >> reporter: markets are closed for the labor day holiday. on friday, wall street ended the trading week higher. delta airlines says a computer outage last month cost the airline $100 million in lost revenue. the malfunction caused 2,300 of its flights to be cancelled. in part due to the outage. get ready to pay more for those packages to reach their destination.
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daily ground and air service rates by an veaverage 4.9%. the higher prices go into effect december 26th and higher freight rates will take effect september 19th. nearly 90 years after the launch of its first two perfumes, louis vuitton has seven new fragrances and floral scents are available in two lv stores worldwide and cost $200 for more than 3 ounces. it's to attract more budget conscious shoppers to the luxury brand. that is your "moneywatch." for more, logon to cbsmoney samsung has stopped selling a smartphone after batteries caught fire or exploded. samsung released the device just weeks ago and has since confirmed 35 instances of the exte 7 either catching fire or
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as early as this week. innovati novak djokovic won and rafael nadal lost. singles finals will being next weekend. a woms soccer star solidarity with colin kaepernick. megan rapinoe kneeled during the national anthem. still ahead, panda population. numbers for the pandas rebound, while another species sees a shark decline. my mom does it, my sister does it. decline. p decline.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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the wildlife group wwf might need a new cover boy. giant pandas are off the endangered list. they raised their status to vulnerable. but the group says the largest living primate is critically endangered. africa's gorillas have declined the last 14 years. it is one step from extinction. a follow-up on the wisconsin girl and the teacher who shared the gift of life with her. the two are celebrating back to school week together. joni smith donated a kidney to fuller. fuller is bouncing back after a
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>> i got to run for the first time. i went swimming for the first time. i jumped and went for the first time. >> fuller's classroom in her school in milwaukee is next to schmidt's. navy freshman malcolm per ri proved he belongs. he was called from the stands saturday to play quarterback against visiting fordham. perry is the fourth stringer but he was needed due to injuries. the mid shipmen won 52-16. it was supposed to be a five-year mission but "star trek" endures 50 years after its tv debut and even though the original series ran just three years, people are still boldly going to movies and conventions. a spin-off series will launch this january on cbs all-access. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a pref of the --
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sunshine. later this half hour a major sunday night drama playing out on the college football field, what a weekend. after all the worry last week about whether hermine would affect us here, turns out we are in for a great labor day. a preview of our holiday conditions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today is going to be looking good. the weekend turned out for the dmv to be beautiful. if you are up and headed to work like the rest of us, not a bad start actually. 67 degrees and a lot of 50s out there we are looking at 55 formatter tinsburg, a -- for, martinsburg. hermine is hanging off the east coast, still a very strong storm. it is just far enough offshore that we are only going to see impacts at the beach. windll
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hing of the day but not a bad day at all and it is labor day so enjoy. your highs today in the upper 80s. a little warmer than it was over the weekend. we'll talk about our next heat wave, i know it is september, but we have a heat wave headed our way in just a bit. maybe you are getting up for work. we talked about seeing a lot of people out on the roads, not only on the roads, but walking on the sidewalks, maybe coming home from activities. there was a pedestrian who was actually hit on new york avenue near eastbound lanes. two of them still shut down as you head eastbound right now. while police are out on the scene investigating between montana avenue, and northeast while they investigate. 95 as you head southbound, one lane is blocked over on the right hand side between 216 and 198. no slowdowns on 95 as you head south. i'll take it to you. 4:27 is your time right now. breaking overnight north a
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off its east coast early monday. south korea says the show of force is a direct response to the g20 economic summit which wraps up today in china. u.s. officials hope to work out the final details of a deal with russia during the meeting to coordinate air strikes against terrorists in syria. president obama and russian president vladimir putin met and agreed to keep negotiate snag dc police chief katherine lanier is retiring at the end of the week and this week lanier will throw out the first pitch at nats park and will be joined for the pregame ceremonies. she has been chief here for nearly a decade. she is heading to new york city to take on a new job with the national football league, heading their security operations. from now on its saint terese sacramento pope francis declared mother telisa --
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teresa. pope francis declared mother theresa a saint. the news at 4:30 starts right now. good morning toy. thanks for joining us and happy labor day. take a look at that. lot of beachgoers. >> allison says the humidity is going to stay low, it is going to be a little warmer today. good morning i'm mike haiduk happy monday. >> and i'm january jeff coat. we begin first with first alert meteorologist allison ray with today's forecast. >> reporter: happy labor day. hopefully you have plans to be outside. it is going to be absolutely spectacular today. i think today is the best pool day because it is going to be the hottest of your three days over the weekend. temperatures right now it is cool out there. we are going warm up nicely because the air is so dry. when
4:30 am
50s we are doing well. here's a look at the forecast. through 11:00 we'll warm up fast. near 80 degrees. what a day to be outside. breezy at times today and tomorrow until the storm can really get out of our way we'll stay in the upper 80s but rain- free once again. we'll talk about any chances for rain in the forecast but more importantly the heat wave coming up in just a bit. allison sounds good. looking at the roads right now, it should be an easy drive if you have to get to work. what i'm watching right now especially as allison mentioned maybe the bay bridge coming back from your travel plans. if you want to avoid traffic on the bay bridge leave very early. right now it looks good. 301 and 50 into dc are clear as well. right now the only part that is shut down across the city is new york avenue, some eastbound lanes, two of them. a pedestrian was struck. the driver who hit the pedestrian did stay on the scene and we expect that person does not have life-threatening injuries. montana avenue


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