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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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well, there is still no swimming in the ocean. the riptides are dangerous but the beaches are hopping and the sun is shining in ocean city. that's a good thing. good afternoon. happy labor day. hermine is that holiday guest that won't go away. unlike your unwanted
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what's the latest? >> it really turned out to be okay for our weather. at the beaches it was gusty and they had rain but things did clear up. it's still windy. it is post tropical still. it's still need hurricane strength with 70-mile per hour winds. this is the latest advisory from 11:00. it's pick up its pace about six miles an hour but that's nearly stationary in the storm terms. it is going to head to the northwest a little bit. that's why we have tropical storm warnings in place from the jersey coast through nantucket. it's not until mid week that the storm gets out of everybody's hair. maybe you are doing a late beach week, those rip currents will stick around. i would wait for the all clear from the life guards. this is how strong the winds will be right through nantucket tonight through tomorrow. they will see tropical storm force winds. that's
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warning in place threw the new england area. for us, it's been nice with a lot of sunshine for the weekend through today. we are getting ready for a heat wave. we're not done with summer just yet. >> thanks. a heat wave. did you hear that? traditional he believe of summer vacation but it will still be very hot. there were fears that hermine would spoil the holiday for many of of beach goers. >> reporter: there are a lot of people on the beach right now. you can see them up and down the coast. despite high tied and strong winds we have been talking about, the weather is pretty great especially for labor day weekend. i talked to a few people not long ago. they said they wanted to enjoy their labor day on the beach partly because not all the weekend has been great weather wise. saturday was a rainy windy
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after high tied we are experiencing, that was a point of concern for officials in town. there was worry that flooding could occur and roads could be closed downtown. good news, there is no word of that happening yet. i did talk to beach patrol about 30 minutes ago. they said if you don't have a board, you can wade in the water to your knee. you won't find a lot of people in the water now. i have seen three or four borders. the waves are still strong so people are using a lot of caution currently right now in ocean city. >> thanks a lot, john. nikki, it was a pretty typical morning with the runners and joggers on the boardwalk. >> some gathered looking for a perfect picture and others gathered toen view the view and big waves. >> the winds will
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up though. gusts are expected at 40 to 50 miles an hour, residents in borne, massachusetts where you go over onto capecod where the bridge is, they'll be pulling boats out of the water and trying to tie down anything that can fly away. remember hurricane season lasts until november 30. the best way to stay ahead of any storms at home, download the free wusa9 app. you will get updates before the severe weather strikes right to your phone whenever they happen. a woman is recovering from serious injuries after being hit by a car. all the east bound lanes were shut down for hours. >> reporter: a much different scene now along new york avenue. the east bound lanes are all open but the crash investigation continues. d.c. police say a person driving this dark colored vehicle struck a woman around 3:15 monday morning in
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disturbing outcome for people in the community. >> i feel for her and her family. it's sad mostly. >> it makes me feel bad. >> reporter: the accident happened near a popular night club along new york avenue. it's not clear if the victim was in a cross walk or why the driver hit her. d.c. police say this is all still under investigation. >> it is dangerous. everybody needs to be alert. people are looking at cell phones, not paying attention. i hope she's okay. >> reporter: at the scene early monday traffic was redirected for hours. officials pulled out cones and traffic signs. police officers used flares to keep cars from getting close. anyone with information on the pedestrian accident should contact d.c. police. >> the driver did stay on the scene after that accident in northeast. new information in a deadly crash from over the weekend. prince georges county police
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a crash in forest ville. 27 year old howard jackson iii and 50 year old died. it appears the the other car ran a red light and hit them as they were turning onto pennsylvania avenue. the driver in the other car is in critical condition. a woman was working by herself at a pool saturday when a man attacked her. she ran away after the assault and police went through the neighborhood last night looking for clues. pool management says they're carefully checking ids to make sure only those allowed in the pool can get access to it. several deadly bombings in the middle east, afghan officials say 24 are dead following twin bombings near difference ministry. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the coordinated attacks. in syria, isis says it is
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five. another 15 people were wounded in that suicide attack. president obama leaving the g20 without a peace deal in syria. he had hoped to broker a ground breaking agreement with vladimir putin to coordinate air strikes against isis and al qaeda linked terrorists in syria. >> reporter: president obama had hoped to broker a ground breaking deal with vladimir putin to coordinate air strikes against isis and al qaeda linked terrorists in syria. at the last minute, russia pulled back. the proposed bill would have stopped their ally from bombing civilians and u.s. backed rebels while also allowing aid into starving cities. sadly the city came under siege as the deal fell apart. president obama said they needed the russians if they're to make progress in syria. >> if we do not get some buy in from
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the violence and easing humanitarian crisis, it is difficulties to see how we get to the next phase. >> reporter: any alliance with russia would be extraordinary given their brutal behavior inside syria. putin's military might has made him indispensable. the white house is reluctant to use force and has no diploe pattic back up plan. mid east crisis overshadowed president obama's main mission at the g20, to bridge tensions with china whose aggressive military expansion in asia is rattling nerves. with asia already on edge, nuclear armed test fired into the sea of japan. there is plenty of real tension behind closed doors. president obama says he is concerned by growing antiamerican sentiment, china's aggressive military aggression and unfair trade practices, all of that has complicated his
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plan to refocus towards asia. margaret brennan, cbs news. turn to the race for the white house. labor day usually marks traditional home stretch for the presidential campaign. vice president joe biden and vice presidential nominee tim kaine campaigning in pittsburgh. biden praised him calling kaine highly qualified for the job. he says there is plenty of work to do with reviving the american economy. trump and pence are in ohio in a round table discussion with union members in cleveland. trump and clinton are tied in ohio which is always a key battle ground state. lanier getting a labor send off at nats park today. she's been the chief of police for nearly a decade and now she's taking a job as
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security for nfl. she'll be at league offices in new york. her last day on the job in d.c. is cement 20. -- september 20th. still ahead, as we continue a soccer star now showing solidarity with colin kaepernick. >> there you go, you hear it. we will strike up the band on this labor day.
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that's in kensingtoning ton. they're celebrating labor day in town with the annual parade, marching bands and fire trucks down connecticut avenue and into town hall. the festival continues until 3:30 this afternoon. if you want to get out, you students i will have time to check it out. megan rapinoe shows solidarity with colin
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national anthem at last night's soccer match between chicago and seattle. she said it's the least i can do, keeping the conversation going. kaepernick got attention two weeks ago when he decided to sit. he said it was to protest racial injustice. president obama said kaepernick is exercising his constitutional right not to stand adding that he is generating conversation about issues that need to be talked about. mourning the the death of b.j. jackson following a long battle with cancer. he most recently performed with team familiar. the man said the world lost one of the all time greats. jackson played with other bands during his career, most notably rare essence. byron jackson was 51. amtrak's auto train is back on route following an accident in south carolina. it hit a vehicle on
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north of charleston. there were no injuries to anyone on the train. the condition of the driver is not known. the train was delayed for more than three hours. up next, surprising and very encouraging news about the world's giant panda population. >> it is very nice out here. hopefully you have outdoor labor day plans. we'll talk about
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welcome back to the news at noon. more information is expected soon in the case of jacob wetterly, an 11 year old boy who disappeared near minneapolis in 1989. over the we
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were found on a farm. the man the fbi identified as a person of interest reportedly led them to a shallow grave. an unusual sight in old town alexandria. an opera singer claims she was singing on a street corner when an officer told her to stop because she didn't have a permit for the speakers she was using. she refused to stop. that's when the officer put her in handcuffs. >> i still feel very violated. the officers were arresting me for singing opera in public when blocks away there were drug dealers. >> alexandria police say they had at least four conversations with her asking her to turn the speakers off before the officers arrested her for disobeying orders. police released her and she's due in court on septem
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encouraging news about panda's, some of our most famous residents here. the giant panda is no longer an endangered species. the panda population rose 17% over the last decade. as a result, the panda has been downgraded to vulnerable. there are now more than 1800 pandas in the wild in china. there is some bad news. the same group says the eastern gorilla found in parts of africa is critically endangered. a celebrity dad used talents to calm his fussy baby and a southwest flight attendant goes viral. larry miller has these stories and more. >> reporter: it's one thing to be serenaded by your dad. it is another when he happens to be john ledge end. video of ledge end playing music to his baby girl luna was posted. she's four months. dad was able to keep the baby quiet and comfortable. leslie jones is back on twitter for the fi
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since her website was hacked. she thanked fans and friends saying she was so okay and added she will always be funny and will always get back up. hackers leaked personal information and nude photos. prior to that, she received racist and sexist tweets about performance in ghost busters. next time you are on a southwest flight, you might hear something like this. >> this is bugs bunny here. welcome to chicago, the windy city. >> in the video a flight attendant impersonates nearly a dozen loony tune characters in two and a half minutes. we posted the full announcement on our wusa9 app. we were really worried in the very, very beginnings like 14 days out that this can make a major i am pocket on the holiday weekend. then we said take a deep breath. we will be okay. >> it was nice.
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saturday wasn't the best day for beach goers but i think they got a good day out of it. >> today is beautiful and warm. >> we are already past where we were yesterday as far as high temperatures but we are still in store for a great labor day. if you are headed to the pool, maybe to your friend's to go to a barbecue, the weather couldn't be better. we have blue skies and nothing to worry about. it's breezy from time to time but that's really about it. we are getting ready for a heat wave. it's the unofficial release of summer and it's going to feel a lot like summer. it feels 82, especially in the shade, it feels phenomenal. winds are out of the north. we have really dry air in place. that's why it is so comfortable especially in the shade in the evening hours. our dew point is 57. when it gets below 60, that is in the sweet spot. that's where we are and it will stay that way tonight and parts of tomorrow. as we head
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to get to about 70. i don't think we will get higher than that like we were in the real bad days in august but we are going to see hot humid days head our way. we are back to school and work, you can enjoy air conditioning. 82 degrees in lees burg. we are warming nicely with dry air. this allows the air to warm up and cool down on the fast side. we are warming up fast with 81 in fredericksburg. we are under high pressure. hermine just won't go away, but it is going to start to get closer to nantucket and also down to the jersey shore. so it is still pretty rough as far as the waves and riptides. i mentioned this before and i want to mention it again, if you are maybe doing the later vacation, headed to the beach, you will get some great weather but the rip currents will be very dangerous for a while. this storm is hanging out. it's not going to move off to the east until wednesday or thursday. in the meantime we
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soaking up the sunshine. we get northerly winds on the back side of hermine. that allows for that nice low humidity. we have the mid to upper 80s. we have 88 in lees berg and winchester. you will be at 87. high pressure starts to move over and we will get these low and mid 90s. i know you don't want to hear that with the humidity but we'll have another day that feels like 100 degrees. we'll have calm winds and we can see patchy fog first thing in the morning. some breezy conditions from time to time, notice through the shores it will remain breezy today and tomorrow and the winds are not really going to subside until wednesday when hermine starts to pull away. tomorrow is another gusty day with winds gusting to about 20 miles an hour. cloud cover for eastern shore and delmarva later tonight, we will stay
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tonight with a crisper feeling than we are going to feel in the coming day. at 8:00 tomorrow morning, we are getting back to school, first time for some kids, no jackets needed, no weather problems and no worries as far as rain showers. we might see a stray shower for maryland panhandle but well we will stay dry for a while with isolated rain chances by the end of the week and into saturday. 88 today, gorgeous and breezy at times, 92 tomorrow. our heat wave begins tomorrow. wednesday is still dry. humidity is working its way up. the hottest day will be on thursday with 96. we can see a stray shower thursday, friday, or saturday. it doesn't look to be a wash out by any means. a li
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coming up tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, we remember byron b.j. jackson who passed away at the age of 51. >> a status update on the rhode island metro station as you head back to work. it's open after being closed due to falling debris. >> we are at the national zoo where visitors are excited about pandas being taken off the endangered species list. you enjoy today. maybe lunch al fresco. you can watch our newscast on bounce tv starting at 5:00. >> that's right. it's going to be hot. >> yes, later on. enjoy today. i will be outside. by the middle of the week it will be scorching. >> the kids are
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right now. hopefully they'r enjoying it. nats on 9 at 4:00. wusa news at 5:00 is on bounce. everybody ha fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing.
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just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month.
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>> nikki: what do you mean adam is dead? >> victor: he can't be. >> nick: don't act like you don't know. that cabin that you arranged for adam to hide out in? it blew up, and adam was inside. how can you do it? how can you kill your own son? >> nikki: no, no, no, no, no, no, no. there has to be some kind of a mistake. nothing has been on the news about this -- >> nick: it's not a mistake, mom. i saw the explosion with my own eyes. >> victor: how is that possible? >> nick: connor was sick. so chelsea called me because she needed some help. i arranged for a doctor to go and see him. >> nikki: is connor gonna be okay? >> nick: he's fine, mom. but when we went to pick up adam at the cabin, the place went up like a fireball. there's no way anyone could have survived. >> victor: we had a very thought-out plan, you know. i think he made it to the plane. >> nick: dad, we went to the airstrip. we talked to the pilot. he hadn't seen adam. your plan didn't work. adam never made it onto that flight. >> nikki: nicholas, this is enough. it's not your father's fault.


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