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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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what's going on right now. we've seen a lot of hard curveballs in the dirt shoed away. >> free man to the left side and that'll be a base hit. all rendone can do is pick up the ball and on this ship, it's a 6-3 game. the tie run will be matt kemp. >> here's the shift and an emergency hatch like freddy. if you put the ball with mark and two strikes, you're doing something right. freddy will definitely take that rbi and the braves. it won't go away. >> 72 run batted in. matt kemp for five
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against him. >> you have to have so much confidence in your catcher to throw that pitch with a runner on third. if it doesn't kick up it could spin.
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crowd of 106,000 on labor day. right side, can they turn two? espinoza can. a 6-4 game but the bases are empty. that's one of those double plays with matt kemp running but once it's caught, it's a double play. kemp doesn't run anywhere like he used to, you have plenty of time and no need to rush plus you saw kemp's momentum going to the dug off after and ample time. >> nats with their 127th of the year. couldn't pick a better time and
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wrecker. >> having a good day, two walks and a base hit. this could turn into a same situation for somebody else. left-handed jayce peterson on deck. >> pitch number 15 for mark. >> a little further out
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0-2. >> everybody in the blue jersey wondering where that was. >> everybody in the blue jersey. >> do it again. close. >> little cut at the end. >> he is there and the nats win their 80th
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that was tense. but the nats are 12-2 against the braves. >> tough for a closer to gear it up when it's a non-save situation. he's been great at it so far but you wonder how much more times he can be put in the situation late in the season. great play by brian good win to preserve the nat's 80th win. >> the braves die hard. they strand 11 runners today and the nats win
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right now, welcome in, hermine put a wrench in the holiday weekend, kicking up rough surf and blasting beach goerwise gusty winds-- goers with gusty wind. the storm moving out of the area with a slow trip off the coast. i am adam longo. >> i am debra alfarone, hermine is a strong storm causing damage across the
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howard bernstein is tracking where the storm is now and how he thinks he could feel the effects for days. >> yeah, this storm has been very slow to move out. still around i think through wednesday. the bulk effects new england, the waves batter the beaches here, toward ocean city, through wednesday if not thursday at this point. rain offshore, but onshore massachusetts and rhode island, 70 miles an hour winds, moving toward the west-northwest in the short term. tomorrow afternoon, down to 60 miles an hour, still a tropical storm warning here, it won't be hurricane strength but this thing, wednesday afternoon still south of providence, rhode island or so, slowly moving away. the problem is the winds, tropical storm force winds in yellow, 39 miles an hour or greater. but the orange area coming onshore later tonight ask overnight across eastern long island through
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england will have winds potentially over 60 miles an hour, like severe thunderstorm winds, they will have damage and power outages. the good news for us, it will go away and get hot again. summer is not over, back with the full 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. the news has gone from bad to better at the state park, yesterday came this photo with a lot of beach erosion, it came with a message "park closed to all traffic." tonight, a new one, the campground will reopen tomorrow and they will make a decision tomorrow if you can go to the beach during the day. dangerous surf advisories remain in place along the delaware and maryland beaches as the holiday weekend is wrapping up. >> that is right. wusa 9's scott broom is joining us live in delaware tonight where the surf has been off limits for the whole weekend for folks there. >> reporter: that resulted in a lot of people here in the boardwalk this evening, really big crowd on the boardwalk because the weather is so nice here on the back end of the holiday weekend. hee,
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thing but not so close that it ruined the entire holiday weekend here. the dangerous surf advisory remained in place this afternoon on delaware beaches here in bethany. lifeguards stop visitors from wading farther than knee dip because of rip currents. another sign the tropical weather has been near high tides that created minor flooding on pennsylvania avenue in bethany. labor day, still a beach day for people who flock to the shore. >> the weekend was great, we were here celebrating my husband's 70th birthday. >> family from utah and family from maryland, so we had a great time. didn't let the storm bother us at all. as long as we didn't have to evacuate, it was just fine. >> you have to go with plan b, c, or d, and it is always fun to be with the family and have a good time. >> it was good, we were able to avoid a lot of the rain and hurricane, stayed home saturday and came to the beach
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and today. >> beach erosion kept to a minimum, a good thing since so much sand has been washed away by previous storms, it left some walkways in mid air where a multimillion dollar man made dune used to be. >> reporter: live on the rohoboth beach boardwalk, business was down a little because of the less than perfect weather, there are a lot of people around and have been most of the weekends, it was not an economic catastrophe. expect surf advisories through wednesday. reporting live, scott broom, wusa 9. >> looks like it is looking good for anybody with the rest of the week off. good news. thank you. in ocean city, beach goers were saying hermine sure mean, thousands hit the boardwalk and the beach, no swimming but beach patrol felt it was safe enough to let people into the water up to their knee and let experienced boarders with flippers do tir
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current tlz the next few days. >> today's swimming was a no-no along many beaches in new jersey, that cut down on visitors in point pleasant. shop owner husband it rough. further up the coast in cape cod the surf is rough and wind is gusty. few on the shore are making the mose of it. >> been doing it almost 30 years. we have seen the sunrise. >> 33 years. >> labor day, we are here no matter what. >> we are cape cod natives, it doesn't bother us that much. >> the national weather service is saying the choppy waters are going to get choppier and they should expect winds strong enough to bring down power lines. so be prepared. remember, you can check the forecast and get those live radar updates no matter where you are any time of day with our free wusa 9 app. dc music fans are mourning the loss of a true giant in the local scene. byron bj jackson died of colon
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cancer sunday. the 52-year-old played live shows just last week with a local go go band and hopped a plane to la to play with eldabarge. delia has more on the artist' life and legancy. >> reporter: bj was a musical genius, not only did he play the drums, base, and keys, he also sang, wrote, and produced scores of music of all different kind of shun rus, when he wasn't in the recording studio, bj was living life to the fullest on stage. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he was so shy with the singing part, he just stood right there and sang, but he belted the song out. >> reporter: a gifted and humble artist who never needed a spotlight to shine, bj was magic object stain. >>-- stage. >> only god can give you that gift. >> that is exactly right. he was supposed to-- that is what he is supposed to be. >> bj was
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pumped through, the soundtrack, the gifts he leaves long-time friends and bandmates. ♪ do-do-do do- ♪ >> he just had these gorgeous, melodic lines. >> bj played 1 week before his death. he knew the end was near and play through the pain, and team particular had 2 shows and had to cut the first short. >> we stopped the band and everybody cried. ♪ >> he loved this music thing, he loved it. i mean, loved it until the day he died. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> that was delia gonzalez reporting. in his 30-year career, he played with maxwell and many others. he leaves behind a daughter. investigators identified the victims killedane crash in prince georges county over the weekend, 27-year-old howard jackson ii ooshgs and 50-year-old pandora brackmort. they got hit making a turn by a car that ran a redlight, that driver is in the hospital at in critical condition. the presidential nominees are on the campaign trail focusing on the battleground state of ohio. clinen welcomeed reporters-- clinton welcomeed reporters on her airplane as she headed to a rally in cleveland. trump was in the city meeting voters at a diner and talking with labor leaders, with it being labor day,
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focused messages on jobs. >> say yes to standing up for workers' rights and dignity, yes to good jobs and benefits, yes to the american dream. >> we are going to stop companies from leaving, so easy. >> the latest tracker poll shows clinton leading by 8 points in pennsylvania, 4 in north carolina. when you put all 13 battleground states together, her lead shrinks to 2 points. thousands of kids in northern virginia are soaking up final hours of summer. back to school tomorrow in arlington, fairfax, stafford counties. next year students in maryland will join them in starting the tuesday after labor day. pack patience tomorrow, it is the dreaded terrible traffic tuesday. that day, when seemingly everyone in the dmv is behind the wheel at the same time. all the kids are back in school,
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some people still coming back from vacation and the shore, school buses out there on the roads all over the place. now we can't get rid of all the traffic for you, we can do a lot of stuff, just not that. we can help you get through it, download our wusa 9 app to get updates on traffic jams and crashes. metro says the fix is in at a station where concrete was crumblin
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tracking metro, one of the system's oldest stations is basically falling apart. metal and concrete fell from the season forcing rhode island avenue to close twice last week, now open again. >> wusa 9 heard from riders wondering if they are safe. >> reporter: plenty coming to get shopping done but
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closed. many are seeing fixs for the first time. metro just installed 4 football fields of this green netting, just under the ceiling of the mezzanine levels, chunks of concrete fell to the floor last wednesday and again on thursday. metro had contractors come inspect the ceiling, they think moisture is to blame. the station is 40 years old. >> it just screams they are not doing enough. you see on the news and the papers that they are doing so much. obviously it is not enough if it is not fixed yet. >> the greatest peace of mind, i will keep my eyes open. >> reporter: metro wants to find a more long-term fix, that means more inspections in the coming weeks. wusa 9. >> the station was originally supposed to be closed until 7:00 this morning, fixes went faster than expected.
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it was a gorgeous morn ing to get out and celebrate the unofficial end of summer, crowds packing the streets in kensington, maryland for the labor day parade, kids were waving flags, local marching bands were there. firefighters made their way all along the route. looking real nice this evening, few high clouds getting ready for a sunset on a nice, nice day. a nice night, temperatures falling into the 70s out there in town, we will be down to 60s by 9:00 or 10:00 i think in some suburbs, one more comfortable night before the heat waves begins. starts tomorrow with a high of 91. 92 wednesday and we shoot to mid 90s for the second half of the week. thunderstorm chances, we may see a couple here or there starting wednesday but rain chances still not that high. 84 currently in washington. 86 in hagerstown, hagerstown hit 90
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cambridge, low 70s . we are tracking hermine with winds 70 miles an hour, a problem for long island and new england than for us. we will have a breeze tomorrow, temperatures with low humidity will be topping the 90-degree mark. tuesday afternoon, there is hermine, more rain and wind have a chance for spotty showers. clear to partly cloudy, one more night toopen windows-- to open windows. near 70 annapolis. 70s and 80s, warming quickly after the cool start. afternoon looks good, 88-92. hot but not too humid. humidity comes back wednesday. 92, isolated storm in the afternoon. thursday, stray afternoon storm, 95, as we head toward the
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halff the week, it will stay toasty, a front comes through saturday drying us out for the start of the football season as temperatures fall back into the 80s. we are talking baseball, first
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not a matter of if, but when, the nats clench a playoff, back home facing the atlanta braves, a late afternoon matinee on labor day. first and 3 game set, scherzer as usual, going to be a tough go for the nats. they got help at the plate. chris, 3-run shot to give the nats the early lead and then tray turner, the young rookie, this guy has been an incredible story, comes through with a dace knock later as the nats win the 80th game of the season, 6-4, the final. second fastest in franchise history. the
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winds, another curly "w" in the books. >> they will be playing this weekend and it will be hot. 90s starting tomorrow through saturday. >> that is it. >> see ♪ >> see sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry, ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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it's "e.t.'s" labor day special. >> good for you. get ready. >> as hollywood says good-bye to summer, we show you how to vacation like a star. >> aloha. >> aloha. >> iexotic trips and honeymoons. inside the amazing celeb getaways. >> look where we are. >> the couples overseas to the stars who are back home in the usa. plus, two diva vacation exclusives. >> ciao, mariah. ciao, bell la. >> mariah's unbelievable getaway. >> paris. >> "e.t." >> now for september 5th, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. thank you so much for


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