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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 6, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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♪ good morning. it is tuesday, september 6th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and donald trump crossed paths in the september campaign sprint. trump faces questions about a donation to support partisan attorney general who is considering an investigation and to trump university. more news overnight over zika. and questions grow over mosquito killing chemicals some considering dangerous. and the prep school student convicted of sexual assault explain why they believe their
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>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i heard now that we've got this great plane, that donald trump actually invited press on his plane. >> candidates battling key swing states. >> we're going to bring jobs back to ohio. >> every time think about trump -- >> i'm very honored to be the first american president to >>sit laos. president o wbamaill not be holding a meeting after president duterte hurled an assault. >> mexico is on alert as hurricane newton heads to the >>cific coast. it's increasing its intensity. >> on the east coast, hermine is churning up the ocean. >> stay away from the r.wate >> vandals destroyed an iconic rock formation on the oregon coast could face criminal
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[ bleep ]. >> overseas, the london city airport has been shut down after black lives matter protesters ran off the runway. >> dash cam capturing a near disaster for an indiana driver. >> holy -- >> allha tt -- >> the largest comeback victory in florida state history, they win it by 11. >> do you have a icvoe? >> no, i don't. >> one video is going viral. >> and "all that mattered" -- >> have you had any chance at all to enjoy yourself? >> i ate an oreo. >> major garrett at the fair in canfield, ohio, major, enjoy yourself, thank you very much. on "cbs this morning" -- >> serena williams 308th career grand slam win the most all-time men or women. >> you just won your 308th match in major tennis. >> really, that sounds really
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good. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota, let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." election day is nine weeks from today. and the presidential campaigns are beginning their final push. donald trump and hillary clinton spent labor day working and looking for votes in the battleground state of ohio. their planes even crossed on the tarmac in cleveland. >> clinton was traveling with reporters on her plane for the first time in the campaign. and she answered questions from her traveling press corps for the first time in 275 days. nancy cordes is at westchester county airport north of new york city where clinton will leave for a campaign trip today for florida. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, well, clinton has taken a lot of flak lately for keeping her distance from the press, but that's a lot harder to do when they're
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so she ripped the band aid off quickly yesterday, coming back to talk with us on a plane that's been dubbed force one. >> i heard now that we got this great plane that donald trump actually invited his press on his plane. >> reporter: halfway between ohio and illinois, clinton came back and took over a dozen questions from the reporters who will now share a plane with her everywhere she goes. do you feel you contributed to the perception that the blurred lines between the state department and the clinton foundation by having several employees who seem to go back and forth between the two? >> no, i don't, nancy. look, everything i did at the state department i did in furtherance of america's interest and our security. the state department has said there's absolutely no evidence of any kind of external influence. >> reporter: she suggested the russians might be be trying to help trump. >> whensk
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barely muster the energy. >> reporter: on labor day, clinton focused on trump's employment record. >> he built a career out of not paying workers for the work they did. >> reporter: but then the two campaigns clashed over all things, allergies. after clinton's seasonal allergy briefly got the better of her on the plane and in cleveland. >> donald trump does not have the testament to be our commander in chief. >> reporter: from campaign manager kellyanne conway tweeted that clinton must be allergic to media. final spent a minute with them. a clinton aide fired back it's trump who outright banned certain media from his events. clinton joked. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> reporter: clinton hit trump hard yesterday for his controversial visit last week to
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she called it an embarrassing international incident. and said he can't seem to avoid fighting even with u.s. allies. she was asked whether she plans to visit with the mexican president because she has gotten an invitation as well. and she said not before the election. >> got it, nancy, thank you very much. donald trump campaigns today in virginia and incomi and nort. florida's attorney general considered suing trump university. major garrett is in cleveland where trump spent labor day talking about jobs. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. at a county fair just outside a blue collar youngstown, donald trump and mike pence found a huge crowd. very enthusiastic, the ride was a bit rougher, however, from cleveland to youngstown, as trump faced questions on immigration, debate preparation and trump university. from a cleveland restaurant --
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to ohio's largest county fair. >> trump, trump, trump! >> reporter: donald trump and running mate mike pence campaigned in democratic northeastern ohio. and morning roundtable with union workers trump turned his attention to china's perceived diplomatic snub of president obama calling his ceremonial exit from air force one a sign of weakness. >> other leaders they're coming down with a beautiful red carpet. and obama is coming down a metal staircase. >> reporter: on the same day hillary clinton allowed reporters to start flying on her campaign plane, trump summoned reporters for his private jet for the first time in months. and offered little clarity to his now wobbly promise for undocumented immigrants who credited crimes. agreeing to attend all three presidential debates the republican nominee called too much preparation
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>> i've seen people do so much preparation, when they get out there, they can't speak. i've seen that. >> reporter: trump also denied his foundation made a political contribution in order to discourage florida attorney suit against trump university. >> i've known pam bondi for years. i have a lot of respect for her. never have spoken about that at all. >> reporter: bondi solicited the contribution for a political group that supports her. trump says it doesn't matter because he's going to win the trump university case. well, not entirely. trump's charitable foundation had to pate irs a $2500 penalty, charlie, for making and failing to properly disclose this contribution. hillary clinton spoke to reporters yesterday about that trump foundation donation. >> i am quite taken aback by the foundation making a political contribution to
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attorney general who is just about to investigate trump university. and then ending the investigation. and there's so many things that are questionable about that. >> susan page, "usa today" bureau chief is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are the political risks for this for donald trump? >> nothing is more than the charitable foundations. one is it's inappropriate for a charitable foundation to make pay contribution to a political committee. and the other is, the timing raises all kinds of questions whether he was trying to affect her decision, the attorney general's decision, whether to go ahead with an investigation of trump university. >> did she say before hand, not that she got the contribution but did she know the attorney general's
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investigating at the time? >> pam bondi said she did not know. of course, the question is did trump know. and was there intent. intent is hard to determine. >> let's talk about the presidential race right now. in the national polls, hillary clinton is up on average four points. but if you look at the battleground state she's up in 10 of 13. where is she vulnerable? >> you can look at it the other way, which is donald trump remains within striking distance. maybe one narrow path to the presidency. but he still has a path to the presidency despite that. she has five more times ads on tv than he does. and the fact that he's within striking distance is a concern to democrats. >> here we are. people say this is the final sprint. ey
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what does each candidate need to do to convince the voters on who to pick? >> you know when your mother says, you never get a second chance to make a first impression? both of these candidates need a second chance. donald trump needs to persuade voters that they can trust him as commander in chief. and hillary clinton needs to convince voters as someone they can feel comfortable putting her in the oval office. >> we've been talking about this same issue. >> and this just tells you that some americans have not been as focused. they've been raising their families. going to work, going to school. and i think this is the period, these final seven weeks -- final nine weeks, i guess, whenot everywhere start to look at it, start to watch the debates. and it won't be a straight line. we don't know what's going to happen from now until election day. there there are debates. there will be developments abroad and here at home that will affect what will happen. ou
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very important for dronald trum, why? >> he has something to prove. and can he come across as a responsible person in the oval office. >> can we assume all the damage from the e-mails is out? >> no, we're going to have more disclosures from these lawsuits against hillary clinton. every time we've had the disclosures there have been more things she's had to deal with and questions she's had to answer. >> thanks. president obama is on historic visit to the asian country of laos. he's the first visiting president to go there attending a summit of southeastern leaders. he's also in a diplomatic battle with the philippines because that president threatened to call him a rude name. margaret brennan is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, there has been no direct apology from the
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expression of regret that president obama took offense at his anti-american rant. this from a country that receives more than $100 million in u.s. aid each year. it was a shocking insult from a u.s. military ally. >> you just be respectful. >> reporter: speaking in tagalog, philadelphia people president duterte toldhe t press that he would call president obama a son of a -- and when asked to respond president obama chose his words carefully. >> i have seen some of those colorful statements from the past and, clearly, he's a colorful guy. >> reporter: president obama swiftly cancelled his two-day meeting with the president who is known for his unusually crass comments including cursing the pope and using a homophobic slur to describe the u.s. a
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instead, president obama is dealing with another crisis here i asia. nuclear armed north korea fired off three ballistic missiles into the sea of japan yesterday. a reckless move, the white house said for boats and planes in the area. it rattled the nerves of u.s.-ally south korea. president obama discussed how to respond to the incident here in laos. >> we're condemning the missile launches including this week while china was hosting the g20. >> reporter: president obama did blow off a little steam with some traditional laos dancing. and next, president obama will try to repair a rift with laos, a country where people are still dieing from american bombs dropped during the street yavie. gayle, the president will mt
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hermine is off the atlantic coast this morning and moving closer to land. the former hurricane is pushing back towards new england. severe weather warnings stretch from the mid-atlantic region all the way to massachusetts. the severe storm is responsible for at least three deaths. demarco morgan is cape cod. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hermine is expected to weaken over the next 48 hours but as it continues to pound strong waves, the threat remains. howling winds and fierce waves. battered coastal massachusetts monday. even as it spans more than 100 miles offshore, hermine hit parts of cape cod by gusts reaching 50 miles per hour. strong winds fueled these flames in rhode island
7:16 am
crews struggled. and the utility pole. >> all of a sudden, i heard a crack and it sounded like lightning. i ran out to see the tree on the ground. naturally, it happened in seconds. >> reporter: along the east coast, the rough surf attracted thrill seekers despite warnings from officials to keep out of the water. >> we have people getting pulled out by rip currents. it's very dangerous. >> reporter: still, the brunt of hermine has mostly spared the region, a relieve for tom labard from wells, massachusetts. any concern moving up? >> they said it would stay east which is fine with me. >> reporter: hermine is expected to come to a near stop or remain stationary. that means the threat of strong winds near cape cod still hold.
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the storm once again will ahead back out to sea. in the pacific, hurricane newton is quickly gaining strength. the storm is expected to make landfall this morning on the baja peninsula. the hurricane warning is neck for cabo san lucas and nearby coastlines. as parts of mexico to seen rain and winds up to 80 miles an hour. protesters stormed a runway this morning in a london airport in a major security breach. the protest forced london city airport to cancel several flights. nine people associated with the black lives matter movement locked themselves together as negotiators spoke to to them. they said they're speaking out against the united states kingdom's, quote, environmental impact on protesters. several 234r50i9s were diverted to nearby airports. and passenger on british airways still face possible delays this morning after
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systems. it created long lines, the airline says the systems are running again but check-ins to take a little longer than usual. which followed delta last month. the company says that outage cost them $100 million in revenue. longtime activist phyllis schlafly died in st. louis. she stayed active in politics the relevant flt rest of her li. she rallied against communism and abortion and her organized effort had stopped the equal rights amendment from taking effect. she was ceo of the eagle forum, a conservative lobbying group she founded in 1972. she endorsed donald trump in march and defended him in july. she was 92 years old. and the response to
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first prep school sex assault >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by beyond the scale from weight watchers. join today.
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controversy over the fight to detroit zika in florida. >> ahead, with a chemical some thing dangerous might be more effective than the natural alternative. >> the news is back here in the morning. and we're happy to be here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by advil p.m. when pain keeps you up at night, advil p.m. gives you the healing sleep you need.
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♪ president obama talked about the nfl quarterback who is trofg stand for the national anthem. ahead, how the commander in chief is defending the controversial. and ahead, starbucks on what it means
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you're watching "cbs this morning." your local news is coming
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upon the profession your faith and the law of jesus christ i now baptize you in the name of the father, and of the son -- >> what are you doing? >> he said, i did it! >> 6-year-old jordan. he couldn't wait to beap btized pas you see. >> jordan decided to do it. the pastor was taking too long. he decided i'm going to baptize myself. he held his nose and dunked himself in the water. that's the power sign, the victory sign. >> that's adorable. you know what, he accepted his faith knowing that. you see that, right? he didn't need to be dunked? >> taking
7:31 am
zblups zblu. >> i know. >> we were saying how long it's been. we had the convention. you were off two weeks, charlie was off two weeks. >> you guys were off together. >> should we tell them? >> a gentleman never tells. we're all glad to be together. >> those who talk don't do, those who don't, do. and now to the court of public opinion only on "cbs this morning," the lawyers for owen labrie are here to respond after the victim recently spoke out. plus, the fight to kill the zika virus raises new safety concerns. the chemical has some florida residents worried about the exposure. ahead, the controversial secreta insecticide banned in europe is now being used. and "the washington post"
7:32 am
between hillary clinton and the boston college who hired her husband. for a state department function in 2009, nine months later, the company signed bill clinton to a five-year consulting deal worth nearly $18 million. there is no evidence that the state department favored the school to hiring them. "usa today" reports on president obama defending colin kaepernick's anthem protest. the president said the quarterback was exercising his constitutional right by refusing to stand during the national anthem. kaepernick says he wants to bring attention to racial injustices. president obama added the protest was a touch thing for members of the military to accept. and the philadelphia inquirer reports that the bill cosby trial could be set today. he's accused of drugging and molesting a former temple university employee.
7:33 am
prep school student convicted of sexual assault are responding for the first time since the victim spoke out in public. chessy prout came forward last week to tell her side of the story that generated national headlines. in may 2014 owen labrie was accused of sexually assaulting prout. it took place on the project a boarding school. >> i want other people to feel empowered and just strong enough to be able to say i have been the right to my body. i have the right to say no. >> reporter: after exchanging messages online owen labrie and chessy prout agreed to meet for a secret date on may 30th 2014, as part of a ritual called the senior salute. that's where graduating male seniors in new hampshire at st. all institute
7:34 am
with younger students sometimes for sex. labrie forced her to have sex after she repeatedly said no. >> i was raped. i was violently raped. >> reporter: labrie admits there was physical contact but denied having sex with prout. >> i thought to myself, maybe we shouldn't do this. >> reporter: in august of last year, a jury convicted labrie of three counts of misdemeanor sexual assault. >> guilty or not guilty? >> guilty. >> reporter: he was also convicted of endangering a child and using computer services to lure a minor but he was acquitted of the more serious felony sex assault charges. labrie has to serve a year in jail and has to register as a sex offender for life. he is currently on bail pending an appeal. here's what prout had to say about the jury ace verdict. >> they said they didn't believe he did it
7:35 am
and that frustrated me a lot because he definitely did do it knowingly. the fact that he was still able to pull the wool over a group of people's eyes bothered me a lot and just disgusted me in some ways. >> owen labrie's attorneys are here with us. it's an interview you'll see only here on "cbs this morning." good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to get your response to what miss prout just said she shed was disgusted by a jury that said they believed owen labrie did this willingly. >> our response is owen was convicted on sex charges. the jury acquitted, that means they found him innocent. they found he did not do that. >> what did they find him guilty of? >> they found him guilty of a
7:36 am
misdemeanor sexual assault but for her age consensual contact. her age alone rendered it nonconsensual. if they found it nonconsensual based on actions or words it would have been aggravated. >> during the trial, there was a list of girls some under age. chessy prout's name was on it with capital letters. why even make a list if they're under age? >> the boys also testified about the quote/unquote list that is just a list of girls that they wanted to get to know better. that was all the boys. >> it wasn't getting to know better. it was what men wished to score. it's not getting to know. >> the testimony regarding what the list was for was different than what the state had argued the list was for. >> prout said in her interview she hopes owen labrie will learn from this, that he will get help.
7:37 am
and do you think he's learned from the whole ordeal? >> i think he learned through this whole ordeal. he went to encounter with this girl. he's maintained his innocence all along that they did not have sex. >> he said there was physical contact, what does that mean? >> there was kissing, rubbing. certainly, intimate contact but not sexual intercourse course. that was his testimony. >> and chessy prout also said this last week, she said we had been prepared to just receive an apology letter and just move forward with their lives. and just move forward with their lives. are you wear of just having owen labrie apologize and drop the ace altogether? >> i'm very new with the case. i believe attorney rancourt concurs we were not aware of that. again, owen maintains his innocence.
7:38 am
never any letter? she said there was a letter where she just wanted an apology from owen? >> to the best of my knowledge, it was offered as a plea bargain. just to write a letter. >> are you aware there was a suggestion of a letter? >> whether or not that was listed as part of say larger plea bargain with other consequences, we're not prepared to speak to because we were not his counsel at that time. it was never presented to us. >> she was very compelling while she was testifying. at the time, all we could hear is her voice. we did not see her. did she admit to any wrongdoing in this case? so much has been put that she was younger. does he admit to maybe that was just the wrong thing to do? >> i think the testimony is what the testimony is at this point. but is this not -- this is not a done deal. so, we have two tracks going forward. i've come in to litigate a motion for new trial based on ineffective assistance of
7:39 am
and there remains an appeal with the new hampshire state court. >> what are you appealing? >> there are a number of different issues raised in a motion for a new trial. and then attorney rancourt will continue to handle the appeal with the new hampshire supreme court. >> owen labrie has to register as a sex offender? >> a sex offender for life which will keep him away from playgrounds for the rest of his life. it will affect his future employment. a sony computer charge that he was soliciting her via that. that's what you're trying to overturn, right? >> yeah. and the motion for new trial has argued various points. one of those points being that the computer charge was not challenged effectively. that's raised in the motion for the new trial of ineffective. and also appeal. it's also pending in the new hampshire supreme court. >> so we understand this, are you saying that she was lying in her interview? >> i don't think we can comment on her statements. again, becauset'
7:40 am
case, this is not done. >> what did you think? you both watched it, what did you think? >> we were doubled the statements that she made went unchallenged. we were troubled when she's interviewed and she makes states purporting to know what the jury is thinking. that statement goes unchallenged in the media. and then it's picked up that he's a rapist and predator and this horrible person, when the facts are he was found innocent of that contact. when you're innocent, you're innocent, bottom line. >> thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> jaye rancourt and robin melone. could the fight against zika compromise safety? others calling it dangerous. if you're heading out the door you can watch us live from the cbs "all-access" app. we're thinking you don't want to miss oprah revealing her next book club section. we'll be right back.
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♪ a controversy growing over the safest way to fight zika in
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miami is usual specialized trucks this morning for the first time told the mosquitos that carry the virus. they're spraying what is called an environmental friendly bacteria called bti. critics say it's not strong enough. david begnaud is at miami beach botanical garden. david good morning. >> reporter: charlie, good morning, they locked the facility here at the garden. cleaned it and reopened it, they say it's ready for people to come back in. meanwhile, there are new cases of zika on miami deep. and this morning, a new round of intense zbroundz spray. early this morning, buffalo turbine trucks were used to spray miami deep with bi
7:46 am
bacteri bacteria. they're hoping it will keep off the aids aegpti mosquito. >> reporter: back in august, miami-dade began spraying in wynnewood. alternating between bti and the powerful neurotoxin called nal ed. >> naled can kill essentially anything. >> reporter: a graduate research. >> and the it will kill the mosquito pretty much instantaneously. >> reporter: it's effective but controversial. it was banned in puerto rico and one of the hardest hit areas in the world. officials say it's dangerous for pregnant women and could result in their babies developing behavorial issues the cdc and epa both insist it's safe.
7:47 am
former governor rick scott say the cdc is recommending miami deep use helicopters to spray. >> they definitely don't want it here. >> reporter: miami beach executive michael greco said the city does not want the spraying. >> governors has a job to do. at the same time, he's not here at miami beach. we know what the people of miami beach want. >> reporter: so the commissioner is calling on the county to stop using naled altogether. we reached out to the cdc. they told cbs news it's up to miami beach city, if they don't want to use naled, they don't have to. scientists finally discover a space probe thought to be gone
7:48 am
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8:00 am
♪ it is tuesday, september 6, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including the final stretch of the presidential campaign we'll ask cbs news directornt ahony salvanto what could change it. but first, the news at 8:00. >> she ripped the band aid fast. >> donald trump and mike pence found a huge crowd very enthusiastic. >> they said a lot of people are really going to drill down now. what do they need tovi connce the voters? >> you know when your mhe
8:01 am
said you never get a second chance to make a first impression? >> yeah. >> both candidates need a second chance. ap there has been no direct ology from the philippines president. just an expression of regret that president obama took offense at this anti-american rant. >> are you saying that she was lying? on her statement. >> what did you think of the interview? >> we were troubled that the stements she made went unchallenged. >> there are new cases of zika on miami beach and now this morning, a new intense ground spray. >> welcome back to all of us. how long it has been since we've been all together. >> you guys were off together. >> should we tell them? >> those that do, don't talk. >> there you go. ♪ but we're happy to be together. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. >> yeah. >> back to the fall politics and so much more. >> yes. a nice break. fired up, ready to go. >> ready to go. >> are we ready t h
8:02 am
all right. let's turn to politics -- >> tv. >> it's all fun. donald trump and hillary clinton will continue more campaigning today after a busy labor day in ohio. both in cleveland invited reporters on their plane. neither could escape the issues facing their campaign. >> for the first time hillary clinton answered questions about the fbi notes about interview with the fbi about the private e-mail servers. she told reporters she could not recall any briefing or training by secretary relating to information. >> i with the classification of the armed services committee revealed to the secretary of state. i take my position seriously. and in fact, not
8:03 am
not the that i position, with the treatment of that. >> reporters on trump's plane asked him to clarify his immigration plan. and explained again what he would do with nonviolent undocumented immigrants. >> to become a citizen, you're going to have to go out and come back in. go through the process. you're going to have to get online. this isn't touchback -- you go out and you have to go online and come back in to be a citizen. >> we're confused. a lot of republican plans have talked about letting people have a legal status just to be able to live here and work here. people who have lived here for a long time and part of society. >> we're going to make that decision. good question. i'm glad you asked that. >> trump said in another interview that it's possible some undocumented immigrants would be allowed to stay. cbs news elections director
8:04 am
the table to break it down. how are you? >> i'm good. really good. >> 63 days and counting what do the numbers tell you as we sit here today? >> clinton is leading. she is leading where it counts. we've seen the national polls bounce around. state by state the story of the summer has been with all of the states we have seen her take a lead. sometimes in single digits. sometimes in double digits. so what that does is that makes donald trump's role a little higher. we'll hear about ohio, of course. we'll hear in florida. he's got to win those states. he's got a narrow path, he can do it, but he's got to start picking them up. >> anthony, likely 341 electoral votes for hillary clinton. only needing 270 to win. that suggests a blowout. >> it does at this point. it's not over but it does. it's even the case where we're starting to see the wildly
8:05 am
georgia and arizona that just don't vote democratic are starting to get close. and clinton is within striking distance. >> what's the indication? >> in poll after poll, senate races, people say that they think their republican senate candidate is a different kind of republican from donald trump. so right now, we don't see trump being that much of a drag on a lot of these senate candidates. >> we've seen donald trump spend the last two weeks trying to clarify his immigration plan. just again saying some undocumented immigrants may be able to stay. where do you see his polling among hispanic voters? how does that affect him in some of these battleground states? >> what it's done, he's not doing well with hispanic voters. what that's done, it's cutting off that math we're talking about in places like nevada and colorado. >> and i was surprised arizona is one of the highest hispanic populations in the entire country. >> it do
8:06 am
vote in this election than they have in the past and that's hurting them because they're voting for clinton. having said that, if they're going to immigration, his base likes his policies on it. if you look at the folks that aren't with him, they don't like his politics. >> explain what he has to do. >> well, it's not immigration. people who don't like his policies are already against him. where he does do a little better. in fact, many cases better than hillary clinton is on the economy. i would not be surprised he's probably looking at the same numbers we are if he starts talking about that. because he's got a little bit of an edge there fixing the economy over hillary clinton which is good news for clinton. >> and what the paid media strategy is, the paid ads are about the economy which is what he's doing interviews on. >> he steps on his message. >> yeah. >> and they both have high negatives, too, anthony. have you ever seen anything like this, both have high negatives? >> literally,
8:07 am
that introduces certainly into this race, gayle. you look at this big lead but it's fragile. it's fragile because you have a front-runner who is unpopular. 38% of her voters say they're voting for hillary clinton just to oppose donald trump. and people say hey, who are you voting against -- >> i know we'll see you before november. thank you very much. libertarian presidential gary johnson and his running mate william weld will be here tomorrow. and oprah with the new book club selection. >> hi, everyone. it's that time again, uh-huh. i've been reading and i found something really deliciously delightfully fantastic that i think you're going to love. coming up, i'm going to tell you what it is.
8:08 am
8:09 am
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all seems beautiful to me. police in oregon are trying to identify a group of vandals that destroyed an iconic natural landmark. tourists captured a video of pushing it over. ben tracy shows us why whoever did this could pay a big price. >> reporter: a rock formation standing for thousands of years gone in near moments. a seven-second video posted online shows three people toppling a popular pedestal at oregon cape kiwanda state washing.
8:14 am
>> i thought, they're not going to push down how much the rock weighs, it's a huge rock. you see in that footage a, they just toppled the rock over. the iconic sandstone was known as the duck bill about seven feet tall and seven to ten feet wide on top. though fenced off it's long been a destination for nature lovers and nature photographers. >> it just made me sick because everybody knows that rock. it breaks my heart because so many people have grown up around that rock. >> reporter: state officials first thought it had collapsed due to erosion late last week. >> it will be up to the state police to decide how to deal with it. >> reporter: two men were given fines and ordered to pay restitution for destroying this rock formation in 2015. and act tress vanessa hudgens was found
8:15 am
into a red rock wall in arizona. the sand stone stood in a dangerous park of the nature area. at least six people, including three teenagers fell to their death there. >> the first concern is making sure people are safe. second, what do we need to do to be clear about what's appropriate behavior in a park. >> reporter: the photographer confronted the vandals who claimed the formation was a safety hazard but he doesn't buy it. >> for him to have the intention of just knocking over the rock for the sole purpose of being vandals, you know, just makes me upset. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> knuckleheads. if you recognize the people in the video, don't you hope that somebody there turn them in. they're old enough guys to know better. >> it's a prank. >> you're old enough to know better. >> it reminds you of
8:16 am
kicks off this week with a lot of drama off the field. we're going to look ahead for the colin kaepernick controversy. and the big matchup in week one. who better to do that than james brown of the "nfl today." i love this pan. he's in our toyota green room with his analysis and predictions. we're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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♪ wakefield. florida state takes the lead. ole miss suffered a meltdown last night. and florida state took advantage. the seminoles beat the rebels as the first week of college football wraps up. now, excitement is building for this week's kickoff of the nfl regular season. >> the nfl season kicks off for reals. >> ready to go. >> the games are ready. >> time to go to los angeles. >> you don't know what the possibils itieare, but everybody starts in the same spot. >> definitely a heightened sense of urgency. >> it's week one of the nfl season. you're so football hungry that you'll watch anything. >> yeah. i know. >> cbs has a ful
8:21 am
action this sunday. james brown, the host of nfl today is here. with a preview of the season, j.b., you're looking so smart. >> thank you. >> the tie. >> you guys are back from vacation giving together, giving norah a break. >> she's wonder woman. >> is that what it is? >> yes. have you seen her legs and muscles. she's wonder woman. >> i'm too dark to blush. >> you're turning maroon. >> good comeback, gayle. anyway, what was your question, charlie? >> so, what's the first big game? is it the game -- the game that the panthers have revisited of the super bowl? >> you know, you would say that that's a thursday night game of denver hosting the carolina panthers. john madden always says until the defending champions are dene
8:22 am
knock off. even with peyton manning gone, the defense is flat out awesome. cam newton has a big chip on their shoulder. carolina is a very legitimate threat so it ought to be a good matchup. >> what else. >> before we talk about nuts and bolts can we talk colin kaepernick. i would love to get your thoughts, president obama has weighed in. more and more people seem to be supporting him. >> most people are saying the right thing as colin kaepernick has the right to protest. number two, people might ask is it the right venue. i would defer to what roger goodell, the nfl commissioner said, the young man can do what he's doing, even the venue. godell may not agree with that but has the right to do it. >> are you surprised he said that? >> no, really i'm not. we ought to have that conversation one day about roger goodell for sure. the question is, is the issue a serious one?
8:23 am
he's taking a big risk. i would like to think that speaks to the depth of his commitment to make the change. what i hope there will be meaningful conversation from this not from homogeneous groups but diverse groups. >> did you know he had this sensitivity? >> absolutely did not. you know what he's not a warm and fuzzy guy. but you love him as a football player -- i'm going to stick with the conversation, gayle has influenced norah. >> there's nothing wrong with muscles. nothing wrong. a number of athletes are starting to flex their muscles if you will, in the vein of jim brown who is one of the forerunners in terms of athletes who have the social responsibility to speak what they think about ills in society. >> one of the things that we should talk about is the return to the team in l.a.
8:24 am
sold out in six hours. >> 90,000. that is key to sustaining that is go to be win on the field. the folks are excited about that returning to l.a. >> are you expecting any surprises? just name a team. >> you know what, the baltimore ravens, john harbaugh, people want to focus on those guys who want to be in thick of it again. john harbaugh, perhaps with the best coaching job, that is a major accomplishment. >> four games. >> and tom is out four games. nobody handles adversity than the new england patriots. you ask the best questions in television, charlie. >> i know that, too. nfl on cbs kicks off with "the nfl today" at noon. starting september 15th, the bills take on the jets right here on
8:25 am
ahead, julie chen and aisha
8:26 am
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♪ be careful what you ask for. this young boy passed out during a ride. he told the pilot he wanted to know what it felt like by gravity so the pilot gave a fast maneuver. the boy quickly recovered with a smile on his face. >> i have actually done 7 gs before. >> did you pass out? >> no, i had a full mask on in a jet. you go through breathing exercises so you don't pass out. >> did that look like fun? not fun where i could maybe pass
8:31 am
>> have you done that? >> no. >> he's okay and said it was fun. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this hour, julie chen and aisha tyler. we'll see what season seven has in store for us. lucky seven. how they're planning on revealing more personal details about their lives. plus on "cbs this morning," oprah unveils the next book club mystery pick. the new author joins us here in the studio. we will talk about the new memoir and how it feels to get oprah's stamp of approval. time to show you headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" reports that former fox news chairman roger ailes planning a lawsuit against new york
8:32 am
roger ailes has hired the attorney who defended hulk hoagen in the hawker lawsuit. the attorney did not immediately respond to request for comment. forbes reports on the irs warning of a tax refund delay next year. the refund may come weeks later than usual. a new tax law requires the irs to hold certain refunds. and a rise in identity theft is causing the agency more time to review returns. "the wall street journal" reports on apple's new iphone is expected to be unveiled tomorrow but the new features may not be as significant in previous years. new models arrive as iphone sales shrink for the first time. consumers are waiting longer to upgrade their phones. features for the new iphone will reportedly include a thinner design. no headphone jack. and improved water resistance. >> all good news. the independent said the
8:33 am
crocodile hunter's daughter is being talked about for taming a crocodile. it's been ten years since the death of her dad steve irvin. >> i think when it comes to animal, bindi irwin knows what she's doing. and "rolling stone" reports that barbra streisand's latest record breaks a record. ♪ >> that, of course, is barbra streisand and jamie foxx. encore to top the billboard 200. she keeps her lead over second place madonna as female artist. madonna, by the way, has eight number ones. the laeldifes o "the talk" e getting people talking. hosts, julie chen,
8:34 am
sharon osbourne and aisha tyler and cheryl underwood take a look at the topic of the day. julie and aisha are here. >> what does it feel like? >> great. >> yeah, it's great. >> we've been off for five weeks. >> isn't that good? >> it was nice. it was nice to sleep in a little bit. >> we weren't off completely. julie was shooting "the governor" and i was shooting "criminal minds." directing a film. five weeks is an opportunity to get all of the stuff you can't get done when you're on tv every day. >> and i usually got to bed at 4:00 in the morning. >> i love new york city. >> were you thinking of the boys? >> no, i brought them with me.
8:35 am
>> julie is making signs of you drinking. you seem very coherent this morning. >> i'm hydrating with a variety of liquids. i love new york city. it is a city that never sleeps. it's an opportunity to do stuff that you can't do anywhere else? >> like what? >> like staying out all night and cocktails with your friends. >> what happens in new york city is in new york. what about the new season? >> well you know, everyone, we've always gotten positive feed when we launched a season of secrets when you think you know everything about one another. the viewers feel like we let it all hang out. but we reserve some stuff to reveal when we preview our new season. the biggest news i would say, sharon, a lot of people have been asking how she's
8:36 am
a year ago when we each launch aed she was going to explain why she took an emergency leave of absence for five weeks the previous season. and she just -- she's ready to talk about it. >> yeah. >> she's ready to reveal it now a year later. it's like i say, what else are you lying about? what else do i need to come clean about? >> new secrets. >> julie, what secrets will be you be sharing about about les? >> only you can share. i will tell you. he's like this tough guy at work. mr. corporate, you know, captain of industry. he is a pushover at home. with the kids. >> charlie has him wra
8:37 am
around -- >> all the kids. >> he's a pussycat at home. >> he is not a pussycat on the job. >> no. >> but you announced that you were getting a divorce. i always wonder when this happens to public people, but now you have to talk about stuff when people come on your show. is it difficult for to you share that information? were you thinking maybe i don't really want to talk about it? >> oh, i mean, absolutely. i think it's really painful to go through it. whether you're in the public eye or not. it's incredibly painful. i think for a long time, i kept it to myself which was partly because i wasn't ready to talk about it because there was another person involved. it's their life, too. a lost tv is so exploited. not everybody gets to know everything about you, you know what i mean? i felt like when i did talk about, i was ready. and i also wanted to hopefully show people it did not have to be a bloodbath. i loved this person for half of my
8:38 am
i wanted to know about other people. yes. no one wants to do that publicly. seriously. one good thing about this, time is very healing. >> it doesn't have to be a bloodbath. >> yeah, it doesn't. >> in the beginning it could be a bloodbath. >> but i survived. >> yes. >> you don't necessarily have to stop loving the person. you just have to stop loving them in a certain way and you have to stop wanting to be with them. >> i think that happens before the divorce. you make sure of that. i will say this, when somebody has your best friend for years, you will always go back to them. that's how i feel about my relationship, i want to be in on every aspect of his life. >> what about the new guy? >> charlie -- >> it's
8:39 am
the single ladies now. >> they're a big group, the single ladies group. >> happy new season. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> great to see you back. >> we're back. >> all right. season seven of "the talk" started right here on cbs 2:00 p.m. eastern, 1:00 p.m. pacific. and oprah will reveal her next book club sele
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
oprah's book club has put 75 books on the map with her signature stamp of approval and only on "cbs this morning" oprah is ready to reveal her next book club selection. >> hello, "cbs this morning." wow, i'm excited to be able to announce another book club selection. it is "love warrior." wow. so, i know a lot of you are familiar with glennon because of her blog and all of her
8:44 am
women who are looking for a way to find themselves and redefine themselves. and that's what this book does. i've fallen in love with glennon because she is a warrior who is growing into herself in such a powerful way. with all of the flaws wide open for us to see and read about. alcoholism. going through tough times in the marriage. figuring out what to do with kids. having kids. flawed families. flawed life. and yet, loving all along. and in the process, helping us see ourselves differently and be stronger love warriors. so, that's why i wanted to choose this book because here is a woman fiercely defining and redefining herself and her life, in a way that makes us all want 0 do the same for our own lives. "love
8:45 am
here we come. >> here we come again. get ready to read oprah's book club pick by glennon doyle melton. she joins us at the table. it's so rock owe candid. she talks about sex. talks about being bulimic, talks about her husband who has cheated and being an alcoholic. you put it out in there candid terms. you say it's easier than to speak it. >> yeah, in writing i get to pull out all the scary stuff inside and put it outside and everybody goes me, too. i'm less afraid. >> and how did you use the title "love warrior"? >> for the first half of my life i was an addict. we hide because it seems so risky.
8:46 am
does, instead of hiding just rushes straight towards it. the here's the pain inside the pain. right. we have to sit inside of our pain and rush towards it. and just to find all of our healing there and not skip around it. because that's the difference. >> following up with gayle said, and oprah, the power of vulnerability. what is the power of vulnerability? >> i think we have two options in life. we can be shiny and perfect and mired. or real, honest and loved. but we actually do have to choose. i keep choosing this real and vulnerable place not because you don't get hurt there, because i do. this is the pain that grows us. nothing hurts as much as not being known. >> what was the turning point to you, certainly, finding out about your husband's infidelity. >> it wasn't just one, you said he was having repeated infideli?
8:47 am
a lot like me. i had turned pain on food. and he turned his pain in respect. and i have a lot in common with him. i also respect the heck out of him. i think he's a love warrior. he's my favorite kind of hero. he screwed up, she dealt with it. our marriage is ending now. >> it's ironic, that it's ending. you guys worked so hard in the book to get it together. now that you're out promoting a book about going stuff and making it through. you all decided to split. >> yeah. >> did you think, maybe we won't announce it yet? >> i did. everyone on earth told me not to announce it. that would be like the kiss of death. i don't believe that. i never promised to be perfect or have a perfect marriage. but i did promise to stand in front of people and be completely honest. >> is there a moment at which you know you're at rock bottom? >> i've been thereo
8:48 am
i'm a rock bottom expert. rock bottom is the best place on earth. it's the beginning of everything. life wants to hold us down until we say uncle. until we say help. >> it's the best place on earth? >> it's the beginning. i'm usually in the bathroom floor. >> chrkris kristofferson said nothing to lose. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's called "love warrior" it's such a good read. it's going to help many people. >> i'm going to freak out right now. >> did you get invited to the wedding? >> one of the best things about this book i learned things about oprah. >> she's nuts about you. have you given your blessing about the wedding? >> i'll give my blessing to anything. >> she is nuts about you. it's very nice to meet
8:49 am
go to cbs this for an excerpt. oprah would be here but she's shooting a movie. >> i know. i know. >> a cafeteria lunch date gross internet sensation to the end zone. a college football star's unforgettable experience w
8:50 am
luann bennett. after losing her husband to cancer, she raised three boys here in northern virginia
8:51 am
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the game. after pictures afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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8:58 am
legendary cbs anchor dan rather chats with us about the big interview. how to support als without dumping a bucket of ice on your head while taking in the beautiful sites of washington, d.c. >> that is wonderful. >> it's tuesday, september 6th. this is "great day washington." >> that is new.
8:59 am
we are excited about the new animation thing. i'm chris leary. hope you had a great weekend. >> i am glad you did, too. we are joined by ellen bryan. traffic tuesday. >> for better or worse it's terrible traffic tuesday. >> blue tuesday. everybody is wearing blue. >> allyson rae is wearing blue. >> is she. >> different shades. we are the same shade. >> jan jeffcoat, 50 shades of blue. >> why do they call it traffic tuesday. >> everybody is back to school, congress is back in session and the college students are back so the traffic is just jammed this morning. not as bad what is we would have thought but they say winds gets worse. >> which is why they are blue. >> which is why we are blue. >> driving to work blues. traffic blues. wow. the orange line is down, too. >> it is back open now. there was a littleai
9:00 am
they use. no damage to the tracks so it is back open. it's running again. the blue line had trouble this morning getting back to blue. >> get back to blue. >> people are going on twitter like crazy with the #terrible traffic tuesday. so, i did pull some of those to look at what people are saying. one said she tried to sleep in ten minutes and that wasn't enough and they are saying if you normally have an hour commute it could be an hour and a half this morning. another person, rachel, said rachel and the terrible horrible no good very bad traffic. very creative, right. >> a lot of adjectives. >> let it all out. >> brian was positive. he said it wasn't that terrible. i think virginia was worse. >> i was going to ask you what roadways were hit the hardest. 66 is crowded, even on the weekends. >> isn


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