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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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one of the suspects. they cuffed him and took him away in a police cruiser. in the end this loaded magazine and all three cases were recovered. they're releaseing a photo of a second suspect on the run tonight. the security guard is in critical condition. reporting live in prince george's county, news channel 9. they're trying to figure out whether the fast moving fire had anything do with e- mail threats last week. the threats were taken seriously enough to close down the facility and five other agriculture department facilities around the country. we have the latest, bruce? >> reporter: yeah, investigators
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scene of this gutted work shop and storage building. they've been digging away on the north side, tan looks like where the fire started. it's far too early to say if this was accident or arson. >> the blaze ripped through the old world building in minutes, driven by a steady breeze and plenty of flammable materials. the smoke and flames roared into the air and were visible from miles. workers at the facility were worried that it may not be an accident. >> we were on edge, but there's stepped up security. >> the building is off powder mill road and cuts through the agricultural research center. workers were sent home last week after many of them received an anonymous, but threatening e-mail message. >> we were aware of the threats made taken into the course of the investigation, at this
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point in time we're not making a statement either way as to whether or not those threats are related to this event. the building was loaded with things that may have accidentally touched off the blades, 55,000 guns of gas and diesel fuel, gas and old wiring. it could take them longer to determine how and when this fire started because of all of the damage. >> it's an accident, hopefully. let's think that way anyway. new on saturday, the agricultural research center is putting on its big field day for the public here, and some of the workers say that some of the exhibits for that big public exhibition were burned up inside this building. live in beltsville bruise le shan wusa9. they hold different workshops, and this is one
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extinguishers. the bomb squad turned into to investigate a hand grenade. this happened in this town and they blocked off streets around the scene. woodrow wilson high school was tolt told to shelter in place and cops were around this afternoon and gave the all clear. baby's mother mindy schultz was released from the hospital today six days after the crash. we also learned a witness to the crash in lance down told police that driver john miller was looking at his phone moments before the crash. a search warrant indicates police seized medicine from the suv, a "go fund me" for the schultz family has raised $88,000. itt educational services, one of the country's largest for profit technical schools is going out of business. that includes locations in maryland and
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comes after the education department, itt would no longer be allowed to have more students for federal loans and grants. 8,000 teachers and students are impacted. we'll hear from one local student who is weighing his options, that's coming up at 6:00. this is the region's largest school district, 8,000 students are receiving personal laptops to take home. northern virginia bureau fox is part of this pilot program. hey, how are you doing, you can hear the drum line of the chantilly marching banned practicing. all of the high school students received their county laptops over the summer and they brought them to school for the middle and elementary schools and they'll be getting their laptops soon. for the first time fairfield county has purchased laptops for
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home use. >> it will be great for papers and home work and everything. >> 7800 laptops are being issued to students within 12 years within the chantilly pyramid. >> it's hard for them to ask the question. >> the pilot project costs $2.1 million. that was money reallocated. >> we refurbish computers around the district every year. this is taking that funding and putting towards this one pyramid to be able to buy the new computers for all students. >> dr. karen took a walk around the school, one of the elementary schools schools in the chantilly pyramid. >> it's not a highest poverty pyramid, it was a pyramid ready to take this on. and it gave us an opportunity to do it well in a grouping in schools and we'll learn a lot from it. >> one student said sh
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need the laptop because she has one. everyone has it, not everyone has it, but now, we can do everything at the same time instead of sharing devices. >> so, those 8,000 students getting the laptops represent less than a quarter of the total population in fairfax county schools which is 180,000 students, it would take a lot of money to give laptops to all of those kids. they're hoping to get there. this is a start. i can't tell you which pyramid system would be next, it would be nice to know if you have a high school student and whether to buy a laptop nor them or not. live in chantilly, peggy fox. >> and other high schools have received take home laptops through a state grant program. other schools back in session, and it's known as a terrible traffic tuesday. >> and
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are back to work after labor day. good news, we have a congested commute. today's traffic ranks fifth among the past 7 years. >> that's when everybody goes back to school and the excess cars in the road causes emotions to rise and things like that. >> oh, yeah, that commuter says he was stuck on 66 eastbound this morning, problems were not just on the roads, it was single tracking on west vols church and due to a unit derailment. a pennsylvania judge says the comedian is blind and might need special accommodations at his upcoming trial. cost bill cosby's lawyer says he's likely to ask for the trial to be removed from the act and he's being tried for drugging and having se
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unconscious woman in 2004. donald trump made his pitch to be commander-in-chief in virginia beach. >> we'll solve the isis problem, we have to get back, we have to solve it big and strongly and swiftly. we have to get back to rebuilding our country. he had a letter and he had 88ed a millers who said they're endorsing donald trump. and hillary clinton had officers people who trust her to be president. wounded veterans were listening to trump comments. >> i've built a lot of structures and had great success. >> the poll shows hillary clinton winning every battle ground
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only iowa is classified as a utossp. donald trump has time to make up ground. the first presidential debate is september 26. tourists can take in the majesty of the capitol dome. the architect of the capitol is on hand, it's beneath the newly reopened capitol rotunda. scaffolding was around the dome, it's part of the 60 million restoration project, the project capitol. >> we're getting started on wusa9 news at 5. >> it's a pretty nice night for baseball. it will be warm and breezy, generally dry and 91 at 6:00 and you'll be leaving the ballpark with victory over the braves. we'll talk about how many days the 90s will be around. >> and hermine sets up over the coast of new england. >> and
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three people are dead after a helicopter crash in palm bay florida this afternoon. the chopper is an older military style helicopter, it's not believed to be flying in a military capacity. it was engulfed in flames when investigators found it. a disturbing arson investigation is under way in clarksburg maryland tonight. >> it appears someone was targeting a couple and their child. and the reason is a mystery. we have more scott? >> reporter: firefighters are called out to this town home community early labor day
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morning, a community that's filled with families and kids, all tightly packed together in these homes. a fire is a serious matter and they quickly determine that the fire here was no accident. who would want a young couple and their baby dead. that's investigators they're asking after this arson. this was a home in a sprouting community and graffiti on the driveway, someone is sending a message. the couple who live here don't want to be identified or speak publicly. neighbors made the frantic phone call, their house was on fire. >> my dad and my dad called 911, he was telling them you might have to come down here and there may be people inside. everyone was flashing lights and trying to get attention so they can get the fire out. they are good people, i don't know why
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attack them in any way, the home next to the house targeted was badly damaged. fire rescue officials say a young family was home and they had to be evacuated. whoever lit the fire wanting to kill the family and put them to death or setting this fire wanted to send a message. arson investigators are taking this so seriously, they're appealing for tips. if anybody knows anything, reporting live in clarksburg, scott broom, wusa9. >> if you have any information the number to the montgomery arson hotline is 240-777-2643. 24-year-old justin richardson was attacked on 50th street near kelly miller middle school on labor day. richardson was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him.
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a suspect in this stabbing. the virginia teenager whose foot was blown off was able to walk gun. he helped raise money for a prosthetic leg on his "go fund me." he stepped on a homemade explosive used by islamic terrorists. >> his recovery has gone so far, he's returned for the fall semester at the university of miami. there have been no arrests. hermine is pounding away at the new england coast, it is inspected to stall in the area and it is expected to cause damage from long island to cape cod. near providence a neighborhood lost power when a tree fell snapping a utility pole. >> all of a sudden i heard a crack and it sounded like lightning, they ran up front and
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it happened in seconds. >> despite in warnings of surf and currents, they hit the waters within the northeast coast. >> we heard a hurricane in the atlantic and one in the pacific. and there's another in the pacific that is going to baha, it's hurricane newton. >> good rain is headed towards the desert southwest. this is a minimal strength storm, it's category 1, this is now 8:30 tomorrow morning, it's still a hurricane even in mexico and then it becomes a tropical storm. this is 8:00 tomorrow night, just barely a tropical storm, look at that, all the way into southeastern sections of arizona and that means big rains and flood watches have been across the oo
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and new mexico. it's in arizona and the new mexico border. we could see 3-6 inches of rain and that will cause flooding el paso and northward. and into the southern sections of arizona. for us we're looking a the a different scenario. our guarantee, it was refreshing over the weekend, but the heat is back. how did we do for temperatures? we'll add them up for 11, you can keep track of us by downloading our app. look at the dew point, 59, that's telling you it's comfortable. humidity 32%, winds are gusting to 26. it's moving around, it's hot yes, it's not that comfortable. you have to keep it in late ton. it will be after the nat's game. bus stop temperature 64 to about 80 and that's 6 to 9:00 a.m., 90s the rest of the week, isolated thunderstorms, the
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hottest day appears to be thursday with a heat index of 100 to 105. as hot as it's going to be we'll go 91 on thursday, 91 tomorrow, and 96 on thursday, and 92 on friday and mid-90s on saturday. cold front comes through and knocks us down into the mid-80s on sunday. futurecast, a couple of sprinkles here and there. it shouldn't effect the game. by morning, partly cloudy, a few 60s, no 50s this time. we have had 50s in the weekend. we're looking at 66 in rockville and 70 in buoy and we're partly cloudy still in the 70s, upper 70s downtown. and mid-70s the burbs and 1:00, it could be a couple of sprinkles and just be advised we could have a shower and between 1:00 and 6:00, big thunderstorms are possible and getting to the point
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any one of those who develops could be heavy and not severe, we don't think the coverage or the intensity warrants an alert. we'll keep you posted 6:00 tomorrow afternoon and evening, temperatures 90 across the board. it's a little humid as well. 84 by 11:00, 88 at 1:00. the next three days, it's toasty, low 90s tomorrow, mid- 90s on thursday, isolated storms possible each afternoon and evening. saturday we're 95 and sunday we're in the 80s, it looks great right now for the home opener, low 80s, and 84 still very nice next tuesday. >> a minnesota man confessed to the abduction of an 11-year-old boy and it happened 27 years ago.
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known after a plea deal. he admitted to kidnapping and sexually assaulting and killing the boy in 1989. the plea deal calls for no charges in his death. he served three months for sexual assault registered as a sex offender today, this sidio is of brock turner. turner's lenient sentence had a lot of people upset as he was released on friday. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a unconscious woman behind a dumpster. it was a violent labor day weekend in baltimore. three people were shot and three people are dead. a gunman opened fire after a dice game broke up. a 4 and 6-year-old were injured and so was a 61-year-old woman in a wheelchair. and in one three hour stretch there were
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shootings. grocery prices are falling and just in time for us to look at a oven of the future. we'll have details on that coming up in the consumer alert. >> fox writes a monster check to make a sexual ha
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sky 9 over the elementary school in reston, a car has crashed into a building. it happened a little over an hour ago. no injuries, the police in fairfax county tell us, no one in the car or school. parents were picking up students at the time of the crash. as soon as we get more details we'll bring them to you. a conclusion to the sexual harassment lawsuit. gretchen has gotten $20 million and carlson said she was demoted and re
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receiving sexual advances from roger ailes. in tonight's fox, two more lawsuits are being paid to faulty ignition links leading to 124 deaths. they are recalling 24 million cars. the company settled three cases and two others last year, and one was dropped before trial. shoppers, have you noticed, if you check everything out from eggs to milk to meat, it's costing 40 to 50% left. the demand in china is down and a strong dollar making items more expensive is a reason for the fall of food pries. bosch has a
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you can have cook times, humidity and smart times through an app. the oven will be available in october. what happens if you leave cellphone range? it burns down. and a creepy incident involving his neighbor's underwear. neighbors
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i'm luann bennett, and when you see women paid less than men for doing the same work, that's not fair. women around here face the greatest pay disparity in all virginia, and washington does nothing. i approve this message because that has to change. narrator: congresswoman barbara comstock has different priorities. repeatedly voting against equal pay, calling it "a partisan issue." equal pay isn't partisan... and comstock's position hurts our families' bottom line.
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police are on the lookout for someone who shot into two homes this weekend. it's not a first time that a shooting happened in prince william county. >> not this year, the police officers say they're disappointed that someone has done this. >> they've lived in this neighborhood for more than 15 years. he's had few complaints. >> it's peaceful, good kids and neighbors. it's been a wonderful place. >> early sunday morning around 12:30, wilson experienced something he had never seen here before. >> actually i was asleep, it sounded like something falling over. >> went downstairs to figure out what happened. he found this hole in the wall, it wouldn't be until later in the morning he added up what
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>> before we went to church, there was a bullet hole in the window and a hole in the wall. he suspects someone shot the round from behind his house. he found two more in the gutter and in the side of his neighbor's home. they're not alone. >> there was other areas that have been affected. >> prince william county police said it happened 17 or more times since january throughout the county. mes in seas wood freeze and they say these incidents are not connected. and wilson hopes it never happens again. >> gun violence is a serious thing. i would like to think we have better things to do with your time. >> wilson said he was thankful no one had been hurt in all of this. he and
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in the room when that bullet went flying through when it happened. >> there was a suspicious car reported in the neighborhood shooting. they'll continue to investigate the case. police are hoping new surveillance pictures lead to a bank robber in montgomery county. they hope to find it, this happened in lamberton this morning. there are three clear pictures of that robber. students and teachers and schools were told to shelter in place during a police investigation. they're trying to figure out what caused a clothing store to go up in flames today. the fire shut down the road and damaged three businesses. it also spread quickly according to a witness, monica lyman who runs a commercial kitchen in a strip of small businesses damaged by the blaze. >> i grabbed my purse and phone and i hopped in
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moved it, by that time there was already fire trucks on the way. when i ran back inside, our place was filling up with smoke. no one was hurt but a number of people were forced to run, fire investigators appeared focused on electricity as a possible cause for that incident. >> a sexual assault in the middle of the afternoon on a metro train, it happened yesterday, on an orange line train, on the dunn log stop. this is anthony st. clare of dc, he's charged with aggravated sexual battery, st. clare is being held without bond. and the president of the philippines now regrets calling president obama a vulgar term. he made the remark when he asked how he would respond
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his violent crackdown. that's dealing with drug dealers in the last two months. a rock formation was toppled down after thousands of years. they called that formation duck ville. the vandals laughed it off and showed no remorse. they could face jail time if they're caught. trending now, it's what happened after a deaf student was bullied that's being shared around the world tonight. and a mouse may be to blame for this suv ending up in the water. talking about the pollen, good news bad news, the tree pollen is absent. grasses are moderate weeds are in the high range already, we're getting into the rag weed season and you can find
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chief is off tonight after being accused of arrive willing through a woman's lingerie. >> that's right, he was arrested at work at the economic development corporation on riva road in annas,poli i hes out on bail and he faces charges on 1, 2nd and 4th degree burglary. in the picturesque town of annapolis, controversy upsets the serene scene. >> you can be important and previous at the same time. >> we should move to another town. >> it's incredibly embarrassing. 70-year-old robert and non, and the chief officer is arrested forum imagining through his panty drawer. >> i bet he didn't think anyone was watching and then, oops, they were. >> according to the
5:38 pm
report he was caught red-handed captured on the home surveillance camera after a bracelet went missing in august. he was arrive willing through lingerie and returned it before going out the door. and he was arrive willing through the same floor of the condo building. according to the police reports, there was no forced entry, but he had a set of keys and can be heard locking the door behind him. >> if he had no permission, that's trespassing, it's illegal, it's burglary, we can tell you tonight, the chief administrative officer will step in as the ceo of the development corporation. the county released a statement, the serious charges against mr. and
5:39 pm
surprising and constitute responsible leadership in this case. robert hanon has served as the ceo of the development corporation since 2007. he's on unpaid leave until further notice. let's bring you to what's trending, a story that's pulling emotions in different directions. two bullies at an omaha high school picked on a student who is deaf. they took the back pack and dumped everything in the toilet that includes his tablet home work and even a battery for his hearing aid. since that happened, they're reaching out to support that high school senior and some of those supporters have hearing issues as well. >> i'm supporting him, they want to know how it feels to be deaf. i'm very happy. >> that
5:40 pm
for hernandez to handle. he wants to transfer to a different school. one of the bullies has been suspended and the other has been investigated. they've checked into an alcohol rehab facility. >> chase is at the hazel ton addiction center in what is described as a tune up in his community. he has struggled with addiction and substance abuse, and he has had an addiction to pain killers. tomorrow we get a look at the official iphone 7. it's expected to reveal its phone in san francisco. they did away with the headphone jack, people will need wireless head phones and they'll have to buy an adapter for the existing pair. it's to be one of the
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unusual insurance claims. a woman said was frightened by a mouse that ran up her leg. she jumped out of her vehicle and threw the vehicle into gear and this is where itended up. she was a tad bit embarrassed as it went up her leg. and no word where that mouse went. >> i also had a problem when i hit a spider on the wind. right after the break, we'll hear from the maryland parents of the new born
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all seems beautiful to me. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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t? oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. let's check out tweets from the campaign trail tonight. first from donald trump, mainstream media never covered hillary's hacking or coughing attack yet it is number 1 trending, what's up? and from hillary clinton, one candidate is standing up for working familiar lips and there's a link of side by side comparison of her plans and donald trump's plan. remember the baby
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the law office. do you remember that. >> yes a law clerk who is not a doctor delivered the baby and she unwrapped the baby's umbilical cord from around the baby's neck. they to the to talk to the grateful parents. >> she was making sure the baby came out and helped direct the child birth, she didn't want to dirty the rug. >> the first thing she said, i don't want to lay down in the front office, i don't want anything on your carpet, and i'm just sitting here like, lay down. >> no, no. >> where's your bathroom. >> all in a law office in less than half and mile away from the hospital where they had planned to give birth. >> he's smiling for the camera. >> the couple said they were on the way when they got stuck in
5:46 pm
into the parking lot. >> you have to pull in, i'm not going to make it, there's no way. >> this all happened one week ago today in charles county. it was 3 days before her due date when the situation escalated, the couple flagging down a park ranger for help. they heard screaming and brought them inside. >> it was crazy, adrenelin going on, having delivered two other kids, it helped with the situation, because, you know holly was i'm sorry, i don't know what to do. >> her little head started coming out and i wanted to go back outside. >> that had paramedics inside laying paper towels everywhere, pushing and pulling, with the baby coming out with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. i couldn't see her neck. >> a grand entrance, the family says she'll have big plans in the future. >> maybe she'llbe
5:47 pm
you know. >> and family members are joking around she may have free legal services for life. they weren't supposed to have any and it came out with a bang. >> it was lilies bell la with a z. >> and it's amazing. >> a happy ending for a family whose dog was missing in july. keynote here he ran away months ago. his owner spotted hum in a local pound, the problem was he was put for adoption and on his way to a new family. >> he basically made everything right, he gave a chance to put in paperwork i had for my dog, and the family was willing to give them back. >> when asked why, why his family was so cooperative in returning him to his old owners, they're
5:48 pm
pound. >> always watching and tracking, wusa9's first alert weather. >> so, what do you think of that? >> i think that's what they had to do for crying outloud. >> i know you're a dog person, the owners are actually out there. >> i hear you. >> the weather is not right really. we're looking at august weather. we're going back to the 90s, we had a respite and and taste of fall and had a little fire in the fire pit. it was chilly outside, not any more. looking outside, it's 93, and the good news here the dew point is in the 50s it, it's relatively comfortable. the winds are still out plaintiff north, northwest at -- out of the north and northwest, it feels as comfortable at 93 can feel. we have an isolated shower or storm late tonight and that is fine. bus stop temperatures, 64
5:49 pm
to 9pm, the only release of thunderstorms, the hottest day appears to be thursday, with heat indexes 100 to 105, these are the forecast temperatures, 91 tomorrow, 92 on friday, back to 95 on saturday. pretty toasty, our average high is only 83 right now, we don't see any records, tomorrow looks safe, the record high tomorrow is 104, i think that's safe. i think it's safe on thursday and pretty safe on friday and saturday, a little closer on friday, record high 98 and record high of 95. it's getting close. it will feel more like august. here's the futurecast, we'll see a couple of showers and nothing huge, temperatures 80 downtown, but 70s in the bushes. by 6:00 a.m. we'll see partly cloudy skies and sprinkles out to 81 and points west. temperatures are not as cool
5:50 pm
they've been, we can see 68 in silver springs and 69 in fairfax to start. and everyone is back in the 70s, 76 in fredericksberg, and 75 in woodbridge and we get into the early afternoon, and a couple of sprinkles here back by the 80s at that time. we see some flexes of red and orange and yellow. these will be few and far between. any storms that develop in the next few days, it could be heavy or severe. then by tomorrow night, futurecast, trying to keep showers and thunderstorms going until 10:00, maybe a wee bit overdone. eastbound 85, the best chance of showers and thunderstorms, temperatures are above 80, it's clear and partly cloudy tonight. and isolated shower possible, 6 had had 4 to 72. by morning, partly
5:51 pm
warm, 64 to 88, and by afternoon, low 90s, thunderstorms, just some thunderstorms, a few it, could be heavy. on the day planner, there's your downtown temperature. 88 by 1:00, thursday there's your hot day, 96, pretty toasty on friday, lighted storms. saturday hot again, mid-90s, isolated storms, the front comes in saturday night into sunday. beautiful monday and tuesday, low to mid-80s, it looks nice, the season opener with fedex. now, wusa9, game on sports. there's less than a month to go in the baseball season, the national is sitting pretty. now, it's about getting and keeping guys healthy. good news today regarding steven stratford, we could see him back on the mount,
5:52 pm
disabled list. he threw a bullpen session today. he wasn't able to make a decision. baker told us he was willing to see how strasburg feels and whether he is ready after tonight's game. >> he's a tough read. you can't tell and his pitchers, they're always rubbing on something even when they're talking to you, they don't know they're doing it, they're rubbing on something. so, i say he's a tough read and if he wasn't okay, then i'm sure he would tell us. >> of course, the ultimate goal is to get the commissioner's trophy at the season and become world series champions. this team has been racking up hardware all season long. there is good reason that the nationals are going away with it in the nl east. look at the
5:53 pm
this season. nats have had five awards this year. daniel murphy earned the same award for june and july and you can have rookie trained for the list. he was raised for august. 25 games left in the regular season where the playoffs for your nationals. that's your inside pitch. of course, it's been the kind of season everyone wants. everybody is trying to stay optimistic, knowing the history this team has in the playoffs, the team was able to put a complete team together this year. it could be fun. >> and strasburg coming back strong, he can give a push. >> he has unfinished business. and donald trump and hillary clinton focus on the military campaign as the presiden c
5:54 pm
>> this suddenly shuts down, we'll hear from one student left in the lurch. >> this marks the entrance to a different kind of living space. this is
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
access, a new type of ho
5:57 pm
social connections, that's what they call it. >> this is the newest guest being shown the future of housing. >> we're in a shared economy, people are sharing their homes and cars. tasks are being shared online. >> this is a membership based residence designed on people on vacation and people staying on vacation or around on a regular basis. >> this is where residents can eat and live together. >> a stay here costs $40 to $50 a night. >> that price includes a bed, tv and storage area. what is missing is privacy. every pod is wide open to encourage interaction with other guests. >> give up privacy and gain possibilities, we call
5:58 pm
collisions. >> like the shared kitchen, millenials became friends staying here. >> i like sharing everything, it's fun. >> it brings us a lot more value in relationship to having ownership to something. >> they hope to stretch the model far beyond california. chris martinez, cbs news los angeles. >> they hope to open that up in 2016. and here's the home stretch of the campaign between donald trump and hillary clinton. and a stt udenlearns his itt tech school is shutting down. >> a big bite out of a trending agency's bottom line. with nine weeks to go until election day, the race for president is tightening
5:59 pm
the new set of polls is showing donald trump regaining his footing after last month. they plan to scramble through the finish line through the campaign 62 days away. we have a look at the current state of the race. >> we have brand-new cnnrc pole out today. a narrow lead with hillary clinton nationally. presidential elections are not decided by national vote, they're decided in the battle ground states and the picture is much different there. hillary clinton rallied supporters this morning in florida, the hard fought battle ground state. >> i'm proud tim kaine and i are running a campaign of issues not insults. >> and donald trump looked to burnish his national security essentials with families in virginia. >> we're going to solve the isis problem and we have
6:00 pm
solve it bigly and strongly and swiftly. >> he has significant ground to make up across the maps. they predict clinton sweeping every swing state except for iowa. it gives clinton 244 electoral votes a toss up from electorate victory. on the airways she's using her fundraising advantage to battle donald trump all week long. trump's ads began saturday including $1 million placed -- >> our border opened, it's more of the same, but worse. >> and nine months without a ad, she hammers that he has not


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