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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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and the rebirth of the centrepiece of american freedom. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: with labor day over, hillary clinton and donald trump went to work on each other. today's the starting line in what is now a nine-week race for the white house. and with time running short, they pulled no punches. we begin tonight with major garrett covering the trump campaign. >> for the first time since the democratic national convention, a national poll gives donald trump narrow two-point lead over hillary clinton, something the poll-conscious nominee noticed during a stop in virginia beach. >> it's good psychology, you know, good psychology. i know that for a fact, because people that didn't call me yesterday, they're calling me today. so that's the way life works, right? but i think we're doing very well. >> reporter: while trump has
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down six, and clinton retains important polling and organizational advantages in battleground states. clinton's state-by-state leads give her an edge according to cbs projections in the pursuit of the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidency. trump's campaign unveiled a list of nearly 90 generals and admirals endorsing his candidacy and the promise of more military spending. >> these are our fighters, these are our fighting generals, and they're actually a lot more to come. >> reporter: trump also kept up his criticism of clinton's record as secretary of state, asserting adversaries like russia neither respect nor fear her. >> hillary likes to play tough with russia. putin looks at her and he laughs. okay. he laughs. >> reporter: trump's effort to win points on national security were undercut by a cold rebuke from the editorial pages of the "dallas morning news," which has endorsed every republican nominee since 1968. "we have no
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republican nominee for whom all principles are negotiable," it said. "donald trump is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote." trump's campaign had no reaction to the editorial. scott, republicans who back clinton said it was noteworthy in the list of military endorsers of trump, not one was a former chairman or vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and not one was a former combat commander. >> pelley: major garrett reporting for us. nancy cordes is covering the clinton campaign. >> his whole campaign has been one long insult to all those who have worn the uniform. >> reporter: clinton argued today trump so too undisciplined to be diplomat-in-chief. >> they won't even give him stairs. >> reporter: she noted his reaction after chinese officials failed to provide air force one with the proper set of stairs this weekend. >> if that were me, i'd say, you know what, folks, i respect you
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let's get out of here. >> reporter: clinton said that would have been immature. >> you don't get in a snit and stay on your plane and go home because your security and their security are scuffling over what stairs are going to be put up. >> reporter: clinton took questions for a second straight day today about debate prep and about her relationship with the clinton foundation as secretary of state. >> let's not pretend there were conflicts because there were not. >> reporter: but with congress back in session after seven weeks off, republicans are renewing their calls for more criminal investigations. >> i think she misled me. >> reporter: texas senator jon cornyn wants the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor, but even he admitted the evidence is lacking. >> nobody is claiming that there was a quid pro quo, in other words, the clinton foundation, that she did things officially in return for support for the clinton foundation, but that's
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issues where the appearance of impropriety undermines the public's confidence in the integrity of our government is so important to maintain and avoid those conflicts of interest. >> reporter: cornyn said clinton violated a promise to him before she was confirmed that there would be no overlap between the state department and the clinton foundation. clinton argued republicans are on an endless fishing expedition, even after the state department and the f.b.i. determined there was no wrongdoing. nancy cordes, cbs news, tampa. >> pelley: nationwide polls show that the race is tight, but the election is not decided by the national popular vote. the only thing that counts is the battle for key states that add up to 270 electoral votes, and that race is not close. anthony salvanto is our cbs news director of elections. anthony, what are you seeing? >> reporter: that's right, scott. this is a state-by-statetl
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hillary clinton build polling leads in battleground state after battleground state, some of them slight, particularly here in light blue, but some of them sizeable, depicted here in darker blue, with double-digit leads, but a lead is a lead. and all of that adds up to if the election were held today, a sizeable electoral vote advantage for hillary clinton, far more than the 270 that she would need. in fact, it's so large that if she were to, say, drop a state like ohio or florida and still win the other states in which she has a lead, she would still get elected. >> pelley: what could change before election day? >> well, a lot, scott. two months to go. we have never seen a front-runner with unfavorable ratings as high as hillary clinton. that introduces some uncertainty into this race. also many of her voters tell us that they are with her only to oppose donald trump. so she has an enthusiasm gap to make up. trump's voters are more excited.
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next two months if she's going to turn those polling leads into real votes. >> pelley: anthony salvanto, thanks. on its first day back from summer break, the senate did not approve new funding to fight the zika virus today. seven new infections are being reported in the miami area. now a total of 56 have been transmitted by mosquitoes traced to two neighborhoods in miami and miami beach. david begnaud reports that florida is attacking mosquitoes on the ground and from the air. >> reporter: specialized turbine trucks buzzing like lawn mowers circled miami beach at 2:00 a.m. this morning spraying b.t.i. it is a natural bacterium that slowly kills mosquito larvae. over the weekend 19 mosquitoes traps on miami beach showed an increase in mosquitoes. to combat the rising numbers, health officials announced aerial spraying will begin thursday morning, using the
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philip levine is the mayor of miami beach. we had initially heard aerial spraying was not possible because of the high buildings on miami beach and the wind pattern. what's changeed? >> well, i heard the same thing. supposedly the c.d.c. has decided that it is appropriate, and they have made that call along with the governor. >> reporter: naled is a neurotoxin, banned in the european union, but the u.s. environmental protection agency says it's been used here since 1959 without posing risks to people. but spraying is not sitting well with miami beach city commissioner mike grieco. >> i'm not willing to take the sign down. >> reporter: you would be willing to sue to stop it? >> if we can do it, yeah. >> reporter: grieco's facebook page has been inundated with angry residents opposed to naled. alberto grossis would rather take his chances with zika. >> the solution could be just as bad as the problem. >> reporter: naled was sprayed last weekend in dorchester ty
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four travel-related zika cases were reported there. a bee keeper who didn't know spraying was planned lost 2.5 million bees. she says they were killed by the toxin. back here in miami beach, that decision to use naled is supported by the c.d.c. and the surgeon general of florida, but, scott, as a precaution they're going to do the spraying at 5:00 a.m. before students go to school. >> pelley: david begnaud, thanks. hermine, the former hurricane, is still kicking up surf in the atlantic after killing three people in the south over labor day weekend. today the storm brought rain and high wind to long island and southern new england. hermine is expected to dissipate in the next 24 hours. hurricane newton slammed into mexico's baja peninsula earlier today with 90mph winds. tourists were stranded in the resort town of cabo san lucas as streets flooded and the power went out. tonight newton is weakening as it heads
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remnants of it should hit arizona tomorrow. chicago is suffering through its bloodiest summer in decades. over the weekend, 65 people were shot, 13 killed. today the police superintendent said he's doing all he can to fight gang violence, but he said, "it's not a police issue. it's a society issue." dean reynolds is there. [siren blaring] >> reporter: the 65 people shot in chicago over the labor day holiday weekend included a woman nine months pregnant, shot in the abdomen, a pastor shot in the face, an 80-year-old man shot in the head, as well as several teenagers. a weekend so bloody it surpassed earlier holiday carnage on memorial day and the fourth of july. the victims were found on sidewalks, in driveways, on street corners, and in city parks. pat, she didn't want to give her last name, was an eyewitness.
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>> he derived up in a nice car, jumped out, started shooting toward the park. once he finished, he took off. >> reporter: in other parts of town, a victim was murdered as he was driving, another as he walked his dog. >> i'm frustrated. the city should be frustrated. i'm frustrated that the people who commit these crimes just don't care who their actions affect. >> reporter: chicago police superintendent eddie johnson said there was a surge in violence from sunday to this morning because of youthful gang reprisals for petty insults or juvenile arguments. most offenders this year have been between 15 and 24 years old. johnson said his officers need help. >> we need the people in the community to do the right thing, because as long as they stay silent and the people committing these acts feel empowered to continue doing it. >> reporter: repeat offenders continue to be a huge problem. last week chicago police made 77 arrests in an offensive against gang members. 57 of ts
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records, and 10, scott, were on parole. >> pelley: dean reynolds in chicago for us tonight. dean, thank you. well, a month after fox news' chief roger ailes was forced out in a sexual harassment scandal, a lawsuit against him and the company by former anchor gretchen carlson has been settled. vinita nair has details. >> reporter: roger ailes denies the allegations against him, but fox news' parent company, 21st century fox, had this to say, "we sincerely regret and apologize for the fact that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of our colleagues deserve." gretchen carlson said she is grateful for the reported $20 million settlement and thanked her supporters, saying, "all women deserve a dignified and respectful workplace in which talent, hard work and loyalty are recognized, revered and rewarded." >> i'm gretchen carlson. >> reporter: the lawsuit, filetw
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carlson was fired because she refused sexual advances and complained about severe and pervasive sexual harassment. ailes resigned as c.e.o. of the cable channel two weeks after carlson filed the lawsuit. attorney general bob fitzpatrick has been following the case and specializes in workplace harassment cases. >> the amount of money is a very healthy message, not only to fox to change the alleged culture that exists there, but it's also a message to other employers. report at the time of his resignation, ailes reportedly received a $40 million payout. scott, it's unclear how much the $20 million settlement will come out of his pocket versus 21st century fox. >> pelley: vinita nair, thanks. today a pennsylvania judge ordered comedian bill cosby to stand trial for sexual assault next june. cosby, who is 79, is charged with drugging and assaulting a woma h
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cosby insists that the encounter was consensual. prosecutors say 13 women are willing to testify that cosby attacked them, too, but the judge has not said whether he will allow that. coming up on the "cbs evening news," nearly three decades later, a courtroom confession involves the murder of a young boy. and later the first americans get a look at the newly renovated capitol rotunda. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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>> pelley: today the parents of an 11-year-old boy were in the courtroom in minnesota as a man admitted killing their son and described the murder, which occurred 27 years ago. last week the suspect led police to the boy's remains, and in a controversial plea agreement, in return for confessing, he will not face murder charges.
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jamie yuccas was in the courtroom. >> reporter: after only ten minutes of court proceedings today, the prosecutor turned and asked 53-year-old danny heinrich, "did you kidnap, sexually assault, and murder jacob wetterling?" heinrich responded calmly, "yes, i did." jacob's parents, jerry and patty wetterling, stat in the front of the courtroom and listened to all the details of the final moments of their son's life on october 22, 1989. heinrich detailed how he drove down a dead end road and noticed three young boys playing with a flashlight. he approached them and ordered them into a st. joseph, minnesota, ditch. he then told two of the boys to run away. heinrich handcuffed jacob and put him in the front passenger seat. jacob asked him, "what did i do wrong?" heinrich took him to a remote location, told him to undress, and then sexually assaulted him. heinrich said he saw a nearby police car patrolling and got scared, so he pulled his revolver out of his pocket, he
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told the court. he then clicked once, and the bullet didn't enter the chamber, so he shot again, and that's when jacob fell to the ground. >> i want to say, jacob, i'm so sorry. it's incredibly painful to know his last days, last hours, last minutes. we love you, jacob. we will continue to fight. our hearts are hurting. for us jacob was alive until we found... until we found him. we need the heal. >> reporter: local, state, and federal prosecutors started working together in 2015 when jared scheierl asked investigators to reopen his own kidnapping and sexual assault case from the same year in nearby cold spring. investigators found a sweatshirt that tied heinrich to scheierl's assault, so they searched heinrich's home again and discovered child pornography. heinrich could face 20 years in prison, but, of course, the big question, scott, is why won't he
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prosecutors say that the wetterling family, as well as the citizens of the state of minnesota, were so desperate for answers after 27 years, that they took the unprecedented step of offering a plea deal so that everyone could begin to heal once jacob's remains were found. >> pelley: and he's to be charged on the child pornography case. thanks very much, jamie yuccas reporting for us tonight. still ahead, the hunt for vandals who destroyed one of nature's gems. to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me that i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7.
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what headache?in? what arthritis pain? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. >> pelley: she was known as the founding mother of modern conservatism. phyllis flatly died yesterday of cancer. flatly, a g.o.p. delegate for donald trump, was perhaps best known for leading the fight against the equal rights amendment in the 1970s. she called feminists "bitter women seeking a constitutional cure for their personal problems." she was 92.
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ended in gunfire, and it played out on live tv. the driver in that dark s.u.v. was wanted for bank robbery. he was penned in by unmarked police vehicles. the officers jumped out, shots were fired, the suspect was killed. two other suspects had been arrested earlier. when a fragile rock formation on the oregon coast collapsed last week, the ocean was the leading suspect, but now video has surfaced of vandals pushing the sappedstone pedestal known as the "duckbill." state police say those responsible could be fined. and we'll be right back. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by: ♪ i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card
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>> pelley: today the u.s. capitol's great rotunda reopened after a 13-month, $97 million project to save the capitol dome. >> congratulations to you. >> pelley: this was the first tour today to bend over backward to see george washington ascending into heaven. this time-lapse video shows the start a year ago of the scaffolding and drapery that were used to reor the the ironwork, install lighting and repaint the fading fresco. this is all original, it's all 150 years old? >> yes, it is. >> pelley: the head of the project is stephen ayers, the architect of the capitol. he took us up the dome for "60 minutes" before the work began. this is the top. >> it's the top. >> pelley: wow.
6:58 pm
what a beautiful view. the dome was built of the high-tech material of the 1806s, cast iron, but pieces were falling, and there were more than 1,300 cracks. >> it looks magnificent and beautiful from the ground, but when you get up close, there's rust all over it and broken pieces, and some of these are big, 40, 60, 80-pound pieces of decoration and ornamentation. >> pelley: so the dome was covered in scaffolding and the cracks were sewn together. the remainder of the scaffold is to be removed by inauguration day this january. construction of the dome was interrupted by the civil war, but when work resumed, president lincoln said, "when the people see the dome going on, they'll know the union is mend to go on." and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs new how can good paying jobsap
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our economy. if we don't solve our debt problem 19 trillion and growing money for programs like education will shrink. in just 8 years, interest on the debt will be our third largest federal program. bad news for small businesses. the good news? there's still time for a solution. ask the candidates for a plan to secure our future.
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right now at 7, a county official caught red handed. a neighbor said she spotted the man going through her panty drawer. big change coming through one of the most popular memorials in the washington area. first tonight, the search is on for the man who shot at security guards at the university of maryland. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. police wanting to take a close look at this man in the mask who was wanted in the shooting of a security guard at the university of maryland college park campus. it happened at the marriott hotel on campus, police say the guard was shot while two masked gunmen stole three safes from the hotel. the violence prompted umd to send out alerts to all students. >> i was a little shocked. i've got


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