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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  September 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7, a county official caught red handed. a neighbor said she spotted the man going through her panty drawer. big change coming through one of the most popular memorials in the washington area. first tonight, the search is on for the man who shot at security guards at the university of maryland. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. police wanting to take a close look at this man in the mask who was wanted in the shooting of a security guard at the university of maryland college park campus. it happened at the marriott hotel on campus, police say the guard was shot while two masked gunmen stole three safes from the hotel. the violence prompted umd to send out alerts to all students. >> i was a little shocked. i've got
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shocked. close to home. you got to get up and do what you do every day. can't let this kind of stuff stop you. >> one of the suspects is behind bars, the other is on the run. police recover the stolen safes. the security guard is in critical condition tonight. right now, investigators are trying to determine if a fast-moving fired at the usda research center in beltsville was arson or an accident. flames gutted an old workshop and storage facility that contains 55 gallon drums filled with fuel. the big question tonight is whether the fire had anything to do with email threats made their last week. those threats were taken seriously enough to briefly closedown the beltsville facility, and five other agriculture department facilities around the country. anne arundel county's head of economic development is off the job tonight, accused of breaking into his neighbor's apartment and rifling through her lingerie. we have a report on the bizarre allegations that could cost the 70-year-old
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>> reporter: robert hannon was at work at the economic development corporation when police came into the office and arrested him. he is home out on bail tonight, but is facing charges of first, second, and 4th degree burglary. according to the police report, hannon was caught red handed in, captured on the 62-year-old woman's home surveillance camera she installed after a bracelet went missing in august. hannon was seen on video rifling through her lingerie, then returning into the drawer before taking off. police say he did not go far, the scene of the crime, the very same floor of their condo building. >> you can be important and creepy at the same time. >> he had no permission. that is illegal. it is burglary. >> reporter: the chief administrative officer will step in as ceo in the meantime. account executives calls the charges very serious and that there is a need for responsible leadership. in annapolis,
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wusa9. an northwest washington today, what looks like an explosive device turned out to be a fake grenade. someone spotted the item on a bench in fort reno park down in the northwest. first responders paved off the area before concluding there was nothing to be worried about. a prince william county man and police want to know who shot two bullets at his home over the labor day weekend. it continues a disturbing trend in that part of northern virginia. john henry has more on the story. >> reporter: i am here in prince william county where police are dealing with yet another house shooting. they say there have been 17 or so throughout the county since january. carl wilson says a bullet went flying to his home on violent place in dumfries early sunday morning. when he woke up, he soon learned two more bullets have launched into his gutter and his neighbor's home. wilson says he is happy no one was hurt.
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wife were in the room where the bullet ripped through the window, not long before the shooting had happened. >> it is concerning because we were actually downstairs pretty late, just because of the holiday. >> reporter: other shootings like these have happened in manassas and woodbridge, but police say it does not appear any of the shootings are connected. wilson was just surprised something like this would happen in his neighborhood. >> actually, we have never had a lot of problems. >> reporter: police say they did not have any suspects in the latest case in dumfries. with the latest from prince william county, john henry, wusa9. prince william county police also got a report about a suspicious car being in the neighborhood around the time of the shooting. that has not been enough to bring somebody to justice in the case. the dreams of 35,000 students have been squashed. one of the largest for-profit colleges just went out of business. itt tech is closing its 137
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locations including the one in chantilly, virginia. students received an email from the school today explaining new sanctions by the department of education. the school was blocked from enrolling new students who rely on federal loans and grants. it is the latest blow to the institution that lost its accreditation due to fraud allegations, classes were supposed to start next monday. >> a 19-year-old single mother trying to get a degree out of this and they filled them the most. i feel bad for them. >> itt tech says some students with federal loans can be eligible to have the loans forgiven. military is the topic of the day on the campaign trail. both candidates working for votes in southern battleground states right now. donald trump made his pitch to be president at a rally in virginia beach, vowing to fix the isis problem and rebuild america. >> we are going to solve the isis problem, but we
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also get back and we have to --, strong and swift. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton's campaign unveiled a new ad showing wounded veterans listen to donna trump's actual comments on the campaign trail. first lady michelle obama will campaign for clinton in norfork, virginia sometime next friday. the campaign has not decided where the event will be held. tracking hermine right now, the tropical storm weakening but still hanging around. it is 150 miles southwest of nantucket, massachusetts moving at 3 miles an hour with wind above 50 miles an hour. folks along coastal southern england can expect high surf and dangerous riptide for at least another two days. back to school day in fairfax county and for the first time, the area's largest school system is handing out laptops to students. for now, it is a pilot program for the students can when the school dic
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high pyramids, nearly 8000 students in 12 different schools will receive computers next week. the private program cost $2 million, most of the money came from reallocating funds that had been marked to refurbish old computers. >> while it is not our highest poverty pyramid as you pointed out, it is a pyramid that was really ready to take this on, and it really gives us a great opportunity to do it well in a grouping of schools. and we will learn a lot from it. >> fairfax county does not yet have all money to issue laptops systemwide, but, school officials are hoping to expand the program to all 187,000 students. an encouraging follow-up tonight, the northern virginia teenager who lost part of his leg in a central park, new york explosion is walking again. connor goldin posted this picture along with an update on his go fund me page, he says he's grateful for all the love received over the past two months. the 18-yol
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county was heard over the fourth of july holiday. you might recall that he jumped off a rock in central park and landed on a plastic bag filled with chemicals which triggered an explosion. he says he is back in school and getting used to the new leg. tonight, we are hearing from the parents of the baby girl who entered this world in a local law office. last week, we told you about a clerk in charles county who delivered a baby and possibly saved the baby's life by unwrapping the umbilical cord from the newborn's neck. the story got attention online and only on 9 tonight, the proud parents are telling us they were rushing to the hospital when they got caught in traffic. that's how they ended up in the law office. >> the first thing she said was, i don't want to lay down in the front office because i don't want to sit on the carpet. [ laughter ] >> i'm glad i was there. you know, she was just in the right place at the right time. >> the parents tell us that baby isabella is perfectly
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hospital kept her an extra night just to be sure. still ahead on wusa9 at 7, congress okays permanent restroom facilities for a local landmark. well in the 90s today, our first 90 degree day in september. now we have had 52 days in the 90s, tied with 2015. z23wpz z5yz y23wpy y5yy fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently.
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university swimmer brock turner is no wanted for ash he will have to register every 90 days for the rest of his life as a sex offender. the 21-year-old was released from a california jail last week after serving only three months of a six month sentence for sexual assault. a relatively light sentence which craig --
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widespread outrage.'s lawyers say he plans to appeal his conviction. the new york attorney general is investigating the company that makes epipen's. at issue is whether mylan pharmaceuticals played anti- competitive terms into its epipen the sales contracts with several new york school system is. many schools have the devices on hand to treat severe allergic reactions in students. the company recently came under fire for raising the price of a two pack epipen from $100-$600. scaffolding on the capital comes down, the work inside the dome is wrapped up. this morning, officials welcomed tour groups back inside the capitol rotunda. it had been closed for six weeks this summer while crews worked to restore the dome. a much-needed change could be coming to the marine corps war memorial in arlington, virginia, better known here locally as the iwo jima memorial, one of the most populanu
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washington area. with over 1 million visitors every year. there are no public restrooms there. visitors are forced to use port- a-pottys but just over an hour ago, we are happy to report that congress passed a bill allowing for the construction of permanent restroom facilities. that bill was sponsored by virginia congressman, john mayer. >> this is especially concerning because this is a popular destination for veterans. we know not all of whom are able-bodied. the current statutory ban on structures at the marine corps memorial dates back to 2002 and was part of the debate over the location of the air force memorial. meantime, the air force memorial was located somewhere else but we still need the legislation to authorize construction of restroom facilities. >> the senate passed the bill, now all that is needed our signatures. according to congressman bier, there are no cost involved to taxpayers. the money to build the facilities will come from a donor. hundreds of murderers
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a minnesota man is kidnapped -- a minnesota man that
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decades ago will not spend time behind bars for the murder. today in court, he details how he carried out the crime. jacob wetterling was 11 years old when the man forced him into a car, sexually assaulted him and killed him. heinrich says he panics when he saw a police car, that's when he pulled out a gun. the 53-year-old accepted a plea deal for a child pornography charge, but not for the murder. he will spend 20 years behind bars. controversy brewing over the safest way to fight the zika virus in florida. miami started using specialized trucks to spray what officials say is an environmentally friendly organic bacteria to kill mosquitoes. but, critics say it is not strong enough. more potent chemicals should be used, one the cdc and epa say is safe, despite being banned in europe. aside from specialized trucks, authorities will also fly airplanes to spray the affected areas. a texas woman who had series 6 planning to do to her insurance company after he
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wound up in a corporate -- corpus christi bay water. she explained she felt something brushed against her leg while she was behind the wheel. turns out it was a mouse. she freaked out, jumped out of the car but accidentally put it in gear and helplessly watched as it rolled away. the woman was not hurt, no word on what happened to the road and. is probably survived. >> probably. >> there you go. we saw some heat today, first day in the 90s this month, we will have 90s around for a while. talk about the 3 degree guaranty, we went warm or hot enough today, 91. it was not at school to start last night, not at school the night before. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11. a live look outside at our weather cam, it is still kind of toasty, 89. you know, the game is underway so it is kind of a toasty game at notts park
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out of the north at 14. we keep an isolated shower or storm in late tonight, primarily south and west of town, nothing heavy. bus stop temps, 64 to about 80. that is 6 a.m. until 9 a.m. than the 90s are here the rest of the week. isolated storms, only release, really. hottest day appears to be thursday. heat index thursday 100 to 105, quite frankly, closer to 105. heat wave is here again, we talk about temperatures. these are forecasted temperatures, red bars. 91 tomorrow, 96 thursday. i may revisit this 91 tomorrow, we'll let you know tonight at 11. 92 friday, 95 saturday. record highs in yellow. 104 is safe tomorrow even if i do revisit tomorrow's temperature, which i might bump up a little. not going to bump it up near 104. 100 the record high thursday, friday and saturday, a pair of 98s, i know we are close itturday, but for now i think
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any new records fallen. 10:00 tonight, there's futurecast, a couple of showers here and there. 80 downtown still at 10:00 but 70s in the 'burbs, i you walk the dog and take your chances on a light shower. by morning, 65 gaithersburg, 65 in frederick, 68 silver springs, 69 in fairfax with a few clouds. 9:00, partly cloudy, temperatures upper 70s, downtown, 75, 76 in dale city, woodbridge. by 1:00, a couple of sprinkles here, temperatures go back from the mid-to upper 80s. then some thunderstorms developed tomorrow afternoon and evening. some of those, a few of those could be heavy, right now not worry of a yellow weather alert. 70s to start downtown, 88 by 1 p.m. it is going to stay hot. thursday, there is your 96, isolated storm, that's it. 92 on friday, next seven days, saturday, mid-90s again and th,
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morning shower sunday, cooler and 80s, setting the stage for a nice home opener monday night, fedex, mid-80s to low 80s next monday and tuesday. 500 people, that's what the size of the small town high school in chicago, that is the number of people who have been killed on the streets alone. the labor day violence helped push the number of the dead that high. a former wusa9 newsroom staffer, a news producer by the name of tanisha taylor bell is from chicago and trying to do something about the violence. take a look at video posted today on facebook.
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she set up a foundation to provide scholarships to chicago's black youth in honor of her late father, ezequiel taylor. he was shot 34 years ago just blocks from where first lady michelle obama grew up. you can get info
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of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. it's back to friday night lights for the maryland terrapins this week after easily winning their home opener this past week. the train to travel to florida for a friday night showdown with fiu, the first road game for ej gierken. fiu led indiana going into the fourth quarter saturday before totally collapsing but still, a tougher team. terps -- ej gierken and his team are focusing on the task at hand.
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all the way from day one of just tell me what is next, we don't want to lay out encounters, this is the next two months planned, although, i have that and everything, mentally, what's next, let's go do it, let's attack it. we still have the same amount of practices, same amount of time. it will be kind of cool, you know, to play on friday, i have not played on friday since high school. should be exciting. >> that is what football is about, being able to be put in these adverse situations and seeing how you respond as a player. during big-time offense, that's what we 'burbs. being able to respond the same way as if it was a home game. cousins is officially captain of the burgundy and gold ship, he was voted as one of five team captains for the season, the first time with the honor. team captains are voted on by the players. cousins is joined on offense by trent williams, defense is presented by hollowell, and now paul carries the torch for special teams. this sunday, "game on" is back. football is back, we start co
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tonight, taylor and tom's sudden split. what we know about the report. taylor swift just called it quits. is oprah finally getting married? the new report said we have a message today. >> i'm excited to be able to announce -- >> then inside beyonce's birthday bash. why did she just cancel her concert. >> max's first dancing rehearsal with the bat girl. what trouble are they planning on the dance floor? >> this is crazy. >> only we are with kevin hard. how he gave one fan the surprise of a lifetime. >> now for september 6th, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. so a new tabloid cover story breaks the


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