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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 7, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight, taylor and tom's sudden split. what we know about the report. taylor swift just called it quits. is oprah finally getting married? the new report said we have a message today. >> i'm excited to be able to announce -- >> then inside
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why did she just cancel her concert. >> max's first dancing rehearsal with the bat girl. what trouble are they planning on the dance floor? >> this is crazy. >> only we are with kevin hard. how he gave one fan the surprise of a lifetime. >> now for september 6th, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. so a new tabloid cover story breaks the news. oprah finally having a long awaited dream wedding and apparently it will be the wedding of the year. >> it will be the wedding of the year, but there is something oprah wants you to know. >> i'm excited to be able to announce -- another book club selection. >> we love a good book, but this morning's announcement was not nearly as dramatic as this new
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star magazine announcing oprah and steadman's wedding. it included juicy details like the nuptials will take place at he estate in hawaii and michelle obama and julia roberts will e guests. here's the hitch. it's not happening. she sweeted six people who know wmeell called congratulating me or surprised they were not it's not pressure of the tabloids making a story why you are not married. >> oprah talked marriage in 20007. here's the romance rewind. they started dating in 1986. he actually did propose once in 1992. >> the moment he asked me to marry him, i was like oh, god.
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soon after he suggested a postponement. >> that was it and we discussed it again. >> wow. >> a lot of tradition to get married. certain expectations come with o that. >> oprah joked about watching a sexy scene. >> we are going to watch itting to and have a chat. >> steadman, good times await. >> take a deep breath. oprah is not getting married. get ready for a taylor swift break up song because apparently it is no more. ♪ it's going to be frofr or it's going to go down in flame ♪ >> the twosome are kaput. it was taylor who shut down the relationship after thhee months of dating. he isid sa to have edwant her to be his date at the emmys and toy lor is not into the bl
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displays of affection. she has never walked the carpet with any of her men and that is not her style. on june 14th, they were kissing on the rocks near her rhode island mansion and then her famous fourth of july party..o o at comic con, trying to get her to open up. ♪ >> they took their romance down under where she was shooting a movie. they smoothered it up, but were together in santa monica on july 27th. while taylor and tom move on, it wa
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she had to postpone a show buzz of health concerns, about you it didn't get in the way bow down to the queen. she celebrated her 35th with an epic barb last night. this is the voice in the crowd and she danced with her mom while her dad channelled his best and puff daddy and girlfriend were there and they were doing their thing. >> how is the party? >> amazing. >> they were on the guest list celebrating the birth of beyonce that went all night. 5:00 to be exact. the rager even had new york's finest show up for being too loud. hours before the party, it was announced beyonce was postponing the concert,
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strict doctor's orders for rest. maybe she knew he was going to be partying hard. before she got groovy on the dance floor, she kicked off the birthday weekend along with blue ivy hanging with the obama ladies. sunday she had president clinton rocking out to cold play with hubby, jay z. and being serenaded. >> that was just a regular birthday weekend, right? >> this was their first red carpet appearance together since coming back from the divorce. >> he still looked dream tow me. out with his entire family yesterday in london
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his teen daughter talula and dashy and sullivan. his bedding band visible confirming all is well since the reconciliation. she was the one who filed for divorce. >> i made it my. >> it has been tight since the original 15 years ago. >> renee zellweger rocked the navy blue off the shoulder number with the broach, but did have her love and boyfriend of nearly four years. and arriving with olivia reflected on the costar's
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chemistry. are that's my favorite >> there is no baby, is there? this is emma thompson. 16 years old and she is beautiful. she owned that carpet. >> she beautiful. meanwhile, a serious issue for a hollywood veteran. chevy chase back in rehab. >> he is an inpatient at the a tikz treatment center for a tune up, saying he wanted to be the best he can be. robin williams is treating him back in 2014. the 72-year-old was treated for an addiction to pain killers. that's for a reported $20 million. she accused roger
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ssxual harassment in july. gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity they all deserve. it was announced that greta van suft ran is leafing the network. she said i am ready to move on to the next chapter. bill cosby is back in court after he rejected the bid to have criminal assault changes dismissed, his lawyers were asking to throw out the two key pieces of evidence. they are facing prosecution accused of drugging and assault ing and he pleaded not guilt tow all charges. a court date has been set for june 5th. up next, max is baak. oh, my goodness, here is
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why they have gotten in trouble with the producer. why she did great for this guy. >> plus, laughs and tears from kevin
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that coming. danggrously obsess
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he is very professional and loves what he is doing. i kind of just spoke to him. >> these two hit it off and the rehearsal video with social media. after that with merrill davis. max stepped away. they don't think i have any more to get to the show. >> the daddy to be is happily back. >> taking a break. i feel like i am having fun with it.
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>> she is now sharing dating advice. you can listen on play. >> call my show and i'm there with open arms. >> a lot of advice. >> i just bought him some shea butter yesterday. >> what is that? that's not my favorite part to get you the sequins and the glider and she is not a glittery girl and max will have a say in what she wears. >> or doesn't wear. hello. still ahead, which dancing star just bought the paparazzi pizza and why reece witherspoon is skoeling these guys. inside the new
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tv phenomenon. >> i am not surprised people are talking about it 20 years later. >> my uplifting afternoon with kevin hart. how he is changing the life of an 11-year-old cancer patient.
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>> love sttuck in her fur coat. that's not break. that's miles. her favorite rap razz. when she found out it was his birthday, she went clubbing until 5:00 a.m. in l.a., reece witherspoon offered driving tips instead of party advice. across town, ryan lockety and his partner took a rehearsal break to have a pizza party with
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>> and finally -- >> i can't keep up with you. >> just up bieber tried to take a solo. a mellow holiday for justin bieber and a big weekend for that guy. kevin hart was in las vegas for the weekend. he take over sin city and the peal moment was when kevin took time out of his crazy schedule to make a dream come true for a little boy battling leukemia. >> i said why not go to this boy's house and change with the mmostassive ways possible.
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>> you have the and the stuff on the wall. let me get mine. and the bed. the lights work on the bed and everything. >> they light up. i thought that was cool. and dream about what he loves the most. oh, man. almost made me cry. what's up, man? how are you doing? you like it? yeah? >> when you walked in, what did you think? >> thank you so much for all of this. i can't put it into words. >> of course it wouldn't be a kevin hart moment without a little comedy. check out what happened before the dream bedroom reveal.
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where to hide. >> you want to hide in the drawer? >> i want to lay down on the carpet. he comes out and i tell the you what. you can't hide. >> he won't stop. >> kevin won't stop here. he along with them will bring hope to kids with cancer. >> i want to work with cancer patients. i lost my mother to cancer. she had ovarian cancer and passed away some years ago. >> will you replicate this with kevin? >> it's notou abt me. it's aaout the children.
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>> what a special day and later on in the evening, kevin hosted about the movie what now from the doctors and nurses from the las vegas area. a little man with a big, big heart. there was not a dry eye when he walked in and saw his bedroom. >> i see the tears in your eyes too. it has been 20 years since the murder of jonbenet ramsey was all over the airwaves. we are about to relive it all. in the coming weeks, television will be dominated by one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in history. eight televised projects will shine a spotlight on the killing of jonbenet ramsey. her murder has captivated the public's attention for two decades. earlier this year, the fx limited series revitalized public interest not only in the
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a fascioinatn with stories of true crime and now it's their time to be back in the microscope. >>. >> wealthy parents in a small town and it was never solved. i am not surprised people are still talking about it. >> the first of the project aired and included an interview of her older brother, birk. >> a new interview with birk ramsey, now an adult is with dr. phil. in the coming weeks, other specials will air on the networks including nbc and cbs will have a three-part series. they can once again get it.
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>> the most puzzling piece of evidence they had, remnants of pineapple in her stomach. >> whoever killed her fed her pineapple. the tv investigation can get closer to solving it. >> a 6-year-old girl died. if we can fix that, that would be great. >> how many investigations have we had about that? so many. the executive producer said his team came up with one theory that they agree on. the only wa yyou will find out o is by watching the case of jonbenet ramsey on cbs. >> we'll be right back.
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et will give you a tour of the luxury yacht. it's all on >>
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. >> per before we go, a debut on discovery family channel. >> hoary has skills we never knew. if you like home makeovers, this show is for you. >> welcome everyone. >> seeing cameron matheson. >> it's a different home competition. four homes are listed in one central location. four teams of amateurs are outdesigned to win it all. >> one team will win their very own home and land tout it on. how cool is that? easier said than done. >> we want this more than anything. we just put our heart and soul into this. >> it's a disaster. >> stakes could not
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going to turn those polling leads into real votes. >> anthony salvanto, thank you. >> hermine, former hurricane, still kicking up surf in the atlantic after killing three people in the south over labor day weekend to. day the storm brought rain and high wind to long island, and southern new england. hermine is expected to dissipate in the next 24 hours. hurricane newton slammed into mexico's baja peninsula earlier today with 90 mile an hour wind. tourists were stranded in the resort town of cabo san lucas, streets flooded and the power went out. tonight newton is weakening, it heads north. remnants should hit arizona tomorrow. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.


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