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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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topping our news at noon, a security guard is dead after an overnight shooting in southeast washington. thank you for joining us at
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believe the security guard was the intended target of this shooting. john henry where it all occurred. and he has this report. >> reporter: hello, i'm here at atlantic and southeast, not far away from where the shooting occurred. this is the engine 33 company fire house. the shooting happened about two blocks away on 3rd and atlantic around 11:00 last night. we're told two people were shot, one was a security guard. a 29-year-old according to police. police say he was heading back to his job site in a car when he was shot. williams then drove to this fire house where i am. according to firefighters here, a woman who was in the car with him then knocked on the door. the woman got out of the car and he collapsed. emergency crews were able to get him to the hospital where he later died. we talked to numerous people in the area, some of whom heard the gunshots. they told us they're tired of the violence in the area.
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face not been shown for her safety. >> yeah, we hear shots all the time. there's been a lot around here lately. >> kids coming from school, and they have been out here shooting. >> reporter: now police say it appears that williams was not the intended target of the shooting. another person was also shot here too. that person's name has not been released. however, we do know that person was sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. john henry, wusa 9. >> and stay up to date on this story by downloading our wusa 9 app. and a shooting on good hope road in southeast. a man was shot around 7:30 this morning and taken to the hospital. he is xerox copied to recover. we're also just getting word of news out where the sheriff's department is having more patrols around the elementary school. after they say a young girl was approached by a man in a dark suv. they say this happeneds
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to school. deputies told the girl -- deputies say the girl told them the man asked her to get in the car and she reported it to police. er. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love >> members of the house of representatives joined together to sing "god bless america" this morning. it marked the the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack. paul ryan took the a moment to speak. >> we can tell the stories. we need to tell the stories. we need to pray for the fallen. and in this small but meaningful way, we can begin to understand the pain and the promise of this great nation. >> every september 11th for the past 15 years, americans have bowed their heads to
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comfort in faith. even as we are still rocked by disbelief at the tragedy of that day. >> this is the live look at the pentagon where employees took a moment this morning to remember the lives lost in the terror attack there. the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff made remarks in the pentagon courtyard. on sunday, president barack obama and the defense secretary will speak at the ceremony marking the 15th anniversary. and the new york stock exchange held a moment of silence this morning. members from the 9/11 day of service rang the opening bell. the organization seeks to the promote unity, empathy and service in observance of the anniversary of the september 11th attacks. developing this afternoon, president barack obama has promised serious consequences after north korea tested its most powerful
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yet. >> reporter: north korea says they tested a powerful nuclear war head that could be mounted on a missile at the main nuclear site overnight. the test triggered a 5.3 tremor. officials from south korea, japan and the u.s. quickly condemned the test. the white house calling it a grey threat to regional security. >> i think it's fair to say that china, russia, the united states, everybody shares concerns but we're trying still to monitor and find out precisely what took place. >> reporter: president barack obama was briefed on the incident as he traveled home from his trip to asia. in a statement he said the united states does not and never will accept north korea as a nuclear state. the president says north korea's test would be met with serious consequences. >> every time we condemn them, they come back at us with another test. >> reporter: just this week, the country
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missiles while china hosted world leaders at the g-20 summit. officials say the nuclear test not only violates un supreme court council resolution but raises concerns that the nation is a step closer of building a nuclear war head capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. the white house. on the campaign trail, donald trump is headed to washington, d.c. this afternoon. he will address the values at the hotel. he was in ohio yesterday to the talk about education but it quickly turned into a rant about hillary rodham clinton. he accused her of flip flopping on her email scandal and called her trigger happy for voting to go to war in iraq. democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton then took aim at trump's foreign policy proposals. yesterday she mocked his understanding of issues facing israel. and she blasted trump for praising russian president putin. he is in new york this afternoon holding a
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security meeting on terrorism. and clinton's running mate virginia senator took a moment to talk about trump's comments favoring russian president putin over abama, calling his stance unpatriotic. >> when a presidential candidate encourages crooks to commit espionage to gain an edge, we impeached richard nixon and he resigned. when donald trump said, go ahead and hack away and if you find something that helps out, let me have it, we em peached a president for that. >> the senator is on his way back to virginia this evening. he will hold a fund raiser in virginia beach before holding a second event in norfolk. this is a live look outside. we're looking at another day of heat and a heat
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finally cools off again. howard is on the weather terrace talking about records that could be broken. >> yeah, brutal out here. we actually and i was just doing some checking, 95 degrees. best i can tell, this is the hottest temperature in the united states at this point. at this hour. it's cool out west. they haven't heated up yet. 95 at national airport. dulles is 92. and not far from the record so everybody really from the upper 80s to low 90s right now. and when you look at the region, yeah, 70s and 80s on the other side of the mountains but dc sticks out like a sore thumb. atlantic city, the low 90s. maybe storms to the north and west. we have a few high clouds today. that's the only difference from yesterday. a few clouds mixing in. but as far as the record, 95 at dulles is going to fall. 49 in baltimore is close. and even this 98 set here in washington could fall. and something good to tell you, by sunday, we will be on the other side of a cold fr
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just hang in there. >> right. thank you. this has been going on for more than 100 years. the prince george's county fair is getting underway this weekend. but before they open the gates, they are hosting special guests right now. we are live at the show place arena with more hopefully from a shady spot. good afternoon, mike. >> reporter: at the show place arena, there aren't too many shady spots, fortunately they have put up some tents. but it is beautiful here. a little hot. this has been going on 175 years and the bay before the big opening every year, they bring special needs kids in to have the run of the place. the rides are there for them. the games. the food. and it's just about wrapping up now. they get it from 10:00 to noon. so we brought along friends to join us for the live shot. take a listen. >> welcome to the fair! >> reporter: it's a chance to move and be free with no limb
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of it? >> the samurai? >> i like that ride. >> reporter: for years, the fair has opened a day early for kids with special needs. how much of an advantage is something like this when it's not full with the entire county here? >> it's a big advantage. no waiting in line. the kids can run amuck. that's always a good thing. because you know, they need to run off the energy. that's a good thing. >> reporter: well over 1500 students from schools get the run of the fairgrounds at show place arena. rides, game, treat, all at their disposal. and even parents and teachers look forward to the this day. >> one of the challenges that we might encounter is reaching all of the learners with the various learner styles in one classroom. but me with the powers that i have, i make it happy on a daily basis. >> reporter: is she great or what? that's the kind of attitude a lot of the parents and teachers have. they love coming out here every year. and if you get a
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we will be out here tomorrow. at the fair. come and see the wake up crew. and these guys are thankful and we are thankful to them to join fuss the record live shot. it's been a great time already. >> looks like fun. i thought you were going to show off a tattoo there with mae kids getting one. ybe another time. thank you, mike. and still ahead on the news at noon, dozens of tourists trapped in cable cars danging above the french alps overnight. a look back at their scary ordeal. and you will never guess what one florida man is blaming for setting his jeep on fire. we will be back with that
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oh, absolutely. i like that. get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. welcome back to wusa 9 at noon. it sounds like a nightmare but it was too real for dozens of tourists in france. they were stranded in a cable car more than a thousand
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high in the alps. the dozens were left dangling. rescuers were able to rescue 65 people before night fall but 45 including a 10-year-old had to be left there overnight. they were given blankets and now everyone is safe and back on land. a federal judge is expected to rule today on the standing rock tribe lawsuit that challenges federal permits for the access pipeline. the lawsuit alleges the pipeline which would be placed less than a mile upstream of the reservation in north dakota could impact drinking water for tribal members. protests have halted construction for the last couple of weeks. meanwhile, protests over a controversial chemical meant to fight zika virus has not stopped officials from beginning to spray areas in miami. overnight, planes began spraying parts of the florida city. there's been growing controversy over the effects of the insecticide though experts say
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it was supposed to happen yesterday but from test thes delayed it by a day. new problems for tech giant samsung over its new flagship phone. a global recall was issued for the phone over fears the batteries could burst into flames. we will hear from one man who says the fear came true and left him without a car. if the temperatures aren't bad enough, in the middle of the week, the allergy numbers have come in. ragweed very high. they might be doing a number on you. the heat might be doing a number on you. but there's relief
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7 and 7 plus models. apple promised better battery performance, water-resistant bodies and a dual lens camera system. the company is hoping sales do better this year than last. 2015 was the first year sales of the iphone did not go up. and just days after samsung recalled its smart phone, a man in florida says he found out the hard way why the recall was issued in the first place. he believes the phone set his car on fire. just take a look at the damage to his grand cherokee. it is totaled. he says he went into his house, leaving his new galaxy 7 charging in the console of the car. he looked out the window and saw his car in flames. >> that's the last thought in my head is that a brand new device, something as simple as a phone is going to burn down my house, my car. or hurt a family member. >> and investigators still aren't sure if the smart phone caused the jeep to burst into
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the smart phone in 10 countries. they did that last week after instances of the phones catching fire. the faa is advising airline passengers noted to turn on, charge or pack the phones into any checked in luggage because of the fire potential. a mattress company in texas is receiving death threats after they posted a 9/11 themed sale ad on their facebook page. now we may have to warn you, this story may be offensive to some of you. here's a clip of the commercial. >> what better way to remember 9/11 than with a twin tower sale? >> wow. we aren't going to show the entire video. you get the idea. it shows three employees of miracle mattress standing in front of two towers of mattresses with an american flag and the owner pushes the employees causing them to knock down the towers. the company has apologized for the commercial. the owner says she
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was being creative but now she regrets the ad. >> we never meant to hurt anybody or do any wrong. we are very sorry about everything. and we wish we never did it. >> nobody thought that was a bad idea? the company's facebook page is filled with comments saying the commercial is insensitive. right. melissa reynolds says that's awful, who would even think that's a good idea? and one says, i'm a new yorker and live in manhattan. that horrible day will stay with me forever. i can't believe anyone in their right mind could ever think it's okay to mock that tragedy. horrible. >> not well thought out. >> no. you know, we are enjoying some real heat here. maybe you're not enjoying the heat. but melissa is live at the prince george county fair where they have to beat the heat.
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sacrifice. >> reporter: hello. there have been so many kids out here this morning enjoying the rides and having a great time at the fair. but heat really has been the big story. we're going to talk about the heat. and i brought in a big weather helper this morning. how old are you? >> 7. >> reporter: and he has -- he is sharp as a nail. he is really smart. tell us what the temperature is right now in washington? >> 93. >> reporter: 93. and has it been hot today? it's been hot. look at the camera. smile and wave. and tell us, is it going to be hot this afternoon for those coming to the fair? >> yeah. very hot. >> reporter: it's going to be really hot. temperatures at 5:00, still in the 0s. and howard, it's going to be hot for the weekend as well. i'm going to send it back to you. and please wave and say hello to your friends. >> hello! >> reporter: wave. good-bye.
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for me sunday. weather-wise, a lot of sunshine today. potential record heat. 4:00 p.m. temperatures, 95. and it could be 96 or 97 the way things are going. and this evening, a slow drop- off through the 80s. very warm night. 82, that's the average high. so we're way above average. but there's hope, by sunday, things will get better. 96 today and tomorrow. forecasting 96 but if we get to 98, 99, wouldn't surprise me. mid-80s sunday. low to mid-80s. monday is going to be nice and even tuesday at 88. at least the humidity will be down. the records we're shooting for, 98 in washington. set in 1872. that's an old one. 94 in baltimore set last year. and 95 in dulles in 1995. dulles and baltimore will break records today. probably not 101. and already at 88. they got a long ways to go. baltimore, three off at 91. we're
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leesburg, 93 now with the heat index values from the mid-80s the lower 100s. sunny, hazy. the weather camera, 95. dew points in the upper 60s which is less than yesterday. but it is still a tough afternoon to be outside. i do want to point out, 60s and 70s across the northern plains and rockies because the cooler air is going to try to get here. at least a little bit of it for late in the weekend, early next week. showers and thunderstorms in the northern plains. and the midwest also. so they'll push a front through here. and that's not going to happen until saturday night and sunday morning. we have an outside chance of a showers and thunderstorms later today and tomorrow afternoon. but really saturday night, sunday morning, perhaps a spotty shower. mid-90s if not upper 90s. tonight, in the 70s. another warm night. and about the same on saturday. sunday, a passing shower in the morning and maybe a shower south in the afternoon. but much cooler sunday. highs in e
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monday looks fantastic at 84. skins home opener monday night at fedex, should be fine for that. and warm and dry tuesday and wednesday. and delightful w
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the boss does it again. this week, bruce springsteen's concert lasted nearly four hours and four minutes and that beats his previous record set last week in new jersey. his 75-show u.s. tour wraps up september 4th with a show in massachusetts. saw imup in spring, played for 3.5 hours. really hot today and tomorrow.
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back in the 80s. and i can't wait. >> that's it for wusa 9. we will be back at 5:00. bull at the fair over the weekend? >> bill working this weekend. >> we will be back at 5:00. have a great day
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