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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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william dollars was the intended target. as police continue to search for answers family and friends of williams are together inside the home trying to understand why and how their loved one was taken away from them. >> they should take a visual for everybody to step up. >> reporter: family was told williams was not the intended target and they say that makes the situation so much more difficult. they did not want to go on camera but say they're spending the rest of today together working on funeral plans for 29 year old evan williams. >> thank you. >> police say they're still investigating the double shooting and have made no arrests. trouble on the tracks at metro. transit police say this guy, a passenger, pulled a knife on one of the train operators. it happened on a green line station during the morning rush hour. 29
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apparently thought his trip was taking too long so he kicked at the operator's cab and threatened him with a three inch long folding knife. when the operator called for help, police arrested polk at the anacostia stop. no one was hurt. the sheriffs office says there appears to be no threat to the community following a scare near an elementary school in sterling. a girl walking to class said a man in a black suv asked her several times to climb in his vehicle. she said no and she ran. the sheriffs office says that driver saw news reports of the incident and contacted authorities. detectives talked with him. they are still investigating, but they again report that there is no threat. this story has set the internet on fire today. have you ever stolen a french fry off of a friend's plate? how about this? a woman is facing theft charges for taking three french fries off a police officer's place. this happened
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at the italian kitchen on u street. the officer was eating when a woman sat next to him and took a fry. he told her to stop. she did it again. when he threatened to arrest her if she did it again, what happened? yeah, she went for it and took another one, so he arrested her. this story is generating lots of talk on our wusa9 facebook page. sean is writing i wonder what would happen if i called the cops and reported someone took three of my fries at a restaurant? they would probably arrest me for wasting their time. but tracy says people think they can do whatever they want to do. serves her right. what did she think would happen? >> sounds like somebody's got issues and it's not the cop. >> i can understand wanting some fries. >> act responsibly people. more extremely hot weather, just one more day of it to get through and we'll be done. >> we can make it. topper shutt is tracking season able temperatures over the weekend. th
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it really is. we have as adam mentioned one more hot day tomorrow. we have seen 96 at dulles. i have not seen a 98 yet at national. i have seen a 96 and a 93 in baltimore. we could see records in baltimore as well. for the most part we are in good shape after we get through tomorrow. we are in good shape for the game. it's going to be toasty, 92 at 6:00, 88 at 8:00 and still 85 at 10:00 and generally dry, just a slight chance of a passing shower or thunderstorm. right now the temperatures are in the 90s, 92 downtown, 95 lees berg and sterling. focus on the 92. we'll factor the humidity. that turns into 99. the good news for your friday night is it is generally dry, a couple spotty showers and storms. bad news is it is still toasty. once we get through tomorrow, this is
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tomorrow. it's going to feel like 101 at buoy, 101 in manassas. if you are going to the fair tomorrow, hydrate, hydrate. i will see you around noon. by sunday there is no heat index to worry about. s will feel like the low to mid 80s. when we come back we'll track showers and storms on live doppler. to a story we were first to report on social media, disturbing allegations of a locker room assault that took place inside a d.c. public high school. metro police confirm in an active investigation is underway into an incident that happened last month involving some of the school's football players. andrea mckaren broke this story on twitter a few hours ago and she's live outside in the pet worth neighborhood of northwest washington to explain what happened here. >> reporter: tonight at least three roosevelt senior high school athletes are accused of
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football player inside the locker room and video taping it on a cell phone. the roosevelt senior high school football players allegedly surrounded the victim forcibly stripped his clothing and launched attack. at a minimum his naked body was slapped. investigators are calling this a sexual assault. the alleged incident happened the evening of august 15 but wasn't reported to police until two days later. a source inside roosevelt told us the school is out of control. the administrators are trying to sweep this under the rug. d.c. public schools issued a statement saying it does not accept such behavior and that it it has placed relevant staff on administrative leave and suspended involved students. now, the school system says it is committed to ensuring that its athletic programs are safe for all students. also, the mother of another foll
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this incident saying the alleged victim was laughing throughout and asking his teammates not to post his private parts on social media. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> thank you. we have a statement in its entirety on our wusa9 news app. president obama is promising serious consequences after north korea tested its most powerful nuclear weapon yet. the nuclear war head was tested at north korea's main nuclear site overnight, test triggering magnitude 5.3 tremor. south korea, japan, u.s. quickly condemning the test as violation of un security council resolutions. the white house calls this a grave threat to regional security. members of house of representatives marked the 15 15th anniversary of the september 11th attacks today. they joined together on
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steps of the u.s. capitol to sing "god bless america." >> we can tell the stories. we need to tell the stories. we need to pray for the fallen. in this small but meaningful way, we can begin to understand the pain and the promise of this great nation. >> every september 11th for the past 15 years, americans have bowed their heads to find comfort. even as we are rocked by disbelief at the tragedy of that day. >> today, the house passed a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia or other countries for any role played in the attack. saudi government denies involvement. meanwhile 15 of the 19 hijackers were saudi. the senate passed the measure last may and it heads to president obama. he has expressed concerns that it could open
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officials and troops being sued by people in foreign countries. most of us who were alive probably remember exactly where we were on september 11. for von alex of lees burg, that memory is especially painful. >> he was an airline station agent at bull he is who actually checked in two of the hijackers. for years he has struggled with feelings of guilt. bruce talked to him. >> we saw two people come into the terminal. the check in did not go smoothly. at the time we were asking questions. did you pack your bag yourself? has it been out of your hands? one didn't have proper id. one couldn't answer questions. the next day they were calling a bunch of us back to the airport. people weren't looking at me. it was odd. i said hello to people and
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general manager's office. i ran my hand down the manifest. two names popped out. it was two brothers. i totally remembered the transaction at that point. i remembered everything. it's just like a cliche. i said i did it, didn't i? >> you know you did everything you were supposed to do but still that guilt gnawed at you. >> i am get. i had gotten these last two people on the airplane. people were saying maybe you ought to talk to people. maybe you ought to get to group therapy. how do you go to group therapy when you caused it? how do you sit with people that have lost family and friends and co-workers and say oh, yeah i was there that day. i put them on the aircraft? for a long time i felt there was nowhere for me. >> you are doing better now? >> abso
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department of homeland security. i like thinking that in some small, small way i am contributing. >> that was bruce leshan reporting. on sunday alex will climb on his motorcycle at dulles and go on a commemorative ride. to watch live streaming coverage of sunday's ceremonies, download our free wusa9 news app. take a look at this scene from the heart of downtown austin, texas. that is a car dangling off the side of a parking garage. the only thing keeping it from falling to the ground are tension cables. austin police say the driver drove off the top deck of the garage and managed to get out safe. crews are working to get the car down to the ground. we're just getting started on wusa9 news
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first responders pulling a family from their burning vehicle. the whole rescue was caught on camera. >> cpsc says anyone still using a recalled samsung galaxy note smart phone is putting themselves and others at risk. >> the president of russia is figuring into the u.s. presidential race as the clinton and trump
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on the presidential campaign trail, hillary clinton in new york for a national security meeting on terrorism. donald trump was in d.c. this afternoon speaking to the values voter summit. >> a trump administration,
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christian heritage, will be cherished, protected, defended like you have never seen before. >> russian president vladimir putin continues to factor into the u.s. presidential race. >> both campaigns weighed in on trump's comments praising putin as a strong leader. what does that mean that vladimir putin is a stronger leader than barack obama. >> -- >> what about invading other countries as leadership. you wouldn't get out of a 5th grade civics exam if you don't understand the difference between dictatorship and leadership. >> joining us to discuss the latest chapter is the host of face the nation john dickerson. i suppose president putin must be getting a kick about this back and forth about him. >> he is no doubt flattered and amused by the attention. remember to
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lesli that the last republican nominee in 2012 mitt romney said russia was america's number one foe. now the current nominee donald trump has a much warmer feeling about vladimir putin and russia. >> a lot of talk this week about national security. we know that commander in chief forum was this week. do we get a sense of how the debates will shake out from what we saw a couple nights ago? >> we saw what might have expected which is hillary clinton has better command of the issues than donald trump. but she also was more on her heels on some of those issues of classification and her e- mail server and so forth. the question for voters is that the voters who care about the candidates being really well versed on the issues, they're supporting hillary clinton. but there are a lot of other voters who have
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question is whether donald trump whose key hurdle he has to clear is whether people can see him as president. that was one of the questions that came out of the forum and it will be one of the central issues in the debates. >> a lot to talk about. you will be talking about it sunday with your guest which includes cia director brennan. >> that's right, he will be here to talk about the 15 years since 9/11. the show will be on the anniversary of 9/11. we want to talk about the history, what we have learned, what is the current state of terrorist threat and also going forward in terms of the next president, what does he know about his long experience serving presidents that we should look for that's up to the two people running for the job now. >> it's always great to talk to you. we'll be watching face the nation sunday. >> thanks. >> for the latest during this home stretch of the presidential race, downlou
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here is something to clap your hands about. we are in the home stretch of this heat wave. >> we have a cold front pushing through. we'll talk about a couple storms. i wouldn't plan around the showers and storms at this point right now. let's talk about days in the 90s. not dazed and confused. days in the 90s. we have to go back all the way to 2010 to get close. back then it was a record setting year of 67 days in the '90s. we average about 36. so we are well above average. headed to the fair tomorrow or sunday, prince georges county fair, 96 tomorrow, 85 sunday and just a couple thunderstorms tomorrow. i wouldn't worry about it. there are a couple isolated showers or clouds lingering early sunday. i wouldn't worry about it. a live look ts
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outside, dew points in low 70s, miserable, winds out of the south at about 11. here is your first alert doppler. showers to the west and there are a couple showers tonight. we talked about this yesterday. i wouldn't plan around them. if you are unlucky now to be in louden county there is a good rain going on almost to lees burg south to percy ville. all of this is moving to the east northeast. on our storm tracker we can get to watson at about 5:33 and maybe toward broad run farms at 5:46. right now it is nothing severe but we will keep our eye on it. tonight, warm and muggy and very hot tomorrow with a heat index over 100 again. just isolated storms tomorrow afternoon, nice sunday, pleasantly warm, morning showers and clouds but still it is nice. the summer heat wave is ending with 96 tomorrow, 86 sunday, 83 monday. that's perfect for the
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into the low 80s. at 10:00 it's still 85 downtown, upper 70s in the burbs. by 7:00 am we are in the 70s, 75 in fairfax and 74 in buoy. by 10:00 we are back in the 80s. futurecast has been running low so by 1:00, more like 93 maybe, 93 or 94. you saw a couple showers possible but not much goes on tomorrow, just hot. if you have stuff to do, get the grass cut, play the round of golf. by 9:30, clouds east of 95. the good news is once we get through tomorrow in terms of the heat index it's going to feel like 101 at about 2:00 tomorrow. 70s to start, near 90 by 11:00 and low 90s by 1:00 p.m. sunday, pleasantly warm, a shower early, 86 and pleasant monday with 83. it's going to be nice for the rans
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here. mid 80s tuesday, maybe a shower on wednesday, not a huge deal. nats are in town through y. nesda then the coolest air of the season, upper 70s for highs. the faa is warning people about samsung's recalled galaxy [ clock ticking ] time. you only have so much.
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tracking metro. the transit agency is offering commemorative smart trip cards tied to the opening. one show cases the building itself. one features harriett tubman, frederick douglas and the 4th, arguably the coolest, parliament mother ship. each one is preloaded with $8 fare value and priced at $10 and go on sale at metro stations next friday. pretty cool. some virginia tech students will be getting their bury toes delivered by drone. you can't be troubled just to walk to the
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tech is teaming with google's parent company alphabet. they will be prepared in a nearby food truck. it will be loaded by a wench from a hovering drone. what can go wrong? this is the first test of drone delivery to the public. because that's what you want to spill. >> that's it? they don't get anything with it? i need a little bit more. samsung's problem with exploding galaxy note 7 phones continues and now the faa is warning passengers not to pack it. don't put it on the plane. don't pack it because of concerns that they can explode. there have been more incidents tied to smart phone batteries bursting into flames like this one in texas on labor day. it is prompting samsung to issue a global recall for the devices. >> that's the last thought in my head, that a brand new ce
5:25 pm
a phone is going to burn down my car or my house. >> so he apparently left his phone charging in the jeep while he went inside for a quick moment. samsung is investigating the case and this afternoon the consumer product safety commission urged all galaxy note 7 owners to turn them off and stop using them immediately. general motors is recalling 4 million vehicles to fix an air bag defect. gm says in rare cases the car's computers can go into test mode and that would cause the front air bags not to inflate in a crash. this defect has been linked to at least one death. it involves several gm vehicles from the 2014 through the 2017 model years. nissan, information about another recall. 120,000 of them. they've got problems with brake fluid that can cause
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this impacts 2015 to 2017muranno, hybrid, maxima. nissan reports that several of the vehicles have caught fire and they are warning drivers to park the vehicles until they fix them. air bnb is sort of beefing up their antidiscrimination policy. this is after growing complaints of racial bias among users of this online home share business. starting october 1, the company will provide alternative air bnb or outside accommodations to any gust who feels they've been discriminated against while making a booking. air bnb will have antibias training for its community members. dozens of tourists trapped in cable cars high above the french alps are finally safe and on the ground. >> also, more fall out from a mattress company's online ad for a 9/11 themed sale. >> up next, hear from
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responders who pulled a family from their burning car. their
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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sky 9 is live over the 8200 block of main street where a man is dead after falling from scaffolding. hang in there. the camera is moving a little bit. police were called to the scene where a man was working behind a business. the man was already dead when
5:30 pm
accident. we do not know the man's name. again, this is the scene along main street in howard county, ellicott city, where a man is dead after falling from scaffolding. >> we'll follow up when we know more. a charles county family of five survived a fiery crash thanks to daring rescues by first responders. >> we are getting a look at some of the dramatic video. delia. >> reporter: dash cam video shows an officer pulling up to a fire ball in the woods off st. charles parkway last friday night. a car slammed into a tree and burst into flames. >> we went to the car and started fire extinguishing the car. it didn't help at all. >> reporter: an ofr ficepulled the injured driver away from the car. a good samaritan offers a 4th fire extinguisher to no avail. then they hear there are passengers trapped inside including two toddlers. >> everything changes. we are not worried about being injured. we are not worried about
5:31 pm
out. >> i don't care what happens to me. as long as they make it, that's all that matters. especially the kids. they have a lot more life to live. >> reporter: the video was played for the first time in front of the three brave officers. that's when it sunk in. >> even if i wasn't a police officer and i was just driving by, it's the right thing to do. you see somebody that needs help, you don't think. it's dangerous but you don't think about it until afterwards. >> one person from the team was missing, it wouldn't have worked. >> what happened in charles county is replicated across the nation when you have fire and ems services doing outstanding jobs each day. >> any one of the guys i am with, i know they have my back no matter what. >> the officer had about five years' experience combined with the sheriffs department and all but one family member is out of the hospital. tonight we have an update on a university of
5:32 pm
student who landed a fatal punch on a classmate. you may remember that the defendant spent ten days in jail and got three years probation for his actions. his lawyer is asking a prince georges county judge to strike the convictions. the defendant is now one step closer to making his guilty pleas disappear. >> reporter: i am outside of the prince georges court house. a judge just ruled that the defendant's second degree assault conviction should be struck from the record. now the fight is over whether or not the manslaughter conviction should stand. the victim's mother learned of the defense's latest push just last week. surveillance video caught her son jack godfrey lying on the ground in march 2013. parva admitted he had just sucker punched him. his buddies picked him up and carried him away. the incident
5:33 pm
with an avocado sized hole in his skull. months passed. >> we are coming to visit jack. >> reporter: godfrey was thought to be improving well. >> it was supposed to be full of joy and it ended up being a candle light vigil. >> reporter: her son died after having a seizure in his sleep, death led parva to plead guilty by manslaughter. he said he never intended to kill the victim. >> i hope the judge does not strike the conviction. >> the defense attorney said he will work to have the record expunged. that means there will be no record of this happened. they're one step closer to making this a reality. >> we will follow this closely. the judge could rule on whether or not to strike the manslaughter charge as soon as monday or it could take weeks. a man wanted for murder in 1999
5:34 pm
arlington to face trial. the 46 year old was extra indicted today. he was arrested in april. arlington police say he fled to the country 17 years ago after he allegedly strangled a woman he had been seeing and placed her body in the trunk of a car. it took years to track him down. two people were killed when a passenger train derailed in northwest spain. several others were injured when the train crashed this morning about 280 miles from madrid. the train was traveling to neighboring portugal when the accident occurred. a harrowing ordeal for dozens of tourists left tangling almost 10,000 feet in the air. cable cars got tangled by high winds above the french alps. 110 of them had to be rescued. >> we were there
5:35 pm
car. just before midnight they got us out of the gondola which was really quite an experience. >> oh, my goodness. 45 people spent the night trapped. crews were able to bring everybody back to the ground this morning. that would be enough to cure me. >> wouldn't do it again? >> oh, no. from trapped in the mountains to trapped in an elevator. follow me closely. in february, amanda carpenter, former communications director for ted cruz, sent a tweet that she was stuck in an amtrak elevator. the whole thing is forgotten until this week when amtrak tweeted we're sorry to hear that, are you still in the elevator? when told it happened months ago, amtrak tweeted someone just retweeted. wanted to make sure. glad you are okay. to be fair, amtrak did respond to the original tweet 16 minutes after she sent it.
5:36 pm
they're just double checking. geraldo says he made a mistake. he says he is sorry he initially dismissed the sexual harassment allegations against roger ales. he called him deceitful. ales recently left fox after sued for sexual harassment. fox settled out of court with former anchor gretchen carlson. coming up, the california credit union that allows new moms and dads to bring their babies to work. >> a texas mattress company closes its doors after a taste less ad promoting a twin tower sale. topper. >> we'll talk about pollen. not much of a break today. it was moderate for trees and grasses, very high for weeds. we're getting into rag weed season. still high for mold spores. you can find this on the website and also by downloading the free app. we
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trending now, a mattress company in texas will close their doors after receiving
5:40 pm
posted on facebook. >> it was a commercial for an ill advised 9/11 themed sale. who does that? a lot of people called it taste less and offensive. >> who approved that? >> apparently no one. >> the ad shows three employees standing in front of two towers of mat recents with the flag and the owner pushes the employees and they knock the towers down. >> we never meant to hurt anybody or do wrong. we are very sorry about everything. we wish we never did it. >> bet your boss doesn't either. >> the facebook page is filled with people calling it insensitive. the employees will be held accountable. a survivor of the orlando massacre got the surprise of
5:41 pm
show. he told ellen that while he was recovering he found strength in katie perry's music. in true ellen fashion she surprised him by bringing katie perry to meet him. video of the emotional moment has gotten over 17 million views on youtube. >> that's great. the new movie sully is in theaters getting a lot of talk on social media. tom hanks playing the pilot who made the emergency landing on the should senior citizen river. the movie is -- hudson river. encouraging employees to take babies to work. >> that's so sweet. you know i am predictable. that would be the sweetest
5:42 pm
thing ever. workers at schools financial credit union can bring their infants to work everyday until the babies turn 6 months old or start to crawl. >> or until they start grabbing the money. >> no, no. they're not going to make it close. it allows people who can't afford to take off as much time as others to care for their babies and avoid costly daycare. >> we know that the employee is not going to be 1 hundred percent productive. that's part of the program and part of the intention above the french program. -- of the program. this is not a problem. >> this is one of the reasons i was interested. >> who can be mad when their baby is with them? it's the sweetest thing. the parents of 130 babies have taken advantage of the program since it went into effect in 2001. it's not just moms. one in five of the participants have been working fathers who work for the credit union. if you are not havi
5:43 pm
anymore kids you can love up the babies and give them back. >> it's great. i don't have a problem with that. why would you think i would have a problem with that? >> we'll talk about it. >> i love babies. >> come on! this weekend's triathlon in d.c., we have lost one of the legs, people. we'll explain why one of the stages has been canceled. >> first, cancer doesn't just affect the patient. it can take a toll on the family. up next, how
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5:45 pm
5:46 pm
in today's report, we are induced to a local breast cancer survivor on a mission to further dreams. >> when breast cancer strikes it not only changes a woman's life, it impacts lives and expectations of everyone in her family. jared faulkner dreams of a career marketing and producing her beauty products. her journey starts this semester at howard community college. >> i am taking two business classes, economics and english. >> getting to the point wasn't easy, weighing on her heart while a student at high school was the fight her
5:47 pm
facing with breast cancer. >> first i was afraid and then i looked at it as an experience i needed to get through and made me appreciate her more. >> reporter: she graduated high school and started saving for college. her cosmetology teacher, a survivor herself, encouraged jade to provide to the nancy's gift scholarship foundation. nancy young is a four time survivor. >> breast cancer can ruin a family financially as well as emotionally of course. the toll it takes it unbelievable. we just thought it was really important to keep opportunities available for children who want to pursue their education. >> this spring at the foundation's first gala her proud parents watched as nancy presented her and four other high school seniors with $1000 each to begin their higher education. >> we will follow
5:48 pm
money every year that they're in college. >> reporter: wonderful news for sure but even better news from jade's motor. >> i went through several surgeries and my oncologist thinks i am cancer free. >> if you want more information about applying go to our wusa9 app or website. there is also information there if you would like to donate to the scholarship fund to help other children of breast cancer patients. at 8:00, wusa9 is airing an important show called stand up to cancer. the program will highlight the ground breaking therapies for cancer patients. andrea will be walking with dr. donald l trump of the cancer institute. we know there are plenty people in d.c. would are full of it. now we know the potomac river is full of it too. that's right. the triathlon scheduled for sunday morning,
5:49 pm
portion has been canceled because the water isn't safe for swimmers. >> why are you so invested in this story? >> i will be out there. i will not be swimming actually. i just got off the phone with the folks and they said it's e coli bacteria in the water and it's too high for human contact so it is not meeting safety standards. they have canceled the swimming portion. now it will just be biking and running. it will still be fine. >> you tested yourself for two months. you worked hard at it. gosh darn it on sunday, you are going to do two legs of it great. >> it will still be fine. >> read this. if you don't want to check out the triathlon, head over to the prince georges county fair. mike hydeck was there when he saw face painting, farm animals keeping the kids entertained. it runs
5:50 pm
11:00 to 10:00 tomorrow and 11:00 to 6:00 sunday. >> they sure would love it if it was going to be dry and maybe a little less hot. >> can't have both. i think we'll keep it dry tomorrow. but it will be some kind of hot. maybe a couple morning showers sunday. all in all, it's a good weekend. we'll get rid of the heat, day five will be tomorrow and then we're done. after they eliminated the swim, i might be interested since swimming isn't my thing. >> especially with e coli in the water. it is still 92 outside. our dew point is in the low 70s. we talked about this. relative humidity of 52% doesn't seem that bad. when you know the dew point is in the 70s, forget this number. when the dew point is in the 70s, it's miserable outside. that's all you need to know. there were some
5:51 pm
they've kind of dissipated. watch what this looked like an hour ago. it looked pretty impressive. then, boom, nothing. we are looking at isolated showers. this might hold together, might get to hours ville at 5:48 on the storm tracker. the big news is it is warm and muggy tonight. very hot tomorrow, heat index over 100, isolated storms tomorrow. i wouldn't plan around them. the front doesn't generate many showers or storms, even tomorrow night. good news is nice sunday, pleasantly warm. we might see morning clouds and showers. our summer heat wave is ending. we'll have 80s sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. we might be in the 70s next thursday. at 10:00 tonight 80s downtown, upper 70s in the burbs, 79 in fairfax, 78 in buoy and upper marlboro. by morning temperatures in the 70s across
5:52 pm
fredericksburg, 74 wood bridge. by 10:00 we are back in the 80s. these numbers have been running low. i say 93 or 94 by 1:00. 5:30, still low 90s across the board. by 10:00, some clouds are rolling through but most showers are confined in the mountains tomorrow. all in all we are in good shape except for the heat and humidity. on the day planner, we'll go to the zone forecast first. 82 tomorrow in oakland, 90 cumberland. a better chance for showers and storms out here. then low 90s hagerstown, winchester, 96 culpeper, 93 lees burg. downtown we are looking at 95. the record high is 98. it's probably not going to happen. 94 gaithersburg. by the water, 91. at this point winds are not sufficient to have a small craft advisory on the bay. day
5:53 pm
to start, 89 by 11:00 and 93 by 1:00 p.m. sunday again some morning clouds or showers and 86. a fine day in the triathlon, it will be fine. the nats are in town through next wednesday. temps hold in the 80s then we fall back to the 70s next thursday and friday. matt scherzer of the nationals joins me. it is football season. you are a fantasy football player i hear. >> yeah. all of us do. everybody in the club house always has a fantasy league. this is a unique opportunity for the fans, the opportunity to play fantasy football with us. we are having an event tomorrow where fans can participate and play fantasy football agains
5:54 pm
nationals. we can definitely talk trash. >> how can somebody get signed up? >> it's with the national youth baseball academy. that's through the benefit of the cause. all the money is being raised for the baseball academy. it's obviously an awesome opportunity because of all the great things they do with the schooling and baseball and bringing it together. >> i haven't played fantasy since we used to look in the newspaper. marshal faulk was the number one pick. what are tips and advice for me? >> take the best player available. get the receivers now. the running backs will be hurt. get yourselfers. >> if matt scherzer has his fantasy team, who is your number one pick? >> adrien peterson. i am feeling pretty good about that. >> does everybody on the team play? >> most americans play and every now and then you get a latin player that wants to play so he can talk trash as well. 's
5:55 pm
playing as much fantasy as the older guys. we're having fun with it. >> how have you done in the past? >> i got two rings. that's what counts. >> awesome. thank you so much. best of luck with your fantasy league. >> thanks. >> back to you. why donald trump is in washington and what he is saying about hillary clinton. >> hear the cell phone audio that led a fa
5:56 pm
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in the face of protests, florida officials are using controversial chemicals to fight zika. overnight, flames began spraying parts of miami to kill mosquitoes that could carry the virus. there has been growing controversy over the effects of the insecticide even though experts say it is harmless to humans. the spraying was supposed to happen yesterday but protests delayed it by one day. more than 5000 people diagnosed with cancers doctors believe are directly connected to the attacks on the world trade center. new research shows rescue and recovery workers as well as residents exposed to dust and debris have increased risk of cancer particularly prostate cancer and melanoma. >> the exposure had a definite impact on the rate of cancer in our population. we will continue to see that increase above and beyond the age effect. >> doctors
5:59 pm
center health program at mount sigh my say they're diagnosing 10 to 15 new cancer patients each week including people with rare or multiple cancers. right now at 6:00, donald trump comes to washington to sell his campaign to a group he will need if he wins the election. >> hear the cell phone video tape that helped get a murder suspect released on bond. >> you will hear from the airline ticket agent who will never forget his connection to september 11, 15 years later. >> thanks for joining us. i am lesli foster. >> i am bruce johnson. donald trump brought his campaign to washington today swinging by his new hotel before a speech downtown. >> in the audience, evangelical christians gathered. garrett joins us with a break down. >> reporter: donald trump has always been awkward fit
6:00 pm
the ones in his audience today. at the summit today, a candidate who rarely talks about his faith vowing to defend a christian culture he says is under attack. >> a trump administration, our christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you have never seen before. >> donald trump trumpeting his new education plan heavy on school choice and vowing to appoint more supreme court justices in the mold of conservative catholic scalia. >> this means you have to get out and vote on november 8. you didn't vote four years ago. you didn't vote. >> with a likely north korean yanira teslas night keeping national security issues in the spotlight trump blamed the test on clinton's policies as secretary of state


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